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Messing with or eliminating the common law doctrine of sovereign immunity (crown immunity) would likely generate more international mischief than it could eliminate; so good, bad or otherwise should probably be left alone.

So-called qualified immunity however, is a different animal altogether.  Per Cornell University’s open source Legal Information Institute (LII):

Qualified immunity is a type of legal immunity balancing two important interests—the need to hold public officials accountable when exercising power irresponsibly and the need to shield officials from harassment, distraction, and liability when performing their duties reasonably.

Specifically, qualified immunity protects a government official from lawsuits alleging the official violated a plaintiff’s rights, only allowing suits where officials violated a “clearly established” statutory or constitutional right. When determining whether or not a right was “clearly established,” courts consider whether a hypothetical reasonable official would have known that the defendant’s conduct violated the plaintiff’s rights. Courts conducting this analysis apply the law in force at the time of the alleged violation, not the law in effect when the court considers the case.

Qualified immunity is not immunity from having to pay money damages, but rather immunity from having to go through the costs of a trial at all. Accordingly, courts must resolve qualified immunity issues as early in a case as possible, preferably before discovery.

Qualified immunity only applies to suits against government officials as individuals, not suits against the government for damages caused by the officials’ actions. Although qualified immunity frequently appears in cases involving police officers, it also applies to most other executive branch officials. While judges, prosecutors, legislators, and some other government officials do not receive qualified immunity, most are protected by other immunity doctrines.

UNFORTUNATELY, qualified immunity and other legislation such as 1982’s Intelligence Identities Protection Act or United States membership within the Financial Stability Board (FSB) are now abused to the point, accountability and responsibility have diminished nearly to zero.  This is particularly true when criminal acts are committed with impunity beneath cover of so-called National Security.  I’m talking about serious crimes like financial fraud, blackmail, threats of violence, violence and other reputation destroying activities.  21st century Washington D.C. is largely governed by “blackmail control files” compiled by and held in the corrupt hands of established Shadow Government order-followers parasitically infecting top management of CIA, NSA, FBI and more than a dozen more internationally connected agencies, many of them military.  This Shadow Government lies atop the so-called Deep State comprised of top management and lawyers representing big banks, energy companies, transnational monopoly interests generally, all of the military/industrial/surveillance complex specifically; and is further serviced by governmental administrative layers stacked on layers, piled on more layers of largely unaccountable, but protective order-followers at every level of Federal, State and local government.  This includes governors, attorneys general, judges, mayors, police chiefs, business leaders and politicians at every level.

Looming over this expensive dung heap is a despicable Cabal of internationally Elite dynastic families who have held power for more than four-hundred years.  Some of these families are historic bloodlines; some nouveau rich.  How many $trillions of dollars they’ve amassed is irrelevant as they hold controlling interest in all central banks excepting a few such as North Korea and Iran.  Iceland recently threw this psychopathic banking Cabal out of their forward-looking country.  We should do the same.

To the limited extent uninformed Main Street citizens do uncover criminality and abuses of power, Main Street is immediately stymied by lack of honest press coverage, legal standing, financial capability, politically correct peer pressure and sometimes more serious coercion.  Pandering photo-op investigations and useless hearings regarding alleged guilty parties at one level is farcically conducted by even guiltier parties of another level and so forth.  The guilty protect the guilty every step of the way and the Rule of Law is dead.  This is not a Republican/Democrat issue.  This is a systemically evil infection of corruption metastasized through the whole of the White House, U.S. Senate, House of Representatives and Supreme Court, not to mention thousands of complicit appointed  agency officials… and no I’m not indicting all government employees, most of whom are hard working, patriotic, decent folks doing what they can to effectively run a badly broken, systemically corrupt money laundering system called the U.S. Federal Government.

Aside from hundreds of billions of dollars laundered into and through black and hidden budgets or other unseen accounts from narcotics trafficking, weapons trafficking, human trafficking, sex trafficking, child sex trafficking and sex slavery, ritual child sacrifice and finally illegal organ harvesting we have documented theft via U.S. Inspector General Reports totaling $trillions of dollars.

According to U.S. Inspector General Reports and Federal Agency accounting records, such as they are, we the people of Main Street USA are since 1998, missing more than $30 trillion dollars our erstwhile Representatives in Washington D.C. chose not to account for.  1600 Watch obtained links to these reports through Catherine Austin Fitts’ Solari Report as provided to Solari by Dr. Mark Skidmore and a group of his graduate students at Michigan State University, who have published a list of supporting documentation for “undocumentable adjustments” identified at DOD and HUD from fiscal year 1998 through 2015.  Dr. Skidmore, among other positions is a Professor of Economics and Director of the North Central Center for Rural Development at Michigan State University.  Thank you Ms. Fitts and Dr. Skidmore.

1998:                DOD;                                      $1.7 trillion unaccounted for.
1999:                DOD:                                      $2.3 trillion unaccounted for.
1999:                HUD;                                       $0.0597 billion unaccounted for.
2000:                DOD;                                      $3.8 trillion unaccounted for.
2001:                 DOD;                                     $2.3 trillion unaccounted for.
2008 – Present: TARP Bank Bailouts:      $16.8 trillion unaccounted for.  (Supposedly under-reported)
                    This bailout slush fund amount may be as high as $27 trillion?
2015:                 DOD;                                       $6.5 trillion unaccounted for.
2015:                HUD;                                       $0.119 trillion unaccounted for.

The above numbers total $33.5 trillion US dollars missing in Washington D.C. per cited U.S. Government audit reports.  This isn’t by any stretch a full accounting.  Some financial researchers estimate a more realistic total between $40 and $50 trillion since the mid-nineties.  While all this money goes missing without so much as a D.C. nod or raised eyebrow; the corrupt psychopaths electronic voting machines elect supposedly to represent constituents are telling constituents the United States doesn’t have enough money for pension funds, health care, infrastructure or anything else those stolen monies now ignore.

We the people of Main Street are liable for these dollars and have a Constitutional right to know from whence this money came; and to whom it went.  Apparently, our Federal representatives, elected and appointed, in conjunction with private parties, primarily transnational in nature, are openly accumulating grotesque amounts of debt on our U.S. sovereign balance sheet, while unseen private entities accumulate enormous assets on private balance sheets.  We don’t know what these assets consist of, but may suppose new technologies, a burgeoning space program (since 1963) and other covert investments are likely being made.  After all, $33.5 trillion dollars is real money even in D.C.  Entire countries are operated for decades on far less.

It’s important we the people of Main Street demand enforcement of our Constitution; stay away from a Corrupt Constitutional Convention as Main Street is not prepared to fight that fight and get our money back.  The systemic corruption pervading Washington D.C., State governments and local governments cannot and will not be eliminated short of serious penalties for criminal behavior.  Lets just focus on the case of financial fraud and money laundering.

Step 1.  In the short term, qualified immunity must be suspended for all government employees.  This is unfair to decent people, but must be done.  We cannot continue having the guilty protecting the guilty.
Step 2.  Criminal behavior must be investigated, indicted, tried and if found guilty punished by imprisonment.  The guilty party must be interned in a cell with a phone and a legal pad.  The guilty earn their way out of prison by calling those parties who received our stolen money and make arrangements for how and when those monies are to be paid back.  Failure is continued imprisonment.  Acceptable payback earns freedom.

100% financial restitution by the guilty must be a required condition for release from prison.  Crimes must include the unconstitutional tax monies given away by corrupt Congress Persons to insider crony operations like Solyndra, Uranium One and so many other pay-t-play scams.  If we the people of Main Street don’t have the stomach for enforcing our own Constitution, expect more of the same… lot’s more.  No politician can fix this.  We the people fix this or it doesn’t get fixed.

Just sayin’.  Thanks for tunin’; in.


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I’ll never defend the obscene concept of unconstitutionally surveilling hard working American citizens without probable cause.  This is not OK under any circumstances and certainly not beneath the ridiculous guise of protecting those same hard-working citizens, who by the way pay for this illegal surveillance of themselves.

In 1978 our bought and paid for by transnational monopoly, corrupt House and Senate created the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).  Whatever reasons justified this unconstitutional atrocity, FISA has been amended and thoroughly manipulated and abused by the embedded Deep State ever since.  This is enough to make a healthy goat puke and that ain’t easy.

The Trump Administration, this week, drove a railroad spike sized nail into stopping the obscene FISA abuse of power and I for one am not happy about it.  That said, being the open-minded guy I am, got me to wondering what possible justification for this continued Constitutional trespass might be considered by the Trump Administration?  I came up with one thin reason – not a defense mind you – there is no defense for telling Americans the Rule of Law must be destroyed to uphold the law – but a reason, just one thin reason.

As anyone obtaining information from sources beyond the kindergarten of propaganda markets the likes of CNN, MSNBC, FOX, NPR, BBC, etc. understands; the treasonous Obama Administration, for eight years imported thousands of Islamic Terrorists into the United States.  Think about it.  Obama got a preemptive Nobel Peace prize, then rubbed the Nobel folks’ nose in it by bombing the heck out of Middle Eastern countries for eight years; not to mention the Ukrainian coup d’etat or north Africa’s Libyan atrocities. Just in calendar year 2016, the Obama Administration dropped more than 26,000 bombs on just seven sovereign countries.  The entire time he’s importing thousands of justifiably angry Jihadists into the United States, conveniently mixed in with horribly abused refugees his Administration created – all in conjunction of course, with the Globalist population swap program for de-stabilization of sovereign nations, resulting in chaos levels capable of motivating folks to clamor for a solution.  The only possible solution is of course, the lunatic Cabal’s idea of One World Order and Governance, that is, a global totalitarian dictatorship.

Anyway, regardless the cause, as a practical matter, Obama’s got his Nobel Peace Prize and we the people of the United States now have many thousands of wanna-be violent Jihadists mixed in with innocent citizens in cities from coast to coast.  It may be, rogue elements in our own CIA created these murderous lunatics in the first place, but that’s moot as well, since now we do have to deal with these imported lunatics sworn to kill us.

Given the admittedly treasonous circumstance brought about by previous Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and finally Obama Administrations, Cabal puppets, each and every one, how is the Trump Administration to deal with this imported threat?  How can the Trump Administration keep track of these imported Jihadist killers now thoroughly imbedded in cities across America without a stupid program the likes of FISA?

Talk about a perfect example of applied Hegelian Dialectic; Thesis_Anti-thesis_Synthesis; or more commonly, Problem – Reaction – Solution; there we have it.  Create the problem, stir the pot and propose the intended Constitution obliterating solution.  The insane Cabal is so happy.

President Trump may be stuck in this quagmire not of his own doing, BUT here’s a thought.

Dear President Trump.  Good, bad or otherwise, you are now ensconced in the people’s White House.  Please find a way to do your job without shredding our Constitutionally recognized rights to do it.  Our own bloated, corrupt Federal government is the single, most dangerous threat to American safety and well-being on the planet.  We are not safer or more secure because the Rule of Law is vacated to chase bad guys, particularly bad guys our own Deep State created in the first place.  You Sir, have taken an oath to protect and defend our Constitution.  Please do that despite our cowardly pathetic Congress who won’t.  Thank you.

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Let’s take some  inventory.  Per Mr. John Williams, Shadow (, we see:

Unemployment is lower since Trump took office, but adding the U3, U6 and those seeking work for more than 15 weeks, but less than 26 weeks, the real Main Street unemployment rate still hovers around 23%.  Note, unemployment never rose above 25% during the Great Depression. (My note.)

Shadow Stats’ calculated unemployment rate coincides reasonably with the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) labor participation rate of 62.7%.  Adding those looking for work for more than 26 weeks, but less than one year would bring Shadow Stats’ unemployment rate directly in line with the BLS labor participation rate, which should be inversely proportional.

Real Main Street inflation is near 10%.

Real U.S. GDP is double Obama Administration highs, but still hovering around -2%.  It never rose above -4% to -5% through treasonous Obama’s eight despicable years in office.  Trump has raised GDP since January 2017 by about 2% or 3%.

In 2016 the U.S. had 44 million people on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) known as food stamps, up from 26 million in 2007.

65% of college Graduates cannot obtain work in their field of study in 2017.  Many of these young people are saddled with school loans and no way to make good on their debt.  Roughly $8.7 billion in student loan payments goes straight to Obamacare, which was one reason Obama wanted to have our corrupt government take over the student loan program.  In other words, the government school loan program could offer less expensive rates to students, if government wasn’t siphoning off student loan repayment revenue to subsidize Obamacare.  Graduates cannot include school loans in bankruptcy proceedings either, unless extreme hardship can be demonstrated.

The percentage of young people in their thirties living at home with parents is the highest it’s been in U.S. history.

Per the U.S. Census Bureau, average U.S. family incomes have risen slightly since 2009, but adjusted for inflation, spendable family income is down significantly.  Incomes unadjusted for inflation for some previous years are as follows:  1997 – $55,218;  2000 – $58,544;  2009- $55,683;  2016 – $59,039.

When we hold investments in corporate equities in 2017 we are taxed three times.  Corporate tax, dividend tax and capital gains tax.  Trump’s proposed tax plan reduces the corporate tax, eliminates or lowers both the dividend tax and capital gains tax depending what our corrupt Congressional members do.  How is this not a good thing for citizens, particularly retiree’s pension plans and job creation?  Trump’s plan also substantially cuts the double taxation on offshore earnings by U.S. corporations. Only Japan and the United States still double tax offshore earnings.  This short-sighted policy prevents offshore profits of U.S. companies from being repatriated and invested at home in America, which is pretty stupid.  Let’s consider a few more things.

Neglecting institutional investing, given the top 1% of Americans own approximately 38% of stock market equity; the next 9% approximately 43%; and the bottom 90% of population approximately 19%; corporate equity ownership is skewed, but obviously the bottom 50th economic percentile in the United States pay little or no income tax and historically have never had sufficient income to spend on investments of any kind.  Savings rates are tiny or in some cases negative; in all cases less than the inflation rate, so savings plans are a non-productive financial tool for the less fortunate.  On top of this, the Obamacare fines for failure to purchase monopoly health insurance products, the so-called private mandate, falls primarily on low income families who can no longer afford the obscene rates, which have predictably risen dramatically since 2010.  As a personal digression, in my own family, premiums have risen from $350/month per person to $1,400/month for a crappy plan with higher deductibles and less coverage.  I had one primary care Doc for more than twenty years prior to 2010.  Since 2010 and PPACA, I’m on my 6th primary care Doc – all due to insurance plan changes.  We couldn’t make this nonsense up if it weren’t true.

We need to consider pension funds.  Pension funds historically split their investments between fixed-assets like bonds and equities like high cap (blue-chip) dividend stocks, preferred stocks and sometimes commercial real estate.  Many pension funds no longer actively manage their funds, only investing in index funds.  Another asset class becoming popular is municipal infrastructure.

Given that most pension funds model returns on the bond portion of their portfolios around 7.5% and that most bond funds today are returning less than 2.5%; the majority of pension funds are under water by at least 5% relative to the supposedly secure, bond income of their portfolios.  Since infrastructure as an asset investment class is still relatively insignificant, this leaves corporate equity investments as the only significant pension fund earnings producer.  If American corporations remain under attack as they have been for the last three or four decades, this is a grim picture for pensioners as their pension funds will continue going broke.  I’m talking here about real corporations, not criminally insane transnational monopolies, though they are impacted as well.

Approximately 10,000 people per day are turning 65 years-old in America today.  We are experiencing the largest bond bubble in economic history.  Corporate bonds are probably a better bet than government bonds, particularly given the unsustainable mountains of government debt world-wide, which by the way is growing irresponsibly larger every day of every week.  The European Central Bank (ECB) now holds more than 40% of all Euro-zone debt.  This is nuts.  Historically safe bond investments are looking shakier by the month.  This leaves pension funds in bad shape, which can leave pensioners in bad shape.  Just to pile on, the flattening bond yield-curve by the way, suggests a looming recession.

Anyway, in America, we now have less than three workers paying into the Social Security system per retired beneficiary.  Last I checked, we have 2.9 workers per beneficiary.  This pay as we go Ponzi scheme clearly has a short solvent shelf life sans digital currency creating computers.  Making matters worse for retirees, the Obama Administration callously looted $750 billion dollars from Medicare and gave it to monopoly insurance companies, whose lobbyists wrote the unconstitutional PPACA tripe for their own benefit.  This bit of Congressional corruption left Medicare more broke than it was.  The only way to honor promises made to Medicare patients is again the irresponsible digital money machine.

The cowardly D.C. miscreants we foolishly elect to represent transnational monopolies and their Plutocratic controllers instead of we the people have lied to us; stolen from us; gave away our Constitutionally recognized rights; and now we pay the crooked piper, like it or not.  Either we come up with a workable plan to sustain ourselves or we go the way of Venezuela and other diminutive banana republics.

I deplore both the reprehensibly treasonous Democrat and Republican Parties, don’t belong to either, don’t support the corruption of either and certainly won’t trust either.  Regardless, the only options available today are options put on the malfeasant Washington D.C. table.  Democrats have offered no solutions outside raising taxes, increasing corrupt regulations and continuing our never-ending wars.  The Trump Administration doesn’t offer much, but it does offer a tax plan marginally better than what we have now.  Very bright people like Martin Armstrong are saying adoption of the Trump plan will make America the go-to place for global investment, which is why competing economies around the world are against it.  This could be a welcome game changer as America has not been internationally competitive for decades.  Mr. Armstrong and others believe the Trump plan will give us an internationally competitive leg up.

All this should give pause to any thoughtful American tax payer, leading directly to the question, “what happens to us on Main Street if The Donald’s plan fails and our egregiously corrupt establishment Left and Right win their battle of sedition?  While we think about this understand that the Establishment on both sides of the aisle only differ in meaningless, pandering rhetoric.  They share one common agenda and that is the agenda of the ruling Plutocracy, for the most part invisible to Main Street citizens.  You should also be aware that this inbred Plutocracy ardently believes in slavery and understands that their slave farms are Main Street American cities, actually all cities on earth.  The slave farms are run by order-following elected politicians and unelected bureaucrats – all paid for by Main Street tax payers.  Ain’t that a pile?

I didn’t vote in 2016 for the first time in my adult life because I didn’t know enough about Donald Trump to be comfortable giving him my vote.  I was concerned about how mobbed-up he might be given his casino and other real estate businesses, which on the East Coast are 100% mobbed-up.  This doesn’t mean he’s a wise-guy, but it does mean he at least works with them.  I couldn’t tell if Trump was dirty or not.  This weighed against known career criminal, Hillary Clinton, who with her CIA darling husband and burgeoning criminal daughter, all raised into national prominence by the Bush Crime Family, have used their Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative to treasonously sell influence, rape and plunder the needy around the globe and traffic in arms, drugs, humans and organs.  I couldn’t vote for either, but at least Trump has a plan, whereas Hillary’s only plan was insider trading, looting, war, war and more war.

Remember, the same psychopaths who most fear and hate Donald Trump are the same pedophiles and criminals who own and control nearly all transnational monopolies including mass media and Hollywood.  Before jumping on the media distraction bandwagon and Mueller’s seditious nonsense, which to date has produced zero evidence of anything, consider what a Trump failure might really mean to Main Street citizens because if the Deep State thugs and order-followers win this fight, it doesn’t look like a happy ending from where I’m sitting in south-central Arizona.  Just sayin’.

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I’m going to come at this important question in a quiet, indirect, not very geopolitical kind of way.  I’m doing this because nothing can be sustainably built on a weak foundation; including political ideology,  community health or human well-being.

History has shown us some human behavior cul-de-sacs that turned out to be less than optimum.  History has also put some pretty awesome successes on display; things we can be proud of.  Unfortunately, much of what we experience today is much, much less than optimal isn’t it?  Why is that?  What role do we each play in this sub-optimal, anxiety prone result, this relatively unhappy circumstance where mere survival is winning – or do we just maintain it’s all someone else’s fault?  We are in fact not complicit.  Our hands are clean.

It appears and I don’t think its arguable; we live in a pretty frightening, though sometimes beautiful world; some nations led largely or in other cases bullied largely by powerful, pathologically ill, career criminals incapable of empathy, bent on self-aggrandizing, uni-polar hegemony of one sort or another and an utterly inhuman agenda whereby human life and possibility are brutally harvested, destroyed or are to be converted into some trans-humanist vision of electro-magnetic, mindlessly repetitive, machine life.  Are we going along with this agenda?

Given a choice, what kind of world would we choose for our children and grandchildren to inhabit?  Wouldn’t most of us choose a spiritually balanced, safe, secure, thoughtfully rational, imaginatively creative, caring, honest, considerate, compassionate, abundant, loving, generous world full of realistic hope for the incredible times ahead?  If not, my words fall on deaf ears, sorry.  If so, why is the world we live in so different, highlighting predominant characteristics such as spiritually moribund, unsafe, threatening, irrational, mediocre, corrupt, inconsiderate, uncaring, impoverished, cruel, greedy and nearly hopeless in terms of ever being better?

How did we get here?  How and why did we poison our own garden?  Did we and do we each play a role in toxifying our earthly nest; and if we are complicit, intentionally or unintentionally, can we each somehow get rid of the poison; contribute to the de-toxification of it?  Can it be fixed?  I believe we can detoxify our world and though we deal with ourselves organizationally through religious, ethnic, political or other societal affiliations; we can escape destructive, conditioned group-think; however, this detoxification can only occur and must occur on a spiritual level, which we’ll get back to shortly.

There are those fanatically caught in the monotheistic religion of scientism not only demanding separation of conscious phenomena from material phenomena as the sole path to knowledge; but additionally, claiming spirit to be nonexistent, with human thought and emotion originating solely out of electro-chemical reactions within our very finite brain tissue.  This mis-educated, self-induced blindness is to say rational thought and discourse so vociferously proclaimed by oracles seated mightily at the heights of academic tenure have arisen entirely from random occurrences generated by inanimate substances accidentally coming together out of primordial random slime; to finally, against all protozoan probability, form their own momentous human brain tissue and complex nervous systems of which they are so proud, they are driven to flaunt their colored robes and corded tassels above lesser beings – a pathetically irrational view of rational thought processes at best; intellectual bigotry at its worst.  We must ask if education is still education – or is it something else?

None-the-less, we know from science, thought manifests in our physical world via observable material processes, but insisting self-awareness, imagination, human creativity, compassion, empathy, generosity, need to love, etc. arise from random physical reactions occurring in chaos soup constitutes powerful denial of scientific method itself; ranking up there with the refusal to inquire, “what was happening the Wednesday before Big Bang”, yet claiming we search honestly for knowledge and truth?

Quantum physics proves interrelationship, even causality between sentient human consciousness and material reality.   Continued denial by scientism of the significance of repeatable scientific proof of philosophical concepts and thought manifestation in material reality; is simply more denial, begging the question, what are we afraid of?  What is it we don’t want to know?  Do we have an ignorance agenda?  Why do we oppose science and metaphysics coming together for the collaborative study of that which we can and that which we cannot see?  The Theory of Everything so to speak.

Why do we ignore our own self-evident consciousness?  Why does science not question honestly from whence that sentient, consciousness comes?  We speak often of freedom; but what does human freedom consist of?  Animals, plants, fish, minerals and other components of what we regard as nature operate at a level of consciousness dictated by the Laws of Nature.  These responses, fully constrained by Natural Law are repetitive, predictable and can be viewed as instinct, innate drives, etc.  A being constrained by these Natural Laws is free only within the narrow repetitive context of its own nature and place in the world.

A human being possesses sentient consciousness of a different sort, enabling a level of self-awareness, thought, emotion, imagination and judgement within space/time entirely unlike that experienced by other organisms or materials.  For a human to deny his or her uniquely sentient nature and personal identity is to reduce themselves to animal consciousness and repetitious behavioral constraints dictated by the Laws of Nature.  As a being restrained within the narrow confines of its physical, material nature, indifferent to its spiritual primacy, no freedom beyond that of Natural Law is possible.  This ignorance is an intellectual/emotional/spiritually deprived prison.

True human freedom can only be achieved through our path to deification, that is, unity with Divine Person, our Creator; with the faith that we are created for this union and can achieve it through grace as offered by the Divine and as freely accepted by us.  This offer and acceptance of grace, Divine Pressure if you will, is the process of revelation on both the natural and supernatural level.  Divine Pressure is never thrust upon us.  We must freely choose to accept this spiritual efficacy, thereby enabling the Divine to work through us.  I say Divine Person because we intrinsically know that life has meaning; and that meaning is ineffably intertwined with human spirit and all that exists.  If God is not personal, then life cannot possibly have meaning and we know it does.  You are absorbing and questioning these words because you know this; not because you hopelessly believe in random emptiness.

Natural revelation is the method or process by which we experience daily life and come to some understanding of its meaning.  Supernatural revelation leading to a deeper understanding occurs via thoughtfully opening ourselves to direct communication with Divine Person, today via the Holy Spirit, which remains with us to complete Christ’s incarnate mission on earth, that is, the deification, the reuniting with the Divine of all humans in eternal love.  We as humans undergo this process of unification together as a community of souls, never alone.  Individual human freedom can only be fully realized and appreciated within the context of spiritual community, love and within all the ramifications associated with this Divine Process.

Evil, the obstruction of freedom, exists only on the physical plane and does not exist in eternity.  “Fear Not, I am with you.” (Isaiah 41:10).  Evil is limited both in space and time.  Love is not limited and exists eternally as it is the essence of Divine Person and of ourselves, intrinsic to our nature, though it must be freely chosen by each of us.  Evil exists only for the enablement of this very real personal choice, in turn enabling spiritual growth necessary to unification with our own Divine Essence.  Evil has no meaning and no power outside that which we ourselves choose to embrace.  The correct choice is never embrace evil and have no fear of it.

On the other hand, refusal to accept or even recognize our own self-evident human nature; refusal to accept the graceful path to Divine unification leaves us open to evil in a powerful way.  As I look around our world today, it seems painfully obvious that as a community of human beings, we are guilty of denying the Divine and our spiritual relationship within it, which is to say we have chosen to live life on our own within the animal consciousness of nature and as such are susceptible to material corruption in all its forms.  It is only through our human faith in choosing true spiritual freedom that we become free of material constraints and are no longer subject to nature, but can rise above it to eventual unification with human destiny, that is Divine Person.

I am in no way against science, but when science arbitrarily ignores the factual reality of human consciousness and its interactive relation with our material world as can be seen in quantum physics; then science denies its own methods and is no longer science, but has degenerated to broken, rusty shovel useful only for knowledge obfuscation and occulted ignorance.

So, what does all this esoteric babbling have to do with a healthy multi-polar versus unhealthy uni-polar world?  I suggest the following:

As sentient spiritual beings in material human bodies, we consciously self-actualize and reach our human potential via our individual choice to participate in spiritual community with each other beneath the providentially Divine Person as a group.  Extrapolating this spiritual concept to all global society in terms of what we might call global community, our individual health and well-being require a multi-polar approach whereby we helpfully assist each other, through our communities to be all that we are intended to be.

A multi-polar world view eschews the electrical frequency of uni-polar fear and impoverishment as a means of communication and barest survival; choosing instead to focus on a more supportive multi-polar frequency of generosity, compassion, abundance and loving community.  We can’t accomplish this wonderful feat alone, however; success requires Divine assistance, which we must request and accept.  To the extent we have chosen otherwise, our world has been and continues to become less friendly and less inhabitable day by day.

In a nutshell, this is all that’s wrong with our 21st century world today.  Our personal denial of human nature, spiritual reality and our human relationship to Divine Providence in our material world have ignorantly led us down a uni-polar cul-de-sac of mediocrity, fear, hostility and mutual impoverishment.  Our world will change when we choose to change ourselves, accepting with faith the true freedom our spirits demand and deserve in reuniting with the Divine.

Until that time of choosing and subsequent multi-polar action leading directly to a safer, more abundant, more beautiful world; we can fully expect more uni-polar anxiety, greed, impoverishment, war, famine and ugliness – which is in fact all that evil can offer, despite its promise, should we continue to choose its dark embrace.  It is for this reason I answer the original question; YES – we do care; we must care.

Let’s at least care enough to consider choosing a more multi-polar world together.  Given the frighteningly bloody, deplorable mess we currently live in, what’s the risk?  Isn’t a different choice at least worth a shot or two?  As the venerable Wayne Gretzky told us, “You miss 100% of the shots you never take”.  Let’s at least not be guilty of ignoring Mr. Gretzky’s wise counsel.  Let’s take our multi-polar shot and see what happens.  It might be more fun, safer and more healthy than what we’ve been choosing for our kids so far.

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Look to the Left!  Look to the Right!  But don’t ever look ahead at what’s staring us straight in the face!

Look at Ukraine.  Look at Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.  Look at Russia.  Look at North Korea and China, but don’t look at what’s going on in Washington D.C. or Wall Street.  This is the constant CIA constrained media / D.C. drill.  Classic Hegelian Dialectic delivered with perfect diction in repetitive staccato drumbeats of eloquent sound bite perfection without an original thought in sight… in fact no thoughts at all, fully blinded within a contextual box framed by political order-followers, TV, radio and print media.

Edward Bernays told us in in his 1928 book entitled Propaganda, “all news is propaganda and all propaganda is lies[1].  Nothing much changed over the ensuing nine decades excepting techniques for propaganda, conditioning and entrainment becoming more sophisticated and applied over a significantly vaster scale.  There are many reasons for this, which we discuss over coffee and about which dozens of scholars have written dozens of books.  I’d like today to address just one reason.  Missing Money.  Lot’s of it.

According to U.S. Inspector General Reports and Federal Agency accounting records, such as they are, we the people of Main Street USA are since 1998, missing more than $30 trillion dollars our erstwhile Representatives in Washington D.C. chose not to account for.  1600 Watch obtained links to these reports through Catherine Austin Fitts’ Solari Report[2] as provided to Solari by Dr. Mark Skidmore and a group of his graduate students who have published a list of supporting documentation for “undocumentable adjustments” identified at DOD and HUD from fiscal year 1998 through 2015.  Dr. Skidmore, among other positions is a Professor of Economics and Director of the North Central Center for Rural Development at Michigan State University.  Thank you Ms. Fitts and Dr. Skidmore.

1998:                DOD;                                      $1.7 trillion unaccounted for.[3]
1999:                DOD:                                      $2.3 trillion unaccounted for.[4]
1999:                HUD;                                       $0.0597 billion unaccounted for.[5]
2000:                DOD;                                      $3.8 trillion unaccounted for.[6]
2001:                 DOD;                                     $2.3 trillion unaccounted for.[7]
2008 – Present: TARP Bank Bailouts:                  $16.8 trillion unaccounted for.[8]  (Supposedly under-reported)
2015:                 DOD;                                       $6.5 trillion unaccounted for.[9]
2015:                HUD;                                       $0.119 trillion unaccounted for.[10]

The above numbers total $33.5 trillion US dollars missing in Washington D.C. per cited U.S. Government audit reports.  This is not by any stretch a full accounting.  Some financial researchers estimate a more realistic total of unaccounted for dollars between $40 and $50 trillion since the mid-nineties.

We the people of Main Street are liable for these dollars and have a Constitutional right to know from whence this money came; and to whom it went.  Apparently, our Federal representatives, elected and appointed, in conjunction with private parties, most likely transnational in nature, are openly accumulating grotesque amounts of debt on our U.S. sovereign balance sheet, while private entities accumulate enormous assets on private balance sheets.  We don’t know what these assets consist of, but may suppose new technologies, a burgeoning space program (since 1963) and other covert investments are likely being made.  After all, $33 trillion dollars is real money even in D.C.  Entire countries are operated for decades on far less.

As Main Street citizens, we have choices to make and these choices loom large in our kid’s futures, probably even in ours.  For example, D.C. tells us we don’t have enough money for Main Street health care, pensions, retirement plans, etc.  Yet DOD, just in fiscal year 2015 misplaced $6.5 trillion dollars against an entire Federal budget allocation of $4.1 trillion.  How exactly does DOD lose 1.5 times more money than all Federal Agencies combined spent in just one year?  Obviously, these vast amounts of missing dollars are not incompetence or negligence.  This is FRAUD on an unimaginable scale hidden in plain sight.  Incompetence is an error of say 0.1%… or even 1%…what the heck, let’s say 10%; but certainly not 150% of the entire Federal budget.  The 2015 military budget was approximately $600 billion of which $6.5 trillion comprises more than 1,000% of the military budget unaccounted for.  We can’t make this up with a straight face.

The folks who apparently took this money, some would say Deep State; I just say Elites, are now making think tank and media noise about a Constitutional Convention.  The answer to this nonsense is NO.  Given that Main Street has zero representation in D.C., while transnational monopolies have 100%; there is no possibility of Main Street surviving such a convention intact.  Please realize that Elites believe in slavery.  They also believe Main Street to be their slave farm and their estates the slave owners’ homes.  Main Street cannot win this battle.

It is my humble opinion that Main Street’s only appropriate course of action is demanding ENFORCEMENT of the Constitution we already have.  Nothing more.  As Ms. Fitts tells us; we as tax paying citizens have the Constitutional right to either have our stolen monies returned to us – or we have the right to hold an equity position in the assets being developed with our stolen funds.  In either case, we the people of Main Street USA are no longer bankrupt as D.C. would have us believe.  We can choose to do this or not; stand up for ourselves or not.

Again, as Ms. Fitts so eloquently reminds us, should we choose allowing these Oligarchs and their order-followers to tear up our Constitution, with or without our permission, we will end up penniless without recourse and our children’s only possible future, is slavery.

We must as American citizens demand the return of our money.  Just sayin’.


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