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The Democrat Party is dead to American freedom and prosperity. Co-opted by freedom hating, brain washed Marxists, even its purse strings are under the absolute dictatorship of Obama’s delusional Organizing For Action (formerly, Organizing For America).  Wake up real Democrats – you’ve been had.  JFK was murdered a long time ago and the real Democrat Party apparently lies silenced within his grave marked only by a flickering torch – the light from which, may in fact prove to be prophetic.

The Republican Party is fractured by irreconcilable differences.  The Constitutionally protective Tea Party Movement and the Constitution Despising Establishment Right are not only, NOT ON THE SAME PAGE; they are NOT EVEN IN THE SAME UNIVERSE.  There is no common ground to be had here.  Surrender or split are the options.  Either the Tea Party Movement will, through the ballot box, take over the GOP for the good of the country or the Establishment will retain its stranglehold and we will hang on to our one party system.  If the Tea Party Movement does not take over the GOP, then a satisfactory third party – or perhaps a no party movement –  is inevitable as the GOP is no longer viable for we the people in its present, disingenuous, Globalist guise.

We have a counterfeit one party system because the supposedly Anti-Establishment, Marxist Left and the Establishment Right Neo-cons are all on the same Globalist page; and are complicit in desiring to bring about a New World Order (NWO).  These groups are fully owned and operated subsidiaries of the Global Elite and as such,  are exclusively focused on power, control and money.  Period.  They are each desirous of and are attempting to bring about a Worldwide Totalitarian Socialist Dictatorship.  The Left would like the United Nations Lunatic Asylum to sit at the head of this noxious beast and the Establishment Right would like to see some bloated form of the U.S. government sitting at its head.  The nature of its insidious NWO head is the only difference between the two in spite of vastly different, seemingly opposing rhetoric, all of which is just elaborately stylized Kabuki Theater for we the people.

The NWO concept to the extent I understand it, kicked off in a serious way in 1773.  There is nothing conspiratorial about it.  This is simply a business strategy, openly being exercised by the 300 or so families who happen to own and control world central banking.  In turn, since these families issue money at their whim with zero oversight by any government, they have also established interlocking directorships and managerial control of all significant international conglomerate monopolies.  These monopolies control most major industries across the globe, such as banking, insurance, publishing, media, education, energy, mining, shipping, steel, arms and on and on and on.

As an example the Elite own and operate the Associated Press (AP) and Reuters from which all non-independent media outlets, also Elite owned, obtain their press feeds.  This system fully controls positive and negative press coverage and news filtering through the conditioned drones they hire through the study group vetting system.  The system conveniently controls the money bundling for political candidates, who are vetted through the study group system as well.  By providing and funding only system vetted political candidates as supposed choices in elections, the uninformed, gullible, government dependent, patronage vote is easily established over time and voila – political outcomes are close to being predictable and certain.


Oooooppppssss!  How did that happen?

Despite the Elite  lies, connivance, intellectual bullying, conditioning in place of education and whatever;  the simple fact is that Americans are hard wired for freedom.  We have been demonstrably so since at least 1774 or so and still are today, though many of us aren’t aware of it.  Here’s a great example.  Recent man on the street interviews showcase oblivious citizens who are so uninformed, they think Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are two completely different pieces of legislation.  Kind of sad.  The goods news though, is that without exception these folks were under the impression that Obamacare was being forced on them and they were uniformly against that.  Americans may be lied to, but in the end they will get it right, just as the Founders knew and predicted.

So what is the cure to all this NWO nonsense?

The cure is to do our own research, uncover our own facts from original sources, ignore the media propaganda except as tasteless entertainment;  and make campaign contributions directly to the candidates of your choice.  DEFUND the RNC (GOP) and DNC entirely.  They can swim in the illegal sewer of foreign campaign contributions, which is status quo for them anyway.  Please understand that the reason the Marxist Left Democrats, Establishment Right Republicans and the statist media uniformly HATE, DESPISE, RIDICULE, DENIGRATE and DEMONIZE good viable candidates like Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz is because these guys have never been vetted through the Globalist study group system; are not conditioned; and are NOT BEHOLDEN to pathetic, treasonous benefactors.  These folks speak for themselves and more importantly, for we the people.  They are hated for this behavior and nothing we see and hear on the 6:00 news is as it seems.

Elected Representatives like Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz may be Republicans, but more importantly they are Libertarian oriented, Constitution oriented, Rule of Law oriented folks vetted only by, financed directly by and elected by we the people and no one else.  If we fail to support courageous Americans of this caliber, then something is wrong with us.  They have Founder’s hearts and blood, with beneficent Founder’s  souls and this is what members of the Tea Party Movement are also uniformly made of.  It’s why they are hated.  The Tea Party Movement stands for freedom, human dignity and honor; while freedom, dignity and honor are laughed at and despised by the Marxist Left, Establishment Right and Globalist media, all of whom blindly and ignorantly worship power as dreamed of by their Elite Puppet Masters.

The Elite have no real power.  Their hold over we the people is limited to their ability to propagandize and nudge us into voting for their pawns, who then enable the Elite agenda on our dime.  The cure is for we the people to stand up and say NO.  We will not vote for your pathetic, misguided pawns.  We will not comply with your silly plans.  The day we do this is the day we begin to win our freedom and right to self government back.  Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz have given us that day.  They have bravely thrown down the gauntlet and launched our first step onto the path of renewed self government and a real future for our children and grandchildren.   We must each decide which side of this battle we are on.  Freedom or slavery is the choice and not to decide is to decide.

For my part; I’m going to make a cup of Tea, never give up on freedom and never comply with Globalist nonsense.


It’s nearly impossible to make rational sense of American or Global politics unless you have at least some understanding of who owns and operates who.  Follow the money as they say.  Following, is a brief synopsis of the Establishment Right / Anti-Establishment Left symbiotic relationship, which is never taught in today’s Progressively redacted version of so-called history.  There are on dusty, unredacted shelves, largely unread,  many thousands of pages of actual documented history on this subject, should the reader care to get his or her hands dirty in a search for truth.

In a nutshell, the Establishment Right, going as far blue-blood back as the British East India Company connections in the opium trade; then forward to the present day Hamptons, Wall Street, Buckingham Palace and Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Basil; created and financed the Anti-Establishment Left.  The Left is even more powerfully funded by the Establishment Right today, with much of it still emanating from the opium trade, just as in days of yore.

Ask yourself how it was that Leon Trotsky, penniless in Greenwich Village was able to get on a ship and make a transatlantic voyage to Russia with more than a hundred additional revolutionaries?  Who paid for this expensive exodus from New York?  Ask yourself how it was that Vladimir Ilyich (Ulyanov) Lenin also penniless, was able to garner the infamous sealed train, ferries, etc. and travel across Europe to Petrograd with millions in cash, unharmed, right through the middle of WW I?

Who on earth funded Pol Pot, Hitler, Mao Tse-tung, Castro and other murderous thugs across the globe?  The Establishment Right, of course did all this.  How is it, that every Establishment Right University has a predominantly Marxist faculty and Administration?  Who is the Establishment Right?

In another nutshell, there are various levels of involvement within the Establishment club.  On top of the well dressed dung heap are approximately 300 or so families, generally referred to as The Elite.  These families own all 172 or so central banks in the world (maybe 55 major ones) and through interlocking directorships also control the world’s wealthiest international conglomerate monopolies.  These corporate monopolies create an extremely wealthy second level of corporate share holders and Directors, beneath which, a third level of astonishingly corrupt CEO’s, CFO’s and attorneys, etc. labor as soulless employees of the controlling monopolists.  Please note that many of these drones are not intentionally bad people.  They are simply conditioned to not think or employ deductive reasoning and to do what they are told to do.  This is true of most Globalists below the 2nd tier.

The fourth level of globalist thugs own and/or operate the thousands of foundations, NGO’s, think tanks, institutes, study groups,  and in some cases universities all working in unison as international conditioning centers for acceptance of the Totalitarian Socialist New World Order Dictatorship, of which the Elite dream to one day establish.

Attending the think tank/study group conditioning centers all of which without exception tie back to the Mother of All Think Tanks – The Tavistock Institute of Human Behavior (formerly Wellington House) are members of the fifth level.  The fifth level is comprised of multitudes of high ranking government officials, both appointed and elected as well as upper level managers, company owners and directors in publishing, news media, education and politics.  The study group system provides the effective means for screening, vetting and advancing those who can be successfully conditioned to great jobs as publishers, news anchors, journalists, academics, state and Federal politicians and so on.

The Elite families own and operate entities such as the Associated Press (AP), Reuters and ALL major network and cable news outlets ensuring that news is properly filtered and presented by study group vetted professionals, whose every thought and opinion is well known before they are ever hired and/or advanced into the public eye.  There is absolutely no need for such tawdry behavior as suggesting to a Fox, CNN, MSNBC or NPR news anchor what they should say or not say on any given issue.  They were hired in the first place, precisely because it is known what they will say on any given issue.  That’s what the study group system is for.

Have you ever, even one time, ever heard Bill O’Reilly, Bob Beckel, Chris Matthews, Juan Williams, Bill Schiefer, William Kristol, Bill Moyers or any other news anchor or top pundit speak out of character or say anything that you did not know they would say ahead of time.  Of course not.  These people are thoroughly vetted and are 100% predictable.  That doesn’t make them bad, stupid or conspiratorial; just predictable, which can be useful in the right hands (no pun intended).  That’s what the study group system and organizations such as the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) are there for.  It’s good strategy.  CFR doesn’t stupidly tell folks what to think.  It vets what folks already think, encourages them, conditions them a bit further and then uses them effectively and makes sure they are compensated handsomely and regularly receive coveted awards.  Simple but effective system for thought control and nudging the masses.

The 6th level consists of lower level government employees, regulators, editors, professors, teachers, reporters, pundits and you name it.  This is a tier of millions, literally covering the globe with heavily conditioned drones taught “what to think”, never “how to think”.  This level is currently driving American education straight into the collectivist toilet.  Our very expensive schools today are globalist conditioning centers, not centers of learning.  The dumbing down of Americans is ongoing and thorough as evidenced by recent elections and commonly held, woefully uninformed beliefs.

The 7th level is us – we the people.  The American and world middle class and lower.  The Elite reverentially refer to we the people as useless eaters.  They resent our wasting valuable earth resources, which they territorially claim as their own rightful assets and wish to preserve for their own future enjoyment.  The 7th level is not a problem in most of the world.  Europe for example has already been socialized and gives little thought to individual freedom or any sort of dream regarding future abundance or improved conditions.  They have accepted economic slavery under the guise of fairness and social equality, which is to say uniform poverty and mediocrity.

The United States is a different story.  American’s formed that people friendly little beast called a Constitutional Republic.  Its checks and balances established between  three branches of government; Executive, Legislative and Judicial render the Republic nearly impossible to be overcome by dictatorship.  Until, that is, the study group conditioning imploded within academia and then by osmosis into every level of government; city, county, state and Federal, until today in 2013, the checks and balances are magnanimously  ignored.  The skeletal remains of our Republic lie bleached and dried on the corrupt floors of our impounded Washington D.C. capital.

In America and across the world, the Establishment Right builds the monopolies and makes the money;  the Marxist Left, using portions of that money, then establishes centrally controlled, top down governments – dictatorships whenever possible.   The top down, collectivist style government, once entrenched can simply TAKE the people’s wealth through taxation or other means and then earning money by the Right is no longer even necessary.  Socialism is therefore, the preferred Establishment Right control mechanism, because top down governments are easily controlled, leveraged, managed and robbed.  In severe cases such as the United States, where at least a few silly people, such as those within the Tea Party Movement still believe in freedom, heavy handed regulatory controls must be employed; and are imposed through Leftist conditioned drones selected via the study group system to run draconian agencies who then exert control, annihilate competition and destroy free markets – all under the guise of protecting we the people.  Congress, of course, sits idly by and does nothing to defend its legislative turf, thereby enabling the steady, persistent tyranny of big government to prosper and suffocate the folks.

The situation described above is not a conspiracy in any way.  It is a well established, global business strategy, successfully employed for many, many decades by the Elite.  The primary control lever in every country is its privately owned, central bank.  In the United States, this is the Federal Reserve Banking System.  The Fed is privately owned and guess what; controlling interest, according to Congressional Meeting minutes is held by The Bank of England through the Rothschild Banking cartel…and we thought we started a war in 1776 to be free.  So much for that.  Central banks are always privately owned and exert complete control over interest rates, up and down business cycles, commodity prices, etc.  They have direct access to the wealth of the subject peoples and use it for whatever they wish.  Central banks such as our Federal Reserve, contrary to media articles and public opinion are not subject to government oversight, audit or Generally Accepted Accounting Standards (GAAP).  Central banks constitute an absolute government sanctioned and protected monop0ly.  They are a criminal enterprise and a human cancer, used to fund all sides of every war fought since WW I.  End central banking and you end war.  Its that simple.

Personal and family foibles aside, John F. Kennedy was our last legitimate President.  All since have total recall regarding what happened to JFK and now work tirelessly for the now government sanctioned, government protected monopolies, who on behalf of the Elite, bundle their campaign monies and garner their friendly press coverage.  If you still believe Oswald shot JFK;  well then, I hope you’re not drooling on yourself and making a mess.  Eisenhower was the first to warn of these dangerous people and referred to them jointly as the military and industrial complex.  Nixon crossed these people and was brutally destroyed by the globalist press, though admittedly he assisted mightily in his descent to ignominy.  Reagan resisted the Elite.  To a lesser extent W. tried to resist, but broke down entirely in the final year of his 2nd term.  Obama is a globalist pawn on hopped up steroids; I suppose in part because his personal hatred of anything American runs deep into the blackness of his rotted, putrescent heart.  Obama is utterly without conscience and as such is the perfect Globalist tool for bringing America’s independent middle class to its bloody economic knees, ready to beg for relief, at which point the Elite will offer their One World solution and our children will become less than impoverished serfs.

All modern Presidents, most House  Members, nearly all U.S. Senate Members and at least half the Supreme Court are nothing more than pathetic Globalist hacks, violating their oaths of office daily – even to the point of high crimes and misdemeanors – fully supported and nurtured by the mindless Globalist Presscorpse  – endeavoring at all times to please their Elite handlers in exchange for protection and the obscene remuneration of their own families.  The American people have been sold out lock stock and barrel by the Republican Establishment and the Democrat Left.  Only the Libertarian Party and the Tea Party Movement still stand in defense of our unalienable rights as recognized by our Constitution.  This is why the Globalist Presscorpse along with both the Establishment Right and Marxist Left squeal shrilly with bitter hatred, like sick bloated hogs against anything Tea Party or Libertarian.

The Elite propaganda machine has now sown its seeds successfully for more than two hundred years and the American breaking point has been breached.  The Left and Right, liberals and conservatives view each other as bitter, hateful enemies, when in fact, the only enemy is the Global Elite, who own and operate both Left and Right like finely tuned violins.  As of 2012, we see the Elite now control the future of American elections through the uninformed, dumbed down patronage vote; completely disenfranchising the business owning and hard working middle class.  The so-called Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), aka Obamacare along with the amnesty of illegal aliens is as noted by Dennis Michael Lynch, “THE PERFECT STORM”, aligning as the final straws breaking the proverbial financial back of middle class America.

We can still wake up and take back self government through the voting booth, but not for much longer.  We can still recognize that Left and Right are false choices, both leading to impoverishment.  American citizens, liberal and conservative must come together and throw the Establishment Republicans and Marxist Left Democrats out of office.  Do not fund the RNC or DNC.  Fund your own chosen candidates directly.  Screw the Karl Roves and David Axelrods of the world.  These clowns have the integrity of bi-polar pit vipers with broken backs.  We need to think for ourselves and take self government seriously once again.  Freedom isn’t free – ever.

How about real dangerous?  How about far more dangerous than we can reasonably imagine?  How about High Crimes and Misdemeanors?


Let’s start with something simple like our hard earned money and the Social Security Ponzi Scheme.  We work hard;  our bloated government does no work;  we have 7.65% of gross earnings confiscated for Social Security (6.2%) and Medicare (1.45%);  our employer has confiscated a matching 7.65%, which could have been hard earned profit or paid to us instead; for a grand total confiscation of 15.30% of gross earnings every working day of our lives.  Medicare is a mindlessly incompetent pay-as-you-go system.  Social Security, by law, can only invest in government securities, so our confiscated wealth is traded to the Federal government in exchange for various paper securities (I.O.U.’s).  Our stolen money has now been transferred to the General Fund where our devious elected Representatives can spend it or give it away for any patronage vote program they can unscrupulously dream up.  There is no TRUST other than the certainty that our wealth has been unconstitutionally stolen and wasted…and we the brain dead are concerned that privatization might harm us?

Any roulette table on the Vegas Strip will give you better odds at winning than Social Security provides.  The Social Security program carries a Federal government guarantee, by law,  that our money is to be confiscated and wasted – with a small percentage promised to be returned as what is now termed a benefit.  Benefit?  It’s our money!  Any House Member, U.S. Senator or President that is not outraged by this theft and is not fighting mightily to stop it is in serious violation of his or her fiduciary responsibility to the hard working tax payer, is a common thief without integrity or conscience and should be in prison where any privately held retirement fund managers would spend the rest of their sorry, corrupt days.

How about DARPA?  Bet you’ve never heard of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency have you?  Mr. Jon Rappoport of  has made us aware of this little gem whereby our Federal government is stealing tax payer dollars and spending it on genetic research figuring out how to add a 47th chromosome to our DNA, making it easier to insert foreign genetic material into our bodies.  As Mr. Rappoport points out, DARPA is run  by the Pentagon, which is under the Department of Defense, which is under our Executive Branch in the White House.  As citizens, if we don’t have a problem with this nonsense;  well, I guess we don’t deserve to be free do we?

Here’s a few more treasonous gem stones.

S.J. RES 23, Authorization For Use of Military Force (AUMF)
Signed into law by George W. Bush on September 18, 2001.

This joint Congressional Resolution authorizes the use of military force against citizens of the United States.  The language has been affirmed by the Supreme Circus of the United States and is now legal.  This law is so general, so without geographic or descriptive limitation, that any citizen can be construed to be a terrorist for any reason any President deems necessary.

S. 1447, Aviation and Transportation Security Act of 2001 (ATSA)
Signed into Law by George W. Bush on November 19, 2001.

This Act created the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), originally part of the Federal Department of Transportation, but later moved to be under the flagrantly, un-constitutional Department of Homeland Security.  As seen within its title, TSA was envisioned from the globalist get go to be expanded across the country through all transportation sectors, including railroads, buses, trucks and ferry boats.  It appears this legislation is not designed to “protect” citizens as much as it is to provide a means to “control” citizens.  This is now being done through TSA’s Visible  Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) program.

TSA, now unionized, bears close citizen scrutiny.  If TSA functions as a civilian para-military force – and it apparently is rapidly growing into one – it clearly violates The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.  TSA poses a potential threat to individual freedom, particularly in the hands of an out-of-control Congress and Executive Branch.

As a side note related to TSA and unconstitutional civilian armies, please note H.R. 3590, Section 5210 (page 496) as noted below, which describes the creation of the “Ready Reserve Corps” civilian army.  This gem is buried in Obamacare, which your treasonous Congressional Representative also failed to write, read or object to.

H.R. 6166, Military Commissions Act of 2006 (MCA)
Signed into law by George W. Bush on October 17, 2006
Section 948a Definitions, 1, unlawful enemy combatant

This law basically eliminates or at least expands the need for restriction of the writ of Habeas Corpus (U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 9,2) for “unlawful enemy combatants” as protected under Article I, Section 9, paragraph 2 of the U.S. Constitution.  Habeas Corpus is a legal procedure that keeps the government from incarcerating you indefinitely without demonstrating cause.  The definition of an unlawful enemy combatant is so general within 948a that any U.S. citizen could be so construed.  The Supreme Court struck down the language limiting habeas corpus in MCA in a decision issued on June 12, 2008, but debate ensues and some legal scholars remain concerned.

H.R. 5122, John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007
Signed into law by George W. Bush on October 17, 2007.
Section 1076 – Use of Armed Forces in Major Public Emergencies
Section 1076 of this legislation basically repeals the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 and authorizes the use of American troops for civilian law enforcement and if necessary, the use of force against citizens of the United States by Presidential decree.

H.R. 645, National Emergency Centers Establishment Act of 2009
Signed into law by Barack Hussein Obama on January 22, 2009 (2-days after his inauguration)
This law funds the so-called FEMA Camps (hundreds already funded by Congress and constructed by Haliburton), which are clearly domestic prison camps with double row concertina wire and guard towers.

D.O.D.  FM 3-39.40  Internment and Resettlement Operations
Dated February 12, 2010.
fm 3-39.40, US Army-InternmentResettlement

FM 3-39.40 is the latest U.S. Military plan instructing our own U.S. Army on how to properly inter U.S. citizens in internment camps.  This unconstitutional, illegal, treasonous plan for I/R (interment / resettlement) operations is couched in obtuse, warm and fuzzy PROTECTIVE language.  The unstated threat to freedom lies in the overly broad, basically undefined definitions of an enemy combatant or other threat, which is utterly without geographic or descriptive  specificity.  Any person so deemed can easily be classified as a domestic terror threat or enemy combatant.

H.R. 3590, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA, called Obamacare as amended and passed by the U.S. Senate)
Signed into law by Barrack Hussein Obama on March 23, 2010.

Since redundancy is taught at all Globalist conditioning think tanks and since TSA isn’t nearly enough civilian army to control this nation of hunters and outdoorsmen, your trusty out of control Federal government has passed legislation (that it never wrote or read before passing) creating Obama’s much touted “Ready Reserve Corps”, a civilian army with rather broad, generally undefined powers.  Yup, this little gem is buried in H.R. 3590, Section 5210 (page 496) of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), more generally known as Obamacare.  Your Congressman or woman didn’t bother to read it, but I did and found parts of it to be obscenely offensive with regard to freedom in America.

H.R. 1540, National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (NDAA)
Signed into law by Barack Hussein Obama on December 31, 2011.
Section 1021.  Affirmation of Authority of the Armed Forces of the United States to Detain Covered Persons Pursuant to the Authorization For Use of Military Force (AUMF)

This legislation again suspends the Constitutional writ of Habeas Corpus, further eliminates the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 and fully authorizes the use of U.S. military force against citizens of the United States.  It also reasserts powers already granted to the Executive Branch under S.J. RES 23, (see above) a joint Congressional Resolution granting such power.  These powers, already affirmed by the Supreme Circus, have made the indefinite detention and military targeting of United States citizens absolutely legal.  In other words, Barack Hussein Obama or any President can now easily have folks like myself, who believe in our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Rule of Law incarcerated indefinitely, without filing any charges what-so-ever, simply by declaring 1600 Watch or any other conservative political web sites, authors, etc., guilty of aiding and abetting right wing, so-called extremist, so-called domestic terrorism.  Freedom of Speech is now a potential crime.

Executive Order No. 13603 National Defense Resources Preparedness
Issued by Barack Hussein Obama on March 16, 2012
Part II, Section 201 of this totalitarian dictate authorizes the unelected National Security Council (NSC), Homeland Security Council (HSC) and the  Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Energy, Health & Human Services and Transportation  “to allocate materials, services and facilities as deemed necessary”…”with respect to food resources, food resource facilities, livestock resources, veterinary resources, plant health resources, and the domestic distribution of farm equipment and commercial fertilizer; all forms of energy; health resources; all forms of civil transportation; water resources; and all other materials, services and facilities, including construction materials.”
This totalitarian Executive Order authorizes Marshall Law throughout the United States at the mere whim of our President.

If we still believe that we are living as free citizens in a functioning Constitutional Republic, we are truly asleep within a Tavistock induced coma.

Please note that the Democrats and Republicans we have been trusting to represent us have signed the above totalitarian garbage into law.  They are either fools beyond imagining or are complicit in the coming dictatorship.

“Divide and conquer.”  {Julius Caesar}

Why do we hold many of the beliefs we hold dear?  Where do the ideas come from?
Why do we feel and behave as we do?
Why are we angry with the Left?  or Right?  or gays?  or whites?  or heteros?  or whatever?
Why do we always feel so anxious?
Why do nearly all of us wish for relief from the daily emotional pain of 2013 living?  Is the pain real – or induced?  If induced – by whom?

Divide and conquer is a centuries old, classically effective war strategy and one that is being successfully employed today by independence devouring Globalist apparatchiks  and their thought conditioned comrades in the One World War for our minds – The Mother of All Wars...a war not often recognized for what it is.  It is not necessary to dislike each other, mistrust each other or experience deep visceral aversion to one another because some Harvard or Yale quack in a silk skirt or wool suit said we do.

It may be uncomfortable and politically incorrect, but we can actually take our heads out of our wine glasses, water bottles and beer cans, turn our attention away from the television conditioning tube and propaganda rags, exercise our free will and think for ourselves.  If we actually did this occasionally, the world might be a more abundant and much safer place.  Some like to brag we won the Cold War.  To me, it’s pretty obvious that we lost at least the ideological Cold War and lost it big time.  Divide and conquer played and still plays a role in this horrible defeat.

It’s time to stop being conservative, liberal, Republican, Democrat, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, male, female, blue state, red state, Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Atheist, rich, poor, gay, hetero, young, old or whatever other silly categories Globalist drones at Tavistock can dream up to divide us from ourselves.  We are American people.  Some of us want to be free.  Some of us don’t care.  Some of us still believe we are free and don’t understand that we are not;  or at least just barely.  Nearly all this divisive rhetoric is a steel thought trap and is terminal to our freedom.  As long as we are fighting each other, guess what we are not doing?  We are not noticing that it is Globalism that is dividing us and motivating us to make mountains out of mole hills.  We are not aware that the Global Elite have set thought traps and we the people keep stepping into them.

The point of  Globalist thought traps as typically devised by the Tavistock Institute of Human Behavior, at least since 1948 or so, is of course, to distract our attention away from the fact that increasingly, steadily, incrementally, the Global Elite are wresting control from the naive hands of we the people and they are doing it openly, though we don’t seem to notice; and they are doing it effectively, though we don’t seem to notice.  As we celebrate Independence Day this 4th of July, the celebration seems to ring hollow as many of us realize we have given much of our Independence away to an out of control Federal government, whose mindless appetite for power is becoming insatiable.

Our attention is a thousand different places, but never on what the Global Elite conglomerate monopolies are doing.  We are told for example that free market capitalism has failed.  Somehow we don’t notice that what is actually failing is government sanctioned, regulatory agency protected, international conglomerate monopoly; poised safely,  far above taxation and The Rule of Law; exercising behind the scenes power; ALWAYS INCREASING its centralized control over us through a perverted form of Reverse Fascism.  We are betrayed daily by most of the elected Representatives who take and violate their oath to protect and defend.  It matters not at all whether such betrayal is intentional.  The outcome is the same and Totalitarian Socialism is routinely winning every skirmish.  We the people are left without representation.

There are many examples of how manufactured arguments can be used to divide and distract while the Global Elite pawns freely build the zoo in which we are to live.  We are emotionally lured, usually by media drones into shallow surface arguments regarding say, education funding, gay marriage, affirmative action, farm subsidies; but while we attempt to converse with pitiful sound bites; it is actually One World Globalism as preached at CFR and thousands of foundations, think tanks and study groups that have flat lined our kids educational test scores;  convinced us that inexpensive energy is bad; success is bad; and the pursuit of excellence is bad. Globalism teaches that government is good;  big ponderous, impersonal, unmanageable government is even better; the collective is all that matters and unimaginable levels of debt are sustainable and healthy;  achievers must be punished; and need determines distribution of wealth.  It is foolish pied pipers of Globalism that have replaced love, family, relationships and personal responsibility with self absorption, separateness, loneliness and bestial breeding rituals reducing beautiful, spiritual people to masturbatory objects;  and on and on and on with the debasement of our society.

While we argue about the profound merits of young Mothers murdering their unborn children to achieve some sort of counterfeit, undefinable freedom;  we somehow became OK with our President announcing that he has the right to kill or incarcerate American citizens indefinitely without due process?  What is it we are so entranced by, that we don’t notice or if we notice then don’t care that the U.S. Senate violates its own rules by passing a budgetary, non-neutral Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act through the reconciliation (budget-neutral) process?

The U.S. Senate actually had the unmitigated gall to pass this legislation that 70% of us don’t want during the Christmas season.  Legislation that more and more obviously is anything but budget-neutral and not one peep from a Congressional Representative or ourselves regarding the Senate rule that reconciliation cannot be used for any legislation having budgetary impacts.  What on earth were we distracted by when we accepted the hilarious Democrat rationale (lie) of comparing 6-years of Obamacare expense against 10-years of Obamacare revenue to CBO and calling that BUDGET NEUTRAL?  Are we really that busy or that vacant?  Why on earth didn’t CBO send the ridiculous Obamacare bill back to the Senate with a note stating “are you freaking serious”?

What did the Globalist media have us so occupied with when we the people accepted the clearly unconstitutional Patriot Act and dangerous tripe like TSA and VIPRE?  The Constitution does not grant civil police authority over its citizens to the Federal government.  Are we so busy that we’re just fine with NSA snooping on everything we say, buy, do, etc.?  Why are we the people agreeing to pay for this KGB style military-industrial crap?  Why and how does the Globalist media convince us to accept the silly argument that profiling Islamic terrorists is bad? Profiling works;  that’s why law enforcement does it…or used to do it.

What exactly do we have our attention on while the Federal Reserve Banks are openly and utterly destroying our currency for Global Elite benefit?  How do we miss this?  How is it that our Federal government claims we must have a war on terror; yet that same government openly arms and finances terrorist entities such as Al-Qaeda in Libya and Syria or The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt – and we don’t even notice the contradiction – or the treason?

The reason for our distraction is that we are continually and intentionally being distracted by manufactured disputes on dozens of silly issues, most of which aren’t a real concern other than our emotional reaction to numerous vague though insulting stupidities, which occur on a daily basis.  This intentional Tavistock strategy is referred to by Global Elite insiders as inner directional conditioning.  The strategy is to attack every American all day long with meaningless News Alerts, daily fabricated crisis, outright lies, misstated statistics on things such as influenza fatalities and every silly thing imaginable – all intended to overwhelm people with sensory and emotional overload; thereby rendering them susceptible to propagandized conditioning.  This is a simple, but effective strategy for dividing us and overwhelming us at the same time.

The Global Elite owned media with its hundreds of study group conditioned drones relentlessly assault our psyches daily, convincing us of turmoil and chaos;  fears real and mostly imagined;  threats whether they exist or not;  until the average human becomes desperate for relief.  These Globalist morons now go to the extent of convincing us that rain storms and snow fall are dire emergencies requiring immediate Federal government involvement.  As soon as our attention is garnered, the Globalists offer their typical incrementalized One World Solution, which always sounds helpful, but more importantly always requires and eliminates just a bit more of our liberty, while also causing us to become just a bit more dependent on that big old lovable government in Washington D.C.

One of the most frequently employed Tavistock techniques is to offer two wrong solutions to a manufactured or real issue.  Both solutions are good for enhancing increased Globalist control, so the winning solution is irrelevant – they both win for Globalism.  The best example of this is U.S. Presidential elections where both the Democrat and Republican candidates are thoroughly study group vetted as good supporters for Globalism prior to providing any significant campaign financing or favorable press coverage for either.  It doesn’t matter a whit which candidate wins as they are both true Globalists even though their meaningless rhetoric and empty promises seem to differ.  Both the Democrat and Republican Parties are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Global Elite, offer us no real choices whatever and are quite obviously beyond redemption as regards our liberty.  The correct answer as much as I hate to say it is;  slip between the two Globalist choices and go with  A NEW THIRD PARTY that actually represents we the people – an idea I don’t subscribe to myself – oe better yet abandon all political parties and go independent.

Anyway, after introducing the fake two-sided issue or so-called electoral choices, the pot is then stirred incessantly to emotionally embroil the Right and Left; or rich and poor;  or young and old;  or black and white; or whatever is needed to divide us into opposing irrational groups regarding that particular issue.  For example NBC, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, New York Times, Washington Post and most other media outlets roil up the Left.  Fox News and talk radio roil up the Right.  Division and emotional dissension are quickly and effectively accomplished;  rational discussion and any possible exchange of ideas is preempted;  and most importantly, we the people are once again embroiled in a shallow fight over trivia, while the Globalist Elite march on robbing us of our freedom, destroying our currency; shredding our Constitution; morphing our courts into circuses;  and drowning our Republic in One World Totalitarian sewage –all by our own votes.  What a system!  What a brilliant strategy!

DIVIDE AND CONQUER!  We the once free people are adopting the Globalist Thought Gulag by our own distracted choice and are so busy fighting each other over shallow symptoms of perceived two solution problems – we never quite notice that we ought to slip between the two Globalist solutions to intelligently discuss the real solution – the solution that respects and recognizes our individual liberties as ordained by Divine Providence through the fact of our creation.  Our future freedom as acknowledged and protected by our Constitution requires that we wake up and begin noticing this inner directional conditioning.  Our thoughts are not so much our own as we like to think.  We are being conditioned to behave in a predictable manner just as Pavlov’s Dogs.  We are not chimpanzees and we we must quit acting as though we are.

The future of the United States requires that we each think for ourselves and stop being senselessly divided by those who will profit by it.  As stated so many times, “DIVIDED WE FALL;  TOGETHER WE STAND.”

The good ship America may list from time to time, but trust me on this one;  the American people will never learn to sink and cannot be taught to fail.  That said:

How on earth can our American ship of state list to port and starboard at the same time?

Helpful sidebar:  OK, if you’re a navigationally challenged victim of Progressive de-education;  according to; port is left and starboard is right when facing toward the front of the boat as taken from  Middle English sterbord  (noun);  Old English stēorbord,  equivalent to stēor  (steering) + bord  side (board);  both of which come from ancient shipping, say pre-900 A.D., where boats were typically steered from the right side.  If you matriculated to Columbia University (I’m sorry), have been noninvasively lobotomized and are still completely and unfortunately dazed and confused;  we are speaking metaphorically here by using terminology typically associated with  capsized ships to create imagery depicting a nation drowning in lies.  Whew!  The dumbing down of America reduces explanation to exhaustive redundance.  I sincerely apologize to those of you who slipped through the system, actually learned and still have the ability to reason deductively.  Please be patient here;  it’s a virtue insisted both the good Sisters of Notre Dame (grade school) as well as the good Christian Brothers (high school);  and believe me , these folks are stuck on truth.

The accepted CFR way to manage metaphorically listing left and right at the same time in America is magical;  is an elaborate lie;  and is properly named Globalism; a warm, fuzzy euphemism for One World economic slavery – or the establishment of world wide feudal serfdom as I prefer to call it.  The primary country in the world and in matter of degree the only country in the world excepting possibly Australia where this black magic occurs is the United States;  which stands alone as the only country in world history once having a Federal government established of, by and for the people (Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address), thereby necessitating the need for Globalist lies on both the Left and the Right, whereas in most countries only the Left lie is required to institute equality of economic enslavement.  The lie was spawned in Frankfurt, Germany in 1773, when the United States was still but a dream in the hearts and minds of a brave few.

Port herded movements such as Occupy Wall Street (OWS), Nation of Islam, New Black Panthers, Code Pink and also the Starboard manipulated movements such as the Tea Party, have all correctly identified the obvious fact that freedom in America is rapidly vanishing.  Few of them, Starboard or Port have identified the empty rabbit hole (I say empty so as not to incriminate rabbits) steadily swallowing their freedom.  Left and Right ought realize that if they cannot join together in the war against Globalist economic slavery – both Left and Right will be Occupying, not Wall Street, but their new barn, where they will be rationed their genetically altered, aluminum resistant grain, not much differently than chickens, hogs and cattle.  This is in fact, precisely how the Global Elite view normal folk, though it is considered poor taste to mention it.

The dark, scary hole (let’s use that term and just avoid the bunny issue altogether), now a shallow grave for freedom, has not been dug by Democrats or Republicans.  It has not been dug by liberals or conservatives.  It is not a racial shovel;  nor rich / poor shovel;  nor hetero / homo shovel;  nor male / female shovel;  nor young / old shovel;  nor is it an environmental shovel or an urban renewal shovel or even a shovel between nations.  It is a giant, red and yellow excavator called One World.  The dark, scary excavator working the enormous, worldwide freedom pit is Globalism.

Dangerous Port side mutant George Soros refers to it as his Open Society, which means he’s open to grinding all of us whole.  He and his elitist friends envision earth having a population of about 500 million people.  Today’s population is on the up side of 6 billion.  You do the math for your Globalist future.  World wide famine anybody?  Anybody?  How about a few HAARP induced earthquakes and tsunamis?  Those could be pretty effective population reducers.

This freedom devouring pit is the few controlling the many using  cleverly orchestrated, divide and conquer mob rule as a base strategy to promote confusion, chaos and despair;  ultimately leading the many to deny their inherent individualism and replace it with the false hope, the lie of centralized government provided security – the historic reality of which, is uniform poverty.

Marxism will get a family of four about 800mg (1 3/4 lbs) of low quality sausage, a loaf or two of moldy bread, some beans or rice (not both) and a single bar of crappy soap per month, while the four try to stay sane in the central planner’s calculated, utopian vision of their two room, 12′ x 12′ (4m x 4m) concrete box home having one window, one door, one sink, one toilet, occasional electricity and occasional running, almost potable water – which means occasionally having functional sewer service.  One lamp is typically shared for reading, though there are no legally readable books anyway – so the dim, though beneficent government provided light just facilitates equal viewing of the shared, equal squalor.

The above described uniform destitution is commonly termed “fairness, in today’s Leftist idiomatic usage.  Equality of poverty, popularly referred to as “redistribution of wealth” among Leftist sheep who don’t actually have to live in it, is historic fact throughout communist Russia (U.S.S.R. until bankrupt), East Germany, Poland, Yugoslavia, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba and sadly, many other nations across the world.  It is slowly, though pervasively becoming prevalent across most of Europe, Australia and on a suddenly accelerating pace – here in what used to be free, prosperous, generous America.  Our Canadian brothers and sisters have intelligently veered back to Starboard and are much healthier and I hope safer for it.

The Left lie was never needed to enslave people until after the Left realized that violent takeover of the world was somewhat impractical and really, really messy.  40 million or more murdered in the Bolshevik utopia;  60 million or more murdered in the Maoist utopia;  11 million murdered in the Nazi utopia;  3 million of a total population of 6 million (if you’re a Columbia, Harvard or Yale grad – that would be 50%) murdered in the Cambodian (Pol Pot) utopia; and many millions more murdered in the smaller Marxist utopias of Nepal, Tibet and across Africa, South America and the rest of planet earth.

The Left lie began with the realization of demented folks like Antonio Gramsci, founder of Italian Communism, who realized Marxism could more practically prevail if spread like an intellectual disease inoculated as a supposed “better idea”.  This spiritually, mentally and physically abusive infection was enthusiastically embraced and spread by Herbert Marcuse and the Frankfurt morons, social deviate Saul Alinsky, cowardly professorial hypocrites Cloward and Pivens and too many others for dishonorable mention.  OK – maybe throw in Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dorhn, Cass Sunstein, Anthony (Van) Jones, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, Barack Hussein Obama and about half of Congress and the Supreme Circus so as not to be rude.

The overwhelming success of the societal parasites mentioned above is evidenced daily in Washington D.C., in every media outlet in the United States, in our text books, throughout academia, Hollywood and unfortunately in our voting booths as we uniformly and fairly vote for our own diminishment and denial as once free people…and here’s the funny part.  That “the joke’s on us”, which no Leftist I’ve ever met gets –  and in a previous life I’ve met retards from SDS, Weather Underground, Black Panthers, etc.  (You may enjoy knowing I used to foolishly carry Mao’s Redbook of quotations in my commie flannel shirt pocket at all times.)  The joke is that the international robber baron, bourgeoisie, capitalist pigs that the Left supposedly detests – CREATED THE LEFT;  FUND THE LEFT;  SUPPORT THE LEFT; AND USE THE LEFT to foment their divide and conquer strategy for chaos as mentioned above.

When the Left speak of CAPITALIST PIGS, they’re talking about productive workers and risk taking business owners such as you and I.  They never mention the true elite monopolists, who detest free market capitalism and who sponsor their conjoined ignorance.  That’s why THE FED, THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, etc. are strictly verboten not only for the Left lemmings, but also for supposed conservative heroes such as Rush, Colter, Hannity, Ingram, O’Reilly, etc. and it looks like we can add Palin to the list as well.  Doc Savage is not one of these sell outs, which is why he is basically blacked out except by Ingram, which will get her into trouble I suspect.

The Establishment Right may be myopic and get a red ribbon for deceit and naivete, but you have to give the blue ribbon for stupid to the Marxist Left for pure, unadulterated gullibility.  Most of them actually believe if they say socialist instead of communist; they can remain free; while I and others like me will be incrementally coerced into working really hard so we can pay for their crap, while they sit on their butts collecting free government booty… but they would be wrong.  I and others like me will not consent to a life of servitude in the Globalist barn.

Of course, the international elite pigs we’re talking about here are not free market capitalists at all. As uber-monopolist and funding partner of the Bolshevik Revolution, John D. Rockefeller famously bragged, “Competition is a sin”.  These international elite operate exclusively on an elevated plane of government sponsored, regulatory agency protected, untaxed conglomerate monopoly where the myopic voters themselves now ignorantly cast their conditioned votes for corrupted Representation facilitating and protecting the reverse fascist monopolies eating their economic and political independence.  The elite are the bad guys, but neither the Left nor the Right seem to get that.

The gullible Left is harshly used by the Globalists to battle and hopefully destroy potential entrepreneurial free market competition from ever gaining a secure foothold against the established elite monopolies in banking, finance, communications, technology, energy, mining, metals, industry, shipping, transportation, etc. – and of course, to political party domination as well.  This is done by fighting tenaciously – and stupidly – for big centralized government with its unaccountable, impenetrable  bureaucracies, whose corrupt regulatory agencies have all but crushed capital creation and new small business in the United States.  Given that small business used to generate more than 70% of all new jobs – this is a catastrophically victorious economic tragedy won by the Leftist lemmings.

The immense, staggeringly huge, Starboard lie is the supposed Constitution waving, Establishment Neo-con Globalist Right of the Republican Party.  The elite handlers of this societal, worsted wool detritus actually generate the cash used to finance both the Globalist Left and the Globalist Right pawns.  In other words, both the Establishment Right and the anti-establishment Left dance on the same Globalist puppet master stage all paid for by precisely the same people.  The only political movement left in America, still on its feet against this depraved onslaught is THE TEA PARTY, though most tea drinkers don’t really see the big picture either.  The good news is, The Tea Party consists of conservatives and liberals, who correctly informed or not, have their hearts in the right place and their feet on the right path (pun intended).

The only warriors for freedom  in the United States, still on their feet, circa 2012 are the Libertarian leaning Independents who don’t like nor believe anybody and the Tea Party.  The threat posed to future Globalist control by the Tea Party is evidenced by the vicious attacks launched by both the Globalist funded Marxist Left and the Globalist funded Establishment Right.  That salient factoid ought to tell us all something.  The Establishment Right and Marxist Left, eloquently feign Starboard and feign Port, but in fact are both steering all of us straight to what will be controlled American gulags of economic and political  impotence.  We need to get off this sleek power boat of  REVERSE FASCISM – and soon, or it’s going to be a long, long swim to freedom for our kids.  It’s already too late for us;  this ship left Port in 1913 and we’ve been a little slow on the uptake.

Any national politician who claims to “desire change” and fails to even mention the rigid systemic barrier to change, which is the cartel formed by more than 3,000 think tanks, our own government representatives and appointees,  Federal Reserve Bank owners and their friends in league with the obscenely funded spider web of interlocking international, mega-conglomerate-regulatory protected-monopolies, news media, academia, publishing, Hollywood, etc.;  all fed a steady diet of Council on Foreign Relations Globalist gruel, whether Marxist or Neo-con – is a SELL OUT – bought and paid for by the Globalist elite.  That would be every politician on the national stage I know of excepting Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.  If there are others of you I am not aware of – I’m sorry – you should be recognized for your courage and independence.

Before getting into it;  please note that compromise has led America to become the most indebted nation in world history and we accomplished that stupendously irresponsible  feat just since 2008.  The United States has borrowed more money over the past four years and is now paying more interest to the world’s international elite banking families than in its entire 232-year prior history.  Bankrupt nations are never strong nations capable of promoting continued abundance and opportunity, nor do they support environmental responsibility.  We would do well to remember that in November 2012.  Think about it the next time you consider a political candidate in light of the well worn 70% rule.  In a perfect world the 70% rule makes perfect sense.  Anybody seeing a perfect world here?  Anyone?  Anyone?

It’s practically un-American to remember who finished a close second in anything and just forget about recalling who finished third.  Americans used to prefer WINNERS to WHINERS and BLAMERS.  What general did Napoleon defeat at Waterloo?  Which astronauts were second and third to walk on the moon?  What driver placed second at the Indianapolis 500 last year?  Who batted .260 for the Yankees?  As American hero Ricky Bobby mistakenly grew up believing in Talladega Nights: “If you’re not first, you’re last!”  Yet in politics we’re told over and over again:  “Politicians must govern from the center.  We must go along to get along.  Compromise is essential.”  Essential to what?  Failure?  Essential to the abandonment of  healthy, meaningful principles upon which the most wealthy, most generous, most free, most uplifting, most powerful society ever seen on earth was built?

Organizer Obama relentlessly mewls from behind his Soros funded teleprompter that free market capitalism has never worked.  Obamanite, Open Society comrades don’t read unredacted history, so don’t realize that true free market capitalism has only failed to the extent it has been restricted by socialist style regulation.  Central planning doesn’t work other than to equally distribute poverty and spiritual devastation.  Ask any of the now disgraced Russian central planners.  Even Fidel Castro, Father of the 1959 Cuban Revolution candidly admitted to Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic magazine in a September, 2010 lunch interview, while discussing current economics; “The Cuban model doesn’t even work for us anymore.”  The old communists are quite open about it, but our trusty Globalist news outlets don’t report such inconvenient truths.

Following is an excerpt taken from The Failure of Socialism and Lessons For America, Part 2 written by Richard M. Ebeling in April, 1993.  Mr. Ebeling is the Ludwig von Mises Professor of Economics at Hillsdale College and serves as Vice President of academic affairs for the Future of Freedom Foundation.  His own words are far more compelling than any paraphrasing I might muster.

“During the last seventy years, the socialists had their chance to institute their ideal in many countries around the world. And in every case the result has been disastrous. Socialism in practice has produced tyranny, mass murder, poverty, corruption and cultural destruction. The rejection of socialism by the people of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union must be considered the ultimate indictment of the ideology that declared itself to be the liberator of mankind.

The socialist ideal contained three ideas at its core: economic central planning; the belief in collective or group rights; and the case for nationalized social services. The application of these three ideas in socialist countries resulted in economic chaos, social conflict and ethnic warfare, and the collapse of all basic services considered essential and desirable for normal and healthy life.

Yet here in America, at the very time that the end of socialism is heralded as the vindication of the American way of life — a way of life grounded in individual liberty, economic freedom and voluntary association — the American government, with the support of a sizable portion of the populace, continues down the road to socialism. The American people seem oblivious to the lessons to be learned from the socialist experience in other lands. And the ideas leading us further along our road to socialism are the same ones that lead other peoples to the dead-end of state control, economic stagnation, group conflict and societal decay.”

The above excerpt is factually correct and historically accurate.  Mr. Ebeling’s claim is more factually verifiable today, a decade later, than it was in 1993.  It’s burden of proof is fully contained within the devastated lives of those unfortunate souls residing in collectivist economies such as Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, Poland, Ethiopia, Venezuela and now most of Europe.  In the face of this historically documented socialist failure, we as conservatives are asked to set reason aside and accept the “need to compromise” mantra endlessly repeated by our Globalist media outlets and even by some  supposed conservatives.  Unfortunately, reality demonstrates that acceptable conservative compromise means you as a conservative give up, shut up and do what you’re told by liberals.  Bi-partisanship means to do whatever liberals want – no questions asked or answered.  Factual historic failure of liberal policy doesn’t enter into it.

Liberals, a mystery to themselves are uninformed pawns, played like an emotional  fiddle by One World strategists – just as the Neo-con Establishment Right is.  They’re just two sides of the same Globalist coin rolling into the Rhodes/Milner collectivist hopper.  For liberals the U.N. will be the hopper lid.  For Neo-cons the U.S. will be the hopper lid.  Either way, “we the people” are in the hopper being cooked until done.

CFR conditioned pundits mindlessly and robotically repeat and the Sheeple apparently accept that today’s political candidates must and will pander (lie) to their uninformed base during the primaries and then quickly move to the center and pander (lie) to the uninformed independents to win the general election.  In the end, no one has the foggiest notion as to what the candidate believes or stands for, which is, of course, the whole point.  I get political reality, but wonder what the heck happened to the truth?  What does a candidate believe in, stand for or want?  What has this candidate done in their life?  Are cowardly pandering and outright lying, meritorious badges demonstrating a candidate’s ability or potential to compromise his or her integrity?  Is this the new gutter for political success?  Is this leadership to be aspired to?

Let’s look at a couple of prime examples.

No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB):  signed into law by George W. Bush shortly after entering office as a near legendary piece of bi-partisan, compromise legislation partnered with the late socialist Democrat Senator from Massachusetts, Ted Kennedy.  This piece of signature education legislation was sold to us as a proud symbol of Progressive possibilities.  It promised to improve our pathetic schools and supposedly, would better prepare under-privileged young people in a harsh, competitive world.  If this wasn’t so destructively sad, it would be funny.  Talk about so-called conservatives helping make sure our inner city poor keep voting Democrat by keeping them penned in organized stockades of ignorance.  Whew!  This is dumb enough to make a goat puke.

This useless, misguided compromise legislation threw more wasted tax payer billions and new Federal testing at a uniformly failed educational system, Progressively designed from the ground up to dumb down the student, thereby creating more manageable collectivist drones.   What used to be on its worse day, an education system to be envied, is now completely denigrated by tenure programs and communist unions that traded honest learning and deductive reasoning for collectivist conditioning.  American education today is Global collectivist indoctrination.  There is no need for testing as there is no learning intended.  The dumbing down of America, started in earnest in the early 30’s by European refuse the likes of communist, Herbert Marcuse is nearly complete as evidenced by 50% voter approval ratings for Barack Hussein Obama and his historically blind, socialist regime in 2012.  This level of populist ignorance and apathy in the face of overwhelming negligence is truly astonishing.

So for education our conservative compromise purchased a lost and abandoned future for thousands of our American children within the Globalist collective nirvana.  Today’s U.S. high schools turn out graduates incapable of deductive reasoning.  Only 26% of 2012 high school grads will be proficient in math and 21% in science.   No Child Left Behind was one more nail in the coffin of education and a shiny gold star for dumbing down to Globalist indoctrination.  Bravo for compromise!

American education will again become successful at teaching and promoting learning when we finally realize as a nation and as responsible parents that the systemic problem in failed education is CURRICULUM, CURRICULUM, CURRICULUM, not misappropriated funding.

H.R. 1424, Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008:  signed into law by George W. Bush in October, 2008 thereby creating the $700 billion slush fund bailout known as Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP I).

As the Globalist beleaguered Bush so famously remarked, “I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system.”  Once you’ve agreed to shamelessly pay off Congressionally sponsored, regulatory agency protected  Wall Street monopolists having nothing what-so-ever to do with “free markets” – all with confiscated (taxed) tax payer dollars and sky high piles of interest donated to the private owners of the criminal enterprise known as the Federal Reserve Banking System;  nothing much remains to be done other than eloquently stating the retarded justification to the Sheeple;  and Bush did precisely that.  With the door opened wide by this ignorantly advertised crisis, we have now had too many TARP programs to count and the government sponsored wealth transfer to the elite is in the many trillions of dollars.  Talk about re-distribution of wealth;  well, there you have all you can take.  The original $700 billion wasn’t even a small down payment…and we the Sheeple actually vote for the Representative facilitators of this theft.  Bravo for compromise!

H.R. 4173, Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010:  signed into law by Barack Hussein Obama on July 21, 2010.  Bush’s  H.R. 1424 unlocked the door for world central banks to openly fleece the earnings of hard working American tax payers.  Obama’s H.R. 4173 threw away the key and tore the door off the hinges.  World central banking families now have full on U.S. regulatory support for driving the remaining independent banks out of business so as to finish establishing the 100% complete banking monopoly began in 1913 with passage of the Federal Reserve Act and expanded during the 1930’s.  It should be noted that no House Republicans voted for Dodd-Frank and only three so-called Republican Senators voted for it, but Bush’s H.R. 1424 had already paved the way for another Globalist onslaught.

As Mayer Amshel (Bauer) Rothschild so famously observed:  “Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.”

So for economics and finance, conservative compromise has purchased the largest transfer of wealth from working Americans to the international Globalist elite in world history.  Bravo for compromise!  Here, here for CFR!

If you fail to see the reverse fascism inherent in our monopolist controlled government policy as instituted by greedy global conglomerates and maintained via corrupt regulatory agencies through thought conditioning think tanks, study groups, etc.  and as abetted by self aggrandizing, weak kneed, elected representatives – I can’t help you.  So-called conservative pundits such as Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and others will absolutely;  under no conditions;  ever mention;  at least not without laughing;  that the think tank, study group system nursed by The Tavistock Institute on behalf of the Globalist created and maintained Rhodes/Milner Round Table, Bilderberg Group, Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission, etc. dominate  and basically filter staffing positions for high level political appointments, regulatory agency positions, news outlets, TV anchors, publishing houses, academia and court appointments.

These highly conditioned, well connected, study group roasted drones are also involved in the bundling of campaign contributions for CFR approved candidates, especially those running for President of the United States.  You don’t have to be a CFR Member to be President, George W. Bush was not, but you do have to surround yourself with hundreds of CFR staffers and appointees.  The only non-CFR supported candidates who ran or are running for office in 2012 are Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.  Any politician who is not honest and open regarding CFR influence on his policies is either a liar or insane or both…and yes – I can hear your laughter now, but remember the words of Ram Dass, “If you think you’re free, there’s no escape possible.”

If you don’t or can’t conform to CFR study group-think, the possibility of State or National election is logistically beyond your grasp.  We still have free elections, but only for Globalist, CFR blessed candidates.  Without CFR concurrence, you will likely not be hired or appointed to Federal positions of authority.  If mistakenly hired – you will not be promoted and you will not last.  This is not conspiracy.  It is an effective management  strategy proven to work and it explains why normal people will routinely vote against their own best interests in favor of the Globalist Agenda of worldwide feudal serfdom.

It also explains how a relatively small group of heavily conditioned believers can effectively control a dumbed down population of more than 300 million.  Globalists are sick, not stupid.  Learn to think for yourself in spite of unionized American dis-education.

CFR openly writes about (See the CFR journal called “Foreign Affairs” published since 1922), openly speaks about and brags about their Globalist agenda to destroy U.S. sovereignty and disable private property rights for citizens.  It just doesn’t get reported by Globalist owned media outlets;  which is all media outlets including Fox News, AP and Reuters.  Every time a conservative compromises with liberals The Overton Window moves a little further Left and a few more freedoms are left behind.  This incremental process of reasonable compromise ends at the feudal feedlots where the Globalist elite will fatten us with just enough genetically modified, aluminum resistant grain to continue laboring and of course, voting for their well established system of self enslavement.

Vote well;  and if you’re a Globalist drone, I’m sure you’ll vote often.  Enjoy your spot in the feedlot and watch where you step.  The sheep dip gets pretty deep.  If you happen to prefer real freedom to paddock freedom, get informed, think for yourself and learn to stand up and say NO while we can still vote.

Before we begin insulting both Republicans and Democrats I offer the following comment.  To the best of my knowledge, outside Barrack Hussein Obama and his churlish wife, Michelle,  there is not a single Democrat or Republican on the national political stage, who despises the independence, financial freedom and generosity enjoyed and displayed  by the American people to the extent it simply must be snuffed out.  Not one.

I may disagree with delusional Progressive views held by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton and many Establishment Republicans, including those currently running for the Republican Presidential nomination;  but I do not believe that any of these folks hate America.  Barack Obama clearly and openly does.  He has been indoctrinated since birth to do so.  Obama has been fabricated, funded, used and employed by Globalists to bring the independent American middle class to its financial knees, ripening it for One World Government compliance.

Our failure as citizen voters to grasp the nature of 2012 American politics within the contextual battle for Globalist One World totalitarianism is our failure to understand American political motivation at all.  Our continued failure and uninformed ignorance is costing us our independence.

The 2012 Presidential election is critical, not because CEO Obama is a lying Marxist;  but because Obama as our CEO is a Marxist who utterly despises our Constitution, is sickened by the concept of “equal justice” as disposed by our Judeo-Christian based Rule of Law and viscerally hates middle class financial independence and personal freedom.  Barrack Obama views your freedom as a threat to his Controller’s agenda and is a dangerous aberation even within today’s Socialist Democrat Party.  Any Republican or any other Democrat I know of, would be better for the people of America and the world than this hateful, one man destructothon.  Your informed vote is important;  please think for yourself and cast it in November as best you can.

There are only two rational explanations for the losing political strategy so far employed by Republican Party Presidential candidates in the lead up to the 2012 November election.  The first is that Republicans are  just plain lousy at running effective political campaigns and don’t mind being embarrassingly herded by Progressive Democrat strategists and liberal hate mongers.

The second, less obvious explanation is that the Globalist Establishment Right leadership of the Republican Party is on board with the Globalist Democrat agenda and has no intention of derailing its direction, which is why freedom loving Tea Party folk can’t get no RNC  support.  Conjoined hatred of the Tea Party movement is also your sign as to the fact that both the Marxist Left and the Establishment Right are two sides of the same Globalist coin.  From the comfy cushions of my arm chair, it appears both explanations of Republican failure apply.  This erudite conclusion is based largely on the recently unveiled, highly controversial, though eminently brilliant and widely applicable, Netanyahu Duck Doctrine.

Before we go any further, just to enlighten my victimized brothers and sisters of Progressive reeducation.  Globalism is a focus group tested, euphemistic term used in place of  the generally unacceptable phrase, One World Government.  For the purposes of this critique, dictatorial Globalism is our walking, quacking duck pretending to be a philanthropic friend of the people.  George Soros has named the totalitarian duck Open Society.  It masquerades under other euphemistic names and ever changing deceitful phrases such as social justice, fairness, transformation, hope and change or the over used cliche, the common good.

There are two stalwart opponents in the world-wide battle for Elite One World Governance and neither believes in your independence.  They are the Marxist Left, Open Society team characterized by George Soros and friends, along with nematodes the likes of Barrack and Michelle Obama or Bill and Hillary Clinton to name prominent American examples;  and of course, the Neocon Right team characterized by the more homespun Bush family and friends or the eloquent Charles Krauthammer, Carl Rove or William Kristol.  The Marxist Left team wants all sovereign nations dictatorially ruled by the ignorant pawns populating the United Nations thug club.  The Neocon Right side prefers all sovereign nations be sat on by the United States of America.  Both Globalist view points are hopelessly short sighted, immoral in terms of Natural Law, in denial of human nature and are extremely dangerous to your health and well being.

Understand that both these poisonous groups view American middle class financial independence as the single biggest obstacle to tyrannical One World Government.  Their view of the middle class is from different angles, but their goals are the same.  The American middle class will be forced into One World compliance.  One World requires that the Constitution of the United States be done away with.  Destroying our Constitution absolutely requires that all foundational basis in Natural Law as compiled over several centuries of Judeo-Christian experience and teaching be exorcized from our society.  When an ignorant soldier the likes of Michelle Obama openly states that our American history and way of life must be changed – she’s not kidding.  Ignorance and redaction of historical fact are primordial Globalist tools.

I’m sorry, but any American citizen failing to understand that the Constitution of the United States is the most powerfully inspired political document ever written;  and that this document is the only political document on earth recognizing our unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – this citizen is tragically stupid and is slowly costing all of us our freedom.

The two Globalist arch enemies battle each other publicly with harsh opposing rhetoric, but in fact never jeopardize any policy progress either has made in nudging the Sheeple into their feudal paddock.  Some sheep baaaa for the Right and some for the Left, but all, excepting the international elite are headed blindly and  inexorably to the same Globalist holding pen…unless they choose to stand up and say NO.  People tend to become uncomfortable (because we’ve been conditioned) when discussing  One World Government enslavement, but there is no need for fear.  The only power any Globalist individual, family or group has over us is their ability to manipulate us into saying and/or voting YES in favor of their nonsense.  A simple NO brings their influence and power to an end…but of course we haven’t been paying attention – that is, we have failed to correctly identify THE DUCK – and we therefore, haven’t learned the importance of the NO position when it comes to our own freedom and the true safety of our children and neighbors.

The well worn, time tested Globalist behavioral strategy is to motivate the Left Sheeple to futilely and angrily battle it out with the Right Sheeple over perceived symptoms of societal distress, but always steer both teams away from root causes and real solutions.  An issue is worth lots of money, political capital and eventually power.  Solutions are of no value to a Globalist.  Solutions make things better.  Globalists require and therefore attempt to instigate or even cause economic problems, chaos, societal pain, war and mass suffering all of which are used to soften the mark (that would be us) for greater collective acceptance of plantation life in the barn.  {Just watch how we will be going to Uganda soon.}

Globalists prefer to use the softer term “security” to the more obvious debtor’s prison or barn, which I guess they feel sounds unseemly when applied to their view of human cattle.  Unresolved issues can last forever (think undefined War on Terror) and remain effective tools for continued propagation of ignorance, indoctrination and motivation if managed properly;  and from where I sit, they’re doing a bang-up job.  More than half our uninformed population are now ignorantly voting for their own economic enslavement, deceitfully and articulately disguised as security.

Here’s a broad generalization for you – AND 1600 WATCH STANDS BY IT.  “All Globalists – every last one of them are delusionally psychotic, shameless liars, who greedily envision themselves dining in the castle while being served by you and I as their dumbed down feudal serfs.”  This observation applies equally to the Rothschild and Rockefeller type elites as well as their foolish pawns, the likes of Barack Obama, Bill Ayres or George H.W. Bush, all of whom are eliminated as soon as their usefulness is no longer useful to their elite Comrades.  Don’t believe me – read a history book.

If you choose not to start taking these demented thugs seriously, remember what I just told you later on when you’re starving in your cold, dirt floor shack;  trying to clean up enough to presentably serve your wealthy elite masters…and NO, I am not kidding or being my usually facetious self.  This is precisely where your despicably ignorant Federal government bureaucrats such as totally unregulated, Regulatory Czar, Cass Sunstein or Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius are nudging you.  We don’t see it because we’re not being loaded in box cars – yet;  we’re actually voting for our spot on the Globalist plantation.  That in a nutshell is the entire issue.  Be free or don’t.  It’s up to you and I, not some over dressed suit in Washington D.C.

Should you continue to be distracted and waste time arguing valiantly as to whether or not we can have salt on a restaurant table, a turkey sandwich in our child’s lunch box, what sucker will pay for our contraception, what kind of car we can drive or to what extent we can heat our homes – go for it;  but realize that as we foolishly consent to be distracted by arguing endlessly over trivialities – our treasonous Federal government officials, elected and appointed, are illegally sanctioning our Constitutional Rule of Law and are incrementally removing our freedoms.  If you’re still reading and disagree with me;  please take the time to comment and list for me and other readers all those countries throughout human history who have gained their freedom, lost it or gave it away and then got it back.  I’ll give you a hint.  It’s a very short list.

The Neocon Right Globalists support anti-sovereignty gains made by the Marxist Left and vice versa.  They rail openly against each other during elective herding cycles, but when in power, quietly place hold and very carefully layer excuses as to why nothing can be changed.  This routine flip flop becomes painfully obvious just in observing the power baton hand off from Bush I to Clinton;  from Clinton to Bush II;  and from Bush II to Obama.  Nothing of significance changes.  We just keep inexorably creeping toward increasingly monolithic, unmanageable, centralized government control.  Globalists of both sides have no respect for citizens and the eight year trade off strategy works every time because today’s average uninformed voter naively believes the indoctrinated elite press corps tripe and in any case, appears to have the attention span of a sound bite flea.

Both the Marxist Left and the Neocon Right believe that once their plantation is built and you and I are hopelessly confined within it;  then they will get rid of the other side and hold the golden chalice themselves.  This identical scenario is also playing out in the parasitical marriage of the Marxist Left with Islamic Terrorists.  They use each other to the same end, that is, destroying economic independence and the western way of life, thinking they will simply eliminate the other at the end of the bloody cul-de-sac.  Basically they are all idiots, never have a new play, but are none-the-less very, very dangerous.

It ought to be obvious to anyone not in a coma, excepting maybe MSNBC, CNN or Fox viewers, that the Establishment Right Republicans and the Marxist Left Democrats trade the gilded throne of American political disingenuity every eight years and faithfully place hold for each as long as all parties are playing nicey, nicey with the destruction of American sovereignty.  There are exceptions for the shockingly inept, such as Trilateral Commission pawn Jimmy Carter, but these inconveniences are rare and generally speaking the Global rotation is eight years on;  eight years off.  I’d like to think Obama is another exception, but I’m not seeing that just yet.

I used to find it farcical watching American voters flock to the voting booth believing there is actually a Left /Right contest, but not anymore.  The average voter is helplessly conditioned to believe whatever the elite owned and operated media shamelessly tell him or her.  It has reached a level of uninformed irresponsibility that places American freedom as once recognized by our Constitution and Rule of Law – not only at risk, but possibly in the grave.

The once farcical, now threatening pretense of feigned battle between the well scripted Establishment Right and the even better scripted anti-Establishment Left is non-existent in terms of American freedom and financial independence.  Both sides detest our Constitutionally recognized, unalienable rights and seek to dictatorially control us by means of ever growing, less and less identifiable, less manageable, irrevocably futile, centralized government.  They just use different rhetoric, but both trains are headed to the same camp and you don’t want to be there.

My advice is to stop listening to the Establishment Right and the Marxist Left entirely.  Observe what they both do because what they do is the same; is real; and it counts.  What they spew from between their wetted, drooling lips is deceitful and dangerous.  Think independently for yourself.  We can work together for the truth and keep our freedom if we can simply learn to say NO to Globalist deceit and stop uselessly hating each other over stupid contrived symptoms of nonexistent issues.

If TRUTH and FREEDOM aren’t our issues in November 2012, we’re going to lose both.

One World Government, One World Governance, Globalism;  three different themes on the same power shift and outcome.  The outcome is one centralized government;  or a network of centrally controlled governments with three classes of people:  The uber rich international Elite;  The Ruling Class Pawns;  and The Slaves.   Socialism promises re-distribution of wealth from the very wealthy to the much less wealthy.  Given that there are millions of the “not so wealthy” that’s where the votes are, so they get the promises.  The misinformed votes then confidently deliver the political power, but the promise is never delivered.  The only delivery is uniform poverty;  both spiritual and financial.

The actual intent of socialism is to stop short at the point of establishing centralized government control by force or by coercion;  then eliminating free market competition through government regulation written and developed by “insiders”;  control the wealth;  and finally, reduce the overall population to centrally planned feudalism, basically slavery.  In other words, government regulation is used to promulgate and protect government sponsored monopolies owned and operated by insiders.  Restrictions on speech, media prostitution and propaganda are used to incrementally manipulate the general population into ignorantly voting for their own indoctrinated enslavement.

The new incrementalism proposed by Antonio Gramsci, Herbert Marcuse, Saul Alinsky and others is now considered preferable to the starvation, imprisonment, rape, torture and murder employed in Cuba, Cambodia, China and Russia, when re-education attempts didn’t result in effective population complacency.  Our own Weather Underground, now living comfortably and elegantly in our White House, dressed respectably in their new bespoke, wool suits, at our expense, foresaw the probable need to eliminate twenty-five percent (25%), say 20 million or so American citizens who would likely not respond acceptably to re-education.  With today’s American population of 308 million, that thinking would require the elimination of 77 million of us.  I hope to figure prominently within that number.  I believe we can appropriately consider the turning off of the irrigation water to 500,000 acres of prime California cropland a test case.  We as a people, as expected, did nothing.  Can you say “starvation”?  The citizens learned quickly to say it in Russia, China, Cuba and North Korea.  The Gulf Oil drilling moratorium is an obvious second test case within the self sufficiency industrial area.  Again we have done nothing.

Why kill people, when a few well placed lies can easily get them to vote for their own permanent indentured servitude?  Socialism is the preferred tool of the international elite.  The ground level socialists like Van Jones, Bill Ayers and others are easily manipulated fools, who buy the dream, but will be eliminated when they are no longer useful.  Do these egotistical morons actually believe they too will become “elite” once centralized control has been established?  Do they believe they will be allowed by the elite to freely express themselves and continue to manipulate public perception once slavery is the norm?  These folks are going to be surprised.  Their own educated ability to manipulate the masses will ultimately pose a threat to  elite power and suddenly their ability becomes their own elimination guarantee.

The international elite do many things, but sharing wealth  isn’t one of them.  (By the way, this treatise is not a criticism of free market capitalism, the most generous economic system the world has yet seen.  The elite do not believe in free markets.  We don’t even know what capitalism is because we do not have it.  We have an aborted fascist subversion of it.) The sharing of propagandized ideas is another matter.  With the influence of popular thought, they are generous to a fault.  Essentially Bolshevism and its various spawned forms were and are the seeds planted by the elite, intended to grow incrementally into world domination by themselves, the elite oligarchy.  Islam uses the same play book, only with a religious twist.  Both socialism and Islam are used and manipulated by the international oligarchy to foment world chaos, continually applying pressure on world populations to lean toward One World Governance for the promise of order and a release from chaos and hopelessness.  This incremental infection is systemically implanted through organizations such as The Bilderberg Group, The Tavistock Institute, Royal Institute For International Affairs (RIIA), Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission (TC) and hundreds of others, which are used to convince, cajole and embed certain desired philosophies, theories, and ideas, which in turn become popular media views and eventually give birth to public policies.

Neocons, or neoconservatives are something else altogether.  Neoconservatives are also committed internationalists, but are generally anti-communist and view the world as a place best ruled by beneficent United States elites.  Neocons also believe many other things, most of them conservative and good by the way, but what sets them apart from other conservative folks like myself is their belief that the world should in fact be dominated by the United States.  You may recall the George W. Bush / Donald Rumsfeld litany of spreading freedom and democracy throughout the world.  This is, of course, just another form of globalism promoted primarily by ex-liberals of the sixties;  hence “new” conservative or Neocon.  Neocons tend to be a painful  thorn in the hide of Islam.  In this sense socialist CFR Globalists are buddies with CFR Neocons.

Prominent Neocons you may be familiar with are people such as Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, John Bolton, Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Rupert Murdoch, Charles Krauthamer, William Kristol, Fred Barnes and too many others to name.  Personally, I’ll choose the Neocon view over Globalism any day of the week, if these are my only two choices.  (I don’t consider Islam to be a choice.)  As a practical matter, it may well be, that these are, in the end, our only realistic two options.  Charles Krauthammer is not a fool.

Pope John Paul II (Karol Józef Wojtyła) spent his entire adult life and dedicated his Papacy to his role as Catholic leader and as such, his role and responsibility  in geo-politics.  Many claimed he sacrificed the internal workings of his church in doing so.  Good, bad or otherwise, this is what John Paul II did.  Malachi Martin, a Jesuit priest and prominent exorcist, wrote extensively in his  The Keys of This Blood about John Paul’s work and dedication in this area of our lives.  Pope John Paul II seemed to accept that a One World Government was likely  inevitable.  He argued that should such be the case, the critical issue was not whether or not we would have One World Government; but what form would that government take?

I am not a Bilderberg Member nor a Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) member.  I am not invited to the meetings so I can only conjecture as to the nature of discussions and study group content.  However, observing newspapers and what typically spews forth from our dumbed down media services and Congress, it appears their is a great divide among Bilderberg, RIIA, CFR and TC Members.  It also appears that Pope John Paul II was correct in that the geopolitical battle being fought within these organizations is not whether or not we shall have Globalism and the much vaunted New World Order;  NO;  but who will sit atop the pile and what form of government or governance shall ensue.  The two sides line up on the Chess Board of life with the Marxists around their black king and the Neocons around their white king.

Which side do each of us line up on?  Not to choose is to choose?  Like it or not;  we are all players on the Chess Board.  Marxist Globalists like Barack Hussein Obama stand on one side;  Neocons such as Newt Gingrich stand on the other.  Is there a realistic third option or must we fight for one of the two?  I just write.  You decide!