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If you are a Millennial or aging Baby Boomer you are literally being harvested.

Before I explain my thoughts, a quick digression.

While we distract and  irritate each other with what The Donald does with his free time, ignore Bill Clinton’s actual rapes, Hillary’s treason and never ending lies to uneducated black people, gays, etc.; our Federal government has admitted to missing more than $35 trillion dollars.  An interesting feat given Obama’s latest budget reconciliation of $4 ridiculous trillion and change.  D. C hasn’t gotten a budget approved since 2009, but these pathetic political mutants had time for more than $35 trillion to go unaccounted for – AND WE THE DISTRACTED PEOPLE DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE.  How wide do we think Kim’s butt is?  We know that.

The $35 or so trillion consists of Bush’s $2.3 trillion missing from Dept of Defense (DoD) in 2001; Obama’s $6.5 trillion missing from DoD in 2015; and the $27 trillion in Bush/Obama bailouts to the big banks from 2008 through 2016 via the unaudited, privately owned Federal Reserve.  Financial analysts claim there is another $15 trillion or so unaccounted for in other Federal Agencies; so a total of $50 trillion missing.  For what it’s worth $8 trillion would have paid off every mortgage in America in 2008 – so in who’s pockets did $27 trillion disappear – cause I don’t know anyone on Main Street who had their mortgage paid off by Uncle Sam’s banker thugs.  End of digression.

Skilled financial analysts such as Catherine Austin Fitts are looking at this astonishing circumstance, wondering if Elite insiders are conducting a CUT-AND RUN before the predicted economic crash, whether it’ll be a slow burn or crash and burn.  I happen to agree with their musings and questions, though what follows are my own heavily biased opinions.

I believe the continuing decision by the Federal Reserve not to raise interest rates suggests a decision has been made as to what direction the Elite intend to try guiding our economy.  The Fed has to raise rates to save the pension funds, which are completely upside down and will eventually begin defaulting on commitments.  However, raising interest rates will kill our already floundering, production challenged economy.

The Fed isn’t raising rates and if they do, it will be a tiny pandering band-aid, not a real fix.  This suggests to me, they have decided to rape the pension funds.  The Obama Administration’s Dodd-Frank legalized the taking of our pension funds, along with other bank accounts, but doing so openly could instigate difficult-to-manage civil unrest, even among apathetic Americans.  Easier just to steal it from the unwashed because they don’t pay attention anyway.  I’m guessing the Oligarchy decided there is no way they’re going to waste trillions of saved Main Street retirement dollars on nursing homes, meds and assistance for useless eater Baby Boomers.  No how – no way!

At least some of the big transnational monopolies are openly re-organizing and divesting themselves of liabilities.  They are off-loading red ink, retaining black ink and preparing to cut-and-run leaving Main Street to sort out the insolvent mess.  According to Ms. Fitts, Lockheed Martin is one such example.  When Main Street retirees realize their pensions have been cleaned out… it will be too late to fix.  It looks to me like Main Street citizens are literally being harvested by the Oligarchy families and it’s being done with the help of the corrupt goof-balls we elect to supposedly represent us in D.C.

I believe this harvesting decision was reached some time ago, as the Reagan Administration was already concerned about retirement fund unsustainablity for Baby Boomers back in the eighties.  There’s nothing here that hasn’t been known for several decades and unlike Main Streeters, the inbred Elite do pay attention.


We still have a Constitutionally recognized right to demand an explanation from D.C. as to where this money went and under what terms it will be paid back to the American people.  We must exercise this right before Main Street is convinced  to foolishly go the Constitutional Convention route, which will allow the Elite to deceitfully play around and ultimately deprive us legally, of every unalienable right our Founders sacrificed to provide us.  Ms. Fitts is a very smart woman and maintains the American people are not prepared to go up against the well organized Oligarchy’s legal team in a Constitutional debate.  She also asks: “Why should we risk changing our Constitution when we don’t enforce the one we have?  Just enforce what we already have.  It’s safer.”  I agree with her.  A Constitutional Convention held on a tilted playing field is not a contest we the people can win.

This 2016 election is not about Trump’s love life or Hillary’s vacuous lies.  It’s about the future of our world’s Main Street citizens.  Are we a herd of cattle as Bertrand Russell claims?  Or will we stand up for ourselves and our children?

Wake up folks – WE ARE BEING HAD – and we better demand accountability while we still can cause the crash and burn clock is ticking.  Will it be 2017?  2018?  2019?  I don’t pretend to know, but that clock is ticking, so act accordingly.


If I suggest our Constitutional Republic and its three malfeasant branches of government are no longer functional; that we the people are becoming neo-feudal, indebted serfs, because hard working Democrats and Republicans vote for politician pawns appropriating funds for a growing U.S. Administrative Dictatorship; an unelected dictatorship operated by dynastic families with controlling interest in the world’s  largest, most criminally fraudulent banks profitably funding said debt prison; families also holding controlling interest in every significant Fortune 500 company, many of which are despicable monopolies; monopolies staffing and operating all major Federal Regulatory Agencies for their own protection while taxing and regulating Main Street competition out of business; and who own and operate elected and appointed officials via juicy insider trading deals and lucrative post-political career postings with these same monopolies, all paid for and voted for by naive Main Street citizens in the service of various dehumanizing Elite Agendas – would you believe me?

Of course not!  We’ve all been taught (conditioned actually) by TV, radio and so-called newspapers that the obvious circumstances stated above are not the case… and unfortunately many of us irrationally accept this to be true, though our intuitive guts tell us otherwise.

The world’s dynastic families declared psychological war on the individuality, creativity and freedom of unwashed United States citizens shortly after WW II through London’s  The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, finally launching their first visible attack in 1959 via the CIA/MI6 Psychedelic Poisoning Escapades birthing 60’s counter-culture and finally, the full on 70’s CIA drug running program flooding the streets of America with marijuana, heroin, cocaine and crack cocaine.  Please note that every step of this insidious, dehumanizing pogrom was enabled and funded by our elected Representatives in Washington D.C. – big government in action.  Even conservative hero, Ronald Reagan was deeply embedded in this covert op along with George Herbert Walker Bush, William Jefferson Clinton as Governor of Arkansas, Ollie North and too many others to name.  You may recall Iran-Contra and eliminated journalist Gary Webb, who supposedly shot himself not once, but twice in the head, trying to tell Main Street what was going on.

Most 1960’s hippies, particularly the Haight-Ashbury wanna-be’s after ’67 or so, naively believed they were breaking free of the Establishment, flipping off The Man, making smart choices, learning to love and of course, nurturing the earth in a more profound way.  60’s reality was stepping neck deep without waders, straight into The Man’s covertly contrived river of shit, via Bertrand Russell’s CIA operated vision of medicating American citizens into complacent acceptance of Elite servitude through drug induced infantilism and propaganda, all aided by Frankfurt School, Theodore Adorno’s theories regarding musically induced psychosis.  More cost effective and less messy Tavistock realized, allowing unsuspecting people to chose  imprisonment within their own minds rather than martialling expensive jack boots and re-education camps.  The Plutocracy’s experiment in forced Fascism through dictatorship in Nazi Germany had utterly, though profitably failed as did the Bolshevik Experiment.  When Mr. Hitler raged out of Oligarchy control, the surprised Elite had to put their lap dog down.  The millions of lives destroyed through the horror of bank-family-funded war didn’t bother the Oligarchy one whit.  They made boku bucks instigating war, drinking blood money champagne and then financing the rebuilding of dozens of cities their policies, over good cigars, destroyed.  Useless eater lives are worthless anyway Bertrand Russell opined and the Elite chant over caviar and cognac.

America’s 21st Century began as a fully operational, criminally insane, sociopathic, Tavistockian contrived psyop orchestrated by intellectually challenged, inbred blue bloods with more money than brains, but able to hire privileged, pathological technocrats to work for their foundations, institutes, think tanks and universities.  Tavistock learned that humans joining a group tend to abandon individual responsibility, adopting behaviors encouraged or coerced by the group.  Early mass drug experiments were staged through the CIA’s early 60’s manipulation of Ken Kesey and The Merry Pranksters’ Acid Tests and later the legendary bus ride (you’re on the bus or off the bus); 1967’s Monterey International Pop Music Festival, 69’s Woodstock (Kesey’s Merry Pranksters again as Hog Farm) and so on.  By the end of 1969 the Elite had through their trusty CIA operatives created more than half a million young drug enthusiasts to carry the chaotic message of drug induced delusion up and down the streets of America.  Today Tavistock propagandizes participation in distracting, emotionally charged, reason challenged mini-groups as the diseased limbs of the sickened cultural tree for every divisive concept imaginable; liberals against conservatives, men against women, gays against heteros, white against black, haves against have-nots, and so on.  Collectivism at its spiritually annihilating, drug induced best.

Sidebar:  Mr. Kesey purportedly first popped LSD in 1959 as a Stanford University (Tavistock school) creative writing, grad student volunteer for government funded drug research carried out at Palo Alto’s  Menlo Park Veterans Hospital.  An insidious military program testing effects of psychoactive drugs like Amphetamine IT-290, LSD, Mescaline and Psilocybin. The rest as they say is history, though in Mr. Kesey’s defense, he did speak out against the use of LSD in 1966.  I wasn’t there, unfortunately never met Mr. Kesey, a writer whose work I enjoy and have no idea whether his denouncement of acid was coerced to stay out of prison or believed, but either way, the damage was done; the Elite had their counter culture battering ram to set about bringing the independent American middle class to its drug soaked, bloody economic knees, where finally the Oligarchy hopes, we will beg for the Elites’ planned Hegelian solution, or managed synthesis as Hegel himself would have said.  The final synthesis is of course, a free roaming state of impoverished feudalism.  I don’t know whether Mr. Kesey garnered anything worthwhile from his experience, but I am personally saddened that so many of my Baby Boomer peers have never come to grips with the realization we’ve been had – and brutally so by cowardly, corrupt government Representatives we foolishly elect.

If we were smart, we’d turn off our TV sets and never turn them back on.  We won’t of course, so the next best thing is at least do ourselves the favor of watching fewer than 6-hours per day, which studies show, make us stupid.  We need to think for ourselves or as Thomas Jefferson predicted so long ago; we will be nothing more than serfs on the same land our Founders bled and died for.

Many politicians, media types, pundits and academics parrot the erroneous sound bite, “free markets have failed”.  To provide fairness they proclaim, we need more government intrusion so the little people can prosper.  We hear this with respect to most major industries from banking, energy and mining to automobile manufacturing and of late, health care.  Of course, those actually paying attention understand that there are no significant free markets in any of these areas.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.

Free markets have not failed.  Free markets have simply been abandoned; in the United States, formally since 1913.  In place of free markets, under the guise of consumer protection we have instead, government protected monopolies in every major industry.  The entire world and certainly the United States is now controlled by international conglomerate monopolies through a form of reverse fascism where the monopolies control government to serve their own agendas.  Granted, we still have over taxed, competitive small businesses on Main Street, but these are increasingly brutalized by corrupt, monopoly managed regulatory agencies every day of every week.  Competition, independence and self-actualization are done away with.

Some will say that big money isn’t political;  it simply wants political access and will pay to get it from whoever is in power.  As a sentiment, this is correct, but for today’s Global Elite, doesn’t go far enough.  First of all, never confuse honest Main Street corporations with Elite Monopolies.  The Elite don’t stand in the doorway, hat in hand, begging useless eater politicians for handouts and favors in exchange for contributions.  Much more effective to own the politicians lock, stock and barrel.  Big money learned over the past four hundred years or so that if you own and operate the politician, you can simply demand whatever you want, whenever you want it;  and voila – there it is – all at tax payer expense.  The politicians are readily owned by the BIG BANKS who control the debt money supply.  Every dime a politician pawn spends is borrowed from a bank, whether hard currency or digital dollars – and every debt dollar created pays interest to those banks and the families who own them.

The world’s Elite, made up of maybe 300 or so families, own nearly all central banks in this world and therefore control the money supply of nearly all nations.  This means they create loose money or can tighten money at their whim, thereby controlling ups and downs of the business cycle.  Through these families extends a network of interlocking corporate directorships and control extending across all major industries.  Beneath this corporate layer lies an enormously far reaching network of private clubs, foundations, institutes, think tanks, study groups and universities which function as the programming and vetting vehicles for those who will rise to success within the media and Ruling Class, both of which serve the Elite.  To aid in effectively programming the unwashed, the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations has since World War II been unleashed upon Main Street by the Oligarchy for the study and enhancement of mass behavior modification.  We now self-impose unhealthy Fascism on ourselves through participation in small, divisive groups in what we victims perceive as protective group-think, programmed by an extensive media and educational programming process.  Guns, guards, threats and box cars are no longer necessary.  We cast uninformed votes for our own impoverishment.

All R & D politicians at the national level are owned and operated via the Federal Reserve, the controlling entity of which is the New York Branch.  SO – WHO ACTUALLY OWNS AND OPERATES OUR HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, U.S. SENATE AND WHITE HOUSE?  MONEY OWNS AND OPERATES ALL THREE via the New York Federal Reserve Bank, which is 80% controlled by eight families, four of whom are not American.  Per Mr. J.W. McCallister in his book The Grim Reaper, they are:  Goldman Sachs, Kuhn Loebs, Lehmans and Rockefellers, all of New York;  along with Israel Moses Seifs of Rome, Lazards of Paris, Rothschilds of Paris and London and Warburgs of Hamburg.  Through these eight families, the twelve Federal Reserve Branch Banks are controlled by ten banks.  Per CPA Thomas D. Schauf, they are:  N.M. Rothschild of London, Rothschild Bank of Berlin, Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Warburg Bank of Amsterdam, Lehman Brothers of New York, Lazard Brothers of Paris, Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York, Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy, Goldman Sachs of New York and JP Morgan Chase Bank of New York.  Four individuals owning significant shares of the Fed are William Rockefeller, Paul Warburg, Jacob Schiff and James Stillman.

To provide the allusion of political choice, the Establishment Right basically functions as place holder for the Left politically, but takes the lead financially.  The Establishment Right has historically created the big money monopolies and finances the Left, while the Left claws tooth and nail using Establishment money for bigger and bigger, centrally controlled government, which in turn spawns the regulatory agencies which protect the monopolies.  It’s been an effective business strategy, but as usual, too much of anything is simply too much.  Elite greed along with geopolitical infighting among pathological Elite family members has led the world to the brink of financial collapse and caused a schism within the Oligarchy itself.  It appears there are now black hat and white hat factions battling for global control, which we see in the Clinton / Trump contest for the White house.  It appears Neo-con Hillary is working with the old guard black hats and Trump has sided with what appear to be the white hat faction, fed up with the failure of dehumanizing centralization and global resource rape.  It remains to be seen if this situation will be better or worse for us if Trump wins.  Hillary is pathologically bad all around, no question.

All major media outlets are owned and operated by the Global Elite, including the Associated Press (AP) and Reuters, which feed the propaganda line to the outlets.  Media control is paramount in controlling politicians in any top down, centrally controlled government structure because election outcomes are powerfully effected by media support and/or media enmity.  Candidates running for political office must have supportive media coverage, their opponents must have damaging media coverage and mountains of money will take care of everything else.  Public policy is handled the in the same manner.  Elite policies are put on a media pedestal, while opposing views are demonized or simply not covered at all.  Don’t underestimate the extent to which U.S. and world media lie by omission.  News and policy not covered can be more significant than what is covered.

The upshot of all this are endless manufactured battles designed to divide and conquer as well as to distract.  These media battles are typically shallow surface battles and never go anywhere near root causes of problems or issues.  They  are legion: Left vs Right; liberal vs conservative; rich vs poor; gay vs hetero; black vs white; Hispanic vs everybody; men vs women; young vs old; religious vs atheist; Christian/Jew vs Islam; and on and on and on.  The root cause of virtually all world problems today is simply the Global Elite, their study group system, their conglomerate monopolies; and their abuse of wealth and power.  The mistake we make as citizens is demanding solutions to problems, particularly government solutions, which always generates precisely what the Oligarchy desires – more problems and more societal stress,  rendering humans compliant and susceptible to suggestion.  The correct answer is not to seek solutions to symptoms – BUT STOP PLAYING THE GAME ALTOGETHER.  STOP TRANSMITTING NEGATIVE ENERGY WHICH JUST FEEDS  EVIL SPIRITUAL ENERGY THE DIET IT DESPERATELY CRAVES – and more importantly, can’t control humans without.  (There are entire books explaining what I just said.  Check out David Icke for example.)

All parties to all wars are funded by the Global Elite and their central banks.  Take away the issuance of currency from the Elite; take away their access to tax dollars and you will instantly end world wars.  Maybe not all squabbles between nations, but all major wars will vanish from earth.  The Elite thrive on business monopolies and use centrally controlled governments to protect them.  They also use tax dollars and public debt through insider contracts, tax breaks, etc. to assist in building them.  Regulatory agencies, darlings of the Left, have long since stopped protecting citizens.  The Left creates the draconian agencies, fights to establish intimidating power and then the Establishment Right swoops in and staffs the management through the revolving corporate door.  Like magic, the agency now enables the monopoly, even to the point of writing legislation and administrative rules to crush competition, create the allusion of civic minded public spirit and cooperation, eliminate their own tax bills and most importantly to sidestep any laws that may have slipped through the system.

What we now see failing across the globe and sadly, here in America is government sanctioned, protected  monopoly.  The Patient Protection and Unaffordable Care Act (Obamacide) is the best current example.  American consumers have been strangled by government enforced heath insurance monopolies within each state.  Now under PPACA, the monopolies are substantially strengthened and patient/doctor choices reduced through so-called exchanges.  More than three quarters of the States now offer only one, two or three choices between providers with premiums and deductibles through the roof.  Obamacare is massive intrusion of government into private markets and every politician and administrative bureaucrat who has lied about it should be indicted for consumer fraud.  Obamacare is no longer just a typical government safe haven for liars and cheats.  Obamacare is 1/8 of American private industry and those abusing and misrepresenting our health insurance ought suffer the same legal liabilities and penalties as private small business people do.

Career politicians and government sanctioned monopoly are eating the American Dream alive and we are casting our uninformed votes and fighting each other over nothing to enable the self destructive feast.  We can no longer sustain free markets or opportunity while continuing to vote for career criminals of the Marxist Left and Establishment Right, both offered up by pathological Oligarchy factions.  Nothing will ever change for the better, if we don’t change ourselves, become more aware; more discerning; more courageous and more willing to fight in a positive way for truth, freedom, generosity and love.

We don’t have free markets or capitalism.  America is a Fascist banana republic managed as an Administrative Dictatorship serving only the monopolies who control both elected and appointed national office.  Defund the RNC and DNC.  We don’t need term limits.  Get rid of incumbent career politicians who consider public elected office their job. Don’t vote for them.  Stop putting negative energy into what we don’t want.  This feeds the beast that’s eating us on a spiritual level.  Put positive energy only into those things we do want.

Most of us on Main Street think of consensus as defined by Merriam-Webster, basically agreement on something or other by two or more people; or maybe with our dog as to time of walk or trip to the park.  In Washington D.C. and hallowed halls of Fascist monopolies feeding on tax dollars or the Federal Reserve printing press, it means something quite different.  It means mind control.  I dislike that term because it’s extreme, but it’s an accurate and precise description of what manufactured consensus is used for.  (If you’re an unfortunate Common Core Victim, precision and accuracy are not the same; at least not scientifically.  Please look them up as employed in engineering or real science – the difference is interesting.)

In Washington D.C., its government sponsored monopolies, privileged media parrots and other parasitic NGO’s – CONSENSUS IS MANUFACTURED TRUTH to serve a political agenda; in turn usually serving an economic power agenda, which of course, has no relationship to truth or facts. Manufactured consensus repeated often enough through our conditioning tubes and radios becomes manufactured reality.  Our human mind doesn’t know the difference, hence our behavior is easily altered.  In other words we are mind controlled.  Our behavior is modified; nudged if you will, to use a Tavistockian psy-op term.

In 2016, when some integrity challenged, main stream media pundit (that would be all of them) utters the word CONSENSUS, hear “LIES posing as MANUFACTURED TRUTH”, which again is just LIES.  Then do what we Main Streeters who are still awake or just waking up always do.  FOLLOW THE MONEY!  FOLLOW THE POWER PLAY!  LEARN WHO’S PLAYING YOU!  Ask who benefits from this MANUFACTURED TRUTH – THIS LIE?  Cui bono?  {Latin: to whose profit?;  who benefits?}  Question boldly!  No fear!

In our 21st Century, Tavistockian Orwellian Newspeak Electro-Medic Psy-Op world (yes, I meant this confusing description as a consensus pun of sorts)  we see and hear manufactured consensus everywhere.  We are surrounded and inundated by it; attacked by it; overwhelmed by it;  controlled by it.  If we wish to be free individual people, if we wish our children and grandchildren to be free; if we care about this; then we must beware the effects of manufactured consensus on our thinking and behavior.  If you’re insulted, or to use a more manufactured consensus forming word, offended by my suggesting we are no longer free; there is probably no point reading any further as no escape is possible for you under that consensus.  If you suspect something amiss in Denmark or at home, please continue.

Today – in my humble opinion – most MANUFACTURED CONSENSUS IS GROUP THINK.  Not all, but most.  Why would someone want to manufacture GROUP THINK?  Because The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, a prime dynastic family think tank, determined groups are more easy to manipulate and control than are individuals.  When a human joins a group, the human becomes more willing to sublimate personal morays in favor of CONFORMANCE to group morays and demands, then tends to support and defend that group, even to the detriment or destruction of other groups.  In other words, groups are easily rendered divisive and if we read unredacted history, we know divide and conquer to be an effective strategy for many types of battles.  As Mr. Bill Whittles mentioned in his keynote speech given at David Horowitz Freedom Center’s 2016 West Coast Retreat held April 8-10 in Palos Verdes, CA., and I’m paraphrasing loosely here:  groups tend to protect themselves and when they do this against other groups, only the winning group is protected (my words) – the other groups are not protected; whereas in a worldview assessing people as individuals (my words) – when the individual is protected – all individuals are protected.  Mr. Whittle hit upon an important concept here.

Group Think, the dividing of people into disparate groups is an excellent way to pit group against group, keeping all group members distracted from reality, focused on divisive emotional minutia to the point of mindless violence and most importantly, distracting them from what the Oligarchy is doing – which is, HARVESTING US.  We on Main Street are having our hard work, created wealth, imagination and freedom harvested by fearful, dynastic, psychopathic miscreants, conditioned to the spiritually misguided concept of Malthusian scarcity, who are attempting to save the world’s resources for themselves; all while we’re being propagandized into socioeconomic impotence.  Our tacit agreement to group think consensus  comprises mental shackles leading us to blindly, self righteously vote for and defend to the death whatever media B.S. we’ve been conditioned to accept.  Conservatives/Liberals, Republicans/Democrats, males/females, gays/heteros, green/other colors, rich/poor, black/white, Jewish/Christian/Islamic, or whatever; these divisive groups effectively alienate us from one another, even from ourselves and motivate us to work against our own rational self interest.

Sociopathic Tavistock researchers have learned that 6 hours or so of TV viewing per day starts shutting down human ability not only to think creatively, but to think at all.  TV renders humans more docile and amenable to suggestive conditioning.  Tavistock loves this and though they use TV to drive public opinion, foment Group Think and modify behavior;  it more importantly dumbs down our thinking processes altogether.  We willingly and unknowingly turn ourselves into docile robots, fulfilling the trans-humanist dream of maximum control with little effort or expense and without the messy cattle cars, guns and concertina wire.  Remember, we are constantly scolded, only the government should have guns.  This is scientific consensus to keep us safe…from freedom I guess?

It’s time to say NO to consensus and the debilitating dangers of Group Think.  Time to say NO to Oligarchy serfdom imposed by Draconian taxation and unconstitutional regulation under the heels of privileged Ruling Class thugs and cowardly, so-called EXPERTS.  Time to turn the TV off, think for ourselves and recognize reality apart from contrived truth.  Watch what THEY do; pay no attention to what THEY say.  It appears the most egregious examples of lies masquerading as truth are in the area of so-called scientific consensus.

I am a civil and environmental engineer issued U.S. Patent 8,381,523 B2 on February 26, 2013 entitled GEOTHERMAL ELECTRICITY PRODUCTION METHODS AND GEOTHERMAL ENERGY COLLECTION SYSTEMS.  I have studied climate change and alternative energy for nearly two decades and I assure you, there is no scientific consensus on any of it; particularly when considering sun energy, variation of earth’s rotational axis, volcanic eruptions, etc.  The cherry picked, so-called consensus is fabricated; the ball disingenuously carried by politically driven, financially motivated academic con artists allowing themselves to be purchased and used so powerful entities can cheaply purchase media drones to construct contrived consensus for better controling our thinking, or lack thereof, and our behavior.

Medicine and pharmaceuticals are probably the most egregiously destructive examples with their insatiable, monopolistic appetite for sales, sales, sales of equipment, services and drugs.  I’m not saying our annual physicals are just sales opportunities to find things wrong that can be expensively treated, but I’m starting to think it.  Big foundations and institutes infiltrate our medical schools with money and our docs are trained in protocols favoring Big Pharma sales.  Woe to the doc who doesn’t generate enough drug sales or questions the protocol consensus.  We now have vaccines causing autism in thousands of kids, fluoridated water lowering IQ’s and causing cancer; and what, more than 225,000 people dying annually due to medical mistakes – and consensus is – we aren’t going to talk about this because everything is just dandy.  No problems in sight.  Check out Jon Rappoport’s blog at No More Fake News to educate yourself about this.  Mr. Rappoport is a good expert exposing and explaining contrived consensus.

On a different level we see manufactured consensus being created before our eyes as Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are crucified by an unholy dishonest media serving only the powers that be status quo regardless the disastrous effects on their own families, which they believe are protected through their cozy little CFR network.

I guess I’ve prattled on long enough.  You get the idea.  In short, consensus sucks.  Don’t believe any of this media fabricated nonsense.  Do your own research.  Think your own thoughts.  Use your imagination.  Turn your TV off and live life, be healthy and stay free.

How do our dismally limited choices for national elected office, such as, House of Representatives, U.S. Senate or President originate?  Where do these useless people who cannot solve one single problem come from?  Before we look at that, though, let’s consider the following:  the first a quote from the Father of Propaganda and the second a logical concept.

“Political campaigns today are all sideshows, all honors, all bombast, glitter, and speeches. These are for the most part unrelated to the main business of studying the public scientifically, of supplying the public with party, candidate, platformand selling the public these ideas and products.”  {Edward Bernays from his book Propaganda – as taken from Joseph Plummer’s TRAGEDY and HOPE 101}

I’ll add here that most of us prefer to support politically what we believe to be OUR OWN IDEA(s), which brings us to…

…Simplified, the Hegelian Dialectic can basically be broken into a three part logical construct: THESIS – ANTI-THESIS — SYNTHESIS, or in other words;  PROBLEM – REACTION — SOLUTION.  The underlying logical premise of the above suggests humans are more able to comprehend issues and concepts when broken into polar opposites for comparison.  This comparison of opposites idea can also be effectively employed to influence   human thought and behavior.  An example might be:  PROBLEM = 9/11; REACTION = chaos of fear and retribution – something must be done;  SOLUTION = The Patriot Act with loss of American freedoms and WAR raining down on folks having nothing to do with 9/11.  Go figure?

A basic grasp of the above quote and mention of Hegelian/Marxist thought processes are helpful in understanding how our political opinions can easily be manipulated and why independent, creative imagination along with avoidance of mass media conditioning are critical to the maintenance of individual freedom.  If we can’t think, we cannot win or maintain Main Street freedom against the Oligarchy’s networked plan for worldwide serfdom.  It is imperative we discern our own thoughts from media conditioned ploys.

A grass roots political candidate may be able to raise money and garner local support, but will likely never receive national media support and positive press coverage unless anointed by the Establishment.  Mr. Joe Plummer summarizes the program succinctly in his short version of Carroll Quigley’s TRAGEDY and HOPE where he characterizes the Elite Matrix as the NETWORK:

“In short: without the Network’s backing, a candidate will remain a relative nobody in the election. They will be relegated to begging door to door for enough money to run an (almost meaningless) advertising campaign. However, with Network backing, the candidate can count on millions of dollars in campaign donations, a long list of credible endorsements, and a nearly priceless amount of exposure through the Network’s propaganda instruments. (In the unlikely event that a truly independent candidate emerges, with enough money or a large-enough following to gain some ground, the Network will simply use its instruments to smear and ostracize the candidate and the candidate’s supporters.)

To be clear, this isn’t to suggest that the Network-backed candidates are necessarily involved in the election deception. “President of the United States” is a job title that fewer than forty-five men have held. The desire to join the ranks of such an exclusive club, with all of its attendant perks, is undoubtedly very real. The candidates might even genuinely disagree with a few positions held by their opponents. In fact, it’s even better if they do. (The meaningless bickering between them, and the partisan hysteria it incites among the public, only adds to the overall illusion of voter choice.) But on the issues that matter most to the Network, each sponsored candidate is virtually identical in value.

The beauty of this system is its simplicity. The Network scouts potential talent, performs the necessary background checks, and, after conveying its expectations, offers its vital assistance to a handful of candidates. After some “bombast, glitter, and speeches,” the public chooses from the products (party, candidate, and platform) that were put before them.”  {Joseph Plummer, TRAGEDY and HOPE 101}

Simple but effective business plan and system outlined by Mr. Plummer above.  I believe this to be political reality.   Elite families own the banks; interlock with all major multinational conglomerate monopolies; create the foundations and institutes; which feed publishing, education and media; which influence Main Street thinking to conform to the Elite Agenda;  and voila – Main Street votes for its own impoverishment by corrupt government psychopaths owned and operated by an even more corrupt, psychopathic criminal Elite, often lauded as philanthropists.  Small wonder Washington D.C. benefits no one on Main Street.

I see our 2016 November Presidential election as follows…

For the Democrats, Bernie Sanders is a place holder for Hillary Clinton (a product created by the Bush Crime Family) providing the allusion of socialist Democrat choice.  Hillary in turn is a place holder for Mitt Romney.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Mitt Romney, the 2012 quitter who threw his own election to Obama’s 2nd term in return for what?  I don’t know, I don’t go to the meetings, but we can guess a carrot and a stick are likely involved on poor old Mitt’s end.

For the Republicans, John Kasich apparently got a motel carrot and stick meeting and is dutifully splitting the Trump/Cruz vote as best he can, insuring a brokered Republican convention, which is being set up for absolute Cleveland Chaos and the certain election of treasonous political hack, greedy Hillary – UNLESS – an Establishment/Tea Party compromise candidate can be raised from the ashes of propagandized nonsense to battle the shrieking Democrat war monger, Ms. Clinton.  My guess is Mr. Mitt Romney will be that last man standing.  I can’t read Trump.  I don’t know if he’s a true independent, non-ideologue, rogue headed for an accident or just an Establishment shill.  Time will tell, but I doubt he will be President.

I believe Hillary has outlived her usefulness to the Oligarchy and is now taking what crumbs she can still get, which is hundreds of millions so pretty good treason pay, but not honorary membership among the dynastic bloodlines she envies so much.  If this is the case, Mitt will rise and be anointed President on January 20, 2017.  I think this is the business plan, but it doesn’t mean I’m right and doesn’t mean the Oligarchy can pull it off.  It’s possible Trump is an honest to God wild card.  I have no idea, but if he is real, I’d like to see him throw a giant wrench into the sick D.C. status quo…at least until his accident is orchestrated.

It matters not one whit, whether my guess is on point or not, because the final two choices are in any case,  always limited to Oligarchy Approved, World Order Globalists, guaranteed to do what they’re told by their crime bosses.  I hope you weren’t thinking the Secret Service is there to protect the President?  I suppose they are secondarily, but don’t you think their real job is to make sure the White House Pawn stays on task?  I sure do.  Not so easy to be a Presidential Pawn in the real world.  These lunatics play for keeps…ask JFK, his brother Bobby or his son JFK Junior.

This video blog discusses the Communist medical coup, Obamacare and offers a five point, free market prescription to replace it with after REPEAL;  an actual American solution rather than a European style con job dumping our freedom into the Federal toilet.

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