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We live in a world increasingly referred to as a psyop; a pseudo reality created by various Elite owned media and technology sectors where very few things are what they appear to be or what we are told they are.  Unfortunately, foreign aid appears to be another of those make believe things.  The American people are a generous people who will actually give their lives for others in far away places, when they are convinced of the need to do so.  The world’s dynastic families, many members of whom are demonstrably pathological, take advantage of that generosity and mis-direct it for profit and political power.  And no I don’t abhor profit.  Free market capitalism is the most generous economic system ever devised, but the United States hasn’t seen capitalism or free markets since at least 1913.

America has a completely Fascist political/economic system (our Constitution is dead) where multinational corporate conglomerates monopolize industries via corrupted government regulation and taxation.  Under this parasitical system, hundreds of billions of dollars, trillions over time in supposed foreign aid through organizations such as USAID are nothing more than cover for transnational monopolies to access various selected countries to rape resources and labor.  Most USAID employees, good decent people, don’t know this.  They think they’re doing something good, and to a limited extent they are; but their real role is cover for monopolized blood money and unbounded monopolized earnings.  The enormous aid capital flows are co-opted, skimming 90% or more off the top to local despots, warlords, banks and the multinationals with barely a crumb or two dropping from the greed table down to the people.  In the center of this human disgrace, Elite families and their pawns wade neck deep in narco dollars, weapon’s dollars, oil dollars, de-population and on and on and on.

Foreign aid programs are often, if not usually, just despicable cover for installing despots and warlords friendly to western multi-nationals in small impoverished countries possessing valuable resources.  CIA, MI6, Mossad and NATO, like cockroaches, are always around to coerce leaders, facilitate another invasion,  civil war or whatever chaos is required to gain access, control and finally rape the wealth.  Debt is the primary tool, whereby the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank coordinate and stipulate strict provisions along with bank loans requiring contracts with various multinationals and aid groups for whom aid is very big, very lucrative business.  The American people, of course, are on the hook via D.C. for paying the big banks back on defaulted foreign loans, which 99%  are – defaulted that is.

“To give food aid to a country just because they are starving is a pretty weak reason”.  {1974 foreign policy statement by Henry Kissinger as U.S. Secretary of State}

In 1993, Bill Clinton announced on the bloody heels of his long-time friend, George H.W. Bush’s OPERATION RESTORE HOPE in oil rich Somalia; “the U.S. military is a force for good”.

Barack Hussein Obama in September of 2009 had his Administration embark on a National Security Strategy of TARGETED KILLING; declared the U.S. was above torture; and instead, simply kidnapped human political/economic obstacles, transferred them to more culturally brutal puppet regimes through a hypocritical policy of cowardice and abuse called rendition.

George W. Bush, in the aftermath of the Oligarchy’s 9/11 attack on America, in his turn coined and strategically married rhetoric such as  “axis of evil” regarding Iraq, Iran and North Korea; “compassionate conservatism”; and of course in his January, 2002 State of the Union Address characterized the “true character of the United States” as demonstrated by the “courage, compassion, strength and resolve” of the American people.  With Main Street on board the national security train, off we went with the misuse of our honored military to Afghanistan and Iraq where we re-vitalized world opium trade and the flow of narco-dollars and more vigilantly protected the financial interests of the Plutocratic BIG BANKING/BIG OIL/BIG WAR money machine.

To better comprehend how our  money supply is tied to foreign aid programs covering for massive third world debt, which equals huge bank profits and guaranteed transnational monopoly contracts in mining, weapons, drugs, farming, food supply or whatever, we will need to digress into the world of banking and central banking.  U.S. imperialism is veiled by sophisticated covers masquerading as compassionate help, which it rarely is, though the propaganda we call news never mention it and the average citizen has no idea at all what’s going on across the globe in the name of their good faith and credit.

Above we see five career criminals, without conscience, integrity or decency acting in tandem exclusively on behalf of the dynastic Oligarchy families whose political/financial interests they not-so-openly represent; regardless of human or environmental consequence.  On top of this moral tragedy in leadership, as though the West Wing of the White House isn’t despicable enough; we further support, unwittingly, this clever imperialism through 435 Members of the House and 100 U.S. Senators, nearly all of whom are fully complicit in appropriating and approving so-called humanitarian funding (read DEBT) (to knock down the doors of sovereign nations) and misuse our military in service of the world’s largest transnational monopolies, all operating above the law of any country.

WHY? HOW IS THIS ACCOMPLISHED?  How can it be so easy to co-opt decent political candidates, turning them into lazy, corrupt, lying, self-aggrandizing, dangerous politicians?

There is one answer to all three questions.  MONEY!
The BIG BANKS  own the politicians.  Period.  The banks control the money supply;  add in a bit of cushy insider trading, favorable press coverage, protected privilege and voila; the big banks own the legislation, regulation and discriminatory tax system – and we the people are reduced to feudal serfs, just as Jefferson predicted more than 200 years ago.

It’s important as American citizens and voters that we understand, every dollar spent by Washington D.C. elected and appointed political pawns is unconstitutionally borrowed from the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank.  Not some of the dollars.  Not most of the dollars.  Every dollar.  All the dollars.  Nothing costing money can be proposed or enacted by any politician or bureaucrat in Washington without full and complete co-dependence on BIG BANKS, who in turn own the Federal Reserve System.  The overall scope is much worse than this in terms of banker control of society as the United States has gone beyond mere fiat money to debt money.  Every legal and illegal person residing in the United States today is nothing more than a free-ranging, indebted feudal serf.

To go a bit further down this economic rabbit hole, Mr. Joseph Plummer in his book entitled, “DISHONEST MONEY, Financing The Road to Ruin” states on page 129 (of my paperback edition):  “Every physical dollar, as well as every digital dollar, had to be borrowed into existence.  So long as our entire money supply is made up of this debt money, the bankers are guaranteed to earn interest on every single dollar, every moment it exists.  It also means our debt is inescapable.  To pay off every loan, we’d have to give back every dollar the bankers have created.  This would reduce our money supply to zero… it can’t be done.”

The Big Banks want politicians to spend money as all the money spent is created from thin air and pays interest 365/24/7.  No politician can buy patronage votes without cooperation by the Big Banks to create the money.  Political careers are built on ego, money and lies.  Via fractional reserve banking, which is beyond the scope of this discussion, just let it be understood that this money when spent goes through the commercial banking system where it is multiplied through the 10% or so of required reserves over and over again.  Via this fraudulent system a $100 billion Federal loan or loan to a foreign country quickly increases the money supply by as much as $900 billion – all from thin air and all collecting interest.  The amounts of money we’re briefly touching on here are truly incomprehensible to any decent person.

It’s important to further understand that controlling interest in the BIG BANKS is apparently held by just eight families, four of whom reside outside the U.S.  According to J. W. McCallister, an oil insider connected to House of Saud in his book The Grim Reaper, Saudi bankers informed him that 80% ownership of the New York Federal Reserve Bank (the most powerful Fed bank) are:  the Goldman-Sachs, Rockefellers, Lehmans and Kuhn Loebs of New York; the Rothschilds of Paris and London, the Warburgs of Hamburg, the Lazards of Paris, and the Israel Moses Seifs of Rome.

Per Mr. Dean Henderson’s heavily researched book entitled BIG OIL & THEIR BANKERS IN THE PERSIAN GULF, CPA Thomas D. Schauf corroborates Mr. McCallister’s claim, adding that ten banks control all twelve Federal Reserve Bank branches.  Schauf names N.M. Rothschild of London, Rothschild Bank of Berlin, Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Warburg Bank of Amsterdam, Lehman Brothers of New York, Lazard Brothers of Paris, Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York, Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy, Goldman Sachs of New York and JP Morgan Chase Bank of New York.  Mr. Schauf further lists William Rockefeller, Paul Warburg, Jacob Schiff and James Stillman as individuals owning huge shares of the Federal Reserve.  The Schiffs are Kuhn Loeb insiders and the Stillmans are with Citibank and married into the Rockefeller family.

Note that Mr. Eustace Mullins in his heavily researched book based largely on Congressional Records held in the Library of Congress, “The Secrets of the Federal Reserve”, also displays ownership charts connecting Fed ownership to member banks and in turn to these same listed families.

I bring all this up as a digression because these eight families in union with many other dynastic families also hold controlling interest in the BIG OIL Companies as well as most Fortune 500 companies.  Their interlocking directorships provide overwhelming control over world resources, events, politics, capital flows and of course, their very handy aid programs; the oft used key to access.  Our Congress and White House serve Oligarchy demands exclusively, though occasionally commit accidental acts of patriotism or enact good deeds for Main Street.

We need only look through the bloody repetitive history of dozens of countries to see the oft used Oligarchy play book and coordinated roles played by intelligence organizations, multinational conglomerates, aid groups, our politicians, misused military and finally, the banks – ultimate puppet masters wantonly planting seeds of destruction, pulling the strings of war, feeding the gluttonous grasp for wealth and power accumulation.  Entire nations of people such as Afghanistan, Argentina, Chile, Congo, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Panama, Somalia, South Vietnam, Venezuela, Yugoslavia and dozens more have been devastated without recourse by the world’s Established Oligarchy and their conscienceless pawns.

Unwittingly, the poorly informed American people are largely unaware of this horrible abuse perpetrated in their good name by the Elite and their thugs.

The pathological BANKING/OIL/WAR BUSINESS MODEL is frightening in its parasitic global scope.  It’s time American citizens wake up and demand their politicians stop serving this merciless agenda.  Not purchasing products or services from multi-national conglomerate monopolies, dumping the Federal Reserve Criminal Enterprise and NEVER voting for incumbent politicians would be a good start.


Quote:   “The goal of international communism is not to destroy Western international debt capitalism.  The goal of international communism is to enslave mankind at the behest of Western international debt capitalism.”  {R.E. McMaster, The Reaper}  I found this quote in Eustace Mullins’ book, The World Order.  Mr. Mullins adds that if we were to understand only one thing regarding today’s world situation, it should be this.

In my world, for the purposes of conversation anyway, the particular -ism doesn’t matter.  Monopoly Capitalism (which has nothing in common with free markets), Fascism (the current American system), Socialism or Collectivism, all twisted sisters, result in centralized power, centrally planned control and to the extent employed, limit or eliminate individual liberty for the many at the hands of the privileged few.  Recorded history, should you find any unredacted (which rules out all text books), demonstrates this to be inarguable.  Many of us salt-of-the-earth Americans still believe we’re free – and I guess if you accept taxation without Main Street representation, government forced purchase of monopoly health insurance scams, limits on how large a soda you can purchase, etc. – well OK.  I respect your fantasy.  If you suspect you may not be as free as the fantastical broadcasts of MSNBC, Fox News, NPR and other propaganda outlets parrot; and if you’re still considering casting a vote on one of our electronic fraud machines;  you may want to continue reading.

Ms. Catherine Austin Fitts (, world leader in support of practical strategies for strengthening local economies is on what she refers to as the “de-centralization team”.  99.9% of all folks working in Washington D.C. on the other hand, as coerced by Mr. Global and friends are solidly on the “centralization team”.  I bring this to our attention because it’s in our best interest on Main Street to grasp the concept.

If any political candidate running for national office in the House of Representatives, U.S. Senate or White House is on the centralization team (CT), it doesn’t matter which pandering Party rhetoric they parrot because they simply are not able to represent Main Street citizens.  By virtue of whichever special monopoly interests provide their campaign funds and media coverage – their Representation has already been purchased and is no longer available to us as Main Street voters.  Doesn’t the Bible say something about not being able to serve two masters?  Well in the real world, that’s true.  If you work for Mr. Global, you don’t work for anyone else and all international conglomerate monopolies belong to Mr. Global and his fearful minions, so this isn’t complicated.

So, the good news is, you can spot a political goon simply by observing whether they support centralization policies of any kind on any front, foreign or domestic.  If they do, they’re bad for Main Street freedom and prosperity.  The bad news is, I don’t personally know of a single nationally known politico running for the House, Senate or President that is not on the centralization team (CT).  There are a couple of healthy grass roots unknowns, but relative to national news – none.  Not a single one.  The ones we know about have already been bought – that’s precisely why we know about them.  Real candidates that might actually live long enough to Represent Main Street have to be searched out.

In other words, imagining that Bernie will be better than Hillary or that Cruz will be better than Bernie for Main Street- well, that’s a fantasy.  They’re all owned by and Represent the same privileged people from the same dynastic families and that ain’t any of us here on Main Street.  To make matters worse; Bernie, Hillary, Cruz, Trump, etc and even Mr. Global aren’t the problem anyway;  we are the problem.

The U.S. and world economy are driven by the hands of integrity challenged, Elite dynastic family members through banking and other interconnected monopolies using drugs, war, energy, space, food and water as fuel sources.  For example, more than $1 trillion narcotics dollars annually are laundered globally (why did you think we’re in Afghanistan protecting the opium poppies?) – the lion’s share of it through the U.S. economy.  In other words, should we close our Southern border, turn off the narco-dollar spigot the U.S. economy would grind to a halt, the Federal government would shut down and our 401 K’s would evaporate.

My point is, if we’re using recreational drugs, eating Monsanto products or supporting international conglomerate monopolies in other ways – then we ourselves are supporting and enriching the system that terrorizes our politicians and works daily to place the middle class into feudal bondage through our dumbed down education system, discriminatory tax system, dictatorial regulation, deceitful religiosity and whatever else.

As another example, most of us have heard of the financial derivative problem threatening the world economy.  There are several kinds of derivatives, one of which consists of bundling problematic home mortgages, some of which are in or will be in default (subprime usually) and many of which don’t even exist.  There are counties in the United States that have three times more recorded residential mortgages than there are homes to mortgage.  This is pure fraud and it’s happening from sea to shining sea.  Ask yourself how many Main Street home buyers, real estate agents, mortgage bankers, title agents, assessors, lawyers, CPA’s, etc. are directly involved in this for it to transpire?  How many thousands of Main Street people are looking the other way?  We are the problem.  We can hardly blame Mr. Global for bank greed because without Main Street participation, it couldn’t possibly happen.

I’m not sure how we deal with integrity challenged politicians or wide spread electronic vote fraud, but there are things we can do today to start making inroads toward taking back our lives and eventually our freedom and government from the Oligarchy’s Ruling Class Attack Dogs.  THINK LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL.  First, eat good stuff.  Buy local, organic, non-GMO food products whenever possible.  Make it our business to know what monopolies are producing what unhealthy food products, abusing animals, poisoning us, etc. and do not buy their crap.  If you can barter locally, barter.  Do not cheat on your taxes.  The REVENUERS will get you for that, so don’t be foolish and go there.  It’s a fight we cannot win – yet.  If you bank, do not use BIG BANKS.  Use local credit unions or local independent banks if you can find them.  Don’t buy new cars.  Fix your old car and keep it running as best you can.  Don’t enlist in the military any more.  When the goons crank up their military draft, say NO THANK YOU.  If we refuse to kill each other, war ends today.  Don’t live in fear.  If Tavistockian Zombies attack America they’ll have to deal with us on Main Street face to face.  It won’t end well for the invaders and they know it, so don’t buy the fear nonsense and give your guns away to some smiling moron.  Peace is built on strength, never weakness.  The Second Amendment is important and so is your 12 Gauge.

Anyway, while you’re watching election rhetoric and yelling at the TV till November 2016, think about what we just considered and observe carefully what talking heads are saying and how they say it – or don’t say it as the case may be.  It’s all there to see if we pay attention.  God Bless everyone on every Main Street across the world – and while we’re at it – say a prayer or two for members of those dynastic Oligarchy families.  They live in their own private hell and pathological or not, they’re people too.



Our children today, are being conditioned not HOW to think, but WHAT to think, by ignorant drones, themselves heavily conditioned pawns we still mistakenly refer to as teachers – that individualism, responsibility, liberty, corporations, free market economies, the pursuit of excellence and capitalism are bad.  Government is good our children are taught.  No distinction is ever made between actual free market corporations and the immense wealth they freely generate for all participants in any economy;  and the greedy, corrupt, power hungry, international conglomerate monopolies that coerce all wealth within reach to themselves through control of collectivist governments – which in turn enable the continuing monopoly.

All monopolies despise free markets or any kind of competition.  For reasons I don’t get, not even so-called conservative pundits make any distinction between legitimate corporate business and centrally controlled monopoly; or the perverted form of reverse fascism monopoly breeds.  Typically, for the Marxist Left, all corporations are bad;  for the Establishment Right, all corporations are good.  The truth is far removed from either position.  The truth requires discernment and discernment is no longer encouraged or taught.

This distinction from free markets should be made because monopoly is liberty’s terminal, lymphatic cancer.  Monopoly promotes top down, centrally controlled governments, dictatorships where possible, because these socialist style governments are easily manipulated, managed and used to whatever end is desired by the monopolies currently holding sway.  The people are conditioned to become hard working wealth creation tools, easily convinced that the promise of security is better than actual wealth earned.

Most of us rarely realize that true security lies within our own minds, hands and abilities as ordained by Divine Providence.  Once collectivist tax rates exceed 25% or 30%, the possibility of amassing wealth and/or security is eliminated sans a precious few exceptions, which are usually and quickly absorbed into the Elite.  Microsoft is a prime example as it loudly promotes insane Agenda 21 enslavement vehicles such as Common Core realizing that conditioned thought is an inescapable prison requiring no walls, fences or bars – a collectivist dream.

Amazingly, many wealthy American people living beyond anything Royalty ever dreamed of, successful via opportunities offered by our American capitalist system, hypocritically praise Russia, China, Cuba and other human disaster zones, while demonizing the very free market system that gave them their own public voice.  How many movie millionaires originated in China, Cuba or Venezuela over the past 75 years?  How many writers?  Poets?  Producers?  Internet moguls?  Computer moguls?  Automobile manufacturers?  Missionaries?  Spiritual healers?  Restaurateurs?  Journalists?  Store owners?  Clearly collectivist conditioning inhibits the ability to think clearly, if at all.

Collectivist history stomps deeply repetitive, bloody, hobnailed, foot prints of subjugation, starvation, impoverishment, imprisonment, torture, fear and murder into the backs of working men and women.  Simultaneously, collectivist Elite Masters and the ignorant government thugs doing their hellaciously treasonous work redistribute the wealth of hard working decent people to themselves, their pawns and insider friends.  The promised security of the proletariat never manages to materialize.  Spiritual devastation, hopelessness and mediocrity run rampant through the population – until it collapses on itself – usually three to four generations at most.  Collectivism is not sustainable.  It’s astonishing to see so many so-called environmentalists, foolishly promoting collectivist agendas as solutions to problems.  History shows collectivist thought to be the central core of most societal and environmental  problems – never the solution.  Tavistockian Conditioning is a powerful tool indeed.

Capitalism and free markets promote equal opportunity, personal responsibility, generosity and provide an environment in which healthy spiritual growth can thrive and flourish.  Freedom cannot exist without personal responsibility, love and generosity.  Capitalism creates an environment where each of us can choose to become captain of our choices, opportunities and outcomes;  and accept responsibility for those choices.  This is spiritual nirvana on earth.  It’s as good as it gets in this physical life we share together.

Collectivism on the other hand, blindly, inhumanely and destructively dictates outcomes and by doing so, eliminates personal responsibility and choice.  Since no two people are equal in ability in any one particular area as we each have unique gifts; outcomes can never be raised to a higher or optimum level of quality.  Outcomes can only be forced to the lowest common denominator.  Mediocrity becomes not only the norm, but the only possibility.  The brilliant are dumbed down.  The strong are made weak.  Personal excellence in any field of endeavor is banished, even punished as success is deemed unfair under the obscene decrees of social justice and political correctness.

Capitalism is the pursuit of excellence and personal responsibility unleashed within the joyful symphony of life.  History proves this and we can live this history should we choose to.

Collectivism is the muzzle of mediocrity and the iron anchor of spiritual growth weighing down and finally drowning the amazing possibilities of life until nothing of value can be heard or felt.

Which do we choose for ourselves and our children?  Which do we stand for?

Barack Hussein Obamacare Obama fervently believes as did Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini (1883 – 1945) that a powerful, centrally planned government must partner with large corporate monopolies and together control every aspect of life.  Mussolini’s fascism failed Italy and has failed everywhere else it’s been tried, as has its twisted sister, socialism.

It has taken less than four years for the Obama Administration to demonstrate its own hybrid, socialist/fascist failure in America; yet the Establishment Right and Marxist Left, both stubbornly and disingenuously persist in their rhetorically differing and uniformly dishonest pose, thereby luring the unsuspecting U.S. citizen into the sticky, utopian One World Dictatorship they so blindly envision.  Whether we give up our freedom via our uninformed votes to pure socialism or to some form of reverse fascism doesn’t matter.  We as citizens will become captive serfs either way and most likely, irreversibly so.

Our only safety net as citizens is to vote for Representatives of any party, who openly and bravely support our Constitutional Republic – not just with words, but putting it on the line with action.  It is time to become American, not Democrat, Republican, Green, Independent or Libertarian.

Barack Obama and his Left Sided Globalist cronies have picked up and are aggressively carrying the Globalist Gauntlet dropped into their anxious hands by the equally anxious, Right Sided Globalist Bush regime.  Liberals see Bush and the Right as the enemy of freedom.  Conservatives see Obama and the Left as the enemies of freedom.  Neither seem to recognize that the Establishment Right and Marxist Left both work along rhetorically independent tracks to slowly, but steadily nudge the uninformed U.S. citizenry toward a dead end, totalitarian Globalist serfdom.

The only difference between the two is that the Marxist Left envisions the U.N. as slave master of their plantation and the Neo-con Right envision the U.S. government as slave master.  Both viewpoints are anathema to freedom, spiritually devastating, destructive to civilization and are deranged with respect to human nature.  They each believe they can win in the end and the dishonest, sometimes brutal means are justified and morally immaterial…to them.

World nations are today, being effectively influenced and cleverly manipulated into involuntary participation in what is intended to be a nuclear World War III.  This Globalist planned war will, if successful, reduce world population to what the Globalist Elite believe to be more manageable levels, say 500 million to 1 billion or so;  down from today’s unruly 6 billion.  This war will also provide the desperate means for re-aligning the countries of the world into their various unions such as the existing European Union and the future North American Union.

The Jewish faith, Christianity and Islam are all being manipulated alongside the irritated blister of haves and have nots, within a stirred pot of antagonistic hegemony, imperialism and nationalism; all fueled by racial and religious enmity.  To stop this catastrophe, all we must do as citizens is stand up and vote no – then hold our elected Representative’s feet to the fire of freedom – but will we do that?

The re-election of quintessential Chicago Thug, Barrack Hussein Obama and his corrupt Marxist cohorts are an assurance that some form of fascist, socialist, or reverse fascist oligarchy will be firmly established in the United States by 2016.  The Obama Administration will work furiously to drive the final nails into our coffin of free markets and individual liberty – all beneath the false, but supposedly comforting guise of protecting us from ourselves and capitalist greed.

Fixing this enormous voter miscalculation, if it can ever be fixed, will require fifty or more years of intense effort and sacrifice.  Today’s young will see their economic future slip further and further away in spite of any effort they make.  Our children will come to understand first hand that social justice and equal outcomes translate directly to “forced outcomes”, that is, slavery.

As a historical fact of human history, we know that it is not possible to be dependent and remain free simultaneously.  Individual freedom and choice is inversely proportional to the level of dependency.  Capitalism as an imperfect economic system nurtures freedom;  requires freedom to exist as a workable system.  Socialism and its sick sister fascism have no mechanism with which to foster the pursuit of individual excellence and can only enforce, through State central planning, an arbitrary mediocrity as the standard for forced equal outcomes and the uniform poverty known as social justice.  Socialism is slavery by a different name and nothing more.

As a people we have slowly, but surely been lowered into the delusional totalitarian pot beginning with Woodrow Wilson, finally culminating with the George W. Bush Administration and today with Barack Obama.  We have incrementally given up our own freedom in far too many unacceptable ways.  For example:

Placing our Federal government in charge of Social Security or any other aspect of our retirement with its herd of self serving, chronically short sighted  politicians was like hiring 535 Kleptomaniacs to work in a gift shop.   The inventory has vanished and our gift shop is bankrupt.  All that’s left is the finger of blame, but in fact, there is no one to blame but ourselves.  We the voters hired the Klepto’s.

Allowing our elected and appointed Federal government bureaucrats to confiscate our hard earned wealth by raising taxes in order to supposedly create private sector jobs is like starving an Olympic athlete to improve decathlon performance.  Failure is certain;  there are no jobs and our athlete will finish an exhausted, but predictable last place.  America’s wealth, financial health and well being is built on small business.  Starving those small businesses as the path to wealth creation goes beyond self defeating;  it’s blatantly stupid and constitutes complete denial of economic history.

Managing an economic empire by political ideology as both the Establishment Right and Marxist Left do, is like playing baseball on a basketball court.  We the people cannot win.  The single beneficiary, as a group, of unconstitutional tax regulation and all other monopoly favorable regulations are the Global Elite, world central banking and their insider preferred monopoly partners in publishing, media, insurance, energy, arms, etc.  There is almost no end to the corruption we see bleeding out of Washington D.C.

Is it even possible anymore for the average citizen to obtain sufficient representation in Washington D.C. so as to at least be able to ask, “Since I the tax payer am paying you to represent me, can you please attempt to manage our economy by discussing and applying economic principles as opposed to brow beating each other and the voters with political sound bites while promising that something good will eventually, though accidentally happen”?

I don’t know if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan can stop or even slow the American descent into dereliction, poverty, serfdom and the world wide irrelevance we are guilty of voting for.  I do know that Barack Obama and Joe Biden are working and will work mightily, if allowed, to accelerate our American demise into a poverty stricken, powerless, corpse of a country complying with their warped view of world fairness.  Unfortunately, they never notice that when American leadership is absent in the world;  the world has no leadership at all.  Societal and world chaos is always much less safe for everyone than rational order, even when mistakes are made.  Unfortunately, Obama’s narrow, mean vision constitutes an unobstructed path to World War III and the horrible devastation it will bring.

We’ll have to vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to find out what their vision is.  Did I just somehow manage to mimic brain dead Nancy Pelosi?  OMG!

America has been and continues to be built by the joint efforts of independent entrepreneurs and hard workers, risking and sweating side by side to construct a sustainable economic infrastructure for their communities and themselves.  A limited form of government, such as our American Republic protects both the entrepreneur and the worker – when it functions appropriately, effectively and with vision.  Unlimited government blindly takes, wastes and subjugates.

Unlimited government confiscates the sustainable portion of our entrepreneurial, working lives and wantonly squanders it through re-distribution to insider friends and chosen (monopolistic) beneficiaries.  Big government is an insult to the intelligence, integrity and hard work of store owners, clerks, auto dealerships, factory workers, construction company owners, brick layers, hospital owners, doctors and all the industrious contributors to our once powerful and healthy economy.  Our bloated government is murdering the geese that lay our golden eggs – day after day after day.  Killing it stone cold dead.

ANARCHY is by definition “NO GOVERNMENT”.

CAPITALISM foundationally supports “LIMITED GOVERNMENT” and the “OWNERSHIP OF PRIVATE PROPERTY”, which has been the historic basis of individual freedom since Greek and Roman times before Christ.

SOCIALISM is by definition “ALL GOVERNMENT”.
COMMUNISM foundationally supports “ALL GOVERNMENT”.
foundationally supports “ALL GOVERNMENT”.


The promotion of socialism by Progressively indoctrinated “anarchists” or the support of its mutant relative, “corporatism”, vociferously proclaims the dismal failure of post modern education to educate and an ignorance of historic fact that is both bewildering and alarming.  We must wonder, to what extent has Progressive education reduced our citizens to functionally illiterate lemmings, incapable of deductive reasoning?  This is truly a remarkable and wondrously destructive accomplishment.

Without question;  standing above argument; the wealthiest, most powerful, most generous, most free society on earth was Founded and Built by Capitalists beneath the protective umbrella of a Republican form of Limited Government – which stayed out of the way most of the time – until lately, say 1913 or so.  This Republic is known as the United States of America.  For anyone to willingly deride or ridicule this American Republic, even in the face of its many imperfections, is to sink abysmally to a depth of ignorance, a lack of appreciation and a failure to give thanks, ranking  far below the ability and scope of human imagination.

For the past 400 years, the last two centuries as a Republic; the exponential growth of prosperity and security built, provided and shared with the world by the people of the United States has been constructed lock, stock and barrel;  one board, one brick, one steel beam at a time by folks who get up at 4:30 every morning;  work till 7:30 every night;  get up tomorrow;  do it all over again;  and take part of Sunday off to recoup.  These folks sacrifice today for a better tomorrow for themselves, their families, their communities, their country and the world.  They take enormous financial and personal risk, literally betting the house, the farm and everything they own, on their ability to create a light bulb, a new machine, a new medicine, a  new computer, a better telephone, a faster airplane, a new automobile, electronic media, a healthier environment, a better news paper, more food, cheaper housing…and on and on and on.

If you are a member of the Occupy Wall Street Movement and as a victim of Progressive education consider yourself a supposed socialist-anarchist please remind yourself of one thing.  On the day your movement achieves success and The Builders have been driven off – IT’S ALL YOURS – YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN.  It will then be you, whom if you want something, will have to create it.  If you want anything at all, you will have to build it or grow it yourself, because The Builders will be gone.  If you think you are going to build things with sound bite chants;  you are mistaken.  If you think waving an insulting banner will feed you;  you are even more mistaken.  If you think you are going to build things with your complaints;  you will find yourself sadly incorrect.  If you think you are going to enhance your quality of life with empty criticism;  you will find yourself hopelessly lost in a vile chaos bereft of ideas or constructive benefits.

Building things requires dedication of purpose to something larger than yourself, hard work in the extreme, risk both of personal and financial failure, personal and family sacrifice, foresight and immense fortitude.  This has been the case since the caves and the special people who do this building are the most generous people our earth has ever known.  Even when falling victim to greed, they are still typically more generous than the average person.  Our corporations are nothing more than organized groups of industrious, hard working people, working to build or accomplish their chosen task.  Corporations may and do get off track, but are not inherently evil.  Sloth accompanied by indolent whining and complaint is evil.  If it’s broken – fix it.  Futilely and destructively crying about what appears to be broken is a desperate waste of time, effort and life.

To march on a street landscaped by a corporation, built by a corporation using materials provided by other corporations; overlying utilities such as sewer, water, fire lines, electrical lines, natural gas lines, communication lines and more – all built by various corporations;  and to do it while wearing clothes made by a corporation, with materials created by other corporations and shipped to you by yet more corporations and finally marketed and sold to you by a corporation;  all this while talking, texting and emailing on a corporate built phone over corporate built wire and wireless systems;  listening to your corporately provided music on a device built by corporations using electricity provided by a corporation;  as you proudly carry your banner, no doubt printed by a corporation using materials created by another corporation with ink from yet another corporation; after arriving at your protest site in a vehicle or vehicles built by corporations, using materials mined and manufactured by corporations, running on fuel provided by a corporation, shipped for your use by another corporation;  and munching on food grown by a corporation, shipped and sold to you by other corporations – – – to march on the aformentioned street to protest the existence of corporations renders me speechless;  a feat not easily accomplished…but you did it.  May God please help humanity for it knows not what the hell it’s talking about or doing.

Beware demanding what you think you want — because Divine Providence may grant your wish.  Then, I hope you enjoy working your ass off, because short of that, just what the hell are you gonna’ do?  Ask Comrade Obama to build it for you?  Let me know how that bit of organization turns out.

I’m just sayin’;  beware driving out The Builders.

Arguably the most abundantly generous nation on earth, the United States of America, built entirely by the sweating hands of responsible people who care, is being seditiously brought to her bloody financial knees by the needy, grasping hands of easily manipulated, irresponsible, greedy leeches who mistakenly believe their selfish demands are unalienable rights.  Socialism is a parasite sucking the life blood from decent, hard working people by transferring wealth earned by workers and builders to the clutches of the international elite, who cleverly manipulate both greed and empathy for their own purposes.  Today’s silly, uneducated, socialist-anarchists are the best tool the elite have ever wielded in their ugly pursuit of power for themselves and a Neo-Feudal enslavement for the rest of us.