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Barack Hussein Obamacare Obama fervently believes as did Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini (1883 – 1945) that a powerful, centrally planned government must partner with large corporate monopolies and together control every aspect of life.  Mussolini’s fascism failed Italy and has failed everywhere else it’s been tried, as has its twisted sister, socialism.

It has taken less than four years for the Obama Administration to demonstrate its own hybrid, socialist/fascist failure in America; yet the Establishment Right and Marxist Left, both stubbornly and disingenuously persist in their rhetorically differing and uniformly dishonest pose, thereby luring the unsuspecting U.S. citizen into the sticky, utopian One World Dictatorship they so blindly envision.  Whether we give up our freedom via our uninformed votes to pure socialism or to some form of reverse fascism doesn’t matter.  We as citizens will become captive serfs either way and most likely, irreversibly so.

Our only safety net as citizens is to vote for Representatives of any party, who openly and bravely support our Constitutional Republic – not just with words, but putting it on the line with action.  It is time to become American, not Democrat, Republican, Green, Independent or Libertarian.

Barack Obama and his Left Sided Globalist cronies have picked up and are aggressively carrying the Globalist Gauntlet dropped into their anxious hands by the equally anxious, Right Sided Globalist Bush regime.  Liberals see Bush and the Right as the enemy of freedom.  Conservatives see Obama and the Left as the enemies of freedom.  Neither seem to recognize that the Establishment Right and Marxist Left both work along rhetorically independent tracks to slowly, but steadily nudge the uninformed U.S. citizenry toward a dead end, totalitarian Globalist serfdom.

The only difference between the two is that the Marxist Left envisions the U.N. as slave master of their plantation and the Neo-con Right envision the U.S. government as slave master.  Both viewpoints are anathema to freedom, spiritually devastating, destructive to civilization and are deranged with respect to human nature.  They each believe they can win in the end and the dishonest, sometimes brutal means are justified and morally immaterial…to them.

World nations are today, being effectively influenced and cleverly manipulated into involuntary participation in what is intended to be a nuclear World War III.  This Globalist planned war will, if successful, reduce world population to what the Globalist Elite believe to be more manageable levels, say 500 million to 1 billion or so;  down from today’s unruly 6 billion.  This war will also provide the desperate means for re-aligning the countries of the world into their various unions such as the existing European Union and the future North American Union.

The Jewish faith, Christianity and Islam are all being manipulated alongside the irritated blister of haves and have nots, within a stirred pot of antagonistic hegemony, imperialism and nationalism; all fueled by racial and religious enmity.  To stop this catastrophe, all we must do as citizens is stand up and vote no – then hold our elected Representative’s feet to the fire of freedom – but will we do that?

The re-election of quintessential Chicago Thug, Barrack Hussein Obama and his corrupt Marxist cohorts are an assurance that some form of fascist, socialist, or reverse fascist oligarchy will be firmly established in the United States by 2016.  The Obama Administration will work furiously to drive the final nails into our coffin of free markets and individual liberty – all beneath the false, but supposedly comforting guise of protecting us from ourselves and capitalist greed.

Fixing this enormous voter miscalculation, if it can ever be fixed, will require fifty or more years of intense effort and sacrifice.  Today’s young will see their economic future slip further and further away in spite of any effort they make.  Our children will come to understand first hand that social justice and equal outcomes translate directly to “forced outcomes”, that is, slavery.

As a historical fact of human history, we know that it is not possible to be dependent and remain free simultaneously.  Individual freedom and choice is inversely proportional to the level of dependency.  Capitalism as an imperfect economic system nurtures freedom;  requires freedom to exist as a workable system.  Socialism and its sick sister fascism have no mechanism with which to foster the pursuit of individual excellence and can only enforce, through State central planning, an arbitrary mediocrity as the standard for forced equal outcomes and the uniform poverty known as social justice.  Socialism is slavery by a different name and nothing more.

As a people we have slowly, but surely been lowered into the delusional totalitarian pot beginning with Woodrow Wilson, finally culminating with the George W. Bush Administration and today with Barack Obama.  We have incrementally given up our own freedom in far too many unacceptable ways.  For example:

Placing our Federal government in charge of Social Security or any other aspect of our retirement with its herd of self serving, chronically short sighted  politicians was like hiring 535 Kleptomaniacs to work in a gift shop.   The inventory has vanished and our gift shop is bankrupt.  All that’s left is the finger of blame, but in fact, there is no one to blame but ourselves.  We the voters hired the Klepto’s.

Allowing our elected and appointed Federal government bureaucrats to confiscate our hard earned wealth by raising taxes in order to supposedly create private sector jobs is like starving an Olympic athlete to improve decathlon performance.  Failure is certain;  there are no jobs and our athlete will finish an exhausted, but predictable last place.  America’s wealth, financial health and well being is built on small business.  Starving those small businesses as the path to wealth creation goes beyond self defeating;  it’s blatantly stupid and constitutes complete denial of economic history.

Managing an economic empire by political ideology as both the Establishment Right and Marxist Left do, is like playing baseball on a basketball court.  We the people cannot win.  The single beneficiary, as a group, of unconstitutional tax regulation and all other monopoly favorable regulations are the Global Elite, world central banking and their insider preferred monopoly partners in publishing, media, insurance, energy, arms, etc.  There is almost no end to the corruption we see bleeding out of Washington D.C.

Is it even possible anymore for the average citizen to obtain sufficient representation in Washington D.C. so as to at least be able to ask, “Since I the tax payer am paying you to represent me, can you please attempt to manage our economy by discussing and applying economic principles as opposed to brow beating each other and the voters with political sound bites while promising that something good will eventually, though accidentally happen”?

I don’t know if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan can stop or even slow the American descent into dereliction, poverty, serfdom and the world wide irrelevance we are guilty of voting for.  I do know that Barack Obama and Joe Biden are working and will work mightily, if allowed, to accelerate our American demise into a poverty stricken, powerless, corpse of a country complying with their warped view of world fairness.  Unfortunately, they never notice that when American leadership is absent in the world;  the world has no leadership at all.  Societal and world chaos is always much less safe for everyone than rational order, even when mistakes are made.  Unfortunately, Obama’s narrow, mean vision constitutes an unobstructed path to World War III and the horrible devastation it will bring.

We’ll have to vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to find out what their vision is.  Did I just somehow manage to mimic brain dead Nancy Pelosi?  OMG!


Real unions actually represent workers interests, have apprenticeship and other educational programs and can serve as a useful buffer for both employer and employee.  I’m not a big union supporter, but unions representing masonry, steel, electrical and other skilled trades serve a legitimate purpose.

Public sector unions, on the other hand, are like a big box of heavily frosted donuts;  really really good going down for the bureaucrats, but ultimately they’ll get sick with high blood pressure, triglycerides through the roof and diabetes.  The uninformed tax payers who now earn half as much as the unionized government employees serving them, are stuck with the corrupt, bloated mess as the union leaders pay off liberal political hacks with enormous campaign support – the hacks pay off the unions with laws supporting confiscatory labor practices, unsustainable wages, tenure and benefits – and finally the school district, city, county, state or Federal government is ignorantly and hopelessly starving in bankruptcy as the union bosses munch more donuts and the workers get laid off in disgrace.

Public sector unions like to claim the ridiculous scenario being acted out above as being “necessary” and “for” workers.  The unfortunate and expensive reality is undeniably that union bosses are not “for” workers, but “use” workers to greedily feed their short sighted, Globalist driven, Marxist agenda.  Public sector unions are ill-advised and destructive to an otherwise fiscally, healthy society.  Public sector unions are just another power hungry, monopoly bleeding the financial life blood out of decent, hard working people.

Approximately 93% of working United States citizens are non-unionized.  Who, exactly do the teacher’s unions, SEIU and other public sector union members work for?  They are employed to serve the working tax payer, citizens of our country.  They clearly and obviously don’t work for supposed big, bad, greedy, corporate bosses.  We have reached the point of fiscal insanity where we now must ask ourselves “how many tax payers earning $45k per year does it take to support one public servant making $75k per year”?  All this for the unsatisfactory result of failed government gone wild, societal enslavement by regulation and our kid’s educational future bleak as a stinking septic tank.  As Ron White says;  “you can’t fix stupid”.  Why are any of us participating in this pitiful charade of fairness and social justice?  How did we get sucked into this despicable pot of insufferable glue?

Public sector unions have become the rotted, obscene cherry perched on top of a delusional, Nanny State nirvana.  Public sector unions are like a cancerous growth on the already sickened, maliciously infected Nanny State.  Financial survival is no longer an option.  At the least, a painful amputation is required.

Any high school algebra student using a simple logarithmic equation for population growth can show you in ten minutes or less that a population of people born is a population of people who pass away.  In other words the ratio of living to dead may vary for short periods of time, but ultimately converges on 1:1;  that is, one birth – one death.  This is the simple reality of why the socialist, Nanny State collapses in the third or fourth generation every time.  Once the system reaches three or four workers per beneficiary, or as with our Social Security ponzi scheme where we have 2.9 workers per beneficiary it collapses.

The Nanny State is not sustainable – ever.  If I am a beneficiary and you are a worker, the system always reaches a point where nearly everything you earn must be confiscated to support me.  If this ridiculous system makes any sense to you, you’re a great candidate for SEIU and other Marxist organizations.  If you actually believe this nonsense is sustainable over time, you are in complete denial, or perhaps ignorance of history and are likely an unfortunate victim of negligent, teacher union members who failed to teach you deductive reasoning skills.  Sorry.

Unions were intended to defend and protect workers against unfair labor practices of large conglomerate monopolies.  It was the powerless worker against the big bad corporate owner(s).  Today, the largest, most powerful unions are public sector unions, where the union collectively bargains with – absolutely no one –  having any skin in the game – to swindle the uninformed, well meaning tax payer.  Public sector union leaders negotiate ridiculous contracts with government bureaucrats who have no responsibility for anything, no risk and no possible losses.  The working tax payer then gets stuck with the entirely one-sided, unbalanced bill.  This is insane.  The idea of public sector unions is patently absurd and financially untenable.

All public sector unions should be abolished immediately.  You have to be a glucose saturated, carbohydrate addicted liberal to accept that public employees must be protected from the big bad tax payer who earns about half what the unionized employees working on his or her behalf are earning.

We have power hungry, greedy, Marxist union thugs negotiating legalized theft from the ill-informed tax payer with irresponsible bureaucrats, who can’t even find the bargaining table, for outcomes so poor, so negligent it boggles the mind.  Public sector unions are to tax payers as severe diabetes is to human health.  There is no escaping it and it’s financially devastating for all the sugar satiated parties whether by Cloward and Pivens intent or callow incomprehension.

The idea of public sector unions in general and  SEIU in particular is about the silliest and most destructive idea since high cholesterol was invented.  The hogs are now managing the pig pen, so it’s no wonder the hogs are overfed and the farmers are being slaughtered.  It’s time for the farmers to take charge of their own pens or soon there won’t be any farms left to feed anyone.  {If you’re an unfortunate victim of, or are collateral damage suffered by unionized, public educators; these last couple of sentences are metaphorical in nature}

America has been and continues to be built by the joint efforts of independent entrepreneurs and hard workers, risking and sweating side by side to construct a sustainable economic infrastructure for their communities and themselves.  A limited form of government, such as our American Republic protects both the entrepreneur and the worker – when it functions appropriately, effectively and with vision.  Unlimited government blindly takes, wastes and subjugates.

Unlimited government confiscates the sustainable portion of our entrepreneurial, working lives and wantonly squanders it through re-distribution to insider friends and chosen (monopolistic) beneficiaries.  Big government is an insult to the intelligence, integrity and hard work of store owners, clerks, auto dealerships, factory workers, construction company owners, brick layers, hospital owners, doctors and all the industrious contributors to our once powerful and healthy economy.  Our bloated government is murdering the geese that lay our golden eggs – day after day after day.  Killing it stone cold dead.

ANARCHY is by definition “NO GOVERNMENT”.

CAPITALISM foundationally supports “LIMITED GOVERNMENT” and the “OWNERSHIP OF PRIVATE PROPERTY”, which has been the historic basis of individual freedom since Greek and Roman times before Christ.

SOCIALISM is by definition “ALL GOVERNMENT”.
COMMUNISM foundationally supports “ALL GOVERNMENT”.
foundationally supports “ALL GOVERNMENT”.


The promotion of socialism by Progressively indoctrinated “anarchists” or the support of its mutant relative, “corporatism”, vociferously proclaims the dismal failure of post modern education to educate and an ignorance of historic fact that is both bewildering and alarming.  We must wonder, to what extent has Progressive education reduced our citizens to functionally illiterate lemmings, incapable of deductive reasoning?  This is truly a remarkable and wondrously destructive accomplishment.

Without question;  standing above argument; the wealthiest, most powerful, most generous, most free society on earth was Founded and Built by Capitalists beneath the protective umbrella of a Republican form of Limited Government – which stayed out of the way most of the time – until lately, say 1913 or so.  This Republic is known as the United States of America.  For anyone to willingly deride or ridicule this American Republic, even in the face of its many imperfections, is to sink abysmally to a depth of ignorance, a lack of appreciation and a failure to give thanks, ranking  far below the ability and scope of human imagination.

For the past 400 years, the last two centuries as a Republic; the exponential growth of prosperity and security built, provided and shared with the world by the people of the United States has been constructed lock, stock and barrel;  one board, one brick, one steel beam at a time by folks who get up at 4:30 every morning;  work till 7:30 every night;  get up tomorrow;  do it all over again;  and take part of Sunday off to recoup.  These folks sacrifice today for a better tomorrow for themselves, their families, their communities, their country and the world.  They take enormous financial and personal risk, literally betting the house, the farm and everything they own, on their ability to create a light bulb, a new machine, a new medicine, a  new computer, a better telephone, a faster airplane, a new automobile, electronic media, a healthier environment, a better news paper, more food, cheaper housing…and on and on and on.

If you are a member of the Occupy Wall Street Movement and as a victim of Progressive education consider yourself a supposed socialist-anarchist please remind yourself of one thing.  On the day your movement achieves success and The Builders have been driven off – IT’S ALL YOURS – YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN.  It will then be you, whom if you want something, will have to create it.  If you want anything at all, you will have to build it or grow it yourself, because The Builders will be gone.  If you think you are going to build things with sound bite chants;  you are mistaken.  If you think waving an insulting banner will feed you;  you are even more mistaken.  If you think you are going to build things with your complaints;  you will find yourself sadly incorrect.  If you think you are going to enhance your quality of life with empty criticism;  you will find yourself hopelessly lost in a vile chaos bereft of ideas or constructive benefits.

Building things requires dedication of purpose to something larger than yourself, hard work in the extreme, risk both of personal and financial failure, personal and family sacrifice, foresight and immense fortitude.  This has been the case since the caves and the special people who do this building are the most generous people our earth has ever known.  Even when falling victim to greed, they are still typically more generous than the average person.  Our corporations are nothing more than organized groups of industrious, hard working people, working to build or accomplish their chosen task.  Corporations may and do get off track, but are not inherently evil.  Sloth accompanied by indolent whining and complaint is evil.  If it’s broken – fix it.  Futilely and destructively crying about what appears to be broken is a desperate waste of time, effort and life.

To march on a street landscaped by a corporation, built by a corporation using materials provided by other corporations; overlying utilities such as sewer, water, fire lines, electrical lines, natural gas lines, communication lines and more – all built by various corporations;  and to do it while wearing clothes made by a corporation, with materials created by other corporations and shipped to you by yet more corporations and finally marketed and sold to you by a corporation;  all this while talking, texting and emailing on a corporate built phone over corporate built wire and wireless systems;  listening to your corporately provided music on a device built by corporations using electricity provided by a corporation;  as you proudly carry your banner, no doubt printed by a corporation using materials created by another corporation with ink from yet another corporation; after arriving at your protest site in a vehicle or vehicles built by corporations, using materials mined and manufactured by corporations, running on fuel provided by a corporation, shipped for your use by another corporation;  and munching on food grown by a corporation, shipped and sold to you by other corporations – – – to march on the aformentioned street to protest the existence of corporations renders me speechless;  a feat not easily accomplished…but you did it.  May God please help humanity for it knows not what the hell it’s talking about or doing.

Beware demanding what you think you want — because Divine Providence may grant your wish.  Then, I hope you enjoy working your ass off, because short of that, just what the hell are you gonna’ do?  Ask Comrade Obama to build it for you?  Let me know how that bit of organization turns out.

I’m just sayin’;  beware driving out The Builders.

Arguably the most abundantly generous nation on earth, the United States of America, built entirely by the sweating hands of responsible people who care, is being seditiously brought to her bloody financial knees by the needy, grasping hands of easily manipulated, irresponsible, greedy leeches who mistakenly believe their selfish demands are unalienable rights.  Socialism is a parasite sucking the life blood from decent, hard working people by transferring wealth earned by workers and builders to the clutches of the international elite, who cleverly manipulate both greed and empathy for their own purposes.  Today’s silly, uneducated, socialist-anarchists are the best tool the elite have ever wielded in their ugly pursuit of power for themselves and a Neo-Feudal enslavement for the rest of us.

If we care anymore about having a future of freedom, safety, abundance and generosity – it is critical that we as individual people begin paying attention to what our proposed leaders are “doing”, not “saying”.  We must vote only for those candidates who aggressively support and have the personal courage to actively articulate and fight for our Constitutionally recognized freedoms regardless of political party.  We must vote for candidates committed to getting our over-reaching government out of our lives.  These candidates will never be associated with the Progressive Left  or the Establishment Right, which are just two rhetorical sides of the same unconstitutional coin.  You will not hear these candidates mentioned in any positive way by the international, Elite controlled media.  You must find them on your own.  Jon Stewart, Bill O’Reilly, Wolf Blitzer and other media figures cannot and will not help you.  Intentions aside, they are largely lost within the narrow confines of their study group world view.  They do not spend much time in the real world.

The sycophant, state controlled, liberal U.S. media with Media Matters at its White House connected, Soros (read elite) funded core would have the uninformed voter believe that whatever course we choose in dealing with the current U.S. financial bankruptcy, we must not return to the policies of the Bush years that brought us to the brink of disaster.  Really?  The entire scope of the problem is limited to a ranch in Crawford, Texas?  Seriously?  Al Gore, Jon Stewart and Chris Matthews may swallow that.  1600 Watch will not.

First of all, the financial meltdown of late 2008 was caused by nothing more than an old fashioned,  well executed Islamic bear raid on financial firms such as United Airlines, American Airlines, Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and others.  It’s called FINANCIAL TERRORISM, though our own thoroughly gelded, politically correct government officials won’t say it.  The weapon of financial destruction employed, is referred to as “naked short selling” by industry market makers.  It is a viciously destructive tool and can only be used when regulatory restrictions against this practice are lifted or are unenforced as our conflict-of-interest prone government agencies chose to do.

The engine of doom known as naked short selling has not been available on Wall Street for quite some time…since the 1930’s as a matter of fact, when a regulatory framework was put in place to prevent a recurrence of the crash leading to the Great Depression.  This protective framework was removed by our dumb elected Representatives and their even dumber SEC appointees, which beautifully and gullibly set the stage for the incredible bear raid of 2008.  Mr. Kevin Freeman describes this scenario in great detail throughout his fascinating newest book, Secret Weapon, published by Regnery Publishing in 2012.

The first step in setting the stage for our 2008 financial meltdown was the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 (CRA) signed into law on October 12, 1977 by vacuous Trilateral Commission pawn, President Jimmy Carter.  This socialist act and its later enforcement by subsequent CFR selected Presidents and their corrupt Administrations basically coerced banks to stop the practice of “redlining” and lend money to poor people who had no hope of paying back the loans.  This liberal Democrat lunacy led directly to the now infamous economic tragedy known as  “subprime”, which destroyed the good faith and credit of thousands of uninformed decent folks who made the mistake of trusting their bank, which was lying in an incestuous unmade bed with their corrupt government, just like HIV infected crack whores.  This short sighted government policy also served as powerful motivation for big banks to defend themselves and creatively turn lemons into lemonade through the creation of untraceable new financial derivative instruments such as mortgage backed securities, credit default swaps, etc.

The second step in decorating the stage for a predictable financial fiasco was the partial repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999 – while who was President?  Oh – Mr. William Jefferson Clinton with Mr. Robert E. Rubin as Treasury Secretary.  Rubin fought tenaciously for repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act under the 1999 Financial Services Modernization Act.  This permitted commercial banks to foolishly conduct business and take on risks previously limited to  investment banks – a REALLY BAD IDEA.

It was Citigroup who in 1998, prior even to repeal of Glass-Steagall, led the charge in creating new financial instruments such as the now infamous mortgage backed securities.  Who was a former CEO of Citigroup?  Oh – that would be Robert E. Rubin, Mr. Clinton’s Treasury Secretary.  No inbreeding here, huh?

The next big mistake occurred in 2004, when the SEC abolished the rule requiring broker-dealers never to leverage borrowing against assets by more than 12 to 1.  The five biggest banks to quickly jump into this abyss were Bear Stearns, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers.  No 2008 problems there?  Actually by December of 2008, Mr. Freeman informs us, all five of these firms were either bankrupt, absorbed by other firms or received generous tax payer funded bailouts via the privately owned, taxpayer backed, Federal Reserve. (My somewhat incendiary words, not Mr. Freeman’s.)

By 2008 other dubious credit derivatives such as credit default swaps were endemic.  From 2001 through 2007 the credit default swaps (CDS) market grew from $1 trillion to more than $62 trillion or about five times U.S. annual GDP.  Did I mention that these credit derivatives are 100% unregulated.  No transparency what-so-ever.  Did I mention that Robert E. Rubin,  along with Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and SEC Chair Arthur Levitt, fought voraciously against any and all regulation of these untraceable derivatives?  Our incestuous global elite banking masters had seriously figured out how to capitalize on stupid government policy with maximum profit while simultaneously transferring all risk to the uninformed tax payer, who ignorantly jumped for joy at the prospect of cheap loans for anybody.  Life was good.

Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Chair Ms. Brooksley Born fought a lonely battle in favor of regulating these instruments.  Ms. Born was a brave voice in the soon to be bloody, shark patch battling with common sense against these elitist pawns, but unfortunately for we the people,  lost every battle.  Suddenly, Main Street citizens were reduced to chum for the hungry elitist sharks.  When Mr. Larry Summers was crowned Treasury Secretary, he too, jumped on the band wagon against financial derivative regulation and was powerfully seconded by Mr. Greenspan.

Peruvian economist Hernando De Soto wrote in the Wall Street Journal, “these derivatives are the root of the credit crunch”.  Mr. De Soto in case you don’t know, is an economist who regularly has to deal with death threats by communists for openly discussing the fact that poverty throughout the world is generally driven or exacerbated by the lack of private property rights.  He and his colleagues calculate the amount of “dead capital” in untitled assets held by the world’s poor as “at least $9.3 trillion“—a sum that dwarfs the amount of foreign aid given to the developing world since 1945.  You won’t get this information from Paul Krugman, Bill Maher or Michael Moore – ever.  It doesn’t match their indoctrinated world view.

Mr. Freeman goes on to explain in Secret Weapon that one reason these derivatives are so dangerous is that they are not required by law to be recorded.  Therefore they are not tracked and are not tied to the assets they represent.  In short Mr. Freeman tells us “Nobody knows precisely how many there are, where they are and who is finally accountable for them”.  As we all now know, this is precisely why uninformed U.S. tax payers pay billions of dollars every year to fund the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to not keep track of anything important – like say $62 trillion dollars of financial securities brokered by firms under their regulatory over sight.

The final cog in the Islamic financial attack machinery was jacking oil prices from around $50 per barrel in 2007 to nearly $150 per barrel by late 2008, thereby weakening the American and world economies considerably.  Islamic market makers speculated within wholly nontransparent, so-called “black markets” along with tail gaiters like George Soros, all of whom profited enormously in the oil run up preceded in planned series by the 2001 Twin Towers attack and later by the orchestrated 2008 Wall Street meltdown.  All together this amounted to a decade long financial terror attack on U.S. and world markets mounted by Islamic extremists, supported by their hateful governments, aided by foolish Sharia compliant western banks, compounded by Western speculators like insider thug, George Soros and apparently missed completely by our complacent – or perhaps compliant – I’m not sure which – irresponsible political leadership and negligent, possibly corrupt regulatory agencies.

We can safely and confidently say, at this point,  that our Federal government is too big to succeed.  Can we stop making it unconstitutionally larger and even more clumsy?  Can we consider making it 43% smaller to fit its own cash flow or as lying government enablers would say, budget?  You know?  The one the Obama Administration hasn’t produced for three years so we the people can’t see in writing, the treasonous financial destruction being wrought by our own nontransparent, bankrupt government.  Do any of you still believe any of this idiocy is an accident?  Do you not yet suspect that perhaps Barrack Hussein Obama, whom we know virtually nothing factual about – ought to at least be investigated as a potential Islamic / Marxist co-conspirator in the obvious attempt to weaken America?  What little we do know regarding Barack Obama and his life long associates suggest we at least ask a question or two in our own defense.

This is the incestuous stupidity that weakened the overall U.S. financial markets and set the stage for the Islamic naked short selling weapon of financial destruction to do its thing.  The United States now has an interlocking marriage of government with multinational corporations working against we the people instead of for we the people.  This parasitic relationship is fostered by both the Marxist Left and Establishment Right working along separate, but united rhetorical paths.  The Obama Administration is now treasonously working to coerce religion into this incestuous fold.  History tells us that whenever government becomes married to both private business and religion – the near future can be described using terms such as doom, catastrophe,  calamity, pain, disaster, tragedy, meltdown, shock, collapse and struggle.

If we care at all about our kid’s futures we must make the effort to obtain truthful information.  We must realize that our entire press corp is now an elite Pravda style propaganda machine.  Some of it is Establishment Right;  some of it Marxist Left;  virtually none of it is true.  All of it is caught up in a strategy to destroy America’s middle class via a wealth transference program to the world’s multinational elite.  Do your own research.  Reach your own conclusions.  Cast your own vote.

Our failure to wake up and hunt down the simple truth in today’s virulent political world, is tantamount to willingly purchasing our own slavery, by the pound, from the elite slave master’s auction block; such slavery obscenely offered as security, but in fact, serving as the unbreakable manacles of spiritual destitution and economic collectivist poverty.  The U.S. financial quagmire and dire threat to liberty has not in fact been caused by George W. Bush.  It has been caused by decades of complacent voter ignorance, leading to Presidential candidates limited to and supplied by the international elite, along with unqualified, self serving elected officials of both the Democrat and Republican Parties,  few of whom recognize a conflict of interest; who in turn appoint corrupt agency staffers and political hack court justices who illegally legislate from the bench;  and all of this paid for and tolerated by the uninformed voter against his or her own best interest.

We citizens of America cannot and will not remain free at our current level of economic illiteracy and political gullibility.

Opening Remark:  There are still many, very good teachers who care deeply about what they do.  I personally know a number of them.  The following is not about them and I thank them for their efforts – futile or not.  The following commentary is about our horribly destructive, Progressive School Administrations and their Leftist, anti-independent thought curriculum, which have and are destroying education in America – even in the hands of teachers who try.  The destruction of independent thought is an enormous nail in the coffin of individual liberty and it is a key note strategy in the Marxist play book for winning power through voter ignorance and the indoctrinated inability to reason.

Education in America has been attacked and degraded into rote collectivist indoctrination by Progressive Pawns for more than 100 years and has unfortunately been totally in Progressive hands for more than 60 years now.  The clear and present result is massive educational failure on every level with the near total loss of independent thinking as the rotted cherry on top.  Silicon valley now must hire its top techies from overseas.  Our top U.S. university grads can quote Mao, demand rights, hug trees and handle condoms with great facility, but basic English, quadratic equations, thermodynamics and quantum mechanics is beyond their interest and certainly their grasp.  The deductive ability to connect two general thoughts, thereby deriving a specific conclusion is for all practical purposes – out of reach for our average citizen.  Thank you Herbert Marcuse, C. Wright Mills and the  rest of your destructive anti-academic herd. Thought conditioning sound bites are all today’s average citizen voter is capable of absorbing.

Two environmental socialism cases in point.

Most liberal voters believe that electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly than hydrocarbon (gasoline) powered vehicles, though it has not proven true.  Liberals just blindly insist they are.  Electric vehicles can actually discharge more particulate matter into the atmosphere than gasoline powered vehicles;  their batteries are filled with toxic chemicals that must be disposed of and guess what;  these vehicles are charged with electricity, more than 50% of which is provided by fossil fueled power plants anyway.  “Recent research from the University of Tennessee, suggest electric cars in China have had an overall worse impact on the public health with regard to releasing particulate matter compared to those guzzling gas. The research conducted by Chris Cherry, assistant professor in civil and environmental engineering, and graduate student Shuguang Ji, evaluated 34 major Chinese cities where electric vehicles, including bikes, outnumber conventional vehicles 2:1.”   {Taken from Daily News, UK}  Their research states that the number of electric cars have grown to more than 100 million in the country in the last decade and that the promised environmental purity is not being realized.  Quite the contrary.

The second colossal fallacy that liberals swallow hook, line and sinker and then mindlessly promote is that carbon dioxide is toxic.  I won’t even comment on how uneducated you have to be to accept that a naturally occurring compound created by oxygenated life forms is life threatening.  This goes beyond uneducated to just plain stupid.

I’m sorry, but it is not even remotely possible to successfully manage our Constitutional Republic with the astonishing level of uninformed ignorance now prevalent in our society…and the Marxist Progressives thoroughly understand this.  Of course they do – dumbing down to collective ignorance and the replacement of learning with indoctrination is their strategy.  Too bad most of us don’t get it.  Too bad that our indoctrinated press corp is the most voraciously aggressive group of proponents for this self destructive lunacy on the planet.  We are not becoming increasingly ignorant by accident.  We are becoming increasingly and collectively ignorant by focused intent.

50% of the U.S. voting constituency now pays no Federal Income Tax and receives some form of government subsidy.  This has become the single largest, least educated, least productive, least generous, most criminal, most indoctrinated, most selfish, most hopeless voting block yet created by power hungry Progressive Democrats in American history…and it is not by accident and it is certainly not due to a lack of educational funding.  Progressive de-education gets progressively worse (pun intended) every single year in spite of spiraling levels of spending.  Progressive success is guaranteed intellectual failure for our young students and will eventually assure our total loss of individual freedom.

The elimination of grades are one excellent example, of how Progressive ideology successfully inhibits actual learning.  Test scores, grades if you will, A through F are intended to provide a gauge, a simplistic measure of the level of success a particular student is having with the subject matter.  The grade in and of itself has little importance.  The earned grade is simply a guide as to the success of the teacher’s techniques and/or the student’s mastery of the subject.  A low grade suggests more work and significant improvement is needed by the student, teacher or both.  A high grade suggests the student and teacher  are ready to move on to new challenges.  The grade is a measure of the relative degree of educational achievement – nothing else.  It’s a simple and useful educational measuring tool for both teacher and student.

There is only a need for measurement as a gauge of learning when education and learning are actually the goal.  When indoctrination and social conditioning are the goal – no measurement of success is needed.  Only forced compliance of collectivist, herd behavior is required.  The Left’s highly regarded love of diversity is actually just forced conformism and the ruthless destruction of individual thought and action enforced by the ligature of intellectual strangulation dressed up as a pretty silk scarf.  Progressivism attacks and suffocates individualism and the pursuit of excellence on every front;  mentally, emotionally, physically and most of all, spiritually.

Unfortunately, in Progressive-land the “grade” becomes everything.  What the student does or doesn’t learn no longer matters.  Education itself becomes irrelevant.  The critical thing is “what grade has been assigned and how fair or unfair is this grade”?  The proper color marking pen being employed becomes critical.  How the student feels about this grade takes precedence over whether or not the student is learning anything at all?  The obvious pre-determined solution to this fabricated issue is rote collective sound bite  indoctrination.  This nonsense is sick enough, but it quickly gets worse in the delusional nirvana of Progressive-land.

There is always the possibility that a student may feel badly about receiving a low grade…and in Progressive-land, this is not fair.  Fairness, or social justice must be rigorously imposed.  A fair system providing equality of outcome must be developed.  A realistic and considerate assessment of the grading system and its appropriate relationship and meaning to both student and teacher must not be attempted.  Reality does not render actual performance measurement  fair in terms of social justice.  Mindless indoctrination is the new standard and eliminates any need for measurement or accountability.  Since all standards are conveniently eliminated, the meaningless outcome is always arbitrarily fair as determined by the present Czar of Indoctrination.

In a society inspired by individual liberty and respect for individual talents as driven by the powerful motor of free market capitalism, fairness is simple.  Equal opportunity is assured.  Outcomes are an individual matter.  A low grade means the teacher, the student, or more likely both will have to expend more effort in attaining the educational goal.  Both student and teacher strive to become the best they can be.  All individuals have varying strengths and weaknesses.  Some are good spellers.  Some excel in music.  Some are creative artists.  Some do well at math or love the subtleties of science.  Few, if any, excel at everything.  Equality of opportunity and respectful consideration are important for every individual.  Equality of outcome is impossible as it is an entirely individual matter determined by attribute, attitude, belief and desire.

In Progressive-land, however, we must mindlessly  insist on the impossible – that is, the equality of outcome.  We stridently deny the vast spectrum of talents, skills, interests, personalities and vagaries inherent within every individual human being.  By forcing equality of outcome, we ensure that some arbitrary scale of social justice is adhered to and that equal justice is bureaucratically eliminated.  Fairness will now be achieved by whatever arbitrary yardstick is the flavor of the day.  Sadly, educational fairness as defined by utopian Progressives constitutes educational real-world failure.  Why?

In a free market society, where every individual is paramount, the pursuit of excellence is encouraged and is in fact necessary to any level of personal achievement, academic or otherwise.  The less gifted are encouraged to be all they can be.  The whole is thereby benefited and lifted by the various parts no matter the degree of individual success.

In the centrally planned, collectivist model adhered to by Progressives the difficulty of raising the less gifted or less motivated to gifted achievement levels is both insurmountable and distastefully despised .  In the interest of arbitrary fairness, since the less gifted and unmotivated cannot be raised to unrealistic levels of achievement;  the hard working or gifted performers must be punished.  This is done by lowering the bar in any number of ways.  The standards of achievement can be reduced;  measurement of achievement may be downgraded or discontinued altogether;  grades may be eliminated entirely and all levels of achievement (competition) summarily eliminated.  If you conform – you are awarded an attendance medal – which everyone gets.

The predictable end result of the collectivist fairness system is that the high achiever is disincentivized as excellence is no longer rewarded or even acknowledged and in fact may be looked down upon as unfair.  The low achiever is rewarded unrealistically and now everyone loses all around the table.  The pursuit of excellence has been discouraged and the under achievers feel guilty about being rewarded in what may be an undeserved fashion.  At this point we have made grades and accountability meaningless and have deincentivized everyone from working hard as there is no benefit to doing so.

This basically is Progressive de-education in America, circa 2012.  It is a system that has failed by every educational measure and succeeded by any in-doctrinal measure.  Money and funding is not accountable for the failure of American education.  Progressive curriculum guidelines are the cause.  Ignorance and the inevitable loss of freedom are the effects.

Educated people are difficult to retain in the Marxist barns of ignorance and are extraordinarily difficult to manage.  Progressives eliminate this obstacle to centralized managerial control by replacing learning with indoctrination and social conditioning.  It’s effective.  It works.  We’re living it today in America.  That’s a big part of why America is a mess.

The only realistic solution to America’s economic woes is for our elected Representatives to actively move our bloated, contumelious Federal government out of our way.  There is no other answer and any politician who says there is should be shunned like an alcoholic thief, blistered and pustulated with predatory bubonic plague.  The Federal government of the United States is too big to succeed.  Our future lies in making it smaller and forcing it to represent we the people, not special interests.  After all, we pay the bills.  We can make “the call” or we can choose to be Sheeple.  Not to choose is to choose Sheepledom for our children.

Any literate politician, journalist, pundit or voter having a shred of common sense, human compassion, decency, integrity and an IQ above 70 or so knows from un-redacted history that freedom, wide spread economic health and a life of abundance are enhanced to the extent government is small and stays out of the people’s way.  To the extent government grows and encroaches on individuals and free markets;  freedom, economic health and any possibility of abundance are subjugated to the collectivist diseases of information manipulation, insider monopolistic control, abusive power, wealth confiscation, wasteful spending, mis-management of resources and outright tyranny all packaged in a pretty wicker basket of false promises, today’s shared sacrifice and tomorrow’s promised picnic to come…but tomorrow never comes.

No nation throughout world history has ever escaped the treacherous tentacles of big government as relates to the diminishment of opportunity, the strangulation of hope, or the outright enslavement of families through taxation, regulation and fiscal mis-management of the people’s confiscated wealth.  The un-informed citizens of the United States have now voted themselves completely and viscerally into the Globalist net of vituperative control and empty promises.  The net can still be cut without bloodshed – but for how long.  Is there any possibility remaining, that as a nation, we might start voting intelligently and in our own well informed interest?

As Mr. Ram Dass once remarked, “If you think you’re free, there’s no escape possible.”

Virtually every socialist country in the 2011 world is bankrupt.  Those not in bankruptcy offer only limited opportunity for their citizenry to hope, dream and work toward a more abundant, fulfilling future.  This, in spite of the fact that the United States, the blood of whose troops is misused as the Globalist private police force, bears the lion’s share of European defense costs.   America, whose common sense dragged her to a slow start, is now leading this de-ranged pack of blind international lemmings over the chaos cliff.  George Soros and friends – the lemming herders, are happy, happy campers betting all day long on which national economy will be dumb enough to win this race as they blindly stumble down the journalism smoothed, home stretch; battered, mislead, exhausted and beaten to proudly and self righteously claim their own feudal serfdom forever.

Power hungry, wealth addicted, Global monopolists have been around since the European caves, but more visibly and aggressively only since 1773, when Mayer Amshel Bauer (Rothschild) and friends founded their One World Government scheme to re-establish world wide feudal serfdom with international central banking as the new Royalty.  Top Globalist strategists “walk softly, but carry a big stick”.  Their foundational base is the internationally inbred, green-blooded families of the Establishment Corporatist Right.  The point of their spear is dumbed-down Marxist collectivism herded by a dictatorial centralized government; craftily sharpened to a fine point by mentally conditioned academics, journalists and character challenged politicians.  The dumb animal to be speared is us.

The numero uno, Globalist weapon of choice, however, is not the bloody spear or even the deadly gun.  Those are just profitable little tools used to control population growth; though they can be used when the occasional nation resists de-educational conditioning.  The preferred Globalist weapon; the one in the velvet case; is always the net.  A net of sticky, glistening web strands, spread so wide and so deep as to be unseen as we foolishly walk right over it, into it – and finally get stuck on it.  The beauty is, that we choose to walk there.  Force is not so common anymore except in special cases.  Today, force has been articulately, though ignorantly, replaced by the skillfully woven net of really bad ideas.  You can catch more fish (or in our case, Sheeple) faster with a net, than with a spear any day of the week.

The Globalist battle net is difficult to see or define as it is woven of seemingly contradictory rhetorical strands, such as international conglomerate monopoly posing as free market capitalism;  collectivization and so-called social justice  through Marxist, communist, socialist, Progressive ideology posturing as equal justice;  fascism masquerading as fairness; democracy (mob rule) in place of Representative Republican government;  and finally – giant, impersonal, unidentifiable, unaccountable, top down, centrally controlled, hybrid government structures, which no individual can possibly deal with.  1600 Watch calls this Corporatism – not to be confused with free market capitalism.  The warp and weave of this multifaceted net makes it possible for any politician, pundit or talking head to take virtually any side of any issue at any time and cast it as though it were absolute truth, though it rarely is.

Corporatism is the governmental hybrid spawned by the intermarriage of unaccountable, big government with enormous, international conglomerate monopolies, which over time are protected and nurtured via so-called government regulation, which the monopolies themselves actually develop and write – not to protect the sheeple, but to eliminate competition, guarantee safe price fixing, privatize profit, socialize risk and losses, if any;  avoid taxation; confiscate tax payer wealth; and to control resources, business cycles and populations through mis-education and distracting entertainment of various kinds.

This is precisely how the Federal legislation/banking/Federal regulation scam that finally blew up in October 2008 functioned to transfer billions in tax payer wealth to the monopoly bank owners , while simultaneously locking in political legislative power.  The banks could not have stolen what they did from we the people without the aid and assistance of government legislation such as the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act and the complicit involvement of government regulators and so-called legislative over sight.  Our own Federally elected Representatives bear more responsibility and guilt in our nation’s economic collapse than the criminal bank owners themselves do.  Each side protects the other and we the sheeple pay for it.  Sheeple call this justice and Washington D.C. will surely hold yet another committee meeting to determine how even more wealth can be stolen from working America.

The Globalist net of delusion and ultimately, our self chosen subjugation, lies in plain site, yet is largely unrecognized as its sticky strands lie deep within the teaching (conditioning actually) of more than 3,000 popular study groups, think tanks and foundations formed by our Globalist mentors and conveniently provided for the de-education and mis-education of our leading and most respected academics, journalists, network news anchors, wanna’ be politicians, prospective national ambassadors, corporate conglomerate CEO’s and, of course, high ranking Federal bureaucrats of both present and future.  We tend to notice only the more obvious and colorful Global arachnid chelicerae (poison fangs) such as The Bilderberg Group, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and the various and sundry Round Tables; and we only think of them in terms of the crazy conspiracy theorist claims, pointing them out to the laughter, derision and condemnation of the conned citizen, typically entrapped deep within the non-thinking net and stubbornly, defensively so.

These silly Globalist groups consistently promote concepts detrimental to individual freedom and small guy prosperity, but they are not in and of themselves a problem or even a threat.  Stupidity is not yet illegal and treason is ignored in 2011.  The Logan Act of 1799 has, to my knowledge, never been enforced.  The problem is us.  We refuse to study history and are persistently un-informed as to the reality of current events;  choosing instead to be conditioned by the sound bites issued endlessly by professors, pundits, news anchors and others, all of whom got their cushy jobs by attending the accepted study group meetings, think tank seminars, etc. so necessary to “club” membership.  The cardinal Globalist rule and mantra is, “Leave your brain at the door – thank you very much.  We will do your thinking for you”!  None of this is a conspiracy, but yes it is certainly a political and economic strategy and to the extent you don’t see that, you are enmeshed in the net.  Sorry!

For the purpose of irritating and annoying diehard Sheeple everywhere,  I will henceforth refer to the Globalist machine in conspiratorial fashion as The Bilderbergs for the remainder of this post.  Just please be reminded that The Bilderbergs, Bohemian Grove, Tavistock, Council on Foriegn Relations, Skull & Bones, Free Masonry and the Illuminati are not a problem whether you believe they exist or not or have influence or not.  The problem is uninformed Sheeple who know not what they do.

So, to wax eloquent in conspiracy language and etiquette, “what the well dressed Bilderbergs want, the Bilderberg Globalists get”;  not because they force anyone, but because they’re smarter, more greedy and nastier than we are and they condition us to support and vote for candidates who have “religiously” attended the proper study groups, think tank seminars and the well funded foundation feed lots stacked to the rafters with Progressive Globalist chow.  If you’re already laughing at me or angry for even bringing up the Bilderbergs, then you are living the most effective strategy they have developed to date – which is invisibility in plain site of ordinary people.  The Bilderbergs are nothing more than common international “Grifters” and those laughing at the very idea of Bilderberg are “The Marks”.  Unfortunately for us, 99,999 of every 100,000 of us are “Marks”.  P. T. Barnum proved it beyond a reasonable doubt and unlike The Sheeple, Bilderberg members and attendees do read history as they also like to make it.

The Bilderbergs as a signatory, named  Globalist group have no power over us, excepting our cattle-like inclination to follow the brain washed pseudo-leaders they so auspiciously and conveniently provide through the extensive study group system.  The United States still holds free elections, but the choices, if you want to call them that, are limited to those candidates whom the Bilderberg-member owned press sell us.  The Bilderbergs know from decades of experience that the Sheeple will vote for the candidate left standing in November with the most money, the most campaign adds, the best smile and the most press support – every time.

True grass roots, independent thinking candidates of the people having actual integrity don’t merely run against their political opponents.   No, no, no!  They must run up a slippery, steep slope of ridicule on a tilted, de-meaning playing field against the impeccably de-educated national and international press corps, which incidentally attend the same thought conditioning study groups, think tank seminars and foundation feed lots the chosen candidates themselves do.  It’s a very simple, well established de-educational system that incrementally stacks the deck against individual freedom and real leadership  with 99.9% certainty.  If you doubt this statement, then wake up and look around you.  We see no fence because our minds have become an impenetrable fence through more than 100-years of Progressive mis-education.

The Establishment Right is the foundational Bilderberg spear.  The Marxist Left is the spearhead of easily controlled centralized government and Progressive education is the poison.  Grass roots funding, political candidates and a little gumption is the cure.  It’s about time we the Sheeple demand THAT OUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES AND GOVERNMENT WORK FOR US – NOT AGAINST US.  Maybe then, we won’t be Sheeple anymore?

Denial, denial and more denial.  Then blame, blame and more blame, but two plus two still does not equal one, no matter which Progressive conditioning center, I mean school, may have mentally abused and un-educated you.  Our criminally negligent, Marxist Congress can point their cowardly little fingers at the Tea Party through our sycophant media, thereby blaming them for the downgrade that obviously had to happen, but that doesn’t make it so.

The Tea Party grew out of realizing that our Federal government is broken;  is recklessly spending our money and future  for political gain and the benefit of insider special interests;  is destroying the U.S. dollar (declined 40% since 2001);  is over extending our military families while under protecting our nation;  has driven our industrial / manufacturing base overseas;  has strangled U.S. energy independence;  has forced U.S. energy dependence on the highly unstable Middle East;  is suffocating small business entrepreneurship and jobs;  does an abominable job of negotiating international trade and arms agreements;  is financially damaging other nations by devaluing the world’s “reserve currency”, which must be used by those nations to purchase commodities;  and long story short – legislates not on the basis of sound policy, but on the basis of powerful special interest lobbying.

The primary and singular beneficiaries of our foolish, Federal debt are the private owners of the Federal Reserve Criminal Enterprise.  This greedy, international cartel of elite Fed families are the only winners and have been coercively and dis-ingenuously winning, stealing actually, at our naive national expense since 1913.  Not to endorse a candidate, but Congressman Ron Paul has been the lone voice, courageously crying in the wilderness for more than two decades against the Fed, which is the single most destructive force and murderer of liberty on the planet.  If you consider what the media has conditioned you to believe regarding Mr. Paul, then you may understand that he and his family have paid dearly for his courage and desire to make his fellow citizens free from the death grip of this financial boa constrictor (no offense to boa constrictors).

The Federal Reserve Criminal Enterprise owners, through interlocking directorships and equity control own and therefore do the hiring for nearly every media outlet in the world, including Reuters and Associated Press, not to mention The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, New York Times, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, Fox and all major publishing companies.  (Just so you know who it is that labors mightily to condition your non-thinking on a daily basis.)

The Tea Party has never been and isn’t about Democrats, Independents, Libertarians or Republicans.  The Tea Party is about “we the people”, common sense and individual freedom, which is precisely why both the Establishment Right of the Republican Party and the Marxist Left of the Democrat Party join together in communal hatred of it, our Constitution and every principle upon which the United States was founded.  Here’s one example of what the Tea Party would like to see fixed.  Thank you to whomever put these sludge hammer budget, spending and deficit numbers together.

Our highly unconstitutional overview, 2011 Federal Budget:

U.S. Federal Government Income:  $2,170,000,000
Federal Budget (Spending):  $3,820,000,000,000
New Debt:  $1,650,000,000,000
Total National Debt:  $14,271,000,000,000
Recent Budget Cut:  $38,500,000,000 (about 1% of the annual budget)

Let’s lop 8 zeros off these numbers so it looks like the Hopenchange family budget.

Total Annual Family income:  $21,700
Amount Spent by the Family This Year:  $38,200
New Credit Card Debt:  $16,500
Outstanding Credit Card Balance:  $142,710
Spending amount cut from next year’s proposed budget:  $385

Any adult who cannot grasp the astonishing depravity of this irresponsible spending catastrophe is either an Establishment Right, Federal Reserve pawn or a Marxist Left, Federal Reserve shill.  In either case, their elite, monopolistic enabling infection is likely, not curable.  Most everyone else comprehends simple criminal negligence, voter pandering to the point of fiduciary fraud and special interest driven greed when they see it.  It’s frightening to realize that comatose Progressives have been so lemming conditioned as to believe that the Tea Party, not their own elected Representatives have caused this spending problem.  Standard and Poors based their recent U.S. debt downgrade on “out-of-control” government spending and the near total lack of political will in Washington D.C. to recognize or deal with it.  Nothing else.  Blaming the Tea Party is the same as blaming the 911 caller for the fire.

The above budget numbers are what our House of Representatives spent two impotent weeks discussing behind close doors until they finally hatched a rotten, smelly egg.  Our U.S. Senate under the treasonous leadership of political hack, Harry Reid actually refused to even discuss our national bankruptcy and tabled it without a vote.  I guess that’s the level of leadership you get when you only pay $175k a year with lifetime pension and health care benefits after just one criminal term in elected office.

The reason for the closed doors and our new Super Committee of eunuchs is to prevent the prying eyes and ears of “we the people”  from actually witnessing the colossal level  of political cowardice, special interest benevolence and blind self aggrandizement of our pathetic elected Representatives in violating their oaths of office.  This mind boggling level of corrupt negligence and incompetence would be too frightening for “we the people” to actually behold in action so our Congress and pseudo -President have chosen to shield us from the painful reality of what they are doing to us.

Can you imagine a more hopeless proposal than appointing cowardly, lying political hyenas like John Kerry to be in charge of solving our Federal government’s over-spending problem?  This is like appointing a serial arsonist to be in charge of a group of arsonists to investigate a fire.  The Fire Chief better run and hide because he or she will likely be blamed.  Yet another castrated committee of bought and paid for hacks, preening and stroking each other behind closed doors, is an insult to our intelligence as a nation, an affront to Republican government and has no purpose other than to absolve our treasonous elected Representatives of responsibility for their reprehensible actions.  Want more finger pointing and blame gaming?  This committee will give it to you.  I suggest not bending over.

No nation in world history has, and the United States will certainly not, remain a significant world power by running itself into the financial black hole of socialism with this sort of stupidity and corruption.  To blame the Tea Party for this obstreperous debacle because they at least had the courage to mention the problem is nauseating and despicable;  not to mention a fast downhill track to the financial destruction of American individual freedom.

Our pseudo-President has the bully pulpit and can constructively motivate or not, but it is our House of Representatives that appropriates spending for the United States government – no one else.  If our Federal government believes that 2 + 2 = 1, cannot balance a check book and is spending us into oblivion – it is because our elected Representatives choose to spend us into oblivion.  Period.  Spending is the problem.  Congress is the spender.

If we the people want wasteful, counter-productive, poverty spreading, nanny state programs – fine – as long as we have the money to pay for it.  Borrowing to pay for this highly destructive, nanny state delusion is fiscally insane;  and Standard and Poors, good, bad or otherwise – finally noticed it.

On August 14, 1935 then Progressive, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed The Social Security Act into law.  The first citizen earnings were forcibly taken in 1937.

Why on earth would I call this respected (most media-conditioned non-thinkers would say “necessary”) government entitlement a Ponzi Scheme?

Because that’s simply what it is.  It doesn’t really matter what the FDR Administration had in mind while creating it.  What matters is the fiscal reality and unfortunately the fiscal reality is a ponzi scheme that would put you or I in prison for financial fraud.  Why is it a fraud?  Bear with me because this may be boring.

First of all, the simple Arthur B. Laffer analogy of two farmers.  Mr. Laffer asks us to imagine the United States consisting of two farmers and their government.  No one else.  The first farmer gets benefits such as Social Security and Medicare;  the other gets nothing.  Who pays for farmer number one’s benefits as distributed by the government?  Farmer number two, of course.  Let me add, that the government creates nothing and has nothing other than what it takes from someone – in this case farmer two to give to someone else – say farmer one.  As benefits to farmer one grow;  farmer two eventually runs out of money and isn’t a farmer any more.  Now the perfect Marxist entitlement system is broken.

The government can borrow money or print money to continue farmer one’s benefits, but there is no one to pay the borrowed funds back.  This is not a sustainable government system, yet our Progressive Federal government not only stubbornly insists it is;  but also claims this system to be mandatory for the well being of our citizens.  America today has roughly 313 million citizens, so it takes longer for our equivalent farmer two to run out of money, but our specious Federal government is working very hard on accomplishing exactly that.

Again, I’m not questioning why FDR’s Administration or subsequent Administrations defend this flawed financial concept.  I am going to discuss what “they”, our elected politicians do with our supposed trust fund money.  First of all, Social Security is not an entitlement.  You and I pay our earnings into it every week.  It’s our money, not some gratuitous promise charitably made to the uninformed citizen on behalf of his or her beneficent Federal government.

You’ll hear some say, incorrectly, that Social Security funds were placed into the General Fund in 1968 by the Progressive Lyndon Baines Johnson Administration.  This is not correct.  Accounting procedures were revised and have been in several other instances as well, but all this is just number juggling, good, bad or otherwise.  Factually, The Social Security Act of 1935 stipulates that all monies confiscated (my word) into the fund are only to be invested in securities backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Federal government.  In other words the so-called Social Security trust fund monies are limited to such things as treasury bonds, treasury notes, treasury bills or special government issued bonds.

Basically this amounts to our Federal government confiscating your earnings, then lending that money to itself, after which it can freely spend the money on anything it wants.  Anything might include, but certainly isn’t limited to, building Progressive-dependent voter constituencies by funding food stamps, welfare programs, school lunches, liberal dis-education, State sponsored Progressive media such as NPR and public broadcasting, financially untenable green programs run by well connected insiders, Progressive propaganda art works, cash-for-clunkers, bank bailouts, pro-Marxist union friendly auto company take-overs, foreign aid to benefit various international elite insiders, etc.  It can also be spent on defense, the Postal Service, transportation systems, NASA, etc.  It is because of the re-direction of these funds from purchased treasury securities to General Fund items that people believe Social Security is part of the General Fund similar to Medicare, which it is not.  They are different, though both are pay-as-you-go systems, where nothing is really invested in any viable, sustainable sense.

Here is another explanation for my accusation that the Social Security concept is fraudulent by definition regardless of intent.  A “private” retirement account is voluntarily paid into by employee contributions into named accounts and may be matched to some percentage by the employer also making contributions out of annual profits.  To the extent the employer / employee business is successful at providing goods or services in a profitable manner – both this private business and the resultant retirement fund are self-sustaining.  These private trust fund monies can be invested in government securities, but can also be invested in securities offered by other self sustaining businesses, which are also successfully and profitably providing goods and services in the marketplace.  This system is sustainable in perpetuity because wealth is actually being created by hard work, risk  and capital investment.  The private system is further abetted by the fact that messing with this money will get you prison time.

A fraudulent, pay-as-you-go trust fund such as Social Security is not self sustaining in any way.  Current beneficiaries rely entirely on current contributions as well as the ability of the United States Federal government to repay the principal and interest on the Treasury Securities purchased by the trust fund.  As long as there are sufficiently more pay-as-you-go contributors than there are beneficiaries or as long as the full faith and credit of our Federal government is strong enough for the government to borrow from itself and pay itself back;  the system seems OK and its foundational flaws are not visible.  The obvious limiting factor of course, is that the full faith and credit of the United States government is 100% dependent upon the wealth generating capacity of those same pay-as-you-go businesses and contributors.

Today, we have a factual demographic situation where a baby boomer turns 65 every few seconds.  The pay-as-you-go contribution model is broken.  Current workers cannot sustain it.  When the economy weakens and more and more businesses fail putting more and more workers are out of work; the pay-as-you-go confiscation / contribution system falls short of its mandated burden and can no longer support the burgeoning growth of beneficiaries.

Simultaneously, non-Social Security related, government tax revenues also fall short.  The government now has four choices.  1.  Don’t pay beneficiaries at all or pay them less.  2. Borrow the money to make the mandated payments to beneficiaries, realizing that this borrowed money can only be paid back by printing fiat money or increasing the confiscatory burden on workers.  3.  Print more fiat money to cover the mandated payments and the additional borrowing.  4.  Increase the confiscatory burden on workers who are still working until there is simply nothing left to confiscate.

Any way you examine this Social Security concept;  it is doomed to failure by the two farmer principle.  It’s not a question of if.  It is a question of when.  Backers of Social Security claim that privatizing the trust fund and establishing named accounts that can be assigned to heirs upon passing is too risky.  It is risky indeed, but through privatization a contributor to the system has at least some chance of recovering their investment.  The current Social Security ponzi scheme is a guarantee that your confiscated wages will never be paid back to you in full and certainly not as a profitable, after inflation investment.

In a nutshell, Social Security, regardless its intent, is nothing more than an unaccountable methodology enabling corrupt politicians to build voter constituencies and amass potentially abusive power using your own hard earned wages to do it.  The unconstitutional, unsustainable negatives of the Social Security Slush Fund System heavily outweigh any benefits to “we the people”.  It is in the best interest of the citizens to scrap this outdated idea and do something else that might actually have a future sans the greedy and very sticky fingers of career politicians.

Get the Federal government out of our pockets.

We like to think that our Federal government and its bottomless abyss of regulatory agencies along with their 150,000 pages of regulatory “special interest written” nightmare are in the best interest of “we the little people”;  that these agencies function on behalf of the poor citizen, too dumb to fend for themselves.  This thinking is, of course, incorrect, naive and borders on the masochistic, self abuse of our own economic survival and ultimately, our freedom.  The regulatory function today, including the criminally abusive taxing authority of the privately owned IRS, is to eliminate competition for insiders, protect price fixing through government mandates and to reward all criminals involved.

There may have once been a useful purpose for regulatory oversight in terms of consumer protection, but that day is long gone.  Today our criminal, regulatory agencies are nothing more than expensive revolving doors connecting our vibrant “game the system” training grounds with the upper management of supra-national conglomerates well versed in using these same agencies to strengthen and protect their monopolistic stranglehold on whatever price fixed, non-competitive industry they happen to be in.  We see it in insurance, banking, oil, autos, so-called green products, communist labor union promotion, etc.  It’s an endless feeding trough supplied by the struggling wallets of hard working, though uninformed citizens.

Example One:
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) came out this week with its new, more draconian fuel efficiency standards requiring manufacturers of cars and light trucks to build vehicles meeting the new standard of 54.5 mpg by 2025.  This is to “help us” in the war against anthropogenic (man caused) global warming.

Sidebar:  There is, of course, climate change – always, but man caused global warming is an enormous hoax that has proved immensely profitable for highly subsidized, insider green companies, most of which are not even economically feasible, much less capable of earning profit in competitive markets.  The so-called consensus on this is a cherry picked fabrication and has been proved to be so by hundreds of scientists and climatologists – none of whom can garner any press and all of whom have been demonized and ridiculed by Al Gore Brown Shirts.

NASA released this week, more than a decade of satellite collected climate data demonstrating without question that the U.N. climate models are wrong – and wrong by a lot.  Carbon dioxide, man made or otherwise, is not trapping earth’s heat within earth’s atmosphere as U.N. models assume and predict.  Enormous amounts of heat are being emitted just as a rational person might expect.  Non-redacted climatological data show at best a temperature flat line and if anything a very slight cooling trend – not a warming trend.  Data must be cherry picked and/or redacted to show a warming trend.  End of sidebar.

The true purpose of this EPA regulation is not to protect citizens of the world or the environment.  The narrowly focused purpose is to federally mandate enormously expensive, economically unfeasible vehicles the consumer won’t willingly waste their money on; eliminate consumer choice within the Federal mandate thereby locking in a non-competitive price range consumers are forced to pay; which will then be followed by tax payer funded subsidies so these auto monopolies can transfer middle class wealth to the elite, insider controllers of these monopolies.  There is nothing complicated here.  It’s just plain old, grand scale larceny and unconstitutional, government bureaucrat malfeasance, which would be punishable if we still had a functioning Rule of Law and a Constitution.

Example Two:
OIL.  Federal government regulatory agencies have systematically and unconstitutionally destroyed American fossil fuel independence beneath the guise of protecting us and the earth.  Forget the simple fact that development of new alternative energy sources can only be sustainably funded by today’s profit.  Forget the fact that the Bakken reserves in North Dakota, Montana and Canada total more than 500 billion barrels at $60/barrel per our own U.S.G.S. estimates, as compared to the exaggerated reserves of Saudi Arabia at a mere 250 billion barrels for which we are currently paying $100/barrel.  This is simple straight forward price fixing and our own Federal government bureaucrats are facilitating it for their elite handlers.  It’s just another massive wealth transfer from the working middle class to the elite, while the elite stores their U.S. reserves for future sale at higher profit margins with astronomic pricing forced on consumers by their own government.  Follow the money and look for dirty hands – they’re dirty all over Washington D.C. and you can smell the larceny on ’em.

Example Three:
Al Gore’s curly light bulbs.  Edison’s incandescent light bulb has been deemed “inefficient” and the U.S. government, through the bipartisan, heavily euphemistic Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA), has mandated its forced Darwinian extinction (light bulb genocide actually) as of 2012.  Socialist lemmings at the EU and our Aussie brothers and sisters are purportedly following suit.  Incandescent bulbs are being replaced with hazardous, heavy metal, Argon/Mercury laden,  fluorescent curly bulbs.  This will help the environment, hey?  These fluorescent bulbs are more efficient – they emit less heat energy than incandescent bulbs, but that has nothing to do with Federal government market manipulation and the wholesale dictatorial destruction of an entire industry.

The real purpose of EISA is to Federally mandate the extinction of fluorescent light bulb industry competition, thereby fixing an obnoxiously high price for the only product remaining in the marketplace.  Don’t you wish you were a government favored fluorescent bulb insider, so you too could charge any price you want for your product?  Success is guaranteed if you just purchase the right politicians.

There are dozens of good examples of Federally mandated profit centers for insiders.  Remember unleaded gasoline?  As soon as un-leaded was mandated, the per gallon price of unleaded spiked and never came down.  Diesel fuel went up and never came down again either.  Whenever your do gooder Federal regulatory agency purports to help you;  duck and hide your wallet, because your pocket is about to be picked clean again…and again…and again.  It’s astonishing that adult people vote for this.

U.S. regulatory agencies have become nothing more than expensive half-way houses where lazy, communist delinquents, forlorn of productive job skills, can feed copiously at the public trough, while posing as effete intellectuals.  These Marxist Progressive parasites spend their lives producing nothing, contributing nothing, risking nothing, while loudly and self righteously condemning any and all who are trying to be productive members of society.  They are disgusting leeches and these out of control Federal agencies running unconstitutionally amok around a neutered Congress, self-relegated to irrelevance, should be shut down one by one, once and for all.  They are not only a waste of time and money in and of themselves;  more importantly, they aid and abet grand larceny and the wholesale theft of citizen wealth.

Real free markets are self correcting via competition and will flush the frauds down the toilet quickly and efficiently.  The occasional problem would be far less threatening than the certainty of dictatorial abuse by immoral  Federal agencies bloated with their own lust for tyrannical power and an unquenchable thirst for our dwindling freedoms.  The only beneficiaries of government regulation in 2011 are the unconstitutional Ruling Class Pawns and their elite, international handlers.

We the people are voting to make ourselves the main entree and don’t even realize it.

In Short:
“Spending” is the obvious one word problem definition.
“Stop spending” is the obvious two word solution.
Any other answer is incorrect or a lie.

Another Short Answer:
“Stop voting” for people who are lying to you!”

Portraying Annual Federal Spending in terms of a 24-hour day:
Corporate Jet Loophole – 15 seconds
Oil Company Subsidies – 2.2 minutes
Bush Tax Cuts – 2.4 minutes
Our Three 2011 Wars – 3 hours
Mandatory Entitlement Spending – 16 hours

Please note:  Tax increases or decreases have absolutely nothing to do with the simple fact that our irresponsible House of Representatives spends too much.  These two discussions are not related.  If we quadruple taxes;  does that now mean our Federal government doesn’t spend beyond its means?

Do not be distracted by the discussion of symptoms or vested special interest scare tactics.  The problem is un-Constitutional SPENDING.  Social Security and Medicare are required by Federal law to be paid.  Payment of those mandated entitlement expenses is not a choice as Obama threatens.  Barack Obama and all Progressive D’s and R’s are irresponsible liars.  Believe them, support them and vote for them at your peril.  We cannot remain free and support Democrat Marxist Globalists or Republican Neo-con Globalists.  They all detest your freedom and crave YOUR money – for only slightly different reasons.

Long Answer: The American economic turmoil engendered by inappropriate, unconstitutional, short sighted government policies vis a vis 2011 is not as complicated as we are told by politicians and pundits.  Contrary to Fox News, MSNBC, CNN and other globalist outlets, the United States is not confronted with a mysterious,  irresolvable financial dilemma.  After all, if you’re sinking into debt, are feeling guilty about your irresponsibility or just don’t want to continue sinking into the inevitable quagmire of financial defeat;  you could consider spending less.  This concept would be helpful advice for any adult person, business, city, county, state or country finding itself mired in this foolish circumstance.  You might think that even socially engineered, Harvard and Yale grads could grasp this idea, but apparently not.

Constitutional Fact:
Of our three branches of government, only our House of Representatives has the authority to appropriate Federal spending.  If the United States is bankrupt and is subsequently weakened and beholden to those who hold the credit strings – it’s because our House of Representatives wants our country bankrupt.  Individually elected House Members are violating their oaths of office and are voting for this un-constitutional nonsense, plain and simple.  There is no other reason.  We would do well never to lose track of this simple, Constitutional fact; especially while paddling painfully upstream through the  statist media cloud of dense intellectual fog typically enveloping the mindless sound bites of political obfuscation.  Confusion is an effective means of control.  {You just read a sentence full even if it’s true – which it is.}

The United States is confronted, not with an outwardly imposed, incurable, viral economic infection, but with an internal, political vacuum of honest leadership,  integrity and to some extent, knowledge; all hopelessly addicted to a strident political determination, fully vested in self-political interest,  never to address our self caused, economic dilemma in any real way – ever.  The unconstitutional confiscation of our citizen’s money and its political use in “buying” votes and controlling our behavior is much too valuable to self aggrandizing, career politicians, many of whom should be in jail, not Congress or the White House.  The U.S. debt problem and subsequent depression is completely repairable – providing there is a will to fix it;  which there is not.

To date – politics trumps economics.  This is not a Democrat/Republican problem; nor a conservative / liberal problem.  It’s a case of mistaken identity boxed in completely by corrupt elected officials having competing political ideologies, hell bent on self justification rather than economic reality.  Political greed, lust for power and empty promises can purport to defy economic gravity, but ultimately failure is imminent – and you and I are and will pay for it along with our children.  Continuing to desperately race down this dead end road in full-on, Georgia Overdrive invites certain tragedy and basic indentured servitude.  Traveling this road, no outcome beyond the bounds of economic perdition is possible.  Debt and freedom cannot exist together regardless what the teleprompter claims.

Let’s take a minute to define the economic context here, shall we?  The United States has two (2) realistic alternatives to its existing and burgeoning debt.

  1. Default.
  2. Don’t default.

Any fool including our financially un-educated, Borrower in Chief can handle Option 1.  Stubbornly maintain the status quo, pay lip service to it with meaningless rhetoric and more outrageous promises;  or worse – double down on more spending and up the ante on the Fed’s coming QE 3.  Guaranteed failure for all sides.

{By the way  – Quantitative Easing (QE) consists of nothing more than foolishly printing fiat money with which to buy our own pathetic debt because no one else is dumb enough.  This used to be called “monetizing”our debt and its bad.}  Following Europe’s bankrupt and frequently bloody footsteps is generally not a good idea.

The three (3) Congressional possibilities regarding Option 2 are:

  • Cut spending
  • Increase tax revenues
  • Cut spending & increase tax revenues

There’s our entire list of possibilities.  Any politician or adviser who complicates this further has an agenda we had better identify because it won’t be in our best interest as citizens. The underlying, causative problem itself is attempting to manage a national ( or global for that matter) economy by employing and enforcing political agendas as opposed to employing basic economic principles.  It’s no different than trying to win a baseball game by employing the rules of football.  You’re going to lose.  The opposing baseball team playing by baseball rules will win 100% of the time.

Economics is like gravity.  It doesn’t care what political party you belong to or what ideology you adhere to.  On earth, if you throw a ball into the air, it will rise until the force of gravity equals the upward applied force and momentum (at the apex), after which the ball will begin to be pulled downward – toward the center of the earth – accelerating per the force of gravity.  Throw as many different balls as many times as you want, in as many different ways as you want, as hard or softly as you want;  the result will always be the same.  Your ball or your technique will not obviate the gravitational constant.  To oppose this concept on earth is to be insane.

In the real world, politics tends to override economics.  Progressive Marxists believe otherwise, but they are factually incorrect and history painfully demonstrates this to be so.  We are unfortunately, witnessing this historical occurrence once again.  Political agenda(s) driven by those who seek power over us, always after our money and wealth, would have us believe gravity and economic principles  don’t apply in these United States, nor I suppose anywhere else on earth.  Their current agendas, whether Left or Right, have been thrown into the air, have arrived at their respective apex and are now going to be pulled down.  To oppose this inevitable result is insane.

Gravitationally  speaking, the default option leads directly to economic collapse either in the near term or in the not too distant future.  The result of economic collapse leads directly to currency de-valuation; spiraling commodity costs; shortages of various kinds, including food and gasoline; interruptions in electric and natural gas service; etc.  If Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Italy and Great Britain, that is most of Europe – our current Administration’s sacred model, are any example – and they are – we will also see civil unrest and hungry, angry neighbors in our own streets.

Most of our politicians, by ignorance or intent, are dueling over perceived, economic symptoms with useless, placebo prescriptions that are in fact poisonous and highly toxic to the well being of our country.  Their own long term,  political career – in itself a problem – causes them to deny economic gravity and drives them to blindly pursue their own selfish interest, which will ultimately damage both them and us.  Our Founders developed a powerful vaccine called the Constitution, to protect us against this eventuality, but we have listened to Progressives, spurned the vaccine and are now defenseless against political snake bite.

Our survival as a healthy nation requires that” we the people” replenish our Constitutional vaccine, revitalize its latent power and use it to encourage and demand that our elected representatives “stop lying and stop spending”.  Even a tiny amount of integrity will carry us a very long way.  If the Progressive spoiling of America is not reigned in soon by rational common sense;  we will learn the true meaning of “bad”.

Any politician or pundit talking flatulently about budgetary “out years” or promising fiscally responsible budgets beginning in 2014 or later cannot be taken seriously and is basically a coward, a liar or both.  George W. Bush may have been a Neo-con Globalist hack and Barack Hussein Obama may be a Marxist Globalist hack, but neither of them had or has the power to spend. Spending is the problem.  Our House of Representatives is the spender.  Stop spending is the solution.

We can plan to spend less as adults or we can remain children and be suddenly forced to stop spending with no plan at all.  Which do you think may work out better for Grandma, Grandpa, you and I and our children’s future?