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Messing with or eliminating the common law doctrine of sovereign immunity (crown immunity) would likely generate more international mischief than it could eliminate; so good, bad or otherwise should probably be left alone.

So-called qualified immunity however, is a different animal altogether.  Per Cornell University’s open source Legal Information Institute (LII):

Qualified immunity is a type of legal immunity balancing two important interests—the need to hold public officials accountable when exercising power irresponsibly and the need to shield officials from harassment, distraction, and liability when performing their duties reasonably.

Specifically, qualified immunity protects a government official from lawsuits alleging the official violated a plaintiff’s rights, only allowing suits where officials violated a “clearly established” statutory or constitutional right. When determining whether or not a right was “clearly established,” courts consider whether a hypothetical reasonable official would have known that the defendant’s conduct violated the plaintiff’s rights. Courts conducting this analysis apply the law in force at the time of the alleged violation, not the law in effect when the court considers the case.

Qualified immunity is not immunity from having to pay money damages, but rather immunity from having to go through the costs of a trial at all. Accordingly, courts must resolve qualified immunity issues as early in a case as possible, preferably before discovery.

Qualified immunity only applies to suits against government officials as individuals, not suits against the government for damages caused by the officials’ actions. Although qualified immunity frequently appears in cases involving police officers, it also applies to most other executive branch officials. While judges, prosecutors, legislators, and some other government officials do not receive qualified immunity, most are protected by other immunity doctrines.

UNFORTUNATELY, qualified immunity and other legislation such as 1982’s Intelligence Identities Protection Act or United States membership within the Financial Stability Board (FSB) are now abused to the point, accountability and responsibility have diminished nearly to zero.  This is particularly true when criminal acts are committed with impunity beneath cover of so-called National Security.  I’m talking about serious crimes like financial fraud, blackmail, threats of violence, violence and other reputation destroying activities.  21st century Washington D.C. is largely governed by “blackmail control files” compiled by and held in the corrupt hands of established Shadow Government order-followers parasitically infecting top management of CIA, NSA, FBI and more than a dozen more internationally connected agencies, many of them military.  This Shadow Government lies atop the so-called Deep State comprised of top management and lawyers representing big banks, energy companies, transnational monopoly interests generally, all of the military/industrial/surveillance complex specifically; and is further serviced by governmental administrative layers stacked on layers, piled on more layers of largely unaccountable, but protective order-followers at every level of Federal, State and local government.  This includes governors, attorneys general, judges, mayors, police chiefs, business leaders and politicians at every level.

Looming over this expensive dung heap is a despicable Cabal of internationally Elite dynastic families who have held power for more than four-hundred years.  Some of these families are historic bloodlines; some nouveau rich.  How many $trillions of dollars they’ve amassed is irrelevant as they hold controlling interest in all central banks excepting a few such as North Korea and Iran.  Iceland recently threw this psychopathic banking Cabal out of their forward-looking country.  We should do the same.

To the limited extent uninformed Main Street citizens do uncover criminality and abuses of power, Main Street is immediately stymied by lack of honest press coverage, legal standing, financial capability, politically correct peer pressure and sometimes more serious coercion.  Pandering photo-op investigations and useless hearings regarding alleged guilty parties at one level is farcically conducted by even guiltier parties of another level and so forth.  The guilty protect the guilty every step of the way and the Rule of Law is dead.  This is not a Republican/Democrat issue.  This is a systemically evil infection of corruption metastasized through the whole of the White House, U.S. Senate, House of Representatives and Supreme Court, not to mention thousands of complicit appointed  agency officials… and no I’m not indicting all government employees, most of whom are hard working, patriotic, decent folks doing what they can to effectively run a badly broken, systemically corrupt money laundering system called the U.S. Federal Government.

Aside from hundreds of billions of dollars laundered into and through black and hidden budgets or other unseen accounts from narcotics trafficking, weapons trafficking, human trafficking, sex trafficking, child sex trafficking and sex slavery, ritual child sacrifice and finally illegal organ harvesting we have documented theft via U.S. Inspector General Reports totaling $trillions of dollars.

According to U.S. Inspector General Reports and Federal Agency accounting records, such as they are, we the people of Main Street USA are since 1998, missing more than $30 trillion dollars our erstwhile Representatives in Washington D.C. chose not to account for.  1600 Watch obtained links to these reports through Catherine Austin Fitts’ Solari Report as provided to Solari by Dr. Mark Skidmore and a group of his graduate students at Michigan State University, who have published a list of supporting documentation for “undocumentable adjustments” identified at DOD and HUD from fiscal year 1998 through 2015.  Dr. Skidmore, among other positions is a Professor of Economics and Director of the North Central Center for Rural Development at Michigan State University.  Thank you Ms. Fitts and Dr. Skidmore.

1998:                DOD;                                      $1.7 trillion unaccounted for.
1999:                DOD:                                      $2.3 trillion unaccounted for.
1999:                HUD;                                       $0.0597 billion unaccounted for.
2000:                DOD;                                      $3.8 trillion unaccounted for.
2001:                 DOD;                                     $2.3 trillion unaccounted for.
2008 – Present: TARP Bank Bailouts:      $16.8 trillion unaccounted for.  (Supposedly under-reported)
                    This bailout slush fund amount may be as high as $27 trillion?
2015:                 DOD;                                       $6.5 trillion unaccounted for.
2015:                HUD;                                       $0.119 trillion unaccounted for.

The above numbers total $33.5 trillion US dollars missing in Washington D.C. per cited U.S. Government audit reports.  This isn’t by any stretch a full accounting.  Some financial researchers estimate a more realistic total between $40 and $50 trillion since the mid-nineties.  While all this money goes missing without so much as a D.C. nod or raised eyebrow; the corrupt psychopaths electronic voting machines elect supposedly to represent constituents are telling constituents the United States doesn’t have enough money for pension funds, health care, infrastructure or anything else those stolen monies now ignore.

We the people of Main Street are liable for these dollars and have a Constitutional right to know from whence this money came; and to whom it went.  Apparently, our Federal representatives, elected and appointed, in conjunction with private parties, primarily transnational in nature, are openly accumulating grotesque amounts of debt on our U.S. sovereign balance sheet, while unseen private entities accumulate enormous assets on private balance sheets.  We don’t know what these assets consist of, but may suppose new technologies, a burgeoning space program (since 1963) and other covert investments are likely being made.  After all, $33.5 trillion dollars is real money even in D.C.  Entire countries are operated for decades on far less.

It’s important we the people of Main Street demand enforcement of our Constitution; stay away from a Corrupt Constitutional Convention as Main Street is not prepared to fight that fight and get our money back.  The systemic corruption pervading Washington D.C., State governments and local governments cannot and will not be eliminated short of serious penalties for criminal behavior.  Lets just focus on the case of financial fraud and money laundering.

Step 1.  In the short term, qualified immunity must be suspended for all government employees.  This is unfair to decent people, but must be done.  We cannot continue having the guilty protecting the guilty.
Step 2.  Criminal behavior must be investigated, indicted, tried and if found guilty punished by imprisonment.  The guilty party must be interned in a cell with a phone and a legal pad.  The guilty earn their way out of prison by calling those parties who received our stolen money and make arrangements for how and when those monies are to be paid back.  Failure is continued imprisonment.  Acceptable payback earns freedom.

100% financial restitution by the guilty must be a required condition for release from prison.  Crimes must include the unconstitutional tax monies given away by corrupt Congress Persons to insider crony operations like Solyndra, Uranium One and so many other pay-t-play scams.  If we the people of Main Street don’t have the stomach for enforcing our own Constitution, expect more of the same… lot’s more.  No politician can fix this.  We the people fix this or it doesn’t get fixed.

Just sayin’.  Thanks for tunin’; in.



Is it possible for political hack, Susan Rice to be investigated, indicted, and tried in open court; and for her testimony not to lead back to Hillary Clinton?  Is it possible Hillary Clinton’s courtroom testimony would not lead back to Barack Obama?  Is it possible that Obama’s courtroom testimony would not lead back to the Oligarch handlers he represents?  Not probable.  The trial of Susan Rice leads directly to the indictment and trial of dozens of others; in turn leading to hundreds.  This constitutional crisis is not likely to occur.

I’m excited to see the exuberance of Trump supporters cheering exposure of illegal, seditious, even treasonous behavior of hacks like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and others.  (If your news is limited to CNN, NPR, MSNBC, NY Times, Washington Post and the like, you haven’t heard much of anything about this, other than maybe some witch hunt spin.) Loyal Trump supporters and constitutionalists are ecstatic about the indictments and prosecutions sure to come… maybe even as early as tomorrow.  Hope is everywhere in Constitution respecting circles.

Sadly, I suspect this hope is in vain; indictments and prosecutions are not likely.  Hand wringing, tears of agony, flag waving, mud slinging at its best, eloquent pandering like we’ve not seen before, brutal slaps on the wrists, maybe even a Senate reprimand for some; and horror of horrors, the most seditious may have their pensions threatened – but open trials in open courtrooms with focused questioning by trained prosecutors seeking vengeance or justice – uh, uh; small probability here.  The best we can hope for is some will leave office and maybe public life.  This in itself is a win of sorts if we can get it?

No, the D.C. show is completely jinxed; the fix was put in more than a century ago, before most of us were born.  Let’s try to get our arms around the current reality of D.C., which may indirectly shed some light on a few other things we’re wondering about as well.  Don’t focus on Democrats alone.  Other than meaningless rhetoric there is only one Party in D.C. and it’s the Party of the Oligarchs managed jointly by the DNC and RNC.

Clearly, in spite of Democrat protest to the contrary, Donald Trump, his team, many foreign leaders and we’re not sure who else were under covert surveillance by folks in the Obama Administration for more than a year prior to President Trump’s January inauguration.  We’ll omit for now, the question of how many others running for office against Democrats were similarly abused?  Just note where there’s smoke, there’s a fire someplace.  It may have been legal to surveil Mr. Trump and associates, but releasing this information to political operatives for political purposes is felonious.

Please recall that prior to January 20th, 2017, Donald Trump was nothing more than a U.S. citizen.  For the White House to employ Federal government intelligence resources paid for by the American people or to employ outside resources (think plausible denial)  to spy on and potentially undermine political competition running against those currently holding power is despicable at best, illegal under U.S. law and may rise to the level of sedition or even treason at worse.  Anyone not completely dumbed down by public education understands that to preserve our Rule of Law, these subversive political behaviors must be investigated, followed by indictments if warranted and prosecuted where so justified.

Unfortunately, Susan Rice doesn’t work alone.  Neither does Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or anyone else holding a sliver of power in Washington D.C. on behalf of the Elite; and I’m not limiting these remarks to Democrats, though it’s Democrats under the present microscope.  What we will see play out in the coming weeks is the full on exposition of systemic D.C. corruption so wide and so deep, no decent person can imagine it.  It won’t of course be called corruption by anyone in main stream media.  In Susan Rice’s pathetic case for example, we’ll hear terms like witch hunt, racism, political demagoguery and so forth… but corruption – never, won’t hear that.

It’s possible only 95% or so of the 435 House Members and 100 U.S. Senate Members are fully bought and paid for; but the 5% improbably remaining are too timid and cowardly to make any difference at all, so as a practical matter we can assume 100% of Congress to be thoroughly corrupted by the transnational monopolies who put them in power at the pathological behest of the world’s Oligarchs, thereby serving their own dehumanizing, NWO agenda.

In other words, should Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Bush or others of their ilk actually be called to testify, allowed to testify – DO YOU BELIEVE THEIR TESTIMONY WOULDN’T TAKE OTHERS DOWN WITH THEM?  This is key to the whole scheme.  The guilty do not prosecute the guilty and blackmail handles the rest.  To prosecute someone like Hillary Clinton or even a pathetic pawn like Susan Rice in an open court of law… or what we still think of as law today; we’re talking about the probable exposure of fraud, corruption, even treason by a cast of hundreds, maybe thousands throughout Washington D.C., New York, LA and Chicago interlinked with capitals across the world.  Famous people marketed to us on Main Street as respected leaders or philanthropists will be exposed, found out and must in turn be prosecuted.

This prosecution of multitudes is not going to happen — UNTIL AND UNLESS WE THE PEOPLE STAND UP IN MASS, CLAMOR FOR AND DEMAND LEGAL PROSECUTION AND SENTENCING FOR THOSE FOUND GUILTY.  Such a strategy could work, but the bad news is; Establishment Republican Neocons won’t go there; Democrats won’t go there, Neocon or otherwise; and timid, less guilty Congressional Members are afraid to go there.  This leaves Trump, should he stay his course, standing utterly alone with his family and a few close confidants against the Establishment Right, Establishment Left, CIA compromised media, military/industrial complex, “K” Street, corrupted courts, literally thousands of thought conditioned, Federal bureaucrats and millions of largely uninformed U.S. citizens.  Not a pretty picture.

We’ll likely realize in coming days, at least those of us not in a Tavistock induced coma, the once venerable United States of America is a super-power no longer — but has in fact degenerated into a super banana republic hanging on the raw edge of collapse.  Some hand wringing, pandering, speechifying and hand slapping – absolutely – probably months of it.  Indictments and prosecutions – not so much.  On a more positive note – we may not get what we wish from this scenario; but let’s use what we can and forge a foothold toward taking back our government; the one Oligarchs cleverly tricked us out of.

It doesn’t matter what Political Party you identify with.  There is only One Oligarchy; One Congress;  and One Play-Book.  Both Parties and all of Congress play under the same, centuries old, pay-to-play rules.  If, as voters, we don’t know the play-book rules, we cannot win.  Yes, the Oligarchy has factions as on display with the Trump-Clinton media circus, but those factions are all bad for Main Street abundance and health.  As voters we must understand the rules and HOW TO WIN WITHIN THOSE RULES – at least until we take back self-governance from the Banksters who confiscated it…just because we didn’t know the rules.  Here’s how the play-book works…

…and I hope American voters realize they are not reliant on Congressional Organized Crime or treasonous, elected lap dogs, potty trained to exclusively service transnational monopolies (535 of these puppys sitting in Congress) to enact TERM LIMITS for them; thereby cutting off greased Congressional access to INSIDER TRADING and obscenely lucrative, post-elected-office employment within those same monopolies.  This play is not in the play-book and will never happen.



We can still vote in 2016.  Lies, voter fraud and information challenges aside, we ought consider setting aside disparate political views, joining our individual votes together and effectively eliminating incumbent criminals from holding power in both the R & D Parties.  We the people must learn to work-around the infamous, Elite wielded carrot and stickCareer politicians have been and are strangling our Constitutionally recognized unalienable rights.  The Carrot and Stick TURNS good people into bad people.  No one is immune from this disgrace… BUT voters can stop this.

It’s important to realize what happens to someone, the trusted candidate we assumed and probably was a good person running for national office, who won an election, then became comfortably ensconced within their protected D.C. office.  This good person was first compromised obtaining campaign funds, then positive media coverage and finally support from notable individuals.  None of this just happens.  It’s all made to happen.  The importance of the carrot is firmly established.

Upon getting off the plane in D.C., our good person is immediately made aware of their considerable power, importance and responsibility for issues they don’t understand, but on which, they will receive generous, unsolicited, expert assistance.  Not to worry.  Our person is then tastefully appraised of the enormous, no-risk earnings potential of connected insider trading deals (illegal for Main Street citizens, but not for Members of Congress), they now have privileged access to and deserve in return for their thankless, under compensated public service.  “Everybody in Congress does it.  Go along to get along.  That’s how you get things done in Washington.  That’s how you work for your loyal constituents.”

Some time after de-planing, usually following an expensive 5-Star dinner complete with cognac, cigars and influential personages, our person is tactfully made aware of lucrative future positions now available to him or her and perhaps even for friends and family members – assuming Congressional time is profitably spent dealing smarter, not working harder.  There’s the carrot.

The stick, an unseemly though effective convention, is never mentioned.  Down the road, however, should our good person fail to grasp what dealing smarter means and what real responsibility encompasses, they will steadily be introduced to the stick.  Credit can be damaged.  Press coverage suddenly turns ugly.  Tawdry compromising circumstances can crawl out from under rocks surprisingly quickly.  Money can dry up.  Credit is easily ruined.  Family members can have accidents.  There’s the stick.

Andrew Jackson beat the stick; an amazing feat of personal faith, courage and fortitude though the stick wasn’t well established in America at the time.  Lincoln lost.  John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy lost.  Nixon lost.  Reagan lost.  Scalia lost.  The others – all the House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, White House and Supreme Court members choose the carrot, avoid the unspoken stick and treasonously sell the people of the United States and the world straight down the Oligarchy, resource raping, life destroying, greedy toilet.  That’s just how it is, but not how it has to be.

We should be circumspect in judging these corrupt politicians and appointed bureaucrats for their lack of honor and enabling of unspeakable crimes against humanity.  How many of us will do the right thing when our family is threatened by people 200% capable of carrying out their threats?  When our son, daughter, wife, husband, dog or cats are on the line?  Our friends can be hurt as well?  Yea.  It’s a small number of heroes when we think about it.  Not a lot of JFK’s and Scalia’s around.  Our Profiles in Courage are pretty much vaporized.  YET – WE CAN WIN.  WE CAN BEAT THE PLAY-BOOK.

DON’T VOTE FOR INCUMBENTS.  By forcing the world’s transnational monopolies to buy and/or intimidate new recruits every election cycle – their corrupt stranglehold on D.C. pawns is largely broken by the simple logistics of having to coordinate new plebes over and over again – then losing that new blood, expensive blood to new blood again…and again…and again.  The Elite system will be broken without firing a single shot.

We the people still have the power if we choose to use it.  Don’t vote for incumbents.  Don’t purchase monopoly products and services whenever possible.  Watch less TV, thereby avoiding social conditioning.  Think for ourselves.  Use our imaginations.  Employ creative solutions. Live our lives fully and completely as humans, not trans-humanist drones herded like Elite cattle to and from the group-think barn.  Just sayin’.

Put down our Republican vitriol.  Put down our Democrat vitriol.  Walk away from DIVIDE AND CONQUER victimhood.  As the late Aaron Russo suggested, “It’s time to be good Americans”.  It’s a choice we will all make.

Following are fifteen (15) questions and/or issues citizens probably ought be DEMANDING ANSWERS TO from the corrupt, bloated parasites we have foolishly elected to supposedly represent us in Washington D.C.  It appears our elected representatives in the House and Senate are paid $175k per year plus benefits plus all the  insider trading bribes they can carry to perform zero oversight on anything at all.  Only when some scandal exposing the rampant corruption within the 10 square miles of the new Washington D.C. Versailles rears its ugly head, do these elected reprobates hold useless hearings and pander to the voters pretending to give a shit about citizens of this great country.  It’s time we the people demanded better service from those we pay to openly violate their oaths of office on every single one of the few days per year they are in session.

1.  If we are at war with Islamic Jihadists why is the Obama Administration (OA) funding and arming Jihadists in Egypt, Saudi Arabia,  Libya, Syria and who knows where else?

2.  If we are at war with Islamic Jihadists why did the Bush Administration overthrow Saddam Hussein, a tyrannical secular leader and thereby de-stabilize the country of Iraq and it appears  – the entire Middle East?  Why has the Obama Administration (OA), which criticized this action, continued this action and why does the OA appear to be turning over the country of Iraq to ISIS, a tiny extremist group of only about 12,000 members?  Why is the U.S. Embassy the largest U.S. embassy in the world?  What’s going on in Iraq?  Why has the Obama Administration (OA) foreign policy allied itself with Islamic Extremists 100% of the time?  The Obama Administration (OA) refused to stand with secular young people in Iran and instead remained silent, thereby supporting the extremist Mullahs.  Egypt’s Mubarak was a brutal secular dictator and the OA supports the even more brutal Muslim Brotherhood, who are not friends of the Infidel West or Israel.  Qaddafi in Libya was a vicious nutcase, but also secular.  The OA sided with even worse Islamic Extremists in Libya helping overthrow Qaddafi.  Why?  Assad in Syria is another brutal dictator, but secular as well.  The OA again sides with and is arming even worse Islamic insurgents in Syria;  and has armed and funded them to the degree that now we have tiny ISIS invading Iraq with weapons provided by the OA.  Isn’t this aiding and abetting the enemy?

3.  Why do we have troops in Afghanistan after more than a decade?  Why is Afghan opium poppy cultivation up from 6,500 hectares in 2001 to more than 165,000 hectares in 2014?  How is it, that the per-hectare yield of Afghan opium poppies is up 500% since 2001?  Afghanistan produces approximately 90% of all opium poppies on earth.  Who benefits from this astronomical increase  in narco trade?  The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has stated in reports that the world’s biggest banks take in more than $1 trillion annually in off-book, under-the-table money laundering business, about 75% of which stems from narcotics.

4. Why is the Obama Administration importing illegal alien young people from all over South America without Congressional approval?  Homeland Security’s  Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)  advertised for contractors to transport these poor kids as far back as January 29, 2014.  The link below takes you to the advertisement.  This appears to be grotesque child abuse on a grand scale for some apparent political agenda.  What is that agenda?

5.  Why is the Obama Administration working with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to devise a legal strategy for the taking of retirement accounts and maybe other types of accounts from American citizens?  See link below.


6.  Why has the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank distributed more than $18 trillion (US) to other world central banks?  What was this money for?  Who is liable for this debt?  Why has our cowardly, parasitic House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate done absolutely nothing regarding the Fed since Ron Paul’s partial audit disclosing these vast expenditures?

7.  Why has our Elite owned and operated House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate done absolutely nothing except hold comical hearings about Benghazi Hillary’s role in the brutal slaying of U.S. foreign service folks in Libya?  We already know that the Obama Administration was and is funding and arming Syrian Jihadists with surplus arms distributed to Libyan Jihadists and then to Syrian Jihadists through the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  We know Ambassador Stevens and three others were murdered in retaliation for a gun running distribution agreement gone bad – yet absolutely nothing has been done except talk, talk, talk?  How many treaties has the Obama Administration violated with this obscene under the table nonsense?  Is this not outright treason against the American people?  If not – why  not?  If so – why is Congress standing still for it?  Where on earth is my representation as a tax paying citizen?

8.  Why is the U.S. Treasury monetizing our own debt?  (If you’re a victim of progressive, liberal education; monetizing means our central bank, The Federal Reserve is purchasing American debt because no one else will.)  The Obama Administration is borrowing about $0.43 of every dollar it spends?  Why does the House of Representatives refuse to stop appropriating funds we don’t have and that our children are liable for?  Why is there no Congressional oversight?  What are we the people paying these negligent, if not corrupt elected representatives for…to mindlessly, corruptly and ignorantly bankrupt our entire nation?

9.  Why is Congress allowing the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank to literally destroy our currency?  Obviously, the United States is going to implode in a vicious deflationary spiral at some point.  Some economists and serious investors believe this economic death spiral will begin in earnest sometime in the fall of 2015.  The Obama Administration is voraciously considering myriad ways to suck up enormous amounts of private investment capital to cover its insane over spending, which any fool can see will kill investment, kill job creation, kill any possible economic growth and force us into a severe depression.  Washington D.C. is blindly and apparently ignorantly destroying the economic engine that feeds its own spending addiction.  Why is Congress doing absolutely nothing to address this?

10.  Why has neither the House nor the Senate done anything to indict felonious IRS employees the criminally reprehensible likes of Lois Lerner and others for conspiring and acting out to restrict the free speech and assembly of American citizens? Talk, talk, talk – no action?

11.  Why is Congress allowing federal agencies to make law?  Why is Congress allowing the Executive Branch to make law?  Why is Congress standing still for Federal District Courts and the Supreme Circus to continually legislate from the bench?  Where is our balance of power that is to stem from the Constitutionally mandated separation of powers?

12.  Why is Congress allowing Eric Holder’s Department of Injustice to arbitrarily pick and choose the laws it will or won’t enforce?  Eric Holder is a criminal thug and ought be fully prosecuted.

13.  Why is Congress allowing the OA, it’s rogue Interior Department, EPA and Department of Energy to destroy the energy independence of the United States?  Why is the OA simultaneously continuing and expanding the Bush era de-stabilization of the Middle East, while forcing increasing U.S. energy dependence on the Middle East they are de-stabilizing?

14.  Why is Congress allowing Homeland Security to classify returning military service patriots as potential domestic terrorists?

15.  Why is INSIDER TRADING legal for members of Congress, but illegal for Main Street citizens? Just how much insider trading are members of Congress involving themselves in?  What effect is this insider trading largess distributed through K Street leeches having on U.S. domestic and foreign policy decisions?

As a minimum we the people must demand answers and solutions to the above fifteen (15) questions.  Our failure to do so will and is leading us to the destitute end of American self government.

What on earth is a BAIL-IN?

In short, a bank bail-in means our deposited assets will be confiscated.  Period!  This is what bankers just did in Cypress last March and April (2013).  The banksters and IMF insist this illegal (in most countries) confiscation of depositor funds is a tax.  Isn’t that a sweet way to protect depositors?  The banksters, without any notification, shut down the Cypress banking system on a Friday night including ATM’s;  stole the deposits they wanted;  and said screw you very much with a big fat smile on Monday morning.

In my humble opinion, both bail-ins and bail-outs are internationally monopolistic, government sanctioned, organized criminal activities.  That said, I will grant you that bail-ins are slightly more fair in that only those having a banking relationship with the banks in question are robbed.  The bail-out program employed thus far in the U.S. applies a tax robbing all tax payers regardless of whether they have any relationship with the banks, which is even more outrageous.

Bail-ins work like this.  We deposit our funds in checking and or savings accounts at the local big five bank branch.  The bank manages its Elite, monopolistic, global business greedily, ineptly and discreetly approaches indigency (because we can’t say bankruptcy when discussing banks), which means they are insolvent, which is the current situation for most if not all large international banks; though the Globalist owned media doesn’t mention it; and though the Federal Reserve owners have already stolen we don’t know how many trillions of dollars through the U.S. Treasury to aid themselves and their insider bankster friends.

None-the-less, derivatives and other debt instruments are eating these humanity challenged, central banksters alive.  Since most banks are steadily approaching systemic insolvency and since our patriotic elected Representatives have determined that government sanctioned, government protected, international conglomerate monopoly banks are TOO BIG TO FAIL;  we the people have been and will continue to be fleeced with the full consent of Congress.

Dodd-Frank was supposed to end bail-outs, which is doubtful to the point of humorous, but it very astutely and carefully doesn’t touch bail-ins.  Just so you know, since 1934, banks are not subject to bankruptcy law.  11 U.S.C. § 109 excludes banks, some other types of financial institutions, railroads, insurance companies and other Federal and State regulated entities from being designated as debtors under the Bankruptcy Code.  Special laws govern the reorganization and/or liquidation of these types of companies.  I would, of course, call these unfair, unreasonable and highly discriminatory laws; government protected monopoly, but I’m not very open-minded regarding legalized theft.

Today’s brazen central bank owners and the elected government pawns who deceitfully represent the Elite instead of we the people now regard our bank deposits as their own private reserve of regulatory capital If you have any money to speak of, you may want to think about that.

Under the bail-in strategy all or some percentage of our deposits; or certainly deposits over some arbitrary amount, which happened to be 100,000 Euros in the case of Cypress, are subject to confiscation by the bank for their own use.  The thinking if we can call it that, at least from Ms. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and many, many other Elite Globalists, is that when you deposit money in your bank account – you are actually an investor with the bank and therefore share in any investment risk and losses the bank may incur.  Of course, this stupidity has never been explained to us; and we certainly are not invited to share in bank profits, are we?  Our investment strategy under this IMF scenario is apparently to have our wealth stolen in bad times and earn absolutely nothing in good times; but then, isn’t this how all sophisticated investors get rich?

So when exactly might we expect this legally obnoxious bail-in scam to become popular in the U.S.?  According to commodities specialist Mr. Jim Sinclair, Chairman and CEO of Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corporation; bail-ins no longer require a crisis to occur and may surface one bank at a time over a period of years.  TOO BIG TO FAIL is no longer valid.  Mr. Sinclair is advising his clients to be wary of a Great Leveling  likely beginning in August, 2014 and continuing through 2015.

We are now in the brave new world.  How do we defend ourselves in this new world?  I’m not financially sophisticated enough to answer this question so we’ll pass it along to Mr. Sinclair who suggests the following  in his July 17, 2013 MineSet email:

1.  It will likely be difficult to go international with your assets if you’re not already international.  Therefore, think very local, as in say small local banks that have not taken TARP or other bail-out money.

2.  Gold should be a good bet, especially at today’s prices.  Gold prices will be moving up to new highs.  {Think of gold as a savings hedge, protecting your purchasing power, not so much as an investment. – my words}

3.  The highest risk will be to deposits above insurance levels in banks too big to fail.  These deposits are directly in harm’s way.

4.  The next highest risk is retirement accounts, which are targets for the IMF and governments to secure as fonts of capital into which they can place sovereign paper.

If we trust our elected Federal Representatives to protect and/or defend as per their oath of office, we are foolishly setting ourselves up for enormous disappointment, not to mention government sanctioned theft of everything we have worked for all our lives.  Forget the FBI 10 Most Wanted folk.  The biggest threat to U.S. citizens in 2013 is the out-of-control Federal government of the United States.  Don’t forget that Marxist Obama, at the behest of his Elite handlers,  has been openly discussing the taking of 401 K’s and IRA’s for several years.  I suspect he’s not kidding.

We the people have ignorantly elected these integrity challenged Representatives.  Our apathy allows and encourages career politicians to serve the Elite who in turn bolster their corrupt careers and their private good fortune at the expense of both our freedom and our wealth.  It is time for us to grow up and vote as informed adults.  In the meantime, do your own research and determine how to best protect yourself, your families and friends.  We are all we have and we stand together or fail alone against a government gone wild and an international Elite gone completely and openly mad.

The smartest thing we the people could do for our freedom and good health is END THE FED and get rid of the 16th Amendment (Progressive Income Tax).