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It doesn’t matter what Political Party you identify with.  There is only One Oligarchy; One Congress;  and One Play-Book.  Both Parties and all of Congress play under the same, centuries old, pay-to-play rules.  If, as voters, we don’t know the play-book rules, we cannot win.  Yes, the Oligarchy has factions as on display with the Trump-Clinton media circus, but those factions are all bad for Main Street abundance and health.  As voters we must understand the rules and HOW TO WIN WITHIN THOSE RULES – at least until we take back self-governance from the Banksters who confiscated it…just because we didn’t know the rules.  Here’s how the play-book works…

…and I hope American voters realize they are not reliant on Congressional Organized Crime or treasonous, elected lap dogs, potty trained to exclusively service transnational monopolies (535 of these puppys sitting in Congress) to enact TERM LIMITS for them; thereby cutting off greased Congressional access to INSIDER TRADING and obscenely lucrative, post-elected-office employment within those same monopolies.  This play is not in the play-book and will never happen.



We can still vote in 2016.  Lies, voter fraud and information challenges aside, we ought consider setting aside disparate political views, joining our individual votes together and effectively eliminating incumbent criminals from holding power in both the R & D Parties.  We the people must learn to work-around the infamous, Elite wielded carrot and stickCareer politicians have been and are strangling our Constitutionally recognized unalienable rights.  The Carrot and Stick TURNS good people into bad people.  No one is immune from this disgrace… BUT voters can stop this.

It’s important to realize what happens to someone, the trusted candidate we assumed and probably was a good person running for national office, who won an election, then became comfortably ensconced within their protected D.C. office.  This good person was first compromised obtaining campaign funds, then positive media coverage and finally support from notable individuals.  None of this just happens.  It’s all made to happen.  The importance of the carrot is firmly established.

Upon getting off the plane in D.C., our good person is immediately made aware of their considerable power, importance and responsibility for issues they don’t understand, but on which, they will receive generous, unsolicited, expert assistance.  Not to worry.  Our person is then tastefully appraised of the enormous, no-risk earnings potential of connected insider trading deals (illegal for Main Street citizens, but not for Members of Congress), they now have privileged access to and deserve in return for their thankless, under compensated public service.  “Everybody in Congress does it.  Go along to get along.  That’s how you get things done in Washington.  That’s how you work for your loyal constituents.”

Some time after de-planing, usually following an expensive 5-Star dinner complete with cognac, cigars and influential personages, our person is tactfully made aware of lucrative future positions now available to him or her and perhaps even for friends and family members – assuming Congressional time is profitably spent dealing smarter, not working harder.  There’s the carrot.

The stick, an unseemly though effective convention, is never mentioned.  Down the road, however, should our good person fail to grasp what dealing smarter means and what real responsibility encompasses, they will steadily be introduced to the stick.  Credit can be damaged.  Press coverage suddenly turns ugly.  Tawdry compromising circumstances can crawl out from under rocks surprisingly quickly.  Money can dry up.  Credit is easily ruined.  Family members can have accidents.  There’s the stick.

Andrew Jackson beat the stick; an amazing feat of personal faith, courage and fortitude though the stick wasn’t well established in America at the time.  Lincoln lost.  John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy lost.  Nixon lost.  Reagan lost.  Scalia lost.  The others – all the House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, White House and Supreme Court members choose the carrot, avoid the unspoken stick and treasonously sell the people of the United States and the world straight down the Oligarchy, resource raping, life destroying, greedy toilet.  That’s just how it is, but not how it has to be.

We should be circumspect in judging these corrupt politicians and appointed bureaucrats for their lack of honor and enabling of unspeakable crimes against humanity.  How many of us will do the right thing when our family is threatened by people 200% capable of carrying out their threats?  When our son, daughter, wife, husband, dog or cats are on the line?  Our friends can be hurt as well?  Yea.  It’s a small number of heroes when we think about it.  Not a lot of JFK’s and Scalia’s around.  Our Profiles in Courage are pretty much vaporized.  YET – WE CAN WIN.  WE CAN BEAT THE PLAY-BOOK.

DON’T VOTE FOR INCUMBENTS.  By forcing the world’s transnational monopolies to buy and/or intimidate new recruits every election cycle – their corrupt stranglehold on D.C. pawns is largely broken by the simple logistics of having to coordinate new plebes over and over again – then losing that new blood, expensive blood to new blood again…and again…and again.  The Elite system will be broken without firing a single shot.

We the people still have the power if we choose to use it.  Don’t vote for incumbents.  Don’t purchase monopoly products and services whenever possible.  Watch less TV, thereby avoiding social conditioning.  Think for ourselves.  Use our imaginations.  Employ creative solutions. Live our lives fully and completely as humans, not trans-humanist drones herded like Elite cattle to and from the group-think barn.  Just sayin’.

Put down our Republican vitriol.  Put down our Democrat vitriol.  Walk away from DIVIDE AND CONQUER victimhood.  As the late Aaron Russo suggested, “It’s time to be good Americans”.  It’s a choice we will all make.