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  digging a deep COLLECTIVIST GRAVE for Amerika’s middle class – both figuratively and literally.

Courtesy of Armstrong Economics.

Courtesy of Armstrong Economics.


Greedy, Trilateralist flunky, Al Gore spewing tons of Carbon Dioxide trying to earn another hundred million or so with fraudulent, politicized pseudo-science, cherry picked data, manipulated averages and a brain dead Press Corpse.  Unfortunately real science data shows the Arctic ice cap has grown in extent from 2012 through 2014 to 1.7 million square miles and is also thicker and more dense.  This dangerous con man, more dangerous than a cow fart, has inhumanely and uselessly swindled countries out of hundreds of billions of dollars to solve a contrived problem only the Elite, ignorant Marxists and corrupt politicians claim exists so they can re-distribute the wealth of hard working people to themselves.  This is classic Hegelian Dialectic:  Problem – Reaction – Solution :  as used over and over again by Globalist con artists and thieves.

 Ineptocracy****(in-ep-toc’-ra-cy):  A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing; and where members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed are rewarded with goods and services paid for with the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.


Klaus Quote

The Global Elite have and are successfully conditioning American citizens to accept and participate in their futile experiment with ineptocracy, which is to say, an intellectual gulag from which freedom is impossible as the concept of freedom no longer exists.  The ignorant and uninformed among us are now being used to control U.S. elections.  Property owning, hard working, tax paying American citizens are being 100% disenfranchised by the very Representatives we ourselves have foolishly elected.


The above chart compliments of Political Vel Craft.  Note that our Federal regulatory agencies are nothing more than monopoly coordinators for Elite international conglomerates that have quietly replaced our Constitutional Republic with a fascist, ADMINISTRATIVE dictatorship.  American citizens are not yet being loaded into box cars because they foolishly vote as uninformed, mind numbed sheep, led by ignorantly corrupt Democrat and Republican pied pipers, but this could change…if we burst out of our political coma…like a triumphant chick from its egg shell.

1600 WATCH POLICY CENTER proposes and recommends legislation that folks interested in retaining or strengthening our tattered freedom and struggling Republic might consider requesting or demanding their respective House or U.S. Senate Members co-sponsor or at least support.  Recommended 1600 Watch policies are not Democrat, Republican, liberal or conservative.  1600 Watch policies are based on our Constitution and are focused on individual liberty and the retention of our unalienable rights as granted by Divine Providence and recognized by our Constitution.

As Mr. Jon Rappoport has so eloquently tried to teach us at least as far back as 1996; the most effective way for Main Street folks to combat the Elite’s New World Order (NWO) is simply to stop buying their crap.  The life blood of all multinational conglomerate monopolies is money.  Shut off their life blood and you shut off their fascist operation of our political systems.  We should have guns, but don’t even need to use them.  A mistaken belief that pathetic fools we elect to parasitically reside in Washington D.C., are governing something is tantamount to believing the moon is made of cheese, that the Rockefeller family didn’t help finance the Bolshevik Revolution or that Al Gore invented the internet.  We need to get a grip.  Don’t buy a new car;  keep your old one(s) and support local, family owned repair shops.  Do anything local you can.  Don’t buy stuff from monopolies like Monsanto or Dow Chemical.  I guess we’re likely stuck (for the time being) with Apple, Microsoft, Google and others for lack of competition, but at least use their own technology against their insider fascist tendencies.  Saying no is much more important than a bunch of political activism, or calling your U.S. Senator who doesn’t give a shit about you or your family anyway (excepting maybe your wallet and uninformed vote), though I’ll discuss some political shenanigans below.

Editor’s Note:
To defend yourself and your family, educate yourself.  For example, when faced with yet another Hegelian contrived crisis framed in the classic PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION format, ask yourself and research:
Who is stating the problem?
Who is reacting?
Who is offering the solution?
Who will gain or profit from this supposed problem and its proposed solution?
Who will be hurt by this proposed solution?

Take the time to ask and answer the above questions and you will become very difficult to fool and manipulate.  Tavistock’s inner directional conditioning tools will no longer retain their hold over your mind.  You will become informed!

Anyway, onward we go with some political stuff:

BRETTON WOODS II, Creation of the Financial Stability Board (FSB)

Credit Note:  Awareness of this critical BIS / FSB issue by 1600 Watch was provided primarily through the investigation and reporting of Mr. John Truman Wolfe.  Thank you Mr. Wolfe.  You are a patriot Sir.   http://johntrumanwolfe.com/
Mr. Wolfe’s new book, “Crisis By Design” published by Roberts Ross Publishing in 2010 should be required reading for every thinking person and certainly for every Member of Congress, many of whom, perhaps most of whom have likely never heard of the Financial Stability Board (FSB).

On April 2, 2009 the President of the United States signed a G-20 communique announcing creation of the international Financial Stability Board (FSB).  This communique is binding on all G-20 Members as well as all other recognized central banks.  There are numerous central banks, with about 55 major, privately owned and controlled central banks in the world of which 20 are G-20 Members, but all of which are subsidiary to the Bank Of International Settlements  (BIS) located in Basel, Switzerland.  This communique is therefore binding on all 55 central banks and basically transfers near absolute control of the entire world’s finances to the FSB.  This includes the United States and its own privately owned central bank, The Federal Reserve.

Please realize that the BIS and its FSB have zero oversight;  no oversight what-so-ever by any country.  The Swiss government cannot even enter the BIS building without BIS permission.  It is 100% autonomous, 100% non-transparent, 100% non-taxable and answers to no one other than its Elite self.  It may interest you to know that the Bank of International Settlements and its subsidiary central banks are all without oversight.  For example, our privately owned Federal Reserve Banks have a Chairman of the Board of Governors having a 4-year term appointed by the President, but the Fed Charter (established for 100-years in 1913, but since made permanent) clearly states that the Federal Reserve cannot be audited, is not subject to Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP) nor can the Executive Branch, House of Representatives or U.S. Senate tell it what to do.

The Fed is not a government agency.  The Fed is a privately owned criminal enterprise with a licensed Charter to steal and it also has its own privately owned collection agency called the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  Interestingly the term of the Governors sitting on the Board is 14-years, which spans the terms of any three Presidential terms.  This is not accidental, as it insures the Board of Governors does not have to answer to any President.

This FSB communique signed by our President on April 2, 2009 contains a loaded little phrase stating FSB’s right to establish “clear specification of the structure and function of government“.  In other words, our President has signed over to FSB and an eleven member board that stands above all laws of every nation and is absolutely clandestine the right to determine and establish boundaries and rules regarding U.S. retirement income, corporate shareholder rights and provides access to our health and education records – all with absolutely no oversight by anyone, including our President and Congress.

Establishment of the FSB is basically a coup d’etat.  A takeover of the entire world financial system.

In terms of policy, given our U.S. Constitution, their are two critical items.  This G-20 communique is not legally binding on the U.S. as it requires Congressional approval.  If this communique is classified as a treaty, it then requires a 2/3 approval vote by the U.S. Senate.  If it is not classified as a treaty, then at the least it requires a Congressional-Executive Agreement, which requires approval by majority vote of both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.  It should be noted that the original Bretton Woods Agreement was put in place legally as a Congressional-Executive Agreement.  Why should this so-called Bretton Woods II fiasco be any different?

It is important that our Congressional Representatives be made aware of this communique and be encouraged by us voters (there is no one else to do it) to take a bit of time from courting special monopoly interests and deal with this matter as per their oath of office requiring them to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”.

Please contact both your House Members and U.S. Senators and request that they please co-sponsor and support;  or at least support new Federal legislation requiring Congressional review and either classification of this April 2, 2009 communique as a treaty requiring ratification by the U.S. Senate or as a Congressional-Executive Agreement to be approved by a majority vote of both the House and Senate.

Our U.S. participation in any agreement with international central banking must occur with Congressional oversight.  Our Constitution requires it and we the people must stand up and demand it.

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