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Health care insurance is private industry, not politics.  We The People may be disinterested enough to accept gross misrepresentation of fact by our elected politicians on a daily basis with zero accountability; legally or politically – but we do not accept lying in conducting our daily commerce.  It is illegal; it is fraudulent to intentionally misrepresent a product or service in the consumer marketplace.  The United States has established consumer protection standards and statutes.

Our elected, so-called Representatives in Washington D.C. as well as many appointed Federal bureaucrats have freely chosen to intervene in private commerce, specifically health insurance coverage and health care services.

These apparently corrupt officials, for whatever reason, are intentionally, aggressively and openly misrepresenting several critically important aspects of the Patient Protection and Unaffordable Care Act (PPACA), aka Obamacare.

A few of these misrepresented facts, The Seven Broken Seals follow:
1.  There will be no government controlled rationing board to allocate health care services and/or prices.
2.  PPACA will cost less than $1 trillion dollars and will therefore be budget neutral.
3.  If you like your existing insurance plan you can keep it.
4.  If you like your Doctor you can keep him or her.
5.  Affordable health insurance will be made more accessible and easier to afford than it has been in the past and consumers will have more choices.
6.  The typical family premium for health care insurance will be reduced by an average of $2,500 per year.
7.  The new PPACA mandated plans will be better and less expensive than your old crummy plans.

All seven seals are now broken.  All seven of the above promises are outright lies stated repeatedly by our officials over the past four years and as I write this piece – the obvious lies and misrepresentation are ongoing.

The health care industry is not politics.  Health care is real life.  The Federal government of the United States has no Constitutional Authority under which it can legally intervene (my layman’s opinion) in the personal health care and daily lives of individual citizens.  It has no Constitutional Authority (my layman’s opinion) under which We The People can be forced to purchase government controlled services.  The Federal government of these United States certainly has no Constitutional Authority under which it can freely, wantonly and openly lie to American citizens about products and services it is forcing upon We The People.

Health care insurance and health care services are daily commerce critically intertwined with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Health care insurance as well as health care services are not the purvey or prerogative of the Federal government.  None-the-less, many of our Federal Officials have chosen to forcibly intervene in the operations of the health care industry – – and as such — those same Federal Officials have made themselves subject to the consumer protections and laws already in place.

Lying to consumers about health care insurance products is fraud.  Every single Federal Official, elected or appointed, who has knowingly and intentionally lied to the American people regarding implementation and stipulations effectively instituted by PPACA are guilty of INSURANCE FRAUD and ought be indicted and tried in court for this alleged fraud.  If found guilty, they ought be punished accordingly and appropriately.  Neither elected nor appointed position grants license to lie in carrying out our daily commerce.


I am not an attorney.  My opinion regarding the fraudulent behavior of individuals within our own government is my layman’s opinion.  The actual legal implications of this apparent fraud are enormous, complex and far reaching in terms of our Republic, our Constitutionally recognized freedoms and our individual relationship to Federal and State governments.

Make no mistake!  OBAMACARE IS COMMUNISM.  PERIOD.  Obamacare is Lenin, Stalin and Comrades assailing American liberty under the dangerous guise of so-called altruistic government; which in fact, is hell-bent on domination and control over all of us.  We need to wake up and deal with this at the voting booth — while we still can.


Here, in a blog shell, is the 1600 Watch Common Sense Health Care Proposal in less than 800 words.

1.  Allow all health insurance providers to sell health insurance plans across state lines to all individuals.  Let employers opt out of the employer provided insurance nightmare, dump the group concept and establish a single countrywide group of 313,000,000 people.  This will end government protected INTRAstate health insurance monopolies and will foster competition.

2.  Promote the establishment of private, free market, individual, named HEALTH CARE SAVINGS ACCOUNTS for all people in all states and educate young people as to the benefit of making small annual contributions toward their more elderly expenses each year.

3. Encourage health insurance providers to offer and consumers to purchase plans that do not include coverage for everyday primary care (family) medicine.

4.  Encourage health insurance providers to offer and consumers to purchase catastrophic health insurance coverage for the big stuff, for specialists and for expensive lab work.  By eliminating or at least reducing provider liability for small stuff, reasonable premiums will be more able to cover the big stuff.

5.  Encourage Doctors and clinics to offer direct pay services (concierge services) to their patients on a monthly fee (retainer) basis for all day to day primary care services with only a small office visit fee per visit.  (The office visit should not be free so as to discourage overwhelming clinics with trivial concerns.)  This monthly fee can include an additional opt-in or voluntary monthly contribution to assist Doctors and clinics in providing services to those who simply cannot afford to pay.

Note that existing direct service medical plans in Tennessee and other states, including pharmacies are already being successfully offered around the country at fees ranging from $50 to $200 per month.  Prescriptions typically costing as much as $250 can and are being offered for less than $15 through these same private plans.  Go figure.

6.  Establish a Medicaid style Federal  health insurance coverage fund to be administered through each state.  This Federal fund would provide as much as $400 per month toward premiums to each of the 15,000,000 or so persons who would like health insurance coverage and cannot get it; and can also cover the high risk pool.  Obviously, our concept does not include illegal aliens.  This fund would cost tax payers approximately $72 billion annually – $720 billion over ten years – and solves the access-cost dilemma for the less fortunate.  It’s an expensive socialist solution, but there may be no way around that at this point with 10,000 persons per day turning 65 years of age in the U.S. and realizing that more than 90% of all health care costs are typically incurred in the final decade of life.

7.  Other than the Federal health insurance coverage fund, all Federal government involvement and intervention in health care, including Medicare and Medicaid shall be eliminated.  The Veterans Administration would still provide services and hospitals for our veterans under its own program, but obviously this program should be contracted out to more cost effective private medical service providers along with actually providing adequate funding for our military medical services.

There you have it on one page.  Real solutions do not require 2,700 pages of law creating nearly 160 new Federal agencies, backed up by nearly 30,000 pages of regulatory insider crony spaghetti.

Political Comment:
Allow private free markets and consumers to deal with pre-existing conditions and caps for terminal illness and radical hospitalization expenses.  An actual free market will quickly sort it out through honest competition for consumers who provide the revenue stream for business success anyway.

Proponents of universal single payer government controlled health care insist that private free markets have failed the health care consumer in the United States. We ought take note of the fact that as established by 2011 CMS data, 36% of all U.S. health care costs are carried directly by government through Medicare and Medicaid.  53% of U.S. health care costs are borne through private health insurance and are under the central planning control of the Federal government established intrastate monopolies; or as some might call it – government protected PRICE FIXING.

In other words, 36% plus 53%, which totals 89% of all U.S. health care costs in 2011 involved Federal government control either directly or indirectly.  Only a seriously retarded victim of public school conditioning, robbed of their once bright future can call this a free market with a straight face.  THE UNITED STATES DOES NOT HAVE FREE MARKETS IN HEALTH CARE INSURANCE IN 2013.  PERIOD.  DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE.

Federal government intervention is the DIRECT cause of MOST cost and access problems in American health care.  More government intervention will worsen the problem.  Private free markets have always been and will always be the correct, most competitive, most cost effective solution.  Please don’t swallow the thought conditioned delusion of academic simpletons who live apart from and without accountability to the real world we must live in.

Let’s consider an obvious question.  If Americans desire a product such as health insurance as much as big government Comrades parrot daily; why would our liberty loving Comrades require a Federal law forcing those Americans to buy it?   Regardless the insidious end run of our political hack judicial branch, the Supreme Circus around the Constitutional legality; this is precisely what the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), aka ACA, aka Obamacare, does.  It FORCES and FORCE isn’t freedom.

Factually, as a minimum, we know the following mandates will each contribute to higher cost in providing healthcare coverage, which in turn will increase premiums.
Mandate 1.  A child can remain on the family policy until age 26.
Mandate 2.  Elimination of pre-existing condition clauses.  Insurers must cover every person no matter what.
Mandate 3.  As of January 1, 2014, all annual limits on essential health benefits are banned.

We also know that as of today in 2013, our Federal government does not permit health insurance to be sold across state lines.  In other words, our Federal government has established intrastate health insurance monopolies within each state and those monopolies are protected by regulatory agencies at the expense of the tax paying consumer.  Granted, these are not true monopolies by a single provider within each state; but are highly regulated monopolies none-the-less, heavily restricting open competition among providers for customers within each State market.

The current system provides the allusion of open competition, while guaranteeing there is very little.  One positive note within this government restricted market is that even with these monopolies in place, we still have thousands of plan choices across the country.  There are choices within each State in spite of intrastate monopoly.

Under PPACA as best I understand it, there are only four plans to choose from.  Pick or die basically and Comrades apparently are oblivious to what it costs, not to mention that you will be insanely fined if your plan is better than any of these four.  Is your household budget oblivious to product cost?  Mine isn’t.  What does level of coverage matter, if we can’t afford the premiums anyway?  If government forced health care premiums rise to 25% or more of my household budget;  my house is in financial difficulty and part time work doesn’t fix it.

Further, according to the Centers For Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) data, a total of $2.7 trillion (17.9% of GDP) was spent on U.S. health care in 2011.  Of this $2.7 trillion, 21% or $554.3 billion went to Medicare; and 15% or $407.7 billion went to MedicaidOut-of-pocket expenses totaled $307.7 billion (11%) for 2011 and the balance of the $2.7 trillion total, the lion’s share, $1.4 trillion (53%) was picked up by the government sanctioned private health insurance monopolies.

Most, if not all of us agree with our Comrades that the above three mandates are in fact great, wonderful even – up until we notice the true cost of providing those coverages, at which point the whole discussion is moot for most of us.  We can’t get blood out of a turnip regardless how hard we squeeze.  The corrupt, government sanctioned intrastate monopolies – not so great on any level unless you’re on the corrupt receiving end of the monopoly cash flow.  Our existing system is insider corrupted and thoroughly broken – I’m certainly not saying it isn’t, though more government involvement is certainly not the solution.

Let’s work backwards.

Many say free markets have failed American health care.  Most who claim this are advocates of big government and collectivism.
1600 Watch claims the obvious fact as established by 2011 CMS data, that 36% of all U.S. health care costs are carried directly by government through Medicare and Medicaid.  The 53% private health insurance portion is under the central planning control of the Federal government established intrastate monopolies; or as some might call it – government protected PRICE FIXING – but I’m behaving this afternoon, so I don’t call it that.

In other words, 36% plus 53%, which totals 89% of all U.S. health care costs in 2011 involved Federal government control either directly or indirectly.  Only a seriously retarded victim of public school conditioning, robbed of their once bright future can call this a free market with a straight face.

THERE ARE NO FREE MARKETS IN U.S. HEALTH CARE INSURANCE IN 2013. PERIOD as Obama would say.  Having said that, we are starting to see some successful inroads in direct medical services or concierge plans being provided by Doc’s and clinics.  These are typically family medicine or primary care physicians providing basic services for a monthly fee.  The patient or subscriber then carries catastrophic coverage for the serious stuff.  These services are free markets in action and I’m sure the Obama Administration will soon attempt to make them illegal.

So much for the free market tall tale.  Facts speak otherwise or as Uncle Si might say, “That’s the facts, Jack”.

Given that 10,000 people per day are turning 60 years of age in the U.S.; and given more than 90% of all health care costs are typically  incurred in the last decade of life; there is nothing in sight suggesting average annual, U.S. health care expenditures will decline any time soon .

Working backwards  a bit more.  All three Federal Mandates identified above clearly cause provider liability to increase.  Insurance providers cover their costs through premium (and sometimes other investment) revenue, therefore the mandates obviously impact premiums upward.  There are no known PPACA mandates that work to reduce provider cost; so nothing in sight to reduce premiums.  Yet, in the face of these facts,  the Obama Administration has stridently told the American people that PPACA will lower the average family’s premiums by $2,500 per year.  I don’t consider Obama or any of the dozens of academic nincompoops in his West Wing ding bat cage to be sharp tools; but this is not a mistake.  THIS IS A LIE. PERIOD, as Obama would say.  Premiums are not going down as a result of Obamacare.

Another factoid.  We now know that Obama, his West Wing nincompoops and most Senators and Congressman knew three years ago (July, 2010), that up to 67% of existing health insurance policies would be liable to cancellation.  The only way any policy can be GRANDFATHERED is if the policy has not been modified in any way.  Therefore the ad nausea pronunciations by Obama and his parrots disingenuously stating “you can keep your insurance plan if you like it” is actually an INTENTIONAL BALD FACED DECEIT.

Marxist Muslim Obama, his Marxist Left Democrats and the Establishment Right GOP RINO’s  may all think this Obamacide debate is an academic D.C. exercise and great sport over twenty year old single malt – but it sure ain’t no freaking joke out here on Main Street.  Personally, my family hasn’t had health insurance for more than fifteen years due to preexisting conditions.  Health insurers puke at the sight of my family.  Five years ago, our civil engineering consulting business croaked, my wife got an office management job and health insurance coverage for herself.  We could not afford to add me onto the policy.  Several months ago, my several part time endeavors bumped our income sufficiently to add me to the policy.  Now we learned last week that our policy premium, with $5,000 deductibles for both my wife and  I ($10,000 together) are going up 48% on January 1st, 2014, but will likely be dropped altogether in March of 2014.  It now looks like I will have my own personal story about cancellation of the policy I liked and had for the first time in more than a decade and a half.

My parting swing here regards the potential damage of delaying any of these mandates, particularly the deferment waivers granted to employers and unions.

More than 160 million American employees receive health care coverage through employer group plans.  Obama, his Commie Democrats and the Establishment Right RINO’s are all on board with these waivers as a good thing, but they’re not a good thing at all.  First of all, any delay prolongs the uncertainty under which providers must function and small business owners must labor, survive and try to create jobs.  This alone is and will continue to have terrible economic consequences.

Secondly, Obama and his cronies never compromise.  They have no need to negotiate as the Establishment Right with crumbs like McConnell, McCain, Cornyn and others, roll over to have their bellies rubbed by the Progressive press corpse at every opportunity.  The only reason these corrupt miscreants agreed to waiving the employee mandate until 2015 is that if they pushed it now, the 16 million individuals now losing their existing coverage (84%) could grow by another 135 million Americans losing their employer provided coverage.  Eliminating these waivers would potentially lead to more than 150,000,000 Americans being kicked out of their existing health care coverage and the angst we see today would be like a preschool argument during recess compared to the social volcano that would ignite.  These profligate liars all understood that, but we the people apparently didn’t.  And then, finally, we don’t want voters to experience reality prior to the 2014 mid-term elections do we?

The astonishing extent to which both elected Representatives and appointed officials have misrepresented PPACA to the American people over the past three years constitutes the intentional abandonment of fiduciary responsibility to the American tax payer and a staggering betrayal of the public trust underlying our Republic.  I believe this deceit and financial malfeasance rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors for every elected Representative and appointed official who propagated this monstrous deceit; this abysmal failure to protect and defend our Constitution; and the intentional decision not to properly serve the best interest of the American people.

The United States has truly arrived at its pinnacle of embarrassed disgrace and is now the largest, most expensive banana republic yet seen in world history – and we the people voted for it – or at least the enormous government dependent patronage vote did.  I hope and pray we have the mental acuity and will to fix this incredible mess we have voted ourselves into.

I haven’t bothered to mention it, but the rationing committee, since renamed and passed as part of the Stimulus Bill preceding Obamacare passage is real and is in fact the only cost containment method incorporated into PPACA under what is called by the horrific euphemism, The Complete Lives System.

Solution Recommendation footnote:
Repeal PPACA immediately.  It cannot be fixed and is a stepping stone to centrally planned, single payer, rationed, government dependency.

Pass legislation containing one sentence, stating “health care insurance coverage is INTERSTATE commerce”.  This legislation costs nothing and will destroy the obscene intrastate monopolies our corrupt legislators have constructed with the lobbyists.  The insurance carriers are guilty, but so is the elected slime enabling the insurance sewer our money is flowing into.  Enable competition for God’s sake.  Is that so hard?

Here’s my socialist solution if we must have one though I don’t care much for it:
Outside the young and/or wealthy who don’t want insurance or who are wealthy enough to buy their own, there are approximately 15,000,000 uninsured folks who would like to have health insurance and absolutely cannot get it.  Leave our health care system and Doc’s alone; create a Federal dependency fund run by each State, basically Medicaid without State matching funds, paying out $400 per month toward premiums to each of the 15 million or so qualified beneficiaries at an annual cost under $80 billion {15,000,000 x $400 x 12 = $72,000,000,000).  Simple and clean while the above recommendation kicks in and starts providing a competitive cost structure with real plans real people can really aff0rd so we can eventually get rid of the socialist fix and be real Americans again.