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Quote:   “The goal of international communism is not to destroy Western international debt capitalism.  The goal of international communism is to enslave mankind at the behest of Western international debt capitalism.”  {R.E. McMaster, The Reaper}  I found this quote in Eustace Mullins’ book, The World Order.  Mr. Mullins adds that if we were to understand only one thing regarding today’s world situation, it should be this.

In my world, for the purposes of conversation anyway, the particular -ism doesn’t matter.  Monopoly Capitalism (which has nothing in common with free markets), Fascism (the current American system), Socialism or Collectivism, all twisted sisters, result in centralized power, centrally planned control and to the extent employed, limit or eliminate individual liberty for the many at the hands of the privileged few.  Recorded history, should you find any unredacted (which rules out all text books), demonstrates this to be inarguable.  Many of us salt-of-the-earth Americans still believe we’re free – and I guess if you accept taxation without Main Street representation, government forced purchase of monopoly health insurance scams, limits on how large a soda you can purchase, etc. – well OK.  I respect your fantasy.  If you suspect you may not be as free as the fantastical broadcasts of MSNBC, Fox News, NPR and other propaganda outlets parrot; and if you’re still considering casting a vote on one of our electronic fraud machines;  you may want to continue reading.

Ms. Catherine Austin Fitts (, world leader in support of practical strategies for strengthening local economies is on what she refers to as the “de-centralization team”.  99.9% of all folks working in Washington D.C. on the other hand, as coerced by Mr. Global and friends are solidly on the “centralization team”.  I bring this to our attention because it’s in our best interest on Main Street to grasp the concept.

If any political candidate running for national office in the House of Representatives, U.S. Senate or White House is on the centralization team (CT), it doesn’t matter which pandering Party rhetoric they parrot because they simply are not able to represent Main Street citizens.  By virtue of whichever special monopoly interests provide their campaign funds and media coverage – their Representation has already been purchased and is no longer available to us as Main Street voters.  Doesn’t the Bible say something about not being able to serve two masters?  Well in the real world, that’s true.  If you work for Mr. Global, you don’t work for anyone else and all international conglomerate monopolies belong to Mr. Global and his fearful minions, so this isn’t complicated.

So, the good news is, you can spot a political goon simply by observing whether they support centralization policies of any kind on any front, foreign or domestic.  If they do, they’re bad for Main Street freedom and prosperity.  The bad news is, I don’t personally know of a single nationally known politico running for the House, Senate or President that is not on the centralization team (CT).  There are a couple of healthy grass roots unknowns, but relative to national news – none.  Not a single one.  The ones we know about have already been bought – that’s precisely why we know about them.  Real candidates that might actually live long enough to Represent Main Street have to be searched out.

In other words, imagining that Bernie will be better than Hillary or that Cruz will be better than Bernie for Main Street- well, that’s a fantasy.  They’re all owned by and Represent the same privileged people from the same dynastic families and that ain’t any of us here on Main Street.  To make matters worse; Bernie, Hillary, Cruz, Trump, etc and even Mr. Global aren’t the problem anyway;  we are the problem.

The U.S. and world economy are driven by the hands of integrity challenged, Elite dynastic family members through banking and other interconnected monopolies using drugs, war, energy, space, food and water as fuel sources.  For example, more than $1 trillion narcotics dollars annually are laundered globally (why did you think we’re in Afghanistan protecting the opium poppies?) – the lion’s share of it through the U.S. economy.  In other words, should we close our Southern border, turn off the narco-dollar spigot the U.S. economy would grind to a halt, the Federal government would shut down and our 401 K’s would evaporate.

My point is, if we’re using recreational drugs, eating Monsanto products or supporting international conglomerate monopolies in other ways – then we ourselves are supporting and enriching the system that terrorizes our politicians and works daily to place the middle class into feudal bondage through our dumbed down education system, discriminatory tax system, dictatorial regulation, deceitful religiosity and whatever else.

As another example, most of us have heard of the financial derivative problem threatening the world economy.  There are several kinds of derivatives, one of which consists of bundling problematic home mortgages, some of which are in or will be in default (subprime usually) and many of which don’t even exist.  There are counties in the United States that have three times more recorded residential mortgages than there are homes to mortgage.  This is pure fraud and it’s happening from sea to shining sea.  Ask yourself how many Main Street home buyers, real estate agents, mortgage bankers, title agents, assessors, lawyers, CPA’s, etc. are directly involved in this for it to transpire?  How many thousands of Main Street people are looking the other way?  We are the problem.  We can hardly blame Mr. Global for bank greed because without Main Street participation, it couldn’t possibly happen.

I’m not sure how we deal with integrity challenged politicians or wide spread electronic vote fraud, but there are things we can do today to start making inroads toward taking back our lives and eventually our freedom and government from the Oligarchy’s Ruling Class Attack Dogs.  THINK LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL.  First, eat good stuff.  Buy local, organic, non-GMO food products whenever possible.  Make it our business to know what monopolies are producing what unhealthy food products, abusing animals, poisoning us, etc. and do not buy their crap.  If you can barter locally, barter.  Do not cheat on your taxes.  The REVENUERS will get you for that, so don’t be foolish and go there.  It’s a fight we cannot win – yet.  If you bank, do not use BIG BANKS.  Use local credit unions or local independent banks if you can find them.  Don’t buy new cars.  Fix your old car and keep it running as best you can.  Don’t enlist in the military any more.  When the goons crank up their military draft, say NO THANK YOU.  If we refuse to kill each other, war ends today.  Don’t live in fear.  If Tavistockian Zombies attack America they’ll have to deal with us on Main Street face to face.  It won’t end well for the invaders and they know it, so don’t buy the fear nonsense and give your guns away to some smiling moron.  Peace is built on strength, never weakness.  The Second Amendment is important and so is your 12 Gauge.

Anyway, while you’re watching election rhetoric and yelling at the TV till November 2016, think about what we just considered and observe carefully what talking heads are saying and how they say it – or don’t say it as the case may be.  It’s all there to see if we pay attention.  God Bless everyone on every Main Street across the world – and while we’re at it – say a prayer or two for members of those dynastic Oligarchy families.  They live in their own private hell and pathological or not, they’re people too.




We have an astonishing and unfortunate human disaster playing out on our Southern border.  How does this fit today’s D.C. political agenda?  Can we ask a few questions;  or should we just feed the children and play dumb as we’re being told to by Washington D. C. and the statist media?

Don’t we find it amazing that our statist Press Corpse seems rendered incapable of Socratic Irony or discernment of any kind really, regarding the Marxist Democrat demands that our sovereign U.S. borders be erased; that hundreds of thousands (about 300,000 just since December 2013) of illiterate, low skilled workers from South America, Mexico and wherever be immediately granted amnesty — and then complain that the U.S.  INCOME GAP is widening?  Really?

How can it be possible to import poverty stricken, illiterate people into our country by the millions and fail to understand that the overall level of individual income and wealth as statistical averages must  drop precipitously?  Have deductive reasoning skills been dropped from our school curricula?

Are we not stunned to observe seemingly educated people demand government forcibly impose higher and higher taxes, that is, confiscate private monies thereby removing those monies from possible investment and job creation — and then simultaneously complain bitterly that the private sector is not investing and creating enough jobs?  Has the space between our collective ears become vacant?

History challenged Utopians the likes of Vermont’s self-described Scandinavian-style Socialist Senator, Bernie Sanders proclaim daily that everything private is bad;  anything government is good.  Old indoctrinated Bernie sites socio-economic facts weekly on his own website proving that his collectivist ideas don’t work and then blames free market capitalism for the obvious failure of socialist meddling.  His own facts prove that to the extent we impose socialist delusions onto free markets we fail to achieve positive results and end up imposing uniformly distributed poverty and mediocrity.  Bernie complains constantly about the unfortunate results of his own policies, not unlike Barack Hamas Obama, who does something stupid and then campaigns for weeks afterward against it, while blaming others for his own failure.  Rush refers to this phenomena as the Limbaugh Doctrine and it’s comical to watch the Press Corpse slurp the slop Obama liberally serves up between vacations.

Are we amazed that a seemingly educated Kirsten Powers states unequivocally on Fox News that U.S. borders should be open and that this would be good for our country?  If the United States has no borders, then to whom exactly does the Constitution, Bill of Rights and what was once our Rule of Law apply?  Everyone on earth?  Tad imperialistic don’t you think Ms. Powers?  To no one?  Tad seditious don’t you think Ms. Powers?  Countries are nothing more than managerial groups of people.  No border – no country.  No country – no established order.  No order – anarchy, then tyranny fills the void.  So reads human history over and over again.

Sans the Rule of Law as established by the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights and sans some defined border within which it may apply – what remains?  The Rule of Man remains and the Rule of Man is governed by he or she who carries the biggest stick and has the most wealth.  Governing by the biggest stick is dictatorship.  Is this what you wish for Ms. Powers?  If not, please take a seat and try to think through your collectivist indoctrination.  Consider reading an unredacted  history book.

All governments must live off the private wealth confiscated or donated by individual citizens.  Governments create and produce nothing other than armies, regulations and laws.  All governments are pure 100% cost supported by private revenue creation.  Collectivism can only survive by confiscating wealth created by productive individuals.  When the producers have been wiped out or driven off;  socialism collapses on itself – usually within three to four generations (a generation being about 25 years).

Unadmitted American Marxists, both Democrats and Establishment Right Republicans support collectivist, centrally controlled, top down government policy structures and confiscatory tax rates.  To accumulate absolute power they have so far chosen to garner an absolute voting majority as opposed to using force as in Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea and other historically sad places.  Today, the easiest persuadable voter acquisition target is the uninformed, government dependent, patronage voter, who can be created and nurtured as in our inner cities;  or imported as in what we see right now from South and Latin America.  Apparently, Washington D.C. is unhappy with the rate of government dependent, patronage voter creation;  hence the Plan B Importation Method.  This humanitarian crisis is not happenstance.  It’s been planned, funded and expedited by someone.  Unfortunately for the victims, it was poorly planned and has so far been carried out as a horrible human rights atrocity.  What  monster cruelly smuggles people across the brutal Chihuahua and Sonoran Deserts in July?

We have since December, approximately 300,000 mostly South and Latin American illegals now on American soil.  They must be fed and cared for – there is no other choice for decent people.  That said – Americans can walk and chew gum at the same time.   Obviously, there is no intent within the 10 square miles of the District of Columbia to send these imported people back.   They are instead, being actively distributed across the U.S. – I suppose to areas requiring more collectivist indoctrinated voters.  Caring for these hapless victims of political agenda is the easy chewing gum part.  Inquiring honestly as to WTF is going on here is the hard part and make no mistake about it – as citizens we better ask some hard questions or we are contributing to this atrocity via our own apathy.

Let’s feed the children – no argument there – but let’s ask three simple questions and as citizens demand answers from Washington D.C.

1.  Someone is organizing, advertising and propagandizing poverty stricken people across South America and Latin America to believe that if they reach the U.S. border they will be taken care of.  Who is doing this?  Who is paying for all this?

2.  These propagandized South American people are lured to predetermined, advertised locations where they are met and picked up by members of drug cartels to be illegally and cruelly smuggled across Mexico from South America and Latin America to the U.S. southern border?  Remember, unlike the U.S., Mexico has strictly enforced immigration laws.  Who is organizing this smuggled shipment of human beings? Who is coordinating with these vicious drug cartels? Who is paying for this human degradation?

3.  Our Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) advertised on January 29, 2014 for contractors to escort Unaccompanied Alien Children around the United States.  See the link below.

Of course, we now know in spite of the media gag order, these are not all children.  Many are entire families or in their upper teens and twenties.  At least some are Middle East Jihadists mixed in with the unmanageable crowds.  Dozens, maybe hundreds are guerrilla trained members of Mara Salvatrucha or MS-13, the most violent criminal gang currently operating in more than 4,000 U.S. cities as subsidiaries of the drug cartels.  This Federal advertisement proves this is a known D. C. plan, not an unforeseen emergency.  This pathetic atrocity has been planned, which leads to our third and last obvious question.  Who are the corrupt Washington D. C. gutter denizens perpetrating this horrible atrocity?  Are they elected;  unelected;  or both?

Personally, I’d like to see these three questions asked and answered.  Must we care for these people?  Of course we must, but caring for them doesn’t stop the atrocity nor explain why it’s being perpetrated in the first place, nor by whom.

This Vlog Post discusses the reality of collectivist government enabling monopoly, which in turn nurtures collectivist government.  Collectivism has zero ability to pursue excellence; it can only force equal outcomes to the lowest common denominator breeding never ending mediocrity for everyone.


Our children today, are being conditioned not HOW to think, but WHAT to think, by ignorant drones, themselves heavily conditioned pawns we still mistakenly refer to as teachers – that individualism, responsibility, liberty, corporations, free market economies, the pursuit of excellence and capitalism are bad.  Government is good our children are taught.  No distinction is ever made between actual free market corporations and the immense wealth they freely generate for all participants in any economy;  and the greedy, corrupt, power hungry, international conglomerate monopolies that coerce all wealth within reach to themselves through control of collectivist governments – which in turn enable the continuing monopoly.

All monopolies despise free markets or any kind of competition.  For reasons I don’t get, not even so-called conservative pundits make any distinction between legitimate corporate business and centrally controlled monopoly; or the perverted form of reverse fascism monopoly breeds.  Typically, for the Marxist Left, all corporations are bad;  for the Establishment Right, all corporations are good.  The truth is far removed from either position.  The truth requires discernment and discernment is no longer encouraged or taught.

This distinction from free markets should be made because monopoly is liberty’s terminal, lymphatic cancer.  Monopoly promotes top down, centrally controlled governments, dictatorships where possible, because these socialist style governments are easily manipulated, managed and used to whatever end is desired by the monopolies currently holding sway.  The people are conditioned to become hard working wealth creation tools, easily convinced that the promise of security is better than actual wealth earned.

Most of us rarely realize that true security lies within our own minds, hands and abilities as ordained by Divine Providence.  Once collectivist tax rates exceed 25% or 30%, the possibility of amassing wealth and/or security is eliminated sans a precious few exceptions, which are usually and quickly absorbed into the Elite.  Microsoft is a prime example as it loudly promotes insane Agenda 21 enslavement vehicles such as Common Core realizing that conditioned thought is an inescapable prison requiring no walls, fences or bars – a collectivist dream.

Amazingly, many wealthy American people living beyond anything Royalty ever dreamed of, successful via opportunities offered by our American capitalist system, hypocritically praise Russia, China, Cuba and other human disaster zones, while demonizing the very free market system that gave them their own public voice.  How many movie millionaires originated in China, Cuba or Venezuela over the past 75 years?  How many writers?  Poets?  Producers?  Internet moguls?  Computer moguls?  Automobile manufacturers?  Missionaries?  Spiritual healers?  Restaurateurs?  Journalists?  Store owners?  Clearly collectivist conditioning inhibits the ability to think clearly, if at all.

Collectivist history stomps deeply repetitive, bloody, hobnailed, foot prints of subjugation, starvation, impoverishment, imprisonment, torture, fear and murder into the backs of working men and women.  Simultaneously, collectivist Elite Masters and the ignorant government thugs doing their hellaciously treasonous work redistribute the wealth of hard working decent people to themselves, their pawns and insider friends.  The promised security of the proletariat never manages to materialize.  Spiritual devastation, hopelessness and mediocrity run rampant through the population – until it collapses on itself – usually three to four generations at most.  Collectivism is not sustainable.  It’s astonishing to see so many so-called environmentalists, foolishly promoting collectivist agendas as solutions to problems.  History shows collectivist thought to be the central core of most societal and environmental  problems – never the solution.  Tavistockian Conditioning is a powerful tool indeed.

Capitalism and free markets promote equal opportunity, personal responsibility, generosity and provide an environment in which healthy spiritual growth can thrive and flourish.  Freedom cannot exist without personal responsibility, love and generosity.  Capitalism creates an environment where each of us can choose to become captain of our choices, opportunities and outcomes;  and accept responsibility for those choices.  This is spiritual nirvana on earth.  It’s as good as it gets in this physical life we share together.

Collectivism on the other hand, blindly, inhumanely and destructively dictates outcomes and by doing so, eliminates personal responsibility and choice.  Since no two people are equal in ability in any one particular area as we each have unique gifts; outcomes can never be raised to a higher or optimum level of quality.  Outcomes can only be forced to the lowest common denominator.  Mediocrity becomes not only the norm, but the only possibility.  The brilliant are dumbed down.  The strong are made weak.  Personal excellence in any field of endeavor is banished, even punished as success is deemed unfair under the obscene decrees of social justice and political correctness.

Capitalism is the pursuit of excellence and personal responsibility unleashed within the joyful symphony of life.  History proves this and we can live this history should we choose to.

Collectivism is the muzzle of mediocrity and the iron anchor of spiritual growth weighing down and finally drowning the amazing possibilities of life until nothing of value can be heard or felt.

Which do we choose for ourselves and our children?  Which do we stand for?

Is it not hilarious listening to Marxist Democrats and Establishment Right RINO’s, both pawns of the Elite Oligarchy, righteously declaring fidelity to The Law of the Land?  I bounce back and forth like an emotional steel ball in a 1950’s pin ball machine between the induced coma pin and the elevated heart rate pin.  You cannot make this stuff up and our Globalist Presscorpse just keeps on reiterating it.

Let’s take a quick look at this Law of the Land shall we.

First of all, U.S. Senate rules, though not particularly specific on this subject, at least imply that the Reconciliation Process cannot be implemented for the purpose of passing legislation that is not budget neutral.  In short, this results from passage of the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 and the Byrd Rule, which is frequently adopted with various pieces of legislation to insure proper debate and consideration.  Reconciliation omits the 3/5’s vote requirement and allows passage of a bill by a simple majority.  I haven’t often agreed with the late Senator Byrd of Virginia, but on this one I have.

In any event, the disingenuous Democrat charade of juxtaposing ten years of revenue against six years of ACA expense and deeming that pile of horse poop budget neutral is how the closet Commies slipped the Unaffordable Affordable Care Act through the Reconciliation process in violation (my opinion) of their own Senate Rules.  This is not legitimate.

Secondly, the Supreme Court, incorrectly in my view, but none-the-less found the PPACA to be a tax.  That finding means that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), aka Obamacare is a REVENUE BILL.  Article 1, Section 7, Paragraph 1 of the U.S. Constitution states: “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills”.

Regardless of Comrade Harry Reid’s duplicitous slight of hand attempting to make PPACA appear to have originated in the House – PPACA clearly originated in the Senate as an attachment to a non-related Bill. Since PPACA is now found by our Supreme Court to be a REVENUE BILL, it is not legitimate law as it Unconstitutionally originated in the U.S. Senate; not in the People’s House as the Founders intended.

Thirdly, the current form of PPACA as touted by Marxist Democrats to be The Law of the Land IS NOT the PPACA legislation that was illegitimately passed using the Reconciliation Process.  The Obama Administration has made Administrative modifications (some say as many as thirty modifications – I don’t know the number) at least some of which may be considered NOT in fact, Administrative – but Legislative in nature, which is an illegal usurpation of legislative authority and seriously undermines our system of checks and balances.

The Obama Administration has also unilaterally granted waivers, exemptions and subsidies to various parties, which is at a minimum, grossly unfair, discriminatory and corrupt.  This third point is simply that the version of Obamacare now proposed for enactment and funding – is not the PPACA illegally deemed passed by corrupt Harry Reid’s Senate.  This corrupted version is, in fact, not the Law of the Land as passed by elected Representatives.  The Obama Administration has in fact, Administratively modified a bill supposedly intended to promote enhanced access to health insurance coverage;  and morphed it into a government controlled health services delivery system.  This is in no rational or legal manner legitimate.

Fourth and for now last, though sadly, not a serious issue for many Americans is the fact that PPACA was signed into law by a so-called President who has so far produced at least two different birth certificates and therefore, in my opinion has not demonstrated compliance with Article 2, Section 1, Paragraph 5 of the U.S. Constitution stating: “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of  President…”.  To some this is a trivial or even non-issue; but given Barack Hussein Obama’s penchant for consistently supporting policy damaging to these United States and more specifically, his demonstrated disregard for the Constitution he has sworn to protect and defend;  I believe this to be a serious matter and would like to see just one legitimate, confirmed birth certificate for this person of dubious origin.  I doubt that any American citizen reading this post has two or more birth certificates.  How is it that Al-Barack does and no one seems to care in spite of the untold damage to America now being openly perpetrated?

It strains my credulity that Democrats claim a complete government take-over of 16% of our economy is insignificant;  but failure to fund this same suicidal albatross is catastrophic for the nation.  Which is it?  Blatant lies both ways and the Presscorpse just keeps on keepin’ on.

It is now patently obvious that PPACA is focused on data mining and control of citizens even to the extent of legalizing direct IRS access to our personal bank accounts.  PPACA is not and never has been about improving health care access for American citizens.  This is a dangerously draconian collectivist bill and should be stopped at all costs.  If we can stop it – then what?

The cure to collectivist Obamacare and government imposed rationing under the so-called Complete Lives System is as follows:

1.  Pass one sentence legislation declaring the sale of health care insurance to be interstate commerce.  At zero cost to tax payers, this immediately dumps the government sanctioned, regulation protected health insurance monopolies being perpetrated within each state.  Nay Sayers claim the free market has failed.  You have to be in a Democrat or RINO induced coma to believe that we have free markets in health insurance.  We have Federally mandated health insurance monopolies within every state, with only the barest allusion of competition.  We will all be shocked if we could actually get our corrupt, so-called elected Representatives to aid us in obtaining an actual free, competitive market.  Just take a look at some of the VIP, concierge and direct medical services programs already being offered out there.   OMG!  The service and savings are incredible, though our Statist Presscorpse doesn’t like to talk about it.

2.  Promote medical savings accounts.

3.  Pass TORT REFORM.  Get the lawyers out of our doctor’s offices, clinics and hospitals.

4.  Get employers out of the health care business.  Employer provided health coverage is an archaic system that is no longer relevant or needed.  Leave employers alone to do what they do best.  In this modern day and age, each individual and/or family should be able to independently signup for health care insurance on any program offered anywhere by any company offering such coverage.

5.  Enroll your family in a direct services medical program – if you can find one and before your corrupt, monopoly prone government makes them illegal.  These programs along with a simple catastrophic  insurance coverage plan are working wonderfully in cities where Doc’s have creatively been offering them.  The savings and service are great.  Just imagine – you and your Doctor with no one in between.  Obamacare places 175 new government agencies, more than 20,000 pages of new regulation so far and 17,000 IRS thieves between you and your Doctor – and the devoted Statist Presscorpse calls this insanity better and cheaper.  Really?