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I couldn’t bring myself to cast my own uninformed vote in the 2016 election (1st time in my adult life) as I was disgusted by protected psychopath, Hillary and knew little about The Donald other than having read three or four of his books.  I now suspect it no longer matters whether we like or dislike Donald Trump as President of our United States.  He won election in spite of impossible odds arranged by Left and Right Establishment insiders, a sycophant Elite/CIA controlled media and the Clinton War Machine.  He now assumes responsibility for our United States executive office, supposedly on the people’s behalf, including our monstrously bloated, unimaginably corrupt, $4 trillion Federal on-book budget…and we don’t know how large an off-book budget.

President Trump is not responsible for the vast array of unresolved issues and corruption facing the United States in 2017;  issues developed since WW II;  issues largely ignored, pandered to, propagandized and profited by a few for the last 70 or so years.  The question I find myself asking now is, “WHAT HAPPENS TO US ON MAIN STREET IF DONALD TRUMP FAILS TO MANAGE A SMOOTH ECONOMIC TRANSITION FROM OUR NEARLY INSOLVENT, NON-PRODUCTIVE ECONOMY TO A HEALTHY, PRODUCTIVE ONE”?  Is it still even possible to rebuild responsible adult government – or have we passed the negligently treasonous, economic point of no return?  Maybe we should at least ponder possible answers to this question before jumping on that Trump hating train; the one that looks headed on a downhill track to economic hell?

We’re told by main stream media (MSM) that the U.S. economy is on the right track, but here in Arizona anyway, there sure are a lot of vacant homes, offices, buildings and folks standing on corners with signs; so I did some checking and found U.S. Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data showing a different picture than the Press Corpse postulates.  Here’s a couple of stats to consider regarding that right track.

***Median Household Income for 2015 (last year available per U.S. Census) was $56,516 compared to 2007’s median $57,423; 1.6% lower than 2007.  Not impressive given steady, understated inflation at our grocery stores and shopping centers.
***The 2016 labor participation rate per Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) was 63%.  This means 37% of working age  Americans are not working.
***The 2016 U-6 unemployment rate for 2016 per BLS is 9.6%.  If we add the 14% (per BLS) still looking for work after 15 to 26 weeks, we get an unemployment rate of 23.6%.  For millennials, Hispanics, African-Americans and women, it’s nearly double that.  The official U-3 rate of 4.9% is D.C.B.S.
***U.S. home ownership is at the lowest level since 1967.  A few more percentage points and U.S. home ownership sinks to an all-time low since U.S. Census record keeping began in 1965.
***United States GDP for 2016 was a meager 1.6%.  If we subtract out the portion of government spending included, GDP is somewhere in the range of -5%.  (This is my rough estimate – I didn’t spend a lot of time on the math, but the ball park is definitely negative.)

In light of the above, consider the 2016 Office of Inspector General of the United States Department of Defense Report exposing $6.5 trillion dollars unaccounted for in 2015; an interesting statistic given the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) total 2015 Federal expenditures were $3.7 trillion against $3.2 trillion in revenues.  I don’t know if this $6.5 trillion is in addition to the 2001 Inspector General Report showing $2.3 trillion unaccounted for in that year’s DOD budget or if $2.3 trillion grew to $6.5 trillion?  In any case, it’s not an undisclosed fact that DOD receives and spends more money OFF-BOOK than it does ON-BOOK.  The question we as citizens might ask, because  our Elected Congressional Members responsible for budget oversight won’t, is; “where does this DOD off-book money come from and where does it go”?  Similarly, how large are other Federal Agency unaccounted for dollar amounts?  Ms. Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari Report estimates black budget totals to now be more than $40 trillion.

Also in light of the above statistics, consider that the 2011 partial Federal Reserve Audit by the Government Accounting Office (GAO) disclosed more than $16 trillion allocated to banks and corporations, much of that dispensed internationally by the FED.  Specifics regarding these allocations remain thin.  Are American citizens legally responsible for this money?  If so, do we deserve a proper Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) analysis?  It’s my understanding that the Fed has its own accounting standards and is not held to GAAP standards.  I’m not certain of this and perhaps it’s appropriate for central banks, but if correct, isn’t it curious?

As we get into 2017 the global economy is drowning in on-book sovereign debt as is the United States.  Main Street citizens paying the bills are not permitted access to vast off-book (unaccounted for) spending and debt numbers, but we understand from Inspector General Reports on various agencies that the amounts are enormous and completely non-transparent.  Budget accountability does not exist in Washington D.C.  Obviously, raising interest rates on this debt mountain is willful economic suicide, yet historic economic cycles suggest our economy will reset to some standard of real value at some point in time, whether convenient or not.  After nearly ten years of quantitative easing do we even remember what real value is?  The current financial bubbles across multiple markets cannot be sustained.  Market corrections are usually crash and burn scenarios, but some economists suggest that handled properly, there still remains a small probability that Donald Trump, a very smart man, may be able to orchestrate a smooth transition from extreme over-spending and non-productivity to an economy at least marginally better for Main Street.  I don’t believe a smooth transition to be possible anymore, BUT…

…We should, as responsible citizens, ask ourselves anyway – WHAT DOES HAPPEN TO US ON MAIN STREET IF PRESIDENT TRUMP’S ADMINISTRATION FAILS TO FIX HIS INHERITED 70-YEAR MESS?  We should ask so we can understand and prepare our families, friends and neighborhoods either way – as either way, success or failure, we the people of Main Street will live with, and pay for the resulting circumstance.  The FED has been bolstering the stock market and other markets sans meaningful oversight by Congress.  The Elite are and have been financially positioning themselves with hoards of gold, silver, other precious metals and non-digital, real assets.  Understand that if the banking system collapses, and it looks like it will; most if not all digital assets held by Main Street citizens will likely vanish.  The Oligarchs, inside traders like Rockefeller, Soros, Buffet and other pawns of privilege will be just fine in the coming decade.  By virtue of election, Trump is framed to take the blame, while those who orchestrated certain economic tragedy since WW II will skate free to do it again.  Will we be OK?  Will our children?  Take a minute and give this some thought.

We know the Federal Reserve’s interest is keeping the banking system and its controlling ownership liquid.  Talk of Main Street stimulus is nonsense outside minimal trickle-down.  Trump wants to spend $1 trillion or so on infrastructure.  As a retired civil engineer, I assure you $1 trillion toward infrastructure is a good and necessary idea, but serious needed infrastructure work falls more in the realm of $5 trillion.  Is something better than nothing?  Trump wants to reduce bloated, corrupt Federal spending and money laundering, but faces an enormous array of employee’s, vendors, contractors and special interests completely vested in the continued tumefaction of largely unsupervised Federal spending and off-book money laundering.  Our future depends on deciding now, if we are for or against President Trump’s success because regardless our own ideological preferences; his success is our success as his failure will be ours to own and pass on to our children.

Many of us know with certainty and the remainder, should Trump fail, may soon learn American government and its Elite handlers work hard for Oligarchs and themselves; no one else.  We on Main Street are pandered to, used, alone, without representation, without meaningful fiscal transparency, basically at the mercy of those to whom we gave the reins of self-governance since the 19th Century.  Is it in our best interest to defend Trump, whom we’re not sure about;  or should we jump on the fear, hatred and corruption Establishment Train we already know doesn’t give a hoot about Main Street useless eaters, other than to control us and harvest the wealth we create?

For a short while anyway – I’ll ride with Trump and pray he’s real; because support him or not; if Donald Trump fails, if the Establishment wins, Main Street America and the world will reap those storm clouds, now rising black, bold and threatening on our Main Street horizon.


Barack Hussein Obama and most others in his forlorn, feckless Administration, wandering aimlessly through the dark emptiness of their use challenged minds, continually parrot, falsely, as instructed by their irresponsibly mistaken NWO study group mentors that free markets have never worked.  Not sure how Barack, hatched somewhere in 1961 knows that since we haven’t seen free markets or capitalism in the United States since 1913, but hey, he spouts lots of other nonsense as well?

Does this conditioned academic blindness even begin to explain how the people of the United States became the wealthiest, most creative, most industrious, most powerful, most generous people on earth in less than 200 years?  Socialist Europe, downtrodden Africa, the despotic Far East and the tyrannical Middle East, after a head start of centuries cannot imagine duplicating the reality of the American Dream.

The simple secret of the liberating American Dream is COMPETITION, orchestrated within the protective cocoon of a Constitutional Republic.  It isn’t perfect, but it rises far above any socioeconomic system ever attempted anywhere through the course of human history.  Its successful track record in lifting the poor out of poverty is not arguable.

Historically confused socialists would have us believe the reason foreign nationals have for more than 200 years of American existence, emigrated to America is because everyone on earth understands as American Progressives do, that free market capitalism does not and has never worked.  This ostensibly motivates immigrants to courageously uproot their families and everything they have known, in order that they too can experience the horrid financial hopelessness of free markets in America.  I don’t know how ignorant a person must be to swallow this Progressive hook, but the bar seems set pretty low and the appetite for envious delusion and historic contradiction, enormous.

To the extent that Americans have listened and unfortunately, acted on delusional Progressive nonsense by faithfully imitating endemic European failure; America has steadily declined economically, until now America’s historic ability to lift the poor out of poverty and provide upward mobility for anyone willing to work for it is practically nil.  Increasingly, hard working Americans are being financially suffocated by government imposed, uniformly distributed poverty as a futile means of providing so-called social justice.  These historically proven, brutally failed fascist/socialist policies are an insulting disgrace and a hard slap in the face to any rational person who believes in freedom.  Fascism is failing in America, not capitalism.  No American alive today has ever lived under capitalism, but most of us are too history challenged to comprehend that.

What if the deluded, special interest beholden Representatives we have erroneously been electing to legislate in Washington D.C., supposedly on our behalf, were per their oath of office, to actually apply the capitalist free market principles of our Founding to a few of our more obvious economic woes?  What might the incredible future bring?

As a couple of specific examples:

Let’s look at Obamacare with its unconstitutional, 15 member, unelected rationing board; more than 150 new government agencies; 16,000 new IRS enforcers with legislated access to our private bank accounts; and 100’s of billions of dollars in hidden costs.

As an alternative, one facet of policy might be to foist raw, unfettered competition upon today’s monopolistic health care insurance providers with one single piece of Federal legislation as follows:  “Health care insurance is interstate commerce.”  This single sentence passed by both the House and Senate, signed by our President would destroy the government created, legislatively protected, intrastate insurance monopolies currently in place.  Any U.S. citizen would suddenly be able to purchase health insurance from any provider in any State.  This one sentence would cost the American tax payer nothing and would not risk  strangulating our health care industry with the ligature of big government bureaucracy.  Over-night, it would become in the best interest of health care insurance providers to immediately scramble , providing customers with the absolute best, lowest cost, most convenient coverage.  Competition, not corrupt regulation is the best and most transparent cure for health care availability and cost.

Let’s take a look at oil / energy monopolies.

A bold U.S. domestic policy unleashing the development of our own North American coal, oil, natural gas, hydro-electric and  nuclear energy sources, while simultaneously encouraging the development of economically feasible alternative sources would dramatically impact world oil prices.  According to data compiled by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA):

“In 2011, about 45% of the petroleum consumed by the United States was imported from foreign countries.1 This was the lowest level since 1995.

Petroleum includes crude oil and petroleum products.  Petroleum products include gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil, jet fuel, chemical feedstocks, asphalt, biofuels (ethanol and biodiesel), and other products.  In 2011, about 60% of the crude oil processed in U.S. refineries was imported.” 

Imports in both the U.S. and Europe are down, of course, because our economies are in shambles and demand is down.  Prices, however, are not down because overall global demand (read China & India) is up and the U.S. dollar is being devalued and manipulated (read sterilized in banker lingo) by our own Federal Reserve Bank.  Additionally, the Obama drilling moratorium and cut back on public land oil leases have reduced public land oil output by 50% since Obama was elected and have forced producers onto more expensive private land using more expensive fracturing techniques to recover the more expensive oil.  This policy direction is insane by any rational standard.

Again, per EIA, of total U.S. imported oil, 40% comes from OPEC countries and 16% from Persian Gulf countries.  This establishes the United States as a major consumer of imported oil regardless of international source.  If U.S. oil imports fall to zero or even if they threaten to fall to zero, world oil prices will be driven lower due to increasing supply.  OPEC, Venezuela and others will be forced into a more competitive market and not one person will have to die to accomplish it.  This will not only be advantageous to Americans, but also to our friends in Europe and across the globe.

As a side note, the U.S. currently purchases about 24% of its oil from our friends in Canada to the North and about 11% from our friends in Mexico to the South.  These North American imports can be increased, providing sovereign benefits to the entire North American continent – all without Elite Globalist influence, Middle East War or the silly Globalist idea for a socialist, totalitarian North American Union.  The Keystone Pipeline would enable this business and benefit folks in both countries, not just Obama’s insider monopoly buddy, Warren Buffett and his Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railroad.

In the less specific case, our 150,000 or so pages of small business crushing, regulatory nightmare working in tandem with 75,000 pages of obscene, insider written tax code are used to create, foster and protect enormous monopolies in key industries such as banking, energy, farming, insurance, etc.  I’m sorry, but this is unconstitutional, un-American and ridiculous in the extreme.  Big government does not build – it binds.  Big fascist government married to big business monopoly no longer binds, it crushes and enslaves.

Free market capitalism is, by its very nature, always chosen and enacted by free people.  Socialism and its twisted sister fascism are always imposed, either through force as in Russia, China and Cuba or by propagandized deceit as throughout Europe, South America and now the U.S.  To the degree this enslaving ideology is imposed, the hapless victims are less free or may become totally enslaved without any choice remaining.

By far and away, the greediest, most controlling, most destructive of all these many, big government sanctioned monopolies is world central banking.  World central banks are created by out of control governments that they (central banks) themselves sponsor through propaganda and ignorance, with such governments then relinquishing all oversight and transparency to the families who own these central banks.

Central banks are a good and beneficial idea when they function as banks and nothing more.  When the money supply of nations is turned over to families owning the fifty three or so primary world central banks (maybe 173 or so total);  virtual control of all up and down business cycles is now fully within their singular coordinated control and is fully subject to their own disciplined or undisciplined interbred family greed.  Quite literally, the destiny of the world socioeconomic system is determined by a small group holding ownership control in the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland, its private club, the Financial Stability Board (FSB), which all G20 countries are signatory to and several other little sovereignty eating clubs we won’t bother with today.

The World Bank, International Monetary Fund and all BIS sanctioned central banks including our own privately owned Federal Reserve Banks are directed through the BIS, with absolutely zero legislative oversight by any government.  The owners of these banks stand above law;  above taxation;  above competition; and above any possibility of audit by anyone.  As an example, Swiss government officials must obtain permission to even be allowed entry to the BIS offices in Basel.  World central banking in its current form is a disgrace to civilization;  the cause of most wars, a promulgator of feast or famine and is the sole source of economic power in financing agricultural, industrial and military might.  Present day world central banking and individual freedom are directly intertwined in a desperately adversarial grip.

We no longer have free market capitalism in America.  We have instead, a hybrid system of socialist/fascist, government sponsored, government protected monopoly in all our major industries.  Competition is squelched through unconstitutional,  insider written tax code and discriminatory regulation designed to protect the monopolies, while controlling and fleecing we the people – all clothed in euphemistic deceitful language that the uninformed swallow hook, line and sinker.

We should not be deceived.  Competition works.  History proves it.  Socialism fails.  History proves that too.  Please consider these simple facts when voting for Establishment Right or Marxist Left political candidates, none of whom accept their limited power under our Constitutional Republic nor hold any respect for our individual liberties and right to live our own lives, unfettered by Globalist self deception and irresponsible ambition.