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“In history, nothing happens by accident.  If it happened, you can bet that someone planned it.”  {Franklin Delano Roosevelt}

It is very well documented, perhaps most notably by Ferdinand Lundberg in his 1968 study published as The Rich and the Super Rich; that world central banking, primarily through J.P. Morgan and friends – Rothschild cartel members all –  leveraged Woodrow Wilson to lie to the American public, win election and then within 60 days declare U.S. involvement in WW I as per their wishes and to their immense profit.

It’s fairly well documented, though not generally taught, that our Executive Branch of government knew of the pending attack on Pearl Harbor and did nothing.

It is less well documented and certainly not publically discussed, that our Executive Branch knew of the pending 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center and did nothing.

On a somewhat smaller, though more recent scale, it is thoroughly and completely documented that our Executive Branch actually watched the Libyan attack on our U.S. consulate and did nothing.

All of the above are best described, not as acts of omission, but more as  silent acts of commission.  Given our late President FDR’s quote above, we might be inclined to thoughtfully wonder why?  Are current world events simply coincidental chaos?  Or was FDR making an astute observation? With the exception of John F. Kennedy, it is probable that no President since Woodrow Wilson has been more acutely aware of Elite Globalist influence through its primary vehicle of coercion, world central banking, than FDR.  I’m not going into it here, but a short search by the reader through unredacted history will quickly display the prominent role played by world central banking in WWI, WWII and the Vietnam War.

Let’s take a step back and look at the last few decades or so and ask ourselves – hapless coincidence or Elite Globalist plan?

The geopolitical realignment of nations following WWI and the Treaty of Versailles, effectively set the stage for Germany to trigger WWII.  The geopolitical realignment of nations and the creation of Israel in adversarial juxtaposition to the highly territorial Muslim world than set the stage for a future WW III.  Note that world central banking families funded all sides of all these bloody wars as they intend in the coming WW III.

Fast forward to:

The United States, after defeating the North Vietnamese and their Chinese ally; to the shock of North Vietnamese Generals and the Chinese, suddenly quit and withdrew from Vietnam with America’s tail between its legs.  America had been so brutally propagandized and successfully divided, that American confidence was undermined and its place in the world, muddled and confused.  This along with the emergence of the Tavistock inspired, heavily propagandized, Globalist sponsored, rights for peace, environment, feminist, gay and race movements along with class warfare divided Americans politically and set them up to eventually be weakened and conquered by themselves from the inside.  Note that world central banking families funded both sides of the undeclared Vietnam War.

The James Carter Administration raised the question of actual American weakness on the world stage, or at least a lack of resolve for the first time in its history in 1979 upon the Iranian Revolutionary overthrow of the U.S. backed Shah.  For the first time, Islamic Twelvers were provided a glimpse of the possible return of their Caliphate since the Ottoman Empire collapsed  in November, 1922 upon abolishment of the Turkish monarchy.  Subsequent deployment of twenty or so American navel ships to the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea ignited Iranian Mullah hatred of the United States.

The Reagan Administration promptly re-emboldened America, re-established it as the primary world super power and simultaneously kicked off the American descent into debt.

The United States financially supported and helped arm the Afghanistan Mujaheddin against the nine-year invasion of Russia, which finally ended in 1989.  Immediately following Mikhail Gorbachev’s withdrawal of Russian troops, the U.S. then abandoned all support – military arms and financial – for Afghanistan and thereby ignited hard feelings among the Mujaheddin and the raw embittered hatred of Osama bin Laden, who later formed Al-Qaeda.

The George H.W. Bush Administration then heroically saved Kuwait from Iraq, but left the poison thorn, Saddam Hussein, to fester in the very belly of the Middle East.  Even though Infidel America naively saved Kuwait, this encroachment onto Islamic soil by our troops set the Islamic Jihad pot to heating up.  H. W. also led us into Somalia on the Horn of Africa.

We then enter into 8-years of the Clinton Administration, which in spite of repeated Islamic terrorist attacks, did nothing meaningful in response, thereby emboldening Extreme Islam, the result of which was the brazenly successful 9/11 attack on New York City’s World Trade Center. You may recall the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, our 1998 East African embassy bombings, the Somalia disaster (remember Black Hawk Down in Mogadishu) and finally the U.S.S. Cole attack, none of which elicited reprisals by the Clinton Administration – excepting I suppose the pharmaceutical factory in Sudan.

The George W. Bush Administration immediately grabbed the 9/11 ball and ran with it by heroically attacking Afghanistan and later Iraq, thereby lighting the entire Middle East on fire.  As a side note, Afghan poppy cultivation is up from 6,500 hectares in 2001 to 175,000 hectares today, which represents approximately 750 billion dollars or so in world central banking money laundering annually.

Currently,  we have the Obama Administration, which demonized the Bush Administration for its war mongering and Middle Eastern meddling; then promptly began fanning the flames and is now burning down the entire Middle East.  The Obama Administration has fully supported the overthrow of Mubarak’s (secular) Egyptian government;  the overthrow of Qaddafi’s (secular) Libyan government;  the overthrow of Assad’s (secular) Syrian government; and the rise to power in all these countries of anti-American, anti-Western, Islamic Extremists such as The Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, Ansar al Sharia and others.  The Obama Administration remained silent in the face of the so-called Iranian Green Revolution because the Iranian Mullahs were already Islamic Extremists, which the Obama Administration apparently support.

During this brief history, the United States has been very, very busy internally.  Beginning with the Reagan Administration, we have steadily ramped up to increasingly unsustainable debt levels.  The United States debt, on December 21, 2011 (the Winter Solstice), net of all settlements for completed bond auctions reached an official $15,182,756,264,288.80, which is 100.012% of its $15,180,900,000.00 Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The U.S. has through irresponsible Democrat and Republican failed or mislead leadership, joined the 100% of GDP club and that is not economically viable, sustainable nor rational.  It certainly does not strengthen the defense of the United States, nor its allies.  To borrow a phrase from Barrack Obama, this is “not optimal”.

Israel is slowly, but steadily and apparently with naive U.S. support, being surrounded by Islamic Extremist States sworn to its destruction as well as to the destruction of the Great Satan, the United States of America.  Europe and the United States have both been led, I claim by the Globalist Elite, to a position of oil dependency upon the Middle East countries, all of whom are unhappy with the West.  Europe and the U.S. are nearing a point of economic collapse resulting from unsustainable socialist, central planning type government programs.

In the humble opinion of 1600 Watch, a nation can only spend itself into bankruptcy, if and when its leaders choose to spend it into bankruptcy.  The question then becomes – why on earth would our U.S. elected Representatives want the United States to be bankrupt?  This is a serious question requiring a serious answer.  The answer will lead directly back to the world’s central banking families.  Just follow the money.

Please realize that if you were an Elite Globalist  dreaming of a One World Dictatorship and drastically reduced world population so as to preserve precious resources for yourself, you would first have to eliminate a free Europe and the independent minded United States as obstacles.  Since you own the world’s central banks and media and since you fund the world’s most powerful leaders, the easiest methodology for obtaining European and U.S. weakness is simply to bankrupt them.  After breaking them economically, planning for WW III and the ensuing population reduction is much simpler.  Without such planning and financial preparation, your Elite war would last about a day or so and the West would win handily.  Your dream would be crushed.

What if World War III erupts anytime in the next few years?  Both Europe and the U.S. will be heading into it fully bankrupt with their military capabilities necessarily downsized and without the economic ability to rearm.  The U.S. will have been led to be in the sad position of purchasing oil from the same folks they are at war with.  I would imagine the pairing off will be something like China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, North Korea and others against Israel, Australia, Japan, India, Europe, Canada, the U.S. and others.  Both sides will bear nuclear arms.  One side is insane enough to use them.

We should not lose sight of the fact that the Islamic Twelvers believe that the world must be in a condition of violence, bloodshed and chaos in order to bring about the return of the Imam and their vaunted Caliphate.  The Twelvers are not interested in negotiating any kind of peace.  They want war and destruction.  It is their dream.  With Europe and the U.S. bankrupt, a conventional war will not be financially sustainable.  World War III is planned to be and will be nuclear.  This is a fiscal certainty.

If you choose to believe this is all coincidence, that’s a fair assessment.  I prefer FDR’s view.  This is a plan and the brutally planned ending does not bode well for mere citizens in the United States nor anywhere else in the world.  The ending is a nuclear World War III.  The 500 million or so, world population pitifully left alive will finally form the Elite Globalist dream of a One World Totalitarian Socialist Dictatorship with the promise of world central banking peace forever.

This can all be prevented and the Elite Plan derailed by us mere citizens voting for candidates who actually promise to represent “WE THE PEOPLE” and then holding their feet to the fire.  We can still vote.  Therefore, we can still control our destiny if we choose to.  I strongly suggest adding prayer to your political arsenal because just as with our Founders in 1776, we cannot win this on our own.  Divine Providence will have to be involved if we are to remain free as we were created.


Barack Hussein Obamacare Obama fervently believes as did Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini (1883 – 1945) that a powerful, centrally planned government must partner with large corporate monopolies and together control every aspect of life.  Mussolini’s fascism failed Italy and has failed everywhere else it’s been tried, as has its twisted sister, socialism.

It has taken less than four years for the Obama Administration to demonstrate its own hybrid, socialist/fascist failure in America; yet the Establishment Right and Marxist Left, both stubbornly and disingenuously persist in their rhetorically differing and uniformly dishonest pose, thereby luring the unsuspecting U.S. citizen into the sticky, utopian One World Dictatorship they so blindly envision.  Whether we give up our freedom via our uninformed votes to pure socialism or to some form of reverse fascism doesn’t matter.  We as citizens will become captive serfs either way and most likely, irreversibly so.

Our only safety net as citizens is to vote for Representatives of any party, who openly and bravely support our Constitutional Republic – not just with words, but putting it on the line with action.  It is time to become American, not Democrat, Republican, Green, Independent or Libertarian.

Barack Obama and his Left Sided Globalist cronies have picked up and are aggressively carrying the Globalist Gauntlet dropped into their anxious hands by the equally anxious, Right Sided Globalist Bush regime.  Liberals see Bush and the Right as the enemy of freedom.  Conservatives see Obama and the Left as the enemies of freedom.  Neither seem to recognize that the Establishment Right and Marxist Left both work along rhetorically independent tracks to slowly, but steadily nudge the uninformed U.S. citizenry toward a dead end, totalitarian Globalist serfdom.

The only difference between the two is that the Marxist Left envisions the U.N. as slave master of their plantation and the Neo-con Right envision the U.S. government as slave master.  Both viewpoints are anathema to freedom, spiritually devastating, destructive to civilization and are deranged with respect to human nature.  They each believe they can win in the end and the dishonest, sometimes brutal means are justified and morally immaterial…to them.

World nations are today, being effectively influenced and cleverly manipulated into involuntary participation in what is intended to be a nuclear World War III.  This Globalist planned war will, if successful, reduce world population to what the Globalist Elite believe to be more manageable levels, say 500 million to 1 billion or so;  down from today’s unruly 6 billion.  This war will also provide the desperate means for re-aligning the countries of the world into their various unions such as the existing European Union and the future North American Union.

The Jewish faith, Christianity and Islam are all being manipulated alongside the irritated blister of haves and have nots, within a stirred pot of antagonistic hegemony, imperialism and nationalism; all fueled by racial and religious enmity.  To stop this catastrophe, all we must do as citizens is stand up and vote no – then hold our elected Representative’s feet to the fire of freedom – but will we do that?

The re-election of quintessential Chicago Thug, Barrack Hussein Obama and his corrupt Marxist cohorts are an assurance that some form of fascist, socialist, or reverse fascist oligarchy will be firmly established in the United States by 2016.  The Obama Administration will work furiously to drive the final nails into our coffin of free markets and individual liberty – all beneath the false, but supposedly comforting guise of protecting us from ourselves and capitalist greed.

Fixing this enormous voter miscalculation, if it can ever be fixed, will require fifty or more years of intense effort and sacrifice.  Today’s young will see their economic future slip further and further away in spite of any effort they make.  Our children will come to understand first hand that social justice and equal outcomes translate directly to “forced outcomes”, that is, slavery.

As a historical fact of human history, we know that it is not possible to be dependent and remain free simultaneously.  Individual freedom and choice is inversely proportional to the level of dependency.  Capitalism as an imperfect economic system nurtures freedom;  requires freedom to exist as a workable system.  Socialism and its sick sister fascism have no mechanism with which to foster the pursuit of individual excellence and can only enforce, through State central planning, an arbitrary mediocrity as the standard for forced equal outcomes and the uniform poverty known as social justice.  Socialism is slavery by a different name and nothing more.

As a people we have slowly, but surely been lowered into the delusional totalitarian pot beginning with Woodrow Wilson, finally culminating with the George W. Bush Administration and today with Barack Obama.  We have incrementally given up our own freedom in far too many unacceptable ways.  For example:

Placing our Federal government in charge of Social Security or any other aspect of our retirement with its herd of self serving, chronically short sighted  politicians was like hiring 535 Kleptomaniacs to work in a gift shop.   The inventory has vanished and our gift shop is bankrupt.  All that’s left is the finger of blame, but in fact, there is no one to blame but ourselves.  We the voters hired the Klepto’s.

Allowing our elected and appointed Federal government bureaucrats to confiscate our hard earned wealth by raising taxes in order to supposedly create private sector jobs is like starving an Olympic athlete to improve decathlon performance.  Failure is certain;  there are no jobs and our athlete will finish an exhausted, but predictable last place.  America’s wealth, financial health and well being is built on small business.  Starving those small businesses as the path to wealth creation goes beyond self defeating;  it’s blatantly stupid and constitutes complete denial of economic history.

Managing an economic empire by political ideology as both the Establishment Right and Marxist Left do, is like playing baseball on a basketball court.  We the people cannot win.  The single beneficiary, as a group, of unconstitutional tax regulation and all other monopoly favorable regulations are the Global Elite, world central banking and their insider preferred monopoly partners in publishing, media, insurance, energy, arms, etc.  There is almost no end to the corruption we see bleeding out of Washington D.C.

Is it even possible anymore for the average citizen to obtain sufficient representation in Washington D.C. so as to at least be able to ask, “Since I the tax payer am paying you to represent me, can you please attempt to manage our economy by discussing and applying economic principles as opposed to brow beating each other and the voters with political sound bites while promising that something good will eventually, though accidentally happen”?

I don’t know if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan can stop or even slow the American descent into dereliction, poverty, serfdom and the world wide irrelevance we are guilty of voting for.  I do know that Barack Obama and Joe Biden are working and will work mightily, if allowed, to accelerate our American demise into a poverty stricken, powerless, corpse of a country complying with their warped view of world fairness.  Unfortunately, they never notice that when American leadership is absent in the world;  the world has no leadership at all.  Societal and world chaos is always much less safe for everyone than rational order, even when mistakes are made.  Unfortunately, Obama’s narrow, mean vision constitutes an unobstructed path to World War III and the horrible devastation it will bring.

We’ll have to vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to find out what their vision is.  Did I just somehow manage to mimic brain dead Nancy Pelosi?  OMG!

Before getting to my main point, which is for the U.S. to diplomatically and militarily evacuate all Islamic nations, a minor digression is necessary for back story.

If the United States is all about freedom and democracy, then why doesn’t U.S. foreign policy respect the free right of other countries not to associate with the U.S.?  If Islamic countries don’t wish to associate with American’s, why do we not respect their right to freely associate with whom they wish?  There is not one sensible reason in this world justifying the presence of U.S. embassies in any Islamic countries that openly despise western culture generally and American culture specifically.  There is even less rational for stationing American troops in these countries.

The purpose of the United States military is to protect the citizens of the United States.  That’s it.  It is a focused, singular purpose.

Those who would employ the U.S. military for any broader purpose have an agenda that is likely not conducive to respecting the rights of others, of protecting the American people and certainly not to maintaining peace between nations.  If the City of Scottsdale sends its police force over to camp on my property and watch me – do I feel free?  If you live in Afghanistan or any other country and the United States parks its military might in your country uninvited do the people of Afghanistan feel more free?  With all due respect, other countries have the right to sponsor their own dictators, whether benevolent or who happen to enjoy abusing their own people.  It’s not our business.

I’m not a fan of Islam, but make the above points because in defense of Islamic Middle Eastern countries, they have every right to strenuously object to world central banking using the U.S. military as its own private police force to bolster its sinister One World Agenda.  They also have every right to object to world central banking’s business plan for nudging us all into World War III immediately upon the heels of bankrupting the U.S.  Many of my conservative brothers and sisters on the right tend to gloss over these rather obvious and salient points in their patriotic passion for defending America at all costs and in every situation.  Sadly though, they don’t seem to grasp the fact that there is no reason for U.S. troops to occupy other countries.  This policy of occupation does not make sense just because the likes of CFR mutants Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski, George H. and George W. Bush say it does.

When another country, or in the present case, group of Islamic radicals attack you;  attack them back, then leave.  Since we’re on the subject – it would be a good idea not to allow them into your country in the first place as they’re prone to sneakily attacking on your own soil.  It’s not necessary for us to make it easy and convenient for them to do so.  That’s rather self destructive actually.  It’s why we have borders around our country, though neither the Anti-establishment Left nor the Establishment Right recognize those borders. Can you say NAU?   Can you say Tavistock conditioning?  Here’s a few Tavistockian quotes to give you a brief taste of how we are convinced as a group that the insane is rational.

1600 Watch does not condone Islamic violence, but recognizes that these peoples have every right to be upset regarding the abusive manipulation by world central banking and the role the U.S. has been duped into supporting.

1600 Watch credits Dr. John Coleman’s “The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations:  Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic Decline of the United States of America” published by World Intelligence Review Inc. in 2006, for providing the following quotes.  Thank you Dr. Coleman.

“If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it.”  {Edward Bernays}

“If you can influence the leaders, either with or without their conscious cooperation, you automatically influence the group which they sway.”  {Edward Bernays}  As a side note, Bernays called the concept alluded to in the above two quotes as “engineering consent”.

“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable and to give the appearance of solidity to pure wind.”  {George Orwell}

“All news is lies and all propaganda is disguised as news.”  {Willi Munzenburg}

With regard to the popular Washington D.C.  concept that liberties must be sacrificed in exchange for protection, one of our finest Constitutional scholars said:
“…a doctrine of necessity, a doctrine from Hell”.  {Henry Clay}

Like it or not, we as Americans since 1946, when Tavistock was finished with Germany and turned its mischievous eye toward the U.S., have been “Inner Conditioned”  through a process referred to by Tavistock instructors as “Long Range Penetration”.  Tavistock has successfully reduced the general American population to a condition of more or less permanent shell shock, where we are increasingly willing to accept the nonsense we are spoon fed by our heavily conditioned leaders and press, both on the Left as well as the Right.  It appears we no longer recognize our own mind.

Whether or not we live in denial of the above facts relating to Tavistock, it is time for realistic Americans to demand of our elected Representatives, that we abandon the Middle East;  excepting the protection of of our friends in Israel.  If we were and are too stupid to make use of our own oil;  well tough luck.  Maybe we learn to be more observant regarding the CFR idiots we’re voting for;  especially those the likes of Barack Obama, who completely un-vetted, hates the United States and has been running it into the ground for four long years.

It is time to close all embassies located in Islamic countries.  It is time to bring our troops home to protect us here – within our own borders, which we ought to actually recognize.  It is time to stop coddling Islamic beliefs and making believe that Islam has a right to free speech.  Would you send your children over to Jeffrey Dahmer’s house to play and  get to know Jeffrey better because it’s the nice thing to do?  Of course not – they’d end up in Jeff’s refrigerator.  Approximately 150,000,000 members of Islam (+/- 10%) are self labeled serial killers and if we are not converting to Islam any time soon they are openly and regularly promising to kill us; though admittedly the Koran says if we’re nice and do what we’re told, we could get by with a tax paid to Islam as some sort of subhuman species allowed to live.  Ain’t that great?

Under our Rule of Law and Constitution, the right to free speech does not include additional rights to blow-up other people’s property or burn it to the ground; to loot, throw things, jump up and down or to sodomize our American Ambassadors and commit murder because you disagree with someone else’s opinion.  I’m tired of hearing about “moderate” Muslims and followers of Islam.  We have the right to defend ourselves against the 150 million or so marauding rat swarms of murderous Islamic nut jobs.  Bring our troops home.  Drill our own oil.

Accepting that Islamic beliefs deserve a right to free speech is bending over for the Globalist Elite, who are playing all of us like badly tuned fiddles and the sound is both painful and expensive.  It’s time to stand up, go against our Tavistock conditioning and just say NO.  This is in the best interest of both the Middle East, the world and the United States of America.

Two obviously planned, armed, coordinated, phased attacks on American embassies in Egypt and Libya simultaneously staged on September 11, 2012 are clearly not the spontaneous result of a swarming, rat-like, Islamic response to a 6 minute YouTube movie.  For Ms. Hillary Clinton, our embarrassingly incompetent excuse for Secretary of State, possessed of all the forward looking vision of an over fed fruit fly to take valuable advertizing time from the airwaves, to claim so, is insulting.  This pandering political hack needs to seriously attend more Tavistock sponsored study group sessions to get her Globalist One World propaganda lines down pat.  For poor, shrill  Hillary, it seems every day is now a confusing, bad hair day, in spite of her husband bringing in more than $100 million a year lobbying for Islamic states.  She is apparently no longer capable of lying to the American people with charm, though her husband still can and does.

Granted, the murderous Islamic event planners are promoting and using the video to agitate the Islamic public into a screaming, car burning, wall climbing mob, not a difficult thing to do at any time, but the video did not cause these two attacks, nor the others likely to follow in other Islamic countries.  It’s entirely possible that the three straight days of DNC bragging about Obama killing Osama at their DNC convention may have agitated more violence than the silly 6 minute video – but I doubt the Globalist press corps would consider such an obvious and prolonged Democrat provocation.

As we listen and watch the Globalist brain washing outlets linked to AP and Reuters, such as Fox, MSNBC, CNN – and well just all of them – we apparently have only two options in the Middle East.  Apology or War.  Can you say STUPID?

At this point in time, is it still possible to imagine that the Neo-con Globalist Bush Administration’s two new Middle East wars immediately followed on by the Marxist Globalist Obama Administration’s war on American energy independence are coincidence?  Do we not smell a terrible Soros-like, Open Society stink here?

“In history, nothing happens by accident.  If it happened, you can bet someone planned it.” {Franklin Delano Roosevelt}

The Middle East choices are not simply apology or war.  Both those mindless choices lead directly to World War III, which is the Globalist Elite business plan for the world’s future, and yes, it does include the demise of American freedom.  Following the pandering Globalist gibberish of the Marxist Democrats or the Neo-con Republicans is not in our best interest as a once free people.  No, we’re not free anymore – we can’t even have salt on a restaurant table in New York.  We gave all that freedom nonsense up in exchange for no security and are still giving it up, though we could gain it back at the voting booth if we start paying attention to real people instead of Elite funded politicians and Tavistock inspired propaganda.

Our elected Representatives have for decades maintained an American presence in Middle East countries, which absolutely drives the Islamic nut jobs even more murderously crazy than they already are.  Our presence along with engagement, apologies and weakness have bought us decades of hateful Islamic terrorism and over priced Middle East oil.  Is spite of wasting countless billions every year for more than forty years on our ridiculous Department of Energy – WE HAVE NO ENERGY POLICY – unless we call Obama’s war on fossil fuel a policy.

War is not a rational answer to the ruthlessly insane Islamic Twelvers.  There are more than 1.5 billion Muslims in the world and at least half of them openly support Islamic Terrorism and the murder of non-Islamic peoples.  If only 10% are nut job Twelvers that’s still more than 150,000,000 Islamic lunatics.  It is not rational to kill them all.  It is rational to defend our citizens against these hateful idiots.  Peace with lunatics cannot be had through weakness, yet strength does not require war.  World War III is not a Fait a compli, regardless what the Globalist Elite Business Plan says and regardless what the Globalist lemming media preaches about it.

A third solution that ought to be considered at this futile point is; with the exception of Israel with whom, decency requires honoring our defense and support commitments; it’s time to pull all official American presence out of the Middle East, lock, stock and barrel.  Reconnoiter our troops defensively around Israel and at home in America and allow Islam its own right to play in its sandbox.  Bring our kids home, protect our own borders and clearly state that if someone messes with Israel or America they will bleed for their mistake.  It is not a requirement that we as a people allow Globalist drones conditioned at Council On Foreign Relations’ study groups to guide us like lemmings into the Globalist Elite business plan, which unfortunately and as usual, includes war, famine and all the other good entertainment these sick Elite people enjoy at the world’s expense.  WE CAN AND SHOULD SAY NO!

If we don’t demand that our Representatives begin conducting themselves in a rational manner, in accordance with our Constitution and in our best national interest, then we are fools and deserve what the Globalists have in store for us.  If we as a people don’t quit being good propagandized Democrats and Republicans and start being good, intelligent Americans, we are headed for the Globalist Gulags.  The Globalist business plan is to completely bankrupt America and then push her into World War III.  The ensuing world chaos will leave people everywhere clamoring for a fix.  The fix will be the One World Order Socialist Dictatorship the Elite have been working toward since at least 1773.

This is not a conspiracy of some kind.  It is a ruthlessly simple, brutally effective business plan; nothing more and nothing less.  Denial of this obvious reality cannot lead to anything good for anyone in this world, including the megalomaniacle Elite.

Both the Marxist Left Anti-establishment Democrats and the Neo-con Establishment Right Republicans are mindlessly steering their respective rhetorically Globalist trains to the same pathetic station and there is no freedom at the end of this track.  To protect your family make the following assumption:  If you hear it on TV, it’s a lie.  If you read it in the newspaper or a magazine, it’s a lie.  If you hear it on the radio, it’s a lie.  Truth in media no longer exists.  The only way to discern truth today is to follow news from all over the world;  The U.S., Japan, Germany, Canada, Israel, Australia, China, etc.  Then you piece all the Globalist propaganda together, sift through it and slowly you can piece together something resembling truth.

It is time for Americans to stand up and demand that our out of control government stop spilling our children’s blood for the furtherance of the Globalist Business Plan.  The idea that freedom is to be gained through death and destruction in Afghanistan or Iraq is ludicrous and ignorant.  Wantonly murdering every goat farmer in the mountains of Afghanistan does not make Americans free.  Keeping the goat farmers, at least the crazy ones, away from civilized society just might.

Fortunately for America and the world, the Bilderberg Group has been so successful since 1954 that they’ve become a bit lackadaisical.  Asleep at the helm of their Dupe The World slave ship you might say.  Their trained CFR rabbit, BHO turns out to be a snail.  Oouucchh!  Thank God for small miracles though, because if the work ethic challenged BHO’s aversion to work wasn’t so powerful, we would be even more screwed than we already are.  Who foresaw golf as possibly saving the world?  Can you say golf is history in the making?

World War III is not inevitable, but it will take some doing to derail it at this point.  Plans for World Wars I, II and II were laid by the elite international oligarchy, some might say scum, at least as far back as 1871.  Baloney you say!  Well, maybe so, but you and I are still going to have our place in history, so call it and me whatever you want.  It’s very cool that the Bilderbergs secretly go by the Mayan Calendar isn’t it?  Just kidding.

Why would I make such a statement regarding WW III and what does it have to do with BHO and hoops?

Leaving debate regarding organic fossil versus chemical abiotic oil sources aside, there is still no short term oil shortage in the world;  not for the next couple of centuries or so at least.  There are, however, some issues regarding the international oligarchy’s business plan for the world.  One portion of the plan calls for increased oil prices in the near term, while at the same time inhibiting development and modernization in certain parts of the world, such as the so-called, Slavic* countries, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.  If you think I’m kidding , start an energy company and try to be globally successful without becoming a Bilderberg Group member.  Good luck with that!

The so-called oil shortage being sold to us by the integrity challenged, CFR press corps, which is all of the U.S. press corps, is nothing more than Federal regulatory strangulation fostered by the symbiotic relationship between our CFR politicians and their monopoly sponsored beneficiaries, in this case large, international energy conglomerates.  Think of it this way.  There is no shortage of land near San Francisco, yet land is scarce and expensive.  Why?  The answer is zoning regulations and land use prohibitions, both of which cause an artificial scarcity by limiting developable supply.  The enormous demand for now very scarce land resources results in escalating prices…and you thought insiders like Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer were stupid.  Shame on you!

Likewise, Federal regulation brought about by corrupt, elected Federal Representatives and appointed regulators – none of whom would identify a “conflict of interest” if it fell on them;  and it did and does – causes artificial limitations in supply.  These artificial limitations can be used for various purposes, one of which is to drive up prices and profits;  another is to eliminate competition while strengthening monopoly control;  and a third is to generate fear and hostility in an oil based world economy.  Illicit government regulations can easily target certain areas and companies for discrimination and others for favoritism.  Knowing the timing and reach of corrupt regulatory reforms ahead of time, because you the monopoly yourself wrote them, enables both the simplified control of otherwise complex markets as well as generous profit taking in those same global commodities markets.

There are few things handier than having CFR trained,  well placed, very corrupt, very friendly regulators around who will implement your regulations thereby eliminating your competitors for you.  Call it “Monopoly by Government”.  As John D. Rockefeller, founder of Standard Oil as well as usurper in charge of Russian oil, so famously remarked, “Competition is a sin”.  If you think we’ve got it tough at Bilderberg meetings, you should wear Putin’s shoes.  That dude has got an uphill battle.

Why do you suppose Bilderberg insider George Soros is openly divesting himself of anything related to the U.S. dollar, while simultaneously investing in global commodities such as gold or the Brazilian oil company Petrobras?  Does Georgie take these positions so he can loose money and forfeit his place at the power table?  Of course not!  George Soros takes these positions because he is an international oligarchy insider and he knows the United States is going down and other things are going up.  He knows this because he is part of the team orchestrating it and he doesn’t care whether you and I know it or not.  As far as George and his Bilderberg friends are concerned, “tough titty”.  Too bad for us that our so-called Federal Representatives suckle at George’s titty and not ours.

The Bilderberg Group and its heavily compensated pawns have been de-industrializing the U.S. since the 1980’s under the great conservative Ronald Reagan.  Not much in geo-politics is what it seems.  Reagan did the best he could, but he sure wasn’t invincible.  At this point in time, circa 2010, the industrial might of the United States is gone.  It’s highly skilled industrial work force is gone.  With its manufacturing and industrial might and work force bled off to other targeted countries around the globe, the United States has freely given its strategic power away.  When your copper and your steel come from a country you are at war with, you have a serious problem.  Laptops are nice, but I’ve never seen one kick a tank’s butt and we don’t make them anymore anyway.

There are so many examples of insider political contamination and monopoly power mongering we could write several books about it.  Actually people have written books about it, but no one reads them.  Anyway you get the picture.  So what is Obama’s role in all this?

BHO is the new pied piper of U.S. doom, though that’s not really all his fault.  I mean, look what he married.  All U.S. Presidents since 1913 have been pied pipers of U.S. doom, though some played a better oligarchic tune than others.  Some even fought the oligarchy.  Their brief political tenure placed their names prominently on the assassination roles of history, except for Nixon, whom the press corps lackeys mindlessly destroyed.  Nixon had personal problems, which played easily into the hands of his tormentors, but they were not directly related to his beef with CFR drone Henry Kissinger, nor to his downfall.

In today’s world the middle class of the United States of America stands as the last impediment to One World Governance and the complete control of all wealth and all people on planet earth by the oligarchy.  America’s  Constitution and resulting Constitutional Republic and Rule of Law must be destroyed.  It is BHO’s job to put the frosting on the Carter, Bush, Clinton, cake.  Fortunately, for us, unfortunately for the oligarchy, it turns out BHO is lazy.  His tiny fuel tank ran out of gas after just a couple of years or so and he is no longer selling.

This is an enormous opportunity for “we the people”.  Our corrupt legislators and Faustian regulators have artificially and crookedly created a world dependency on Middle East oil.  The Arab /  Israeli conflict is now the fuse set to light the oil dependency bomb.  The Obama Administration is doing its abject best to stay out of the way of this, though they were actually supposed to be selling it and carrying the ball.  Obama’s fumble is now our 4th quarter opportunity.  We’re playing under the two minute rule, so we grab the ball or lose.

There is no need for this coming nuclear war.  Just because the Bilderberg business plan calls for a reduced world population of 2 billion instead of 6 billion does not require us to play.  We the people can start throwing the garbage out of Washington D.C. and our White House now, in 2010.  This may stop or at least delay the war.  A few simple votes, an election or two, enforcement of the Logan Act, term limits, an enumerated powers act, a couple of decades and our House will be clean again.

We can’t win if we don’t vote!  Incidentally, World War III and hoops share nothing in common excepting overpaid thugs.  The hoops thing was just a teaser.

*  I use the term Slavic loosely to cover a wide geographic area.  More specifically I suppose we are talking about Western Slavic – Czechs, Moravians, Poles, Silesians, Slovaks and Serbs;  Eastern Slavic – Belarusians, Russians and Ukranians;  and Southern Slavic – Bosnians, Croats, Macedonians, Montenegrins and Slovenes.