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I’m going to come at this important question in a quiet, indirect, not very geopolitical kind of way.  I’m doing this because nothing can be sustainably built on a weak foundation; including political ideology,  community health or human well-being.

History has shown us some human behavior cul-de-sacs that turned out to be less than optimum.  History has also put some pretty awesome successes on display; things we can be proud of.  Unfortunately, much of what we experience today is much, much less than optimal isn’t it?  Why is that?  What role do we each play in this sub-optimal, anxiety prone result, this relatively unhappy circumstance where mere survival is winning – or do we just maintain it’s all someone else’s fault?  We are in fact not complicit.  Our hands are clean.

It appears and I don’t think its arguable; we live in a pretty frightening, though sometimes beautiful world; some nations led largely or in other cases bullied largely by powerful, pathologically ill, career criminals incapable of empathy, bent on self-aggrandizing, uni-polar hegemony of one sort or another and an utterly inhuman agenda whereby human life and possibility are brutally harvested, destroyed or are to be converted into some trans-humanist vision of electro-magnetic, mindlessly repetitive, machine life.  Are we going along with this agenda?

Given a choice, what kind of world would we choose for our children and grandchildren to inhabit?  Wouldn’t most of us choose a spiritually balanced, safe, secure, thoughtfully rational, imaginatively creative, caring, honest, considerate, compassionate, abundant, loving, generous world full of realistic hope for the incredible times ahead?  If not, my words fall on deaf ears, sorry.  If so, why is the world we live in so different, highlighting predominant characteristics such as spiritually moribund, unsafe, threatening, irrational, mediocre, corrupt, inconsiderate, uncaring, impoverished, cruel, greedy and nearly hopeless in terms of ever being better?

How did we get here?  How and why did we poison our own garden?  Did we and do we each play a role in toxifying our earthly nest; and if we are complicit, intentionally or unintentionally, can we each somehow get rid of the poison; contribute to the de-toxification of it?  Can it be fixed?  I believe we can detoxify our world and though we deal with ourselves organizationally through religious, ethnic, political or other societal affiliations; we can escape destructive, conditioned group-think; however, this detoxification can only occur and must occur on a spiritual level, which we’ll get back to shortly.

There are those fanatically caught in the monotheistic religion of scientism not only demanding separation of conscious phenomena from material phenomena as the sole path to knowledge; but additionally, claiming spirit to be nonexistent, with human thought and emotion originating solely out of electro-chemical reactions within our very finite brain tissue.  This mis-educated, self-induced blindness is to say rational thought and discourse so vociferously proclaimed by oracles seated mightily at the heights of academic tenure have arisen entirely from random occurrences generated by inanimate substances accidentally coming together out of primordial random slime; to finally, against all protozoan probability, form their own momentous human brain tissue and complex nervous systems of which they are so proud, they are driven to flaunt their colored robes and corded tassels above lesser beings – a pathetically irrational view of rational thought processes at best; intellectual bigotry at its worst.  We must ask if education is still education – or is it something else?

None-the-less, we know from science, thought manifests in our physical world via observable material processes, but insisting self-awareness, imagination, human creativity, compassion, empathy, generosity, need to love, etc. arise from random physical reactions occurring in chaos soup constitutes powerful denial of scientific method itself; ranking up there with the refusal to inquire, “what was happening the Wednesday before Big Bang”, yet claiming we search honestly for knowledge and truth?

Quantum physics proves interrelationship, even causality between sentient human consciousness and material reality.   Continued denial by scientism of the significance of repeatable scientific proof of philosophical concepts and thought manifestation in material reality; is simply more denial, begging the question, what are we afraid of?  What is it we don’t want to know?  Do we have an ignorance agenda?  Why do we oppose science and metaphysics coming together for the collaborative study of that which we can and that which we cannot see?  The Theory of Everything so to speak.

Why do we ignore our own self-evident consciousness?  Why does science not question honestly from whence that sentient, consciousness comes?  We speak often of freedom; but what does human freedom consist of?  Animals, plants, fish, minerals and other components of what we regard as nature operate at a level of consciousness dictated by the Laws of Nature.  These responses, fully constrained by Natural Law are repetitive, predictable and can be viewed as instinct, innate drives, etc.  A being constrained by these Natural Laws is free only within the narrow repetitive context of its own nature and place in the world.

A human being possesses sentient consciousness of a different sort, enabling a level of self-awareness, thought, emotion, imagination and judgement within space/time entirely unlike that experienced by other organisms or materials.  For a human to deny his or her uniquely sentient nature and personal identity is to reduce themselves to animal consciousness and repetitious behavioral constraints dictated by the Laws of Nature.  As a being restrained within the narrow confines of its physical, material nature, indifferent to its spiritual primacy, no freedom beyond that of Natural Law is possible.  This ignorance is an intellectual/emotional/spiritually deprived prison.

True human freedom can only be achieved through our path to deification, that is, unity with Divine Person, our Creator; with the faith that we are created for this union and can achieve it through grace as offered by the Divine and as freely accepted by us.  This offer and acceptance of grace, Divine Pressure if you will, is the process of revelation on both the natural and supernatural level.  Divine Pressure is never thrust upon us.  We must freely choose to accept this spiritual efficacy, thereby enabling the Divine to work through us.  I say Divine Person because we intrinsically know that life has meaning; and that meaning is ineffably intertwined with human spirit and all that exists.  If God is not personal, then life cannot possibly have meaning and we know it does.  You are absorbing and questioning these words because you know this; not because you hopelessly believe in random emptiness.

Natural revelation is the method or process by which we experience daily life and come to some understanding of its meaning.  Supernatural revelation leading to a deeper understanding occurs via thoughtfully opening ourselves to direct communication with Divine Person, today via the Holy Spirit, which remains with us to complete Christ’s incarnate mission on earth, that is, the deification, the reuniting with the Divine of all humans in eternal love.  We as humans undergo this process of unification together as a community of souls, never alone.  Individual human freedom can only be fully realized and appreciated within the context of spiritual community, love and within all the ramifications associated with this Divine Process.

Evil, the obstruction of freedom, exists only on the physical plane and does not exist in eternity.  “Fear Not, I am with you.” (Isaiah 41:10).  Evil is limited both in space and time.  Love is not limited and exists eternally as it is the essence of Divine Person and of ourselves, intrinsic to our nature, though it must be freely chosen by each of us.  Evil exists only for the enablement of this very real personal choice, in turn enabling spiritual growth necessary to unification with our own Divine Essence.  Evil has no meaning and no power outside that which we ourselves choose to embrace.  The correct choice is never embrace evil and have no fear of it.

On the other hand, refusal to accept or even recognize our own self-evident human nature; refusal to accept the graceful path to Divine unification leaves us open to evil in a powerful way.  As I look around our world today, it seems painfully obvious that as a community of human beings, we are guilty of denying the Divine and our spiritual relationship within it, which is to say we have chosen to live life on our own within the animal consciousness of nature and as such are susceptible to material corruption in all its forms.  It is only through our human faith in choosing true spiritual freedom that we become free of material constraints and are no longer subject to nature, but can rise above it to eventual unification with human destiny, that is Divine Person.

I am in no way against science, but when science arbitrarily ignores the factual reality of human consciousness and its interactive relation with our material world as can be seen in quantum physics; then science denies its own methods and is no longer science, but has degenerated to broken, rusty shovel useful only for knowledge obfuscation and occulted ignorance.

So, what does all this esoteric babbling have to do with a healthy multi-polar versus unhealthy uni-polar world?  I suggest the following:

As sentient spiritual beings in material human bodies, we consciously self-actualize and reach our human potential via our individual choice to participate in spiritual community with each other beneath the providentially Divine Person as a group.  Extrapolating this spiritual concept to all global society in terms of what we might call global community, our individual health and well-being require a multi-polar approach whereby we helpfully assist each other, through our communities to be all that we are intended to be.

A multi-polar world view eschews the electrical frequency of uni-polar fear and impoverishment as a means of communication and barest survival; choosing instead to focus on a more supportive multi-polar frequency of generosity, compassion, abundance and loving community.  We can’t accomplish this wonderful feat alone, however; success requires Divine assistance, which we must request and accept.  To the extent we have chosen otherwise, our world has been and continues to become less friendly and less inhabitable day by day.

In a nutshell, this is all that’s wrong with our 21st century world today.  Our personal denial of human nature, spiritual reality and our human relationship to Divine Providence in our material world have ignorantly led us down a uni-polar cul-de-sac of mediocrity, fear, hostility and mutual impoverishment.  Our world will change when we choose to change ourselves, accepting with faith the true freedom our spirits demand and deserve in reuniting with the Divine.

Until that time of choosing and subsequent multi-polar action leading directly to a safer, more abundant, more beautiful world; we can fully expect more uni-polar anxiety, greed, impoverishment, war, famine and ugliness – which is in fact all that evil can offer, despite its promise, should we continue to choose its dark embrace.  It is for this reason I answer the original question; YES – we do care; we must care.

Let’s at least care enough to consider choosing a more multi-polar world together.  Given the frighteningly bloody, deplorable mess we currently live in, what’s the risk?  Isn’t a different choice at least worth a shot or two?  As the venerable Wayne Gretzky told us, “You miss 100% of the shots you never take”.  Let’s at least not be guilty of ignoring Mr. Gretzky’s wise counsel.  Let’s take our multi-polar shot and see what happens.  It might be more fun, safer and more healthy than what we’ve been choosing for our kids so far.


Governments, agencies or departments within governments tend uniformly to fail over time relative to their intended purpose, designed culture and mission.  This phenomena is not peculiar to government, but occurs within all sorts of organizations.  Oftentimes, the organization doesn’t fail, it morphs into something not intended or foreseen; sometimes into something poisonous.  As governments grow in size, bureaucracy and centralized power, they consistently tend toward poisonous.  This is inarguable historic fact.

Surely, we can all list dozens of potential causes effecting organizational failure and/or loss of cultural vision, particularly in the case of governments; but one seemingly innocuous cause is time coupled with human moral fraility.  (Maybe that’s two causes?)  Father Time can mend and heal, but also accommodates the breeding of other things; many positive; some much less so.

As an analogy, let’s suppose  ourselves and a few friends agree to form a group for community support and out-reach.  Our exciting mission is helping those in the city who are less fortunate; bolstering local education; nurturing small business growth; cultivating the creation of good jobs; and fostering prosperity.  We’ll call this new civic organization The Group and it’s committed to making Our City a better place to live.  Heck, we’ll make Our City the best place to live in the country.  There’s a noble goal.

Let’s assume The Group is successful beyond anything imagined. Over the years, Our City becomes an incredible place to live with beautiful parks, play grounds for kids, superior schools guided by active parents, a thriving business and medical community, a burgeoning arts and music center, etc.  Over this same time of course, we the original founders of The Group retire, move away, pass away and so forth.  New leaders are elected and/or appointed and The Group carries on.  The Group becomes well established, revered, respected and becomes a critical component of Our City’s successful reputation as a desirable place to raise a family or start a business.  Membership in The Group is highly regarded and The Group has now developed internal amenities such as salaries for top members, profitable insider business connections in banking, real estate,  land development, other business partnerships, etc.  Our City is a happy, happy place.  Those who do good for others are handsomely rewarded in Our City.

The Group was born in the spirit of responsible service to aid and bolster its community and attracted honorable civic leaders who served faithfully with integrity.  By its first centennial, however, The Group became so notably prominent and self possessed; membership so important that service became privilege and those people attracted to leadership tended to be pathologically addicted to wealth, influence and power with a peculiar focus toward benefiting important friends and insider connected special interests to the exclusion of all else, regardless the cost to their community.  The Group spiritually lost its way and with that loss, its purpose.

One day a small conflict developed.  The Owner of the restaurant where The Group leadership began and has met every other Thursday evening for decades, quietly suggests that The Group is taking up too many parking spaces, is causing inconvenience to other restaurant clientele and would they please consider holding meetings somewhere more appropriate?  This doesn’t sit well with The Privileged Group leadership, who at this point feel entitled, are full of self importance and so the turf war begins, quickly mushrooming into a major city battle, splitting the City Council into factions and spilling over into property disputes and power struggles over non-related issues involving who was getting what contracts or making how much money from this or that project.  You can imagine the rest of the divided story with its self righteous political in-fighting and justified greed.

What slowly happened to Our City over time is the transference of opinion, intent and power from a multifaceted group of independent individuals – say a balance of power, to a centralized civic organization demanding compliance with its by-laws and allegiance to its prevailing, now dominant views.  The Group now defends itself as its first priority; and its mission, its reason for existing in the first place has vanished. A relative few insiders now control Our City , through The Group and interconnected private relationships, setting the priorities, while tax paying property owners are left with no voice; divided, ready to be harvested by Group Members and their friends for money, votes or both.  The few now operate as a cartel for their own isolated, monopolized interest and Our City begins its long descent into mandated mediocrity and the expensive corruption typically fostered by monopolized (centralized) power everywhere.

The Federal government of the United States, founded as a well intended, self-governing civic organization (a group) of elected and appointed officials has now degraded to a privileged RULING CLASS GROUP controlled and operated by an UNSEEN, UNELECTED, UNIDENTIFIED ELITE GROUP of international financiers and inbred pathological robber barons.  We the people of Main Street, Useless Eaters as Bertrand Russell so eloquently referred to us, are a cheap commodity bred, fatted and conditioned for our productivity and hard working wealth creation to be harvested by the Elite Oligarchy for their own use and amusement.  Sounds like Feudalism or Slavery doesn’t it?  That’s because it is and we gullibly vote for it under the sweet sounding guise of “the public good”; so no cattle cars, walls, concertina wire or unseemly guards are necessary for transference of our birth right, our created abundance to the self-entitled Elite through their Socialist and Fascist systems, which we are told are best for us.  The Collectivist sales pitch advertises generous wealth re-distribution from the 1% to the poor; but in reality the poor receive crumbs in return for patronage votes enabling the Elite – high above the 1% –  to siphon off wealth from the productive middle class, not for the poor, but through fraudulent government programs supposedly for the poor to themselves in thousands of different ways through dozens of corrupt money laundering agencies.  Our $4 trillion per year Federal government is absolutely unmonitored, unmanaged and out-of-control.  It is organized crime whose daily operation is funded by American tax payers for their own wealth confiscation. A truly amazing system the statist, Elite owned media never goes near, identifies or mentions.

The only forces holding any group together over time, keeping it on task, are its founding principles and common goals, together with the honor and integrity of its leadership and members.  As vigilance falls off, those principles fall into disregard and the group becomes unpredictably driven by every so-called good idea, popular whim or worse yet – is mis-used by myopic bandits intent on self gratification and/or pleasing those higher up the food chain for future self benefit.  The heavy anchor of principle, once cut away, allows the ship to drift aimlessly, potentiality caught on the currents of divergent, conflicting power mongering and destructive greed. Government becomes a plaything and a cookie jar for the powerful.  This process of principle degradation over time is one reason why individual imagination and liberty are so important to self-governance and why personal integrity and honor are so critical to that imagination and liberty.  As long as individual liberty is cherished and protected by honorable citizens, the balance of power is insured regardless how messy or inconvenient.  Transference of individual power to a centralized entity always enables group power to surge out of control as it loses focus and morphs its values over time.  It enables the few to easily manipulate and control the many.  Free market capitalism engenders and nurtures the many and obfuscates the greedy few, even when abused.  Free markets are anarchy with rules nurturing equal opportunity when protected by responsible citizens.  Centralized Socialism and Fascism on the other hand, embolden the few insiders at the top, reward their ruling class thugs and kills all Main Street opportunity while strangling individual opportunity and freedom; all at the expense of the many and  in every recorded instance of history.

A healthy, de-centralized balance of power such as our now defunct Constitutional Republic is nearly impossible to upset when independent minded, imaginative individuals generously work together as in the original Group or our larger American Community.  Domination by one or a few is nearly impossible.  Whenever power becomes centralized in any democratic styled organization, abuse of power, control of resources and tyranny are enabled and history repeatedly shows the entitled few will trample the many, usually in the name of the public good or maybe for the children.

The historic life expectancy for previous Republican forms of government leading to failure, chaos and tyranny has been around 200 years.  The United States is now 240 years old and is listing badly to port; her steering in the hands of corrupt, delusional ruling class fools without allegiance, honor or understanding of the original principles upon which America was founded.  The Elite International Group now owns and operates our government through “K” Street carrots and back room sticks, without any real Main Street Representation and has been doing so since 1913, if you’d like to pick a year.  We, as more or less dis-interested, apathetic citizen voters routinely vote for so-called D.C. Representatives, organized crime wise guys really,  who are not only bought and paid for by special monopoly interests of the Elite, but many of whom are pathologically ill to boot.  I doubt most so-called Representatives in the House, Senate or White House are necessarily sociopathic, but they are pathologically ill in that they openly demonstrate the lack of ability to experience empathy, compassion or conscience in the way most Main Street people do.  This is why they so easily lie, pander, openly accept bribes and daily enable fraud, extortion, war and other evils, all justified as an entitled matter of course and always in the name of our overall public good.

Washington D.C. has degenerated since its inception into the organized crime capital of the world; the greatest money laundering operation ever seen on earth; ruled  by unseen Elite Dons of International Monopoly Finance, unconstitutionally managed by Corrupt Elected Pawns of the Elite Dons with enforcement thuggishly carried out by less entitled, though privileged, bureaucratic ruling class goons – all financed by the confiscated (progressive taxation) productivity and wealth of Main Street Americans and made possible via our uninformed, apathetic Main Street votes.  Our children’s birth right as granted by Divine Providence and once recognized by our precious Constitution, protected by the balance of power in three branches of government has vanished.  Its skeletal structure remains, but no longer breathes.  What we frequently and euphemistically refer to as incompetence or government waste is actually outright fraud, but to admit to this obscenity requires we recognize our own lack of vigilance and failure to responsibly self govern…so we look the other way…and tell each other that’s how it is.  The legacy we bequeath our children is irresponsibility, cowardice and dishonor – but we can change this.  It’s not a foregone conclusion.  We do not have to accept it.  We can refuse to participate in this inhuman charade.

If we as citizens continue accepting today’s pathologically ill, practiced career criminals as our malfeasant leaders openly set on bankrupting and destroying our supposedly self-governed Federal government for whatever incomprehensible agenda they work for; we can hardly expect anything positive for Main Street to develop and ought not be surprised when it doesn’t.  The pathologically ill miscreants now unconstitutionally ruling and  mis-managing our nation’s business, mis-using our precious armed forces as a private Elite police force for evil resource wars are not the problem.  We the people voting for carnivorous lunatics addicted to power and money over and over again are the problem.  Until we ourselves change within, start to pay attention and demand honesty in government, nothing can change.  We can be mad at R’s and D’s, but they are not the problem either.  No political leader, no pathetic R or D pawn, pathologically ill or not, can or will fix our broken country and restore our rapidly disappearing Constitutional freedoms and potential for peace and prosperity.  Our country belongs to we the people and we the people are 100% responsible for it – good, bad or otherwise.  We ourselves are the only force in this world who can fix what’s broken in the United States — but we will first have to recognize its brokenness, our own role in it and then choose to right its course to ORIGINAL PURPOSE and OPPORTUNITY, not for ourselves, but for the well being and the peace of future generations the world over.  It is a personal choice.

Poverty, famine, ill-health, dis-education, mediocrity, resource wars, imprisonment and lack of opportunity are all political choices.  There is more than enough wealth in the United States and the world for everyone and more can easily be created – but this cannot and will not materialize until we the people in America and across the world decide to take back individual responsibility for our own destiny, bolster one another generously and say NO to Mr. Global, his insane pawns and their hideously evil ideas.

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“In history, nothing happens by accident.  If it happened, you can bet that someone planned it.”  {Franklin Delano Roosevelt}

It is very well documented, perhaps most notably by Ferdinand Lundberg in his 1968 study published as The Rich and the Super Rich; that world central banking, primarily through J.P. Morgan and friends – Rothschild cartel members all –  leveraged Woodrow Wilson to lie to the American public, win election and then within 60 days declare U.S. involvement in WW I as per their wishes and to their immense profit.

It’s fairly well documented, though not generally taught, that our Executive Branch of government knew of the pending attack on Pearl Harbor and did nothing.

It is less well documented and certainly not publically discussed, that our Executive Branch knew of the pending 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center and did nothing.

On a somewhat smaller, though more recent scale, it is thoroughly and completely documented that our Executive Branch actually watched the Libyan attack on our U.S. consulate and did nothing.

All of the above are best described, not as acts of omission, but more as  silent acts of commission.  Given our late President FDR’s quote above, we might be inclined to thoughtfully wonder why?  Are current world events simply coincidental chaos?  Or was FDR making an astute observation? With the exception of John F. Kennedy, it is probable that no President since Woodrow Wilson has been more acutely aware of Elite Globalist influence through its primary vehicle of coercion, world central banking, than FDR.  I’m not going into it here, but a short search by the reader through unredacted history will quickly display the prominent role played by world central banking in WWI, WWII and the Vietnam War.

Let’s take a step back and look at the last few decades or so and ask ourselves – hapless coincidence or Elite Globalist plan?

The geopolitical realignment of nations following WWI and the Treaty of Versailles, effectively set the stage for Germany to trigger WWII.  The geopolitical realignment of nations and the creation of Israel in adversarial juxtaposition to the highly territorial Muslim world than set the stage for a future WW III.  Note that world central banking families funded all sides of all these bloody wars as they intend in the coming WW III.

Fast forward to:

The United States, after defeating the North Vietnamese and their Chinese ally; to the shock of North Vietnamese Generals and the Chinese, suddenly quit and withdrew from Vietnam with America’s tail between its legs.  America had been so brutally propagandized and successfully divided, that American confidence was undermined and its place in the world, muddled and confused.  This along with the emergence of the Tavistock inspired, heavily propagandized, Globalist sponsored, rights for peace, environment, feminist, gay and race movements along with class warfare divided Americans politically and set them up to eventually be weakened and conquered by themselves from the inside.  Note that world central banking families funded both sides of the undeclared Vietnam War.

The James Carter Administration raised the question of actual American weakness on the world stage, or at least a lack of resolve for the first time in its history in 1979 upon the Iranian Revolutionary overthrow of the U.S. backed Shah.  For the first time, Islamic Twelvers were provided a glimpse of the possible return of their Caliphate since the Ottoman Empire collapsed  in November, 1922 upon abolishment of the Turkish monarchy.  Subsequent deployment of twenty or so American navel ships to the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea ignited Iranian Mullah hatred of the United States.

The Reagan Administration promptly re-emboldened America, re-established it as the primary world super power and simultaneously kicked off the American descent into debt.

The United States financially supported and helped arm the Afghanistan Mujaheddin against the nine-year invasion of Russia, which finally ended in 1989.  Immediately following Mikhail Gorbachev’s withdrawal of Russian troops, the U.S. then abandoned all support – military arms and financial – for Afghanistan and thereby ignited hard feelings among the Mujaheddin and the raw embittered hatred of Osama bin Laden, who later formed Al-Qaeda.

The George H.W. Bush Administration then heroically saved Kuwait from Iraq, but left the poison thorn, Saddam Hussein, to fester in the very belly of the Middle East.  Even though Infidel America naively saved Kuwait, this encroachment onto Islamic soil by our troops set the Islamic Jihad pot to heating up.  H. W. also led us into Somalia on the Horn of Africa.

We then enter into 8-years of the Clinton Administration, which in spite of repeated Islamic terrorist attacks, did nothing meaningful in response, thereby emboldening Extreme Islam, the result of which was the brazenly successful 9/11 attack on New York City’s World Trade Center. You may recall the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, our 1998 East African embassy bombings, the Somalia disaster (remember Black Hawk Down in Mogadishu) and finally the U.S.S. Cole attack, none of which elicited reprisals by the Clinton Administration – excepting I suppose the pharmaceutical factory in Sudan.

The George W. Bush Administration immediately grabbed the 9/11 ball and ran with it by heroically attacking Afghanistan and later Iraq, thereby lighting the entire Middle East on fire.  As a side note, Afghan poppy cultivation is up from 6,500 hectares in 2001 to 175,000 hectares today, which represents approximately 750 billion dollars or so in world central banking money laundering annually.

Currently,  we have the Obama Administration, which demonized the Bush Administration for its war mongering and Middle Eastern meddling; then promptly began fanning the flames and is now burning down the entire Middle East.  The Obama Administration has fully supported the overthrow of Mubarak’s (secular) Egyptian government;  the overthrow of Qaddafi’s (secular) Libyan government;  the overthrow of Assad’s (secular) Syrian government; and the rise to power in all these countries of anti-American, anti-Western, Islamic Extremists such as The Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, Ansar al Sharia and others.  The Obama Administration remained silent in the face of the so-called Iranian Green Revolution because the Iranian Mullahs were already Islamic Extremists, which the Obama Administration apparently support.

During this brief history, the United States has been very, very busy internally.  Beginning with the Reagan Administration, we have steadily ramped up to increasingly unsustainable debt levels.  The United States debt, on December 21, 2011 (the Winter Solstice), net of all settlements for completed bond auctions reached an official $15,182,756,264,288.80, which is 100.012% of its $15,180,900,000.00 Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The U.S. has through irresponsible Democrat and Republican failed or mislead leadership, joined the 100% of GDP club and that is not economically viable, sustainable nor rational.  It certainly does not strengthen the defense of the United States, nor its allies.  To borrow a phrase from Barrack Obama, this is “not optimal”.

Israel is slowly, but steadily and apparently with naive U.S. support, being surrounded by Islamic Extremist States sworn to its destruction as well as to the destruction of the Great Satan, the United States of America.  Europe and the United States have both been led, I claim by the Globalist Elite, to a position of oil dependency upon the Middle East countries, all of whom are unhappy with the West.  Europe and the U.S. are nearing a point of economic collapse resulting from unsustainable socialist, central planning type government programs.

In the humble opinion of 1600 Watch, a nation can only spend itself into bankruptcy, if and when its leaders choose to spend it into bankruptcy.  The question then becomes – why on earth would our U.S. elected Representatives want the United States to be bankrupt?  This is a serious question requiring a serious answer.  The answer will lead directly back to the world’s central banking families.  Just follow the money.

Please realize that if you were an Elite Globalist  dreaming of a One World Dictatorship and drastically reduced world population so as to preserve precious resources for yourself, you would first have to eliminate a free Europe and the independent minded United States as obstacles.  Since you own the world’s central banks and media and since you fund the world’s most powerful leaders, the easiest methodology for obtaining European and U.S. weakness is simply to bankrupt them.  After breaking them economically, planning for WW III and the ensuing population reduction is much simpler.  Without such planning and financial preparation, your Elite war would last about a day or so and the West would win handily.  Your dream would be crushed.

What if World War III erupts anytime in the next few years?  Both Europe and the U.S. will be heading into it fully bankrupt with their military capabilities necessarily downsized and without the economic ability to rearm.  The U.S. will have been led to be in the sad position of purchasing oil from the same folks they are at war with.  I would imagine the pairing off will be something like China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, North Korea and others against Israel, Australia, Japan, India, Europe, Canada, the U.S. and others.  Both sides will bear nuclear arms.  One side is insane enough to use them.

We should not lose sight of the fact that the Islamic Twelvers believe that the world must be in a condition of violence, bloodshed and chaos in order to bring about the return of the Imam and their vaunted Caliphate.  The Twelvers are not interested in negotiating any kind of peace.  They want war and destruction.  It is their dream.  With Europe and the U.S. bankrupt, a conventional war will not be financially sustainable.  World War III is planned to be and will be nuclear.  This is a fiscal certainty.

If you choose to believe this is all coincidence, that’s a fair assessment.  I prefer FDR’s view.  This is a plan and the brutally planned ending does not bode well for mere citizens in the United States nor anywhere else in the world.  The ending is a nuclear World War III.  The 500 million or so, world population pitifully left alive will finally form the Elite Globalist dream of a One World Totalitarian Socialist Dictatorship with the promise of world central banking peace forever.

This can all be prevented and the Elite Plan derailed by us mere citizens voting for candidates who actually promise to represent “WE THE PEOPLE” and then holding their feet to the fire.  We can still vote.  Therefore, we can still control our destiny if we choose to.  I strongly suggest adding prayer to your political arsenal because just as with our Founders in 1776, we cannot win this on our own.  Divine Providence will have to be involved if we are to remain free as we were created.

“We are not what we think we are;  we are what we think.”  {The Zen Trucker as borrowed from someone forgotten, which happens a lot.}

The above statement is true due to our creative human role in Divine Providence, whether or not we choose to accept our inherent individual responsibility in this role or not.  Given our human proclivity for “following” rather than “leading” and more importantly, frequently allowing our thinking to be “conditioned” by others as opposed to “arising” from the depths of our own hearts; this concept is important relative to freedom and has consequences both good and bad.

Our heart, our soul, if you prefer, is that core part of our spiritual nature connecting us directly to Divine Providence.  In other words, we don’t just learn truth – we are truth – when we’re healthy.  We devolve into other things to the extent we are not healthy as our role in Divine Providence is to exercise “free will”.  We choose to love; or not.  We create our reality moment by moment;  choice by choice.  If Divine Providence is infinite;  then by definition we are each a small finite part of that infinity.  We are infinity.  We cannot be apart from it.  This metaphysical fact carries with it the burden of creative responsibility.

Do we choose to create a negatively divided, wantonly destructive, selfish reality driven by fear, anxiety and greed, wherein we malign,hinder, frustrate and finally hate each other as a matter of course?  Or do we choose to create a generous, kind, loving reality wherein we help and support each other as neighbors, friends and family?  Not to choose is to choose.  We are each responsible for our human choices in this matter and can, in fact, make this a much better world by choosing generously and positively.  If you don’t know how to choose, ask your Universal Creator for help.  That is helping yourself.

I’m raising this significant, though somewhat esoteric issue because the United States of America, along with most of the world, no longer has a functional, responsible, free press.  We have in its place a malignant, ideology driven, astonishingly ignorant CORPORACRATIC propaganda machine continuously conditioning our views and thinking with “sound bites” in place of thought.  Replacing thoughts with sound bites over time destroys human rationality, causes our attention to become unstable and flighty, and reduces the power of our intentions to nothing more than futile wishing.  The PROPAGANDISTS want this.  Do we?

A few things to think about.

When the Leader of the Free World, President of the United States proclaims “we must each share in mutual sacrifice”, what is that about?  Why don’t we instead make a plan to “share in mutual benefit and abundance”?  The difference is a simple choice and a different way of thinking, having enormous differences in outcome for we the people.

When our so-called political leaders are conditioning us as sheeple – they like to say that in order to fix our bankrupt condition, which they themselves caused, we should empower them to punish the successful among us, tear down their entrepreneurial effort, confiscate their abundance and give it to whom they choose.  Why instead, don’t we ask the successful among us to show us how to be more successful ourselves?  Free market capitalists are big on this teaching thing because successful people can more ably sustain other enterprises than unsuccessful people.  There is mutual benefit in mentoring success.

A true capitalist will always mentor success and can only function to pursue excellence in a free society.  An insider monopolist such as George Soros on the other hand, never mentors success.  He mentors subjugation, ignorance and economic captivity to his own agenda and that of his greedy insider friends.  Sick people like George Soros mentor centralized control of our lives, activity and wealth to the detriment of freedom and the pursuit of excellence in exchange for mutual poverty, both economically and spiritually.

The Corporacratic press, in league with our mis-guided government is bullying us into a conditioned mediocrity whereby people are easily manipulated and controlled for uses and purposes that frequently are not in their best interest.  We must think for ourselves if we are to remain free.  The mass media can be dangerous as an effective tool in abusive hands, nudging us steadily toward our freely chosen economic confinement.

The people of Greece, Portugal, Spain and England are in the streets today because they gave their hard earned wealth to their nanny government(s) and now that their mis-guided nanny state is failing they are left without options or ability to fend for themselves.  They freely chose to be without individual choices and now suffer in the cesspool of collective, political impotence.  There is nothing left for them, but hopeless violence.  Is this the America we vote for?  Is this the “sharing” we want for our children?

We are what we think and as such, we ought to think freely and clearly for ourselves.