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This is one of my unsolicited, gray-haired, Dad-Talks for my Millennial friends regarding their future in context of this 2016 election.  For the White House:  as usual, not two choices, but two limited options selected for us by Elite pawns.  Option One, behind The Right Door;  unknown Casino Mogul Trump, who may or may not be good for Main Street and the world, but whom the Corrupt Left/Right Establishment are terrified may attempt, if elected, to derail D.C. fraud and criminality on behalf of Main Street citizens.  Option Two, behind the The Left Door; known integrity challenged Hillary, whose thirty-year track record proves pandering talk changes nothing outside the Clinton bank account, whose political access sales continue to grow at an impressive treasonous rate.  Likely reality is, the systemic D.C. corruption infection runs so deep, no President, regardless of Party or intentions can measurably cure it.  The U.S. is going to experience a serious economic downturn in the not too distant future.  There’s no stopping it at this point.  Propagandized D.C. nonsense of unemployment under 5%, no inflation and so forth is absurd.  The question is, where do we go; where do Millennials go from the downturn?  Your choice entirely and as always in economics, not to choose is to choose.  Why should you allow others to make your choices for you?

Journalism is dead.  Objective news reporting is dead.  Who, What, When, Where and Why are no longer objectively reported, but are instead used and packaged to sell Main Street whatever impoverishing agenda the owners of the six remaining media monopolies wish sold by the conditioned drones staffing their networks and  cable news outlets.  You get supposed conservative B.S. on one side and liberal B.S. on the other, but both are owned and operated by the same Oligarchy families and differ only in meaningless, distracting, pandering rhetoric.  If you want facts, truth or honest analysis, you must wade through alternative media to find it.  There is no other way.  If you don’t care about your future it doesn’t matter.  If you do care about truth and your future, you’ll have to do the work.  As Edward Bernays once wrote, “All news is propaganda and all propaganda is lies”.

Doing the work means THINKING FOR YOURSELF; USING YOUR IMAGINATION; INVESTIGATING ORIGINAL SOURCES.  The Plutocracy understands unimaginative, non-thinking people will accept Oligarchic Control indefinitely and can actually be drugged into being pleased with it.  (Bertrand Russell wrote extensively on this idea.)  Educated, thinking, imaginative individuals on the other hand, never accept Oligarchic Control for very long.  It is critical to your health, well-being and future that as a Millennial you grasp this simple concept and how television, radio and other media are used to condition and entrain us with WHAT TO THINK while simultaneously enabling us NOT TO THINK AT ALL.

Understand that you’re being had, systematically harvested actually, to borrow a Catherine Austin Fitts’ term, ( ) just as my Baby Boomer generation was and is being had.  American citizens have been and are being conditioned / entrained since 1948, primarily through The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations to incrementally accept Oligarchic control of their lives; the ultimate Plutocracy Goal being reduction of the general Main Street population to a state of free-roaming, neo-feudal serfdom.  Through drugs, propaganda and mis-education we are taught that snow is black, not white.  As we accept this entrainment; unseemly coercion, guns, cattle cars and expensive re-education centers are no longer necessary.  This is not theory.  This is an actual action plan and below is a partial list of people to study, all of whom have publically written and spoken of the need for and nature of this plan.  If you care about your future, do your own research.  Take a few moments and at least investigate the following people’s activities and plans for your life as a beginning shot at having a real life instead of a matrix driven psy-op.

Cecil J. Rhodes
Alfred Milner
John Rawlings Rees
Kurt Lewin
Theodor W. Adorno
Bertrand Russell
Edward Bernays

The short list above will get you going on a path toward getting your arms around what’s actually going on in the world –  cause it ain’t related to anything FOX NEWS, MSNBC, NPR, CNN, TALK RADIO or any of the lame stream, statist media are distracting us with, while the media owners, the Elite Oligarchy wander across the planet ruining millions of lives and busying themselves with resource rape.

If KNOWLEDGE IS POWER as Eustace Mullins told us – I sincerely hope my Millennial friends wake up from our mutually shared, Tavistock induced coma and do a better job of self-government than my naive Baby Boomer generation has?  When I speak of things to get your arms around; here’s a D.C. financial fraud example.  Department of Defense (DoD) misplaced $2.3 trillion dollars in 2001.  The DoD Inspector General reports that for fiscal year 2015, DoD misplaced $6.5 trillion dollars.  From 2008 to 2016 the unaudited, Federal Reserve has given away $27 trillion in bank bailouts. (For comparison, realize in 2008, $8 trillion would have paid off every mortgage in the continental United States.)  Analysts are estimating other Federal Agencies like HUD, Dept. of Energy, etc. have approximately another $15 trillion unaccounted for.  This is a total of $50 trillion missing and unaccounted for in Washington D.C. since 2001.

The proposed 2017 annual budget is only $4.15 trillion. .  The United States hasn’t had a Constitutionally mandated, Congressionally approved fiscal budget since 2009, when Obama took office.  Can we say PLAUSIBLE DENIAL for both fully corrupt, complicit parties?  Can we even imagine the level of fraud and corruption necessary to lose $50 trillion dollars and never have one D.C. politician pawn question it or the lame stream press mention it?  Congressional oversight?  None at all.  Under the table deals?  500%.

WTF?  Maybe we should be asking about this sort of thing during our infantile, so-called Presidential debates, instead of what a billionaire Casino Mogul does in his free time?  I mean a billionaire Casino Guy gets some gorgeous pussy on the side.  Wow!   Never saw that coming, huh?  Are we this vacuous?  I hope not… and don’t misunderstand.  I’m not defending pussy on the side, it’s a foregone conclusion in the world of big money, but frankly we have more important things to be wondering about and I hope our Millennials are up to the heavy lifting because obviously myself and my baby Boomer generation haven’t got it handled.