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Few things are what they seem.  The global syndicate, deftly pulling shadow government strings, confidently astride its vast, order-following, international organized crime steed called deep state makes sure our statist mockingbird media keeps it that way.  Global syndicate agendas are generally multi-faceted, subduing Main Street coherence with a multi-directional attack.  Abortion is one of those weapons, along with other divide and conquer, de-humanizing ideologies feeding group-think identity politics.

As a personal moray, I can’t condone abortion for non-medical or rape reasons, though in all honesty I have never as a younger man or Father been confronted with that choice, so don’t hypocritically or cheaply sit in judgement of choices others make.  Abortion to save the mother’s life is rare, most say less than 1% of cases.  Even Dr. Alan Guttmacher of Guttmacher Institute, Planned Parenthood’s own research firm states: “Today it is possible for almost any patient to be brought through pregnancy alive, unless she suffers from a fatal illness such as cancer or leukemia, and, if so, abortion would be unlikely to prolong, much less save, life.”  Abortions in rape cases are difficult to quantify for a host of reasons, not the least of which is the unfortunate victim’s reluctance to report the rape in the first place, so I have no stats to offer for rape cases.

The murder of a defenseless child while still in the mother’s womb is a decision properly arrived at between the child’s parents, married or unmarried, and doctor.  Whether the child’s execution is a crime or is medically warranted is Constitutionally a matter for State/local determination, not Federal adjudication as the Federal government has no local policing authority under what used to be our Constitutional Rule of Law.  Of course, it’s too late isn’t it?  1973’s Roe versus Wade, intended or not, granted tacit Federal approval of baby homicide justified by not much more than arbitrary discretion, in many cases a matter of convenience.  This has become for many, consensus orthodoxy.  This said, I don’t make light of the difficult decision so many have been confronted with.

No known species murders its young while in the womb.  It took humans to figure that one out, which makes  abortion  a natural anomaly.  Whether any of us supports or refuses to support the taking of defenseless children’s lives for whatever reason, it’s important to understand that intent aside, enormous sums of money are on this industry’s table and whenever money is involved, agendas follow, some good, some less so.  In my humble opinion abortion is between us, our doctor and our Creator and I’ll leave the morality of it at that; though if you have the patience or interest, I’d like to point out a couple of peripheral agendas circling the divide and conquer abortion dialectic.  Aside from right or wrong this de-humanizing issue is powerfully employed as a political divide and conquer methodology and along with moral concerns should be recognized as such, including the role abortion plays in a larger geo-political context.

The first agenda we should be aware of when considering the veracity of abortion marketing and business development is organ harvesting.  A Mom goes into an abortion clinic and pays a fee to have her child torn apart.  Let’s say this is a rogue clinic or rogue staff members are selling harvested baby body parts out the clinic’s back door.  No profit is of course shared with Mom, so consent is rarely considered in these cases.  A near term abortion produces only a few ounces or weeks later, a couple of pounds of harvestable organ tissue.  One reason for pushing late term abortions is the doubling or tripling of harvestable organ tissue available and the subsequent uptick in revenue for the harvesters whether Mom’s consent has been granted or not.  Organ harvesting is big business and is ongoing at a scale few of us can conceive.  Beyond abortion clinics we have more than 800,000 children going missing from American neighborhoods annually.  As an aside, many of these kids after serving as sex slaves for five to seven years before being killed off, sometimes via ritual sacrifice are then organ harvested.  Adrenalized blood from terrified tortured children is highly prized by participants in Luciferian rituals as a source of power, but I digress, only bringing it up because pedophilia is being socially normalized along with abortion and believe it or not cannibalism.

Outside Mockingbird media dishonesty, the disgusting racist views held by Margaret Sanger along with her promotion of race and ethnicity-based eugenics are well documented.  Ms. Sanger in 1921 founded the American Birth Control League, precursor to what became the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.  I don’t accept that everything Ms. Sanger believed or did was evil, but her bigotry isn’t arguable.  It should also be noted that not every Planned Parenthood clinic participates in activities we are discussing here; and even within participatory clinics, not all staff members are involved.  Rank and file employees are rarely in the know regarding profitable illegal activities and I assure you, Mom isn’t either.  That said, any organization should be held to responsible account for employee activities carried out on organization premises using organization facilities and tools.  Ignorance is not bliss and is not an acceptable excuse.

Let’s take a quick look at a peripheral issue.  Abortion as an aspect of racial or ethnic genocide is rarely discussed but is none-the-less real.  (Remember, global syndicate agendas are usually hidden within difficult to decipher multi-faceted programs.)  Sterilization across the African continent without knowledge or consent of victim Mothers and Fathers is endemic, but in America, so far anyway, sterilization hasn’t become popular, so we just target specific groups with literature and propaganda on the benefits of abortion.  In the case of the less educated and less well informed this practice is an overt transgression against personal autonomy and freedom, though it isn’t discussed in that context.  We call inner-city genocide “caring”.

American spiritual teacher, Ram Dass says in Be Here Now, “If you think you’re free, there’s no escape possible”. One reason we think we’re free in America is because we no longer know what freedom is.  The zero-sum, Malthusian defined apple pie is being redefined, sliced, diced and downsized as we newspeak. Consider three apparently unrelated activities; abortion, aerosol spraying and prisons, connected by unseen sinews, focused like death lasers on profitable societal destruction and disaster capitalism revenue streams by global syndicate order-followers as they harvest Main Street with impunity beneath Mockingbird media protective cover and Congressional silence.  For brevity, we’ll limit our discussion to abortion and prisons, though aerosol spraying, heavy metal contamination, 5G, modified HAARP technology, scalar wave weaponry and ingested nano-devices are lowering American and European fertility rates significantly.  Sperm counts of western males for example,  have declined by 50% over the past four decades and continue to fall at about 1.4% annually on average.  Genocide by inability to breed, but we’ll leave that alone for now other than to ask who’s running this agenda?

Hard to figure how America is the land of the free, sustaining only 5% of the world’s population, while simultaneously detaining 25% of the world’s prison population.  The leading New World Order storm edge envisioned by Oligarchs for more than four centuries has arrived, though the burden of restraint is not yet equally distributed.  Consider government practiced racism as big insider business.  Inundated by Orwellian Newspeak parroted 365/24/7 by highly paid, order-following media drones with no apparent boredom threshold, backed by integrity-challenged politicos, black genocide is practiced daily in major U.S. inner cities and we the middle-class people have no idea it’s happening.  We claim nescience, but is it ignorance instead?

Beneath the malfeasant guise of “we care so much about Blacks, Hispanics and the poor” lies a multi-tiered meat grinder sopping up billions of dollars aborting, organ harvesting, dumbing down and imprisoning Black children and young people, primarily young Black males.  The U.S. Black population is about 38 million (2017 data).  Approximately 16 million (42%) Black children have been aborted since 1973.  That’s a serious bunch of organ harvesting right there.  Did you know the average human body has parts legally worth as much as $1 million… and on the Black Market five to ten times more depending on degree, condition, demand and sophistication of salvage?  Many Planned Parenthood clinics (not all) have this lucrative black market dialed in, so certainly don’t require Federal funding to further enable its barbaric body parts distribution business… but government funds it anyway with both Parties complicit hiding behind euphamistic sound bite phraseology such as rights, pro-choice, etc.

Reasons, justifications and excuses vary, but using today’s 38 million as base, 42% of Black children since 1973 have been murdered.  A Black mother is five times more likely than a Caucasian mother to abort her child.  Liberals call this caring.  Nearly 80% of Planned Parenthood’s active surgical abortion factories are located within a two-mile radius of Black or Hispanic neighborhoods (easy walking distance).  If you’re a victim of public mis-education, that’s eight out of ten, if you’re a Harvard or Yale grad, it’s  a lot.  Planned Parenthood’s research firm, Guttmacher Institute disingenuously disputes these numbers and is frequently quoted by those favoring Black genocide; claiming fewer than 1 in 10 abortion providers are in majority-Black neighborhoods.  Of course not!  Given Blacks comprise only 13% of U.S. population, few areas in America are majority Black.  By zip code area, only about 3% of U.S. zip code areas can be considered majority Black.  The same percentage applies to majority Black county populations across the U.S.  Government funded Black genocide factories aren’t located in Black neighborhoods; just within convenient walking distance.

Since the Clinton Administration and its order-following Congress began pushing their Anti-Violence Strategy and Three-Strikes Laws in March 1994, along with mandatory minimum sentences and three-times-you’re-out standards back in the nineties, followed by billions of dollars’ worth of brand spanking new private detention centers guaranteeing insider private prison owners “no prison vacancies” ever along with “government guaranteed profit” – we’ve seen the CIA’s narcotics partners stuffing narcotics into inner cities by the ton, followed by SWAT Teams dropping into those same inner cities, herding young Blacks and Hispanics into prisons like there’s no tomorrow… and for these young people there isn’t.

Granted, many states enforced so-called habitual offender laws prior to 1994, but D.C.’s national agenda requiring any person having two prior convictions, then committing a violent felony to serve a mandatory life sentence was an enormous financial boon for private prison industry insiders and a government caused, Black family disaster for America’s mismanaged inner-cities.  This program is unconscionable and effective solutions aren’t discussed because the money and political capital are in the problem.  American poverty is big business.  Crime rates dropped in some cities after 1994, but those drops are difficult to correlate to Three-Strikes Laws as many other policies were simultaneously being enacted across the country.  Dis-information through planned chaos with real people living in real time caught hopelessly in the politically/financially driven meat grinder.

The United States boasts more than 2.2 million citizens profitably detained in prisons, 40% of which are Black, though the U.S. Black population is only 13%.  Running a close second, Hispanics comprise 16% of U.S. population and 33% of our prison population.  Blacks as well as Hispanics are therefore, forced by government policy to be disproportionately leased to influential multinational corporations providing convict labor costing very little.  Payment varies widely from $0.10 to $1.00 per hour.  This is the U.S. Establishment/Nazi slave-labor-camp playbook all over again, right in front of us, right here in the United States.  Liberals call this rehabilitation instead of forced labor and laud its healthy inmate benefits.  I say “slavery’s back” alive and well by another name.

Per Mr. Noah Zatz of UCLA Law School[1], nearly half the 2.2 million U.S. prison inmates work full time, earning near slave wages working for companies like AT&T, Boeing, Dell, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Honeywell, Intel, Lucent Technologies, Macy’s, Microsoft, Motorola, Nordstroms, Pierre Cardin, Revlon, Target and Texas Instrument to name a few.

If you check further, you’ll find inmate slave labor to now be a critical component of U.S. domestic repression comprising a billion-dollar-plus business annually, fully supported by immoral, unconstitutional legislation such as the Patriot Act, Homeland Security and Domestic Security Enhancement Acts.  I’m aware of the black-on-black issue, but this is a separate issue and has no bearing on this tragic abuse of our legal system for insider profit.  As responsible Main Street adults and voters, we should be ashamed of ourselves for tolerating this evil and for looking the other way.  Another question Caucasian Americans should be asking is; to what extent middle class, Main Street America is now being genocided?  We know we’re being harvested by global syndicate order-followers, but are we also being incrementally killed off via poor nutrition, weakened immune systems, toxic chemicals and nano-technologies?

Prisons, slave labor and abortion may not be directly related, but together constitute at least since the mid-1990’s, an ongoing genocidal program primarily targeting blacks and Hispanics.  If we add in aerosol spraying and scalar wave weaponry we can safely add Whites and all other races to the list.  At any rate, it may come as a surprise to my Democrat friends, but the DNC basically gave up on Blacks as a voter constituency in the late 90’s and have been aggressively moving to replace black voters with Hispanic voters.  Can we say, “open Southern border”, but now I’m digressing again?

Abortion, like many other things isn’t marketed to Main Street in a vacuum.  It’s just one aspect of a larger population control program coupled with enormous revenue streams.  Young women are encouraged to be promiscuous, hopefully become pregnant and pay a fee to obtain an abortion, preferably late term.  From an industry business development point of view, the slaughter-house and baby parts organ harvesters have invested nothing in growing their product; Mom did that at no cost to them – after which, not only is Mom not compensated for providing product, but must pay a fee to have the child harvested so organ harvested sales rewards can be raked in – none of which is shared with Mom.

Whatever abortion clinics once were, whatever their function may have been intended to be, good, bad or otherwise – that function has provably morphed into something very dark and enormously more profitable.  It’s brilliant business I suppose, but insipidly evil on the disingenuous face of it.  No young person, Mother, Father or child should ever be denigrated or treated with such callous disregard for the infinite value of intrinsically spiritual human life.  I don’t doubt that some abortions are necessary, but no one can claim more than 650,000 annual U.S. abortions, one of every five reported pregnancies, is for anyone’s benefit outside the clinic’s cash flow.   Something to consider before choosing?

[1] Noah Zatz, “Working at the Boundaries of Markets: Prison Labor and the Economic Dimension of Employment Relationships,” SSRN Scholarly Paper (Rochester, NY: Social Science Research Network, December 19, 2007),

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Messing with or eliminating the common law doctrine of sovereign immunity (crown immunity) would likely generate more international mischief than it could eliminate; so good, bad or otherwise should probably be left alone.

So-called qualified immunity however, is a different animal altogether.  Per Cornell University’s open source Legal Information Institute (LII):

Qualified immunity is a type of legal immunity balancing two important interests—the need to hold public officials accountable when exercising power irresponsibly and the need to shield officials from harassment, distraction, and liability when performing their duties reasonably.

Specifically, qualified immunity protects a government official from lawsuits alleging the official violated a plaintiff’s rights, only allowing suits where officials violated a “clearly established” statutory or constitutional right. When determining whether or not a right was “clearly established,” courts consider whether a hypothetical reasonable official would have known that the defendant’s conduct violated the plaintiff’s rights. Courts conducting this analysis apply the law in force at the time of the alleged violation, not the law in effect when the court considers the case.

Qualified immunity is not immunity from having to pay money damages, but rather immunity from having to go through the costs of a trial at all. Accordingly, courts must resolve qualified immunity issues as early in a case as possible, preferably before discovery.

Qualified immunity only applies to suits against government officials as individuals, not suits against the government for damages caused by the officials’ actions. Although qualified immunity frequently appears in cases involving police officers, it also applies to most other executive branch officials. While judges, prosecutors, legislators, and some other government officials do not receive qualified immunity, most are protected by other immunity doctrines.

UNFORTUNATELY, qualified immunity and other legislation such as 1982’s Intelligence Identities Protection Act or United States membership within the Financial Stability Board (FSB) are now abused to the point, accountability and responsibility have diminished nearly to zero.  This is particularly true when criminal acts are committed with impunity beneath cover of so-called National Security.  I’m talking about serious crimes like financial fraud, blackmail, threats of violence, violence and other reputation destroying activities.  21st century Washington D.C. is largely governed by “blackmail control files” compiled by and held in the corrupt hands of established Shadow Government order-followers parasitically infecting top management of CIA, NSA, FBI and more than a dozen more internationally connected agencies, many of them military.  This Shadow Government lies atop the so-called Deep State comprised of top management and lawyers representing big banks, energy companies, transnational monopoly interests generally, all of the military/industrial/surveillance complex specifically; and is further serviced by governmental administrative layers stacked on layers, piled on more layers of largely unaccountable, but protective order-followers at every level of Federal, State and local government.  This includes governors, attorneys general, judges, mayors, police chiefs, business leaders and politicians at every level.

Looming over this expensive dung heap is a despicable Cabal of internationally Elite dynastic families who have held power for more than four-hundred years.  Some of these families are historic bloodlines; some nouveau rich.  How many $trillions of dollars they’ve amassed is irrelevant as they hold controlling interest in all central banks excepting a few such as North Korea and Iran.  Iceland recently threw this psychopathic banking Cabal out of their forward-looking country.  We should do the same.

To the limited extent uninformed Main Street citizens do uncover criminality and abuses of power, Main Street is immediately stymied by lack of honest press coverage, legal standing, financial capability, politically correct peer pressure and sometimes more serious coercion.  Pandering photo-op investigations and useless hearings regarding alleged guilty parties at one level is farcically conducted by even guiltier parties of another level and so forth.  The guilty protect the guilty every step of the way and the Rule of Law is dead.  This is not a Republican/Democrat issue.  This is a systemically evil infection of corruption metastasized through the whole of the White House, U.S. Senate, House of Representatives and Supreme Court, not to mention thousands of complicit appointed  agency officials… and no I’m not indicting all government employees, most of whom are hard working, patriotic, decent folks doing what they can to effectively run a badly broken, systemically corrupt money laundering system called the U.S. Federal Government.

Aside from hundreds of billions of dollars laundered into and through black and hidden budgets or other unseen accounts from narcotics trafficking, weapons trafficking, human trafficking, sex trafficking, child sex trafficking and sex slavery, ritual child sacrifice and finally illegal organ harvesting we have documented theft via U.S. Inspector General Reports totaling $trillions of dollars.

According to U.S. Inspector General Reports and Federal Agency accounting records, such as they are, we the people of Main Street USA are since 1998, missing more than $30 trillion dollars our erstwhile Representatives in Washington D.C. chose not to account for.  1600 Watch obtained links to these reports through Catherine Austin Fitts’ Solari Report as provided to Solari by Dr. Mark Skidmore and a group of his graduate students at Michigan State University, who have published a list of supporting documentation for “undocumentable adjustments” identified at DOD and HUD from fiscal year 1998 through 2015.  Dr. Skidmore, among other positions is a Professor of Economics and Director of the North Central Center for Rural Development at Michigan State University.  Thank you Ms. Fitts and Dr. Skidmore.

1998:                DOD;                                      $1.7 trillion unaccounted for.
1999:                DOD:                                      $2.3 trillion unaccounted for.
1999:                HUD;                                       $0.0597 billion unaccounted for.
2000:                DOD;                                      $3.8 trillion unaccounted for.
2001:                 DOD;                                     $2.3 trillion unaccounted for.
2008 – Present: TARP Bank Bailouts:      $16.8 trillion unaccounted for.  (Supposedly under-reported)
                    This bailout slush fund amount may be as high as $27 trillion?
2015:                 DOD;                                       $6.5 trillion unaccounted for.
2015:                HUD;                                       $0.119 trillion unaccounted for.

The above numbers total $33.5 trillion US dollars missing in Washington D.C. per cited U.S. Government audit reports.  This isn’t by any stretch a full accounting.  Some financial researchers estimate a more realistic total between $40 and $50 trillion since the mid-nineties.  While all this money goes missing without so much as a D.C. nod or raised eyebrow; the corrupt psychopaths electronic voting machines elect supposedly to represent constituents are telling constituents the United States doesn’t have enough money for pension funds, health care, infrastructure or anything else those stolen monies now ignore.

We the people of Main Street are liable for these dollars and have a Constitutional right to know from whence this money came; and to whom it went.  Apparently, our Federal representatives, elected and appointed, in conjunction with private parties, primarily transnational in nature, are openly accumulating grotesque amounts of debt on our U.S. sovereign balance sheet, while unseen private entities accumulate enormous assets on private balance sheets.  We don’t know what these assets consist of, but may suppose new technologies, a burgeoning space program (since 1963) and other covert investments are likely being made.  After all, $33.5 trillion dollars is real money even in D.C.  Entire countries are operated for decades on far less.

It’s important we the people of Main Street demand enforcement of our Constitution; stay away from a Corrupt Constitutional Convention as Main Street is not prepared to fight that fight and get our money back.  The systemic corruption pervading Washington D.C., State governments and local governments cannot and will not be eliminated short of serious penalties for criminal behavior.  Lets just focus on the case of financial fraud and money laundering.

Step 1.  In the short term, qualified immunity must be suspended for all government employees.  This is unfair to decent people, but must be done.  We cannot continue having the guilty protecting the guilty.
Step 2.  Criminal behavior must be investigated, indicted, tried and if found guilty punished by imprisonment.  The guilty party must be interned in a cell with a phone and a legal pad.  The guilty earn their way out of prison by calling those parties who received our stolen money and make arrangements for how and when those monies are to be paid back.  Failure is continued imprisonment.  Acceptable payback earns freedom.

100% financial restitution by the guilty must be a required condition for release from prison.  Crimes must include the unconstitutional tax monies given away by corrupt Congress Persons to insider crony operations like Solyndra, Uranium One and so many other pay-t-play scams.  If we the people of Main Street don’t have the stomach for enforcing our own Constitution, expect more of the same… lot’s more.  No politician can fix this.  We the people fix this or it doesn’t get fixed.

Just sayin’.  Thanks for tunin’; in.


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I’ll never defend the obscene concept of unconstitutionally surveilling hard working American citizens without probable cause.  This is not OK under any circumstances and certainly not beneath the ridiculous guise of protecting those same hard-working citizens, who by the way pay for this illegal surveillance of themselves.

In 1978 our bought and paid for by transnational monopoly, corrupt House and Senate created the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).  Whatever reasons justified this unconstitutional atrocity, FISA has been amended and thoroughly manipulated and abused by the embedded Deep State ever since.  This is enough to make a healthy goat puke and that ain’t easy.

The Trump Administration, this week, drove a railroad spike sized nail into stopping the obscene FISA abuse of power and I for one am not happy about it.  That said, being the open-minded guy I am, got me to wondering what possible justification for this continued Constitutional trespass might be considered by the Trump Administration?  I came up with one thin reason – not a defense mind you – there is no defense for telling Americans the Rule of Law must be destroyed to uphold the law – but a reason, just one thin reason.

As anyone obtaining information from sources beyond the kindergarten of propaganda markets the likes of CNN, MSNBC, FOX, NPR, BBC, etc. understands; the treasonous Obama Administration, for eight years imported thousands of Islamic Terrorists into the United States.  Think about it.  Obama got a preemptive Nobel Peace prize, then rubbed the Nobel folks’ nose in it by bombing the heck out of Middle Eastern countries for eight years; not to mention the Ukrainian coup d’etat or north Africa’s Libyan atrocities. Just in calendar year 2016, the Obama Administration dropped more than 26,000 bombs on just seven sovereign countries.  The entire time he’s importing thousands of justifiably angry Jihadists into the United States, conveniently mixed in with horribly abused refugees his Administration created – all in conjunction of course, with the Globalist population swap program for de-stabilization of sovereign nations, resulting in chaos levels capable of motivating folks to clamor for a solution.  The only possible solution is of course, the lunatic Cabal’s idea of One World Order and Governance, that is, a global totalitarian dictatorship.

Anyway, regardless the cause, as a practical matter, Obama’s got his Nobel Peace Prize and we the people of the United States now have many thousands of wanna-be violent Jihadists mixed in with innocent citizens in cities from coast to coast.  It may be, rogue elements in our own CIA created these murderous lunatics in the first place, but that’s moot as well, since now we do have to deal with these imported lunatics sworn to kill us.

Given the admittedly treasonous circumstance brought about by previous Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and finally Obama Administrations, Cabal puppets, each and every one, how is the Trump Administration to deal with this imported threat?  How can the Trump Administration keep track of these imported Jihadist killers now thoroughly imbedded in cities across America without a stupid program the likes of FISA?

Talk about a perfect example of applied Hegelian Dialectic; Thesis_Anti-thesis_Synthesis; or more commonly, Problem – Reaction – Solution; there we have it.  Create the problem, stir the pot and propose the intended Constitution obliterating solution.  The insane Cabal is so happy.

President Trump may be stuck in this quagmire not of his own doing, BUT here’s a thought.

Dear President Trump.  Good, bad or otherwise, you are now ensconced in the people’s White House.  Please find a way to do your job without shredding our Constitutionally recognized rights to do it.  Our own bloated, corrupt Federal government is the single, most dangerous threat to American safety and well-being on the planet.  We are not safer or more secure because the Rule of Law is vacated to chase bad guys, particularly bad guys our own Deep State created in the first place.  You Sir, have taken an oath to protect and defend our Constitution.  Please do that despite our cowardly pathetic Congress who won’t.  Thank you.

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