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“The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.”  {Dante Alighieri}

Our 2013 choice as U.S. citizens is to begin a new civil rights movement to put our Republic back on its Constitutional track;  OR we can continue down the pathetic  incremental path to One World Totalitarian Socialist Dictatorship.  Washington D.C. is utterly out of we the people’s control and must be fixed.

Members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives (as well as most government technocrats) do not take their Constitutionally delegated powers seriously.  They also do not seriously consider Constitutional limitations to their power.  Both the House and Senate have abrogated their legislative authority to the Executive and Judicial branches by failing to defend their legislative turf.  When Congress is not ignoring its responsibilities;  it tends to busy itself creating new unconstitutional chores, usually at the behest of some insider monopoly at the cost of the tax payer.

The Executive Branch, as a result of such irresponsible Congressional behavior,  pretty much does whatever it wants while the Judicial Branch regularly legislates from the bench.  When the House and Senate do legislate, it is most frequently on matters they don’t have Constitutional authority to consider.  The direct result of this expensive negligence and or costly corruption is that the checks and balances so carefully framed by the Founders into our Constitutional Republic no longer function.  The end product of legislatively malfeasant decades is the creation of the largest, most expensive, most powerfully dysfunctional banana republic the world has yet seen.  As a practical matter, we the people have apathetically abandoned our responsible right to self government.  As Americans of 2013, we thoughtlessly wear our tarnished freedom like a cheap watch.  If we wish to remain free citizens it is critical that we value our freedom and start taking it seriously.

Can our Constitutional Cancer be cured?  Can Self-Governance be re-established?  The answer is yes, but a spiritual awakening similar to that preceding the 1776 Revolutionary War must occur (and I believe it is occurring) in order for we the people to re-construct our moral compass and determine the direction of Integrity North.  We cannot chart the course to freedom if our destination is unknown and our compass is broken.  Freedom lies within our own hearts and minds;  not outside somewhere;  and certainly not at the beck and call of profligate elected thieves or the destitute leadership vacuum they are providing in integrity challenged Washington D.C.

It is imperative that we stop believing what Globalist radio, television, magazines and news (propaganda) outlets have to say.  Their detritus is 99% untrue; 100% misleading; and 110% fatal to our freedom.  It is critical that we each do our own research, uncover our own facts and make our own decisions.  It may feel comfortable to live within the flock, but it’s not free.  It feels safe to live in the barn as cattle and be taken care of, but cattle are not free.

Term limits are the first and most important cure.  I detest the idea of term limits, but given the propensity of the Executive and Legislative Branches to ignore their Constitutionally mandated responsibilities and restrictions, I don’t see any other choice.  Obviously, Congress will not police itself and has no interest in the oath of office each Member swears.  We the people are left without representation and become nothing more than the funding source for every short sighted, corrupt insider deal that monopolist conglomerates can dream up and integrity challenged legislators can service.  The 20 to 40 year career mini-fiefdoms our politicians construct for their own self aggrandizement has to be stopped.  Term limits, though distasteful  will help accomplish that.  Public service is an honor, not a license to steal and abuse.

The United States is now run entirely by international conglomerate monopolies standing far above the Rule of Law and beyond taxation of every country on the planet.  It is a reprehensible form of Reverse Fascism, where government sanctioned monopolies bundle campaign money and press coverage for study group selected, corruptible candidates, support them in office for decades; and in return receive benefits and favors from the corrupt candidates while we the people ignorantly walk away from self governance entirely.  I will admit in the interest of fairness (there’s that word again), in some cases candidates are not actually corrupt;  just gullible or stupid, though  neither offers consolation to we the people.  Term limits will help break the financial hold the money bundlers have over what might otherwise be decent politicians.

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As an aside, we the sheeple are told that capitalism has failed.  The truth is, we the people have not experienced free market capitalism since 1913.  We live under a system of Reverse Fascism, where government sanctioned monopoly – not free market capitalism rules.  The failure of health care, immigration law, fiscal sanity and whatever else can all be traced directly to unconstitutional government involvement and despotic over reach.

The United States has CONSTITUTIONAL CANCER and it may be TERMINAL.  This insidious cancer is caused primarily by the unfettered growth of tumorous career politicians fed by international conglomerate monopolies and elected by uninformed voters bludgeoned till comatose by the daily onslaught of meaningless News Alerts, fabricated crisis, Globalist propaganda and distracting, mind numbing entertainment.  The most noticeable cancer symptom is the steady, incremental loss of liberty justified by ever more strident demands for the allusion of fairness, social justice – which is no justice; and most of all – caring deeply about the welfare of others – which is to say, keep others dumbed down in permanent dependence and subservience to a government owned and operated by pawns of the Elite.  Both the Marxist Democrat Left and Neo-con Establishment Right trumpet this Globalist drivel using deceptively different rhetoric – but believe me, the train has only one track and it leads to the impoverished Globalist Gulag of subservient mediocrity for we the useless eaters as they like to refer to us folk on Main Street.

Only two groups presently stand in opposition to our Constitutional cancer.  The Libertarian Party and the Tea Party Movement.  The hatred of both by the Marxist Democrat and Establishment Republican is all the proof you need.  It is imperative that we focus on grass roots political candidates who will actually represent we the people.  We must finance and support these candidates and work around the Globalist infected Democrat and Republican Parties, both of which are damaged beyond repair in terms of an operational Republic.

Just sayin’, please give it some thought.  We don’t have a Right versus Left, Conservative versus Liberal problem.  We have a Global Elite versus freedom for all of us problem and we had better wake up to that fact soon or our Constitutional Cancer will in fact be terminal and our kids will live in feudal serfdom.