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I’m going to come at this important question in a quiet, indirect, not very geopolitical kind of way.  I’m doing this because nothing can be sustainably built on a weak foundation; including political ideology,  community health or human well-being.

History has shown us some human behavior cul-de-sacs that turned out to be less than optimum.  History has also put some pretty awesome successes on display; things we can be proud of.  Unfortunately, much of what we experience today is much, much less than optimal isn’t it?  Why is that?  What role do we each play in this sub-optimal, anxiety prone result, this relatively unhappy circumstance where mere survival is winning – or do we just maintain it’s all someone else’s fault?  We are in fact not complicit.  Our hands are clean.

It appears and I don’t think its arguable; we live in a pretty frightening, though sometimes beautiful world; some nations led largely or in other cases bullied largely by powerful, pathologically ill, career criminals incapable of empathy, bent on self-aggrandizing, uni-polar hegemony of one sort or another and an utterly inhuman agenda whereby human life and possibility are brutally harvested, destroyed or are to be converted into some trans-humanist vision of electro-magnetic, mindlessly repetitive, machine life.  Are we going along with this agenda?

Given a choice, what kind of world would we choose for our children and grandchildren to inhabit?  Wouldn’t most of us choose a spiritually balanced, safe, secure, thoughtfully rational, imaginatively creative, caring, honest, considerate, compassionate, abundant, loving, generous world full of realistic hope for the incredible times ahead?  If not, my words fall on deaf ears, sorry.  If so, why is the world we live in so different, highlighting predominant characteristics such as spiritually moribund, unsafe, threatening, irrational, mediocre, corrupt, inconsiderate, uncaring, impoverished, cruel, greedy and nearly hopeless in terms of ever being better?

How did we get here?  How and why did we poison our own garden?  Did we and do we each play a role in toxifying our earthly nest; and if we are complicit, intentionally or unintentionally, can we each somehow get rid of the poison; contribute to the de-toxification of it?  Can it be fixed?  I believe we can detoxify our world and though we deal with ourselves organizationally through religious, ethnic, political or other societal affiliations; we can escape destructive, conditioned group-think; however, this detoxification can only occur and must occur on a spiritual level, which we’ll get back to shortly.

There are those fanatically caught in the monotheistic religion of scientism not only demanding separation of conscious phenomena from material phenomena as the sole path to knowledge; but additionally, claiming spirit to be nonexistent, with human thought and emotion originating solely out of electro-chemical reactions within our very finite brain tissue.  This mis-educated, self-induced blindness is to say rational thought and discourse so vociferously proclaimed by oracles seated mightily at the heights of academic tenure have arisen entirely from random occurrences generated by inanimate substances accidentally coming together out of primordial random slime; to finally, against all protozoan probability, form their own momentous human brain tissue and complex nervous systems of which they are so proud, they are driven to flaunt their colored robes and corded tassels above lesser beings – a pathetically irrational view of rational thought processes at best; intellectual bigotry at its worst.  We must ask if education is still education – or is it something else?

None-the-less, we know from science, thought manifests in our physical world via observable material processes, but insisting self-awareness, imagination, human creativity, compassion, empathy, generosity, need to love, etc. arise from random physical reactions occurring in chaos soup constitutes powerful denial of scientific method itself; ranking up there with the refusal to inquire, “what was happening the Wednesday before Big Bang”, yet claiming we search honestly for knowledge and truth?

Quantum physics proves interrelationship, even causality between sentient human consciousness and material reality.   Continued denial by scientism of the significance of repeatable scientific proof of philosophical concepts and thought manifestation in material reality; is simply more denial, begging the question, what are we afraid of?  What is it we don’t want to know?  Do we have an ignorance agenda?  Why do we oppose science and metaphysics coming together for the collaborative study of that which we can and that which we cannot see?  The Theory of Everything so to speak.

Why do we ignore our own self-evident consciousness?  Why does science not question honestly from whence that sentient, consciousness comes?  We speak often of freedom; but what does human freedom consist of?  Animals, plants, fish, minerals and other components of what we regard as nature operate at a level of consciousness dictated by the Laws of Nature.  These responses, fully constrained by Natural Law are repetitive, predictable and can be viewed as instinct, innate drives, etc.  A being constrained by these Natural Laws is free only within the narrow repetitive context of its own nature and place in the world.

A human being possesses sentient consciousness of a different sort, enabling a level of self-awareness, thought, emotion, imagination and judgement within space/time entirely unlike that experienced by other organisms or materials.  For a human to deny his or her uniquely sentient nature and personal identity is to reduce themselves to animal consciousness and repetitious behavioral constraints dictated by the Laws of Nature.  As a being restrained within the narrow confines of its physical, material nature, indifferent to its spiritual primacy, no freedom beyond that of Natural Law is possible.  This ignorance is an intellectual/emotional/spiritually deprived prison.

True human freedom can only be achieved through our path to deification, that is, unity with Divine Person, our Creator; with the faith that we are created for this union and can achieve it through grace as offered by the Divine and as freely accepted by us.  This offer and acceptance of grace, Divine Pressure if you will, is the process of revelation on both the natural and supernatural level.  Divine Pressure is never thrust upon us.  We must freely choose to accept this spiritual efficacy, thereby enabling the Divine to work through us.  I say Divine Person because we intrinsically know that life has meaning; and that meaning is ineffably intertwined with human spirit and all that exists.  If God is not personal, then life cannot possibly have meaning and we know it does.  You are absorbing and questioning these words because you know this; not because you hopelessly believe in random emptiness.

Natural revelation is the method or process by which we experience daily life and come to some understanding of its meaning.  Supernatural revelation leading to a deeper understanding occurs via thoughtfully opening ourselves to direct communication with Divine Person, today via the Holy Spirit, which remains with us to complete Christ’s incarnate mission on earth, that is, the deification, the reuniting with the Divine of all humans in eternal love.  We as humans undergo this process of unification together as a community of souls, never alone.  Individual human freedom can only be fully realized and appreciated within the context of spiritual community, love and within all the ramifications associated with this Divine Process.

Evil, the obstruction of freedom, exists only on the physical plane and does not exist in eternity.  “Fear Not, I am with you.” (Isaiah 41:10).  Evil is limited both in space and time.  Love is not limited and exists eternally as it is the essence of Divine Person and of ourselves, intrinsic to our nature, though it must be freely chosen by each of us.  Evil exists only for the enablement of this very real personal choice, in turn enabling spiritual growth necessary to unification with our own Divine Essence.  Evil has no meaning and no power outside that which we ourselves choose to embrace.  The correct choice is never embrace evil and have no fear of it.

On the other hand, refusal to accept or even recognize our own self-evident human nature; refusal to accept the graceful path to Divine unification leaves us open to evil in a powerful way.  As I look around our world today, it seems painfully obvious that as a community of human beings, we are guilty of denying the Divine and our spiritual relationship within it, which is to say we have chosen to live life on our own within the animal consciousness of nature and as such are susceptible to material corruption in all its forms.  It is only through our human faith in choosing true spiritual freedom that we become free of material constraints and are no longer subject to nature, but can rise above it to eventual unification with human destiny, that is Divine Person.

I am in no way against science, but when science arbitrarily ignores the factual reality of human consciousness and its interactive relation with our material world as can be seen in quantum physics; then science denies its own methods and is no longer science, but has degenerated to broken, rusty shovel useful only for knowledge obfuscation and occulted ignorance.

So, what does all this esoteric babbling have to do with a healthy multi-polar versus unhealthy uni-polar world?  I suggest the following:

As sentient spiritual beings in material human bodies, we consciously self-actualize and reach our human potential via our individual choice to participate in spiritual community with each other beneath the providentially Divine Person as a group.  Extrapolating this spiritual concept to all global society in terms of what we might call global community, our individual health and well-being require a multi-polar approach whereby we helpfully assist each other, through our communities to be all that we are intended to be.

A multi-polar world view eschews the electrical frequency of uni-polar fear and impoverishment as a means of communication and barest survival; choosing instead to focus on a more supportive multi-polar frequency of generosity, compassion, abundance and loving community.  We can’t accomplish this wonderful feat alone, however; success requires Divine assistance, which we must request and accept.  To the extent we have chosen otherwise, our world has been and continues to become less friendly and less inhabitable day by day.

In a nutshell, this is all that’s wrong with our 21st century world today.  Our personal denial of human nature, spiritual reality and our human relationship to Divine Providence in our material world have ignorantly led us down a uni-polar cul-de-sac of mediocrity, fear, hostility and mutual impoverishment.  Our world will change when we choose to change ourselves, accepting with faith the true freedom our spirits demand and deserve in reuniting with the Divine.

Until that time of choosing and subsequent multi-polar action leading directly to a safer, more abundant, more beautiful world; we can fully expect more uni-polar anxiety, greed, impoverishment, war, famine and ugliness – which is in fact all that evil can offer, despite its promise, should we continue to choose its dark embrace.  It is for this reason I answer the original question; YES – we do care; we must care.

Let’s at least care enough to consider choosing a more multi-polar world together.  Given the frighteningly bloody, deplorable mess we currently live in, what’s the risk?  Isn’t a different choice at least worth a shot or two?  As the venerable Wayne Gretzky told us, “You miss 100% of the shots you never take”.  Let’s at least not be guilty of ignoring Mr. Gretzky’s wise counsel.  Let’s take our multi-polar shot and see what happens.  It might be more fun, safer and more healthy than what we’ve been choosing for our kids so far.


If you’re happy with our 2017 world, there isn’t any reason to read further.  The rest of us on either or all sides of the American political spectrum have been disappointed or angry with lack of Main Street D.C. representation for a long time; decades.  Many of us are convinced that anger focused on Bush, Obama, Clinton, Trump and Congress will eventually bring about change for the better… but it hasn’t and history suggests, won’t.  If we’re not insane, we must ask why it doesn’t change no matter the rhetoric, Party or votes?  What must we do differently if we want real change?

The answer requires beginning at the beginning and the truth is, and take this to a small bank because big banks bite, we don’t know what we don’t know.  You’ve heard this before, so it isn’t new, but it’s important.  Theoretically, existence in some form; physical, spiritual or otherwise has been around a long time; some speak in terms of infinity.  I like that idea, but wasn’t sufficiently gifted to comprehend what infinity is.  I just think of it as a lot… a whole bunch.

Digressing down the rabbit hole further, let’s talk a bit about truth versus perception. Consider Time for example.  Is time real?  Does time exist or is it a Homo sapiens’ (hysterically from the Latin meaning wise man) parable; a finite organizational construct relativizing various activities and happenings, like paying the electric bill on time or scheduling a meeting?  If time exists and is infinite; if it goes back through the past infinitely; goes forward through or to the future infinitely; then what is the present? What’s now?   Is the present moment a separate time or is it part of the infinite past or infinite future?  Is the present just a singularity?  How can past or future both be infinite and not by definition include each other?

Maybe time is dimensionly circular rendering past, future, present, beginning and end indefinably irrelevant? What is or was the beginning?  If the past is infinite, then rationally there was never a beginning because the past always was.  The reverse holds true for the future and the end of time as an infinite future surely has no end.

I’m a civil engineer by training, not a philosopher.  Philosophers by nature are more esoterically evolved than problem solving engineers tend to be, so admittedly I’m under-qualified to discuss metaphysical notions, but as an obsessive-compulsive I insist on at least getting my questions on the table.

Back to time.  It appears to me; infinite time is a silly idea.  Infinite time suggests no beginning and no end, which is to say that somehow, something came from nothing.  More likely, the present is not a singularity, but is in fact all there is.  Infinite Now so to speak.  In terms of what we call time, the present is all there was, is and will be, which may explain how Lorentz Transformations[1] can exist and how Einstein’s Theory of Relativity can apply.  If time isn’t real, then it doesn’t shorten or lengthen as velocity varies per Lorentz’s elegant equations or Einstein’s theory.  It’s our perception of time that changes – relative to our spiritual or physical consciousness and relative circumstance.  Like pleasure or pain.  Feels good – time’s short.  Hurts like hell – time’s forever.  A matter of perception, not reality

My long-winded point here is that human perception is not reality, even when our perception is correct.  I don’t pretend to grasp the exact science of this, but my observation regarding perception and reality does hold.  Perception is nothing more than our human understanding or mis-understanding of reality via our seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching sensory filters; further complicated by social conditioning, now social engineering and our cognizance of, reaction to and expression of that perception through thought, emotion, speech or action.

What we do becomes reality.  What actually happened is reality.  Reality is truth and nothing but the truth.  What has actually occurred is truth.  What is occurring has not yet become truth.  It’s that simple.  Mr. Mark Passio[2] explains Natural Law and how this works very succinctly, while studiously avoiding and cautioning against New Age nonsense.  I highly recommend checking out his What on Earth Is Happening website or YouTube Channel.[3]  It’s worth your time and time is our knowledge currency.  It must be spent.

Now, if you’re still with me wondering how this time and perception gibberish relates to politics – we’re there.  If we can accept our perceptions may be inaccurate, biased, prejudiced and so forth regarding reality, regarding truth; then it follows our perceptions can be manipulated, by ourselves or by others – if the manipulator knows how to do it.  In other words, if the manipulator possesses more esoteric (hidden) knowledge about reality and its workings than we do; the manipulator has an advantage… and we can then be manipulated.

Welcome to education, religion, politics, and media, where the ORDER-FOLLOWERS make sure the truth is rarely the truth, what seems to be rarely is; and where aggrandizing agendas tend to trump (pun intended) everything of value on Main Street.  My Trump humor isn’t singling out President Trump.  I cynically lump all politicians acting on national and international stages together in one lying, Elite serving group.  Yea, I’m prejudiced.

Anyway, politicians are not the problem.  Order-followers like politicians, media, Pawns of Privilege and inbred Elites all display and act out symptoms of the underlying problem., which is spiritual in nature. We participate in our own demise and impoverishment by accepting media conditioning drivel, ignorantly electing political fools and supporting their stupid policies; all while denying our own citizen culpability in the evil attack on freedom they perpetrate around the world using wealth, diplomatic influence and military power we ourselves bestowed on them… and by evil, I mean restriction of freedom as Jeremy Locke explains in his difficult to obtain book, The End of All Evil.[4]  It doesn’t matter that Elite pawns – ORDER FOLLOWERS – cleverly and cooperatively tricked us.  We made the mistake.  We’re still making it.  Maybe we should learn about and arm ourselves with knowledge and learn to say NO?

If we want world reality to change; to be a better place; a place of loving abundance instead of an impoverishing transhumanist wasteland, we must change that reality ourselves.  This process starts with ourselves, from within ourselves.  There is no other path to success.  This requires doing the hard work necessary to accumulate knowledge and understanding; which enables our ability to act with wisdom to overcome and/or resist conditioning and/entrainment, that is, mind control exerted by sycophantic goons, order followers serving the Elite interest in enslaving humanity.

Our historic human dilemna is the few controlling the many in violation of Natural Law, Spiritual Law.  This is appropriately and correctly described as slavery; and acceptance of our own enslavement is the condition that must be changed from within ourselves by eliminating our susceptibility to conditioning and behavior altering mind control.  We must wake up.  Freedom depends on it.  There can be no freedom without personal responsibility.

The underlying societal problem we on Main Street live with; the boot heel on our throat, is lack of knowledge because we’re lied to or because we won’t expend the effort learning things our survival as a species requires we learn.  Since dynastic family members historically holding organizational control of our governments, international banking system, schools (conditioning centers), publishing, media, transnational corporate monopolies and most notably, the entire military industrial complex know more than we do about how the world and human nature works; they easily and conveniently manipulate our politicians, government and us to their own enslaving ends by co-opting wealth created by Main Street citizens and using that wealth against the same people they took it from.  This is done by maintaining human nescience and by fostering ignorance through propaganda, drugs and mis-education.

Our human situation is the direct result of not learning about and understanding Natural Law, the relationships between our Creator, human spirit, our physical body and how we exist and interact within the physical and spiritual world around us.  The Oligarchs and their order-followers, say at Tavistock for instance, do have this esoteric (hidden) knowledge, this occult knowledge and use it daily to modify Main Street behavior and dis-empowering beliefs.  We are literally being mind-controlled into accepting slavery by our own preference and vote.  Most of us have no idea this is happening and hence, cannot know better, resist or overcome this obscene influence taking control of our thoughts and lives.

Ultimately, we are living a spiritual war between good and evil in a Post-Apocalyptic world.  A war visible in music, poetry, literature, political expression and certainly in divide and conquer societal conflict.  Until we arm ourselves spiritually with true knowledge of the world we live in and begin to comprehend the immutable operation of Natural Law, we cannot overcome evil, that is be truly free, nor have any hope of changing our world’s reality.

The Elite and their ORDER-FOLLOWING MINIONS employ vast resources toward mastering their control over us as the useless eaters, the excess population they believe us to be.  These Elite deny the value inherent in life, whole-heartedly believing in and engaging in slavery.  They believe you and I are the slaves; and they the slave-masters employing ORDER-FOLLOWERS to run their plantation(s).

Technocracy is employed as their new control mechanism – an invisible mind prison without fences, walls, whips or chains.  Today’s feudal goal is implanted micro-chips in every human, total global surveillance and digital currency used as powerful weapons far exceeding any need for guns, cattle cars or barbed wire.  Our minds become our prison via effectively applied entrainment… and we not only don’t know it, but vote for it in every election.  No politician can or will change this steady progression toward our Neo-Feudal future.  Only we can do that and we can only accomplish this by changing our own thinking.  To change our thinking requires knowledge we currently do not possess, but must obtain.

The world’s Elite insist on control of all resources, wealth and people on earth; now slowly expanding beyond earth, using our Main Street wealth and docility to include interplanetary control.  Knowledge is the power we seek.  Knowledge breaks the chains binding us to impoverishment and debasement.  Knowledge is the fulcrum, the tool we must possess to overcome the dystopian One World Program of enslavement we steadily march toward at the behest of those we mistakenly call leaders, teachers and philanthropists.  Understanding is the lever.  Action through wisdom is our only weapon.  Knowledge will inform us of the need to say NO; we won’t go along with this anymore.

Choose to learn or don’t.  Failure to learn is certain enslavement for our children’s future.  Are we so weak and afraid we will accept this condition, allow this?  Or will we read, watch, listen and learn?  Will we put forth that effort?  Commit the necessary time?  Wishing, hoping and dreaming are powerless to effect reality or any change in our reality.  Effective learning coupled with knowledgeable action and courage changes the world.  It is the only way.  The One Word Answer to One World Totalitarian domination is NO.

Guns, ammo, courage and blood may still be required.  I’m not smart enough to know how this spiritual battle plays out, but guns and blood without knowledge is a war we will surely lose.  Knowledge is the key.  Sun Tzu[5] taught us this more than 2,500 years ago.  We should pay attention, learn and in doing so create at least some probability we can leave this physical plane of earth better than we found it.

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