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{What does your vote mean?}

First a couple of short term factoids:
Social Security goes into the red fiscal year 2017.
Medicaid goes into the red fiscal year 2017.
14.5 million more people have stopped looking for work in 2016 than in 2009.
94.7 million people out of 313 million U.S. population are out of work.  (That’s 30% unemployment, not 4.9%.)  Per U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. labor participation rate for October, 2016 is 62.6%, a new 38-year low.
U.S. home ownership at a 50-year low per U.S. Census Bureau.
National Debt, January 20, 2009:  $10.9 trillion.
National Debt, November 4, 2016:  $19.8 trillion.
2017 Federal Budget is $4.15 trillion.
More than $50 trillion unaccounted for in published Federal Accounting Records and Inspector General audits since 2001.
Congressional oversight = non-existent.  Honor, integrity and courage = N/A in D.C.


DT: Not likely your grandchildren will ever be micro-chipped.  They’ll retain the possibility of living untracked and free to pursue their own vision.
HC:  Your grandchildren will be micro-chipped by government mandate, will have every aspect of their lives tracked and will experience zero possibility of freedom as we’ve known it.  Your grandchildren will inhabit a free roaming prison as feudal serfs as Jefferson predicted – if we’re not vigilant.

DT:  Not likely your grandchildren will be forcibly vaccinated, which means they may escape government induced autism.
HC:  Hillary and friends love government mandated vaccinations, which means a high probability of autism for your grandchildren.  In other words – parents will pay for the privilege of disabling their own children.

DT:  Globalist Agenda 21’s Common Core will be dumped, which means your grandchildren will not be raised with the mentality of cattle.  Imagination, dreams and creative potential will still be encouraged and hope for a better future can thrive.
HC:  Common Core will be expanded, assuring your grandchildren have the mentality of barn animals,  zero deductive reasoning capability, will only know what to think, not how to think and will be content to serve their government with no hope for any kind of better future or abundance.

DT:  Repatriation of offshore monies, lowering the highest corporate tax rate in the world, reducing corrupt, discriminatory regulation, implementing debt/equity swaps, etc. mean the possibility of economic growth, productive jobs, wealth creation and the ability to sustain Social Security and Medicaid.
HC:  Social Security and Medicaid both go red in fiscal 2017.  Hillary’s only economic ideas are war, impoverishing taxation and suffocating regulation.

DT:  Inner cities have the possibility of improved economic opportunity, educational facilities and reduced black genocide numbers.
HC:  28% of all black babies will continue to be aborted ( 4 times the rate of white abortions).  Improvements to economic conditions and education will remain non-existent as under current Democrat leadership.  Uneducated, low skilled poverty and government dependence are the well springs of Democrat voting majorities and will continue expansion to Hispanic populations.

DT:  Our 2nd Amendment rights are safe.
HC:  Our 2nd Amendment will die along with our 1st Amendment as fast as Hillary and friends can kill them.

DT: Trump promises to fight ISIS, hopefully in part by removing our troops from Middle East countries where they are being misused as a private police force for BIG BANKING/BIG OIL at tax payer expense.
HC:  Hillary’s State Department we now know funded and armed ISIS in Syria and Iraq through excess arms shipments to Libya and shipped by the Muslim Brotherhood to Syria.  This is the deal gone bad that got four good Americans murdered in Benghazi while Hillary and Obama watched TV.  Why would Hillary fight as she promises against a terrorist group she herself, along with CIA helped build?

DT:  GATT, NAFTA and other U.S. impoverishing trade treaties will be renegotiated and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will never happen.
HC:  Hillary supports and her husband signed NAFTA into law.  Passage of TPP is a given, which transfers American sovereignty and Rule of Law to corrupt transnational corporate monopolies.

DT:  Trump is a negotiator, not a brawler.  He wins by being smart and making money; not by fighting and transferring money to Elite bankers.
HC:  Hillary is an Establishment Democrat Neo-Con, owned by corrupt bankers, who guarantees war, war and more war.

DT:  Trump earns a living on Main Street America providing products (real estate) and services (resort casinos, golf,).  Let’s see what he can do with D.C.  He is a creative individual who provides opportunity to the communities he works in and pays his own bills.
HC:  Earns a living in D.C. selling U.S. government access, favors and secrets – all under the table and at tax payer expense.  She creates or provides nothing else of value.  Hillary is a dangerous parasite.

There’s dozens more comparisons, but basically as Catherine Austin Fitts (Solari Report) recently stated in her two part Dark Journalist interview and I’m paraphrasing; this election is about economics and other important things, but it really comes down to a long term choice for human or non-human. Will we support our own humanity or go with Hillary and friends with their trans-humanist, cyborg, neo-feudal agenda?  It’s a pretty serious choice we’re making here for our grandchildren and future generations.  Let’s at least think about it.

I don’t know much about Trump, but maybe he deserves a chance?

I do know Hillary and for thirty years, she’s proven herself to be pathological; a liar and a greedy, treasonous parasite.

If Trump overcomes voter fraud sufficiently and is elected November 8th, he will require citizen support if he is to take on the Plutocracy corruption and their BANKING/OIL/WAR BUSINESS MODEL.  The Elite will undoubtedly threaten the Trump family, friends, acquaintances, business associates, etc. and if they have to, will likely attempt to force Trump  down the Lincoln – JFK road.

We’ll either help wage the battle against Elite Oligarchy totalitarianism with Trump; or shuffle off to our barnyard pens under Pawn Hillary’s corrupt, pathological Rule.

Good luck with how November 8, 2016 turns out as it appears to be a turning point for our grandchildren.


Most of us on Main Street think of consensus as defined by Merriam-Webster, basically agreement on something or other by two or more people; or maybe with our dog as to time of walk or trip to the park.  In Washington D.C. and hallowed halls of Fascist monopolies feeding on tax dollars or the Federal Reserve printing press, it means something quite different.  It means mind control.  I dislike that term because it’s extreme, but it’s an accurate and precise description of what manufactured consensus is used for.  (If you’re an unfortunate Common Core Victim, precision and accuracy are not the same; at least not scientifically.  Please look them up as employed in engineering or real science – the difference is interesting.)

In Washington D.C., its government sponsored monopolies, privileged media parrots and other parasitic NGO’s – CONSENSUS IS MANUFACTURED TRUTH to serve a political agenda; in turn usually serving an economic power agenda, which of course, has no relationship to truth or facts. Manufactured consensus repeated often enough through our conditioning tubes and radios becomes manufactured reality.  Our human mind doesn’t know the difference, hence our behavior is easily altered.  In other words we are mind controlled.  Our behavior is modified; nudged if you will, to use a Tavistockian psy-op term.

In 2016, when some integrity challenged, main stream media pundit (that would be all of them) utters the word CONSENSUS, hear “LIES posing as MANUFACTURED TRUTH”, which again is just LIES.  Then do what we Main Streeters who are still awake or just waking up always do.  FOLLOW THE MONEY!  FOLLOW THE POWER PLAY!  LEARN WHO’S PLAYING YOU!  Ask who benefits from this MANUFACTURED TRUTH – THIS LIE?  Cui bono?  {Latin: to whose profit?;  who benefits?}  Question boldly!  No fear!

In our 21st Century, Tavistockian Orwellian Newspeak Electro-Medic Psy-Op world (yes, I meant this confusing description as a consensus pun of sorts)  we see and hear manufactured consensus everywhere.  We are surrounded and inundated by it; attacked by it; overwhelmed by it;  controlled by it.  If we wish to be free individual people, if we wish our children and grandchildren to be free; if we care about this; then we must beware the effects of manufactured consensus on our thinking and behavior.  If you’re insulted, or to use a more manufactured consensus forming word, offended by my suggesting we are no longer free; there is probably no point reading any further as no escape is possible for you under that consensus.  If you suspect something amiss in Denmark or at home, please continue.

Today – in my humble opinion – most MANUFACTURED CONSENSUS IS GROUP THINK.  Not all, but most.  Why would someone want to manufacture GROUP THINK?  Because The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, a prime dynastic family think tank, determined groups are more easy to manipulate and control than are individuals.  When a human joins a group, the human becomes more willing to sublimate personal morays in favor of CONFORMANCE to group morays and demands, then tends to support and defend that group, even to the detriment or destruction of other groups.  In other words, groups are easily rendered divisive and if we read unredacted history, we know divide and conquer to be an effective strategy for many types of battles.  As Mr. Bill Whittles mentioned in his keynote speech given at David Horowitz Freedom Center’s 2016 West Coast Retreat held April 8-10 in Palos Verdes, CA., and I’m paraphrasing loosely here:  groups tend to protect themselves and when they do this against other groups, only the winning group is protected (my words) – the other groups are not protected; whereas in a worldview assessing people as individuals (my words) – when the individual is protected – all individuals are protected.  Mr. Whittle hit upon an important concept here.

Group Think, the dividing of people into disparate groups is an excellent way to pit group against group, keeping all group members distracted from reality, focused on divisive emotional minutia to the point of mindless violence and most importantly, distracting them from what the Oligarchy is doing – which is, HARVESTING US.  We on Main Street are having our hard work, created wealth, imagination and freedom harvested by fearful, dynastic, psychopathic miscreants, conditioned to the spiritually misguided concept of Malthusian scarcity, who are attempting to save the world’s resources for themselves; all while we’re being propagandized into socioeconomic impotence.  Our tacit agreement to group think consensus  comprises mental shackles leading us to blindly, self righteously vote for and defend to the death whatever media B.S. we’ve been conditioned to accept.  Conservatives/Liberals, Republicans/Democrats, males/females, gays/heteros, green/other colors, rich/poor, black/white, Jewish/Christian/Islamic, or whatever; these divisive groups effectively alienate us from one another, even from ourselves and motivate us to work against our own rational self interest.

Sociopathic Tavistock researchers have learned that 6 hours or so of TV viewing per day starts shutting down human ability not only to think creatively, but to think at all.  TV renders humans more docile and amenable to suggestive conditioning.  Tavistock loves this and though they use TV to drive public opinion, foment Group Think and modify behavior;  it more importantly dumbs down our thinking processes altogether.  We willingly and unknowingly turn ourselves into docile robots, fulfilling the trans-humanist dream of maximum control with little effort or expense and without the messy cattle cars, guns and concertina wire.  Remember, we are constantly scolded, only the government should have guns.  This is scientific consensus to keep us safe…from freedom I guess?

It’s time to say NO to consensus and the debilitating dangers of Group Think.  Time to say NO to Oligarchy serfdom imposed by Draconian taxation and unconstitutional regulation under the heels of privileged Ruling Class thugs and cowardly, so-called EXPERTS.  Time to turn the TV off, think for ourselves and recognize reality apart from contrived truth.  Watch what THEY do; pay no attention to what THEY say.  It appears the most egregious examples of lies masquerading as truth are in the area of so-called scientific consensus.

I am a civil and environmental engineer issued U.S. Patent 8,381,523 B2 on February 26, 2013 entitled GEOTHERMAL ELECTRICITY PRODUCTION METHODS AND GEOTHERMAL ENERGY COLLECTION SYSTEMS.  I have studied climate change and alternative energy for nearly two decades and I assure you, there is no scientific consensus on any of it; particularly when considering sun energy, variation of earth’s rotational axis, volcanic eruptions, etc.  The cherry picked, so-called consensus is fabricated; the ball disingenuously carried by politically driven, financially motivated academic con artists allowing themselves to be purchased and used so powerful entities can cheaply purchase media drones to construct contrived consensus for better controling our thinking, or lack thereof, and our behavior.

Medicine and pharmaceuticals are probably the most egregiously destructive examples with their insatiable, monopolistic appetite for sales, sales, sales of equipment, services and drugs.  I’m not saying our annual physicals are just sales opportunities to find things wrong that can be expensively treated, but I’m starting to think it.  Big foundations and institutes infiltrate our medical schools with money and our docs are trained in protocols favoring Big Pharma sales.  Woe to the doc who doesn’t generate enough drug sales or questions the protocol consensus.  We now have vaccines causing autism in thousands of kids, fluoridated water lowering IQ’s and causing cancer; and what, more than 225,000 people dying annually due to medical mistakes – and consensus is – we aren’t going to talk about this because everything is just dandy.  No problems in sight.  Check out Jon Rappoport’s blog at No More Fake News to educate yourself about this.  Mr. Rappoport is a good expert exposing and explaining contrived consensus.

On a different level we see manufactured consensus being created before our eyes as Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are crucified by an unholy dishonest media serving only the powers that be status quo regardless the disastrous effects on their own families, which they believe are protected through their cozy little CFR network.

I guess I’ve prattled on long enough.  You get the idea.  In short, consensus sucks.  Don’t believe any of this media fabricated nonsense.  Do your own research.  Think your own thoughts.  Use your imagination.  Turn your TV off and live life, be healthy and stay free.