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What might Americans and the world get for Christmas?

Let’s backtrack a bit before answering.  Our U.S. education system and I suppose most of Europe’s as well, largely decimated by globalist delusion no longer teach history; not history as it happened anyway.  If our educators still taught history, both adults and young people would clearly understand that America’s colonial experiment with socialism failed miserably.  The following story is recounted from A Patriot’s History of the United States by authors Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen.

In 1609 a small English fleet of nine ships sailed to Jamestown, Virginia with approximately 600 men and a small number of women who took free passage to Virginia as offered by the Virginia Company (previously the London Company) in exchange for seven years of indentured service to Virginia Company.  More vessels continued arriving at Jamestown and these new indentured servants along with those already settled experienced together what the winter of 1609-10 came to be called; the starving time.  British colonists barricaded within James Forte survived eating horses, horse hide, rats, dogs, cats, toadstools and in some cases eating their own dead.

More indentured servants came and basically starved to death themselves watching their friends and neighbors die in collectivist mediocrity.  The colonies were run on a strict socialist model with colonists working on forced labor gangs, and shirkers flogged or even hanged.  So many perished that Virginia Company finally abandoned the socialist model entirely and desperately permitted private land ownership by the colonists.  This change to private ownership along with the introduction of tobacco farming soon had the Virginia colony thriving and  exporting products back to England.  America was still-born under socialism, but changed and survived her birth because of it.

I was never taught this colonial version of history back in the fifties and I doubt many of us were.  This story stands alone, untold by wanna-be Marxists and Establishment Right Pawns of Privilege living like parasites off the little fat remaining in Fascist America, but adding to this four-centuries old story confirms repeatedly, no country or nation state in the world has ever benefited its people by socialist ideology for any length of time.  Aside from stubborn ideological argument, simple math demonstrates no society can sustain an incremental nanny-state existence for more than four generations (about 100 -years).  Full-on communism as in Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, etc. implodes in three generations (about 75-years), which is why Russia and China have become State-Capitalist systems, which by the way, also cannot work for very long, but will outlive communism.  The link below shows Social Security data taken from the SS website.   SS From 1970 – 2011

In 1945 the Social Security System had 41.5 workers contributing for each beneficiary of the system.  In 2011 that number had declined to 2.9 and is slightly less than 2.9 today.  Less than three workers trying to support every non-worker.  The simple mathematics of population growth and decline easily demonstrate that no population can sustain retirement and old age by one group paying for another group.  Every group converges on 1:1 over time and this is true for every population on earth with only insignificant differences.  Arithmetic shows socialism cannot work.  Medicare and Medicaid are in the same sinking nanny-state boat.  No dice.  We must each plan for our own future while sustaining assistance for the disabled – that we can easily do.

Yet we have the Nancy Pelosi’s, Chuck Schumers, Barack Obamas and Hillary Clintons of the world stubbornly insisting America become a socialist state.  History clearly demonstrates these people are disingenuous liars serving a greedy global syndicate program harvesting Main Street productivity and wealth; or are stupid; or both.  As you may imagine, I vote for both: greedy and stupid.  There is no other explanation for Socialist Democrat or Establishment Republican corruption and criminal behavior.  Hopefully we all realize that Democrats nudge Main Street toward the totalitarian Left and Establishment Republicans place hold for them while impotently complaining incessantly.  There is only one New World Order Agenda in Washington D.C.  Two Parties; different rhetoric;  one agenda – totalitarian one-world government, which is of course, so unsustainable, it will never happen as we already see across the European Union with the yellow-vests and Qanon signs showing up everywhere.

Mockingbird MSM doesn’t report on it, but Trump supporters are demonstrating solidarity with the American Trump Administration all over Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, etc..  Enormous anti-globalist push-back is rising up from Main Streets all over the world.  It’s a beautiful thing to see, though it will get ugly before the globalist psychopaths are put out of business.

Our present global economic world crashed and burned financially in 2008 and 2009 and has been on corrupt intravenous feeding by central banks since.  Fraudulent fiat-debt-currencies created by obscenely unrealistic sovereign, corporate and personal debt levels are slowly collapsing world-wide.  The banking-war-debt-surveillance model is gasping its last breath.  We are living through a period of history that will be written about and studied for generations – should we wake up and survive our own omnicide?  Trump will be blamed by global syndicate order-followers of course, but the seeds of destruction were planted in 1913; managed by WW I and WW II;  nourished in 1934 by the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF); fertilized by the National Security Act of 1947; watered by the November 22, 1963 coup-d’etat;  burnished by 1971’s going to debt currency; the subsequent economic crashes; until today as the end of this evil petro-dollar system finally crawls to the trash bin of history.

We will soon see (I don’t know how soon.)  public indictments, trials, military tribunals and sentences meted out to treasonous and seditious people we trusted, believed in and mistakenly thought cared about Main Street.  This may well number in the thousands so hang on tight.  Significant structural changes will be made to our thoroughly corrupt financial system.  The resource rape, pedophilia, child sex trafficking, narcotics trafficking, weapons trafficking, illegal organ harvesting and all the blackmail ties to these crimes against humanity will come to light.  Some will be shocked.  Some won’t care.  Some will never believe regardless piles of evidence.  Some, like myself will be pleased to finally see this happen as no one, pre-Trump ever dreamed it possible.

What I hope to see for Christmas are signs that American Main Streeters and Main Streeters around the world are waking up in solidarity, putting on their spiritual boots, donning their spiritual discernment hats and going to work in support of this historic shift in spiritual awareness, with faith and confidence that with Divine Providence, we can support each other and work together within our respective communities to overcome the dark depravity of the Luciferian inspired global syndicate, its pathological shadow governments and its criminal, international deep state.

I don’t expect to see a great deal done before Christmas, though much is happening behind the scenes, but hope to see signs of our new, more abundant, safer future awakening via our own spiritual efforts, community spirit and courage in doing what’s right, not only for humanity, but for the entire world and all creatures inhabiting this spinning sphere along with us.  This is spiritual warfare above and behind the culture war, economics, politics, geo-politics, etc.  We the people of Main Street can only win this spiritual battle for a decent future by coming to understand our very real circumstance.

Merry Christmas and have a great New Year.  2019’s gonna rock with change and we’ll need to keep our feet on the ground and our wits about us.  Better days are coming.  GO, GO, GO GITMO.  WWG1WGA.


The good ship America may list from time to time, but trust me on this one;  the American people will never learn to sink and cannot be taught to fail.  That said:

How on earth can our American ship of state list to port and starboard at the same time?

Helpful sidebar:  OK, if you’re a navigationally challenged victim of Progressive de-education;  according to; port is left and starboard is right when facing toward the front of the boat as taken from  Middle English sterbord  (noun);  Old English stēorbord,  equivalent to stēor  (steering) + bord  side (board);  both of which come from ancient shipping, say pre-900 A.D., where boats were typically steered from the right side.  If you matriculated to Columbia University (I’m sorry), have been noninvasively lobotomized and are still completely and unfortunately dazed and confused;  we are speaking metaphorically here by using terminology typically associated with  capsized ships to create imagery depicting a nation drowning in lies.  Whew!  The dumbing down of America reduces explanation to exhaustive redundance.  I sincerely apologize to those of you who slipped through the system, actually learned and still have the ability to reason deductively.  Please be patient here;  it’s a virtue insisted both the good Sisters of Notre Dame (grade school) as well as the good Christian Brothers (high school);  and believe me , these folks are stuck on truth.

The accepted CFR way to manage metaphorically listing left and right at the same time in America is magical;  is an elaborate lie;  and is properly named Globalism; a warm, fuzzy euphemism for One World economic slavery – or the establishment of world wide feudal serfdom as I prefer to call it.  The primary country in the world and in matter of degree the only country in the world excepting possibly Australia where this black magic occurs is the United States;  which stands alone as the only country in world history once having a Federal government established of, by and for the people (Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address), thereby necessitating the need for Globalist lies on both the Left and the Right, whereas in most countries only the Left lie is required to institute equality of economic enslavement.  The lie was spawned in Frankfurt, Germany in 1773, when the United States was still but a dream in the hearts and minds of a brave few.

Port herded movements such as Occupy Wall Street (OWS), Nation of Islam, New Black Panthers, Code Pink and also the Starboard manipulated movements such as the Tea Party, have all correctly identified the obvious fact that freedom in America is rapidly vanishing.  Few of them, Starboard or Port have identified the empty rabbit hole (I say empty so as not to incriminate rabbits) steadily swallowing their freedom.  Left and Right ought realize that if they cannot join together in the war against Globalist economic slavery – both Left and Right will be Occupying, not Wall Street, but their new barn, where they will be rationed their genetically altered, aluminum resistant grain, not much differently than chickens, hogs and cattle.  This is in fact, precisely how the Global Elite view normal folk, though it is considered poor taste to mention it.

The dark, scary hole (let’s use that term and just avoid the bunny issue altogether), now a shallow grave for freedom, has not been dug by Democrats or Republicans.  It has not been dug by liberals or conservatives.  It is not a racial shovel;  nor rich / poor shovel;  nor hetero / homo shovel;  nor male / female shovel;  nor young / old shovel;  nor is it an environmental shovel or an urban renewal shovel or even a shovel between nations.  It is a giant, red and yellow excavator called One World.  The dark, scary excavator working the enormous, worldwide freedom pit is Globalism.

Dangerous Port side mutant George Soros refers to it as his Open Society, which means he’s open to grinding all of us whole.  He and his elitist friends envision earth having a population of about 500 million people.  Today’s population is on the up side of 6 billion.  You do the math for your Globalist future.  World wide famine anybody?  Anybody?  How about a few HAARP induced earthquakes and tsunamis?  Those could be pretty effective population reducers.

This freedom devouring pit is the few controlling the many using  cleverly orchestrated, divide and conquer mob rule as a base strategy to promote confusion, chaos and despair;  ultimately leading the many to deny their inherent individualism and replace it with the false hope, the lie of centralized government provided security – the historic reality of which, is uniform poverty.

Marxism will get a family of four about 800mg (1 3/4 lbs) of low quality sausage, a loaf or two of moldy bread, some beans or rice (not both) and a single bar of crappy soap per month, while the four try to stay sane in the central planner’s calculated, utopian vision of their two room, 12′ x 12′ (4m x 4m) concrete box home having one window, one door, one sink, one toilet, occasional electricity and occasional running, almost potable water – which means occasionally having functional sewer service.  One lamp is typically shared for reading, though there are no legally readable books anyway – so the dim, though beneficent government provided light just facilitates equal viewing of the shared, equal squalor.

The above described uniform destitution is commonly termed “fairness, in today’s Leftist idiomatic usage.  Equality of poverty, popularly referred to as “redistribution of wealth” among Leftist sheep who don’t actually have to live in it, is historic fact throughout communist Russia (U.S.S.R. until bankrupt), East Germany, Poland, Yugoslavia, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba and sadly, many other nations across the world.  It is slowly, though pervasively becoming prevalent across most of Europe, Australia and on a suddenly accelerating pace – here in what used to be free, prosperous, generous America.  Our Canadian brothers and sisters have intelligently veered back to Starboard and are much healthier and I hope safer for it.

The Left lie was never needed to enslave people until after the Left realized that violent takeover of the world was somewhat impractical and really, really messy.  40 million or more murdered in the Bolshevik utopia;  60 million or more murdered in the Maoist utopia;  11 million murdered in the Nazi utopia;  3 million of a total population of 6 million (if you’re a Columbia, Harvard or Yale grad – that would be 50%) murdered in the Cambodian (Pol Pot) utopia; and many millions more murdered in the smaller Marxist utopias of Nepal, Tibet and across Africa, South America and the rest of planet earth.

The Left lie began with the realization of demented folks like Antonio Gramsci, founder of Italian Communism, who realized Marxism could more practically prevail if spread like an intellectual disease inoculated as a supposed “better idea”.  This spiritually, mentally and physically abusive infection was enthusiastically embraced and spread by Herbert Marcuse and the Frankfurt morons, social deviate Saul Alinsky, cowardly professorial hypocrites Cloward and Pivens and too many others for dishonorable mention.  OK – maybe throw in Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dorhn, Cass Sunstein, Anthony (Van) Jones, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, Barack Hussein Obama and about half of Congress and the Supreme Circus so as not to be rude.

The overwhelming success of the societal parasites mentioned above is evidenced daily in Washington D.C., in every media outlet in the United States, in our text books, throughout academia, Hollywood and unfortunately in our voting booths as we uniformly and fairly vote for our own diminishment and denial as once free people…and here’s the funny part.  That “the joke’s on us”, which no Leftist I’ve ever met gets –  and in a previous life I’ve met retards from SDS, Weather Underground, Black Panthers, etc.  (You may enjoy knowing I used to foolishly carry Mao’s Redbook of quotations in my commie flannel shirt pocket at all times.)  The joke is that the international robber baron, bourgeoisie, capitalist pigs that the Left supposedly detests – CREATED THE LEFT;  FUND THE LEFT;  SUPPORT THE LEFT; AND USE THE LEFT to foment their divide and conquer strategy for chaos as mentioned above.

When the Left speak of CAPITALIST PIGS, they’re talking about productive workers and risk taking business owners such as you and I.  They never mention the true elite monopolists, who detest free market capitalism and who sponsor their conjoined ignorance.  That’s why THE FED, THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, etc. are strictly verboten not only for the Left lemmings, but also for supposed conservative heroes such as Rush, Colter, Hannity, Ingram, O’Reilly, etc. and it looks like we can add Palin to the list as well.  Doc Savage is not one of these sell outs, which is why he is basically blacked out except by Ingram, which will get her into trouble I suspect.

The Establishment Right may be myopic and get a red ribbon for deceit and naivete, but you have to give the blue ribbon for stupid to the Marxist Left for pure, unadulterated gullibility.  Most of them actually believe if they say socialist instead of communist; they can remain free; while I and others like me will be incrementally coerced into working really hard so we can pay for their crap, while they sit on their butts collecting free government booty… but they would be wrong.  I and others like me will not consent to a life of servitude in the Globalist barn.

Of course, the international elite pigs we’re talking about here are not free market capitalists at all. As uber-monopolist and funding partner of the Bolshevik Revolution, John D. Rockefeller famously bragged, “Competition is a sin”.  These international elite operate exclusively on an elevated plane of government sponsored, regulatory agency protected, untaxed conglomerate monopoly where the myopic voters themselves now ignorantly cast their conditioned votes for corrupted Representation facilitating and protecting the reverse fascist monopolies eating their economic and political independence.  The elite are the bad guys, but neither the Left nor the Right seem to get that.

The gullible Left is harshly used by the Globalists to battle and hopefully destroy potential entrepreneurial free market competition from ever gaining a secure foothold against the established elite monopolies in banking, finance, communications, technology, energy, mining, metals, industry, shipping, transportation, etc. – and of course, to political party domination as well.  This is done by fighting tenaciously – and stupidly – for big centralized government with its unaccountable, impenetrable  bureaucracies, whose corrupt regulatory agencies have all but crushed capital creation and new small business in the United States.  Given that small business used to generate more than 70% of all new jobs – this is a catastrophically victorious economic tragedy won by the Leftist lemmings.

The immense, staggeringly huge, Starboard lie is the supposed Constitution waving, Establishment Neo-con Globalist Right of the Republican Party.  The elite handlers of this societal, worsted wool detritus actually generate the cash used to finance both the Globalist Left and the Globalist Right pawns.  In other words, both the Establishment Right and the anti-establishment Left dance on the same Globalist puppet master stage all paid for by precisely the same people.  The only political movement left in America, still on its feet against this depraved onslaught is THE TEA PARTY, though most tea drinkers don’t really see the big picture either.  The good news is, The Tea Party consists of conservatives and liberals, who correctly informed or not, have their hearts in the right place and their feet on the right path (pun intended).

The only warriors for freedom  in the United States, still on their feet, circa 2012 are the Libertarian leaning Independents who don’t like nor believe anybody and the Tea Party.  The threat posed to future Globalist control by the Tea Party is evidenced by the vicious attacks launched by both the Globalist funded Marxist Left and the Globalist funded Establishment Right.  That salient factoid ought to tell us all something.  The Establishment Right and Marxist Left, eloquently feign Starboard and feign Port, but in fact are both steering all of us straight to what will be controlled American gulags of economic and political  impotence.  We need to get off this sleek power boat of  REVERSE FASCISM – and soon, or it’s going to be a long, long swim to freedom for our kids.  It’s already too late for us;  this ship left Port in 1913 and we’ve been a little slow on the uptake.

Any national politician who claims to “desire change” and fails to even mention the rigid systemic barrier to change, which is the cartel formed by more than 3,000 think tanks, our own government representatives and appointees,  Federal Reserve Bank owners and their friends in league with the obscenely funded spider web of interlocking international, mega-conglomerate-regulatory protected-monopolies, news media, academia, publishing, Hollywood, etc.;  all fed a steady diet of Council on Foreign Relations Globalist gruel, whether Marxist or Neo-con – is a SELL OUT – bought and paid for by the Globalist elite.  That would be every politician on the national stage I know of excepting Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.  If there are others of you I am not aware of – I’m sorry – you should be recognized for your courage and independence.

Voting Population Summary

The link above uses population data obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau and uses voter percentages significantly more conservative than for example, 2008 voter data compiled by the Roper Center at the University of Connecticut.  Roper data makes this case even more compelling.

The link above shows a spread sheet developed by the professionally observant 1600 Watch staff depicting a likely Democrat voter breakdown for the November 2012 elections.  1600 Watch developed this simplistic analysis to investigate why Obama’s job approval ratings are so low, yet his personal approval ratings remain high.  In some respects this is typical in that Presidential “personal” and “job” approval ratings are frequently, if not usually divergent, but one wonders if within what appears to be typical, there may lie significant trend information.

As The Zen Trucker has noted, “If things seem different than they appear;  it’s because they are”.

The numbers show that excepting Federal, State and local government employees,  likely Democrat voters make up approximately 55,107,000 voters, that is, about 41% of the 133 million U.S. voting population.  We have today approximately 18,452,000 Federal, State & local government employees having employment compensation packages well in excess of that typically enjoyed in the private sector.  This 14% of U.S. voters is not likely to get excited about any candidate running for elected office and who may be promoting cuts to government spending and balancing government budgets.  It appears that approximately 80% of  government employees consistently vote Democrat, which adds nearly 15 million Democrat voters to the roles and comprise 53% of the 133 million voting population.  This data is a bit sobering if you prefer a balance of power in a so-called two party contest.

It becomes even more sobering if we consider that these 14.7 million government worker Democrats have family members who are axiomatically vested in these high paying government jobs as well.  If one half of these 14.7 million Democrat voting government workers have spouses or voting age children who also vote Progressive Democrat; our 53% stated above, becomes 58%. That’s not too doggoned far from 2/3 of American voters.  Obviously, government patronage votes appear to be an important component of Democrat voter block strategy and the beauty is, working conservatives are paying for more than half of it through taxes.  You may recall that the lower 50% income strata pay virtually no income tax what-so-ever, which means that as a practical matter, working Americans of every persuasion are uniformly financing and locking in the Progressive Democrat power base whether they know it or not;  or like it or not…and we haven’t even mentioned the Marxist unions.

Given as an example, that Roper Center data shows 67% of voting Hispanics voting Democrat in 2008; while 1600 Watch conservatively (no pun intended) projects only 57% for the estimated percentage of likely Hispanic Democrat voters in 2012;  it’s pretty easy to see why Democrats are nearly drunk with the idea of illegal amnesty for what… I don’t know, let’s say 11 million to 30 million Hispanic illegals, more than 70% of whom will be cajoled against their own best interest to vote Progressive Democrat.  The success of this Progressive Democrat political strategy guarantees the complete dis-enfranchisement of America’s fruited plain even though the hard working, fruited plain is paying 99% of all the bills.  Can you say SUCKER?

While the voters of America have been drowning in the 24-hour, press corps slop focused on our “growing” Keynesian economy and its meteoric rise in the “right direction”, along with other distractions such as, Moochelle’s wonderfully luscious White House garden and her eliminate the fat kids program, her fabulous trip to Spain, Arab Spring, Libyagate, Obama’s Royal Toast, Weinergate, which U.S. allies Obama is insulting now;  which U.S. enemy he is apologizing or bowing to;  though I seldom hear mention of the covert operations going on in Yemen;  our golf pro, community organizer In Chief and his Marxist Democrat cronies have been and are steadily building a highly paid, dependency loyal, patronage constituency inside our very own Federal, State and local governments.  We gotta give credit where credit’s due.  We the people have been had and we voted for this scheme…at least a lot of us did.

Building bigger government isn’t just about confiscating our working wealth and distributing it to favored insiders and government sanctioned monopolies like the new curly light bulb companies…let me mention here that only fools believe that socialism distributes wealth to the little people.  It’s also very much about building a highly dependent, patronage voter constituency that ain’t going away anytime soon, if I understand what Congress is not talking about.

Anyway, this is why 1600 Watch believes the fruited, conservative plain has a serious up-hill battle on its hands, if it thinks that Progressive RINO’s like Gingrich and Romney; fake Tea Party, One World Globalists like Rick Perry (Texas Governor); or very compelling, ex-Federal Reserve bankster Herman Cain (who 1600 Watch is desperately trying to trust) are going to take down the National State media, King Obama and/or the Progressive, Democrat Ruling Senate in 2012.  Seriously folks – we really need to wake up.  The good part of the American experiment may be over if we don’t.

The really good news is that serious Americans – that would be Tea Partiers –  do appear to be waking up.  If we can get the sleep out of our eyes, maybe pray a little and start voting in a more informed way – the half baked, central bank controlled, monopoly loving, make-believe free markets we have suffered with so far may all be brought to an end and driven out of “OUR HOUSE”.  The world has never seen or experienced true capitalism or true free markets unleashed to their full potential;  nor has the world shared the incredible benefits that will mutually and commonly prevail if we can successfully vote Marxism in all its putrescent forms out of our governments and lives.

Spill the sugary kool-aid and drink some tea with your friends.  It’ll be good for your family, your country and the world.

The average American citizen as of 2011, and I hope 2012, still freely votes and can preserve freedom for their children and grandchildren, but it will require a national awakening and resurgence of vigilant patriotism along with, I believe a sincere request for the assistance of Divine Providence, just as it did in the days of 1773 through the Revolutionary War and through the Constitutional Convention ending in 1787.  This awakening, should it occur will allow us to continue “voting for freedom“, thereby overcoming the persistent blight of Marxism for at least a little while longer.  Our failure to awaken prior to November 2012 will likely result in the future necessity of our children and grandchildren “bleeding for freedom” in order to take back the unalienable rights our Sixties generation foolishly gave up in return for the pathetic promise of a Nanny State that failed before it began.

Socialism has not ended well anywhere on earth and it will not end well in its second attempt here in the U.S.  Our first historic socialist attempt was, of course, at Jamestown from 1607 through 1610, which failed miserably under the negative incentives of forced collectivization and indentured servitude from the time of Captain John Smith until the first official Governor, Lord De La Warr made private property ownership possible.  After that, private enterprise with the help of tobacco farming led to a thriving prosperity in Jamestown.**

The bloody disease of Marxism used to be more generally referred to as Communism and was imposed by force on the unfortunate victims of Russia and later the entire U.S.S.R., China, Nazi Germany (a variant), Cuba, North Korea, North Viet Nam and other sad places.  More than 100 million decent people were starved, imprisoned, tortured and murdered that “the worker’s party” might thrive – at least for those that survived the forced re-education.  Of course, we know now that there was no thriving and this force thing wasn’t really working either, so Marxists began to listen closely to clever, delusional busy bodies like Antonio Gramsci, Herbert Marcuse, Saul Alinsky and others of their ilk, who promoted the incremental idea of Marxism through an arbitrary form of freely chosen, government slavery idyllically referred to now as “social justice” .

Social justice is a nice sounding euphemism for an arbitrary system of mob rule insuring “no justice” and is subtly enforced today using various different labels, names and a supposedly better idea injected into the mass consciousness over a long period of time.  This failing, freedom eating, incentive devouring infection is what we now live with in most of Europe and America today along with its various pseudonyms such as socialism, progressivism, liberalism or the errant cousin fascism.  Semantic nit picking aside, it’s all just Marxism, lies and pain.  Social justice is not and never will be “equal justice”, call it what we will.

Making it worse is the infiltration of Marxist nuts into every social network imaginable with the subsequent turning of focus from the intended goal to, of course, Marxism.  For example, the environmental movement has largely become a national movement against private property rights and attacks hundreds of small businesses on a daily basis in farming, lumber, fishing, etc.  The persistent and destructive environmental onslaught, viciously waged against our own citizens, Constitution, freedom, common sense and rational thinking is nothing more than liberal bullying, mindless, Marxist vigilantism and Progressive mob rule, as Ann Coulter might articulately describe it.  The sexual / feminist / gay rights / civil rights / animal rights movements have become manipulative tools for advancing special favors, funding and treatments for select societal groups;  a basis for attacking less Progressively favored, less select groups;  and finally, a poisonous vehicle for undermining our families, Churches, personal initiative and Constitution based Rule of Law.

The idea of social justice is a poorly lit, grimy, back door entrance to the prison of intellectual enslavement as spawned within the dark belly of Marxist delusion, all locked down with the guilt gilded key of “political correctness”.  All the dried out branches of collectivist thought hacked from the dead tree of Marxism, such as communism, socialism, fascism, etc.  demand social justice, which simply put requires the equality of outcome for divergent persons and societies.  Outcome equality in turn requires that high achievers or winners, if you will, be punished and underachievers, losers if you will,  be rewarded.  Winners and losers must be forced or coerced to choose a common denominator called fairness, which as a standard, by practical necessity lies close to the bottom of the barrel.

There is, in fact, no fairness or justice to be found within the morally bereft concept of social justice.  No people, no society in history has ever prospered under this form of government driven, government controlled, government dis-incentivized tyranny – freely chosen or by force.  Socialism is, in fact, about controlling and taking wealth from productive labor;  not sharing it, excepting its distribution to well connected government insiders whose monopolies are heavily subsidized via the taxed (confiscated) wealth of the well populated middle class.  Social justice and it’s half sister, political correctness are today’s incremental tools of choice used for leveraging uninformed voters into forced sharing and actually choosing and freely voting for arbitrarily adjudicated social justice for the chosen ones in what otherwise, might remain a free and equal society.

Hitler’s brown shirts or Mao’s dreary, gray uniforms appropriately depict the subjugation of the soul as limited to neither light nor dark, black nor white, but only to a dingy brown or faded gray neutrality, devoid of life, color or humanness.  All of life’s wonderful challenge, opportunity and the pursuit of excellence is crushed beneath the forced depravity of equal sameness, where the hopeless loser lives with the guilt of unearned reward and the vibrant winner is frustrated by forced idleness and mediocrity.  Contentment is not possible.  Achievement is hopeless.

Socialism is akin to confiscating the good seed of productive labor, carelessly throwing it down upon hard, infertile  ground, then leaving it to wither and die as the central planning, farm manager silently and hopelessly writes a report as the seed tries valiantly to root;  to fulfill its nature, but it can’t.  The seed finally just sprouts as best it can, sputters pathetically, tragically dies and is finally trampled underfoot and wasted.  Socialism is easy, requires no personal responsibility or integrity, certainly no ingenuity as this is discouraged and punished;  but unfortunately and consistently, produces little value and much pain for manager and worker alike.  The written planning report will none-the-less reflect another glowing success and positive outcome for all.

Capitalism on the other hand offers equality of opportunity, leaves outcomes to us as individuals and rewards ingenuity.  It is never easy, requires both personal responsibility and integrity and to the extent such is not realized, fails much like socialism itself.   However, where responsibility is taken seriously and incentivized the pursuit of excellence flourishes and the standard of living, even for the under achievers is raised substantially.  This is historic fact.  Also of historic fact, is the importance of a balance of power in fine tuning the capitalist system to maximize its potential benefit.  Hence the primary importance and necessary care taking of our Constitutional Republic with its built in balance of power between our three branches of government.   The wisdom and effort of our Founders carefully planted good seed in fertile ground, but the tree of liberty must always be watered and nurtured or it will die.  There is no one but ourselves to perform this watering and nourishing.  To the extent we encourage or allow our government to take on our own personal responsibilities, our garden of liberty is guaranteed to turn to dust.

Governments don’t care, don’t build, don’t create and don’t give, regardless what government loving socialists tell us.  If you observe carefully, you’ll quickly and consistently notice that socialist dialogue and thinking, such as it is, is limited to complaint, criticism, ridicule, demonization, character assassination, mis-direction, mis-representation and outright lies.  Socialists are uniformly and always Phase I thinkers in terms of and as Dr. Thomas Sowell describes Phase I thinking in Applied Economics.  A socialist by conditioning is incapable of asking, “and what happens next”…and “what happens after that”?  A socialist is only trained to destroy, to tear down and to diminish the basic building blocks of productive society.  They know nothing and care less about creating, building or re-building what they have destroyed.

Unfortunately for America and the world in the year 2011, liberal socialists have been much more clever, some might say cunning, at the practice of politics and mass voter manipulation than are conservative capitalists.  This becomes even more overwhelming when we add in the Establishment Progressive Republicans like Gingrich, Huckabee, Romney and others who are conservative in name only.  The odds are heavily against any successful resurgence or awakening with regard to Constitutional principles and the American people actually voting for their own independence in November 2012.  We are being smothered and choked to stupidity by ignorant, irresponsible Marxism; a sycophant Leftist press and to that extent I believe it is nearly certain that Barack Insane Obama will be re-elected for his second term…but not absolutely certain and we’ll go over the numbers and make that case next week.

**An un-redacted account of Jamestown’s founding (referenced here) is provided in “A Patriot’s History of the United States” by Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen as published by Sentinel in 2004 on pages 16 through 18.

{Posted 08-17-2010}

Today’s typical progressive is a mental midget (no slander meant toward little people) whose inability to reason juxtaposed against a tragic ignorance of history leaves them hungrily chasing their vestigial tails like the quintessential psychotic cartoon canine.  They detest freedom of speech and swell near to bursting with vitriol over any pretense of opposing views or differing opinion. They never tire of calling me racist, homophobic, intolerant, bigoted, hateful, etc., yet it is they who ceaselessly and obsessively sustain ignorant bigotry by pointing out supposed differences between races, sexes, sexual preference, etc.  They pathetically cannot let it go and be what it is.  They have to stir the pot of divisive hatred at all times and then point to me as though I care one way or another.

For reasons I don’t pretend to understand, the new bar for progressive leadership in the U.S. anyway has been set to new lows by comedians.  Towering intellectual dwarfs the likes of  sleepy U.S. Senator Al Franken, Janeane Garofalo and Bill Maher have become the anointed collective voice of modern progressivism, though they tend think of themselves as “libertarians”, which is ample proof of their uphill mental challenge.

As an example, Bill Maher appeared August 24th, 2009 on America’s premier liberal, political debate program,  The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien where he offered his enlightened opinion as to how Obama should get so-called health care reform passed.   “Forget getting the sixty votes or sixty percent — sixty percent of people don’t believe in evolution in this country — he just needs to drag them to it, like I said, they’re stupid; get health care done, with or without them.”

Just 60-days later, on October 9, 2009, on his own HBO program, Maher was cleverly debating the effectiveness of government proposed flu vaccinations with Dr. Bill Frist, former U.S. Senator from Tennessee and stated, “Why would you let them be the ones to stick a disease into your arm? I would never get a swine flu vaccine or any vaccine. I don’t trust the government, especially with my health.”

So which schizophrenic opinion is it?  Advocate totalitarianism in August and down with trust in government in October?  This is a typical example of a liberal progressive who imagines himself a libertarian trying to think coherently.  The problem of course is that Obama and his Comintern are trying to run the country with this dazed and confused parody of irrational comedic thought.  Maher may not take himself seriously as he makes a good living by expedient verbal slight of hand, but Obama does – take himself seriously that is.  The problem is sadly one thing, but for the elitist, confused liberals and the rest of us unwashed it is not the tragedy.  The tragedy unfortunately leaps off the comedic stage and morphs quickly into political reality for the unsuspecting audience.

The morbid audience reality for hundreds of millions is amply demonstrated by redacted, now largely unread history.  Agreement by socialists as to what socialism actually  is or should be as a preferred specific brand is rarely agreed upon and the disputes have generally taken on catastrophic proportions;  at least for the losers and always for the audience.  Two prime examples are the Stalinist socialists versus the Trotskyites in early communist Russia or the Marxist socialists in Germany versus Hitler’s adopted National Socialists.  All sides of both these debates understood perfectly that beneath the umbrella of a “free market” both sides could freely express and market their views.  As soon as one side or the other assumed power, however, all bets were off and the debate was over along with the immediate death of free speech and the elimination of anyone foolish enough to go there.  The success of one socialist party did not subdue the other;  it eliminated it.  Today’s historically ignorant progressive does not comprehend this consistent historic reality;   or perhaps they do.

The point here is that otherwise good and funny people who have significant rhetorical access to millions of people ignorantly and for the time being, freely support political views potentially disastrous to our Constitutional Republic.  This is pretty dumb, considering that when you view a Marxist such as Barack Hussein Obama from a historical perspective, you quickly realize that his delusional p0licies and mentally unstable motivations are totalitarian in nature.  When Mr. Franken, Ms. Garofalo and Mr. Maher win their battle, should they be so unlucky as to silence people such as myself, they will instantly loose their ability to make public declarations.  They will no longer be useful and they will be silenced or if still stubbornly grasping a microphone, eliminated.  A Marxist winner is never foolish enough to permit potentially variant voices to exist, especially when they wear glasses as Mr. Franken and Ms. Garofalo both do.

Cambodia’s Pol Pot, with the help of Jane Fonda and others of her generation, my lost generation actually, taught the rest of the aspiring Marxist world what to do with people who wear glasses.  Of course, our progressive schools don’t teach that do they?  The unfortunate truth is that the very funny indoctrinated comedians of today will be eaten along with the rest of us once Marxism wins; and at present it looks to be White House Marxism by three lengths as they turn down the home stretch and Oh My God, Constitution just stumbled.  It’s either a miracle or it’s gonna’ be Marxism by four lengths.

I for one, believe in miracles.