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I don’t pretend to know if Donald Trump is what he says.  Time and his actions will tell.  Hopefully, a bit more than the single month to date.  This much we do know.  The war mongering, Neo-Con Establishment; say treasonous Republicans like McCain and cannibalistic Democrats like Clinton along with the Oligarch controlled media, all of Congress and most of our courts are unanimously going full-tilt, group-think bat-shit to destroy Trump.  Unfortunately, they carry significant portions of heavily entrained Main Street on their drooling bus-ride to hell and world-wide violence.  Given that transnational monopolies controlled by very few dynastic families took over the U.S. economic system in 1913 and garnered full political control with the highly successful 1963 coup; now freely running our conscienceless Fascist system, a mockery of Constitutional self governance; we ought be paying attention and thinking for ourselves, not parroting the seeds of our own destruction like lemmings looking for a cliff.

I watched the Trump Press Conference on Thursday (02-16-2017), was struck by and disappointed by four things.

The first thing was (and is) President Trump’s apparently sincere desire to work with countries around the world in peaceful, mutually beneficial – or to use his word, “FAIR” partnership – even with countries the BANKING/WAR/OIL BUSINESS MOGULS prefer us hate…and profitably kill.  How many times did President Trump reiterate in various ways over the course of more than an hours’ unscripted Q & A; WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER?  He claims to desire PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH.  Human history demonstrates no other path to peace – at least none uncovered in anthropological records, so his stance seems reasonable from a leadership standpoint, though uncomfortably and perhaps necessarily close to aiding the military industrial complex.  What would you do, if you were he?  In his position?  Under oath to protect and defend?

The slavering media drones clamoring for and mindlessly inferring, if not insolently demanding Trump take us to war with Russia was astonishing.  WTF???  How stupid is media stupid?  How stupid can journalism stupid be?  What’s wrong with these people…and more importantly, what’s wrong with the conditioned folks on Main Street soaking this mindless hatred up like thirsty sponges lost in an intelligence desert?  I get that American education is failing miserably, but do we have to brag on it to the world?

The second thing was (and is) the compulsive grasping by journalism school sycophants for smoke and mirrors, non-reality and the screeching insistence that an obvious psyop is real.  WTF again???  There still  isn’t and never has been one shred of evidence provided by anyone that Russian people hacked the morons at DNC and the war mongering Hillary camp.  Thankfully, the HACKERS, through WickiLeaks primarily, exposed to Main Street that the Clintons are guilty of treason as are most of Congress, not to mention extensive involvement of the Privileged Powerful in morally depraved pedophilia; not to mention, unsavory implications of illegal child vaccine testing and organ harvesting in UN protected seclusion as is going on in central Haiti.  It is now revealed, to those paying attention, that our CIA at Oligarch behest, misusing American wealth, diplomatic influence and military power are de-stabilizing defenseless countries like Somalia, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Libya, Syria and Haiti to name a few – where thousands of orphans are brutally created (we call it liberated), kidnapped (we call it rescued), used for illegal drug testing (we call it UN peace-keeping aid) and finally organ harvested ( we don’t even recognize this one) before hiding evidence (we call it burial)…and that’s for the less attractive kids.  The pretty ones are taken for sale as pedophilic sex slaves in well traveled circles of the rich and famous in horror shows like Washington D.C.  BUT THE MEDIA AND MAIN STREET DON’T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT OR DISCUSS ANY OF THIS – DO THEY -DO WE?

The third thing is simply insistence by apparently ignorant media drones that their Oligarch motivated lies are somehow justified or necessary.  WTF??? Agendas are agendas and everyone has theirs.  We used to have a right to our own creative agendas here in America, including the editorial press, but today the Press Corpse throws tantrums insisting this is not acceptable.  It’s the Oligarch IDEOLOGY FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE OR THE HIGHWAY.  Chant, chant, chant!  Screech, screech screech!  As Hitler said, “Make the lie big and tell it often”.  As Bertrand Russel taught (and I’m paraphrasing); dumb down the useless eaters (Main Street) and if that doesn’t work, drug ’em until they believe snow is black, not white and they’re content to live as impoverished feudal serfs serving their bettersIn what way do media lies serve the best interest of anyone?  The negligent press wreak destruction upon their own children with this pathetic nonsense.  Lies serve ignorance, nothing more.

The fourth thing is the schizophrenic anti-war – or is it hypocritical Left and corrupt Right wailing like hyenas?  WTF???  These conditioned morons, “useful idiots” as Lenin referred to academics and press, ignored Clinton Administration war crimes in Somalia and Yugoslavia.  Then openly and rightly hated Bush I for misusing American might to commit war crimes and aid Oligarch Resource Rape.  Then completely ignore Obama’s war crimes, sinking far below anything Bush I could ignorantly dream of by murdering thousands of innocent civilians with drones… and now, it appears they actually have in President Donald Trump, an ANTI-WAR / PRO-PEACE / PRO-DIPLOMATIC LEADER sitting in the Oval Office and they can’t stop berating him for trying to work peacefully with other nations during the lousy four weeks he’s been in office.  This is either STUPIDITY, HYPOCRISY  or I guess both at sub-human levels of disgrace rendering it embarrassing to be human.

I don’t know if Trump is real.  I don’t go to the meetings – BUT FOR OUR OWN SAKE ON MAIN STREET AND ACROSS THE WORLD – Trump deserves a chance to show who he is.  We on Main Street deserve the same opportunity.

Like the late John Lennon so eloquently and melodically sang back in ’69 with his Plastic Ono Band“GIVE PEACE A CHANCE“.  If not, destruction is always waiting in the Neo-Con wings.  Destruction is forever if we keep on choosing it.  The Oligarchs insure we get what we ask for.


This Vlog discusses the ridiculous notion that the U.S. can import povery by the truck load and not widen the income gap. It also discusses how our Southern Border Crisis plays into this notion while creating future patronage voters.

We have an astonishing and unfortunate human disaster playing out on our Southern border.  How does this fit today’s D.C. political agenda?  Can we ask a few questions;  or should we just feed the children and play dumb as we’re being told to by Washington D. C. and the statist media?

Don’t we find it amazing that our statist Press Corpse seems rendered incapable of Socratic Irony or discernment of any kind really, regarding the Marxist Democrat demands that our sovereign U.S. borders be erased; that hundreds of thousands (about 300,000 just since December 2013) of illiterate, low skilled workers from South America, Mexico and wherever be immediately granted amnesty — and then complain that the U.S.  INCOME GAP is widening?  Really?

How can it be possible to import poverty stricken, illiterate people into our country by the millions and fail to understand that the overall level of individual income and wealth as statistical averages must  drop precipitously?  Have deductive reasoning skills been dropped from our school curricula?

Are we not stunned to observe seemingly educated people demand government forcibly impose higher and higher taxes, that is, confiscate private monies thereby removing those monies from possible investment and job creation — and then simultaneously complain bitterly that the private sector is not investing and creating enough jobs?  Has the space between our collective ears become vacant?

History challenged Utopians the likes of Vermont’s self-described Scandinavian-style Socialist Senator, Bernie Sanders proclaim daily that everything private is bad;  anything government is good.  Old indoctrinated Bernie sites socio-economic facts weekly on his own website proving that his collectivist ideas don’t work and then blames free market capitalism for the obvious failure of socialist meddling.  His own facts prove that to the extent we impose socialist delusions onto free markets we fail to achieve positive results and end up imposing uniformly distributed poverty and mediocrity.  Bernie complains constantly about the unfortunate results of his own policies, not unlike Barack Hamas Obama, who does something stupid and then campaigns for weeks afterward against it, while blaming others for his own failure.  Rush refers to this phenomena as the Limbaugh Doctrine and it’s comical to watch the Press Corpse slurp the slop Obama liberally serves up between vacations.

Are we amazed that a seemingly educated Kirsten Powers states unequivocally on Fox News that U.S. borders should be open and that this would be good for our country?  If the United States has no borders, then to whom exactly does the Constitution, Bill of Rights and what was once our Rule of Law apply?  Everyone on earth?  Tad imperialistic don’t you think Ms. Powers?  To no one?  Tad seditious don’t you think Ms. Powers?  Countries are nothing more than managerial groups of people.  No border – no country.  No country – no established order.  No order – anarchy, then tyranny fills the void.  So reads human history over and over again.

Sans the Rule of Law as established by the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights and sans some defined border within which it may apply – what remains?  The Rule of Man remains and the Rule of Man is governed by he or she who carries the biggest stick and has the most wealth.  Governing by the biggest stick is dictatorship.  Is this what you wish for Ms. Powers?  If not, please take a seat and try to think through your collectivist indoctrination.  Consider reading an unredacted  history book.

All governments must live off the private wealth confiscated or donated by individual citizens.  Governments create and produce nothing other than armies, regulations and laws.  All governments are pure 100% cost supported by private revenue creation.  Collectivism can only survive by confiscating wealth created by productive individuals.  When the producers have been wiped out or driven off;  socialism collapses on itself – usually within three to four generations (a generation being about 25 years).

Unadmitted American Marxists, both Democrats and Establishment Right Republicans support collectivist, centrally controlled, top down government policy structures and confiscatory tax rates.  To accumulate absolute power they have so far chosen to garner an absolute voting majority as opposed to using force as in Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea and other historically sad places.  Today, the easiest persuadable voter acquisition target is the uninformed, government dependent, patronage voter, who can be created and nurtured as in our inner cities;  or imported as in what we see right now from South and Latin America.  Apparently, Washington D.C. is unhappy with the rate of government dependent, patronage voter creation;  hence the Plan B Importation Method.  This humanitarian crisis is not happenstance.  It’s been planned, funded and expedited by someone.  Unfortunately for the victims, it was poorly planned and has so far been carried out as a horrible human rights atrocity.  What  monster cruelly smuggles people across the brutal Chihuahua and Sonoran Deserts in July?

We have since December, approximately 300,000 mostly South and Latin American illegals now on American soil.  They must be fed and cared for – there is no other choice for decent people.  That said – Americans can walk and chew gum at the same time.   Obviously, there is no intent within the 10 square miles of the District of Columbia to send these imported people back.   They are instead, being actively distributed across the U.S. – I suppose to areas requiring more collectivist indoctrinated voters.  Caring for these hapless victims of political agenda is the easy chewing gum part.  Inquiring honestly as to WTF is going on here is the hard part and make no mistake about it – as citizens we better ask some hard questions or we are contributing to this atrocity via our own apathy.

Let’s feed the children – no argument there – but let’s ask three simple questions and as citizens demand answers from Washington D.C.

1.  Someone is organizing, advertising and propagandizing poverty stricken people across South America and Latin America to believe that if they reach the U.S. border they will be taken care of.  Who is doing this?  Who is paying for all this?

2.  These propagandized South American people are lured to predetermined, advertised locations where they are met and picked up by members of drug cartels to be illegally and cruelly smuggled across Mexico from South America and Latin America to the U.S. southern border?  Remember, unlike the U.S., Mexico has strictly enforced immigration laws.  Who is organizing this smuggled shipment of human beings? Who is coordinating with these vicious drug cartels? Who is paying for this human degradation?

3.  Our Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) advertised on January 29, 2014 for contractors to escort Unaccompanied Alien Children around the United States.  See the link below.

Of course, we now know in spite of the media gag order, these are not all children.  Many are entire families or in their upper teens and twenties.  At least some are Middle East Jihadists mixed in with the unmanageable crowds.  Dozens, maybe hundreds are guerrilla trained members of Mara Salvatrucha or MS-13, the most violent criminal gang currently operating in more than 4,000 U.S. cities as subsidiaries of the drug cartels.  This Federal advertisement proves this is a known D. C. plan, not an unforeseen emergency.  This pathetic atrocity has been planned, which leads to our third and last obvious question.  Who are the corrupt Washington D. C. gutter denizens perpetrating this horrible atrocity?  Are they elected;  unelected;  or both?

Personally, I’d like to see these three questions asked and answered.  Must we care for these people?  Of course we must, but caring for them doesn’t stop the atrocity nor explain why it’s being perpetrated in the first place, nor by whom.