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I couldn’t bring myself to cast my own uninformed vote in the 2016 election (1st time in my adult life) as I was disgusted by protected psychopath, Hillary and knew little about The Donald other than having read three or four of his books.  I now suspect it no longer matters whether we like or dislike Donald Trump as President of our United States.  He won election in spite of impossible odds arranged by Left and Right Establishment insiders, a sycophant Elite/CIA controlled media and the Clinton War Machine.  He now assumes responsibility for our United States executive office, supposedly on the people’s behalf, including our monstrously bloated, unimaginably corrupt, $4 trillion Federal on-book budget…and we don’t know how large an off-book budget.

President Trump is not responsible for the vast array of unresolved issues and corruption facing the United States in 2017;  issues developed since WW II;  issues largely ignored, pandered to, propagandized and profited by a few for the last 70 or so years.  The question I find myself asking now is, “WHAT HAPPENS TO US ON MAIN STREET IF DONALD TRUMP FAILS TO MANAGE A SMOOTH ECONOMIC TRANSITION FROM OUR NEARLY INSOLVENT, NON-PRODUCTIVE ECONOMY TO A HEALTHY, PRODUCTIVE ONE”?  Is it still even possible to rebuild responsible adult government – or have we passed the negligently treasonous, economic point of no return?  Maybe we should at least ponder possible answers to this question before jumping on that Trump hating train; the one that looks headed on a downhill track to economic hell?

We’re told by main stream media (MSM) that the U.S. economy is on the right track, but here in Arizona anyway, there sure are a lot of vacant homes, offices, buildings and folks standing on corners with signs; so I did some checking and found U.S. Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data showing a different picture than the Press Corpse postulates.  Here’s a couple of stats to consider regarding that right track.

***Median Household Income for 2015 (last year available per U.S. Census) was $56,516 compared to 2007’s median $57,423; 1.6% lower than 2007.  Not impressive given steady, understated inflation at our grocery stores and shopping centers.
***The 2016 labor participation rate per Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) was 63%.  This means 37% of working age  Americans are not working.
***The 2016 U-6 unemployment rate for 2016 per BLS is 9.6%.  If we add the 14% (per BLS) still looking for work after 15 to 26 weeks, we get an unemployment rate of 23.6%.  For millennials, Hispanics, African-Americans and women, it’s nearly double that.  The official U-3 rate of 4.9% is D.C.B.S.
***U.S. home ownership is at the lowest level since 1967.  A few more percentage points and U.S. home ownership sinks to an all-time low since U.S. Census record keeping began in 1965.
***United States GDP for 2016 was a meager 1.6%.  If we subtract out the portion of government spending included, GDP is somewhere in the range of -5%.  (This is my rough estimate – I didn’t spend a lot of time on the math, but the ball park is definitely negative.)

In light of the above, consider the 2016 Office of Inspector General of the United States Department of Defense Report exposing $6.5 trillion dollars unaccounted for in 2015; an interesting statistic given the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) total 2015 Federal expenditures were $3.7 trillion against $3.2 trillion in revenues.  I don’t know if this $6.5 trillion is in addition to the 2001 Inspector General Report showing $2.3 trillion unaccounted for in that year’s DOD budget or if $2.3 trillion grew to $6.5 trillion?  In any case, it’s not an undisclosed fact that DOD receives and spends more money OFF-BOOK than it does ON-BOOK.  The question we as citizens might ask, because  our Elected Congressional Members responsible for budget oversight won’t, is; “where does this DOD off-book money come from and where does it go”?  Similarly, how large are other Federal Agency unaccounted for dollar amounts?  Ms. Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari Report estimates black budget totals to now be more than $40 trillion.

Also in light of the above statistics, consider that the 2011 partial Federal Reserve Audit by the Government Accounting Office (GAO) disclosed more than $16 trillion allocated to banks and corporations, much of that dispensed internationally by the FED.  Specifics regarding these allocations remain thin.  Are American citizens legally responsible for this money?  If so, do we deserve a proper Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) analysis?  It’s my understanding that the Fed has its own accounting standards and is not held to GAAP standards.  I’m not certain of this and perhaps it’s appropriate for central banks, but if correct, isn’t it curious?

As we get into 2017 the global economy is drowning in on-book sovereign debt as is the United States.  Main Street citizens paying the bills are not permitted access to vast off-book (unaccounted for) spending and debt numbers, but we understand from Inspector General Reports on various agencies that the amounts are enormous and completely non-transparent.  Budget accountability does not exist in Washington D.C.  Obviously, raising interest rates on this debt mountain is willful economic suicide, yet historic economic cycles suggest our economy will reset to some standard of real value at some point in time, whether convenient or not.  After nearly ten years of quantitative easing do we even remember what real value is?  The current financial bubbles across multiple markets cannot be sustained.  Market corrections are usually crash and burn scenarios, but some economists suggest that handled properly, there still remains a small probability that Donald Trump, a very smart man, may be able to orchestrate a smooth transition from extreme over-spending and non-productivity to an economy at least marginally better for Main Street.  I don’t believe a smooth transition to be possible anymore, BUT…

…We should, as responsible citizens, ask ourselves anyway – WHAT DOES HAPPEN TO US ON MAIN STREET IF PRESIDENT TRUMP’S ADMINISTRATION FAILS TO FIX HIS INHERITED 70-YEAR MESS?  We should ask so we can understand and prepare our families, friends and neighborhoods either way – as either way, success or failure, we the people of Main Street will live with, and pay for the resulting circumstance.  The FED has been bolstering the stock market and other markets sans meaningful oversight by Congress.  The Elite are and have been financially positioning themselves with hoards of gold, silver, other precious metals and non-digital, real assets.  Understand that if the banking system collapses, and it looks like it will; most if not all digital assets held by Main Street citizens will likely vanish.  The Oligarchs, inside traders like Rockefeller, Soros, Buffet and other pawns of privilege will be just fine in the coming decade.  By virtue of election, Trump is framed to take the blame, while those who orchestrated certain economic tragedy since WW II will skate free to do it again.  Will we be OK?  Will our children?  Take a minute and give this some thought.

We know the Federal Reserve’s interest is keeping the banking system and its controlling ownership liquid.  Talk of Main Street stimulus is nonsense outside minimal trickle-down.  Trump wants to spend $1 trillion or so on infrastructure.  As a retired civil engineer, I assure you $1 trillion toward infrastructure is a good and necessary idea, but serious needed infrastructure work falls more in the realm of $5 trillion.  Is something better than nothing?  Trump wants to reduce bloated, corrupt Federal spending and money laundering, but faces an enormous array of employee’s, vendors, contractors and special interests completely vested in the continued tumefaction of largely unsupervised Federal spending and off-book money laundering.  Our future depends on deciding now, if we are for or against President Trump’s success because regardless our own ideological preferences; his success is our success as his failure will be ours to own and pass on to our children.

Many of us know with certainty and the remainder, should Trump fail, may soon learn American government and its Elite handlers work hard for Oligarchs and themselves; no one else.  We on Main Street are pandered to, used, alone, without representation, without meaningful fiscal transparency, basically at the mercy of those to whom we gave the reins of self-governance since the 19th Century.  Is it in our best interest to defend Trump, whom we’re not sure about;  or should we jump on the fear, hatred and corruption Establishment Train we already know doesn’t give a hoot about Main Street useless eaters, other than to control us and harvest the wealth we create?

For a short while anyway – I’ll ride with Trump and pray he’s real; because support him or not; if Donald Trump fails, if the Establishment wins, Main Street America and the world will reap those storm clouds, now rising black, bold and threatening on our Main Street horizon.


Many politicians, media types, pundits and academics parrot the erroneous sound bite, “free markets have failed”.  To provide fairness they proclaim, we need more government intrusion so the little people can prosper.  We hear this with respect to most major industries from banking, energy and mining to automobile manufacturing and of late, health care.  Of course, those actually paying attention understand that there are no significant free markets in any of these areas.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.

Free markets have not failed.  Free markets have simply been abandoned; in the United States, formally since 1913.  In place of free markets, under the guise of consumer protection we have instead, government protected monopolies in every major industry.  The entire world and certainly the United States is now controlled by international conglomerate monopolies through a form of reverse fascism where the monopolies control government to serve their own agendas.  Granted, we still have over taxed, competitive small businesses on Main Street, but these are increasingly brutalized by corrupt, monopoly managed regulatory agencies every day of every week.  Competition, independence and self-actualization are done away with.

Some will say that big money isn’t political;  it simply wants political access and will pay to get it from whoever is in power.  As a sentiment, this is correct, but for today’s Global Elite, doesn’t go far enough.  First of all, never confuse honest Main Street corporations with Elite Monopolies.  The Elite don’t stand in the doorway, hat in hand, begging useless eater politicians for handouts and favors in exchange for contributions.  Much more effective to own the politicians lock, stock and barrel.  Big money learned over the past four hundred years or so that if you own and operate the politician, you can simply demand whatever you want, whenever you want it;  and voila – there it is – all at tax payer expense.  The politicians are readily owned by the BIG BANKS who control the debt money supply.  Every dime a politician pawn spends is borrowed from a bank, whether hard currency or digital dollars – and every debt dollar created pays interest to those banks and the families who own them.

The world’s Elite, made up of maybe 300 or so families, own nearly all central banks in this world and therefore control the money supply of nearly all nations.  This means they create loose money or can tighten money at their whim, thereby controlling ups and downs of the business cycle.  Through these families extends a network of interlocking corporate directorships and control extending across all major industries.  Beneath this corporate layer lies an enormously far reaching network of private clubs, foundations, institutes, think tanks, study groups and universities which function as the programming and vetting vehicles for those who will rise to success within the media and Ruling Class, both of which serve the Elite.  To aid in effectively programming the unwashed, the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations has since World War II been unleashed upon Main Street by the Oligarchy for the study and enhancement of mass behavior modification.  We now self-impose unhealthy Fascism on ourselves through participation in small, divisive groups in what we victims perceive as protective group-think, programmed by an extensive media and educational programming process.  Guns, guards, threats and box cars are no longer necessary.  We cast uninformed votes for our own impoverishment.

All R & D politicians at the national level are owned and operated via the Federal Reserve, the controlling entity of which is the New York Branch.  SO – WHO ACTUALLY OWNS AND OPERATES OUR HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, U.S. SENATE AND WHITE HOUSE?  MONEY OWNS AND OPERATES ALL THREE via the New York Federal Reserve Bank, which is 80% controlled by eight families, four of whom are not American.  Per Mr. J.W. McCallister in his book The Grim Reaper, they are:  Goldman Sachs, Kuhn Loebs, Lehmans and Rockefellers, all of New York;  along with Israel Moses Seifs of Rome, Lazards of Paris, Rothschilds of Paris and London and Warburgs of Hamburg.  Through these eight families, the twelve Federal Reserve Branch Banks are controlled by ten banks.  Per CPA Thomas D. Schauf, they are:  N.M. Rothschild of London, Rothschild Bank of Berlin, Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Warburg Bank of Amsterdam, Lehman Brothers of New York, Lazard Brothers of Paris, Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York, Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy, Goldman Sachs of New York and JP Morgan Chase Bank of New York.  Four individuals owning significant shares of the Fed are William Rockefeller, Paul Warburg, Jacob Schiff and James Stillman.

To provide the allusion of political choice, the Establishment Right basically functions as place holder for the Left politically, but takes the lead financially.  The Establishment Right has historically created the big money monopolies and finances the Left, while the Left claws tooth and nail using Establishment money for bigger and bigger, centrally controlled government, which in turn spawns the regulatory agencies which protect the monopolies.  It’s been an effective business strategy, but as usual, too much of anything is simply too much.  Elite greed along with geopolitical infighting among pathological Elite family members has led the world to the brink of financial collapse and caused a schism within the Oligarchy itself.  It appears there are now black hat and white hat factions battling for global control, which we see in the Clinton / Trump contest for the White house.  It appears Neo-con Hillary is working with the old guard black hats and Trump has sided with what appear to be the white hat faction, fed up with the failure of dehumanizing centralization and global resource rape.  It remains to be seen if this situation will be better or worse for us if Trump wins.  Hillary is pathologically bad all around, no question.

All major media outlets are owned and operated by the Global Elite, including the Associated Press (AP) and Reuters, which feed the propaganda line to the outlets.  Media control is paramount in controlling politicians in any top down, centrally controlled government structure because election outcomes are powerfully effected by media support and/or media enmity.  Candidates running for political office must have supportive media coverage, their opponents must have damaging media coverage and mountains of money will take care of everything else.  Public policy is handled the in the same manner.  Elite policies are put on a media pedestal, while opposing views are demonized or simply not covered at all.  Don’t underestimate the extent to which U.S. and world media lie by omission.  News and policy not covered can be more significant than what is covered.

The upshot of all this are endless manufactured battles designed to divide and conquer as well as to distract.  These media battles are typically shallow surface battles and never go anywhere near root causes of problems or issues.  They  are legion: Left vs Right; liberal vs conservative; rich vs poor; gay vs hetero; black vs white; Hispanic vs everybody; men vs women; young vs old; religious vs atheist; Christian/Jew vs Islam; and on and on and on.  The root cause of virtually all world problems today is simply the Global Elite, their study group system, their conglomerate monopolies; and their abuse of wealth and power.  The mistake we make as citizens is demanding solutions to problems, particularly government solutions, which always generates precisely what the Oligarchy desires – more problems and more societal stress,  rendering humans compliant and susceptible to suggestion.  The correct answer is not to seek solutions to symptoms – BUT STOP PLAYING THE GAME ALTOGETHER.  STOP TRANSMITTING NEGATIVE ENERGY WHICH JUST FEEDS  EVIL SPIRITUAL ENERGY THE DIET IT DESPERATELY CRAVES – and more importantly, can’t control humans without.  (There are entire books explaining what I just said.  Check out David Icke for example.)

All parties to all wars are funded by the Global Elite and their central banks.  Take away the issuance of currency from the Elite; take away their access to tax dollars and you will instantly end world wars.  Maybe not all squabbles between nations, but all major wars will vanish from earth.  The Elite thrive on business monopolies and use centrally controlled governments to protect them.  They also use tax dollars and public debt through insider contracts, tax breaks, etc. to assist in building them.  Regulatory agencies, darlings of the Left, have long since stopped protecting citizens.  The Left creates the draconian agencies, fights to establish intimidating power and then the Establishment Right swoops in and staffs the management through the revolving corporate door.  Like magic, the agency now enables the monopoly, even to the point of writing legislation and administrative rules to crush competition, create the allusion of civic minded public spirit and cooperation, eliminate their own tax bills and most importantly to sidestep any laws that may have slipped through the system.

What we now see failing across the globe and sadly, here in America is government sanctioned, protected  monopoly.  The Patient Protection and Unaffordable Care Act (Obamacide) is the best current example.  American consumers have been strangled by government enforced heath insurance monopolies within each state.  Now under PPACA, the monopolies are substantially strengthened and patient/doctor choices reduced through so-called exchanges.  More than three quarters of the States now offer only one, two or three choices between providers with premiums and deductibles through the roof.  Obamacare is massive intrusion of government into private markets and every politician and administrative bureaucrat who has lied about it should be indicted for consumer fraud.  Obamacare is no longer just a typical government safe haven for liars and cheats.  Obamacare is 1/8 of American private industry and those abusing and misrepresenting our health insurance ought suffer the same legal liabilities and penalties as private small business people do.

Career politicians and government sanctioned monopoly are eating the American Dream alive and we are casting our uninformed votes and fighting each other over nothing to enable the self destructive feast.  We can no longer sustain free markets or opportunity while continuing to vote for career criminals of the Marxist Left and Establishment Right, both offered up by pathological Oligarchy factions.  Nothing will ever change for the better, if we don’t change ourselves, become more aware; more discerning; more courageous and more willing to fight in a positive way for truth, freedom, generosity and love.

We don’t have free markets or capitalism.  America is a Fascist banana republic managed as an Administrative Dictatorship serving only the monopolies who control both elected and appointed national office.  Defund the RNC and DNC.  We don’t need term limits.  Get rid of incumbent career politicians who consider public elected office their job. Don’t vote for them.  Stop putting negative energy into what we don’t want.  This feeds the beast that’s eating us on a spiritual level.  Put positive energy only into those things we do want.

We live in a world increasingly referred to as a psyop; a pseudo reality created by various Elite owned media and technology sectors where very few things are what they appear to be or what we are told they are.  Unfortunately, foreign aid appears to be another of those make believe things.  The American people are a generous people who will actually give their lives for others in far away places, when they are convinced of the need to do so.  The world’s dynastic families, many members of whom are demonstrably pathological, take advantage of that generosity and mis-direct it for profit and political power.  And no I don’t abhor profit.  Free market capitalism is the most generous economic system ever devised, but the United States hasn’t seen capitalism or free markets since at least 1913.

America has a completely Fascist political/economic system (our Constitution is dead) where multinational corporate conglomerates monopolize industries via corrupted government regulation and taxation.  Under this parasitical system, hundreds of billions of dollars, trillions over time in supposed foreign aid through organizations such as USAID are nothing more than cover for transnational monopolies to access various selected countries to rape resources and labor.  Most USAID employees, good decent people, don’t know this.  They think they’re doing something good, and to a limited extent they are; but their real role is cover for monopolized blood money and unbounded monopolized earnings.  The enormous aid capital flows are co-opted, skimming 90% or more off the top to local despots, warlords, banks and the multinationals with barely a crumb or two dropping from the greed table down to the people.  In the center of this human disgrace, Elite families and their pawns wade neck deep in narco dollars, weapon’s dollars, oil dollars, de-population and on and on and on.

Foreign aid programs are often, if not usually, just despicable cover for installing despots and warlords friendly to western multi-nationals in small impoverished countries possessing valuable resources.  CIA, MI6, Mossad and NATO, like cockroaches, are always around to coerce leaders, facilitate another invasion,  civil war or whatever chaos is required to gain access, control and finally rape the wealth.  Debt is the primary tool, whereby the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank coordinate and stipulate strict provisions along with bank loans requiring contracts with various multinationals and aid groups for whom aid is very big, very lucrative business.  The American people, of course, are on the hook via D.C. for paying the big banks back on defaulted foreign loans, which 99%  are – defaulted that is.

“To give food aid to a country just because they are starving is a pretty weak reason”.  {1974 foreign policy statement by Henry Kissinger as U.S. Secretary of State}

In 1993, Bill Clinton announced on the bloody heels of his long-time friend, George H.W. Bush’s OPERATION RESTORE HOPE in oil rich Somalia; “the U.S. military is a force for good”.

Barack Hussein Obama in September of 2009 had his Administration embark on a National Security Strategy of TARGETED KILLING; declared the U.S. was above torture; and instead, simply kidnapped human political/economic obstacles, transferred them to more culturally brutal puppet regimes through a hypocritical policy of cowardice and abuse called rendition.

George W. Bush, in the aftermath of the Oligarchy’s 9/11 attack on America, in his turn coined and strategically married rhetoric such as  “axis of evil” regarding Iraq, Iran and North Korea; “compassionate conservatism”; and of course in his January, 2002 State of the Union Address characterized the “true character of the United States” as demonstrated by the “courage, compassion, strength and resolve” of the American people.  With Main Street on board the national security train, off we went with the misuse of our honored military to Afghanistan and Iraq where we re-vitalized world opium trade and the flow of narco-dollars and more vigilantly protected the financial interests of the Plutocratic BIG BANKING/BIG OIL/BIG WAR money machine.

To better comprehend how our  money supply is tied to foreign aid programs covering for massive third world debt, which equals huge bank profits and guaranteed transnational monopoly contracts in mining, weapons, drugs, farming, food supply or whatever, we will need to digress into the world of banking and central banking.  U.S. imperialism is veiled by sophisticated covers masquerading as compassionate help, which it rarely is, though the propaganda we call news never mention it and the average citizen has no idea at all what’s going on across the globe in the name of their good faith and credit.

Above we see five career criminals, without conscience, integrity or decency acting in tandem exclusively on behalf of the dynastic Oligarchy families whose political/financial interests they not-so-openly represent; regardless of human or environmental consequence.  On top of this moral tragedy in leadership, as though the West Wing of the White House isn’t despicable enough; we further support, unwittingly, this clever imperialism through 435 Members of the House and 100 U.S. Senators, nearly all of whom are fully complicit in appropriating and approving so-called humanitarian funding (read DEBT) (to knock down the doors of sovereign nations) and misuse our military in service of the world’s largest transnational monopolies, all operating above the law of any country.

WHY? HOW IS THIS ACCOMPLISHED?  How can it be so easy to co-opt decent political candidates, turning them into lazy, corrupt, lying, self-aggrandizing, dangerous politicians?

There is one answer to all three questions.  MONEY!
The BIG BANKS  own the politicians.  Period.  The banks control the money supply;  add in a bit of cushy insider trading, favorable press coverage, protected privilege and voila; the big banks own the legislation, regulation and discriminatory tax system – and we the people are reduced to feudal serfs, just as Jefferson predicted more than 200 years ago.

It’s important as American citizens and voters that we understand, every dollar spent by Washington D.C. elected and appointed political pawns is unconstitutionally borrowed from the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank.  Not some of the dollars.  Not most of the dollars.  Every dollar.  All the dollars.  Nothing costing money can be proposed or enacted by any politician or bureaucrat in Washington without full and complete co-dependence on BIG BANKS, who in turn own the Federal Reserve System.  The overall scope is much worse than this in terms of banker control of society as the United States has gone beyond mere fiat money to debt money.  Every legal and illegal person residing in the United States today is nothing more than a free-ranging, indebted feudal serf.

To go a bit further down this economic rabbit hole, Mr. Joseph Plummer in his book entitled, “DISHONEST MONEY, Financing The Road to Ruin” states on page 129 (of my paperback edition):  “Every physical dollar, as well as every digital dollar, had to be borrowed into existence.  So long as our entire money supply is made up of this debt money, the bankers are guaranteed to earn interest on every single dollar, every moment it exists.  It also means our debt is inescapable.  To pay off every loan, we’d have to give back every dollar the bankers have created.  This would reduce our money supply to zero… it can’t be done.”

The Big Banks want politicians to spend money as all the money spent is created from thin air and pays interest 365/24/7.  No politician can buy patronage votes without cooperation by the Big Banks to create the money.  Political careers are built on ego, money and lies.  Via fractional reserve banking, which is beyond the scope of this discussion, just let it be understood that this money when spent goes through the commercial banking system where it is multiplied through the 10% or so of required reserves over and over again.  Via this fraudulent system a $100 billion Federal loan or loan to a foreign country quickly increases the money supply by as much as $900 billion – all from thin air and all collecting interest.  The amounts of money we’re briefly touching on here are truly incomprehensible to any decent person.

It’s important to further understand that controlling interest in the BIG BANKS is apparently held by just eight families, four of whom reside outside the U.S.  According to J. W. McCallister, an oil insider connected to House of Saud in his book The Grim Reaper, Saudi bankers informed him that 80% ownership of the New York Federal Reserve Bank (the most powerful Fed bank) are:  the Goldman-Sachs, Rockefellers, Lehmans and Kuhn Loebs of New York; the Rothschilds of Paris and London, the Warburgs of Hamburg, the Lazards of Paris, and the Israel Moses Seifs of Rome.

Per Mr. Dean Henderson’s heavily researched book entitled BIG OIL & THEIR BANKERS IN THE PERSIAN GULF, CPA Thomas D. Schauf corroborates Mr. McCallister’s claim, adding that ten banks control all twelve Federal Reserve Bank branches.  Schauf names N.M. Rothschild of London, Rothschild Bank of Berlin, Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Warburg Bank of Amsterdam, Lehman Brothers of New York, Lazard Brothers of Paris, Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York, Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy, Goldman Sachs of New York and JP Morgan Chase Bank of New York.  Mr. Schauf further lists William Rockefeller, Paul Warburg, Jacob Schiff and James Stillman as individuals owning huge shares of the Federal Reserve.  The Schiffs are Kuhn Loeb insiders and the Stillmans are with Citibank and married into the Rockefeller family.

Note that Mr. Eustace Mullins in his heavily researched book based largely on Congressional Records held in the Library of Congress, “The Secrets of the Federal Reserve”, also displays ownership charts connecting Fed ownership to member banks and in turn to these same listed families.

I bring all this up as a digression because these eight families in union with many other dynastic families also hold controlling interest in the BIG OIL Companies as well as most Fortune 500 companies.  Their interlocking directorships provide overwhelming control over world resources, events, politics, capital flows and of course, their very handy aid programs; the oft used key to access.  Our Congress and White House serve Oligarchy demands exclusively, though occasionally commit accidental acts of patriotism or enact good deeds for Main Street.

We need only look through the bloody repetitive history of dozens of countries to see the oft used Oligarchy play book and coordinated roles played by intelligence organizations, multinational conglomerates, aid groups, our politicians, misused military and finally, the banks – ultimate puppet masters wantonly planting seeds of destruction, pulling the strings of war, feeding the gluttonous grasp for wealth and power accumulation.  Entire nations of people such as Afghanistan, Argentina, Chile, Congo, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Panama, Somalia, South Vietnam, Venezuela, Yugoslavia and dozens more have been devastated without recourse by the world’s Established Oligarchy and their conscienceless pawns.

Unwittingly, the poorly informed American people are largely unaware of this horrible abuse perpetrated in their good name by the Elite and their thugs.

The pathological BANKING/OIL/WAR BUSINESS MODEL is frightening in its parasitic global scope.  It’s time American citizens wake up and demand their politicians stop serving this merciless agenda.  Not purchasing products or services from multi-national conglomerate monopolies, dumping the Federal Reserve Criminal Enterprise and NEVER voting for incumbent politicians would be a good start.

Following are fifteen (15) questions and/or issues citizens probably ought be DEMANDING ANSWERS TO from the corrupt, bloated parasites we have foolishly elected to supposedly represent us in Washington D.C.  It appears our elected representatives in the House and Senate are paid $175k per year plus benefits plus all the  insider trading bribes they can carry to perform zero oversight on anything at all.  Only when some scandal exposing the rampant corruption within the 10 square miles of the new Washington D.C. Versailles rears its ugly head, do these elected reprobates hold useless hearings and pander to the voters pretending to give a shit about citizens of this great country.  It’s time we the people demanded better service from those we pay to openly violate their oaths of office on every single one of the few days per year they are in session.

1.  If we are at war with Islamic Jihadists why is the Obama Administration (OA) funding and arming Jihadists in Egypt, Saudi Arabia,  Libya, Syria and who knows where else?

2.  If we are at war with Islamic Jihadists why did the Bush Administration overthrow Saddam Hussein, a tyrannical secular leader and thereby de-stabilize the country of Iraq and it appears  – the entire Middle East?  Why has the Obama Administration (OA), which criticized this action, continued this action and why does the OA appear to be turning over the country of Iraq to ISIS, a tiny extremist group of only about 12,000 members?  Why is the U.S. Embassy the largest U.S. embassy in the world?  What’s going on in Iraq?  Why has the Obama Administration (OA) foreign policy allied itself with Islamic Extremists 100% of the time?  The Obama Administration (OA) refused to stand with secular young people in Iran and instead remained silent, thereby supporting the extremist Mullahs.  Egypt’s Mubarak was a brutal secular dictator and the OA supports the even more brutal Muslim Brotherhood, who are not friends of the Infidel West or Israel.  Qaddafi in Libya was a vicious nutcase, but also secular.  The OA sided with even worse Islamic Extremists in Libya helping overthrow Qaddafi.  Why?  Assad in Syria is another brutal dictator, but secular as well.  The OA again sides with and is arming even worse Islamic insurgents in Syria;  and has armed and funded them to the degree that now we have tiny ISIS invading Iraq with weapons provided by the OA.  Isn’t this aiding and abetting the enemy?

3.  Why do we have troops in Afghanistan after more than a decade?  Why is Afghan opium poppy cultivation up from 6,500 hectares in 2001 to more than 165,000 hectares in 2014?  How is it, that the per-hectare yield of Afghan opium poppies is up 500% since 2001?  Afghanistan produces approximately 90% of all opium poppies on earth.  Who benefits from this astronomical increase  in narco trade?  The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has stated in reports that the world’s biggest banks take in more than $1 trillion annually in off-book, under-the-table money laundering business, about 75% of which stems from narcotics.

4. Why is the Obama Administration importing illegal alien young people from all over South America without Congressional approval?  Homeland Security’s  Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)  advertised for contractors to transport these poor kids as far back as January 29, 2014.  The link below takes you to the advertisement.  This appears to be grotesque child abuse on a grand scale for some apparent political agenda.  What is that agenda?

5.  Why is the Obama Administration working with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to devise a legal strategy for the taking of retirement accounts and maybe other types of accounts from American citizens?  See link below.


6.  Why has the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank distributed more than $18 trillion (US) to other world central banks?  What was this money for?  Who is liable for this debt?  Why has our cowardly, parasitic House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate done absolutely nothing regarding the Fed since Ron Paul’s partial audit disclosing these vast expenditures?

7.  Why has our Elite owned and operated House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate done absolutely nothing except hold comical hearings about Benghazi Hillary’s role in the brutal slaying of U.S. foreign service folks in Libya?  We already know that the Obama Administration was and is funding and arming Syrian Jihadists with surplus arms distributed to Libyan Jihadists and then to Syrian Jihadists through the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  We know Ambassador Stevens and three others were murdered in retaliation for a gun running distribution agreement gone bad – yet absolutely nothing has been done except talk, talk, talk?  How many treaties has the Obama Administration violated with this obscene under the table nonsense?  Is this not outright treason against the American people?  If not – why  not?  If so – why is Congress standing still for it?  Where on earth is my representation as a tax paying citizen?

8.  Why is the U.S. Treasury monetizing our own debt?  (If you’re a victim of progressive, liberal education; monetizing means our central bank, The Federal Reserve is purchasing American debt because no one else will.)  The Obama Administration is borrowing about $0.43 of every dollar it spends?  Why does the House of Representatives refuse to stop appropriating funds we don’t have and that our children are liable for?  Why is there no Congressional oversight?  What are we the people paying these negligent, if not corrupt elected representatives for…to mindlessly, corruptly and ignorantly bankrupt our entire nation?

9.  Why is Congress allowing the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank to literally destroy our currency?  Obviously, the United States is going to implode in a vicious deflationary spiral at some point.  Some economists and serious investors believe this economic death spiral will begin in earnest sometime in the fall of 2015.  The Obama Administration is voraciously considering myriad ways to suck up enormous amounts of private investment capital to cover its insane over spending, which any fool can see will kill investment, kill job creation, kill any possible economic growth and force us into a severe depression.  Washington D.C. is blindly and apparently ignorantly destroying the economic engine that feeds its own spending addiction.  Why is Congress doing absolutely nothing to address this?

10.  Why has neither the House nor the Senate done anything to indict felonious IRS employees the criminally reprehensible likes of Lois Lerner and others for conspiring and acting out to restrict the free speech and assembly of American citizens? Talk, talk, talk – no action?

11.  Why is Congress allowing federal agencies to make law?  Why is Congress allowing the Executive Branch to make law?  Why is Congress standing still for Federal District Courts and the Supreme Circus to continually legislate from the bench?  Where is our balance of power that is to stem from the Constitutionally mandated separation of powers?

12.  Why is Congress allowing Eric Holder’s Department of Injustice to arbitrarily pick and choose the laws it will or won’t enforce?  Eric Holder is a criminal thug and ought be fully prosecuted.

13.  Why is Congress allowing the OA, it’s rogue Interior Department, EPA and Department of Energy to destroy the energy independence of the United States?  Why is the OA simultaneously continuing and expanding the Bush era de-stabilization of the Middle East, while forcing increasing U.S. energy dependence on the Middle East they are de-stabilizing?

14.  Why is Congress allowing Homeland Security to classify returning military service patriots as potential domestic terrorists?

15.  Why is INSIDER TRADING legal for members of Congress, but illegal for Main Street citizens? Just how much insider trading are members of Congress involving themselves in?  What effect is this insider trading largess distributed through K Street leeches having on U.S. domestic and foreign policy decisions?

As a minimum we the people must demand answers and solutions to the above fifteen (15) questions.  Our failure to do so will and is leading us to the destitute end of American self government.

This Vlog discusses the legalization of Bail-Ins by Title II of the 2010 Dodd-Frank legislation.  As depositors, our deposits are now legally subject to confiscation by monopolistic banks deemed “Too Big To Fail” – compliments of our corrupt elected Representatives in Washington D.C.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, more notoriously identified as Obamacare attacks patients, reams every tax payer’s wallet and creates an information control dossier on every living American.  Its single cost reduction tool is rationing per the hilariously named COMPLETE LIVES SYSTEM popularized by Obama adviser Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel.  The Complete Lives curve, shown below clearly demonstrates how brutally incomplete the Complete Lives System actually is.



As you can see, your health care life takes a toilet bowl dive at about age 53 or so and becomes practically non-existent after around 60 years of age.  The Globalist Zeke man calls this allocation of services.  Real folks call it rationing.  After about 65 years of age, you will be able to get a generic aspirin, but that’s about it.  Even under Australian socialized medicine, you can obtain services until age 72.  After 72, your Doc sends you home to die.  Apparently, Obamacare is going to kick the crap out of the Aussie system for cost savings;  I mean allocation.

You may recall Democrats bragging how there were no DEATH PANELS in Obamacare.  They were correct.  The Death Panel was already created and funded under the so-called Stimulus Bill, months before Obamacare was rammed down our throats for Christmas.  No legislators read either bill, so I guess that’s a moot point.  I mean it’s not like we the people have representation in Congress.  That old school stuff ended decades ago.  The Elites own and operate the Washington D.C. circus tent now…which brings us to our main conversational point doesn’t it?

As it stands today, about half our health care services and dollars are allocated (there’s that word again) in a direct loop between the patient, insurance company and the Docs.  The other half involves the government and borrowed dollars for Medicare and Medicaid.  The families who own the world central banks, or more particularly in this case the Federal Reserve Criminal Enterprise DO NOT LIKE THIS.  The FED FAMILIES are not getting a cut from non-Medicare/Medicaid dollars spent.  Granted they own the big insurance companies anyway, but that isn’t near good enough.  These greedy central banking families want it all.  Hence Obamacare and the very important, massively toxic debt and interest payments, attached directly to it.

The swindle can work for the Global Elite in two different ways.  The first is through Obamacare itself, but personally I believe this is just a throw away to borrow a phrase from negotiation lingo.  Ultimately, Obamacare was planned to be so unworkable, that it will ultimately be done away with in favor of:  you guessed it – the government run single payer system.  Either option requires theft of tax payer dollars and enormous Federal debt, every penny of which earns interest for families who own the Federal Reserve Banks, so the Elite are fine either way;  we don’t have to worry about their well being.

The beauty of the government run single payer system is that it will likely come about through eventual Congressional rejection of The Patient UN- Protection and UN-Affordable Care Act, after which, we the uninformed people will basically clamor for Congress to vote in the single payer catastrophe – as though we ever had an actual choice.  There will, of course,  be no other choice as health insurance as we have known it is to be completely destroyed.

This is a great Globalist plan as most of their plans are.  We the people are being conditioned, and will continue to foolishly be conditioned to accept (because we no longer think) that we will have reached the best possible outcome given the dire circumstances – circumstances manufactured, of course, by our willing elected Representative pawns, who in fact represent the Elite, never we the people.  Because we’re foolish and uninformed enough as voters to actually believe we ourselves made a choice;  the Elite don’t have to worry about any sort of civil unrest or citizen unhappiness.  Everybody wins except we the patient.  We get rationing;  our wealth is stolen to pay for the rationing; our corrupt Representatives get taken care of (that means bought off);  the Elite get richer and more powerful;  and the earth keeps on spinning and showing off our graves as U.S. life expectancy takes a nose dive;  while the Elite profitably get an automatic helping of population control that we the people happily and gullibly voted for.

Honest to God – you can’t make this stupidity up and this is exactly what we the people are ignorantly  in the process of bringing about.  I feel sorry for our kids and grand kids.  They are so screwed and will be the laughing stock of the entire world; at least until age sixty or so when their health care services are denied.

You can take the following statement to the bank – actually the Fed Families will be taking it to the bank – you and I will soon be dying at home per the Zeke Man’s Curve.  The primary beneficiary of Obamacare and/or government run single payer, are the families who own the Federal Reserve Banks.  They will add to their cash flow, the interest earned on every government dollar spent on health care.   We are talking here about untold hundreds of billions of dollars – all taken from you and I.  I suppose the secondary beneficiary would have to be morticians, though in their honorable defense, I am not aware of morticians lobbying for this.  Funeral business is pretty much guaranteed; it doesn’t require dishonest gutter politics and bribes for survival.

Obamacare is primarily about the Fed families’ cash flow.  It has nothing what-so-ever to do with health care, other than rationing and population control.  Any elected Congressman or woman who does not obstreperously oppose Obamacare and demand it’s DE-FUNDING is either a corrupt, heartless, Elite lackey or a fool.  We the people lose in either case.  Why on earth do we imagine Congress is in the process of exempting itself from this legislation?  Our corrupt, integrity challenged Representatives know how to take care of themselves and their staffers while they screw baby boomers and their offspring into the ground, broke and destitute.

I  suggest contacting your integrity challenged Congressional Representatives and make sure they understand; DE-FUND OBAMACARE OR WE WILL DE-FUND YOU in the next election.  Unfortunately, not even I can take this last sentence seriously as we’ve apparently become a nation of fools.

What on earth is a BAIL-IN?

In short, a bank bail-in means our deposited assets will be confiscated.  Period!  This is what bankers just did in Cypress last March and April (2013).  The banksters and IMF insist this illegal (in most countries) confiscation of depositor funds is a tax.  Isn’t that a sweet way to protect depositors?  The banksters, without any notification, shut down the Cypress banking system on a Friday night including ATM’s;  stole the deposits they wanted;  and said screw you very much with a big fat smile on Monday morning.

In my humble opinion, both bail-ins and bail-outs are internationally monopolistic, government sanctioned, organized criminal activities.  That said, I will grant you that bail-ins are slightly more fair in that only those having a banking relationship with the banks in question are robbed.  The bail-out program employed thus far in the U.S. applies a tax robbing all tax payers regardless of whether they have any relationship with the banks, which is even more outrageous.

Bail-ins work like this.  We deposit our funds in checking and or savings accounts at the local big five bank branch.  The bank manages its Elite, monopolistic, global business greedily, ineptly and discreetly approaches indigency (because we can’t say bankruptcy when discussing banks), which means they are insolvent, which is the current situation for most if not all large international banks; though the Globalist owned media doesn’t mention it; and though the Federal Reserve owners have already stolen we don’t know how many trillions of dollars through the U.S. Treasury to aid themselves and their insider bankster friends.

None-the-less, derivatives and other debt instruments are eating these humanity challenged, central banksters alive.  Since most banks are steadily approaching systemic insolvency and since our patriotic elected Representatives have determined that government sanctioned, government protected, international conglomerate monopoly banks are TOO BIG TO FAIL;  we the people have been and will continue to be fleeced with the full consent of Congress.

Dodd-Frank was supposed to end bail-outs, which is doubtful to the point of humorous, but it very astutely and carefully doesn’t touch bail-ins.  Just so you know, since 1934, banks are not subject to bankruptcy law.  11 U.S.C. § 109 excludes banks, some other types of financial institutions, railroads, insurance companies and other Federal and State regulated entities from being designated as debtors under the Bankruptcy Code.  Special laws govern the reorganization and/or liquidation of these types of companies.  I would, of course, call these unfair, unreasonable and highly discriminatory laws; government protected monopoly, but I’m not very open-minded regarding legalized theft.

Today’s brazen central bank owners and the elected government pawns who deceitfully represent the Elite instead of we the people now regard our bank deposits as their own private reserve of regulatory capital If you have any money to speak of, you may want to think about that.

Under the bail-in strategy all or some percentage of our deposits; or certainly deposits over some arbitrary amount, which happened to be 100,000 Euros in the case of Cypress, are subject to confiscation by the bank for their own use.  The thinking if we can call it that, at least from Ms. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and many, many other Elite Globalists, is that when you deposit money in your bank account – you are actually an investor with the bank and therefore share in any investment risk and losses the bank may incur.  Of course, this stupidity has never been explained to us; and we certainly are not invited to share in bank profits, are we?  Our investment strategy under this IMF scenario is apparently to have our wealth stolen in bad times and earn absolutely nothing in good times; but then, isn’t this how all sophisticated investors get rich?

So when exactly might we expect this legally obnoxious bail-in scam to become popular in the U.S.?  According to commodities specialist Mr. Jim Sinclair, Chairman and CEO of Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corporation; bail-ins no longer require a crisis to occur and may surface one bank at a time over a period of years.  TOO BIG TO FAIL is no longer valid.  Mr. Sinclair is advising his clients to be wary of a Great Leveling  likely beginning in August, 2014 and continuing through 2015.

We are now in the brave new world.  How do we defend ourselves in this new world?  I’m not financially sophisticated enough to answer this question so we’ll pass it along to Mr. Sinclair who suggests the following  in his July 17, 2013 MineSet email:

1.  It will likely be difficult to go international with your assets if you’re not already international.  Therefore, think very local, as in say small local banks that have not taken TARP or other bail-out money.

2.  Gold should be a good bet, especially at today’s prices.  Gold prices will be moving up to new highs.  {Think of gold as a savings hedge, protecting your purchasing power, not so much as an investment. – my words}

3.  The highest risk will be to deposits above insurance levels in banks too big to fail.  These deposits are directly in harm’s way.

4.  The next highest risk is retirement accounts, which are targets for the IMF and governments to secure as fonts of capital into which they can place sovereign paper.

If we trust our elected Federal Representatives to protect and/or defend as per their oath of office, we are foolishly setting ourselves up for enormous disappointment, not to mention government sanctioned theft of everything we have worked for all our lives.  Forget the FBI 10 Most Wanted folk.  The biggest threat to U.S. citizens in 2013 is the out-of-control Federal government of the United States.  Don’t forget that Marxist Obama, at the behest of his Elite handlers,  has been openly discussing the taking of 401 K’s and IRA’s for several years.  I suspect he’s not kidding.

We the people have ignorantly elected these integrity challenged Representatives.  Our apathy allows and encourages career politicians to serve the Elite who in turn bolster their corrupt careers and their private good fortune at the expense of both our freedom and our wealth.  It is time for us to grow up and vote as informed adults.  In the meantime, do your own research and determine how to best protect yourself, your families and friends.  We are all we have and we stand together or fail alone against a government gone wild and an international Elite gone completely and openly mad.

The smartest thing we the people could do for our freedom and good health is END THE FED and get rid of the 16th Amendment (Progressive Income Tax).

Sorry, but this particular 1600 Watch blog post is definitely not a sound bite.  It covers quite a few acres of corrupt Federal government sewage.

In attempting to understand why Atlas may soon experience a serious Shrug episode and to better understand how as citizens, we may be playing a major role in naively and unknowingly facilitating this shrug, I offer as food for thought, the following quotes by Edward Bernays taken from his insightful, perhaps prophetic 1928 book, Propaganda.

“The systematic study of mass psychology revealed to students the potentialities of the invisible government of society by manipulation of the motives which actuate man in the group.”  {Edward Bernays}

“The important thing for the statesman of our age is not so much to know how to please the public, but to know how to sway the public.”  {Edward Bernays}

“If you can influence the leaders, either with or without their conscious cooperation, you automatically influence the group which they sway.”  {Edward Bernays}
Author’s Note:  This insidious influence is the primary purpose and role of the Global Elite’s Counsel On Foreign Relations (CFR) and the thousands of study groups, think tanks, seminars and foundations created by and maintained by Elite families to manipulate our press, publishing companies, educators, bureaucrats and leaders; thereby indirectly, though effectively manipulating we the people into desired modes of group behavior.  This is an admitted, openly discussed business strategy, not a conspiracy.

“Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government.”  {Edward Bernays}

“Modern propaganda is a consistent, enduring effort to create or shape events to influence the relations of the public to an enterprise, idea or group.”  {Edward Bernays}

Dragged from the trash can of historic despotic failure and loosed upon the once free, now struggling American Republic are the failed socioeconomic, murderous delusions of Lenin, Mussolini and Mao.  As if that isn’t enough to cripple any society, the Elite Globalists continue to pile on their One World nonsense like a septic gravy on road kill.  These anti-human, pseudo-religious credos, when applied to social, economic and foreign policy are themselves enough to bend the back of mighty Atlas;  but when our overpaid CFR conditioned bureaucrats and elected officials lie and disingenuously defend these catastrophically failing policies, you can bet that Atlas may be forced to Shrug.

The recent Libyan murder cover-up is used below, as a demonstration of Globalist piling on and to portray the serious and rapidly growing problem of bureaucratic inertia and systemic intransigence as obstacles to both Executive and Legislative effectiveness.  Truly and obviously, American government is growing too large to succeed.

If you have come to believe that socialism is OK, maybe even better than capitalism in spite of the hundreds of millions brutally and unfairly murdered in its name, along with the hopeless poverty and spiritual devastation it consistently causes; and further, that the Federal government of the United States can somehow continue borrowing more than 40 cents of every dollar it wastes on Globalist contrived delusion and corrupt quid pro quo payoffs – then perhaps you should reread the above quotations and begin to wonder why it is that you have come to believe what you believe.  It would be wise to at least consider this aspect of our thinking before we vote on November 6th.

{Suggested hint:  If you’re interested in determining why you happen to believe much of what you believe today, at least in terms of socio-economics;  please investigate The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in Sussex, England.  You may be surprised and you’ll also appreciate why this article begins with Mr. Bernay’s quotes as written in 1928.  As a side note as to how polls are used, not to measure public opinion, but to influence public opinion via the herd mentality;  please realize that the grandfather of all polls, Gallup, was initiated by Tavistock for this very purpose.}

Most government bureaucrats are hard working, decent people providing necessary services.  Many are your friends and neighbors.  Others are something entirely different and unfortunately, all too many of us have met them at one level or another.  The worst, as foreseen and portrayed in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged are haughty, narrow minded, selfish fools – not so much educated, as mentally conditioned – focused entirely on their own tiny corner of socialist wannabe authority wielded with as much force and as little responsibility or accountability as possible.

Even more unfortunately, our Federal agencies are thoroughly infected and dangerously bloated with thousands upon thousands of these mindlessly arrogant, Council On Foreign Relations conditioned drones.  These drones have not been conditioned and networked into their positions by accident.  The far-reaching CFR study group system is a Globalist business  strategy and serves as a formidable obstacle to good, honest decision making by any Presidential Administration regardless of Party affiliation or belief.  One such representative CFR drone was called upon to defend a tragic bureaucratic failure just last week.

{Note that a person does not have to be a member of CFR to be a thoroughly conditioned CFR drone.  The Globalist business plan employs our university faculties and the wide spread, study group system very effectively to influence the bureaucratic mind-set.  In fact, upward Federal agency promotion is, where possible, contingent upon acceptable levels of Globalist conditioning.  There is very little unplanned guess work going on within this Globalist business plan.  Proof of its own obscenely effective propaganda is plain to see in the immediate guffaws, laughter and derision typically launched upon any thoughtful person brave enough to question it or even acknowledge its existence.}

Several days ago, we the people observed State Department Official, Ms. Charlene Lamb  arrogantly testifying before Congress regarding her faceless, bureaucratic non-performance in the brutal kidnapping, stripping naked, sodomizing, beating, murder and parading through the streets of Benghazi as a naked tortured trophy, of the late J. Christopher Stevens,  U.S. Ambassador to Libya.  She testified in all her overpaid, selfish, utterly non-responsible glory.  The only State Department official apparently less responsible is Hillary Rodham Clinton (our least competent Secretary of State since Madeleine Albright), who brazenly and incorrectly claims the buck stops with her, while simultaneously and shamelessly throwing her own State Department security staff under the bus.  If this is leadership, small pox must be healthy.

In Ms. Lamb’s defense, though it apparently was within her purvey not to honor Embassy requests for more security;  it was her boss, Hillary Rodham Clinton as Secretary of State, who bears ultimate responsibility for malfeasance in Office and should be called on directly to explain why our Ambassador was not properly protected.  Also in Ms. Lamb’s defense, we realize that in part, at least some of her intractable haughtiness was likely the result of compensatory reaction to fear and anxiety, since she was testifying beneath the angry countenance of several agitated Congressman demanding answers for a horrible, but obviously preventable tragedy.  I don’t bother to mention Obama’s transparent failure in all this, or his attachment to Islamic pandering as the media ensures he is above reproach.

Is it possible that Ms. Lamb’s refusal to acknowledge even the tiniest glimmer of malfeasance, may be for nothing more than the delusional promotion of a failed foreign policy of engagement through weakness? For the silly political notion that Al-Qaeda is no longer a threat?   Should we be concerned that our One World conditioned, firmly embedded, morally bankrupt, socialist bureaucrats may be incrementally causing Atlas to finally shrug; and that our sovereign, though bankrupt Constitutional Republic may soon come crashing down around us?  Do we believe that the world views a U.S. foreign policy openly defended with lies as proof that the U.S. dollar is stable and merits status as the world reserve currency?  Is the United States becoming a bad joke and are we the people voting for it?

The aftermath and cover-up of this Libyan tragedy, resulting in the brutal murders of four Americans, has exposed a surprising level of Federal government lies by omission, outright lies and gross misrepresentation and twisting of facts.  Some might call it propaganda.  As citizens, do we believe we can successfully manage a Constitutional Republic of more than 300 million people on a shallow, shifting foundation of deceit and manipulative connivance, ostensibly for inhumane Globalist political gain and the protection of CFR drones?  It would appear that Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama bear responsibility for absolutely nothing, in spite of shocking levels of incompetence, disinterest, dishonesty or all of the above.  Is any of this unacceptably despicable behavior in the best interest of United States citizens or the world?

We could ask J. Christopher Stevens his opinion of all this, but he’s dead;  apparently murdered by the complicit failure of a bureaucracy too corrupt, too systemically disingenuous and too large to succeed.

As a people and a nation, we should understand three important things.  Those three things are first, that our government agencies from the top down are led by and are embedded with heavily conditioned, socialist wannabe bureaucrats who accept responsibility for nothing; yet feel entitled, even duty-bound, to dictate to citizens of these United States, whatever centrally planned, Globalist nonsense their particular agency is currently dispensing.  Secondly, that these socialist bureaucrats are thoroughly conditioned to believe in  socialist, totalitarian One World Governance; and not to believe in American freedom,  free capitalist markets or sovereignty.  Thirdly, we can count on our obsequious press corps to fully and dishonorably enable their bureaucratic, socialist One World  delusions.  It’s beginning to appear that citizens of the United States, particularly hard working people and entrepreneurs are now being treated as Enemies of the State and are without protection.  If our own government cannot or will not protect us as citizens, then what useful function does it have?

In the end, the sacred individual freedoms granted by Divine Providence and recognized by our Constitution and Bill of Rights are trampled, disrespected and negated by unelected officials and judges who incrementally, but constantly nudge us toward the socialist/reverse fascist oligarchy forming itself in place of our Republic.  Those who would push this sick agenda upon us;  an agenda that has failed across the globe every time it’s tried – employ judicial activism and largely unfettered regulatory agencies to impose their rules upon an unsuspecting, uninformed citizenry.

Liberal Democrats doggedly sell socialism as the path certain to an even break and prosperity for everyone.  Yet, in most of socialist Europe today, there is clearly zero upward economic mobility.  Socialist European society is highly stratified and you are where you are with no hope of being anything more.  Income is taxed at levels leaving barely enough to survive and today, in 2012, not even that.  This means that if you operate a shoe store;  you will always operate a shoe store.  You will never be able to overcome taxation and save to start a second shoe store, or a third.  That is impossible.  If you are an employee in that shoe store;  you will always be an employee in that shoe store or perhaps in some other store.  Taxation will make certain you never save enough money to start your own shoe store.  That is impossible.

When the European Nanny State cannot honor their ridiculous promises to take care of everyone;  no one has any unconfiscated discretionary cash with which to take care of themselves.  They are simply without options.  Their government takes all their wealth;  does whatever it cares to with it – mostly through waste, fraud and criminal forms of nepotism and Elite monopoly favoritism – and the people are left with no other choice than to take to the streets screaming in frustration.  If you live in America, circa 2012 and still have some discretionary cash left over with some level of self sufficiency and choice remaining;  don’t for a minute think Europeans are the same.  They are not.  When we in America finally sink to the same levels of socialism Europe has; we too, will have no choices remaining.

If we continue on our present socialist course, our U.S. Nanny State will implode just as in Europe and we too will be in the streets screaming without hope.  I do not believe that our economic collapse is imminent, as in tomorrow;  but there is no doubt that collapse is inevitable if we do not change course and become responsible citizens and voters.  The future is entirely in our hands right now.  There will be no one else for our children or history to blame if we vote incorrectly.

The level of taxation in a socialist economy is such that all opportunity is null and void, though equally null and void, excepting the Elite and their arrogant drones, who greedily bleed the confiscatory system to their own corrupt, insider benefit.  Improvement in economic condition is not thinkable for mere citizens.  Upward mobility is nonexistent.  You cannot move from the bottom of the economic ladder to the top, though you can fall from the top to the bottom.  A socialist economic system is a system of zero opportunity.  When Barack Obama and his socialist bureaucrats say they want to give everyone an even break;  what they are really saying is that everyone will be equalized in poverty with no other options beneath the callous thumb of their Elite Nanny State Masters.  Obama and his ilk want social justice for us, not for themselves.  They stand above justice.

Capitalism can easily be mauled by corruption, but can just as easily be monitored and repaired by decent people as it is chosen, not imposed.  Socialism and its evil sister fascism are built on corruption, manipulation and propaganda, so can never be adequately monitored or fixed by anyone.  Socialism is spiritually repugnant, denies human nature and demonstrates consistent and systemic societal failure every time it is imposed.

Four more years of the Obama Administration’s delusions of grandeur and empty claims to provide a level playing field for all, assure every American citizen of the socially just, fairly imposed opportunity for tax induced poverty.  If Atlas Shrugs anytime soon, say because Saudi Arabia refuses to accept U.S. dollars for oil;  or because no bidders show up at our bi-monthly Treasury Auction to purchase more U.S. debt;  our land of equally distributed  poverty and fairly withheld opportunity will arrive suddenly, though surely not unanticipated.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan may be able to alter our current disastrous course and avoid the nearest icebergs, but don’t delude yourself into thinking that Mr. Romney and friends can or will fix this mess anytime soon.  They will be captaining our American ship of state through the rest of the ice flow and I hope honestly so; but there are giant Establishment Right and Marxist Left icebergs everywhere and  it will likely get worse before it gets better.  The Reagan, Bush I, Clinton and Bush II Administrations breached a yawning debt hole in the bow of our ship, but Obama has treasonously widened that hole several diameters larger.  It will take decades to overcome the Republican and Democrat, Globalist inspired deceit and mistakes we must now live with and our children must pay for.

Romney and Ryan, if elected, to be successful, will have no choice but to deal with our bloated, profligate government over-spending; our deeply entrenched, obstinate Council On Foreign Relations conditioned, socialist oriented regulatory bureaucracy and  our obscene discriminatory tax code.  They will have to legitimately audit the Federal Reserve Criminal Enterprise, at least consider terminating the now permanent, though unconstitutional Federal Reserve Charter; and then deal honestly and openly with the monopolistic, central banking nightmare and its “above the law” ties to the International Bank of Settlements in Basil, Switzerland, all of which will be exposed by an honest audit – likely impossible.

There is virtually no possibility that Romney/Ryan will go the way of the failed Marxist Left.  If Romney/Ryan go the way of the Establishment Right, they will fail us.  If Romney does an honest job, he will at best be politically destroyed by our Globalist media; or at worse, risks being assassinated as was JFK.  World central bankers are notoriously territorial and vindictive when our money risks being removed from their mahogany table.

Four more years of Obamanomics and American freedom will land rudely on the trash pile of history.  Romney and Ryan will hopefully have their chance in November if the voters deem it so and it is up to them to do what they can with it.  Perhaps Mitt Romney will be our generation’s George Washington?  Both he and Paul Ryan seem to have the requisite humility and courage.  Do they have the independence and will?  I hope so, because we don’t know how many times Atlas can still shrug without finally dropping our world into a Socialist One World Dictatorship.

“Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.” { Joseph Goebbels – Nazi Minister of Propaganda}

“Do you want to live in a country where everything is free; except us?”  {Congressman Paul Ryan}

Why are we voting in November?  Who are we voting for?  Do our candidates and their party affiliations stand for truth;  or for pandering?  Do our candidates have the courage to embrace truth and risk not being elected or re-elected:  or not?  Do our candidates actually represent us;  or do they pacify us with silly promises and sound bite rhetoric while they go full bore for the special interest monopolies whose financial benefit they submit themselves to in violation of their oaths of office?  Do we know the difference?  Are we paying attention?

If we think we can remain free and not pay attention – then by selecting the “do nothing” option we will have voted by abstention to end freedom for all of us.  We know that freedom is never free and has never once in all of human history been granted by a government.  Freedom is taken by those strong enough to take it.  Freedom is then held by those diligent enough to keep it.  Are we diligent citizens or are we the weak, gullible, cowardly generation that willingly hands our children and grandchildren off to the slavery of GLOBAL ELITE managed, centrally planned, feudal serfdom?

The Elite Globalists no longer bother to hide – there is no longer any question – if we’re awake – that both the Neo-con Globalist, Establishment Right of the Republican Party and the Marxist Globalist, Anti-Establishment Left of the Democrat Party are two sides of the same Globalist coin;  separated by mindless, meaningless, pandering, sound bite rhetoric and the ostensible battle between right and left, but firmly united in their joint Globalist vision of a pathetic, One World Barn where Main Street does what its Tavistockian Conditioning nudges it to do and helplessly pays for every nepotistic privilege the Elite enjoy and our out-of-control Federal government treasonously and ignorantly  sanctions and protects.  We are fools to vote for this tripe.  We deserve better, but we’ll have to take better;  better will never just be given to us.  The battle is real.

As our late President, Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction”.  1600 Watch asks – are the Baby Boomers going to be that generation?  Are socialist, feudal crumbs all we will settle for and saddle our children with?  I think not!  I think we still have what it takes!  This, however, means we must stop taking the mass media lies seriously.  We must now assume:  If you hear it on a network TV or cable broadcast, it’s a lie.  If you hear it on the radio, it’s a lie.  If you read it in a newspaper or magazine, it’s a lie.  THINK FOR YOURSELF!  SEARCH OUT THE TRUTH!  For God’s sake – don’t listen to me – we all have to think for ourselves and support each other in that endeavor.  1600 Watch is not about convincing;  1600 Watch is about thinking independently and trying to identify the truth, which has no agenda.

The Constitution of the United States guarantees our individual right to equal opportunity.  Our outcome is our own to pursue – good, bad or otherwise.  That’s what freedom is – the right to succeed as well as to fail – and to try again…and again…and again as many times as we want; or not to try at all.  Free market capitalism is the economic life blood of this freedom cherishing ideology from which our Republic was born and has thrived for more than two hundred years.  Free market capitalism and private property ownership are the foundation of our self-governing Republic.  Free market capitalism nourishes and makes possible our pursuit of excellence in whatever way we each choose to define it…as long as we keep paying attention and stand up for our unalienable rights.  If we fail to stand;  we forfeit freedom.

Please note that international conglomerate monopolies as promoted, nurtured and protected under today’s supposed “federal regulatory agencies” are not and have nothing to do with free market capitalism.  Monopoly undermines our Republic and our freedom.  Obscene examples of this type of freedom devouring monopoly are the international banks and their incestuous relationship with the privately owned criminal enterprise known as the Federal Reserve System;  the giant international energy companies, insurance conglomerates and of course, the insidiously sycophantic media industry.

Totalitarian socialism and the peculiar form of reverse fascism we have today in America are built on and feed on government sanctioned, insider monopolies; and these monopolies strangle all opportunity for every “non-insider” person; replacing opportunity with “forced outcomes” for every “non-insider” person – where one cheap, grayish, mediocre size fits all – in our best and most protected interest, of course.  Can we spell “LIE”?  It is important that we wake up to the fact that both the Establishment Right Republican and the Marxist Left Democrat support and engender the suffocation of our Constitution and our Rule of Law, which has made possible the most free, most generous, most powerful, most wealthy, most opportunity filled human existence ever before seen on earth – all in just over two hundred years – and that, in spite of being under the treasonously, criminal yoke of the Federal Reserve Crime Syndicate families and their slimy octopus of internationally interlocked directorates and political shackles since 1913.

Unfortunately, the fairness of forced outcome requires thought and emotional conditioning, coercion and most particularly, unconstitutional regulatory force to mold every individual person into a “socially just”, utopian ideal of fairness conceived of by – whom?  Regulated by whom?  Controlled by whom?  Since we all have different individualized gifts, the lowest common denominator must be selected in every centrally planned category – by whom? –  in order to achieve the proper and fair outcome for all – says whom?

Totalitarian socialism and again, our peculiar form of American reverse fascism are spiritually devastating, emotionally crippling ideologies falsely promising security, but are anathema to freedom, human dignity and Natural Law…and don’t kid yourself – there is no example in world history of socialism existing in a non-totalitarian state.  The Communist utopia has never once occurred.  Keynesian economic theory has never once proven successful.

Have you graduated from school recently?  Looking for a job?  Trying to start a new business?  When you have a quiet moment do you dream of your future life as a gray suited, mediocre nobody, with no self actualized future, bereft of dreams or individuality with the entirety of your socially just life defined for you by some government bureaucrat?  Do you find yourself waiting breathlessly for this bleak, unimaginative, poverty stricken future to arrive?  If we’re not paying attention and our freedom pandering candidates are Establishment Right Republicans or Marxist Left Democrats and if these duplicitous fools should unfortunately win office in November 2012 – then all our dreams aside – our apathetic futures are utterly certain.  Our bleak European type future will be the forced mediocrity and dehumanizing poverty of centrally planned, Big Brother enforced Democratic Socialism.  May God help us to ever get that hobnailed boot off our necks?

It doesn’t matter one whit whether we are Democrat, Green, Independent, Libertarian or Republican.  As the late Aaron Russo so prophetically commented, “It’s time to stop being good Republicans.  It’s time to stop being good Democrats.  It’s time to start being good Americans.”  We must defend our Republic now or we lose it.  The American experiment in self government is in serious jeopardy and there is no one to save it but us.

We learned from unredacted history books, those that remain on dusty shelves anyway, twenty centuries ago that the Roman Republic, an incredible example of self government and the wealth and power it can generate, quickly degenerated into the failed dictatorial Roman Empire as soon as the Senators and people realized they could vote “goodies” for themselves.  The Roman people learned the hard way that nothing on this earth is free;  including circuses and especially not freedom.

With the exception of today’s Tea Party Movement and a few Libertarians, we seem to have lost track of the concept that nothing in life is free; even breathing requires energy.  We seem drunkenly blind to the fact that the foolish Western European Nanny State is bankrupt.  Canada has learned;  Russia, China and most of Western Europe is learning; but we apparently are not learning;  that Socialism can only exist as a pathetic parasite on what it steals from the golden Capitalist goose.  When the Capitalist goose runs out of eggs – Socialism starves.  Socialism is not capable of supporting itself – ever.  Socialism is anathema to human nature, Natural Law and the dignity of life.

The truth is that our elected Federal Representatives along with the bloated bureaucracy they ignorantly and negligently spawned;  in concert with the Globalist Elite through world central banking and our own Federal Reserve Criminal Enterprise has put every U.S. citizen in debt to the tune of $16 trillion, that is, more than $51,000 each – along with the ridiculous promise of unfunded mandates such as pensions, Social Security and Medicare adding up to more than $70 trillion, that is, more than $225,000 for every man, woman and child in these United States.  Any adult person who believes this can work is stupid.  I’m sorry, but these unfunded mandates are simply a sophomoric, politically motivated, pandering lie.

This debt cannot be fixed with a few cuts here or there, by some tweaking of mandate promises  or by some economically robust economic growth.  This is now broken forever and we must come to grips with that fact.  Either we begin to deal with our self created economic failure in a reasonable, controlled manner as suggested by Paul Ryan, Rand Paul and others or we keep our heads in the Pelosi/Reid/Obama sand and just collapse.  On the day that the bi-monthly treasury auction has no bidders – the United States collapses financially, without any warning and without any planning.  If we think our distributions from Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, pensions and whatever else are going to keep on coming – well, we’re just plain stupid.  Ask Greece how that works?

The truth is that the simple key to fixing America’s deceitful, political circus, morally bereft journalistic sham and bankrupt economy is to take our money supply out of the hands of the Federal Reserve Bank Owners.  Any politician, any political strategist, any pundit, any talking radio head, any so-called journalist or anyone else who claims otherwise is a fool, a liar or most likely both.  With the exception of Congressman Ron Paul, Dr. Michael Savage, the late Eustace Mullins, George Noury, John B. Wells, Alex Jones, John Truman Wolfe and a few brave others, one of whom was the late John F. Kennedy (E.O. 11110, June 4, 1963)  I know of no other public person who will dare cross the BRIGHT LINE of truth and reality and even mention that the criminally insane Federal Reserve Bank Owners must be stripped of their ability to coin money and charge interest for it.  There is no other path to holding American freedom.  No person, no nation can remain in debt and be free at the same time.

“Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.” {Mayer Amshel (Bauer) Rothschild}

Our so-called conservative mouth pieces such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Dick Morris, Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and so many others very carefully never, ever cross that BRIGHT LINE.  Mention of the privately owned Fed is off limits, which means that true American freedom is off limits.  We know from the “partial Fed audit” that Ron Paul and others fought so hard for, that the criminal Fed families have distributed more than $17 trillion of American money to their friends and families over just the past three years.  WTF?  Any politician, including Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are nothing more than Fed shills, if they fail to aggressively demand a full and complete audit of the Federal Reserve System.

A full and complete audit of the Federal Reserve Banks will shock and disgust American citizens and the world.  It will lead directly to the intelligent and pragmatic decision TO REPEAL THE FEDERAL RESERVE CHARTER, which by the way, Congress has now made “perpetual”.  Go figure?

And no I’m not an idiot.  I’m not against banking or central banks or global trade on an even footing.  I’m against private elite people having full and complete, secretive, unaudited, unabridged control of the U.S. and world money supply.  This control grants them the unbridled power to orchestrate the calculated ups and down of the business cycle, world currency values, world commodity prices, global capital flows, etc.  It’s  sick, its wrong and it must be stopped or in the end we are all nothing more than slaves – and that day is closer than we think.  Four more years of the George Soros’ pet, Obama will do it.  Look out 2017.

Socialism is always doomed to fail because the collective worker / beneficiary ratio always converges on 1:1 over time;  every time.  A quick study of any population in the world or any nanny state program in the world will over time demonstrate this convergence.  The collective doesn’t work mathematically and must go bankrupt as a certainty.  The one to one convergence suggests that the only rational solution to long term economic sustainability is free market capitalism and individual self reliance with a kicker for the disabled.  We’ll come back to the numbers later on.  First, a brief discussion regarding the true purpose of socialism and how the Federal Reserve Bank took us there.

Fact.  An event very often occurs within life’s arc between obstetrics and the morgue.  It’s called death and it happens a lot.  In fact, statistical data compiled over dozens of centuries  suggest that the physical body every person is born into;  will pass away.  Dust to dust;  ashes to ashes; as you may recall?  This statistical fact fully accounts for the reason that socialism has always failed and will continue to fail.  If we cure death;  socialism still won’t work because it’s a stupid idea, but the possibility of it working would at least exist.  Until a cure for physical death is discovered;  socialism remains a puerile and destructive concept popular only with the high school math challenged, tyrants, wanna-be tyrants and those who foolishly believe they can have something for nothing.

2nd Fact.  Socialism is a deceptive construct developed by the world’s central banking families who happen to own our Federal Reserve Bank(s) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), both privately held Delaware corporations, who together comprise the world’s largest, most voracious, monopolized criminal enterprise.  Socialism is an evil, top down, centralized control system enabling dictatorial government to be controlled by the dictator, who in turn is easily controlled by the Globalist elite, since they control the dictator’s money supply.  Think every G20 country as victims of elite central bankers.  Socialism is anathema to freedom.  The Federal Reserve Bank(s) are anathema to freedom.  We cannot be free while the FED families control our money supply.  This is a simple fact.

The following information demonstrates the world international Globalist Elite and their pawns to be mathematically challenged deviates, who have been chasing their own failure now for more than 200 years.  Unfortunately the independent middle class is the main entree in their faux pas smorgasbord of glutinous economic annihilation.

Full on U.S.S.R., Marxist-Leninist style, socialism with no privatization at all from which to steal collapsed in the third generation; a generation being 25 years as defined by today’s average  child bearing age for women.  Partial privatization coupled with populist, nanny state fascism as envisioned by Antonio Gramsci and employed throughout Europe and now the U.S., typically collapses in the fourth generation.  This predictable collapse in just a few generations is not theory.  It is historic fact.  Europe and the U.S. are living the early stages of nanny state collapse today.

The Bolshevik Revolution, kick started in October of 1917, funded by devious international elites the likes of John D. Rockefeller and friends was instigated and managed as an effective means of eliminating free market business competition through centralized, top down government control.  (Specifically at the time,  Russia was eliminated as a competitive threat to Standard Oil.)  The U.S.S.R. fully and completely bankrupted itself in 1989, after a gulag period of just 72 years.  More than 40 million innocent people were starved to death, imprisoned, tortured and murdered as the promise was implemented.  The promise was to share the wealth and achieve social justiceThe destitute, hope strangling reality was absolute control of all wealth and individual opportunity by the elite international banksters with nothing but equally distributed poverty and no justice what-so-ever for the unfortunate beneficiary/victims.

With the tragic success of the Bolshevik Revolution the elite now had their big scary bogeyman with which to promote a world wide cold war generating decades of military arms race competition as a nice profit center by financing all participants in the race to bankruptcy.  That’s a lot of interest payments.  We don’t declare war anymore, not since WW II,  so folks like the Rockefellers who enjoy financing both sides of every military conflict (think U.S. and Vietcong) are technically not guilty of treason.  The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and other prestigious groups financed by the elite banksters are ever so useful in conditioning the thinking of our gullible political leaders, press, publishers and academics.  Very handy!  It’s a well thought out system of political de-powerment and economic enslavement by choice.

In the United States our somewhat more deceitful, though no less destructive financial demise began in 1913 upon creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System and its never properly ratified 16th Amendment, which sprinkled Bolshevik Water on the imaginary, highly unconstitutional desire for the elite to tax individual labor.  This is obscene, but it was done anyway.  Our greedy, ignorant, self serving political hack Representatives under the criminal negligence of Woodrow Wilson accepted bribes and passed the Federal Reserve Act on December 23, 1913 (similar to the Obamacare travesty, passed on December 24, 2009.)  This act transferred the power to “create” U.S. currency to the Fed family crime syndicate along with an agreement to pay interest for each dollar of currency created.    In other words, our stupid Congress pays the Fed interest for money they could print for free themselves through our U.S. treasury as the Constitution originally established.  Creation of the Federal Reserve Central Bank(s) implemented the 5th Plank of the Communist Manifesto.

The purpose of the improperly ratified 16th Amendment was to foster the illegal illusion that the FED had the authority (which they don’t – there is no law) to collect an income tax on our labor through its private collection agency, known as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  This illegal progressive tax (2nd Plank of the Communist Manifesto) enabled the idiotic payment of illegal interest charges on our own money supply to the FED families by the uninformed tax payer – for the duration of its 100-year charter.  It also opened the door to the central banker’s desire to impose their socialist nanny state as they now had direct access via our uninformed consent to use our money to fund thier economic paddock.  The Nazis forced Jewish people to dig their own graves. In America today,  we actually vote for politicians who confiscate our money and use it to imprison us in their Neo-Feudal, Globalist barn of economic enslavement.

Can you imagine anything dumber than this and most of us don’t even know this is going on?  It’s no different than if I extorted you to pay me interest for the use of your own money as you take it out of your wallet.  It’s completely insane and with the exception of Representative Ron Paul, not one House Member or Senator will dare question this criminal lunacy.  They know all this and are pathetic cowards, bought and paid for.  The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has controlled the government of the United States since 1913.  The President is irrelevant.  Congress is irrelevant.  The Supreme Court is irrelevant.  You and I are irrelevant.  The Constitution is locked away and ignored by those sworn to uphold it.  The Rule of Law is dead.  The FED families do what they want.  Until we the people rudely take our money supply out of the hands of the FED families – we cannot be free.  Any politician who claims otherwise is a fool;  a liar;  or both.  Please stop voting for fools and liars.

The ever popular Fed inspired U.S. nanny state is in the initial stage of collapse after just 99 years, so it’s failing in the fourth generation.  Interestingly, the 100-Year Charter for the privately owned, Federal Reserve criminal enterprise expires in 2013.  THIS FEDERAL RESERVE CHARTER MUST NOT BE RENEWED.  It will be interesting to see what lies we’ll be fed by our corrupt, treasonous House Members and U.S. Senators justifying renewal of our national economic slavery to the world’s international criminal elite.  NON-renewal of the Charter is our opportunity to regain economic freedom and instantly solve 95% of the world’s problems.  Don’t pass it by.  Don’t miss it.  Call your slimy Congressional Representatives and demand NON-renewal.  Let’s take the garbage out;  it stinks.

Socialism has been perniciously  infecting and enslaving the people of Europe since the 1920’s.  Europe is now addicted to uniform mediocrity.  The unfortunate frustration and even blood of our European brothers and sisters is on display as it sprawls across the streets of Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain and even Great Britain, home of the Bank of England – the central banking seed from which our Fed was spawned by Mayer Amshel (Bauer) Rothschild and his elite friends.  Please note that America won its Revolutionary Battle for freedom begun in 1776, but lost the war for freedom on December 23, 1913 upon creation of the Federal Reserve System.  Europe, overall, is now in its 92nd year of socialist nanny state nonsense and is collapsing into economic destitution.  Again, this is not theory.  You can watch the pitiful suffering of Europe on any Globalist news network (that would be all of them) every evening as the reality of promised economic security reveals itself to be nothing more than a despicable control mechanism for elite greed.

This tragic history is not in itself the reason for systemic failure of the socialist nanny state.  The predictable failure lies solely in the numbers of population growth and mortality rates.  In any population, all those born eventually pass away.  In between birth and death are a variable number of living souls.  A percentage of these are working and contributing to the nanny state.  The remaining percentage are non-contributing beneficiaries of the nanny state.  The ratio of contributors to beneficiaries varies depending on mortality rates, health, medical advances and various population controls such as war, famine, etc., but ultimately and inexorably the balance tends toward 1:1, though it will likely never quite reach this assymtotic level.

Using the U.S. Social Security System (SS) as a typical example we find the following pattern.  In 1940, SS had 159.4 workers for each beneficiary.  In 1945 this ratio declined to 40 workers per beneficiary.  As of 2010 we had 2.9 workers per beneficiary.  The overall trend is toward 1:1, though it levels off as it approaches equilibrium.  Once this ratio declines to a level of 3:1 or so, the system is no longer economically sustainable by the working populace.  Beyond this point only mounting debt can sustain the system – for a while.  We observe this decline in ratio of workers to beneficiaries world wide in three to four generations depending on the severity of the socialist system and the amount of private entrepreneurship allowed.  The more privatization permitted, the longer the supporting source of wealth to confiscate from can survive thereby enabling this painful system a somewhat longer life.  This is why both China and Russia are now privatizing certain sectors of their economy.  There is no other way to survive.  It turns out, free market capitalism and individual responsibility is the only workable, equitable, self sustaining economic system ever devised.

The intent of socialism is never to share wealth as it is cleverly marketed by organizers, but to control and confiscate wealth by the central banks who support the bureaucrat puppets in maintaining power.  If we open our eyes we’ll quickly notice that the folks are never very well off in socialist countries.  They are uniformly poor, while their leaders and the bankers live like kings and queens.  Government regulation is cleverly employed by the elite through gullible government bureaucrats, not to protect the people, but to control the people and force them to labor for their elite puppet masters.  It is a sublime system, whose message of human subjugation is powerfully reinforced by thousands of well funded think tanks and foundations.  It’s great if you’re one of the elite.  It’s uniformly distributed poverty if you’re not among the elite.  This has been historic fact in every unfortunate country living under this severely limiting system whether by force or by uninformed, ignorant choice.

The only force currently standing against worldwide feudal serfdom for the masses at the hands of the international elite is the TEA PARTY movement in the United States.  The Catholic Church has fought valiantly world wide for decades, but is slowly succumbing to liberation theology and relative humanism, both of which are spiritual encroachment tools of totalitarianism sponsored by the elite.  The Roman Church is being steadily reduced to a collectivized outreach program with its historic spiritual message of free will and individual responsibility snuffed out like an old candle by the gusting winds of nihilism.  This incremental loss of Judeo-Christian morality is a world wide travesty.

Unfortunately most TEA Party folk are no more cognizant of the despicable strangle hold the Fed holds over our corrupted Republic than are any other citizens.  He who has the money machine makes the rules.  It’s not complicated.  It’s no longer about money for the Fed families – they have the machine for God’s sake.  It’s about power and control.  It’s about their vision for a world of elite and their slaves with no pesky independent middle class in between.  They are nearing their goal.  Please take the time to do your own research.  Have the courage to think for yourself.  Share your knowledge with others.  A central bank is a good idea, but not when it or they create our money and lure us ignorantly and complacently into Neo-Feudalism through warm and fuzzy, socialist sound bites.