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“The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.”  {Dante Alighieri}

Our 2013 choice as U.S. citizens is to begin a new civil rights movement to put our Republic back on its Constitutional track;  OR we can continue down the pathetic  incremental path to One World Totalitarian Socialist Dictatorship.  Washington D.C. is utterly out of we the people’s control and must be fixed.

Members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives (as well as most government technocrats) do not take their Constitutionally delegated powers seriously.  They also do not seriously consider Constitutional limitations to their power.  Both the House and Senate have abrogated their legislative authority to the Executive and Judicial branches by failing to defend their legislative turf.  When Congress is not ignoring its responsibilities;  it tends to busy itself creating new unconstitutional chores, usually at the behest of some insider monopoly at the cost of the tax payer.

The Executive Branch, as a result of such irresponsible Congressional behavior,  pretty much does whatever it wants while the Judicial Branch regularly legislates from the bench.  When the House and Senate do legislate, it is most frequently on matters they don’t have Constitutional authority to consider.  The direct result of this expensive negligence and or costly corruption is that the checks and balances so carefully framed by the Founders into our Constitutional Republic no longer function.  The end product of legislatively malfeasant decades is the creation of the largest, most expensive, most powerfully dysfunctional banana republic the world has yet seen.  As a practical matter, we the people have apathetically abandoned our responsible right to self government.  As Americans of 2013, we thoughtlessly wear our tarnished freedom like a cheap watch.  If we wish to remain free citizens it is critical that we value our freedom and start taking it seriously.

Can our Constitutional Cancer be cured?  Can Self-Governance be re-established?  The answer is yes, but a spiritual awakening similar to that preceding the 1776 Revolutionary War must occur (and I believe it is occurring) in order for we the people to re-construct our moral compass and determine the direction of Integrity North.  We cannot chart the course to freedom if our destination is unknown and our compass is broken.  Freedom lies within our own hearts and minds;  not outside somewhere;  and certainly not at the beck and call of profligate elected thieves or the destitute leadership vacuum they are providing in integrity challenged Washington D.C.

It is imperative that we stop believing what Globalist radio, television, magazines and news (propaganda) outlets have to say.  Their detritus is 99% untrue; 100% misleading; and 110% fatal to our freedom.  It is critical that we each do our own research, uncover our own facts and make our own decisions.  It may feel comfortable to live within the flock, but it’s not free.  It feels safe to live in the barn as cattle and be taken care of, but cattle are not free.

Term limits are the first and most important cure.  I detest the idea of term limits, but given the propensity of the Executive and Legislative Branches to ignore their Constitutionally mandated responsibilities and restrictions, I don’t see any other choice.  Obviously, Congress will not police itself and has no interest in the oath of office each Member swears.  We the people are left without representation and become nothing more than the funding source for every short sighted, corrupt insider deal that monopolist conglomerates can dream up and integrity challenged legislators can service.  The 20 to 40 year career mini-fiefdoms our politicians construct for their own self aggrandizement has to be stopped.  Term limits, though distasteful  will help accomplish that.  Public service is an honor, not a license to steal and abuse.

The United States is now run entirely by international conglomerate monopolies standing far above the Rule of Law and beyond taxation of every country on the planet.  It is a reprehensible form of Reverse Fascism, where government sanctioned monopolies bundle campaign money and press coverage for study group selected, corruptible candidates, support them in office for decades; and in return receive benefits and favors from the corrupt candidates while we the people ignorantly walk away from self governance entirely.  I will admit in the interest of fairness (there’s that word again), in some cases candidates are not actually corrupt;  just gullible or stupid, though  neither offers consolation to we the people.  Term limits will help break the financial hold the money bundlers have over what might otherwise be decent politicians.

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As an aside, we the sheeple are told that capitalism has failed.  The truth is, we the people have not experienced free market capitalism since 1913.  We live under a system of Reverse Fascism, where government sanctioned monopoly – not free market capitalism rules.  The failure of health care, immigration law, fiscal sanity and whatever else can all be traced directly to unconstitutional government involvement and despotic over reach.

The United States has CONSTITUTIONAL CANCER and it may be TERMINAL.  This insidious cancer is caused primarily by the unfettered growth of tumorous career politicians fed by international conglomerate monopolies and elected by uninformed voters bludgeoned till comatose by the daily onslaught of meaningless News Alerts, fabricated crisis, Globalist propaganda and distracting, mind numbing entertainment.  The most noticeable cancer symptom is the steady, incremental loss of liberty justified by ever more strident demands for the allusion of fairness, social justice – which is no justice; and most of all – caring deeply about the welfare of others – which is to say, keep others dumbed down in permanent dependence and subservience to a government owned and operated by pawns of the Elite.  Both the Marxist Democrat Left and Neo-con Establishment Right trumpet this Globalist drivel using deceptively different rhetoric – but believe me, the train has only one track and it leads to the impoverished Globalist Gulag of subservient mediocrity for we the useless eaters as they like to refer to us folk on Main Street.

Only two groups presently stand in opposition to our Constitutional cancer.  The Libertarian Party and the Tea Party Movement.  The hatred of both by the Marxist Democrat and Establishment Republican is all the proof you need.  It is imperative that we focus on grass roots political candidates who will actually represent we the people.  We must finance and support these candidates and work around the Globalist infected Democrat and Republican Parties, both of which are damaged beyond repair in terms of an operational Republic.

Just sayin’, please give it some thought.  We don’t have a Right versus Left, Conservative versus Liberal problem.  We have a Global Elite versus freedom for all of us problem and we had better wake up to that fact soon or our Constitutional Cancer will in fact be terminal and our kids will live in feudal serfdom.

The Establishment Right leadership of the Republican Party is for the most part a group of Neo-con Globalists who work toward One World Governance and foresee the United States at the top of the world’s centrally controlled power pyramid.  This near sighted, Constitution pandering, liberty toxic group is most recently characterized by the Bush family and is routinely supported by folks like Charles Krauthammer, Carl Rove, Fox News, William Kristol of The Weekly Spectator and so on.

The Marxist Left of the Democrat Party, the rank and file comrades of which, don’t realize it, also  work diligently toward One World Governance, but envision the misanthropic United Nations (or something equally hopeless) at the pinnacle of world-wide, top down governmental abuse.  This poisonous and nasty group is most recently characterized by religious impersonator, Barack Hussein Obama and is supported by minions such as labor union leaders, George Soros and his Open Society, David Rockefeller, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrne, the entirety of the world press, nearly all of the world’s publishing houses, nearly all educational institutions, most of Hollywood including most comedians and musicians (excluding country music of course), countless foundations, think tanks and study groups; and uninformed activist gangs like the Weathermen, Weather Underground, Students For a Democratic Society, Black Panthers, Acorn, Occupy Wall Street, Code Pink, etc.  The list of these indoctrinated morons is practically endless.

The Marxist Left is doubly traitorous as they have ignorantly joined themselves at the hip with Islamic Extremists in attempting to throw a one-two punch at the face of western economic power and freedom.  Code Pink openly brags about their alleged protection by Hamas at the May 2010 Jew bashing flotilla debacle they are so proud of.  No common sense and no love of free speech or the First and Second Amendments with this obscenely obstreperous crowd.  Bill Ayres, Bernardine Dohrne, Code Pink and many other Leftist Logan Act violators conspired for more than two years organizing Egyptian activists in the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak’s secular regime for replacement with Sharia Law by their friends in the  Muslim Brotherhood.

As most of you likely refuse to see, but I wish for our children’s sake you could or would, both the Establishment Right Republicans and Marxist Left Democrats are clearly at odds with the Constitutionally recognized freedoms of United States’ citizens;  and are simply two sides of the same cheaply minted, company store coin, but having very different, artificially contumelious rhetoric.  Both these groups hope to nudge us all to the sad return of world wide feudal serfdom, owned and operated by the international elite Globalist insiders, who fund and breed both these myopically pathetic herds of political pawns and thugs.

Both the Establishment Right Republicans and the Marxist Left Democrats despise the Tea Party Movement with its respect for our Founders’ wisdom, generosity, integrity, courage and total commitment to individual life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The Marxist Left openly hates the Tea Party Movement.  The Establishment Right hates it as well, but never openly.  The Establishment Right takes a more veiled, passive aggressive approach to undermining Tea Party credibility.

The Republican Establishment is nearly apoplectic with anxiety and appears to be suffering from increasingly frequent panic attacks as they frightfully consider the unscripted potential of going into their 2012 Republican Convention without a locked in Progressive Sheeple Candidate.  After all, whether Democrat or Republican, Presidential candidates chosen through brokered (real) conventions have not historically tended to be electable.  Of course, there’s never been a TEA PARTY MOVEMENT before either… at least not since the halcyon days of the Boston Tea Party.  Maybe the Sheeple are waking up and rising?  Are  indecent middle class thoughts of leaving the 1984 Globalist thought control barn, contrary to the billions invested in costly Tavistock Training actually occurring?  Is this possible?

American politics isn’t just broken;  American politics is non-existent in any real sense of various factions vying for some reasonable balance of power and an effective voice in the people’s governance.  Even the uninformed Occupy Wall Streeters correctly recognize that something is systemically wrong.  True American politics has been replaced with mass, in-doctrinal ignorance, misinformation and outright lies by the openly delusional Marxist Left, the poorly dressed Progressive Left and the well dressed Establishment Right, all aided and abetted by fully comatose victims of public education – with the Globalist media enabling the outright lies, misinformation, redaction of fact and general misleading of the electorate every step of the uninformed way.  Objective journalism in 2012  is even more deceased than genuine political discourse.

The elite Globalists have employed their amazingly effective “think tank” and “study group” indoctrination strategies since WW II to the point where honesty in media and politics has been buried alive beneath the tundra of thousands of feet of frozen individual thought.  Elite Globalists, journalists and politicians are now held in a deep, incestuous  embrace, where any hint of  independence is brutally cut short by the breathless ligature of ignorance as it strangles all attempts at rational thought and plain common sense.

Unfortunately for the Establishment Right and the supposed anti-Establishment Left – just two sides of the same collectivist coin;  many of We The Sheeple are fed up with paying the bills and bleeding for someone else’s money while the elite insiders of Skull and Bones, Wolf’s Head, Scroll and Key, Porcellian Club, Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg, Chatham House (Royal Institute of International Affairs), Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and the various Round Tables make corrupt deals and negotiate treasonous foreign policy behind the scenes in flagrant violation of the 1799 Logan Act.

The Republican Establishment, no more fans of our Constitution than the Marxist Left seem to be losing at least some of their control of Main Street political dialogue.  This, of course, is one reason why talk radio,  the internet and free speech is an issue for both the Marxist Left and the Establishment Right.  Both sides of the central planning crowd detest free speech and unbridled thought.  These two items create huge obstacles to the cheap and effective Global management of The Sheeple.  Sheeple starving in the barn are much easier to control and shear than fat, well fed Sheeple loose on the grassy hillsides.  This is accepted political fact in all Globalist circles.

The Establishment Right and Marxist Left are both working feverishly to convince we the people that the Tea Party Movement has run out of gas and is no longer relevant – but they would be wrong and you’re seeing it every single day as Progressive, big government Republicans try to convince genuine conservatives that they care about our Constitution, will legally represent we the people and will actually honor their oath of office.  What a thought.

The Establishment is in a panic because if the Republican convention opens without a clearly defined Sheeple Candidate – honest political debate will be forced to occur.  There will be no realistic way to control conservatives (read Tea Party folks), limit their speech and prevent them from opining as to the issues and candidates of their choice;  some of whom may actually be willing to represent the folks who pay their salaries and grandiose benefits.  I cannot think of a word to describe how obscenely distasteful the possibility of open debate must be for the blue blood Eastern Establishment power brokers.  It must truly be awful.

The question is, “will it, open debate that is, be good for us – we the people”?  If utter chaos reigns free, then it’s a 100% guarantee that America Hater, Barack Obama will be reelected to finish the trashing of America he so ardently pursued throughout his destructive first term.  Obama’s success is the utter destruction of American prosperity and freedom as it has been known.

On the other hand, a true conservative candidate with actual principles and a sincere belief in our Rule of Law could be chosen, in which case Obama and his traitorous Administration will be swept into the garbage can of historic tragedy, where they belong.  The Establishment insists and the Left concurs, which should tell you something,  that only a moderate Republican can win a national election, though the selection of Progressive moderates like John McCain, along with their cowardly compromise is precisely what has brought the United States to the brink of financial bankruptcy, moral decay and spiritual destitution.

It is simply not possible to compromise with a liberal.  The only way to have a voice in the face of liberal bullying is to win elections and replace them, liberals that is, with intelligent human beings.  True conservatives win elections.  Moderates lose elections.  The majority of our U.S. population is conservative and endowed with common sense.  Neither the Establishment Right or the Marxist Left wants us to be cognizant of that fact, because this particular fact may destroy their ability to maintain a strangle hold on their treasonous power.

Denial, denial and more denial.  Then blame, blame and more blame, but two plus two still does not equal one, no matter which Progressive conditioning center, I mean school, may have mentally abused and un-educated you.  Our criminally negligent, Marxist Congress can point their cowardly little fingers at the Tea Party through our sycophant media, thereby blaming them for the downgrade that obviously had to happen, but that doesn’t make it so.

The Tea Party grew out of realizing that our Federal government is broken;  is recklessly spending our money and future  for political gain and the benefit of insider special interests;  is destroying the U.S. dollar (declined 40% since 2001);  is over extending our military families while under protecting our nation;  has driven our industrial / manufacturing base overseas;  has strangled U.S. energy independence;  has forced U.S. energy dependence on the highly unstable Middle East;  is suffocating small business entrepreneurship and jobs;  does an abominable job of negotiating international trade and arms agreements;  is financially damaging other nations by devaluing the world’s “reserve currency”, which must be used by those nations to purchase commodities;  and long story short – legislates not on the basis of sound policy, but on the basis of powerful special interest lobbying.

The primary and singular beneficiaries of our foolish, Federal debt are the private owners of the Federal Reserve Criminal Enterprise.  This greedy, international cartel of elite Fed families are the only winners and have been coercively and dis-ingenuously winning, stealing actually, at our naive national expense since 1913.  Not to endorse a candidate, but Congressman Ron Paul has been the lone voice, courageously crying in the wilderness for more than two decades against the Fed, which is the single most destructive force and murderer of liberty on the planet.  If you consider what the media has conditioned you to believe regarding Mr. Paul, then you may understand that he and his family have paid dearly for his courage and desire to make his fellow citizens free from the death grip of this financial boa constrictor (no offense to boa constrictors).

The Federal Reserve Criminal Enterprise owners, through interlocking directorships and equity control own and therefore do the hiring for nearly every media outlet in the world, including Reuters and Associated Press, not to mention The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, New York Times, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, Fox and all major publishing companies.  (Just so you know who it is that labors mightily to condition your non-thinking on a daily basis.)

The Tea Party has never been and isn’t about Democrats, Independents, Libertarians or Republicans.  The Tea Party is about “we the people”, common sense and individual freedom, which is precisely why both the Establishment Right of the Republican Party and the Marxist Left of the Democrat Party join together in communal hatred of it, our Constitution and every principle upon which the United States was founded.  Here’s one example of what the Tea Party would like to see fixed.  Thank you to whomever put these sludge hammer budget, spending and deficit numbers together.

Our highly unconstitutional overview, 2011 Federal Budget:

U.S. Federal Government Income:  $2,170,000,000
Federal Budget (Spending):  $3,820,000,000,000
New Debt:  $1,650,000,000,000
Total National Debt:  $14,271,000,000,000
Recent Budget Cut:  $38,500,000,000 (about 1% of the annual budget)

Let’s lop 8 zeros off these numbers so it looks like the Hopenchange family budget.

Total Annual Family income:  $21,700
Amount Spent by the Family This Year:  $38,200
New Credit Card Debt:  $16,500
Outstanding Credit Card Balance:  $142,710
Spending amount cut from next year’s proposed budget:  $385

Any adult who cannot grasp the astonishing depravity of this irresponsible spending catastrophe is either an Establishment Right, Federal Reserve pawn or a Marxist Left, Federal Reserve shill.  In either case, their elite, monopolistic enabling infection is likely, not curable.  Most everyone else comprehends simple criminal negligence, voter pandering to the point of fiduciary fraud and special interest driven greed when they see it.  It’s frightening to realize that comatose Progressives have been so lemming conditioned as to believe that the Tea Party, not their own elected Representatives have caused this spending problem.  Standard and Poors based their recent U.S. debt downgrade on “out-of-control” government spending and the near total lack of political will in Washington D.C. to recognize or deal with it.  Nothing else.  Blaming the Tea Party is the same as blaming the 911 caller for the fire.

The above budget numbers are what our House of Representatives spent two impotent weeks discussing behind close doors until they finally hatched a rotten, smelly egg.  Our U.S. Senate under the treasonous leadership of political hack, Harry Reid actually refused to even discuss our national bankruptcy and tabled it without a vote.  I guess that’s the level of leadership you get when you only pay $175k a year with lifetime pension and health care benefits after just one criminal term in elected office.

The reason for the closed doors and our new Super Committee of eunuchs is to prevent the prying eyes and ears of “we the people”  from actually witnessing the colossal level  of political cowardice, special interest benevolence and blind self aggrandizement of our pathetic elected Representatives in violating their oaths of office.  This mind boggling level of corrupt negligence and incompetence would be too frightening for “we the people” to actually behold in action so our Congress and pseudo -President have chosen to shield us from the painful reality of what they are doing to us.

Can you imagine a more hopeless proposal than appointing cowardly, lying political hyenas like John Kerry to be in charge of solving our Federal government’s over-spending problem?  This is like appointing a serial arsonist to be in charge of a group of arsonists to investigate a fire.  The Fire Chief better run and hide because he or she will likely be blamed.  Yet another castrated committee of bought and paid for hacks, preening and stroking each other behind closed doors, is an insult to our intelligence as a nation, an affront to Republican government and has no purpose other than to absolve our treasonous elected Representatives of responsibility for their reprehensible actions.  Want more finger pointing and blame gaming?  This committee will give it to you.  I suggest not bending over.

No nation in world history has, and the United States will certainly not, remain a significant world power by running itself into the financial black hole of socialism with this sort of stupidity and corruption.  To blame the Tea Party for this obstreperous debacle because they at least had the courage to mention the problem is nauseating and despicable;  not to mention a fast downhill track to the financial destruction of American individual freedom.

Our pseudo-President has the bully pulpit and can constructively motivate or not, but it is our House of Representatives that appropriates spending for the United States government – no one else.  If our Federal government believes that 2 + 2 = 1, cannot balance a check book and is spending us into oblivion – it is because our elected Representatives choose to spend us into oblivion.  Period.  Spending is the problem.  Congress is the spender.

If we the people want wasteful, counter-productive, poverty spreading, nanny state programs – fine – as long as we have the money to pay for it.  Borrowing to pay for this highly destructive, nanny state delusion is fiscally insane;  and Standard and Poors, good, bad or otherwise – finally noticed it.