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{What does your vote mean?}

First a couple of short term factoids:
Social Security goes into the red fiscal year 2017.
Medicaid goes into the red fiscal year 2017.
14.5 million more people have stopped looking for work in 2016 than in 2009.
94.7 million people out of 313 million U.S. population are out of work.  (That’s 30% unemployment, not 4.9%.)  Per U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. labor participation rate for October, 2016 is 62.6%, a new 38-year low.
U.S. home ownership at a 50-year low per U.S. Census Bureau.
National Debt, January 20, 2009:  $10.9 trillion.
National Debt, November 4, 2016:  $19.8 trillion.
2017 Federal Budget is $4.15 trillion.
More than $50 trillion unaccounted for in published Federal Accounting Records and Inspector General audits since 2001.
Congressional oversight = non-existent.  Honor, integrity and courage = N/A in D.C.


DT: Not likely your grandchildren will ever be micro-chipped.  They’ll retain the possibility of living untracked and free to pursue their own vision.
HC:  Your grandchildren will be micro-chipped by government mandate, will have every aspect of their lives tracked and will experience zero possibility of freedom as we’ve known it.  Your grandchildren will inhabit a free roaming prison as feudal serfs as Jefferson predicted – if we’re not vigilant.

DT:  Not likely your grandchildren will be forcibly vaccinated, which means they may escape government induced autism.
HC:  Hillary and friends love government mandated vaccinations, which means a high probability of autism for your grandchildren.  In other words – parents will pay for the privilege of disabling their own children.

DT:  Globalist Agenda 21’s Common Core will be dumped, which means your grandchildren will not be raised with the mentality of cattle.  Imagination, dreams and creative potential will still be encouraged and hope for a better future can thrive.
HC:  Common Core will be expanded, assuring your grandchildren have the mentality of barn animals,  zero deductive reasoning capability, will only know what to think, not how to think and will be content to serve their government with no hope for any kind of better future or abundance.

DT:  Repatriation of offshore monies, lowering the highest corporate tax rate in the world, reducing corrupt, discriminatory regulation, implementing debt/equity swaps, etc. mean the possibility of economic growth, productive jobs, wealth creation and the ability to sustain Social Security and Medicaid.
HC:  Social Security and Medicaid both go red in fiscal 2017.  Hillary’s only economic ideas are war, impoverishing taxation and suffocating regulation.

DT:  Inner cities have the possibility of improved economic opportunity, educational facilities and reduced black genocide numbers.
HC:  28% of all black babies will continue to be aborted ( 4 times the rate of white abortions).  Improvements to economic conditions and education will remain non-existent as under current Democrat leadership.  Uneducated, low skilled poverty and government dependence are the well springs of Democrat voting majorities and will continue expansion to Hispanic populations.

DT:  Our 2nd Amendment rights are safe.
HC:  Our 2nd Amendment will die along with our 1st Amendment as fast as Hillary and friends can kill them.

DT: Trump promises to fight ISIS, hopefully in part by removing our troops from Middle East countries where they are being misused as a private police force for BIG BANKING/BIG OIL at tax payer expense.
HC:  Hillary’s State Department we now know funded and armed ISIS in Syria and Iraq through excess arms shipments to Libya and shipped by the Muslim Brotherhood to Syria.  This is the deal gone bad that got four good Americans murdered in Benghazi while Hillary and Obama watched TV.  Why would Hillary fight as she promises against a terrorist group she herself, along with CIA helped build?

DT:  GATT, NAFTA and other U.S. impoverishing trade treaties will be renegotiated and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will never happen.
HC:  Hillary supports and her husband signed NAFTA into law.  Passage of TPP is a given, which transfers American sovereignty and Rule of Law to corrupt transnational corporate monopolies.

DT:  Trump is a negotiator, not a brawler.  He wins by being smart and making money; not by fighting and transferring money to Elite bankers.
HC:  Hillary is an Establishment Democrat Neo-Con, owned by corrupt bankers, who guarantees war, war and more war.

DT:  Trump earns a living on Main Street America providing products (real estate) and services (resort casinos, golf,).  Let’s see what he can do with D.C.  He is a creative individual who provides opportunity to the communities he works in and pays his own bills.
HC:  Earns a living in D.C. selling U.S. government access, favors and secrets – all under the table and at tax payer expense.  She creates or provides nothing else of value.  Hillary is a dangerous parasite.

There’s dozens more comparisons, but basically as Catherine Austin Fitts (Solari Report) recently stated in her two part Dark Journalist interview and I’m paraphrasing; this election is about economics and other important things, but it really comes down to a long term choice for human or non-human. Will we support our own humanity or go with Hillary and friends with their trans-humanist, cyborg, neo-feudal agenda?  It’s a pretty serious choice we’re making here for our grandchildren and future generations.  Let’s at least think about it.

I don’t know much about Trump, but maybe he deserves a chance?

I do know Hillary and for thirty years, she’s proven herself to be pathological; a liar and a greedy, treasonous parasite.

If Trump overcomes voter fraud sufficiently and is elected November 8th, he will require citizen support if he is to take on the Plutocracy corruption and their BANKING/OIL/WAR BUSINESS MODEL.  The Elite will undoubtedly threaten the Trump family, friends, acquaintances, business associates, etc. and if they have to, will likely attempt to force Trump  down the Lincoln – JFK road.

We’ll either help wage the battle against Elite Oligarchy totalitarianism with Trump; or shuffle off to our barnyard pens under Pawn Hillary’s corrupt, pathological Rule.

Good luck with how November 8, 2016 turns out as it appears to be a turning point for our grandchildren.


Presidents don’t run the United States.  They are Pawns-in-Chief, bully-pulpit cheerleaders for Elite Agendas; nothing more.  The United States is run by ten banks, controlling interest in which is held by eight families (four American and four European) and their associated criminal network holding controlling interest in every significant Fortune 500 company.  100 members of the U.S. Senate along with 435 members of the House of Representatives, that would be all of them, are controlled by this same banking Plutocracy.  It is Congress allied with our uninformed Main Street votes that are erasing our once Constitutionally recognized unalienable rights – now nearly gone via the Administrative Dictatorship we live under.  An unelected dictatorship governed by appointed Secretaries (usually Skull & Bones members or indirectly related to Bonesmen) of obscenely corrupt, wantonly powerful Federal Agencies, which have since 2001, somehow lost track of more than $50 trillion U.S. dollars.  That’s right – with a capital “T”.  Perhaps we have a Congressional oversight problem?


We basically don’t know who Trump is; whether he’s lying, pandering, can or will do what he claims, etc.  He has no openly visible ties to Yale’s Skull and Bones (obviously), Harvard’s Porcellian Club or other Elite vetting organizations, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, Milner Round Table Groups, etc.  Can an American citizen accumulate a net worth totaling several billions and remain an Elite outsider?  I don’t know.  Trump is a casino mogul.  Obviously he works with organized crime families in that business.  Does this mean he’s involved in organized crime himself?  I don’t know, but haven’t seen visible evidence of it.  Trump appears to work with Wall Street as opposed to being owned by Wall Street.  A vote for Trump appears to be a vote for the unknown, based on hope that he may be a genuine rogue fully intent on cleaning up the deeply embedded corruption and treasonous criminal negligence of D.C. on behalf on Main Street citizens, who happen to be his business’s customers.  The better Main Street does; the better Trump does.  He has a vested interest in American Main Street success, if nothing else.

Hillary on the other hand, we have known publically for thirty years as a self-entitled Elite Wanna-be;  proven liar, cowardly, mean-beyond-the-pale bully; willing to do or say anything, including treason and the sacrifice of her own American foreign service employees for the fattening of Clinton Foundation bank accounts, through which more than $100 billion has flowed, unaudited as Federal Law requires, since 1997.  Hillary and her husband are openly and flagrantly owned by Wall Street.  A vote for Hillary appears to be a vote for known, flaunted criminality, financial self-debasement and the blue-light sale of anything Main Street American to this weeks’ highest Clinton Foundation bidder.  She has no visible interest tied to anything good for America’s Main Street; only to her own self-interest.  If she can do for the entire country what she and Obama have done to blacks, our crash and burn into the toilet of economic history will pick up significant speed.

A few 1600 Watch comparison observations.

Trump’s wealth is on display all day every day.  Forget his tax returns.  They’re probably more than 400 pages of stuff few of us could even begin to understand.
Hillary’s wealth is under the table through the Clinton Foundation, which has never been audited as Federal law requires and has laundered more than $100 billion to date.

Trump is a proven negotiator.  He may take us to war, but I suspect not.  It isn’t his style.  He wins by being smarter than his competitors and creating win-win scenarios.
Hillary is a proven Neo-Con Democrat, fully committed to the Oligarchy’s BANKING/OIL/WAR BUSINESS MODEL, who will without question take us into war.

Trump has interesting ideas regarding debt-equity swaps, which could go a long way toward repairing the unproductive U.S. economy and joblessness through better financial policy management, less discriminatory taxation and less regulatory corruption.
Hillary has two solutions for every problem, RAISE TAXES and INCREASE REGULATORY CORRUPTION.  She has no practical ideas, other than war, for fixing the U.S. economy.

Trump is 100% against anti-U.S. trade treaties such as GATT, NAFTA or the newest Elite craze – the fully unconstitutional Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which by the way transfers American sovereignty and law from we the people directly to greedy trans-national conglomerate monopolies under Elite control.
Hillary and her husband support all Elite, Main Street impoverishing strategies 100%.

Trump claims he will fight PPACA (Obamacare) control over our behavior and lives.
Hillary promises to put the  Obamacare freedom-eating, wealth transfer machine on steroids for the feasting of Big Insurance, Big Pharma and Big Medicine.

Trump appears to be a supporter of our military personnel and their well-being and doesn’t appear focused on using U.S. military power as a private police force for Elite resource rape across the globe.  Trump seems to believe in business, not slavery.
Hillary and her husband (Somalia/Yugoslavia/Haiti/Libya/Syria/Ukraine as six examples) have proven themselves supporters of Elite resource rape agendas and spilling U.S. military blood in a bullying enforcement role masquerading as foreign aid.

Trump offers the possibility of U.S. middle-class wealth creation enabling more discretionary dollars available for alternative energy, environmental research and Eco-development.
Hillary promises quicker, deeper U.S. financial insolvency rendering environmental research and development implausible, at least outside the corrupt green give-aways to connected insiders we see with the Obama Administration.

Trump has raised incredibly smart, poised, productive children with no visible ties to Elite or criminal families, excepting his daughter’s marriage into a convicted felon’s, fraudulent New Jersey Real estate family.
Hillary’s daughter shows herself to be a spoiled, entitled political drone married into a convicted felon’s Ponzi Scheme family.

Trump runs real Main Street businesses providing goods (real estate) and services (golf, entertainment, gaming, etc.); taking financial risk, creating jobs and wealth for himself and those around him, including his employees.
Hillary has never produced anything in her life; has fed at the uninformed tax payer trough for decades; and earns more than $250,000 per hour peddling government access to those connected insiders who can afford Clinton pay to play.

Trump appears to be an independent American rogue.  I don’t know if he actually is.
Integrity challenged Hillary is a known Elite pawn proving daily she will say or do anything for more money and more power.  Abetting the sale (along with other treasonous Federal Agency Secretaries) 20% of all known U.S. uranium resources to Russian controlled companies is one example.

I can’t advise you who to vote for, but my gut says Trump – might be OK.  Hillary – swipe left.

This is one of my unsolicited, gray-haired, Dad-Talks for my Millennial friends regarding their future in context of this 2016 election.  For the White House:  as usual, not two choices, but two limited options selected for us by Elite pawns.  Option One, behind The Right Door;  unknown Casino Mogul Trump, who may or may not be good for Main Street and the world, but whom the Corrupt Left/Right Establishment are terrified may attempt, if elected, to derail D.C. fraud and criminality on behalf of Main Street citizens.  Option Two, behind the The Left Door; known integrity challenged Hillary, whose thirty-year track record proves pandering talk changes nothing outside the Clinton bank account, whose political access sales continue to grow at an impressive treasonous rate.  Likely reality is, the systemic D.C. corruption infection runs so deep, no President, regardless of Party or intentions can measurably cure it.  The U.S. is going to experience a serious economic downturn in the not too distant future.  There’s no stopping it at this point.  Propagandized D.C. nonsense of unemployment under 5%, no inflation and so forth is absurd.  The question is, where do we go; where do Millennials go from the downturn?  Your choice entirely and as always in economics, not to choose is to choose.  Why should you allow others to make your choices for you?

Journalism is dead.  Objective news reporting is dead.  Who, What, When, Where and Why are no longer objectively reported, but are instead used and packaged to sell Main Street whatever impoverishing agenda the owners of the six remaining media monopolies wish sold by the conditioned drones staffing their networks and  cable news outlets.  You get supposed conservative B.S. on one side and liberal B.S. on the other, but both are owned and operated by the same Oligarchy families and differ only in meaningless, distracting, pandering rhetoric.  If you want facts, truth or honest analysis, you must wade through alternative media to find it.  There is no other way.  If you don’t care about your future it doesn’t matter.  If you do care about truth and your future, you’ll have to do the work.  As Edward Bernays once wrote, “All news is propaganda and all propaganda is lies”.

Doing the work means THINKING FOR YOURSELF; USING YOUR IMAGINATION; INVESTIGATING ORIGINAL SOURCES.  The Plutocracy understands unimaginative, non-thinking people will accept Oligarchic Control indefinitely and can actually be drugged into being pleased with it.  (Bertrand Russell wrote extensively on this idea.)  Educated, thinking, imaginative individuals on the other hand, never accept Oligarchic Control for very long.  It is critical to your health, well-being and future that as a Millennial you grasp this simple concept and how television, radio and other media are used to condition and entrain us with WHAT TO THINK while simultaneously enabling us NOT TO THINK AT ALL.

Understand that you’re being had, systematically harvested actually, to borrow a Catherine Austin Fitts’ term, ( ) just as my Baby Boomer generation was and is being had.  American citizens have been and are being conditioned / entrained since 1948, primarily through The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations to incrementally accept Oligarchic control of their lives; the ultimate Plutocracy Goal being reduction of the general Main Street population to a state of free-roaming, neo-feudal serfdom.  Through drugs, propaganda and mis-education we are taught that snow is black, not white.  As we accept this entrainment; unseemly coercion, guns, cattle cars and expensive re-education centers are no longer necessary.  This is not theory.  This is an actual action plan and below is a partial list of people to study, all of whom have publically written and spoken of the need for and nature of this plan.  If you care about your future, do your own research.  Take a few moments and at least investigate the following people’s activities and plans for your life as a beginning shot at having a real life instead of a matrix driven psy-op.

Cecil J. Rhodes
Alfred Milner
John Rawlings Rees
Kurt Lewin
Theodor W. Adorno
Bertrand Russell
Edward Bernays

The short list above will get you going on a path toward getting your arms around what’s actually going on in the world –  cause it ain’t related to anything FOX NEWS, MSNBC, NPR, CNN, TALK RADIO or any of the lame stream, statist media are distracting us with, while the media owners, the Elite Oligarchy wander across the planet ruining millions of lives and busying themselves with resource rape.

If KNOWLEDGE IS POWER as Eustace Mullins told us – I sincerely hope my Millennial friends wake up from our mutually shared, Tavistock induced coma and do a better job of self-government than my naive Baby Boomer generation has?  When I speak of things to get your arms around; here’s a D.C. financial fraud example.  Department of Defense (DoD) misplaced $2.3 trillion dollars in 2001.  The DoD Inspector General reports that for fiscal year 2015, DoD misplaced $6.5 trillion dollars.  From 2008 to 2016 the unaudited, Federal Reserve has given away $27 trillion in bank bailouts. (For comparison, realize in 2008, $8 trillion would have paid off every mortgage in the continental United States.)  Analysts are estimating other Federal Agencies like HUD, Dept. of Energy, etc. have approximately another $15 trillion unaccounted for.  This is a total of $50 trillion missing and unaccounted for in Washington D.C. since 2001.

The proposed 2017 annual budget is only $4.15 trillion. .  The United States hasn’t had a Constitutionally mandated, Congressionally approved fiscal budget since 2009, when Obama took office.  Can we say PLAUSIBLE DENIAL for both fully corrupt, complicit parties?  Can we even imagine the level of fraud and corruption necessary to lose $50 trillion dollars and never have one D.C. politician pawn question it or the lame stream press mention it?  Congressional oversight?  None at all.  Under the table deals?  500%.

WTF?  Maybe we should be asking about this sort of thing during our infantile, so-called Presidential debates, instead of what a billionaire Casino Mogul does in his free time?  I mean a billionaire Casino Guy gets some gorgeous pussy on the side.  Wow!   Never saw that coming, huh?  Are we this vacuous?  I hope not… and don’t misunderstand.  I’m not defending pussy on the side, it’s a foregone conclusion in the world of big money, but frankly we have more important things to be wondering about and I hope our Millennials are up to the heavy lifting because obviously myself and my baby Boomer generation haven’t got it handled.