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This Vlog discusses specific legislation already enacted into U.S. law, some of which preempts the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 and also the Writ of Habeus Corpus.  Our House of Representatives, U.S. Senators and Presidents have been creating the legal foundation and structure for a totalitarian dictatorship on American soil for more than 15 years now.  We should probably  consider waking up and casting better informed votes.


“Divide and conquer.”  {Julius Caesar}

Why do we hold many of the beliefs we hold dear?  Where do the ideas come from?
Why do we feel and behave as we do?
Why are we angry with the Left?  or Right?  or gays?  or whites?  or heteros?  or whatever?
Why do we always feel so anxious?
Why do nearly all of us wish for relief from the daily emotional pain of 2013 living?  Is the pain real – or induced?  If induced – by whom?

Divide and conquer is a centuries old, classically effective war strategy and one that is being successfully employed today by independence devouring Globalist apparatchiks  and their thought conditioned comrades in the One World War for our minds – The Mother of All Wars...a war not often recognized for what it is.  It is not necessary to dislike each other, mistrust each other or experience deep visceral aversion to one another because some Harvard or Yale quack in a silk skirt or wool suit said we do.

It may be uncomfortable and politically incorrect, but we can actually take our heads out of our wine glasses, water bottles and beer cans, turn our attention away from the television conditioning tube and propaganda rags, exercise our free will and think for ourselves.  If we actually did this occasionally, the world might be a more abundant and much safer place.  Some like to brag we won the Cold War.  To me, it’s pretty obvious that we lost at least the ideological Cold War and lost it big time.  Divide and conquer played and still plays a role in this horrible defeat.

It’s time to stop being conservative, liberal, Republican, Democrat, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, male, female, blue state, red state, Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Atheist, rich, poor, gay, hetero, young, old or whatever other silly categories Globalist drones at Tavistock can dream up to divide us from ourselves.  We are American people.  Some of us want to be free.  Some of us don’t care.  Some of us still believe we are free and don’t understand that we are not;  or at least just barely.  Nearly all this divisive rhetoric is a steel thought trap and is terminal to our freedom.  As long as we are fighting each other, guess what we are not doing?  We are not noticing that it is Globalism that is dividing us and motivating us to make mountains out of mole hills.  We are not aware that the Global Elite have set thought traps and we the people keep stepping into them.

The point of  Globalist thought traps as typically devised by the Tavistock Institute of Human Behavior, at least since 1948 or so, is of course, to distract our attention away from the fact that increasingly, steadily, incrementally, the Global Elite are wresting control from the naive hands of we the people and they are doing it openly, though we don’t seem to notice; and they are doing it effectively, though we don’t seem to notice.  As we celebrate Independence Day this 4th of July, the celebration seems to ring hollow as many of us realize we have given much of our Independence away to an out of control Federal government, whose mindless appetite for power is becoming insatiable.

Our attention is a thousand different places, but never on what the Global Elite conglomerate monopolies are doing.  We are told for example that free market capitalism has failed.  Somehow we don’t notice that what is actually failing is government sanctioned, regulatory agency protected, international conglomerate monopoly; poised safely,  far above taxation and The Rule of Law; exercising behind the scenes power; ALWAYS INCREASING its centralized control over us through a perverted form of Reverse Fascism.  We are betrayed daily by most of the elected Representatives who take and violate their oath to protect and defend.  It matters not at all whether such betrayal is intentional.  The outcome is the same and Totalitarian Socialism is routinely winning every skirmish.  We the people are left without representation.

There are many examples of how manufactured arguments can be used to divide and distract while the Global Elite pawns freely build the zoo in which we are to live.  We are emotionally lured, usually by media drones into shallow surface arguments regarding say, education funding, gay marriage, affirmative action, farm subsidies; but while we attempt to converse with pitiful sound bites; it is actually One World Globalism as preached at CFR and thousands of foundations, think tanks and study groups that have flat lined our kids educational test scores;  convinced us that inexpensive energy is bad; success is bad; and the pursuit of excellence is bad. Globalism teaches that government is good;  big ponderous, impersonal, unmanageable government is even better; the collective is all that matters and unimaginable levels of debt are sustainable and healthy;  achievers must be punished; and need determines distribution of wealth.  It is foolish pied pipers of Globalism that have replaced love, family, relationships and personal responsibility with self absorption, separateness, loneliness and bestial breeding rituals reducing beautiful, spiritual people to masturbatory objects;  and on and on and on with the debasement of our society.

While we argue about the profound merits of young Mothers murdering their unborn children to achieve some sort of counterfeit, undefinable freedom;  we somehow became OK with our President announcing that he has the right to kill or incarcerate American citizens indefinitely without due process?  What is it we are so entranced by, that we don’t notice or if we notice then don’t care that the U.S. Senate violates its own rules by passing a budgetary, non-neutral Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act through the reconciliation (budget-neutral) process?

The U.S. Senate actually had the unmitigated gall to pass this legislation that 70% of us don’t want during the Christmas season.  Legislation that more and more obviously is anything but budget-neutral and not one peep from a Congressional Representative or ourselves regarding the Senate rule that reconciliation cannot be used for any legislation having budgetary impacts.  What on earth were we distracted by when we accepted the hilarious Democrat rationale (lie) of comparing 6-years of Obamacare expense against 10-years of Obamacare revenue to CBO and calling that BUDGET NEUTRAL?  Are we really that busy or that vacant?  Why on earth didn’t CBO send the ridiculous Obamacare bill back to the Senate with a note stating “are you freaking serious”?

What did the Globalist media have us so occupied with when we the people accepted the clearly unconstitutional Patriot Act and dangerous tripe like TSA and VIPRE?  The Constitution does not grant civil police authority over its citizens to the Federal government.  Are we so busy that we’re just fine with NSA snooping on everything we say, buy, do, etc.?  Why are we the people agreeing to pay for this KGB style military-industrial crap?  Why and how does the Globalist media convince us to accept the silly argument that profiling Islamic terrorists is bad? Profiling works;  that’s why law enforcement does it…or used to do it.

What exactly do we have our attention on while the Federal Reserve Banks are openly and utterly destroying our currency for Global Elite benefit?  How do we miss this?  How is it that our Federal government claims we must have a war on terror; yet that same government openly arms and finances terrorist entities such as Al-Qaeda in Libya and Syria or The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt – and we don’t even notice the contradiction – or the treason?

The reason for our distraction is that we are continually and intentionally being distracted by manufactured disputes on dozens of silly issues, most of which aren’t a real concern other than our emotional reaction to numerous vague though insulting stupidities, which occur on a daily basis.  This intentional Tavistock strategy is referred to by Global Elite insiders as inner directional conditioning.  The strategy is to attack every American all day long with meaningless News Alerts, daily fabricated crisis, outright lies, misstated statistics on things such as influenza fatalities and every silly thing imaginable – all intended to overwhelm people with sensory and emotional overload; thereby rendering them susceptible to propagandized conditioning.  This is a simple, but effective strategy for dividing us and overwhelming us at the same time.

The Global Elite owned media with its hundreds of study group conditioned drones relentlessly assault our psyches daily, convincing us of turmoil and chaos;  fears real and mostly imagined;  threats whether they exist or not;  until the average human becomes desperate for relief.  These Globalist morons now go to the extent of convincing us that rain storms and snow fall are dire emergencies requiring immediate Federal government involvement.  As soon as our attention is garnered, the Globalists offer their typical incrementalized One World Solution, which always sounds helpful, but more importantly always requires and eliminates just a bit more of our liberty, while also causing us to become just a bit more dependent on that big old lovable government in Washington D.C.

One of the most frequently employed Tavistock techniques is to offer two wrong solutions to a manufactured or real issue.  Both solutions are good for enhancing increased Globalist control, so the winning solution is irrelevant – they both win for Globalism.  The best example of this is U.S. Presidential elections where both the Democrat and Republican candidates are thoroughly study group vetted as good supporters for Globalism prior to providing any significant campaign financing or favorable press coverage for either.  It doesn’t matter a whit which candidate wins as they are both true Globalists even though their meaningless rhetoric and empty promises seem to differ.  Both the Democrat and Republican Parties are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Global Elite, offer us no real choices whatever and are quite obviously beyond redemption as regards our liberty.  The correct answer as much as I hate to say it is;  slip between the two Globalist choices and go with  A NEW THIRD PARTY that actually represents we the people – an idea I don’t subscribe to myself – oe better yet abandon all political parties and go independent.

Anyway, after introducing the fake two-sided issue or so-called electoral choices, the pot is then stirred incessantly to emotionally embroil the Right and Left; or rich and poor;  or young and old;  or black and white; or whatever is needed to divide us into opposing irrational groups regarding that particular issue.  For example NBC, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, New York Times, Washington Post and most other media outlets roil up the Left.  Fox News and talk radio roil up the Right.  Division and emotional dissension are quickly and effectively accomplished;  rational discussion and any possible exchange of ideas is preempted;  and most importantly, we the people are once again embroiled in a shallow fight over trivia, while the Globalist Elite march on robbing us of our freedom, destroying our currency; shredding our Constitution; morphing our courts into circuses;  and drowning our Republic in One World Totalitarian sewage –all by our own votes.  What a system!  What a brilliant strategy!

DIVIDE AND CONQUER!  We the once free people are adopting the Globalist Thought Gulag by our own distracted choice and are so busy fighting each other over shallow symptoms of perceived two solution problems – we never quite notice that we ought to slip between the two Globalist solutions to intelligently discuss the real solution – the solution that respects and recognizes our individual liberties as ordained by Divine Providence through the fact of our creation.  Our future freedom as acknowledged and protected by our Constitution requires that we wake up and begin noticing this inner directional conditioning.  Our thoughts are not so much our own as we like to think.  We are being conditioned to behave in a predictable manner just as Pavlov’s Dogs.  We are not chimpanzees and we we must quit acting as though we are.

The future of the United States requires that we each think for ourselves and stop being senselessly divided by those who will profit by it.  As stated so many times, “DIVIDED WE FALL;  TOGETHER WE STAND.”

The Romney campaign certainly doesn’t require any input from 1600 Watch to set its foreign policy course.  None-the-less 1600 Watch offers the following.

1600 Watch believes voters on the Left and Right are locked in for November 6th.  Obama or Romney – it isn’t going to change for any of these folks.  This 2012 Presidential election will be won by the votes of those who have managed to be undecided.  Of these undecided voters, many are anti-war and are upset with Obama in that we are still in Afghanistan and though we have formally withdrawn our military;  understand that we still have more than 20,000 so-called “contractors” messing around in Iraq.

Romney / Ryan can win these voters over and do a good and moral thing for America and the world by arguing from the Left Side of Foreign Affairs and National Security.  This argument should be shallow and stay on the surface;  kitchen table talk, nothing complicated.

The argument goes as follows:  Aside from whether or not the U.S. should have invaded Afghanistan – we did invade Afghanistan.  Aside from whether or not the U.S.  and its allies could ever win in Afghanistan;  The Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton policies over the past four years have rendered winning anything at all absolutely impossible.  Victory in any sense of the word is now strategically off the table.  Whether we agree or disagree with Bush or Obama foreign policies in the Middle East;  diplomatic reality is that Afghanistan (actually not part of the Middle East) is lost beyond any possible recovery.  No amount of continued blood shed can fix it.  Why should our American children continue to be squandered on the rocky mountainsides of Afghanistan for even one more day?  To what purpose?

Iraq is, of course, diplomatically lost to us as well.  The only way our withdrawal from Iraq could have been successful was to take a strong leadership position with Iran and basically isolate Iran from Iraq.  The Obama Administration policy of engagement through weakness has left Iraq with no choice but to partner up with a strong ally to defend itself within a politically dangerous region.  That new ally is unfortunately an Iran led by Islamic Extremists emboldened by perceived American weakness and hungrier than ever for the destruction of the Israeli and American people.

Romney and Ryan should aggressively advocate the U.S. pull all troops out of Afghanistan immediately.  Not one more American soldier or contractor should die for nothing.  Furthermore, the United States should immediately close down and abandon all diplomatic embassies within any country in which the United States is not welcome.

The above policy also includes cancellation of all existing visas and denial of new visas for any foreign nationals resident in any of those countries in which the United States closes its embassies.  No foreign national from these countries may legally enter the United States.  This will allow the elimination of, or at least a significant reduction in TSA staffing, wasted expense and unconstitutional (per the 10th Amendment) intrusion into the lives of American citizens.  All U.S. foreign aid and all sanctioned trade with these countries ceases immediately.  American businesses choosing to do business with these countries do so at their own risk and expense.

No conservative will vote for Obama.  No liberal will vote for Romney.  The undecided voters are not impressed with the pandering, status quo arguments they hear every election cycle from both Left and Right.  If folks are undecided, it means they are at least somewhat dis-satisfied with the incumbent;  therefore they are open to the challenger, which history demonstrates generally to be the case.  Romney and Ryan should take advantage of this –  be bold, creative and courageously propose a totally new Middle East foreign policy that actually makes sense.

There is no reason on earth for the United States to be doing business with countries that don’t want to do business with us.  There is even less reason for pushing our military presence on these countries and then unsuccessfully deal with the predictable aftermath. This makes no sense and gets a lot of people killed.  How would we like it if China decided to station troops in Washington D.C. or Indianapolis?  Other countries have a right not to do business with us if they prefer not to.  If we are too foolish to develop our own energy resources, then maybe it’s time to wake up.

The United States should withdraw from all Islamic countries where we are not welcome;  vigorously protect and defend Israel, any other genuine allies and ourselves;  and in doing so, save lives and save tons of money.  This is a winning strategy and is also the right thing to do.

Just a thought.

The War On Terror is a Globalist War On United States People.  How serious can any country be regarding its own protection when it creates an agency as unmanageable as Homeland Security, unionizes the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and within this retarded monster spawns the Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) operation;  turns it loose on our own citizens;  and then, insists on leaving our southern border completely open to hundreds of thousands of unidentified, unmonitored, possibly dangerous persons; and then to crown it with vapid incompetence, puts a political hack the likes of Janet (failing upward) Napolitano on top of it? Really?  We’re supposed to believe this war on terror is serious about defense of U.S. citizens?  Give me a break.

The WOT is serious all right, just not about terrorists.  The war on terror is a Globalist sales pitch and a strategy enabling the creation of a nationwide control apparatus, not for protection against outside attack;  but for control of U.S. citizens.  The strategy is commonly employed and works like this.  First you SCARE the people with a big bad bogeyman.  Second, you put a protection apparatus in place to supposedly protect the people from the bogeyman.  Third, you turn the protection apparatus against the people and use it to control them.  This ain’t governmental rocket science.  It’s just plain old historic tyranny comin’ on strong to a neighborhood near you.

If you’re laughing now and don’t believe you’re being controlled;  please respond and tell me just what you can do today without a permit or license of some kind from your local, State or Federal government.

Why would some heinous mutants do something like this?  Simple.  The one word answer is power.  The world’s central banking families, the Globalist elite want a global economic system of Neo-Feudalism with themselves at the top and peasants at the bottom with no independent middle class in between to irritate them and make life difficult.  Socialism has been their preferred tool of choice since the beginning of the twentieth Century.  Any form of top down, centralized government control is acceptable to the elite, but socialism is the easiest to sell to the uninformed.  Just about everyone understands communism is bad.  Fascism sounds horrible;  “but socialism – now that’s social justice”.

Of course, a nice national police force to enforce this social justice is still required in the event some hapless group should start thinking for themselves.  That police force is TSA.

The Globalist elite have built a well funded network consisting of thousands of think tanks and study groups all teaching the lucky invitees how to think about various issues.  The pitifully conditioned bureaucrats and press corps lemmings accepting invitations to these “prestigious” groups will now sally forth and happily and ignorantly sell whatever  ideas they’ve been brain washed with  to us.  It’s a great system and it’s been effective for decades.  No force required.   We vote for our own subjugation.  As an example, it explains why we think money is the reason our kids aren’t learning anything and test scores have flat lined for decades despite horrendous increases in education funding.  Hardly anyone notices that our schools no longer educate or teach kids to reason.  Our schools are nothing more than social conditioning centers and we the people act as though we have no idea what’s happened.

One of the primary things we’ve been taught to accept is the socialist nanny state, which now in its fourth U.S. generation is already collapsing, because that’s what all nanny states do.  Predictably, this means frustrated Americans will be in the streets breaking and burning things just like in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Great Britain.  A smart person not sufficiently indoctrinated and dumbed down by our Progressive de-education system may still be capable of thinking; “Maybe this socialist nanny state thing ain’t workin’ so great?  Maybe we should go back to individual responsibility and take care of ourselves and our own?  Maybe we shouldn’t be paying these ridiculous tax rates any more for crap that doesn’t work for beans?”  This is a serious problem for the elite;  they know it’s coming;  and they are preparing for it.  TSA is being readied, along with our own military (Visit our Got Dictatorship? page.), to deal with feisty citizen unrest.  An OWS unrest that the Globalists themselves are openly funding and instigating through various George Soros supported organizations.  OWS is being successfully herded like sheep to a shearing and are simply too dumbed down to see the trap.  OWS is ignorantly bringing about precisely the police state they claim to detest.

Side bar:  Just a quick bit of advice.  Put away some food and supplies.  You’ll wish you had as this Globalist purge marches on and our bought and paid for CFR indoctrinated Congressional members do nothing to honor their oath of office on our behalf.  Every single Congressman and woman who acts as though we can have an operational Constitution and Rule of Law while at the same time placing our money supply in the hands of the world’s central banking elite is being used as a willing co-conspirator in this crime against humanity, intended or not.

TSA is the so-called protection apparatus created in step two of the strategy mentioned above.  TSA is supposed to defend us from the bogeyman.  Have you been in an airport lately?  Can anyone imagine they’re safer flying because grandpa and Aunt Marie took their shoes off and your beautiful daughter showed her T & A to TSA?  Seriously?  “No profiling!  No profiling!  Be fair!  Be fair!”  Are you kidding me?  Of course, if you’re going to put untrained high school students in security positions to save us – maybe they should be looking primarily at 30 to 40 year old Islamic nut jobs and not so much at your daughter’s T & A and grandpa’s feet.  This is the dumbest strategy since polio.

TSA is being expanded across the United States through its VIPR program and in 2010 conducted more than 8,000 domestic operations at bus terminals, train terminals, ferry boat terminals and highway weigh stations.  I guess everybody knows how unpatriotic our truckers are?  Real threat there.  You can’t make this crap up and simultaneously our idiot CFR conditioned Congress is opening our U.S. highways to trucks coming up from Mexico.  Now we’re safer.  This makes polio look like a gift.

The next step in the charade we’ll see and I predict it will begin this summer is an escalation in attempted violence by the Globalist funded and guided Occupy Wall Street (OWS) sheep.  You can expect to start seeing regular news alerts explaining how the Terrorism Task Force and other alphabet agencies are investigating terror threats of a more home grown variety and protecting us against them.  Of course, to do this properly will mean expanding TSA and other alphabet agencies dramatically.  You will shortly have to expect being stopped randomly along our highways to be subjected to unwarranted searches and seizures.  Go ahead and laugh, but that’s what’s comin’ our way.  Welcome to the Amerikan version of old East Berlin right here at home.

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”  {Johann Wolfgang von Goethe}