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It’s a sad day in American history when cowardly, appointed Federal officials willingly and knowingly carry out illegal tasks untracably ordered by their elected Bosses.  The Bosses we the people ignorantly voted into the West Wing of our own White House.  The Bosses who violate their sacred oath of office on a daily basis.

The illegal task I’m focusing on today – because there’s seemingly no end in sight to the list of illegal tasks being assigned via lost emails in the new D.C. Versailles, is IMPORTED CHILD ABUSE and IMPORTED CRIME and IMPORTED MIDDLE EASTERN THREATS to the American people.  I know, I know – that’s three illegal tasks – but they’re all acting out under the same Washington D.C. umbrella simultaneously and in concert with each other, so I’m using literary license in referring to them as one task entitled the Child Abuse Scheme.  It’s a scheme unfortunately covered under Article II, Section 4 of our U.S. Constitution which reads in full:

“The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high crimes and Misdemeanors.”  

Please note that the Founders use of the term “high” does not mean “more serious”.  It’s referring to those punishable offenses applying only to “high persons”, that is, public officials.  The link below will take you to a treatise provided by Mr. Jon Roland of the Constitution Society explaining his detailed understanding of Article II, Section 4.  I assume this reference may be necessary as our Constitution is no longer taught in the Progressively dumbed down conditioning centers we mistakenly call schools – but I digress.

Meaning of High Crime and Misdemeanors

Not to bore you to death, but realizing many of us are victims of Progressive de-education; and may think constitution is a term applying only to the condition of our physical health, I helpfully cite a portion of Article III, Section 3, reading in part:

“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”

Allrighty  then – the business at hand.  Our U.S. southern border is being invaded by many thousands of young people, families, older people, MS-13 gang members, drugs, Middle Eastern Jihadists and we don’t really have any idea what or whom else.  We already know members of our loyal, under staffed Border Patrol are being prevented from doing their jobs and are being intimidated and threatened by the Barack Hamas Obama West Wing of our White House.  We also see that excepting useless voter pandering, our House and Senate are conducting routine zero oversight.  I imagine they’re busy negotiating cushy insider trading deals with K Street lobbyist scum and cannot be disturbed – but I again digress.

Approximately 300,000  illegals, maybe 25% of whom are children by Border Patrol estimates, have illegally invaded our southern border since December, 2013; about 43,000 per month on average.  The invasion was poorly planned , so these lice infested, disease ridden, horrendously  abused folks arrive sick and starving.  Some are are missing fingers and hands via intimidation and control methods employed by drug cartel Coyotes, some of whom are MS-13 gang members.  Glenn Beck and his Mercury One crew have taken the lead in caring for and feeding these victims of political abuse and have helped organize church members in providing much needed aid.  Mercury One is a wonderful living example of American generosity and deserve our thanks for jumping in where few dare to tread.

The sad victims of this humanitarian abuse must be cared for.  There is no other option.  That said, caring for them does nothing to solve the problem.  We are going to have to walk and chew gum at the same time to get to the source of this orchestrated crisis.  Personally, I believe this entire human disaster is a poorly planned political undertaking carried out by power hungry morons residing within the West Wing of our White House.

If we choose to believe that hundreds of thousands of South and Latin American people are fortuitously arriving at our southern border by unpremeditated happenstance as a good idea – well OK – believe that.  I certainly don’t.  Mexico has stringently enforced immigration laws with instantly applied jail time.  These victims are being carefully, expensively and successfully smuggled across the entire 2,000 mile length of Mexico through the inhospitable Chihuahua and Sonoran Deserts.  This clandestine trip requires about a month to complete.  How do these people know where and when to meet up with the Coyotes?  Who’s doing the advertising?  Why does Homeland Security have dozens of buses ready to transport these people to points across the United States?  Why has the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) been advertising for contractors to handle transporting these illegals?  Why is there no serious talk in D.C. about sending any of these illegals back to whereever they were lured from?

 This human disaster and disregard for human life is a plan folks.  A sick, depraved plan perpetrated and carried out negligently by human garbage in Washington D.C.  Why?  I don’t pretend to know why.  I wasn’t invited to the meetings and none of my emails are to be found in the lost forever redaction files.  My guess is that as elected Washington fascists have not been able to lock in the their government dependent, patronage vote through amnesty – they have simply decided to do an end run around the legislature and force the issue.  The benefit of this disgusting scheme, ignoring human tragedy, is using Federal tax dollars to distribute these folks to cities across America where more collectivist conditioned, patronage votes are necessary, guaranteeing that denizens of D.C.  will retain political power – but that admittedly is  theory – I don’t have proof and I’m sure the emails have long since vanished.

This horrible situation is what it is.  We can’t change it now, but as citizens if we don’t begin asking serious questions and demanding some pretty doggone serious answers from the corrupt morons we have been electing – then there is something wrong with us.  Is this degradation of human life something we wish to support through apathy?  Is that who we are?  I don’t think so and I hope I’m not incorrect in my thinking.

As to whether this unholy scheme constitutes high crimes – and what are we to do if it does – well that’s for each of us to decide isn’t it?


Before we begin, please bear with a remark or two.  There is nothing wrong with America!  There is nothing wrong with you or I!  We the people can and will solve our problems and resolve our differences and imperfections.  We don’t need a corrupt, integrity challenged, Federal government to do anything for us – except get out of our way!  We do not require a godless, Marxist transformation of one iota of our unalienable rights, our human dignity, or our lives.



As Ronald Reagan famously noted, “In this present crisis, government is not the solution;  government is the problem”.

And as The Zen Trucker has remarked, “Federal regulation has never helped make one single dream come true”.

However, most any over reaching, bureaucratic regulation has the power to strangle a dream at inception.  The U.S. now has more than 150,000 pages of dream strangling regulation wielding a mind numbing, tax code scalpel of 65,000 pages.  We might call it “entrepreneurial abortion”. Dream killing has unfortunately become common practice in the Washington D.C. small business abortion clinic and Barack Obama is the new hack.  He and his corrupt Congress are unfortunately, very good at mutilating new business and even better at performing late term abortions on what have been successful, existing small businesses.

Obama, a parrot like pawn of monopoly obsessed, international central banking and his ignorant, progressive Congress love the practice of suffocation by regulation.  For example, their deceptive, so-called health care reform written by delusional, communist organizers (not by our criminal elected Congress) in conjunction with monopolistic corporations have now legalized gigantic, fascist, mega-conglomerate monopolies, which will dwarf  the obscene State bounded insurance monopolies already mandated by your precious Federal government regulation.  If you think you’re stuck in ankle deep, health care mud now – just give Obamacare quicksand a chance.  We’ll be more than just lucky to live through that.  Insurance companies may well be corrupt, but they pale next to your average Congressman or U.S. Senator and certainly next to this political prostitute we currently have residing in “the people’s” White House.  Obamacare is a lie so rotten, so huge and so foul as to cause the iron stomach of a barn yard goat to puke…and we the uninformed people voted for the skanks who put us in this merciless pit, but conveniently excluded themselves from the muck.

A second putrid example of small business abortion is the incredible “so-called “financial reform” scheme.  The uninformed people of the United States were saddled with the Federal Reserve Criminal Enterprise in 1913 along with the progressive income tax by Communist Woodrow Wilson in league with international central banking and his foolish Congress.  Central banking families were granted legalized illegal access to “we the people’s” wealth at that time;  but were not guaranteed unlimited access.  Puppet Obama and his criminal Congress have now granted that full guarantee of perpetual, legalized illegal access to “we the people’s” wealth.  We the people will now bear 100% of the risk of international central banking, but none of the profit.

Your White House Manchurian and every single Congressman and Senator voting for these two obscene travesties of justice should receive life imprisonment for regulatory extortion, Federal government larceny, high crimes and misdemeanors. This is not a joke!  This would be equal justice.  Instead we will live with the indignity of legalized theft masquerading as social justice.  Michael Savage gets it right when he describes liberalism as a mental disorder.  Apparently the Bank of England, JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs own The Left, The Right and American government.  Think of your average RNC or DNC bespoke Congressmen and U.S. Senators as international banking’s neutered, house broken pets walked on very short leashes.  We the people obediently follow behind with the poop bags and scoopers.

Worse than corrupt, moronic regulators and paralyzing regulations are economically challenged, abusers of Federal power, who just print and borrow through the privately owned Federal Reserve to waste and transfer your hard earned wealth to the elite families of the oligarchy.  The castrated idiots – and that’s not just Obama by the way –  recently living rent free in our White House (whom we ignorantly voted for) and the Keynesian morons surrounding them have driven the U.S. economy off a cliff.  This is no longer business abortion.  It has now become full fledged economic mass murder and free market genocide. Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve Bank owner’s he works for are not concerned in the least about fixing what they intentionally orchestrated.  Their only concern is for “we the people” not to catch on to the fact that they intentionally caused our economy to collapse once again for their brutish, selfish personal gain.

The elite oligarchy intent is to run the world with government sponsored international  monopolies standing above and apart from any and all national governments and legal boundaries including and specifically the U.S. Constitution.  Free market competition will be wiped out near any endeavor worth real money or real power.  This has largely taken place already.  Obama’s financial reform, written by central bankers for central banking’s families, has nothing whatever to do with consumer protection, other than to guarantee perpetual consumer loss translated into elite wealth.  Its purpose is to reinforce and protect these high powered, insider monopolies from our prying eyes and to assure they win the race to our uninformed pocketbooks.  Barack Obama and most members of Congress along with the majority of our Federal management level employees are career criminals beholden to their Council On Foreign Relations life support system.  None of these indoctrinated drones work for “we the people”.  We the people just foolishly pay the bills racked up for their elite benefit.

So how do we fix this?

Step One. Realize that our primary American political issue is not Democrat or Republican;  liberal or conservative.  Our problem is corruption and weak representatives, force fed by CFR on the DNC and RNC feed lots to do the bidding of an obese, greedy, monopoly prone, international financial oligarchy.  Neither the RNC nor the DNC can be trusted to offer candidates that actually represent “we the people”.  Those days are gone.  The differing rhetoric mimics choice, but there are no choices;  just two sides of the same CFR coin and both sides come up tails.  We no longer “choose” political candidates.  We “select” from a heavily jaundiced, heavily financed, herd of fatted, indoctrinated eunuchs.  Today’s fraudulent facsimile of a voting system is a disgrace to what was once our Constitutional Republic.  We cannot remain a free people under the failed lack of honest leadership and abhorrent, systemic corruption practiced by our current crop of abysmal crooks costumed and fed to look like real political candidates. John F. Kennedy, given all his flaws, may have been our last honest statesmen and I believe he was murdered for it.  Leadership requires genuine human courage with all its flaws;  not media created, cardboard cut-outs, wired with teleprompters and painted to resemble courage.

I acknowledge that there are a few genuinely good people in office and I sincerely thank them for their efforts on our behalf.  I also acknowledge that they have failed their oath of office in protecting our Constitution and “we the people” and have generally conducted themselves in a cowardly and timid manner, insufficient to overcome the systemic totalitarian rot that has corroded our once proud capital and reduced it to the equivalent of a dysfunctional, third world banana republic.  The traitorous behavior typical of Washington D.C.  today is not acceptable and neither are the good and decent cowards who live within it at our expense!

The Federal Reserve families in concert with their CFR trained, criminal government pets have intentionally inflated the value of our U.S. dollar to their benefit.  They will now deflate it to their benefit.  The U.S. is no longer globally competitive with a fiat currency inflated cost of living five or ten times the cost of living in most places in the world.  The U.S. manufacturing and jobs that have gone overseas are not coming back until American workers are paid $1.00 U.S. per day – the same as their global competition is paid.  This is not an accident and it will not be fixed with a tax increase here or a spending cut there regardless which traitorous RNC or DNC criminal sits in Congress or the White House.  The United States is in very serious economic trouble and if we are not careful it will finish swallowing our freedom – what’s left of it.

Step Two. We vote all incumbent members of the House of Representatives out of office in November.  They will be replaced by more Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) indoctrinated morons, but that’s OK.  The new scum will get the message sooner or later.  Those who are too corrupt or stupid to understand that they are to represent “we the people” and not the international financial oligarchy will be voted out in November, 2012.  We keep doing this until we start getting decent, honest people in office.  It will take decades, not years to accomplish this miracle.

Step Three. We vote all incumbent U.S. Senators coming up for re-election in November out of office.  We continue this process each election cycle until we clean the smelly garbage out of our U.S. Senate Chamber.  The current crop of corrupt pets are soiling our expensive Senate Chamber carpeting.  I for one, am getting tired of carpet cleaning.  We should also make note of the fact that this disreputable herd of house broken, Senatorial pets have advise and consent authority over the political hacks being appointed to The Supreme Court by the pet in charge of the White House.  This is no small matter as fully half the justices couldn’t find our Constitution if they mistakenly stepped on it;  and they step on it regularly.  This is not an effective prescription for the enhancement of individual freedom and self government under The Rule of Law.  The U.S. Rule of Law is nearly dead and our duly elected, irresponsible  Senate Members play a major role as  accomplices and get-a-way drivers for Justices who might better serve the country in line at a food bank or in jail, rather than on the bench.

Step Four. We vote only for those candidates who stridently support term limits for both the House and Senate.  It is sadly obvious that neither house is capable of policing itself nor its members in a manner conducive to “self government”.  The oath of office requiring members to “protect and defend” our Constitution is a pathetic joke.  We no longer have an operational Constitution.  Congress has degenerated into a disgraceful whore’s free-for-all with votes selling to the highest bidder.  This is not self government.  This is a disgraceful abomination leading directly to indentured servitude for the uninformed voter.

Happy voting in November and every November thereafter!  Vote to live!  Live to vote!

{Posted 08-17-2010}

Today’s typical progressive is a mental midget (no slander meant toward little people) whose inability to reason juxtaposed against a tragic ignorance of history leaves them hungrily chasing their vestigial tails like the quintessential psychotic cartoon canine.  They detest freedom of speech and swell near to bursting with vitriol over any pretense of opposing views or differing opinion. They never tire of calling me racist, homophobic, intolerant, bigoted, hateful, etc., yet it is they who ceaselessly and obsessively sustain ignorant bigotry by pointing out supposed differences between races, sexes, sexual preference, etc.  They pathetically cannot let it go and be what it is.  They have to stir the pot of divisive hatred at all times and then point to me as though I care one way or another.

For reasons I don’t pretend to understand, the new bar for progressive leadership in the U.S. anyway has been set to new lows by comedians.  Towering intellectual dwarfs the likes of  sleepy U.S. Senator Al Franken, Janeane Garofalo and Bill Maher have become the anointed collective voice of modern progressivism, though they tend think of themselves as “libertarians”, which is ample proof of their uphill mental challenge.

As an example, Bill Maher appeared August 24th, 2009 on America’s premier liberal, political debate program,  The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien where he offered his enlightened opinion as to how Obama should get so-called health care reform passed.   “Forget getting the sixty votes or sixty percent — sixty percent of people don’t believe in evolution in this country — he just needs to drag them to it, like I said, they’re stupid; get health care done, with or without them.”

Just 60-days later, on October 9, 2009, on his own HBO program, Maher was cleverly debating the effectiveness of government proposed flu vaccinations with Dr. Bill Frist, former U.S. Senator from Tennessee and stated, “Why would you let them be the ones to stick a disease into your arm? I would never get a swine flu vaccine or any vaccine. I don’t trust the government, especially with my health.”

So which schizophrenic opinion is it?  Advocate totalitarianism in August and down with trust in government in October?  This is a typical example of a liberal progressive who imagines himself a libertarian trying to think coherently.  The problem of course is that Obama and his Comintern are trying to run the country with this dazed and confused parody of irrational comedic thought.  Maher may not take himself seriously as he makes a good living by expedient verbal slight of hand, but Obama does – take himself seriously that is.  The problem is sadly one thing, but for the elitist, confused liberals and the rest of us unwashed it is not the tragedy.  The tragedy unfortunately leaps off the comedic stage and morphs quickly into political reality for the unsuspecting audience.

The morbid audience reality for hundreds of millions is amply demonstrated by redacted, now largely unread history.  Agreement by socialists as to what socialism actually  is or should be as a preferred specific brand is rarely agreed upon and the disputes have generally taken on catastrophic proportions;  at least for the losers and always for the audience.  Two prime examples are the Stalinist socialists versus the Trotskyites in early communist Russia or the Marxist socialists in Germany versus Hitler’s adopted National Socialists.  All sides of both these debates understood perfectly that beneath the umbrella of a “free market” both sides could freely express and market their views.  As soon as one side or the other assumed power, however, all bets were off and the debate was over along with the immediate death of free speech and the elimination of anyone foolish enough to go there.  The success of one socialist party did not subdue the other;  it eliminated it.  Today’s historically ignorant progressive does not comprehend this consistent historic reality;   or perhaps they do.

The point here is that otherwise good and funny people who have significant rhetorical access to millions of people ignorantly and for the time being, freely support political views potentially disastrous to our Constitutional Republic.  This is pretty dumb, considering that when you view a Marxist such as Barack Hussein Obama from a historical perspective, you quickly realize that his delusional p0licies and mentally unstable motivations are totalitarian in nature.  When Mr. Franken, Ms. Garofalo and Mr. Maher win their battle, should they be so unlucky as to silence people such as myself, they will instantly loose their ability to make public declarations.  They will no longer be useful and they will be silenced or if still stubbornly grasping a microphone, eliminated.  A Marxist winner is never foolish enough to permit potentially variant voices to exist, especially when they wear glasses as Mr. Franken and Ms. Garofalo both do.

Cambodia’s Pol Pot, with the help of Jane Fonda and others of her generation, my lost generation actually, taught the rest of the aspiring Marxist world what to do with people who wear glasses.  Of course, our progressive schools don’t teach that do they?  The unfortunate truth is that the very funny indoctrinated comedians of today will be eaten along with the rest of us once Marxism wins; and at present it looks to be White House Marxism by three lengths as they turn down the home stretch and Oh My God, Constitution just stumbled.  It’s either a miracle or it’s gonna’ be Marxism by four lengths.

I for one, believe in miracles.

This ain’t no sound bite!  Posted 08-03-2010.

I personally hope the Republicans fail to regain majorities in either the House or the Senate in November 2010.  If successful in November, the Republicans will immediately be blamed for the worsening 2011 financial collapse and the reasons for Keynesian (Marxist) failure will be clouded.  Let the progressive Democrats lie in their bed.  It will be better in the long run for the country, in spite of the immense short term pain.  By short term I’m talking about two decades or so.  It will take at least two decades of ferociously hard work;  three to four decades of half-hearted work to undo the economic damage done by the Obama Administration in less than two years.  The money capital of the world is now London;  don’t expect a return to New York in our lifetime.  Freedom isn’t free and voters need to revisit the idea that elections have consequences – especially when our uninformed votes elect irresponsible, delusional organizers to public office.  Short term pain is, I believe, preferable to long term strangulation by broken Marxist promises.  None-the-less, also beware of Republican saviors because these Council On Foreign Relations ( CFR) drones can’t save us either.  CFR drones unwittingly and sometimes wittingly serve their master and their master is not “we the people” – ever.

Progressive Democrats fight viciously for what they ignorantly believe no matter how enormous the policy failure or catastrophic the outcome.  Progressive Democrats are 100%, fully indoctrinated, completely destructive Marxists incapable of rational independent thought.  Main stream Democrats, basically Kennedy or Reagan Democrats, such as my 85-year old parents, apparently have no inkling that their party has been hi-jacked by America hating Marxists.  Either they don’t understand or they don’t care.  As a practical matter regarding freedom, it makes no difference which.  Progressive Democrats are a freedom train wreck, but at least they tell you that.

Republicans on the other hand quietly and ineffectively parrot conservative talk, but do nothing but place hold for continuous governmental movement to the left, that is, centralized government control.  I cannot recall an example of Republican leadership undoing a leftist Democrat policy or moving the Overton Window even one single inch back to the right, that is, more limited government.  It never happens.  The RNC shyly nudges “we the people” to the same slave plantation the DNC aggressively and rudely shoves us into.  Either way, once through the slave gate it no longer matters how you got there.

Take immigration / naturalization policy for example.  The last Presidential Administration to enforce Federal immigration law was the 8-year, General Dwight D. Eisenhower Administration, which ended in 1961; 49-years ago.  This is five continuous decades of both Republican and Democrat Administrations overtly refusing to protect and defend the sovereign borders and “we the people” of the United States.  All Presidents, U.S. Senators and Members of The House have sworn an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of The United States, yet not one single Administration since Eisenhower has honored their oath.

To showcase the point along with blatant disrespect for our Rule of Law under the Constitution,  incompetent, political hack, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder recently filed a lawsuit against the good peo0ple of Arizona in a U.S. District court, which appears not to have jurisdiction for the suit.  I’m not an attorney, but I can read.  Article III, Section 2, Paragraph 3 of our Constitution plainly states:

“In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be a Party, the Supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction.”

If I, as a layman, read this correctly, the lower courts, including a U.S. District Court, do not have legal jurisdiction in any case in which a State is party.  The “original jurisdiction” of the Supreme Court is not alterable by Congress, whereas the Court’s appellate jurisdiction is.  Interestingly, Federal Judge Susan Bolton, a Clinton Appointee,  apparently knows little, if anything about the basis for our Rule of Law either.  She apparently had no legal jurisdiction to issue a ruling on this case involving the State of Arizona.  This is the paucity of talent with which we are attempting to manage a Constitutional Republic;  and we wonder why it’s failing.  Either these people are hopelessly incompetent or they are intentionally undermining our Rule of Law;  or both.

In recent times, both the George W. Bush and Barrack Hussein Obama Administrations have openly proclaimed and flaunted refusal to honor their oaths of office;  have ignored or even repudiated the Constitution they swore to uphold;  have proudly refused to respect the Legislative Branch of government and tyrannically did and continue to do whatever “insiders” want them to do.  If this is not “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”, what is?  Given that more than 75% of the American people, regardless of party affiliation want our sovereign borders secured; clearly, our Federal elected representatives no longer represent “we the people”.  The Federal government of the United States has slowly degenerated into the world’s largest, graft ridden, corrupt, hopelessly inept, blatantly dishonest banana republic farce in world history.  The question becomes “if we the people are not running this Keystone Cops carnival of corruption, then who the hell is”?

Let’s take another example;  the failing U.S. financial condition.  World economic history offers no examples of successful Keynesian Economic Theory as applied to real life.  By successful I specifically mean “good for people” or in the best interests of individual people.  Yet Progressive Democrats blindly, stubbornly and destructively insist that they represent the little guy and that Federal economic policy must follow Keynesian Theory.  That is, bleed the money from the people and waste it on big government corruption.  Make note, that the John F. Kennedy, Ronald W. Reagan and William J. Clinton Administrations largely departed from Keynesian Theory with offsetting free market principles and achieved a high degree of economic health, productivity and prosperity.  Progressive Democrats today lie successfully and rewrite history when they openly deny the offsetting free market principles employed by these Administrations and claim Keynesian spending and taxation as the sole causative factor of prosperity.

Supposed, fiscally conservative Republicans have historic economic fact powerfully on their side of this Keynesian / free market debate, yet never make a cohesive, convincing  argument defending the health, vigor and power of free markets.  They cannot even coherently defend the historical fact of rising government revenues and increased prosperity resulting from virtually any combination of lower taxation rates and/or reduced government spending, either or both of which leave money in private markets where it is available for investment and growth.  You don’t even have to get it right to have it work.  Mitch McConnell, Senior Republican Senator from Kentucky and Republican Minority Leader, John Boehner were both hopelessly interviewed on Fox News Sunday, hosted by Chris Wallace on August 1st.  These two men are nationally recognized as prominent leaders of what are thought to be fiscally conservative Republicans.  On the surface they are fiscally conservative, but beneath the weak rhetoric, are they really?  These two men failed miserably to provide any cohesive or convincing answer to Mr. Wallace’s questions on their own positions or Obama’s.  They both quacked incessantly like broken records about lowering taxes, but never explained why this is important.  They criticized the Obama Administration for over spending and intending to raise taxes in a recession, but never offered an understandable explanation of why the policy is both economically and morally wrong.  This dual interview was nauseating to observe and made both McConnell and Boehner appear doltish at best and disingenuous at the worse.

We could go on with thousands of words outlining further examples of this DNC / RNC paradox, but these two examples make the point sufficiently without even touching on foreign policy or social issues.  The rational voter concerned about freedom must question why the seemingly different RNC / DNC rhetoric always ends up leading America toward the same negative outcome;  increased, more tyrannical, centralized government? How can this be?

The answer is that the RNC and DNC are not on opposite or opposing sides of any issue at all. They have each been conditioned along different, though paradoxically, a singular, rhetorical track aligned in a circle;  not unlike a child’s first toy train set.  No matter how fast or how long the track is traveled;  or which direction you travel;  or which intermediate stop you choose;  ultimately you can only arrive at one station.  Your arrival at that station is simply a matter of time and eventuality.   Once on the train, your only limited choices are to go past the station;  stop short of the station;  or get off at the station.  This carefully constructed paradox offers the allusion of free choice to voters, but in fact relentlessly herds them, or as committed Marxist, Cass Sunstein, Barack Obama’s hand picked Regulatory Czar would say, “nudges” them through their own willing vote toward guaranteed indentured servitude under the State provided, newly created, U.S. hybrid form of fascist/socialist “protection”.  This paradox is so well constructed that it requires no conspiracy whatever to carry any free society, specifically ours, to its inevitable demise and loss of independence.  The only safe solution for the voter is:  DON’T GET ON THE TRAIN.

Let’s dissect this paradox and see how it works and why we so easily fall prey to it.  We learn in engineering school that when a problem is too big or to complex to conceptually grasp, it must be broken into component parts.  By beginning with a starting point, of which you are certain is factually correct or true, you then proceed to resolve each of the more easily understood component parts of the overall problem, one at a time, until finally the entire puzzle is tied together, solved and a solution can be designed and put into effect.  It’s just the practical application of scientific theory.  Let’s apply this simple engineering practice to American politics to determine how and why we are willingly voting to give up our freedom.

We can define the question to be resolved as:  “How and why do American voters of all political persuasions continue to vote for candidates who confiscate the fruits of their hard earned labor; give most of those fruits away to special “insiders”;  and use the remaining fruits to unjustly control the voter’s behavior”?

Our starting point or first “truth” and certainty of fact is “both Republicans and Democrats desire power”.  This fact is not arguable and can therefore be used as a safe and certain  starting point or foundation for our investigation.  The first small piece and the most straight forward part of the puzzle we come to is the progressive Democrat and his or her Marxist ideology.  The progressive Democrat openly and arrogantly proclaims that they will take your wealth;  take your freedom;  rule you beneath the banner Rule Of Man;  and in exchange they promise to take care of you.  It does not get any simpler, nor straight forward than that.  The tricky part is “what does it mean to be taken care of”?

History amply demonstrates equal socialist squalor for everybody outside the elite insider class and their pawns, the ruling class.  One bar of soap per month per family housed within some sort of poorly heated or cooled, over crowded hovel is not atypical.  The allowable square footage necessary per person to live is actually calculated.  Every aspect of life is poorly allocated though incompetent central planning.  Not enough of what people need;  too much of what they don’t need;  and nothing anyone can do about it as the resulting bureaucracy is simply too large, too unwieldy and too corrupt to manage effectively.  Social justice?  Absolutely!  Equal justice?  Not a chance!  The progressive Democrat doesn’t give two hoots about the deplorable conditions under which you live and will tell any lie and cover over any truth to convince you otherwise.  They will take their power, if you let them.

The progressive Democrat is an elitist who believes that the little people, “we the people” are too stupid and too lazy to take care of ourselves.  They believe that “we the people” are an inconvenience standing in the way of their own elite and, of course, “socially just” entitlement.  We the people must be controlled and forced to labor on their elite, all knowing behalf after which, they may agree to care for us should we be found deserving.  They justify their greed and lust for power on the backs of “the people’s” stupidity as necessary for the “overall good” of society.  The progressive Democrat is a godless, obsessive,  inhuman societal monster hellbent on total control and the annihilation of decency.  Democrat socialism under a despotic government is no different than middle age, feudal serfdom under Royalty.  The immoral outcome is the same.  Your family will never accumulate wealth;  will never better itself economically and will never be free.  Of course, the socialists neglect to share that part.

The second small piece of the puzzle is somewhat less obvious and also more complicated.  The so-called conservative Republican and his or her warped ideology.  This ideology will take your freedom as well;  but it allows you to live a little better;  let’s say as a house slave as opposed to a field hand.  This ideology prefers you to be productive and to live well enough so as to remain politically calm and submissive.  By encouraging and even assisting you to be economically productive, government revenues rise significantly and power is attained without the barbarity of progressive “taking”.  It’s the more humane approach to slavery.  You won’t have anything to say about anything;  you will do what you’re told;  you will shop at the company store instead of the government store;  and you will be allowed to live comfortably if you so choose and are able to maintain productivity.  The wealth you cannot accumulate will quietly and politely vanish into hidden profit centers held by government sponsored, monopolistic, gigantic, multi-national corporations who have eliminated competitive free markets via corrupt government regulation;  and now simply must charge more for their own greedy survival and to continue offering you your employment and your life style.  The ugly government taking through compulsory, confiscatory taxation is no longer necessary, but the money trail leads to the same vault and the vault isn’t yours.

The progressive Democrat concept is simply Draconian.  You will go along to get along;  or you will be re-educated;  or you will be eliminated.  The 1960’s Students For A Democratic Society (SDS) spawned The Weathermen, later The Weather Underground, which accepted the notion that 25% or so of the American population at the time, that’s more than 20 million citizens would necessarily have to be eliminated as there was no possibility of successful re-education.  I can assure you William Ayers and Barack Obama, that I cannot be re-educated.  I will have to be eliminated.  It would be wise for main stream Democrats to wake from their political coma and begin paying attention.  These mutant progressives are serious and they mean what they say.  Unfortunately, they now inhabit our White House, the entire three floors of the West Wing, half the Supreme Court and more than half of both the Senate and House of Representatives.

The more conservative Republican concept is somewhat more generous.  You may recall the phrase;  “a kinder, gentler conservative”?  I personally prefer this system of slavery, but make no mistake about it;  slavery it is.  Does it really matter whether your shackles are forged by the State or by an amorphous, interlocking group of multi-national corporations;  or both?

If we wish to be free, both the RNC and DNC must be mucked out and clean bedding must be provided.  We can no longer tolerate the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) functioning as the intellectual feedlot for both parties and the national press corp.  New blood is requisite for our survival as a free people.  Do not support any incumbent candidate.  Do not support or vote for any of the poisoned, fatted calves selected for voting by the CFR mutilated RNC or DNC.  Ignore the media or at least accept their tripe for the drivel it is.  Do your own research.  Do not believe one word I say or anyone else says.  Learn the truth for yourself.  Most people believe the Dems are against what Obama condescendingly and deceitfully calls “Wall Street Fat Cats” and that Republicans are in bed with them.  Yet the truth is Wall Street now contributes nearly $5 to Democrats for every $1 to Republicans.  What does this tell you?

Vote wisely!  Stay free!  Support independent “people’s” candidates.  STAY OFF THE TRAIN.  IT WILL MAKE YOU DIZZY AND WILL EAT YOUR FREEDOM.

{Posted 07-27-2010}

The so-called President of the United States met Tuesday (07-23) morning with a bi-partisan group of legislators at the White House to brainstorm “help for middle class business”.   Following the meeting he blessed the Nation with a few ignorantly arrogant remarks suggesting more of a brain drizzle, than brain storm.  Maybe that’s why this meeting was downplayed as just a meeting and not an “economic summit” or at least given the credibility of a “bipartisan committee”.  The Obama Administration is usually big on talky committees; or perhaps the indolent White House Resident was just transparently demonstrating that he hates middle class America for its independent quest for excellence and fully intends to destroy it.  He did after all promise transparency.

At any rate, this esteemed, very expensive, well dressed group came up with nothing of any value for the middle class beyond the usual meaningless tripe that passes in our media culture as Obamanomic brilliance.  The focal point of Tuesday’s White House brilliance was “loans for small middle class businesses”. Honestly – this is what our genius White House came up with to throw at 9.5% statistical unemployment, 19% real world unemployment; commercial / retail lease space steadily vacating by the hour;  historic residential foreclosure rates;  complete insolvency of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid not to mention the Federal government itself;  several States in bankruptcy with more than a dozen States near bankruptcy;  the number of insolvent cities and counties across the country growing by the week; investment capital flooding out of the U.S. and New York to London – the new financial capital of the world;   the devaluation of the U.S. dollar; the destruction of worldwide U.S. credit-worthiness; a certainty of coming inflation;  a high probability of hyper-inflation; and a level of Federal government corruption on a scale never before seen in world economic history.  We are experiencing Federal government corruption so vast, it is pathetically regarded as common place and unremarkable.

“Loans for small business”. You really have to tattoo the word “stupid” on your forehead just to listen to this drivel.  Small business doesn’t need loans.  Small business needs customers. This idiot’s Administration is drowning small business in a tsunami of new “small”  hidden taxes;  is suffocating small business beneath a mountain of corrupt, near-sighted regulation, all with his left hand and then offers loans with his right hand and claims he’s offering an economic solution.  Either this megalomaniac is simply too dumb to lead;  or insane;  or he is intentionally leading his Administration down a path focused on destroying American middle class entrepreneurship.  It’s obvious that he is more malleable than bright;  I’ll give you mentally unstable;  but intentionally destructive – no question about that.  It is simply not possible or probable that our President, Vice President, 100 Senate Members and 435 Members of the House are this economically vacuous.  The crushing of our middle class, which I remind you is the financial backbone of America is completely intentional.  It is by design.

It is not accidental that our current White House Resident, a troubled and indoctrinated Marxist from a young age is surrounded by a destructive, hateful gaggle of self professed Mao loving communists.  (No disrespect intended to geese.)  I also remind you that without an economically viable, revenue generating, American middle class; there is no possible way to continue funding a defensive U.S. military capability in a world that is at best, not very friendly, nor stable.  You may want to ponder this because it’s important.  It is an obvious undermining, possibly treasonous strategy, not a coincidence.

Let me give you an example.  I’ll use my own now defunct, fifteen year old civil engineering consulting firm, which my wife and I dissolved in May of 2010 for lack of business.  I’m now a professional, 59-years young, over-the-road (OTR) truck driver for what it’s worth.  If you’ve never owned your own business, this may illustrate the fallacy of taxing those earning more than $250,000, but never touching the sacrosanct uber rich trusts and foundations.  You should realize beforehand, that the purpose of Obamanomics is not to “share the wealth” as is frequently opined.  The purpose is for the international financial elite, the “oligarchy” to “control the wealth”.  The American middle class entrepreneur is notoriously independent and difficult to control, thereby rendering them unsuitable candidates for One World Governance.  It is Obama’s assigned, oligarchical task to bring this independent middle class to its knees as preparation for admittance to World Globalization – but that’s another conversation – I’m just saying it, so you know the context he appears to operate within and who he actually works for – because it sure ain’t “we the people”.

Many, if not most small businesses are “limited liability corporations (LLC’s) or partnerships.  Some are “sole proprietorships”.  In all three cases company income passes through to the owner’s personal income tax.  My own corporation was a standard “C” corp, but my wife’s bookkeeping firm is an LLC.  My “C” corp functioned much the same way for tax purposes as any LLC, since any retained corporate profit is taxed at the corporate rate of 37%.  This behooved me to pass any profits through to myself or subject this income to double taxation.

If, as at one point, my firm had five employees;  the firm would have to generate a bare bones minimum monthly revenue of $6,000 per employee per month just to keep the door open.  At this revenue level rent, utilities, cleaning, phones, errors and omissions insurance, liability insurance, office supplies, furniture, computers, plotters, printers, software, copiers, vehicles, travel, employee payroll and other office expenses could be covered.  Note that this level of revenue could not cover employee health insurance benefits, matching retirement accounts nor any salary at all for my wife and I.  Yet this revenue, under Obamanomics must be more highly taxed as it grosses 5 employees x $6k/month x 12 months = $360,000 per year, which is $110,000 above Obama’s arbitrary $250,000.

In other words, even though my wife and I could derive no income whatever for our own 70-hour work weeks at the $360,000 per year level;  Obama says our taxes must be increased because we are supposedly wealthy.  How could we pay this tax?  For my wife and I to earn $36,000 per year between us, which is $18,000 below the average U.S. worker salary (for two) and $72,000 below the average Federal worker salary (for two);  our employees would have to bring in an average of $9,000 per employee per month.  This would put our small business at the $540,000 annual income level.  In order for our small business to provide our employees with health insurance, retirement benefits and provide ourselves with a joint salary of $1,000 per week as the business owners, the annual revenue would have to be maintained at a minimum of $13,000 per month per employee;  or $780,000 annually;  a truly obscene amount requiring punishment under Obamanomic theory.

These numbers are a bit gruesome when you realize that the realistic upper end of civil engineering employee productivity is about $10,000 per month per employee.  Most firms cannot achieve this, though a few exceed it and ours was able to meet it.  The end result is that for my wife and I to get a raise from $36k to $50k annually – we had to hire more employees.  This means more office space, more furniture, more  computers, more licensed software, etc.  Capitalizing and expanding the business, which is already not quite break-even is extremely risky and difficult in a situation like this.  The capital can only come from my wife and I taking less salary, working far more than 70-hours per week or from a loan.  If we borrow to hire more employees we then add the additional overhead burden of debt service on top of everything else.

If you were in the above business environment while simultaneously facing higher taxes and more draconian regulation – would you feel comfortable borrowing money to expand your business?  Only a fool like Obama would purport to do this.  This is why businesses that are profitable in today’s marketplace are sitting on their retained earnings and not reinvesting.  In a business environment being heavily micro-managed by a corrupt Congress for benefit of special interests the risk/reward ratio for investment doesn’t even come close to 50/50.  A small business owner may as well flush his or her money down the toilet – it’s much less trouble than trying to grow against the impossible uphill odds that Washington D.C. is busy creating.

My point in boring you with all this is simply to point out a real world small business example that I am personally familiar with along with its relationship to White House and Congressional policy.  Obamanomics cannot grow an economy. Obamanomics coupled with so-called health care, finance and immigration reform along with soon to be upcoming environmental regulation (replacing crap and tax since it can’t pass Congress) and out-of-control Federal spending is guaranteed to collapse our U.S. economy and bring the American middle class painfully to its bloody knees.

None of this is an accident and it certainly isn’t because Barack Hussein Obama and his corrupt Congress “don’t get it”.  They get it it perfectly.  This is not a liberal academic exercise.  This is our lives.  If “we the people” fail to wake up from our political coma soon – we’ll be getting it perfectly as well.  Please vote knowledgeably so we can fix this mess.  I would like my children to be free.  I hope you do as well.  Voting knowledgeably can still fix this so vote happily.

For those who wish to dig deeper I’ll explain what I mean by “intentionally destroy the American middle class”.  I don’t mean this figuratively or facetiously.  I mean it literally. We’ve all heard the term Globalism or One World Government or more often now “governance”.  We are led to believe by the lobotomized journalism majors in today’s media that this is nothing more than a different way to manage world affairs through working more cooperatively together; an academic exercise really.   This thinking is just a sales pitch similar to that of socialism being a system to “share the wealth”.  Socialism has always been intended by its inventors, the oligarchy, to stop short of the promised communist goal of a government free utopia.  It is intended to stop at full centralized government control thereby enabling the oligarchy to easily control it and us by controlling only the top of the power pyramid.  Using socialism, which the oligarchy, not Karl Marx or Frederich Engels, invented to establish manipulated, centralized governments throughout the world, facilitates control of all people and all wealth throughout the planet simply by controlling the political leaders, that is, the anointed ruling class of each nation.  This is why the oligarchy now uses the term governance in place of One World Government, which they realize will never happen.

The oligarchy I refer to is the interconnected, intermarried, international financial elite with family names such as Rockefeller, Morgan, Harriman, Loeb, Rothschild, Warburg, etc.  This group of families under the leadership of Mayer Amshel Bauer, later changed to Rothschild, began planning in 1773 to take over and control  all wealth and all people in the world by eliminating free market competition and returning the world to feudal serfdom.  They basically use central banking to control the ruling class, which indirectly gives all control to themselves as no member of the ruling class can survive without the oligarchy’s blessing and money.  This is the reason the RNC and DNC are non-functional as far as “we the people” are concerned.  The RNC and the DNC owe their existence to the oligarchy – not you or I.  We have foolishly and incrementally given up our “consent” of the governed and now have no elected representation whatever.  We stand alone, but together.

The end result hoped for by the oligarchy is a worldwide return to the feudalism of the Dark Ages where there are only three classes of people.  The financial elite or oligarchy, their ruling class pawns and their slaves.  Guess who the slaves are.  Dishonest criminals like Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Bush family, Al Gore, Barack and Michelle Obama, etc. are the anointed eunuch ruling class who are and have been busily selling our freedom down the drain for self gain.  Some might call it treason.

The upstart American middle class, which still insists on freedom, delusional or not;  is a serious roadblock to Globalized serfdom and the oligarchy wants it wiped out.  That, I believe is Barack Obama’s day job.  You may disagree, but I doubt anyone can produce evidence of Obama’s beliefs or actions contradictory to this task.  His night job is, of course, golfing and vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard courtesy of one of the oligarchy’s “$50,000/week beach cottages”;  this one named Blue Heron Farm.  Supposedly Mr. Obama is paying the cottage rent out of his own pocket.  I suppose the same way he purchased  an upscale Hyde Park home on an Illinois Senate salary.  I call it oligarchy magic;  and it only costs the pawn his soul.

{Posted July 21, 2010.}

The United States of America was founded on the basis of “equal rights”, not earned or granted, but inherent by virtue of Creation.  Individual liberty and the freedom to choose under the Rule of Law constitute Her very soul.  Her soul is the basis of our governmentally recognized and enumerated freedom.  When that soul vanishes;  our freedom vanishes with it.  It would appear that America’s soul has been placed squarely upon the auction block of international slavery and is about to vanish from sight behind the immense walls of the insanely voracious oligarchic plantation.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

Today’s U.S. Executive Branch of government, symbolized by “the people’s” White House as home to our elected President does not believe nor accept the basic spiritual concept of “equal rights” underlying the foundational principle of “equal justice” as enumerated by our Constitution.  EQUAL JUSTICE establishes our RULE OF LAW.  Our Executive Branch has steadily replaced this most basic premise of human dignity with the tawdry fallacy of “social justice” deceitfully offered to a voting population they hope has been thoroughly de-educated, re-educated and devolved into an indoctrinated, dumbed down, collectivized mass of complacent serfs.  This “bloodless coup” began in earnest with the sale to voters by the world’s financial oligarchy of ignorant pawn, Woodrow Wilson.  It finally comes to fruition today under the carefully nurtured pawn-ship of Barack Hussein Obama.  Herbert Marcuse wrote in the first chapter of One-Dimensional Man:

“Under the rule of a repressive whole, liberty can be made into a powerful instrument of domination. The range of choice open to the individual is not the decisive factor in determining the degree of human freedom, but what can be chosen and what is chosen by the individual. The criterion for free choice can never be an absolute one, but neither is it entirely relative. Free election of masters does not abolish the masters or the slaves. Free choice among a wide variety of goods and services does not signify freedom if these goods and services sustain social controls over a life of toil and fear – that is, if they sustain alienation. And the spontaneous reproduction of superimposed needs by the individual does not establish autonomy; it only testifies to the efficacy of the controls.”

Please read the above paragraph carefully. Now please read the above paragraph again – only more slowly and more carefully.  The concept  contained in the above paragraph has led to a Progressive political strategy, which is devouring our freedom and we don’t even realize it.  We do not freely choose our elected representatives.  We freely select from a narrow, prepared menu created for us by the RNC and DNC as developed with select ingredients provided and weighted by the world’s financial oligarchy.  We freely elect only from a limited list of candidates sold to us by an indoctrinated, dysfunctional media.  Note the poignant statement made by Marcuse above:  “free election of masters does not abolish the masters or the slaves”. I submit to you;  we are freely becoming slaves  by our own choice.

This is the reason nothing ever gets better for “we the people” in Washington D.C.  The supposed representatives we vote for on both sides of the aisle have been carefully selected and nurtured to be two sides of the same coin.  They are nurtured by wealth, financial power and corrupt influence;  not by integrity or honor.  Almost to a man, or woman, they certainly and obviously do not represent “we the people”.  Those few who do honestly represent “we the people” are virtually powerless and are relentlessly demonized by the Progressive media.

In 1934 Herbert Marcuse,sometimes reverently referred to as “Father of the New Left”, a devout Marxist, immigrated to the U.S. and later after working within OWI and OSS, precursor to today’s CIA, burrowed deeply into Columbia, Harvard and Brandeis Universities.  He ended his destructive propaganda career as a pipe smoking academic legend of sorts at University of California, San Diego. It’s common knowledge today  that American education has flat lined.  Conned into wasting countless billions in new Progressive de-educational spending our children continue to fall behind their peers throughout the world in basic reading, writing, math and science – not to mention history.  Why?  Simply put – to render us more ignorantly complacent and immanently more desirous of becoming feudal serfs.

Marcuse played an instrumental role in destroying American education and in the development of carefully show cased, frontal issues divisive generally to western society and specifically to capitalism and individual freedom.   Marcuse and friends worked diligently, obsessively and effectively to prepare American culture for its incremental downfall.  I gather most outside liberal academia have never heard of Herbert Marcuse.  This is a powerful testament to his success.  Marcuse was the devious mind behind many, if not most, of today’s popular issues;  those issues over which we are most likely to distract ourselves, virulently disagree or even better – over which we can actually hate each other.

The demented Marcuse was a genius at devising social issues, which could easily be perverted into tools for the promotion of societal chaos, collectivized pseudo-cures, the destruction of economic freedom and of course the death of individual liberty.  His rhetorical skill has played a pivotal role in the birth and cancerous growth of such favorites as:  promotion of drug use, feminism, gay rights, the haves and have nots or as we know it “class warfare”, social justice as opposed to equal justice, racism and of course the “green” movement.  All of these movements, under the guise of achieving social justice for one class;  are intended to destroy all classes through divisive chaos leading to the eventual “State” solution and promised utopia.  Of all these movements, the most powerful, most deceitful and most threatening to individual liberty is environmentalism.

Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring (1962) endowed her as “Mother” of the environmental movement.  I maintain that Herbert Marcuse, who argued that “authentic ecology flows into a militant struggle for a socialist politics which must attack the system at its roots, both in the process of production and in the mutilated consciousness of individuals” must then be the “Father” of this insidious hoax.  The environmental movement, wonderful on its face, has been cruelly hi-jacked by communists as the single most powerful weapon in the arsenal of “collectivist control”.  Communism itself, of course, is the single most powerful weapon of the international financial oligarchy in establishing easily controlled “central governments” throughout the world for the convenient purpose of establishing total control via “One World Governance”.

Our First Lady’s nice little garden and her feigned caring about “fat kids” along with their dog they never had and her husband’s deep, pandering caring about virtually everything under the sun is just a cheap, but effective sales job leading “we the people” to believe we have once again freely and correctly chosen valid representatives who serve diligently in our best interest.  Political correctness wraps the selected candidate within a protective cloak of ignorance and cowardice.  The reality is that just as George W. Bush used patriotic language, but acted otherwise on behalf of his true masters; Obama pretends to care deeply about the victims he organized, but actually just used for their uninformed votes to achieve the ends of his true masters.  Bush and Obama as all Presidents since Woodrow Wilson have the same masters.  They are phony leadership prostitutes, none really any worse than the others.  They cannot be trusted to act in our best interest.

Our White House and Congress have treasonously labored for decades, with embarrassingly few courageous dissenters to sell America’s soul in exchange for the largess of their international masters.  The question is “Will we, the governed continue to blindly grant our consent to the sale?”

{Posted Wednesday, July 14}

Tony Blankley wrote an excellent piece on July 14th entitled “Lincoln or Kagan”.  His comparative analysis includes two important and telling quotes  stated by Ms. Elana Kagan on June 30th at her Senate confirmation hearing:

Elena Kagan: “To be honest with you, I don’t have a view of what are natural rights independent of the Constitution, and my job as a justice will be to enforce and defend the Constitution and the laws of the United States.”

Elena Kagan, June 30, 2010, in Senate testimony: “… I’m not saying I do not believe that there are rights pre-existent (to) the Constitution and the laws. But my job as a justice is to enforce the Constitution and the laws. You should not want me to act in any way on the basis of such a belief (in an inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) if I had one (said on being asked if she disagreed with the Declaration of Independence’s enunciation of inalienable rights).”

The President of the United States takes a solemn oath per Article 2, Section 1 of our U.S. Constitution when sworn in to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.  The Presidential oath required to be recited by each and every President of the United States is:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

All U.S. Senators take a solemn oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.  The Senatorial oath is not prescribed within the Constitution but has been required in various forms by the Senate since 1789.  The current oath established in the 1860’s and given by every U.S. Senator prior to being seated states:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

According to Title 28, Chapter I, Part 453 of the United States Code, each Supreme Court Justice takes the following oath:

    “I, [NAME], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me as [TITLE] under the Constitution and laws of the United States. So help me God.”

The two statements quoted above as publicly made by Elana Kagan during her Senate hearing clearly disqualify her for eligibility or consideration for appointment as a Justice of The Supreme Court.  The entire basis, the solid foundation for our U.S. Constitution and our Rule of Law is the recognition of our unalienable rights  given to us by virtue of our creation as is clearly stated in the second paragraph of our Declaration of Independence.  The second paragraph opens with:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

The Constitution of the United States does not grant rights to the governed.  Our Constitution simply recognizes and enumerates those unalienable rights and establishes a government for the purpose of securing those rights for the people.  The oaths of office taken by every President of the United States;  every U.S. Senator and every Justice of our Supreme Court requires adherence to our Rule of Law as given by our Constitution.

Any President, all U.S.  Senators and all Justices of our Supreme Court are bound by their solemn oaths of office to uphold our Constitution.  Failure to comprehend or be willing to acknowledge the source and foundation of our Rule of Law, that is, our unalienable rights endowed by our Creator and as recognized and secured by that Constitution establishes absolute ineligibility to honestly and in good faith take the oath of office or to hold any office requiring such an oath.  Ms. Kagan’s statements given at her Senate confirmation hearing demonstrate that she either does not understand the basis for our Constitution or she refuses to acknowledge that basis. In either case she will voluntarily, knowingly and willingly commit perjury in taking an oath she does not comprehend or cannot believe in.

For Elana Kagan to take an oath and be sworn in as a Justice of our Supreme Court is to make a mockery of the Court itself and calls into question the very basis and purpose of the Court.  If the nine black robed Justices sitting on this sacred bench do not understand or cannot believe in and uphold our unalienable rights as a free people, then there is simply no good purpose for the Court to exist.  The Court then morphs into a dangerous hammer and sickle cutting down and destroying the unalienable rights and Rule of Law it has sworn to protect.  Elana Kagan is not fit to sit on “the people’s” Supreme Court bench.  Ms. Kagan’s own words demonstrate her inability to adjudicate “equal” justice under our U.S. Rule of Law.

The President of the United States is in violation of his oath of office should he at this point, following Ms. Kagan’s public statements before the Senate, fail to retract his nomination of Elana Kagan.  Any U.S. Senator who votes to approve Elana Kagan’s nomination to the Supreme Court is in violation of his or her oath of office.  Elana Kagan will be in violation of her own oath of office simply by taking the oath based on principles she cannot or will not accept.

If Elana Kagan can be or is appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States her appointment denies the very existence of the United States as a free Constitutional Republic and demonstrates the abject failure of our President, Our U.S. Senate and the Supreme Court itself.  If we elect leaders who refuse to be vigilant with regard to protecting our unalienable right to liberty, then we as governed citizens have given up our own right to be free.  The appointment of Elana Kagan will be a painful travesty of justice and a knife in the back of individual freedom.

Jan Brewer, governor of Arizona and Arizonans in general are being painted by “the people’s” White House and the U.S. Department of Justice, which apparently is quite racist in its own right, as a racist, Hispanic hating, wanna be police State.  If you’ve been arrested in Arizona lately, or if you’ve seen someone else arrested in Arizona lately;  or if you have driven by Arizona with your eyes open lately;  you’ll have noticed that at least one third of our Arizona police and sheriff’s employees are Hispanic.  Arizonans know, are proud of and love our Southwest heritage, a significant portion of which would not even exist without our Hispanic families, friends and neighbors.

Does Barack Obama, sequestered in front of his many White House teleprompters actually believe that our Hispanic police and sheriffs are out on the Arizona streets and highways profiling themselves?  Is Eric Holder irrational enough to believe something this ignorant?  Is our press corps this ignorant and this easily manipulated?  Obviously, for both this small minded White House and Congress, ideology trumps everything, regardless the painful cost to both legal citizens and illegals who wish to become legal, both of which are being used as pawns to their own disadvantage…and for what?

Jan Brewer is accused by the lame stream media of politicizing Arizona’s S.B. 1070.  Really?  Wasn’t it Obama and Holder who immediately and blindly, publicly attacked and ridiculed Arizonans for S.B. 1070 long before publicly having to come clean that they hadn’t even bothered to read the bill?   And the media accuse Jan Brewer of playing politics?

Conservative Republicans have their own dishonest reasons for making believe they support southern border security and for paying lip service to not wanting “comprehensive” immigration reform.  Progressive Democrats have their dishonest reasons for taking the opposite stance.  One thing the voters should realize, however, is how the dialectic actually works, or actually why it doesn’t work.  Republicans will not discuss comprehensive immigration reform without ostensibly securing the southern border first.  They know the people want this and are willing to secure the border and then sell out at the end.

The Democrats on the other hand, desperately need the illegal Hispanic vote, which they will purchase with tax dollars confiscated from the complacent middle class they are attempting to dis-enfranchise.  Democrats wish to push their collectivist, government patronage voter block to 60% of the U.S. population at which point it will basically be insurmountable.  Blanket amnesty will allow them to more easily get the attention of and to lie to the new 20 or 30 million or so Hispanic voters the same way they’ve lied to blacks, gays, feminists and others.  The lame stream media are complicit in misrepresenting the true number of new (illegal) Hispanic votes involved, because if the average American voter understood the real illegal numbers they would immediately understand the ploy.  Similar to the Bush White House before him, Barack Obama and his White House are the pied pipers for this comprehensive maneuver, which will deceptively and effectively deprive the American middle class of any meaningful vote.  Democrats, led by Obama will not discuss securing the border because they have no intention of ever securing the border.  Obviously, if Communist Democrats foolishly agree to deal with border security first;  then they’ll be stuck actually dealing with it, which they have no intention of ever doing;  therefore it’s amnesty first or nothing.

The Communist Democrat strategy is to hold border security hostage to an agreement on comprehensive immigration reform, which is amnesty, of course; which once obtained will immediately end any future conversation or debate about securing the border.  The Democrat Communist strategy is a bold lie sold to the unwary public as fairness, but actually intended to entrap equally unwary Hispanics within the snare they have already entrapped the non-vigilant American middle class.  You know – the middle class that actually built this incredible country and made its experiment in freedom possible;  the experiment now drawing near its expiration date if our White House can sell its socialist wares.  The euphemism, “comprehensive immigration reform” is the hammer that will kill our 230-year old Constitutional Republic and the individual liberty and opportunity it has engendered;  not only for current citizens, but for our gullible new Hispanic citizens as well as they are used by Democrat Communists to unwittingly slaughter the very freedom they are falsely being offered.  Our immigrants deserve better than this and so do the rest of our citizens.

As a practical matter, politically speaking, blacks and whites together should have sense enough to vote together and support each other, just as they did during the Revolutionary War of 1776.  This history has been erased by Progressive text book publishers, but it’s a fact.  Our joint failure to see this and do this will result in the captivity of both as their voting rights are swamped by a sea of new Communist converts added to the patronage vote for collectivism by Democrat misrepresentation of fact.  Blacks were largely dependent on whites to obtain freedom for both in 1776.  Today, whites are dependent on blacks to maintain and protect that same 230-year old freedom, not on the battlefield with blood, but in their voting booths that previous blood purchased at great cost.  How’s that for a racist viewpoint?  In today’s national elections 5% can be an ample margin for victory.  All else aside, 20 million new collectivist voters is more than 6% of our 308 million U.S. population.  Given that only 50 – 60% or so of us actually vote, 20 million is more than 12% of all votes.  Can you see the political significance of why our 12.8% black population vote (6.4% if you take 1/2) must marry the white vote if both wish to remain free within their own Republic that their ancestors jointly suffered and died for?

Taking a step back and looking at a somewhat larger picture places our White House in a more colorful, but less obvious context.

The RNC desires that no steps be taken to secure U.S. borders because any steps at all might add to the American nationalistic tendency toward sovereignty, thereby strengthening the psychological barrier against formation of the North American Union (NAU).  The international financial oligarchy holding the RNC purse strings and the mass media brain, small though it may be,  firmly within its persuasive grasp does not want this.  One proof lies within the “do nothing” Bush border policy juxtaposed against its “protect America at any cost” policy.  The two together demonstrate a severe case of Federal governance schizophrenia suggesting more that one cook in the kitchen.  Since you and I as common citizens are no longer allowed in the kitchen to confirm the “consent of the governed”;  we must ask “who then is the head chef”?  The obvious cliche answer is “follow the money”.  The back track money trail leads directly to prominent, though quietly interlocked, international financial monopolies in manufacturing, arms, energy, banking, publishing, foundations, think tanks, education, etc., that is, the world’s financial oligarchy – our wanna be aristocracy.

The DNC side of the same coin also desires that no steps be taken to secure U.S. borders because any steps at all  might add to the American nationalistic tendency toward sovereignty, thereby strengthening the psychological barrier against the formation of the North American Union (NAU).  Sound familiar?  The same international financial oligarchy holding the RNC purse strings also hold the DNC purse strings and they are against American / Mexican / Canadian sovereignty.  To make matters worse, the single largest lever this international oligarchy has to enhance its power is centralized government with all control in the hands of its chosen despot or as in America, their ignorantly elected puppet Presidents.  Control the money;  control the despots;  control the countries.  A simple and effective formula, circa 1773.  You do the math.  Is your savings account growing?

The United States of America, or more specifically the “middle class” of the United States of America and its inconvenient Constitutional Republic are the single largest obstacles remaining to One World Governance, or Globalization as the oligarchical membership like to euphemistically call it.  The simple fact is that to bring about One World Governance, that is, world wide feudalism under the domination of a tiny elite group of families – the new aristocracy you might say;  American middle class independence must be destroyed.   The tool of historical choice used to bring down other independent peoples around the world has been socialism.  It still is the hammer and sickle of choice, whether by force or by ignorant, cleverly conditioned, societal complacence.

The DNC leadership, which is now a powerful arm of the oligarchy’s “central command and control vehicle”,the Communist Party, understands clearly that the quickest path of least resistance to “one party” centralized control of U.S. government is to construct a patronage voter block, so large and so dependent, that it cannot be overcome by any such feeble resistance, such as The Tea Party movement.  The DNC has invested years building up the persuasive appeal of ignorant poverty pimps such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Barack Obama to guarantee the inner city ‘dependency” vote for Democrat Communists.  This has been so successful that today’s inner city population is a virtual slave kingdom for Democrat Communist use.

In the same manner, Democrat Communists have slavishly deceived academics, feminists, gays, artists and journalists to the extent that well intentioned citizens such as Rosie O’Donnell now publicly demand such things as the Communist (Federal government) take-over of BP as the solution to the Gulf Oil problem.  This, in spite of the fact that unrepresentative government failure is fully complicit in creating the problem in the first place and secondly, Communist governments are notoriously unwilling to waste any money at all on the environment, other than to use it as a political tool to further their collectivist agenda.  For poor Rosie to suggest that anything Communist might pose an environmental solution, suggests a shocking ignorance, not only of history, but of world current events as well.  Unfortunately for America’s future as a free independent nation, ignorant Rosies are becoming the norm.

Barack Hussein Obama is an oligarchian myth, decades in the making;  a Manchurian card board cut out having a speaker for a mouth, which parrots teleprompter scrolled ideological sound bites written by his controllers, with which to condition his audience to accept the eloquent collectivist delusion.  Obama is unfortunately, the most bought and paid for Presidential candidate we as a people have fallen for since the robotic Jimmy Carter was spawned by the oligarchy’s Trilateral Commission.  Carter cost the world dearly, but his traitorous conduct pales when compared to what Obama has apparently been called upon to do.  “We ain’t seen bad;  but it’s comin” says Truman Gates,  our enigmatic, soft spoken, Appalachian hero, in Michael Jenning’s,  1989, Next of Kin.  I’m afraid that Truman was prophetic in his filmatic observation.

The bad news is that Barack Hussein Obama appears to be the world oligarchy’s puppet, programed to destroy the American middle class and its last vestige of freedom.  The good news is, the oligarchy screwed up (pardon the phrase).  In their impatience, highly unusual it would seem, they have underestimated the average American’s hard wired need for independence.  They moved too soon with their trained puppet Obama and his indoctrinated Congress and now they have accidentally garnered the attention of “the little people”.  The only way the oligarchy’s greed inspired world plan works, is for the little people to continually and ignorantly say YES to collectivist policies.  Unfortunately, for the oligarchy, the little people, the governed are waking up;  and they’re beginning to say NO.

I for one, hope that middle class NAP TIME is permanently over and that NO becomes commonplace and populist;  a perfect counterweight to balance Obama’s destructive sound bites of  “transformation and change”.

Before discussing the value of whiny leadership, just a bit of back story:  You may recall that in the good old days of One World Bush 43, conservative rhetoric was effusively served up, but on the more dismal and rather quiet side a few nasties were going on.  The Patriot Act sounded comforting, but had some questionable liberty whammers in it and around it.  For example, the writ of habeas corpus was basically suspended by the Military Commissions Act of 2006, which One World Bush 43 quietly signed into law on October 17, 2006.  Habeas corpus is, or was I guess, basically a procedural remedy protecting citizens from being unjustly detained and incarcerated, without legal cause by the State.  Personally, I thought it was nice, even pleasantly quaint that my government couldn’t arrest and torture me without a reason, but then, I’m admittedly old school.

Another doozy was the sneaky end run around the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act.  This act prohibited U.S. military (or perhaps more importantly, State / National Guard troops placed under Federal authority) from attacking or being used as law enforcement within U.S. borders against U.S. citizens.  On October 17, 2006, One World Bush 43 signed into law the John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007 (H.R. 5122).  This new Bush Administration law amounts to a de-facto repeal of The Posse Comitatus Act.

Under Congress’s new MCA,  the Military Commission Act of 2006 (H.R. 6166) mentioned above, thousands of  U.S. troops are now authorized and being trained to attack legal U.S. citizens, should they step out of line.  This nonsense falls under the auspices of “emergency protection”.   Interestingly, our trusty Supreme Court, always on liberty watch, found in Boumediene vs. Bush that Guantanamo Bay terrorist detainees have the right to habeas corpus, but neglected to include you and I as American citizens in the ruling.  Isn’t that sweet?  Gotta love those cute little activist judges who couldn’t recognize our Constitution if it fell on their heads.  The resident whiner of our Whine House by the way appoints these freedom cursing morons.  We should think carefully  about that when we vote.  Ron White went out of his way to helpfully and eloquently explain that “Stupid can’t be fixed.  Stupid is forever.”  So are Supreme Court justices so pick your temporary White House resident carefully.

More recently, on January 22, 2009, just two days after the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama into “the people’s”  House, our House of Representatives passed H.R. 645, the National Emergency Centers Establishment Act, which initially appropriated $185 million dollars for the construction of so-called FEMA Camps.  Since then additional monies have been funded and Halliburton subsidiary, Kellog, Brown and Root have been awarded a $385 million contract to construct these camps.  Photos taken of these camps, the unconfirmed number of which is currently 47, frequently show double row security perimeter fencing with concertina wire and guard towers, just as we see in prisons.  Maybe it’s just me, but these photos don’t seem to depict fortification for protection against wind and flood.  Interestingly, this legislation was proposed by Democrat Congressman Alcee L. Hastings of Florida’s 23rd Congressional District.  Mr. Hasting’s apparent attraction to Florida voters happens to be that Mr. Hastings is only the sixth Federal judge (he served on the bench for ten years) to be impeached and removed from office in American history.  The charges against him included corruption and perjury; apparently  both big selling points to voters.

One final, ancient history back story curio is REX-84 Bravo.  Rex-84 is the acronym for Readiness Exercise 1984, which was a Federal government plan testing Federal ability to detain and incarcerate large numbers of U.S. citizens in the event of “civil unrest” or “national emergency”.  Curiously, supposed conservative, Marine Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North worked on this project in conjunction with FEMA, who together drafted a contingency plan providing for the suspension of our U.S. Constitution, the imposing of martial law, the appointment of military commanders to lead State and Local governments and to detain dissidents and/or Central American refugees in the event of national crisis.  REX-84 has driven “conspiracy theorists” nearly crazy with worry.  I don’t want to be crazy too, but when you look at what the Bush 43 Administration did in ’06 and ’07 along with what Obama did in ’09 and you connect the dots back to 1984;  well it makes you wonder what the Hades is going on here, doesn’t it?  Just who is it our government is working for, because it sure isn’t “we the people”.

In short, One World Bush 43, trusted conservative lip syncher, pretty much toasted our Constitution’s Bill of Rights on October 17, 2006.  The Obama Administration then quickly and quietly funded the apparently related “Change You Can Believe In” detention centers on January 22, 2009.  Somehow our brilliantly propagandized Columbia School of Journalism press corps didn’t notice anything amiss.  I suppose they were tied to the bedposts with more important things, like what Washington dignitary is sleeping with who or what Congressman is playing footsy in a smelly rest room stall;  or more likely they were off attending an important Council On Foreign Relations brain deletion session.  For those who haven’t heard, this is a popular CFR, non-invasive lobotomy procedure developed by the Tavistock Institute.  It’s analogous to beautiful people having cosmetic surgery done by the cheapest surgeon available behind the Super K-Mart store loading dock.  One wonders why people do this?

Anyway, enough with back story and on with whining as a White House leadership methodology.  My whole point, which I will prematurely, that means now, reveal is that the ostensible DNC / RNC battle for “the people’s” White House is beginning to look like a cheap entertainment farce.  The reality seems to be that DNC = RNC = someone’s benefit, but clearly not “we the people’s” benefit.  The DNC folks move us left or to more centralized totalitarian government and the RNC folks talk against it, but just place hold for more DNC leftward shoving down the road.  There is no balance of power.  There is no visible two party system remaining except in name.  There is certainly no visible sign of honorable or even constructive leadership.  Now why would I make what I’m sure Janet Napolitano, our highly functional Homeland Security Secretary, who recently assisted in bankrupting Arizona before failing upward, would consider a potentially dangerous extremist claim?  I mean if our Constitution is dangerous;  if Christianity is dangerous;  if wanting babies to live is dangerous;  then surely I’m approaching hot water here, but let’s live dangerously and take a look, shall we.  It may be worth risking Janet’s patriot challenged wrath.

The recently developed Whine Strategy apparently works something like this. The new DNC White House squatter whines and complains bitterly about something, anything really, pathetically blaming his RNC predecessor for the terrible problems he inherited so no one, or the press at least, don’t notice that he’s doing exactly the same thing he complained about for two solid years of campaigning to reside in “the people’s” House.  Let’s do some fun examples.

One World 43 left us, after 8-years of conservative lip service with an incredible deficit of just under $500 billion and a Federal public debt of $6.3 trillion ($56,000 per household).   Obama campaigned valiantly against this profligate spending by the RNC shill and “promised” to lead us back to fiscal responsibility.  The valiant fiscal conservative Obama and his strident DNC Congress have whined petulantly on a daily basis (you can hardly get them off your TV) and have taken us to a new fiscal austerity level of $8.2 trillion (about $72,000 per household) in just 18-months;  a new world austerity record.  CBO estimates, but the elite press corps hasn’t caught up yet, that DNC’s Obamanomics will lead us to an overall, fiscally responsible, Federal public debt of $20.3 trillion (about $170,000 per household) by just 2020.  Now you have to admit that Obama leading our debt to 90% of GDP versus that pansy Bush debt of only 40% of GDP, certainly jives with O’s campaign promise – or does it – did the Washington press corps ever say?  The point is the Whine Strategy works effectively to deflect our gaze, but seems much less effective, fails actually, with regard to healthy fiscal policy, which now seems to have crossed the border to completely and unsustainably insane.  I just have to ask, “Is this intentional?  If so, why?”  Follow the money I guess, as usual and see where the whining leads.

One World Bush 43 left us with Guantanamo Bay.  The DNC’s professional teleprompter reader, Obama, courageously pointed out the horrors of this terrorist detention facility for two solid years and all but accused the RNC shill of war crimes.  Obama’s reading had poor Cindy Lee Miller Sheehan nearly crazy with the injustice.  18-months later we no longer even speak of closing Guantanamo Bay.  Whine with the left hand;  carry on whatever with the right hand;  no one will notice or at least the Columbia grads can be counted on not to mention it.  Leadership?  No!  Subterfuge of some sort?  Perhaps?

One World Bush 43 led us off to Afghanistan and Iraq to secure our freedom.  I’m glad we’re still free and profusely thank W. for his foresight and courage, but the main thing I’ve noticed is that the freedom of Afghan poppy cultivation is up from 6,500 hectares in 2001 to 175,000 hectares today.  This has been a terrific and welcome surge in the volume of money laundering business for international banks, but I’m sure that has nothing to do with any White House policy decisions.  I mean, international financiers aren’t allowed in “the people’s” House any more than international arms sellers are; are they?  Anyway, the world’s greatest teleprompter reader, now in “the people’s’ House, castigated W. and ebulliently excoriated Dick Cheney for two long years.  O promised the nearly unstable Cindy that he would get us out of this nasty war, like right now – no matter what.  Cindy was nearly breathless with anticipation along with the impressed gaggle of Columbia journalism grads following her aimless wanderings around the incredibly “green” Bush Ranch in Crawford, Texas.  18-months later O has whined incessantly, made endless whiny speeches, has whinely apologized for American indolence to everyone on the planet many times, has bowed to any Muslim potentate who would hold still long enough, but none-the-less recently re-hired Bush’s Numero Uno General;  expanded the Afghan War, although not enough to actually win;  and has aggressively extended the Overseas Contingency Operation into the rugged mountains of Pakistan, which may well be the world’s single most unstable country having nuclear weapons and also happens to have  a Muslim population of 140,000,000, many of whom wish to see the return of the Caliphate and the world domination of Islam.  Whine with the left hand;  close your eyes tight;  and do whatever somebody we can’t see is telling you to do with your right hand…and don’t worry about the press corps – they never say anything. Just lead, lead, lead;  but to where?  …and why?  …for whom?

W. had his Katrina.  W. was unfairly blamed for everything.  Never mind that he contacted Louisiana’s Democrat Governor four days before the storm hit and requested permission to prepare ahead of time;  never mind that the Democrat Governor refused to grant permission.  Forget that the Democrat Mayor of New Orleans sat on his brain waiting for a leader to lead.  Forget that FEMA, just as most Federal agencies are, is populated with over-paid, liberal Democrat bureaucrats who would rather get Swine Flu than do a good job for a conservative, even a make-believe one.  It was all Bush’s fault.  Now, unfortunately for the Gulf and our country, maybe for the world, Obama has his whiny oil spill.  He has amply demonstrated, actually over-compensated in showing that even under brilliant Democrat leadership, Washington couldn’t manage its way out of a wet paper sack.  The Gulf is literally dying and the DNC’s big O whines that he can’t suck it up with a straw.  Now that there is leadership, I don’t care who you are;  but leadership to what?   Failure?  We can’t do it?  It’s just too big to understand?  The efficiently applied whiny WH proposed solution to the Gulf Oil Spill is blame Bush;  raise taxes;  restrict freedom through environmental regulation;  transfer Middle Class wealth to people we don’t even know by mandating and then subsidizing with tax payer dollars non-feasible green technologies – some would say to the international financial oligarchy that seems to own our White House – actually that’s what I am saying, sorry Janet – build American energy independence by destroying America’s ability to produce energy at all and finally, by all means reduce the United States citizenry to feudalism.

I guess my answer to my own question is NO.  I don’t know about you guys, but I have zero confidence that this Whine House can lead us anywhere positive or good.  The bad news is the RNC appears to be owned and operated by the same folks standing behind the DNC curtain of Oz.  Leadership in the White House of these United States appears to be dead, or at least comatose.  The question then becomes – can it be revived – and by whom – and when will it be too late?

The saddest thing about this long winded post is that I am not, in any way being facetious.  This is a truly pathetic situation we find our country and our families in and it should make us all cry like Glenn Beck, only much, much harder.  If we don’t begin voting knowledgeably, and soon, it won’t matter scoot whether “the people’s” White House is whiny or not.  Carter, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43 and Obama are all sides on the same crap table dice.  No matter how you throw the dice, or how you weight it, “we the people”  come up snake eyes and the oligarchy wins.  Think Tea Party.  Think independent candidates.  Just think something that the DNC or RNC hasn’t told you to think.  If you’re still here, thanks for listening, or I guess, reading actually.

May God, or the universe, or the One or whatever you believe in please bless the United States of America and her friends around the world.

Is it still possible at 71 days and counting for anyone in possession of an IQ above 30 to believe that the socialist Democrat leadership in Washington D.C. cares one whit about the environment?  Socialist centralized government and central planning by over-paid, mindless, government drones is the only priority in evidence.  The unimaginable loss of life and eco-destruction being prolonged and expanded by confused government regulatory restriction and incompetence is staggering.  If you allow yourself to consider the epic destruction spreading virulently throughout the Gulf and the devastating impact to quality of life or any life for sea creatures dependent on the Gulf, some of which are human;  you cannot stop from becoming violently nauseous.  If you have a soul, you have to hurl.  This is heartbreaking.

Please allow 1600 Watch to mention here, in the interest of fairness, 1600 Watch has zero respect for Republicans on this issue, but they are not allowed in the White House and hence are irrelevant to our observations on White House policy.

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue hasn’t really seemed to notice or care much about the Gulf, other than taking time for a few photo ops,  a little more time to blame BP and quite a lot of time to push government centralization.  I wonder how many experts and what enormous consulting fees it cost the tax payers for our White House to finally figure out that BP was even involved in this?  BP’s CEO, Mr. Anthony Hayward explained to Congress that he had nothing to do with this mess.  He was busy with other important CEO stuff.  Mr. Obama, on the other hand made it quite clear that he was all over this from day one and was meeting with the best and brightest of academia to determine a course of action.  Really?

Why is it then that none of these best and brightest mentioned to Mr. Obama that oil has a lower specific gravity than sea water and will therefor separate itself with no effort on anyone’s part; whereby the oil can then easily be confined and skimmed from the surface and processed as has been done many times, by many countries in the past?   More importantly, why hasn’t any of these best and brightest mentioned that BP is adding dispersants to the oil, increasing its collective specific gravity, thereby causing much of the modified oil to “suspend” beneath the surface of the sea in giant under water plumes?  Admittedly I have not studied oceanography, but I can assure you that although it may be convenient for the full amount of oil not to be surface visible as this makes for negative publicity;  these resultant, unseen plumes carried by ocean currents are nothing more than enormous sea life death traps, which by their new “heavier than sea water” nature are no longer easily confined, separated or processed;  nor of course, seen.

These dispersants, toxic in themselves,  have taken a horrible, but manageable disaster and have morphed it into a totally unmanagable, life oblierating environmental catastrophe of truly epic proportions…  And from our White House?  Nothing?  From the best and brightest of Obama’s academics?  Nothing?  From our environmentalists?  Nothing?  From BP?  Nothing?  From the State controlled media?  Nothing?  Should these suspended, current riding death plumes invade shell fish breeding grounds, the oil laden habitat will render shell fish uneatable for decades.  Any White House comment?  Nope.  Too busy!

While an enormous maritime area off the coast of America is being brutally murdered by ideological malevolence and special interest contributions, our White House is focused almost exclusively on how we might con “we the people” into having our elected Representatives pass government mandates justifying huge tax payer funded subsidies to economically nonviable green technologies, that might some day, in total, supply 5% of U.S. energy needs.  I seriously hope that you real environmentalists are observing this.  If you care about the environment it is critical that you become aware that your White House uses the environment as a useful political lever for pushing its socialist agenda;  nothing more.  Obviously, and unfortunately, practical environmental solutions have no political or ideological value in the playbook of this White House.  Crisis, any crisis apparently is invaluable for leveraging ideology and conditioning public opinion, regardless the cost to human life, any other life or the environment.  Talk from the White House will never stop the Gulf Oil Leak, nor confine it, nor clean it up.  The talk will, however, continue to dumb us down and potentially enslave us if we accept it.

It is the opinion of 1600 Watch that our White House is using this environmental debacle to further centralize Federal government control over the States; incrementally erase our Constitution, devalue our Rule of Law, undermine our Bill Of Rights, enrich its supporters at tax payer expense and to foster its illegitimate obsession to replace individual freedom with collectivized tyranny.  I wish desperately to be wrong on this, but the proof is in the pudding.  As usual, follow the money!