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We often hear or refer to Congressional gridlock; now an accepted cliché helplessly alluding to apparent inability of the House of Representatives or U.S. Senate to effectively legislate on behalf the American people or usefully serve their Main Street constituency in any positive or fiduciarily responsible manner.  This malfeasant, sometimes treasonous behavior is euphemistically attributed to rancorous Democrat/Republican adversity, normalized by compromised media pundits to the point, no solution appears possible.  Non-stop identity politicking, finger pointing and exhaustive pandering wear down even the most vigilant of voters, boosting financial survival and cultural chaos back into top, family priority positions, with political candor and leadership integrity falling off the radar until two weeks before election day.

BUT is this really the case?  I don’t buy it.

Elected members and appointed staff of Washington D.C.‘s bicameral Congress are apparently so deeply bought and paid for by special interests they no longer qualify as even mid-level managers.  They’ve willingly reduced themselves to paid lackeys, water boys and girls, 100% beholden to the money and press coverage provided by deep state order-followers who handle their pathetic careers in corrupt government; of money, by money, for the power to keep that money harvesting machine oiled and rolling along.

For those few instances when the carrot doesn’t work and one of our well-dressed Congressional lackey’s dares an independent thought or just wasn’t paying attention– whamo – out comes the control-file stick with negative press, scandals, financial difficulties, credit problems… and if necessary, accidents for pets, friends, associates or family members.  Problem solved; Main Street shafted; global syndicate happy.

Once we begin to get our Main Street arms around the enormity of D.C. corruption, enabled via complete acquiescence and complicity of MSM, we can begin to see how deep this infection runs.  It’s not a D and R skin abrasion; it’s full on, metastasizing, globalist cancer.

So, is Congress gridlocked?  Sure it is, though not because of liberals or conservatives, Democrats or Republicans.  That silly paradigm is controlled opposition hogwash designed to occupy distracted Main Street minds from seeing the cause of the infection. The systemic core infection from our Main Street viewpoint, is fiat currency, i.e. debt currency enabling ownership and operation of all controlled political conflict by the same global syndicate, via control of the money supply.  Fiat money makes big corrupt government possible by empowering government growth while eliminating the need for revolution inducing direct taxation.  Sovereign debt replaces direct taxation with future obligations and the invisible inflation tax, lulling tax paying voters into complacency, thereby disabling transparency, accountability and any attempt by competent bureaucrats to manage the bloated, parasitical beast, rampaging loose in D.C.

A two-Party, fake news dialectic effectively locked into one single globalist agenda via Fascist control of government by transnational monopoly interests, some might say mercantile interests, singularly aligned with the global syndicate totalitarian agenda; enforced by shadow government operatives; co-dependently enabled by the false promises to Main Street of social justice, security and nanny state freebies… all of which can be earned by giving up the 2nd Amendment, which by proxy gives up the 1st amendment along with any vestigial allusion of self-governance.

The D.C. legislative cancer problem we deal with today, is elected, so-called representatives traditionally selling themselves to the most-feared bidder for so many decades; both Houses of Congress are run not by elected Congressional lackeys, but by outside interests we the people don’t even know.  Making matters worse, some of those interests are malevolent regarding humanity.  In D.C. today, representatives are so completely owned and operated by outside third parties, even if we could find a Congressperson who wished to coordinate a coalition of the willing to do something on behalf their constituencies – they likely couldn’t do it.

Congressional coalitions today, are built by outside third-party interests, not by Congressional persons themselves.  Congresspersons today are not decider guys and gals; they’re just pathetic puppets voting on bills they haven’t read, handed to them by lobbyists, all the while dancing on control-file strings.  We watch on C-SPAN as Congressional puppets attend hearings and committee meetings where they mindlessly read their controlled opposition sound bites and pompously parrot prepared notes, sometimes clearly surprised as they publicly and embarrassingly read what they’ve just been handed by staff.

The latest hysterical example occurred April 10th, 2019 when House Financial Services Committee Chairperson, Maxine Waters ignorantly attacked a panel of bankers regarding the student loan default crisis (and no, I’m, not defending bankers).  This vacuous California Congresswoman was either mindlessly parroting questions written for her or worse, doesn’t know the corrupt  Obama Administration took over the student loan program in 2010.  This is the state of our very expensive 116th United States Congress and it doesn’t look much like self-governance.

So, our Main Street question for today is; how do we fix this corrupt mess?  The corrupted House and Senate have neutered themselves into legislative irrelevance for any issue beyond harvesting constituent wealth and money laundering.  What can Main Street do to aid the Trump Administration in releasing the treasonous shadow government’s, control-file choke-hold on Congressional Representatives?  Members of our bi-cameral Congress appear to have complicitly created a corrupt circumstance in which they are no longer capable of acting on behalf their constituency.  They have effectively castrated themselves into Constitutional political impotency.  We the people of Main Street will now have to bail them out and save our Republic — but how do we do that?  Just askin’?


I don’t generally post content other than my own, but this 2016 campaign video is so powerful I’m compelled to share it.

Candidate Donald Trump spelled out very clearly what his Administration will be about in this 2016 video.  It’s well worth watching as a reminder in the face of the overwhelming fake news and outright lies bombarding Main Street 24/7.  It’s just under 6 minutes and if you haven’t heard this; it’s worth watching.

Let’s make America and the world a great place to raise children again!

Messing with or eliminating the common law doctrine of sovereign immunity (crown immunity) would likely generate more international mischief than it could eliminate; so good, bad or otherwise should probably be left alone.

So-called qualified immunity however, is a different animal altogether.  Per Cornell University’s open source Legal Information Institute (LII):

Qualified immunity is a type of legal immunity balancing two important interests—the need to hold public officials accountable when exercising power irresponsibly and the need to shield officials from harassment, distraction, and liability when performing their duties reasonably.

Specifically, qualified immunity protects a government official from lawsuits alleging the official violated a plaintiff’s rights, only allowing suits where officials violated a “clearly established” statutory or constitutional right. When determining whether or not a right was “clearly established,” courts consider whether a hypothetical reasonable official would have known that the defendant’s conduct violated the plaintiff’s rights. Courts conducting this analysis apply the law in force at the time of the alleged violation, not the law in effect when the court considers the case.

Qualified immunity is not immunity from having to pay money damages, but rather immunity from having to go through the costs of a trial at all. Accordingly, courts must resolve qualified immunity issues as early in a case as possible, preferably before discovery.

Qualified immunity only applies to suits against government officials as individuals, not suits against the government for damages caused by the officials’ actions. Although qualified immunity frequently appears in cases involving police officers, it also applies to most other executive branch officials. While judges, prosecutors, legislators, and some other government officials do not receive qualified immunity, most are protected by other immunity doctrines.

UNFORTUNATELY, qualified immunity and other legislation such as 1982’s Intelligence Identities Protection Act or United States membership within the Financial Stability Board (FSB) are now abused to the point, accountability and responsibility have diminished nearly to zero.  This is particularly true when criminal acts are committed with impunity beneath cover of so-called National Security.  I’m talking about serious crimes like financial fraud, blackmail, threats of violence, violence and other reputation destroying activities.  21st century Washington D.C. is largely governed by “blackmail control files” compiled by and held in the corrupt hands of established Shadow Government order-followers parasitically infecting top management of CIA, NSA, FBI and more than a dozen more internationally connected agencies, many of them military.  This Shadow Government lies atop the so-called Deep State comprised of top management and lawyers representing big banks, energy companies, transnational monopoly interests generally, all of the military/industrial/surveillance complex specifically; and is further serviced by governmental administrative layers stacked on layers, piled on more layers of largely unaccountable, but protective order-followers at every level of Federal, State and local government.  This includes governors, attorneys general, judges, mayors, police chiefs, business leaders and politicians at every level.

Looming over this expensive dung heap is a despicable Cabal of internationally Elite dynastic families who have held power for more than four-hundred years.  Some of these families are historic bloodlines; some nouveau rich.  How many $trillions of dollars they’ve amassed is irrelevant as they hold controlling interest in all central banks excepting a few such as North Korea and Iran.  Iceland recently threw this psychopathic banking Cabal out of their forward-looking country.  We should do the same.

To the limited extent uninformed Main Street citizens do uncover criminality and abuses of power, Main Street is immediately stymied by lack of honest press coverage, legal standing, financial capability, politically correct peer pressure and sometimes more serious coercion.  Pandering photo-op investigations and useless hearings regarding alleged guilty parties at one level is farcically conducted by even guiltier parties of another level and so forth.  The guilty protect the guilty every step of the way and the Rule of Law is dead.  This is not a Republican/Democrat issue.  This is a systemically evil infection of corruption metastasized through the whole of the White House, U.S. Senate, House of Representatives and Supreme Court, not to mention thousands of complicit appointed  agency officials… and no I’m not indicting all government employees, most of whom are hard working, patriotic, decent folks doing what they can to effectively run a badly broken, systemically corrupt money laundering system called the U.S. Federal Government.

Aside from hundreds of billions of dollars laundered into and through black and hidden budgets or other unseen accounts from narcotics trafficking, weapons trafficking, human trafficking, sex trafficking, child sex trafficking and sex slavery, ritual child sacrifice and finally illegal organ harvesting we have documented theft via U.S. Inspector General Reports totaling $trillions of dollars.

According to U.S. Inspector General Reports and Federal Agency accounting records, such as they are, we the people of Main Street USA are since 1998, missing more than $30 trillion dollars our erstwhile Representatives in Washington D.C. chose not to account for.  1600 Watch obtained links to these reports through Catherine Austin Fitts’ Solari Report as provided to Solari by Dr. Mark Skidmore and a group of his graduate students at Michigan State University, who have published a list of supporting documentation for “undocumentable adjustments” identified at DOD and HUD from fiscal year 1998 through 2015.  Dr. Skidmore, among other positions is a Professor of Economics and Director of the North Central Center for Rural Development at Michigan State University.  Thank you Ms. Fitts and Dr. Skidmore.

1998:                DOD;                                      $1.7 trillion unaccounted for.
1999:                DOD:                                      $2.3 trillion unaccounted for.
1999:                HUD;                                       $0.0597 billion unaccounted for.
2000:                DOD;                                      $3.8 trillion unaccounted for.
2001:                 DOD;                                     $2.3 trillion unaccounted for.
2008 – Present: TARP Bank Bailouts:      $16.8 trillion unaccounted for.  (Supposedly under-reported)
                    This bailout slush fund amount may be as high as $27 trillion?
2015:                 DOD;                                       $6.5 trillion unaccounted for.
2015:                HUD;                                       $0.119 trillion unaccounted for.

The above numbers total $33.5 trillion US dollars missing in Washington D.C. per cited U.S. Government audit reports.  This isn’t by any stretch a full accounting.  Some financial researchers estimate a more realistic total between $40 and $50 trillion since the mid-nineties.  While all this money goes missing without so much as a D.C. nod or raised eyebrow; the corrupt psychopaths electronic voting machines elect supposedly to represent constituents are telling constituents the United States doesn’t have enough money for pension funds, health care, infrastructure or anything else those stolen monies now ignore.

We the people of Main Street are liable for these dollars and have a Constitutional right to know from whence this money came; and to whom it went.  Apparently, our Federal representatives, elected and appointed, in conjunction with private parties, primarily transnational in nature, are openly accumulating grotesque amounts of debt on our U.S. sovereign balance sheet, while unseen private entities accumulate enormous assets on private balance sheets.  We don’t know what these assets consist of, but may suppose new technologies, a burgeoning space program (since 1963) and other covert investments are likely being made.  After all, $33.5 trillion dollars is real money even in D.C.  Entire countries are operated for decades on far less.

It’s important we the people of Main Street demand enforcement of our Constitution; stay away from a Corrupt Constitutional Convention as Main Street is not prepared to fight that fight and get our money back.  The systemic corruption pervading Washington D.C., State governments and local governments cannot and will not be eliminated short of serious penalties for criminal behavior.  Lets just focus on the case of financial fraud and money laundering.

Step 1.  In the short term, qualified immunity must be suspended for all government employees.  This is unfair to decent people, but must be done.  We cannot continue having the guilty protecting the guilty.
Step 2.  Criminal behavior must be investigated, indicted, tried and if found guilty punished by imprisonment.  The guilty party must be interned in a cell with a phone and a legal pad.  The guilty earn their way out of prison by calling those parties who received our stolen money and make arrangements for how and when those monies are to be paid back.  Failure is continued imprisonment.  Acceptable payback earns freedom.

100% financial restitution by the guilty must be a required condition for release from prison.  Crimes must include the unconstitutional tax monies given away by corrupt Congress Persons to insider crony operations like Solyndra, Uranium One and so many other pay-t-play scams.  If we the people of Main Street don’t have the stomach for enforcing our own Constitution, expect more of the same… lot’s more.  No politician can fix this.  We the people fix this or it doesn’t get fixed.

Just sayin’.  Thanks for tunin’; in.


I’ll never defend the obscene concept of unconstitutionally surveilling hard working American citizens without probable cause.  This is not OK under any circumstances and certainly not beneath the ridiculous guise of protecting those same hard-working citizens, who by the way pay for this illegal surveillance of themselves.

In 1978 our bought and paid for by transnational monopoly, corrupt House and Senate created the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).  Whatever reasons justified this unconstitutional atrocity, FISA has been amended and thoroughly manipulated and abused by the embedded Deep State ever since.  This is enough to make a healthy goat puke and that ain’t easy.

The Trump Administration, this week, drove a railroad spike sized nail into stopping the obscene FISA abuse of power and I for one am not happy about it.  That said, being the open-minded guy I am, got me to wondering what possible justification for this continued Constitutional trespass might be considered by the Trump Administration?  I came up with one thin reason – not a defense mind you – there is no defense for telling Americans the Rule of Law must be destroyed to uphold the law – but a reason, just one thin reason.

As anyone obtaining information from sources beyond the kindergarten of propaganda markets the likes of CNN, MSNBC, FOX, NPR, BBC, etc. understands; the treasonous Obama Administration, for eight years imported thousands of Islamic Terrorists into the United States.  Think about it.  Obama got a preemptive Nobel Peace prize, then rubbed the Nobel folks’ nose in it by bombing the heck out of Middle Eastern countries for eight years; not to mention the Ukrainian coup d’etat or north Africa’s Libyan atrocities. Just in calendar year 2016, the Obama Administration dropped more than 26,000 bombs on just seven sovereign countries.  The entire time he’s importing thousands of justifiably angry Jihadists into the United States, conveniently mixed in with horribly abused refugees his Administration created – all in conjunction of course, with the Globalist population swap program for de-stabilization of sovereign nations, resulting in chaos levels capable of motivating folks to clamor for a solution.  The only possible solution is of course, the lunatic Cabal’s idea of One World Order and Governance, that is, a global totalitarian dictatorship.

Anyway, regardless the cause, as a practical matter, Obama’s got his Nobel Peace Prize and we the people of the United States now have many thousands of wanna-be violent Jihadists mixed in with innocent citizens in cities from coast to coast.  It may be, rogue elements in our own CIA created these murderous lunatics in the first place, but that’s moot as well, since now we do have to deal with these imported lunatics sworn to kill us.

Given the admittedly treasonous circumstance brought about by previous Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and finally Obama Administrations, Cabal puppets, each and every one, how is the Trump Administration to deal with this imported threat?  How can the Trump Administration keep track of these imported Jihadist killers now thoroughly imbedded in cities across America without a stupid program the likes of FISA?

Talk about a perfect example of applied Hegelian Dialectic; Thesis_Anti-thesis_Synthesis; or more commonly, Problem – Reaction – Solution; there we have it.  Create the problem, stir the pot and propose the intended Constitution obliterating solution.  The insane Cabal is so happy.

President Trump may be stuck in this quagmire not of his own doing, BUT here’s a thought.

Dear President Trump.  Good, bad or otherwise, you are now ensconced in the people’s White House.  Please find a way to do your job without shredding our Constitutionally recognized rights to do it.  Our own bloated, corrupt Federal government is the single, most dangerous threat to American safety and well-being on the planet.  We are not safer or more secure because the Rule of Law is vacated to chase bad guys, particularly bad guys our own Deep State created in the first place.  You Sir, have taken an oath to protect and defend our Constitution.  Please do that despite our cowardly pathetic Congress who won’t.  Thank you.

Look to the Left!  Look to the Right!  But don’t ever look ahead at what’s staring us straight in the face!

Look at Ukraine.  Look at Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.  Look at Russia.  Look at North Korea and China, but don’t look at what’s going on in Washington D.C. or Wall Street.  This is the constant CIA constrained media / D.C. drill.  Classic Hegelian Dialectic delivered with perfect diction in repetitive staccato drumbeats of eloquent sound bite perfection without an original thought in sight… in fact no thoughts at all, fully blinded within a contextual box framed by political order-followers, TV, radio and print media.

Edward Bernays told us in in his 1928 book entitled Propaganda, “all news is propaganda and all propaganda is lies[1].  Nothing much changed over the ensuing nine decades excepting techniques for propaganda, conditioning and entrainment becoming more sophisticated and applied over a significantly vaster scale.  There are many reasons for this, which we discuss over coffee and about which dozens of scholars have written dozens of books.  I’d like today to address just one reason.  Missing Money.  Lot’s of it.

According to U.S. Inspector General Reports and Federal Agency accounting records, such as they are, we the people of Main Street USA are since 1998, missing more than $30 trillion dollars our erstwhile Representatives in Washington D.C. chose not to account for.  1600 Watch obtained links to these reports through Catherine Austin Fitts’ Solari Report[2] as provided to Solari by Dr. Mark Skidmore and a group of his graduate students who have published a list of supporting documentation for “undocumentable adjustments” identified at DOD and HUD from fiscal year 1998 through 2015.  Dr. Skidmore, among other positions is a Professor of Economics and Director of the North Central Center for Rural Development at Michigan State University.  Thank you Ms. Fitts and Dr. Skidmore.

1998:                DOD;                                      $1.7 trillion unaccounted for.[3]
1999:                DOD:                                      $2.3 trillion unaccounted for.[4]
1999:                HUD;                                       $0.0597 billion unaccounted for.[5]
2000:                DOD;                                      $3.8 trillion unaccounted for.[6]
2001:                 DOD;                                     $2.3 trillion unaccounted for.[7]
2008 – Present: TARP Bank Bailouts:                  $16.8 trillion unaccounted for.[8]  (Supposedly under-reported)
2015:                 DOD;                                       $6.5 trillion unaccounted for.[9]
2015:                HUD;                                       $0.119 trillion unaccounted for.[10]

The above numbers total $33.5 trillion US dollars missing in Washington D.C. per cited U.S. Government audit reports.  This is not by any stretch a full accounting.  Some financial researchers estimate a more realistic total of unaccounted for dollars between $40 and $50 trillion since the mid-nineties.

We the people of Main Street are liable for these dollars and have a Constitutional right to know from whence this money came; and to whom it went.  Apparently, our Federal representatives, elected and appointed, in conjunction with private parties, most likely transnational in nature, are openly accumulating grotesque amounts of debt on our U.S. sovereign balance sheet, while private entities accumulate enormous assets on private balance sheets.  We don’t know what these assets consist of, but may suppose new technologies, a burgeoning space program (since 1963) and other covert investments are likely being made.  After all, $33 trillion dollars is real money even in D.C.  Entire countries are operated for decades on far less.

As Main Street citizens, we have choices to make and these choices loom large in our kid’s futures, probably even in ours.  For example, D.C. tells us we don’t have enough money for Main Street health care, pensions, retirement plans, etc.  Yet DOD, just in fiscal year 2015 misplaced $6.5 trillion dollars against an entire Federal budget allocation of $4.1 trillion.  How exactly does DOD lose 1.5 times more money than all Federal Agencies combined spent in just one year?  Obviously, these vast amounts of missing dollars are not incompetence or negligence.  This is FRAUD on an unimaginable scale hidden in plain sight.  Incompetence is an error of say 0.1%… or even 1%…what the heck, let’s say 10%; but certainly not 150% of the entire Federal budget.  The 2015 military budget was approximately $600 billion of which $6.5 trillion comprises more than 1,000% of the military budget unaccounted for.  We can’t make this up with a straight face.

The folks who apparently took this money, some would say Deep State; I just say Elites, are now making think tank and media noise about a Constitutional Convention.  The answer to this nonsense is NO.  Given that Main Street has zero representation in D.C., while transnational monopolies have 100%; there is no possibility of Main Street surviving such a convention intact.  Please realize that Elites believe in slavery.  They also believe Main Street to be their slave farm and their estates the slave owners’ homes.  Main Street cannot win this battle.

It is my humble opinion that Main Street’s only appropriate course of action is demanding ENFORCEMENT of the Constitution we already have.  Nothing more.  As Ms. Fitts tells us; we as tax paying citizens have the Constitutional right to either have our stolen monies returned to us – or we have the right to hold an equity position in the assets being developed with our stolen funds.  In either case, we the people of Main Street USA are no longer bankrupt as D.C. would have us believe.  We can choose to do this or not; stand up for ourselves or not.

Again, as Ms. Fitts so eloquently reminds us, should we choose allowing these Oligarchs and their order-followers to tear up our Constitution, with or without our permission, we will end up penniless without recourse and our children’s only possible future, is slavery.

We must as American citizens demand the return of our money.  Just sayin’.


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Is it possible for political hack, Susan Rice to be investigated, indicted, and tried in open court; and for her testimony not to lead back to Hillary Clinton?  Is it possible Hillary Clinton’s courtroom testimony would not lead back to Barack Obama?  Is it possible that Obama’s courtroom testimony would not lead back to the Oligarch handlers he represents?  Not probable.  The trial of Susan Rice leads directly to the indictment and trial of dozens of others; in turn leading to hundreds.  This constitutional crisis is not likely to occur.

I’m excited to see the exuberance of Trump supporters cheering exposure of illegal, seditious, even treasonous behavior of hacks like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and others.  (If your news is limited to CNN, NPR, MSNBC, NY Times, Washington Post and the like, you haven’t heard much of anything about this, other than maybe some witch hunt spin.) Loyal Trump supporters and constitutionalists are ecstatic about the indictments and prosecutions sure to come… maybe even as early as tomorrow.  Hope is everywhere in Constitution respecting circles.

Sadly, I suspect this hope is in vain; indictments and prosecutions are not likely.  Hand wringing, tears of agony, flag waving, mud slinging at its best, eloquent pandering like we’ve not seen before, brutal slaps on the wrists, maybe even a Senate reprimand for some; and horror of horrors, the most seditious may have their pensions threatened – but open trials in open courtrooms with focused questioning by trained prosecutors seeking vengeance or justice – uh, uh; small probability here.  The best we can hope for is some will leave office and maybe public life.  This in itself is a win of sorts if we can get it?

No, the D.C. show is completely jinxed; the fix was put in more than a century ago, before most of us were born.  Let’s try to get our arms around the current reality of D.C., which may indirectly shed some light on a few other things we’re wondering about as well.  Don’t focus on Democrats alone.  Other than meaningless rhetoric there is only one Party in D.C. and it’s the Party of the Oligarchs managed jointly by the DNC and RNC.

Clearly, in spite of Democrat protest to the contrary, Donald Trump, his team, many foreign leaders and we’re not sure who else were under covert surveillance by folks in the Obama Administration for more than a year prior to President Trump’s January inauguration.  We’ll omit for now, the question of how many others running for office against Democrats were similarly abused?  Just note where there’s smoke, there’s a fire someplace.  It may have been legal to surveil Mr. Trump and associates, but releasing this information to political operatives for political purposes is felonious.

Please recall that prior to January 20th, 2017, Donald Trump was nothing more than a U.S. citizen.  For the White House to employ Federal government intelligence resources paid for by the American people or to employ outside resources (think plausible denial)  to spy on and potentially undermine political competition running against those currently holding power is despicable at best, illegal under U.S. law and may rise to the level of sedition or even treason at worse.  Anyone not completely dumbed down by public education understands that to preserve our Rule of Law, these subversive political behaviors must be investigated, followed by indictments if warranted and prosecuted where so justified.

Unfortunately, Susan Rice doesn’t work alone.  Neither does Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or anyone else holding a sliver of power in Washington D.C. on behalf of the Elite; and I’m not limiting these remarks to Democrats, though it’s Democrats under the present microscope.  What we will see play out in the coming weeks is the full on exposition of systemic D.C. corruption so wide and so deep, no decent person can imagine it.  It won’t of course be called corruption by anyone in main stream media.  In Susan Rice’s pathetic case for example, we’ll hear terms like witch hunt, racism, political demagoguery and so forth… but corruption – never, won’t hear that.

It’s possible only 95% or so of the 435 House Members and 100 U.S. Senate Members are fully bought and paid for; but the 5% improbably remaining are too timid and cowardly to make any difference at all, so as a practical matter we can assume 100% of Congress to be thoroughly corrupted by the transnational monopolies who put them in power at the pathological behest of the world’s Oligarchs, thereby serving their own dehumanizing, NWO agenda.

In other words, should Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Bush or others of their ilk actually be called to testify, allowed to testify – DO YOU BELIEVE THEIR TESTIMONY WOULDN’T TAKE OTHERS DOWN WITH THEM?  This is key to the whole scheme.  The guilty do not prosecute the guilty and blackmail handles the rest.  To prosecute someone like Hillary Clinton or even a pathetic pawn like Susan Rice in an open court of law… or what we still think of as law today; we’re talking about the probable exposure of fraud, corruption, even treason by a cast of hundreds, maybe thousands throughout Washington D.C., New York, LA and Chicago interlinked with capitals across the world.  Famous people marketed to us on Main Street as respected leaders or philanthropists will be exposed, found out and must in turn be prosecuted.

This prosecution of multitudes is not going to happen — UNTIL AND UNLESS WE THE PEOPLE STAND UP IN MASS, CLAMOR FOR AND DEMAND LEGAL PROSECUTION AND SENTENCING FOR THOSE FOUND GUILTY.  Such a strategy could work, but the bad news is; Establishment Republican Neocons won’t go there; Democrats won’t go there, Neocon or otherwise; and timid, less guilty Congressional Members are afraid to go there.  This leaves Trump, should he stay his course, standing utterly alone with his family and a few close confidants against the Establishment Right, Establishment Left, CIA compromised media, military/industrial complex, “K” Street, corrupted courts, literally thousands of thought conditioned, Federal bureaucrats and millions of largely uninformed U.S. citizens.  Not a pretty picture.

We’ll likely realize in coming days, at least those of us not in a Tavistock induced coma, the once venerable United States of America is a super-power no longer — but has in fact degenerated into a super banana republic hanging on the raw edge of collapse.  Some hand wringing, pandering, speechifying and hand slapping – absolutely – probably months of it.  Indictments and prosecutions – not so much.  On a more positive note – we may not get what we wish from this scenario; but let’s use what we can and forge a foothold toward taking back our government; the one Oligarchs cleverly tricked us out of.

{What does your vote mean?}

First a couple of short term factoids:
Social Security goes into the red fiscal year 2017.
Medicaid goes into the red fiscal year 2017.
14.5 million more people have stopped looking for work in 2016 than in 2009.
94.7 million people out of 313 million U.S. population are out of work.  (That’s 30% unemployment, not 4.9%.)  Per U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. labor participation rate for October, 2016 is 62.6%, a new 38-year low.
U.S. home ownership at a 50-year low per U.S. Census Bureau.
National Debt, January 20, 2009:  $10.9 trillion.
National Debt, November 4, 2016:  $19.8 trillion.
2017 Federal Budget is $4.15 trillion.
More than $50 trillion unaccounted for in published Federal Accounting Records and Inspector General audits since 2001.
Congressional oversight = non-existent.  Honor, integrity and courage = N/A in D.C.


DT: Not likely your grandchildren will ever be micro-chipped.  They’ll retain the possibility of living untracked and free to pursue their own vision.
HC:  Your grandchildren will be micro-chipped by government mandate, will have every aspect of their lives tracked and will experience zero possibility of freedom as we’ve known it.  Your grandchildren will inhabit a free roaming prison as feudal serfs as Jefferson predicted – if we’re not vigilant.

DT:  Not likely your grandchildren will be forcibly vaccinated, which means they may escape government induced autism.
HC:  Hillary and friends love government mandated vaccinations, which means a high probability of autism for your grandchildren.  In other words – parents will pay for the privilege of disabling their own children.

DT:  Globalist Agenda 21’s Common Core will be dumped, which means your grandchildren will not be raised with the mentality of cattle.  Imagination, dreams and creative potential will still be encouraged and hope for a better future can thrive.
HC:  Common Core will be expanded, assuring your grandchildren have the mentality of barn animals,  zero deductive reasoning capability, will only know what to think, not how to think and will be content to serve their government with no hope for any kind of better future or abundance.

DT:  Repatriation of offshore monies, lowering the highest corporate tax rate in the world, reducing corrupt, discriminatory regulation, implementing debt/equity swaps, etc. mean the possibility of economic growth, productive jobs, wealth creation and the ability to sustain Social Security and Medicaid.
HC:  Social Security and Medicaid both go red in fiscal 2017.  Hillary’s only economic ideas are war, impoverishing taxation and suffocating regulation.

DT:  Inner cities have the possibility of improved economic opportunity, educational facilities and reduced black genocide numbers.
HC:  28% of all black babies will continue to be aborted ( 4 times the rate of white abortions).  Improvements to economic conditions and education will remain non-existent as under current Democrat leadership.  Uneducated, low skilled poverty and government dependence are the well springs of Democrat voting majorities and will continue expansion to Hispanic populations.

DT:  Our 2nd Amendment rights are safe.
HC:  Our 2nd Amendment will die along with our 1st Amendment as fast as Hillary and friends can kill them.

DT: Trump promises to fight ISIS, hopefully in part by removing our troops from Middle East countries where they are being misused as a private police force for BIG BANKING/BIG OIL at tax payer expense.
HC:  Hillary’s State Department we now know funded and armed ISIS in Syria and Iraq through excess arms shipments to Libya and shipped by the Muslim Brotherhood to Syria.  This is the deal gone bad that got four good Americans murdered in Benghazi while Hillary and Obama watched TV.  Why would Hillary fight as she promises against a terrorist group she herself, along with CIA helped build?

DT:  GATT, NAFTA and other U.S. impoverishing trade treaties will be renegotiated and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will never happen.
HC:  Hillary supports and her husband signed NAFTA into law.  Passage of TPP is a given, which transfers American sovereignty and Rule of Law to corrupt transnational corporate monopolies.

DT:  Trump is a negotiator, not a brawler.  He wins by being smart and making money; not by fighting and transferring money to Elite bankers.
HC:  Hillary is an Establishment Democrat Neo-Con, owned by corrupt bankers, who guarantees war, war and more war.

DT:  Trump earns a living on Main Street America providing products (real estate) and services (resort casinos, golf,).  Let’s see what he can do with D.C.  He is a creative individual who provides opportunity to the communities he works in and pays his own bills.
HC:  Earns a living in D.C. selling U.S. government access, favors and secrets – all under the table and at tax payer expense.  She creates or provides nothing else of value.  Hillary is a dangerous parasite.

There’s dozens more comparisons, but basically as Catherine Austin Fitts (Solari Report) recently stated in her two part Dark Journalist interview and I’m paraphrasing; this election is about economics and other important things, but it really comes down to a long term choice for human or non-human. Will we support our own humanity or go with Hillary and friends with their trans-humanist, cyborg, neo-feudal agenda?  It’s a pretty serious choice we’re making here for our grandchildren and future generations.  Let’s at least think about it.

I don’t know much about Trump, but maybe he deserves a chance?

I do know Hillary and for thirty years, she’s proven herself to be pathological; a liar and a greedy, treasonous parasite.

If Trump overcomes voter fraud sufficiently and is elected November 8th, he will require citizen support if he is to take on the Plutocracy corruption and their BANKING/OIL/WAR BUSINESS MODEL.  The Elite will undoubtedly threaten the Trump family, friends, acquaintances, business associates, etc. and if they have to, will likely attempt to force Trump  down the Lincoln – JFK road.

We’ll either help wage the battle against Elite Oligarchy totalitarianism with Trump; or shuffle off to our barnyard pens under Pawn Hillary’s corrupt, pathological Rule.

Good luck with how November 8, 2016 turns out as it appears to be a turning point for our grandchildren.

Hillary Clinton dutifully serves the world’s Elite dynastic families and of course, her bank accounts.  Until and unless she outlives her Plutocratic usefulness, she stands protected, far above the U.S. Rule of Law.  None-the-less, you may wonder why the FBI and Director Comey pretended to investigate Hillary Rodham Clinton for alleged violations of what we refer to as  The Espionage Act?  Judge for yourself from original sources.  Here’s a copy of the pertinent code sections for your own perusal.  It isn’t complicated.
A quick read of the code subsections f and g below show this is not just about Hillary.  Every person who knew about Hillary’s illegal private email system (as Secretary of State) is, under subsection g, also potentially guilty; subject to fines and imprisonment.  We’re talking a cast of hundreds here, including Barack Hussein Obama, as can be seen within the publically disclosed emails themselves.  Hundreds – With an H!!!  Very big deal here!  Makes Watergate look like a kindergarten prank.
U.S. Code, Title 18, Chapter 37, Section 793, subsections (f) and (g) are copied below as taken from:
Please refer to the entire Code Section 793 available at the above Cornell University Law School online library link so you can see the full context.


Whoever, being entrusted with or having lawful possession or control of any document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blueprint, plan, map, model, instrument, appliance, note, or information, relating to the national defense, (1) through gross negligence permits the same to be removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of his trust, or to be lost, stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, or (2) having knowledge that the same has been illegally removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of its trust, or lost, or stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, and fails to make prompt report of such loss, theft, abstraction, or destruction to his superior officer—
Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.


If two or more persons conspire to violate any of the foregoing provisions of this section, and one or more of such persons do any act to effect the object of the conspiracy, each of the parties to such conspiracy shall be subject to the punishment provided for the offense which is the object of such conspiracy.
Note how clearly and concisely the above code subsections are written.  Much of U.S. Code, as we know, is drafted by D.C. connected third parties to serve whatever agenda a particular group of insiders has paid our legislators to service.  Occasionally a piece of honest code is written to serve we the people, but normally that’s just pandering or an accidental side effect, not by intent on the part of our corrupt legislators in the House and Senate good-old-boy/girl clubs.
It appears this legislation was actually written to seriously dissuade responsible parties from being casual or happenstance regarding matters such as correspondence, plans, drawings, schedules, etc. related to American national defense.  It’s quite clear.  If you do any of these wrong things; you are subject to this, that or both consequences.  There isn’t a word about intent, Acts-of-God, accidental whatever, stupidity, etc. contained in this code.  If you do this; here’s what happens.
But not for Hillary Clinton.  WHY?
If we take away anything of value from the 2016 election cycle, let’s at least begin to realize one inconvenient truth (thanks Big Al); because if we can’t admit this one truth to ourselves, we cannot fix it and our kids cannot be free.
In year 2016, our three branches of United States’ government; Executive (President and Agencies), Legislative (House of Representatives and U.S. Senate) and Judicial (Supreme Court) DO NOT represent or work for we the people.  These three branches of government have degenerated into a money/power laundering center of organized crime serving the exclusive needs of the world’s Elite dynastic families, through their interlocking network of private clubs, international banks, NGO’s and transnational corporate monopolies, TOGETHER OWNING AND OPERATING ALL (yes I said all) OUR ELECTED AND APPOINTED FEDERAL OFFICIALS.  I hope there are exceptions to this systemic D.C. corruption, but I don’t know of any.
Hillary Clinton and her husband have passionately served exclusive needs of these Elite dynastic families at least since William Jefferson Clinton collaborated as a prominent Iran-Contra, CIA Darling via his elected gubernatorial office in Arkansas (’79-’81 & ’83-’92).  Neither Clinton has ever looked back and both have been hungrily feeding at the gullible public trough, whining about dedicated public service for nearly four decades now.  When you live your corrupt life as a degenerate, privileged servant of the Oligarchy, you and your family are protected.
That’s why Hillary hasn’t really been investigated and will never be indicted or tried – in spite of obvious violations of our Espionage Act.  Some of her emails have now been made public.  You can read the code language above for yourself.  If these public emails are in fact hers, you don’t need an attorney to explain she violated subsection (f) and people who knew about it violated subsection (g).  The only possibility of a legal trial for Hillary will be if the Plutocracy decides they’re finished using her.  That circumstance, fortunate for us on Main Street, would place her – and her complicit partners in jeopardy.  Short of such misfortune; forget about it as they say in New Jersey.
Under the Act, it isn’t only Hillary who’s in deep doo doo.  Obama himself and quite a list of prominent others are now known to be complicit and knowledgeable within the context of these now-public emails.  Not all, but many of these emails are directly or indirectly related to matters of national defense and are relevant evidence under the Act.  Heads significant to financially rewarding Plutocracy corruption will have to roll if this matter is actually pursued.
The good news, however, is we the people are now armed with this new tidbit of knowledge.  If we’re smart, we’ll put this knowledge to good use and cast more knowledgeable votes in November.  The bad news is, if you already voted for Trump through early voting; your vote has already been democratically adjusted and now counts for Hillary, but that’s how the banana republic cookie crumbles – UNTIL AND UNLESS WE DECIDE TO CHANGE IT.  Just kidding.  We all know there’s no stinking voter fraud in Amerika.  Have a great election!

It doesn’t matter what Political Party you identify with.  There is only One Oligarchy; One Congress;  and One Play-Book.  Both Parties and all of Congress play under the same, centuries old, pay-to-play rules.  If, as voters, we don’t know the play-book rules, we cannot win.  Yes, the Oligarchy has factions as on display with the Trump-Clinton media circus, but those factions are all bad for Main Street abundance and health.  As voters we must understand the rules and HOW TO WIN WITHIN THOSE RULES – at least until we take back self-governance from the Banksters who confiscated it…just because we didn’t know the rules.  Here’s how the play-book works…

…and I hope American voters realize they are not reliant on Congressional Organized Crime or treasonous, elected lap dogs, potty trained to exclusively service transnational monopolies (535 of these puppys sitting in Congress) to enact TERM LIMITS for them; thereby cutting off greased Congressional access to INSIDER TRADING and obscenely lucrative, post-elected-office employment within those same monopolies.  This play is not in the play-book and will never happen.



We can still vote in 2016.  Lies, voter fraud and information challenges aside, we ought consider setting aside disparate political views, joining our individual votes together and effectively eliminating incumbent criminals from holding power in both the R & D Parties.  We the people must learn to work-around the infamous, Elite wielded carrot and stickCareer politicians have been and are strangling our Constitutionally recognized unalienable rights.  The Carrot and Stick TURNS good people into bad people.  No one is immune from this disgrace… BUT voters can stop this.

It’s important to realize what happens to someone, the trusted candidate we assumed and probably was a good person running for national office, who won an election, then became comfortably ensconced within their protected D.C. office.  This good person was first compromised obtaining campaign funds, then positive media coverage and finally support from notable individuals.  None of this just happens.  It’s all made to happen.  The importance of the carrot is firmly established.

Upon getting off the plane in D.C., our good person is immediately made aware of their considerable power, importance and responsibility for issues they don’t understand, but on which, they will receive generous, unsolicited, expert assistance.  Not to worry.  Our person is then tastefully appraised of the enormous, no-risk earnings potential of connected insider trading deals (illegal for Main Street citizens, but not for Members of Congress), they now have privileged access to and deserve in return for their thankless, under compensated public service.  “Everybody in Congress does it.  Go along to get along.  That’s how you get things done in Washington.  That’s how you work for your loyal constituents.”

Some time after de-planing, usually following an expensive 5-Star dinner complete with cognac, cigars and influential personages, our person is tactfully made aware of lucrative future positions now available to him or her and perhaps even for friends and family members – assuming Congressional time is profitably spent dealing smarter, not working harder.  There’s the carrot.

The stick, an unseemly though effective convention, is never mentioned.  Down the road, however, should our good person fail to grasp what dealing smarter means and what real responsibility encompasses, they will steadily be introduced to the stick.  Credit can be damaged.  Press coverage suddenly turns ugly.  Tawdry compromising circumstances can crawl out from under rocks surprisingly quickly.  Money can dry up.  Credit is easily ruined.  Family members can have accidents.  There’s the stick.

Andrew Jackson beat the stick; an amazing feat of personal faith, courage and fortitude though the stick wasn’t well established in America at the time.  Lincoln lost.  John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy lost.  Nixon lost.  Reagan lost.  Scalia lost.  The others – all the House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, White House and Supreme Court members choose the carrot, avoid the unspoken stick and treasonously sell the people of the United States and the world straight down the Oligarchy, resource raping, life destroying, greedy toilet.  That’s just how it is, but not how it has to be.

We should be circumspect in judging these corrupt politicians and appointed bureaucrats for their lack of honor and enabling of unspeakable crimes against humanity.  How many of us will do the right thing when our family is threatened by people 200% capable of carrying out their threats?  When our son, daughter, wife, husband, dog or cats are on the line?  Our friends can be hurt as well?  Yea.  It’s a small number of heroes when we think about it.  Not a lot of JFK’s and Scalia’s around.  Our Profiles in Courage are pretty much vaporized.  YET – WE CAN WIN.  WE CAN BEAT THE PLAY-BOOK.

DON’T VOTE FOR INCUMBENTS.  By forcing the world’s transnational monopolies to buy and/or intimidate new recruits every election cycle – their corrupt stranglehold on D.C. pawns is largely broken by the simple logistics of having to coordinate new plebes over and over again – then losing that new blood, expensive blood to new blood again…and again…and again.  The Elite system will be broken without firing a single shot.

We the people still have the power if we choose to use it.  Don’t vote for incumbents.  Don’t purchase monopoly products and services whenever possible.  Watch less TV, thereby avoiding social conditioning.  Think for ourselves.  Use our imaginations.  Employ creative solutions. Live our lives fully and completely as humans, not trans-humanist drones herded like Elite cattle to and from the group-think barn.  Just sayin’.

Put down our Republican vitriol.  Put down our Democrat vitriol.  Walk away from DIVIDE AND CONQUER victimhood.  As the late Aaron Russo suggested, “It’s time to be good Americans”.  It’s a choice we will all make.

Presidents don’t run the United States.  They are Pawns-in-Chief, bully-pulpit cheerleaders for Elite Agendas; nothing more.  The United States is run by ten banks, controlling interest in which is held by eight families (four American and four European) and their associated criminal network holding controlling interest in every significant Fortune 500 company.  100 members of the U.S. Senate along with 435 members of the House of Representatives, that would be all of them, are controlled by this same banking Plutocracy.  It is Congress allied with our uninformed Main Street votes that are erasing our once Constitutionally recognized unalienable rights – now nearly gone via the Administrative Dictatorship we live under.  An unelected dictatorship governed by appointed Secretaries (usually Skull & Bones members or indirectly related to Bonesmen) of obscenely corrupt, wantonly powerful Federal Agencies, which have since 2001, somehow lost track of more than $50 trillion U.S. dollars.  That’s right – with a capital “T”.  Perhaps we have a Congressional oversight problem?


We basically don’t know who Trump is; whether he’s lying, pandering, can or will do what he claims, etc.  He has no openly visible ties to Yale’s Skull and Bones (obviously), Harvard’s Porcellian Club or other Elite vetting organizations, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, Milner Round Table Groups, etc.  Can an American citizen accumulate a net worth totaling several billions and remain an Elite outsider?  I don’t know.  Trump is a casino mogul.  Obviously he works with organized crime families in that business.  Does this mean he’s involved in organized crime himself?  I don’t know, but haven’t seen visible evidence of it.  Trump appears to work with Wall Street as opposed to being owned by Wall Street.  A vote for Trump appears to be a vote for the unknown, based on hope that he may be a genuine rogue fully intent on cleaning up the deeply embedded corruption and treasonous criminal negligence of D.C. on behalf on Main Street citizens, who happen to be his business’s customers.  The better Main Street does; the better Trump does.  He has a vested interest in American Main Street success, if nothing else.

Hillary on the other hand, we have known publically for thirty years as a self-entitled Elite Wanna-be;  proven liar, cowardly, mean-beyond-the-pale bully; willing to do or say anything, including treason and the sacrifice of her own American foreign service employees for the fattening of Clinton Foundation bank accounts, through which more than $100 billion has flowed, unaudited as Federal Law requires, since 1997.  Hillary and her husband are openly and flagrantly owned by Wall Street.  A vote for Hillary appears to be a vote for known, flaunted criminality, financial self-debasement and the blue-light sale of anything Main Street American to this weeks’ highest Clinton Foundation bidder.  She has no visible interest tied to anything good for America’s Main Street; only to her own self-interest.  If she can do for the entire country what she and Obama have done to blacks, our crash and burn into the toilet of economic history will pick up significant speed.

A few 1600 Watch comparison observations.

Trump’s wealth is on display all day every day.  Forget his tax returns.  They’re probably more than 400 pages of stuff few of us could even begin to understand.
Hillary’s wealth is under the table through the Clinton Foundation, which has never been audited as Federal law requires and has laundered more than $100 billion to date.

Trump is a proven negotiator.  He may take us to war, but I suspect not.  It isn’t his style.  He wins by being smarter than his competitors and creating win-win scenarios.
Hillary is a proven Neo-Con Democrat, fully committed to the Oligarchy’s BANKING/OIL/WAR BUSINESS MODEL, who will without question take us into war.

Trump has interesting ideas regarding debt-equity swaps, which could go a long way toward repairing the unproductive U.S. economy and joblessness through better financial policy management, less discriminatory taxation and less regulatory corruption.
Hillary has two solutions for every problem, RAISE TAXES and INCREASE REGULATORY CORRUPTION.  She has no practical ideas, other than war, for fixing the U.S. economy.

Trump is 100% against anti-U.S. trade treaties such as GATT, NAFTA or the newest Elite craze – the fully unconstitutional Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which by the way transfers American sovereignty and law from we the people directly to greedy trans-national conglomerate monopolies under Elite control.
Hillary and her husband support all Elite, Main Street impoverishing strategies 100%.

Trump claims he will fight PPACA (Obamacare) control over our behavior and lives.
Hillary promises to put the  Obamacare freedom-eating, wealth transfer machine on steroids for the feasting of Big Insurance, Big Pharma and Big Medicine.

Trump appears to be a supporter of our military personnel and their well-being and doesn’t appear focused on using U.S. military power as a private police force for Elite resource rape across the globe.  Trump seems to believe in business, not slavery.
Hillary and her husband (Somalia/Yugoslavia/Haiti/Libya/Syria/Ukraine as six examples) have proven themselves supporters of Elite resource rape agendas and spilling U.S. military blood in a bullying enforcement role masquerading as foreign aid.

Trump offers the possibility of U.S. middle-class wealth creation enabling more discretionary dollars available for alternative energy, environmental research and Eco-development.
Hillary promises quicker, deeper U.S. financial insolvency rendering environmental research and development implausible, at least outside the corrupt green give-aways to connected insiders we see with the Obama Administration.

Trump has raised incredibly smart, poised, productive children with no visible ties to Elite or criminal families, excepting his daughter’s marriage into a convicted felon’s, fraudulent New Jersey Real estate family.
Hillary’s daughter shows herself to be a spoiled, entitled political drone married into a convicted felon’s Ponzi Scheme family.

Trump runs real Main Street businesses providing goods (real estate) and services (golf, entertainment, gaming, etc.); taking financial risk, creating jobs and wealth for himself and those around him, including his employees.
Hillary has never produced anything in her life; has fed at the uninformed tax payer trough for decades; and earns more than $250,000 per hour peddling government access to those connected insiders who can afford Clinton pay to play.

Trump appears to be an independent American rogue.  I don’t know if he actually is.
Integrity challenged Hillary is a known Elite pawn proving daily she will say or do anything for more money and more power.  Abetting the sale (along with other treasonous Federal Agency Secretaries) 20% of all known U.S. uranium resources to Russian controlled companies is one example.

I can’t advise you who to vote for, but my gut says Trump – might be OK.  Hillary – swipe left.