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Here, in a blog shell, is the 1600 Watch Common Sense Health Care Proposal in less than 800 words.

1.  Allow all health insurance providers to sell health insurance plans across state lines to all individuals.  Let employers opt out of the employer provided insurance nightmare, dump the group concept and establish a single countrywide group of 313,000,000 people.  This will end government protected INTRAstate health insurance monopolies and will foster competition.

2.  Promote the establishment of private, free market, individual, named HEALTH CARE SAVINGS ACCOUNTS for all people in all states and educate young people as to the benefit of making small annual contributions toward their more elderly expenses each year.

3. Encourage health insurance providers to offer and consumers to purchase plans that do not include coverage for everyday primary care (family) medicine.

4.  Encourage health insurance providers to offer and consumers to purchase catastrophic health insurance coverage for the big stuff, for specialists and for expensive lab work.  By eliminating or at least reducing provider liability for small stuff, reasonable premiums will be more able to cover the big stuff.

5.  Encourage Doctors and clinics to offer direct pay services (concierge services) to their patients on a monthly fee (retainer) basis for all day to day primary care services with only a small office visit fee per visit.  (The office visit should not be free so as to discourage overwhelming clinics with trivial concerns.)  This monthly fee can include an additional opt-in or voluntary monthly contribution to assist Doctors and clinics in providing services to those who simply cannot afford to pay.

Note that existing direct service medical plans in Tennessee and other states, including pharmacies are already being successfully offered around the country at fees ranging from $50 to $200 per month.  Prescriptions typically costing as much as $250 can and are being offered for less than $15 through these same private plans.  Go figure.

6.  Establish a Medicaid style Federal  health insurance coverage fund to be administered through each state.  This Federal fund would provide as much as $400 per month toward premiums to each of the 15,000,000 or so persons who would like health insurance coverage and cannot get it; and can also cover the high risk pool.  Obviously, our concept does not include illegal aliens.  This fund would cost tax payers approximately $72 billion annually – $720 billion over ten years – and solves the access-cost dilemma for the less fortunate.  It’s an expensive socialist solution, but there may be no way around that at this point with 10,000 persons per day turning 65 years of age in the U.S. and realizing that more than 90% of all health care costs are typically incurred in the final decade of life.

7.  Other than the Federal health insurance coverage fund, all Federal government involvement and intervention in health care, including Medicare and Medicaid shall be eliminated.  The Veterans Administration would still provide services and hospitals for our veterans under its own program, but obviously this program should be contracted out to more cost effective private medical service providers along with actually providing adequate funding for our military medical services.

There you have it on one page.  Real solutions do not require 2,700 pages of law creating nearly 160 new Federal agencies, backed up by nearly 30,000 pages of regulatory insider crony spaghetti.

Political Comment:
Allow private free markets and consumers to deal with pre-existing conditions and caps for terminal illness and radical hospitalization expenses.  An actual free market will quickly sort it out through honest competition for consumers who provide the revenue stream for business success anyway.

Proponents of universal single payer government controlled health care insist that private free markets have failed the health care consumer in the United States. We ought take note of the fact that as established by 2011 CMS data, 36% of all U.S. health care costs are carried directly by government through Medicare and Medicaid.  53% of U.S. health care costs are borne through private health insurance and are under the central planning control of the Federal government established intrastate monopolies; or as some might call it – government protected PRICE FIXING.

In other words, 36% plus 53%, which totals 89% of all U.S. health care costs in 2011 involved Federal government control either directly or indirectly.  Only a seriously retarded victim of public school conditioning, robbed of their once bright future can call this a free market with a straight face.  THE UNITED STATES DOES NOT HAVE FREE MARKETS IN HEALTH CARE INSURANCE IN 2013.  PERIOD.  DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE.

Federal government intervention is the DIRECT cause of MOST cost and access problems in American health care.  More government intervention will worsen the problem.  Private free markets have always been and will always be the correct, most competitive, most cost effective solution.  Please don’t swallow the thought conditioned delusion of academic simpletons who live apart from and without accountability to the real world we must live in.


Collectivism in any guise is based on the general idea or MYTH that many can better take care of the few than the few can take care of themselves.  It’s warm and fuzzy; feels good;  makes for wonderfully disingenuous sound bites;  and in all of human history has not only, never worked, but ALWAYS leads directly to OVERBEARING government coercion.   In extreme cases the coercion is followed by outright abuse of power, imprisonment, torture, starvation and murder of the very same citizens the system was supposedly going to help.

I am aware of no exception to this general collectivist scenario, though admittedly there are degrees of coercion and the time to collapse is variable.  Somehow, under socialism, the Elite insiders and their obedient Ruling Class – that is to say the FEW – always end up controlling the MANY – just opposite the false promise.

Setting aside the murderous abuses found with extreme cases such as Russia, China, Cuba, Cambodia, etc.: the question becomes, WHY can’t socialist, centrally planned programs ever work – even when intentions are good?

Marxism / socialism / collectivism cannot and do not work for one very simple reason.  EVERY PERSON BORN, DIES.  It’s that simple and no ideology can change it.

All the ideology in the world;  the most complicated algorithms in the world;  the biggest hearts in the world;  cannot change the fact that every person born will die.  We are stuck with a one to one (1:1) ratio in the matter of physical life versus physical death.  On planet earth, within the construct of the physical world as we know it; each life converges on its own death.  Therefore, the many become the few over time and Nanny State ARITHMETIC simply does not work.

Regardless how the collectivist program is envisioned and structured; regardless the good or bad intentions; the population demographic ultimately converges on 1:1.  Now, since we have always, at least so far on earth, had some number of folks living – we don’t actually reach 1:1, which would be extinction.  However, as we approach 4:1; then 3:1 and finally 2:1; the wonderfully envisioned Nanny State system fails – every time.  It cannot survive itself.

All Nanny State concepts such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, etc. fall victim to this convergence and are unsustainable because of it.  There is no methodology or ideology able to overcome the physical reality of life converging on death for every person born on earth.

As an example, the link below shows the population statistics of America’s Social Security program from 1970 through 2011.  Please realize that all collectivist style programs fall victim to the ebb and flow of population growth and ultimately fail for this same reason.

SS From 1970 – 2011

You’ll notice from the chart that in 1945 there were 41.9 workers contributing to the system for each beneficiary.  By 1970, just 25 years later, the system declined to 3.6 workers contributing for each beneficiary.  In 2010 we were down to 2.9 workers per beneficiary.  In comparing rates of population growth and decline across the globe, we find variation in growth rates, but the differences are not significant.  We also find localized discontinuities resulting from war, famine, disease, etc., but these are also insignificant over time.  The fact is – every person born, dies; and neither politics nor socioeconomic theories change that.

Even leaving birth and death aside, let’s keep it simple.  Say a community has a total of 100 police and firemen employed.  They set up a retirement program whereby each worker will contribute 5.00% of their income toward the retirement and health care of 20 fellow police and firemen, now retiring.  Looks great.  Years later, the 100 police and firemen are ready to retire.  To support all 100 of them at the  same contribution rate of 5.00%, the community will need 2,000 police and firemen contributing.  When the 2,000 retire, at the 5.00% contribution rate, 40,000 working police and firemen will be needed to support those retired.  Since there will never even be 2,000 working police and firemen, the contribution rate must be upped to impossible levels.  The workers cannot support the non-workers.  Each must take steps to support him or her self.

Nanny State programs are simply not mathematically viable nor sustainable.  We can tweak them and argue about this or that improvement, but after four generations – the population gig is up, reality comes a’ knockin’ and the program fails.  This fact is not arguable;  it just is.

The sustainable alternative to inevitable Nanny State failure is, of course, free market capitalism and individual self sufficiency to the maximum extent possible.  Capitalism is basically anarchy with rules and it works.  As governments grow;  freedom, self sufficiency and personal sustainability decline.  The Constitutional Republic of the United States bolsters free markets and the individual pursuit of excellence.  This system has provided more opportunity for more people and lifted more people out of poverty and hopelessness than any socioeconomic system in world history.  Period.  That is historic fact.  There is no other country or group of countries, or any other system that has created more wealth for more people than has the United States of America with its Constitutional recognition of human unalienable rights.

The arithmetic of population clearly demonstrates that abandonment of the individual to the collective ultimately fails everyone every time.  The only sustainable solution is maximum self sufficiency, whereby, the few disabled and helpless can easily be accommodated and cared for by the spiritually healthy, freely self sustained.

Russia and its collective Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.) collapsed in less than three painful generations (Assuming a generation to be 25-years.) from 1917 to 1989; after starving and murdering more than 40 million people to force their doomed system in place.  China starved and murdered more than 60 million to establish their brutally failed system and now is turning to a limited form of state-capitalism in an effort to save itself from a second revolution and collapse.  More than 75% of the Chinese people have received zero benefit from Communism and live in abject, utterly hopeless poverty, though remain conveniently out of sight through efforts of the Globalist media, conditioned socialists all.  Europe is headed for the same demise as most European countries are already flirting with bankruptcy, but at a slightly slower rate as Europe has not gone to full on Communism, or 100% government.

It is imperative for the American middle class to realize that the current Nanny State track of the United States government leads to disaster.  It is not a question of “IF”, but “WHEN” we fail and the arithmetic shows that four generations is about the sustainable limit.  We the Baby Boomers are the third generation and we are beginning to fail.  Proceeding stubbornly and ignorantly down this same collectivist path yields our children, the fourth generation, a future of certain poverty and chaos.

Capitalism and Constitutional Republics can be tweaked and improved.  Socialism is simply doomed to arithmetic failure.

A program like the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) can never be fixed.  Delaying it cannot fix it.  Remodeling it cannot fix it.  The entire concept is simply ludicrous with 10,000 people per day turning 60 years of age and with 95% of all lifetime medical expenses typically incurred during the final decade of life.

Survival of the American Dream requires facing reality.  It requires responsible voters who will elect Representatives having the intestinal fortitude to deal with real life and not get caught up in some cowardly utopian farce masquerading as caring.  The Dream only lives for our children and grandchildren if we ourselves have the courage and forseight to live the Dream ourselves.  Collectivism is not a dream.  Collectivism is a nightmare.

The Democrat Party is dead to American freedom and prosperity. Co-opted by freedom hating, brain washed Marxists, even its purse strings are under the absolute dictatorship of Obama’s delusional Organizing For Action (formerly, Organizing For America).  Wake up real Democrats – you’ve been had.  JFK was murdered a long time ago and the real Democrat Party apparently lies silenced within his grave marked only by a flickering torch – the light from which, may in fact prove to be prophetic.

The Republican Party is fractured by irreconcilable differences.  The Constitutionally protective Tea Party Movement and the Constitution Despising Establishment Right are not only, NOT ON THE SAME PAGE; they are NOT EVEN IN THE SAME UNIVERSE.  There is no common ground to be had here.  Surrender or split are the options.  Either the Tea Party Movement will, through the ballot box, take over the GOP for the good of the country or the Establishment will retain its stranglehold and we will hang on to our one party system.  If the Tea Party Movement does not take over the GOP, then a satisfactory third party – or perhaps a no party movement –  is inevitable as the GOP is no longer viable for we the people in its present, disingenuous, Globalist guise.

We have a counterfeit one party system because the supposedly Anti-Establishment, Marxist Left and the Establishment Right Neo-cons are all on the same Globalist page; and are complicit in desiring to bring about a New World Order (NWO).  These groups are fully owned and operated subsidiaries of the Global Elite and as such,  are exclusively focused on power, control and money.  Period.  They are each desirous of and are attempting to bring about a Worldwide Totalitarian Socialist Dictatorship.  The Left would like the United Nations Lunatic Asylum to sit at the head of this noxious beast and the Establishment Right would like to see some bloated form of the U.S. government sitting at its head.  The nature of its insidious NWO head is the only difference between the two in spite of vastly different, seemingly opposing rhetoric, all of which is just elaborately stylized Kabuki Theater for we the people.

The NWO concept to the extent I understand it, kicked off in a serious way in 1773.  There is nothing conspiratorial about it.  This is simply a business strategy, openly being exercised by the 300 or so families who happen to own and control world central banking.  In turn, since these families issue money at their whim with zero oversight by any government, they have also established interlocking directorships and managerial control of all significant international conglomerate monopolies.  These monopolies control most major industries across the globe, such as banking, insurance, publishing, media, education, energy, mining, shipping, steel, arms and on and on and on.

As an example the Elite own and operate the Associated Press (AP) and Reuters from which all non-independent media outlets, also Elite owned, obtain their press feeds.  This system fully controls positive and negative press coverage and news filtering through the conditioned drones they hire through the study group vetting system.  The system conveniently controls the money bundling for political candidates, who are vetted through the study group system as well.  By providing and funding only system vetted political candidates as supposed choices in elections, the uninformed, gullible, government dependent, patronage vote is easily established over time and voila – political outcomes are close to being predictable and certain.


Oooooppppssss!  How did that happen?

Despite the Elite  lies, connivance, intellectual bullying, conditioning in place of education and whatever;  the simple fact is that Americans are hard wired for freedom.  We have been demonstrably so since at least 1774 or so and still are today, though many of us aren’t aware of it.  Here’s a great example.  Recent man on the street interviews showcase oblivious citizens who are so uninformed, they think Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are two completely different pieces of legislation.  Kind of sad.  The goods news though, is that without exception these folks were under the impression that Obamacare was being forced on them and they were uniformly against that.  Americans may be lied to, but in the end they will get it right, just as the Founders knew and predicted.

So what is the cure to all this NWO nonsense?

The cure is to do our own research, uncover our own facts from original sources, ignore the media propaganda except as tasteless entertainment;  and make campaign contributions directly to the candidates of your choice.  DEFUND the RNC (GOP) and DNC entirely.  They can swim in the illegal sewer of foreign campaign contributions, which is status quo for them anyway.  Please understand that the reason the Marxist Left Democrats, Establishment Right Republicans and the statist media uniformly HATE, DESPISE, RIDICULE, DENIGRATE and DEMONIZE good viable candidates like Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz is because these guys have never been vetted through the Globalist study group system; are not conditioned; and are NOT BEHOLDEN to pathetic, treasonous benefactors.  These folks speak for themselves and more importantly, for we the people.  They are hated for this behavior and nothing we see and hear on the 6:00 news is as it seems.

Elected Representatives like Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz may be Republicans, but more importantly they are Libertarian oriented, Constitution oriented, Rule of Law oriented folks vetted only by, financed directly by and elected by we the people and no one else.  If we fail to support courageous Americans of this caliber, then something is wrong with us.  They have Founder’s hearts and blood, with beneficent Founder’s  souls and this is what members of the Tea Party Movement are also uniformly made of.  It’s why they are hated.  The Tea Party Movement stands for freedom, human dignity and honor; while freedom, dignity and honor are laughed at and despised by the Marxist Left, Establishment Right and Globalist media, all of whom blindly and ignorantly worship power as dreamed of by their Elite Puppet Masters.

The Elite have no real power.  Their hold over we the people is limited to their ability to propagandize and nudge us into voting for their pawns, who then enable the Elite agenda on our dime.  The cure is for we the people to stand up and say NO.  We will not vote for your pathetic, misguided pawns.  We will not comply with your silly plans.  The day we do this is the day we begin to win our freedom and right to self government back.  Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz have given us that day.  They have bravely thrown down the gauntlet and launched our first step onto the path of renewed self government and a real future for our children and grandchildren.   We must each decide which side of this battle we are on.  Freedom or slavery is the choice and not to decide is to decide.

For my part; I’m going to make a cup of Tea, never give up on freedom and never comply with Globalist nonsense.

Short answer: of course we do…. and with vicious terminality as far as freedom and financial well being are concerned.  Pathetically weak, career politicians guarantee corruption, fraud, waste, incompetence and abuse of power because they are without integrity and are unable to recognize or honor principle.  We keep voting for these same corrupt, Elite sponsored pawns while gazing vacantly at our 24-hour conditioning tubes, wondering why circumstances fail to improve and why promises made to we the people don’t materialize.

Our so-called elected Representatives are like poisonous pit vipers, instinctively striking, even hours after death.  The average Congressperson or President desperately continues reaching for our incredible shrinking, obscenely taxed wallets, even years after retirement on our nickle.  Political parties are protected lairs for integrity challenged, egocentric personalities and are naturally, insidiously, hopelessly and easily corruptible due to their intrinsic addiction to campaign funds and supportive press coverage.  A carefully manufactured need, I might point out; created and fostered by the Elite themselves, making it nearly impossible for a truly independent candidate to finance and campaign for national or even State office.

It would be best, not to introduce another eminently corruptible third party to the septic pit, but to stop supporting political parties entirely.  Support INDIVIDUALS, just like ourselves, not corrupt, money sucking, crony factories automatically endowed with an insatiable need to be used and caressed by Elite handlers, who monopolize their money and press propaganda.

The wonderful thing about the Tea Party Movement, hated by both Marxist Left Democrats and Establishment Right, Neo-con Republicans, is that every Tea Party member is a unique leader.  Granted, some voices are louder than others, but not to the point of diminution.  Members are drawn together and united in purpose  by principles of self government as originally established by our Founders through the formation of our Constitutional Republic.  Their united purpose is abundant life and liberty for everyone on this planet (not just Americans) and the shared equal opportunity for the pursuit of happiness.

The core strength of the Tea Party Movement is that it is NOT A POLITICAL PARTY at all.  It’s a grass roots movement of we the people sharing the common motivation to remain free in the face of an out-of-control, freedom devouring, self-bloating, Federal Monster of a government.  The Tea Party has no identifiable leader(s) to attack; to divide and conquer.  It is an amorphous movement toward the return of our unalienable rights as ordained by Divine Providence and as once recognized by our elected officials.

The Establishment Right and Anti-establishment Left, both fully owned and operated concerns of the world’s Global Elite hold a visceral hatred for this movement, which has no head to decapitate.  The Elite cannot buy and own the titular head as it doesn’t exist.  They must own each and every one of us individually and they cannot because we don’t buy into their One World Totalitarian Socialist crap.  We Tea Party Members neither need nor want their Government Garbage and the slavery and impoverishment that comes with it.

The Democrat and Republican Parties are stone cold dead regarding freedom.  They offer nothing other than expensive B.S. and two slightly different forms of Global serfdom at the hands of the Elite, who own and control both Parties through bundled money and bundled press coverage.  The Democrats attempt to force my family and friends under U.N. One World control through ever more strangulating regulation.  The Republicans try to nudge us under the same One World control as the Democrats, only with a mutated form of U.S. government as the fatuous head of their carnivorous T-Rex gulag.  We the people end up dumbed down economic slaves either way.  R’s and D’s are two counterfeit sides of the same nonredeemable Globalist coin, endlessly vomiting the meaningless rhetoric of Left/Right enslavement, as though there’s any difference,  like scratched records on a juke box missing the off switch.

In the current version of the Globalist Inner Directional Conditioning System, the Left aggressively moves the largely uninformed, United States citizen  toward Global collectivism for eight years, while the Right ineffectively whines and complains.  Then the Elite machine switches sides, appearing to offer a choice of free candidates and the Establishment Right place-holds for the next eight years; but never actually moves us back one inch toward our Constitutionally recognized independence, while the Left whines and complains.  Then the masquerade repeats itself with occasional exceptions like George H. W. Bush, who was only granted four years to swindle us.

As mentioned above, I am not in favor of a third party, though that would be better than either of the diseased, money inhaling garbage pits we have stuck on the bottom of our shoes today.  I am in favor of SUPPORTING NO POLITICAL PARTIES AT ALL.   DEFUND the Democrats and the Republicans.  The only money they will receive after that,  will be from illegal imported contributions, which they both thrive on anyway.  We the people should limit our support to individual candidates who actually respect and represent we the people.  These candidates will go to Washington, represent us as best they can for a term or two; then return to real life.  It will be logistically difficult for the Elite handlers and money bundlers to get their fingers around the throats of these candidates becuase these candidates are freely chosen; not beholden to some unseen sponsor.

If any of us still believe the Democrat or Republican Parties respect or support any of we the people as their constituencies, we truly have our screws loose.  The only support is to get in our wallets 24/7 and to use our poorly informed votes to garner Elite control of U.S. resources and wealth.  While I’m on the subject of defunding, we also need to get busy with a TAX REVOLT and defund the entire monstrosity referred to as our Federal government;  but that’s another discussion isn’t it?

Obviously and unequivocally, the cause of social fascist dictatorship has won the November 2012 electoral battle for dependency in America.  This very human war, characterized by a desire for freedom, personal responsibility and initiative on the one hand;  serfdom, personal irresponsibility and forced mediocrity on the other – constitutes a significant defeat for personal liberty, abundance and opportunity in 2012.  This should, however, come as no surprise to freedom fighters anywhere as this is the typical, if not expected outcome of early battles as borne out by a reading of history.

We saw in every single battle fought by Washington and his freedom fighters in the first year of our Revolutionary War with Britain the very same outcome.  Utter defeat and ignominy in every single battle;  until through prayer and a sincere request for Divine Intervention;  Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware on December 25th, 1776 and defeated the Hessian troops of Johan Rall at Trenton, then later on January 3rd again crossed the Delaware River, defeating Cornwallis at Trenton; followed quickly by the defeat of Cornwallis’ rear guard at Princeton.  These battles were the turning point in America’s war for freedom and led eventually to success in overcoming British tyranny on the North American continent.

We have since, to an increasing degree, incrementally capitulated this freedom to a different idea.  Freedom has historically been lost to the superior forces of a conquering tyrant.  Today, it is typically lost through ignorance and apathy.  It is lost either way and Americans have been forewarned by Khrushchev, Paul Warburg, David Rockefeller and others as to the efficacy of the latter method.

The ignoble lessons of history, when ignored, or worse when not even taught, tend to repeat themselves.  History has borne witness to the brutality of socialism and fascism in the brutal genocide of more than forty million by the Soviet Union;  more than 60 million in Mao’s China;  more than 12 million under Hitler’s National Socialism;  and more than 3 million under Pol Pot in Cambodia. God only knows how many more have been decimated throughout South and Latin America for the same destructive ideology.

The pathetic failure of socialist ideology, its resultant poverty, dependency, endemic hopelessness and spiritual devastation is further witnessed today throughout all the geographic areas previously mentioned and is further demonstrated throughout a declining Europe and with growing clarity across the cities of America.  Socialism, once imposed by force is now brought about through deception, uninformed ignorance and the alluring false promise of either obtaining much through doing nothing or through the immoral legislation of confiscation.

The illiterate, uneducated and lazy are attracted to such socialist schemes and are easily victimized by false promises cleverly packaged so as to sound enlightening, fair and beneficent.  There is, of course, nothing enlightening about using downtrodden ignorance to build political power so as to steal from the productive among us, distribute that abundance to the elite and leave the poor with nothing but their empty promises about which they can then do nothing, having abdicated freedom for serfdom through the voting booth.

Battles can be lost, but freedom can only be killed when we kill it within our own hearts.  Socialism is and will continue to fail in America as it has everywhere it is tried.  We will pay the price for our historic ignorance and our near future will not be easy or pleasant.  None-the-less, as the American experiment with socialism destroys itself, we will continue through the unfortunate spiritual and economic decimation of millions of our friends and neighbors to struggle forward in our quest for regaining the freedom we once won and will now have to take back.

I’m preaching here from an ideological pulpit, which I’m prone to, but as a practical matter – politically speaking – the time for ideological battle is lost.  Politically conservative victory, that is, the regaining of individual freedom in America must be fought on the battle ground of economics, not socio polemics.  If we insist on being right, we will lose.  If we want to win, we must DEFUND the bloated growth of dictatorial government through its pocketbook, which conveniently is us.

We must start small and through informative, educational field work at the grass roots level, explain to busy people, struggling to survive, that many useless and/or destructive things our government is doing are silly, wasteful and unnecessarily expensive.  It is critical that we as conservatives articulate conservative principles to people in a way they can easily grasp.  To be successful we must package inappropriate government spending in bite size chunks they can get their busy arms around.  Knowledge is power. We can learn from liberals that education (or in their case, mis-education) can be more powerful than guns.

As a tiny example; our First Lady often flies around on a very expensive jet with an incredibly expensive entourage.  For what?  This is ridiculous and such extraneous expenses having no national benefit should be defunded immediately.  Today, even the British Prime Minister flies commercial.  Certainly our First Lady can do the same.  This is not a haves/have-nots argument.  Wealthy people fly their own jets and stay at first class hotels on their own nickel.  Our First Lady flies and dines on our nickel.  They are not the same.  It doesn’t matter what folks do with their own money.  It does matter a great deal how Washington D.C. wastes OUR MONEY.

A second, somewhat larger example is our Department of Energy (DOE).  The DOE was created in 1977 to promote United States ENERGY INDEPENDENCE. The Department of Energy (DOE) is comprised of three Offices of Under Secretaries (Nuclear Security, Energy, and Science), the Energy Information Administration, the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, the Loans Program Office, 4 Power Marketing Administrations, 13 staff and support offices, 22 operations and area offices, and 24 research laboratories and facilities all of which together cost U.S. taxpayers about $44 billion in fiscal year 2011 and for which energy independence has not been achieved but is curtailed by ignorant ideological regulation.

Here we are, 35 wasteful years later, spending 44 billion dollars annually on DOE and the United States is more ENERGY DEPENDENT than at any previous time in our history.  DOE is an utterly  failed concept and must be defunded immediately.

A third expensive debacle is the Department of Education, originally started in 1867 to assist local school districts.  In 1979, it was put on Globalist steroids and today we have seen decades of declining educational performance and the near strangulation of American education by government sanctioned, teacher union monopolies.  We are currently wasting more than $77 billion annually on a Department of Education that is enabling the failure of American education, not assisting its success.  This useless department must be defunded immediately.  The education of our children is a critical  local concern, not a Federal playground for Globalist conditioning experiments or a license to steal tax payer dollars for special interest benefit.

In order for conservative freedom lovers to win, we must begin fighting our battles on the field of economics.  We must follow the money and win.  Busy people can understand common sense and can plainly see that wasteful spending is stupid and unproductive.  Take it to the money and forget D’s and R’s.  Conservatives will never win the popularity contest for votes, but they can promote common sense and fiscal sanity.  In doing so we will win the hearts and minds of decent voters across our country and will halt the disenfranchisement of hard working people and entrepreneurial business owners.

Barack Hussein Obama and most others in his forlorn, feckless Administration, wandering aimlessly through the dark emptiness of their use challenged minds, continually parrot, falsely, as instructed by their irresponsibly mistaken NWO study group mentors that free markets have never worked.  Not sure how Barack, hatched somewhere in 1961 knows that since we haven’t seen free markets or capitalism in the United States since 1913, but hey, he spouts lots of other nonsense as well?

Does this conditioned academic blindness even begin to explain how the people of the United States became the wealthiest, most creative, most industrious, most powerful, most generous people on earth in less than 200 years?  Socialist Europe, downtrodden Africa, the despotic Far East and the tyrannical Middle East, after a head start of centuries cannot imagine duplicating the reality of the American Dream.

The simple secret of the liberating American Dream is COMPETITION, orchestrated within the protective cocoon of a Constitutional Republic.  It isn’t perfect, but it rises far above any socioeconomic system ever attempted anywhere through the course of human history.  Its successful track record in lifting the poor out of poverty is not arguable.

Historically confused socialists would have us believe the reason foreign nationals have for more than 200 years of American existence, emigrated to America is because everyone on earth understands as American Progressives do, that free market capitalism does not and has never worked.  This ostensibly motivates immigrants to courageously uproot their families and everything they have known, in order that they too can experience the horrid financial hopelessness of free markets in America.  I don’t know how ignorant a person must be to swallow this Progressive hook, but the bar seems set pretty low and the appetite for envious delusion and historic contradiction, enormous.

To the extent that Americans have listened and unfortunately, acted on delusional Progressive nonsense by faithfully imitating endemic European failure; America has steadily declined economically, until now America’s historic ability to lift the poor out of poverty and provide upward mobility for anyone willing to work for it is practically nil.  Increasingly, hard working Americans are being financially suffocated by government imposed, uniformly distributed poverty as a futile means of providing so-called social justice.  These historically proven, brutally failed fascist/socialist policies are an insulting disgrace and a hard slap in the face to any rational person who believes in freedom.  Fascism is failing in America, not capitalism.  No American alive today has ever lived under capitalism, but most of us are too history challenged to comprehend that.

What if the deluded, special interest beholden Representatives we have erroneously been electing to legislate in Washington D.C., supposedly on our behalf, were per their oath of office, to actually apply the capitalist free market principles of our Founding to a few of our more obvious economic woes?  What might the incredible future bring?

As a couple of specific examples:

Let’s look at Obamacare with its unconstitutional, 15 member, unelected rationing board; more than 150 new government agencies; 16,000 new IRS enforcers with legislated access to our private bank accounts; and 100’s of billions of dollars in hidden costs.

As an alternative, one facet of policy might be to foist raw, unfettered competition upon today’s monopolistic health care insurance providers with one single piece of Federal legislation as follows:  “Health care insurance is interstate commerce.”  This single sentence passed by both the House and Senate, signed by our President would destroy the government created, legislatively protected, intrastate insurance monopolies currently in place.  Any U.S. citizen would suddenly be able to purchase health insurance from any provider in any State.  This one sentence would cost the American tax payer nothing and would not risk  strangulating our health care industry with the ligature of big government bureaucracy.  Over-night, it would become in the best interest of health care insurance providers to immediately scramble , providing customers with the absolute best, lowest cost, most convenient coverage.  Competition, not corrupt regulation is the best and most transparent cure for health care availability and cost.

Let’s take a look at oil / energy monopolies.

A bold U.S. domestic policy unleashing the development of our own North American coal, oil, natural gas, hydro-electric and  nuclear energy sources, while simultaneously encouraging the development of economically feasible alternative sources would dramatically impact world oil prices.  According to data compiled by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA):

“In 2011, about 45% of the petroleum consumed by the United States was imported from foreign countries.1 This was the lowest level since 1995.

Petroleum includes crude oil and petroleum products.  Petroleum products include gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil, jet fuel, chemical feedstocks, asphalt, biofuels (ethanol and biodiesel), and other products.  In 2011, about 60% of the crude oil processed in U.S. refineries was imported.” 

Imports in both the U.S. and Europe are down, of course, because our economies are in shambles and demand is down.  Prices, however, are not down because overall global demand (read China & India) is up and the U.S. dollar is being devalued and manipulated (read sterilized in banker lingo) by our own Federal Reserve Bank.  Additionally, the Obama drilling moratorium and cut back on public land oil leases have reduced public land oil output by 50% since Obama was elected and have forced producers onto more expensive private land using more expensive fracturing techniques to recover the more expensive oil.  This policy direction is insane by any rational standard.

Again, per EIA, of total U.S. imported oil, 40% comes from OPEC countries and 16% from Persian Gulf countries.  This establishes the United States as a major consumer of imported oil regardless of international source.  If U.S. oil imports fall to zero or even if they threaten to fall to zero, world oil prices will be driven lower due to increasing supply.  OPEC, Venezuela and others will be forced into a more competitive market and not one person will have to die to accomplish it.  This will not only be advantageous to Americans, but also to our friends in Europe and across the globe.

As a side note, the U.S. currently purchases about 24% of its oil from our friends in Canada to the North and about 11% from our friends in Mexico to the South.  These North American imports can be increased, providing sovereign benefits to the entire North American continent – all without Elite Globalist influence, Middle East War or the silly Globalist idea for a socialist, totalitarian North American Union.  The Keystone Pipeline would enable this business and benefit folks in both countries, not just Obama’s insider monopoly buddy, Warren Buffett and his Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railroad.

In the less specific case, our 150,000 or so pages of small business crushing, regulatory nightmare working in tandem with 75,000 pages of obscene, insider written tax code are used to create, foster and protect enormous monopolies in key industries such as banking, energy, farming, insurance, etc.  I’m sorry, but this is unconstitutional, un-American and ridiculous in the extreme.  Big government does not build – it binds.  Big fascist government married to big business monopoly no longer binds, it crushes and enslaves.

Free market capitalism is, by its very nature, always chosen and enacted by free people.  Socialism and its twisted sister fascism are always imposed, either through force as in Russia, China and Cuba or by propagandized deceit as throughout Europe, South America and now the U.S.  To the degree this enslaving ideology is imposed, the hapless victims are less free or may become totally enslaved without any choice remaining.

By far and away, the greediest, most controlling, most destructive of all these many, big government sanctioned monopolies is world central banking.  World central banks are created by out of control governments that they (central banks) themselves sponsor through propaganda and ignorance, with such governments then relinquishing all oversight and transparency to the families who own these central banks.

Central banks are a good and beneficial idea when they function as banks and nothing more.  When the money supply of nations is turned over to families owning the fifty three or so primary world central banks (maybe 173 or so total);  virtual control of all up and down business cycles is now fully within their singular coordinated control and is fully subject to their own disciplined or undisciplined interbred family greed.  Quite literally, the destiny of the world socioeconomic system is determined by a small group holding ownership control in the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland, its private club, the Financial Stability Board (FSB), which all G20 countries are signatory to and several other little sovereignty eating clubs we won’t bother with today.

The World Bank, International Monetary Fund and all BIS sanctioned central banks including our own privately owned Federal Reserve Banks are directed through the BIS, with absolutely zero legislative oversight by any government.  The owners of these banks stand above law;  above taxation;  above competition; and above any possibility of audit by anyone.  As an example, Swiss government officials must obtain permission to even be allowed entry to the BIS offices in Basel.  World central banking in its current form is a disgrace to civilization;  the cause of most wars, a promulgator of feast or famine and is the sole source of economic power in financing agricultural, industrial and military might.  Present day world central banking and individual freedom are directly intertwined in a desperately adversarial grip.

We no longer have free market capitalism in America.  We have instead, a hybrid system of socialist/fascist, government sponsored, government protected monopoly in all our major industries.  Competition is squelched through unconstitutional,  insider written tax code and discriminatory regulation designed to protect the monopolies, while controlling and fleecing we the people – all clothed in euphemistic deceitful language that the uninformed swallow hook, line and sinker.

We should not be deceived.  Competition works.  History proves it.  Socialism fails.  History proves that too.  Please consider these simple facts when voting for Establishment Right or Marxist Left political candidates, none of whom accept their limited power under our Constitutional Republic nor hold any respect for our individual liberties and right to live our own lives, unfettered by Globalist self deception and irresponsible ambition.

The Romney campaign certainly doesn’t require any input from 1600 Watch to set its foreign policy course.  None-the-less 1600 Watch offers the following.

1600 Watch believes voters on the Left and Right are locked in for November 6th.  Obama or Romney – it isn’t going to change for any of these folks.  This 2012 Presidential election will be won by the votes of those who have managed to be undecided.  Of these undecided voters, many are anti-war and are upset with Obama in that we are still in Afghanistan and though we have formally withdrawn our military;  understand that we still have more than 20,000 so-called “contractors” messing around in Iraq.

Romney / Ryan can win these voters over and do a good and moral thing for America and the world by arguing from the Left Side of Foreign Affairs and National Security.  This argument should be shallow and stay on the surface;  kitchen table talk, nothing complicated.

The argument goes as follows:  Aside from whether or not the U.S. should have invaded Afghanistan – we did invade Afghanistan.  Aside from whether or not the U.S.  and its allies could ever win in Afghanistan;  The Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton policies over the past four years have rendered winning anything at all absolutely impossible.  Victory in any sense of the word is now strategically off the table.  Whether we agree or disagree with Bush or Obama foreign policies in the Middle East;  diplomatic reality is that Afghanistan (actually not part of the Middle East) is lost beyond any possible recovery.  No amount of continued blood shed can fix it.  Why should our American children continue to be squandered on the rocky mountainsides of Afghanistan for even one more day?  To what purpose?

Iraq is, of course, diplomatically lost to us as well.  The only way our withdrawal from Iraq could have been successful was to take a strong leadership position with Iran and basically isolate Iran from Iraq.  The Obama Administration policy of engagement through weakness has left Iraq with no choice but to partner up with a strong ally to defend itself within a politically dangerous region.  That new ally is unfortunately an Iran led by Islamic Extremists emboldened by perceived American weakness and hungrier than ever for the destruction of the Israeli and American people.

Romney and Ryan should aggressively advocate the U.S. pull all troops out of Afghanistan immediately.  Not one more American soldier or contractor should die for nothing.  Furthermore, the United States should immediately close down and abandon all diplomatic embassies within any country in which the United States is not welcome.

The above policy also includes cancellation of all existing visas and denial of new visas for any foreign nationals resident in any of those countries in which the United States closes its embassies.  No foreign national from these countries may legally enter the United States.  This will allow the elimination of, or at least a significant reduction in TSA staffing, wasted expense and unconstitutional (per the 10th Amendment) intrusion into the lives of American citizens.  All U.S. foreign aid and all sanctioned trade with these countries ceases immediately.  American businesses choosing to do business with these countries do so at their own risk and expense.

No conservative will vote for Obama.  No liberal will vote for Romney.  The undecided voters are not impressed with the pandering, status quo arguments they hear every election cycle from both Left and Right.  If folks are undecided, it means they are at least somewhat dis-satisfied with the incumbent;  therefore they are open to the challenger, which history demonstrates generally to be the case.  Romney and Ryan should take advantage of this –  be bold, creative and courageously propose a totally new Middle East foreign policy that actually makes sense.

There is no reason on earth for the United States to be doing business with countries that don’t want to do business with us.  There is even less reason for pushing our military presence on these countries and then unsuccessfully deal with the predictable aftermath. This makes no sense and gets a lot of people killed.  How would we like it if China decided to station troops in Washington D.C. or Indianapolis?  Other countries have a right not to do business with us if they prefer not to.  If we are too foolish to develop our own energy resources, then maybe it’s time to wake up.

The United States should withdraw from all Islamic countries where we are not welcome;  vigorously protect and defend Israel, any other genuine allies and ourselves;  and in doing so, save lives and save tons of money.  This is a winning strategy and is also the right thing to do.

Just a thought.

Most American Presidents have insisted on U.S.  diplomatic and in some cases military presence in Islamic countries, most of whom; or more likely, none of whom want anything U.S. or Western on their soil.  This presence is usually presented within the context of great strength, which Islamic culture at least respects. These Presidents have also tended to maintain strong support for the people of Israel – our only ally in the Middle East.  {As a side note, we might recall that the historic City of Jerusalem was founded by King David many centuries before Mohammad was born and Islam came to be.  The Israelis are not interlopers.}

Barack Obama has taken a vastly different tack.  He openly threw Israel under the bus, insulted Great Britain, abandoned our Eastern European allies, then jumped on an enormously politicized apology tour throughout the Middle East and Europe; and has since attempted to engage Middle Eastern culture through feigned U.S. weakness and pandering to so-called Middle East democracy, which is silly as democracy and Sharia Law are not compatible.

Both of the above U.S. foreign policies have utterly failed and in failing have brought on terrorism and blood shed throughout the world.  Of the two disparate policies, Obama’s engagement through weakness program has not only failed , but has now set the entire Middle East – and soon Western European countries with significant Islamic populations to follow – literally on fire.  The failure of Muslim cultures to respect weakness has now devolved into a world wide disaster.  I would imagine our nearly leadership comatose President will soon “blame Bush” for his catastrophic failure, though many suspect that the most brilliant President ever, may possibly have set the Middle East on fire intentionally.  I personally wouldn’t know – I don’t go to the meetings.

The status quo solution volunteered by typical Neo-cons, one of whom is past U.N. Ambassador, John Bolton, now a Fox News talking head is more strength, more defense, more military – that’ll fix it.  Really?  It appears obvious that this policy has never worked diplomatically and has only degenerated from a bad beginning at least since the late 1970’s, which now show cases nearly four decades of failed Middle East policy and I have no idea how many dead, maimed, blinded and displaced innocent people as collateral damage.  For what?  Cheap oil?  Have you noticed the price of oil lately?

The U.S. has more of its own oil than the Middle East can even dream about though our government, run on its short Globalist Elite leash doesn’t want anyone to know that.  That factoid aside, does any rational person believe that if the U.S. and its western allies remove ourselves from Islamic soil that Islamic countries would cease to sell their oil to us?  Oil is their sole source of wealth, so not likely.  Western businesses who choose to do business in the Middle East can do so on their own and at their own expense.  We can buy oil and drill our own;  at least we could with a more energy friendly group in Washington D.C.

There are more than 1,500,000,000 people of Islam swarming around on planet earth and banging their heads on the ground five times per day.  Approximately 10% of them, that is 150,000,000 are serious believers in the Islamic Caliphate.  Of those, such as the Leaders of Iran, many are serious Twelvers who believe that in order for the Twelfth Imam to return, the world must be in a condition of massive bloodshed and chaos.  Only under this bloody curtain of filth and mayhem will the Twelfth Imam return and establish the world wide Islamic Caliphate.  This is not a scenario lending itself to reasonable discourse, compromise or negotiation.  It’s no different than trying to converse with a rock or building a beautiful bridge to nowhere.  We can talk at Islamic leaders non-stop, but no one is listening.  No one cares.

Many, perhaps most, Islamic people may well wish for peace and prosperity just as most others do, but to believe that Islamic Leaders want peace is to be woefully uninformed or to naively WISH FOR WAR; I suppose to serve whatever foolish agenda the Globalist Banksters may have.  There are no other possibilities.

The only sane response to an Islamic world wantonly on fire is to LEAVE.  The U.S. should withdraw diplomatically and militarily from all Islamic countries.  Pull back, defend and protect Israel, defend and protect our other allies, those remaining under our woefully abysmal leadership vacuum and defend and protect our own country.  This would include actually requiring the CFR drones we elect in Washington D.C. to recognize that the United States does have a border, which contains within it, an important group of people some of us might call citizens.  Those citizens have a right not to be disenfranchised by illegal immigrants being used as political pawns by politicians who wouldn’t know what integrity was if their limousine crashed it head on.

The United States of America must stand up to its own Constitution and Bill of Rights in honoring the right of other peoples and cultures across the globe to not do business with us, if they prefer not to.  There is no reason for the United States to establish and maintain consulates in countries like Tunisia, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Yemen, etc. who either resent our presence or take unfair advantage of American people and the aid we typically provide.

The idea that the United States has to force our diplomatic presence in countries that don’t want it in the first place is wrong.  The idea that we must then defend those same embassies against the aggressively negative reaction is not only wrong, it’s stupid.  This nonsense may be in the best interest of the Globalist Business Plan and elite world central bankers who earn billions annually by lending war funds with interest to both sides of every infraction, but it does not benefit anyone else – at all.

If the people of the United States believe in human freedom then it follows that they ought demand their government withdraw from Islamic countries who have every right of their own not to do business with us.  This withdraw will resolve nothing with the Twelvers who basically hate everyone and subscribe to the Lenin/Trotsky playbook of world domination, but it may go a long way to resolving the hatred of ordinary, less extreme Islamic believers who would prefer our Western presence not be pushed onto their soil.

Two obviously planned, armed, coordinated, phased attacks on American embassies in Egypt and Libya simultaneously staged on September 11, 2012 are clearly not the spontaneous result of a swarming, rat-like, Islamic response to a 6 minute YouTube movie.  For Ms. Hillary Clinton, our embarrassingly incompetent excuse for Secretary of State, possessed of all the forward looking vision of an over fed fruit fly to take valuable advertizing time from the airwaves, to claim so, is insulting.  This pandering political hack needs to seriously attend more Tavistock sponsored study group sessions to get her Globalist One World propaganda lines down pat.  For poor, shrill  Hillary, it seems every day is now a confusing, bad hair day, in spite of her husband bringing in more than $100 million a year lobbying for Islamic states.  She is apparently no longer capable of lying to the American people with charm, though her husband still can and does.

Granted, the murderous Islamic event planners are promoting and using the video to agitate the Islamic public into a screaming, car burning, wall climbing mob, not a difficult thing to do at any time, but the video did not cause these two attacks, nor the others likely to follow in other Islamic countries.  It’s entirely possible that the three straight days of DNC bragging about Obama killing Osama at their DNC convention may have agitated more violence than the silly 6 minute video – but I doubt the Globalist press corps would consider such an obvious and prolonged Democrat provocation.

As we listen and watch the Globalist brain washing outlets linked to AP and Reuters, such as Fox, MSNBC, CNN – and well just all of them – we apparently have only two options in the Middle East.  Apology or War.  Can you say STUPID?

At this point in time, is it still possible to imagine that the Neo-con Globalist Bush Administration’s two new Middle East wars immediately followed on by the Marxist Globalist Obama Administration’s war on American energy independence are coincidence?  Do we not smell a terrible Soros-like, Open Society stink here?

“In history, nothing happens by accident.  If it happened, you can bet someone planned it.” {Franklin Delano Roosevelt}

The Middle East choices are not simply apology or war.  Both those mindless choices lead directly to World War III, which is the Globalist Elite business plan for the world’s future, and yes, it does include the demise of American freedom.  Following the pandering Globalist gibberish of the Marxist Democrats or the Neo-con Republicans is not in our best interest as a once free people.  No, we’re not free anymore – we can’t even have salt on a restaurant table in New York.  We gave all that freedom nonsense up in exchange for no security and are still giving it up, though we could gain it back at the voting booth if we start paying attention to real people instead of Elite funded politicians and Tavistock inspired propaganda.

Our elected Representatives have for decades maintained an American presence in Middle East countries, which absolutely drives the Islamic nut jobs even more murderously crazy than they already are.  Our presence along with engagement, apologies and weakness have bought us decades of hateful Islamic terrorism and over priced Middle East oil.  Is spite of wasting countless billions every year for more than forty years on our ridiculous Department of Energy – WE HAVE NO ENERGY POLICY – unless we call Obama’s war on fossil fuel a policy.

War is not a rational answer to the ruthlessly insane Islamic Twelvers.  There are more than 1.5 billion Muslims in the world and at least half of them openly support Islamic Terrorism and the murder of non-Islamic peoples.  If only 10% are nut job Twelvers that’s still more than 150,000,000 Islamic lunatics.  It is not rational to kill them all.  It is rational to defend our citizens against these hateful idiots.  Peace with lunatics cannot be had through weakness, yet strength does not require war.  World War III is not a Fait a compli, regardless what the Globalist Elite Business Plan says and regardless what the Globalist lemming media preaches about it.

A third solution that ought to be considered at this futile point is; with the exception of Israel with whom, decency requires honoring our defense and support commitments; it’s time to pull all official American presence out of the Middle East, lock, stock and barrel.  Reconnoiter our troops defensively around Israel and at home in America and allow Islam its own right to play in its sandbox.  Bring our kids home, protect our own borders and clearly state that if someone messes with Israel or America they will bleed for their mistake.  It is not a requirement that we as a people allow Globalist drones conditioned at Council On Foreign Relations’ study groups to guide us like lemmings into the Globalist Elite business plan, which unfortunately and as usual, includes war, famine and all the other good entertainment these sick Elite people enjoy at the world’s expense.  WE CAN AND SHOULD SAY NO!

If we don’t demand that our Representatives begin conducting themselves in a rational manner, in accordance with our Constitution and in our best national interest, then we are fools and deserve what the Globalists have in store for us.  If we as a people don’t quit being good propagandized Democrats and Republicans and start being good, intelligent Americans, we are headed for the Globalist Gulags.  The Globalist business plan is to completely bankrupt America and then push her into World War III.  The ensuing world chaos will leave people everywhere clamoring for a fix.  The fix will be the One World Order Socialist Dictatorship the Elite have been working toward since at least 1773.

This is not a conspiracy of some kind.  It is a ruthlessly simple, brutally effective business plan; nothing more and nothing less.  Denial of this obvious reality cannot lead to anything good for anyone in this world, including the megalomaniacle Elite.

Both the Marxist Left Anti-establishment Democrats and the Neo-con Establishment Right Republicans are mindlessly steering their respective rhetorically Globalist trains to the same pathetic station and there is no freedom at the end of this track.  To protect your family make the following assumption:  If you hear it on TV, it’s a lie.  If you read it in the newspaper or a magazine, it’s a lie.  If you hear it on the radio, it’s a lie.  Truth in media no longer exists.  The only way to discern truth today is to follow news from all over the world;  The U.S., Japan, Germany, Canada, Israel, Australia, China, etc.  Then you piece all the Globalist propaganda together, sift through it and slowly you can piece together something resembling truth.

It is time for Americans to stand up and demand that our out of control government stop spilling our children’s blood for the furtherance of the Globalist Business Plan.  The idea that freedom is to be gained through death and destruction in Afghanistan or Iraq is ludicrous and ignorant.  Wantonly murdering every goat farmer in the mountains of Afghanistan does not make Americans free.  Keeping the goat farmers, at least the crazy ones, away from civilized society just might.

As government grows larger and larger and larger;  individual liberty shrinks more and more and more.  The only task our Federal government must responsibly busy itself with, is getting out of our way.

If you would like to build a complex circus of dumb ideas where educated fools can run rampant with silly notions conditioned into their Pavlovian heads by rationally comatose, collectively irresponsible, intellectually vacuous academics;  one way to do it would be to put a bunch of humans in charge of your country’s legislative process and then give them unlimited time to exorcise their incompetence and proclivity for corruption.  Failure is imminent and certain.

Our Founders understood the foibles, weaknesses and also the strengths inherent within human nature and did their best to behaviorally account for these through the checks and balances provided in our Constitutional Republic.  The State of Texas gets it as well.  Texas is financially the healthiest economic State in our Union of, I think Obama said 57 States, and is without question one of the best States within which to start and operate a small business.  A good deal of this opportunity results from the fact that the Texas Legislature, which by the way descended from the Congress of the Republic of Texas, (yes, Texas was originally a Republic and has the right to secede from the Union) is constitutionally limited to meeting for a term of only 140 days in each odd-numbered year.

Granted, Texas legislators have done and will likely do more really stupid things, but all the same, their 140-day playground seriously restricts their ability to mess around with things that are none of their business to begin with.  Texas has this limited legislative concept dialed right in and it works really, really well.  Special 30-day sessions can be called for, if necessary, so there is flexibility with the Lone Star system.

A human with too much time on their hands is likely to get into or start trouble and when that human holds elected legislative power in their gavel – the trouble will be expensive and will nine times out of ten, threaten our individual liberty and unalienable right to live our lives unobstructed within the bounds of Natural Law.  It’s just what humans tend to do.

There’s nothing inordinately horrible about legislators, that is, politicians;  they’re just human, though I suppose too many of them are Globalist conditioned lawyers, who’ve attended a few too many non-invasive, Tavistockian, frontal lobotomy seminars.  I’m not being facetious here;  I’ll give you an example.  With the exception of Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders and a very few others, there is not one Federally elected House or Senate Member who is capable of forming the English words, “Federal Reserve Bank Audit”.  They cannot physically do it and it’s not because they’re forbidden or coerced in some way;  it’s simply because they are noninvasively lobotomized as a group through frequent attendance of Globalist study group sessions, Globalist think tank strategy meetings and Globalist Foundation seminars.

There’s no conspiracy here;  it’s a simple system of Pavlovian conditioning as taught in Psych 101.  This conditioning is effective and spreads throughout the population as an anti-deductive reasoning virus that can pass through walls and turn functional brains into mush.  Lenin and friends dynamically deployed the concept world wide after being generously funded by the world’s Globalist Elite and fine tuned over the years by the Tavistock Institute.  (Yes, the gullible, anti-Capitalist Left is funded by the wealthiest, greediest folks in the world, just as is the Establishment Right.)  It’s precisely the same conditioning mechanism used to infect otherwise normal people, at least those easily duped, with what Michael Savage has gently termed  the mental disorder of liberalism.

As a result of this Tavistockian, One World conditioning system, we will quite literally – never meet a true big government liberal, Left or Right, who has any ability whatever to acknowledge facts, reason deductively or connect two logically consecutive dots.   Every major so-called news outlet today is staffed with these mentally conditioned drones.  Every single one of these liberals absolutely, resolutely believes in historically failed Keynesian economic theory no matter how many times it’s dismal failure is demonstrated and no matter how many futures it destroys.  To a person they ardently believe it is their responsibility to assist big government in dictating to you and I how we must live as we are increasingly confined to our centrally planned, distopian  plantation.

I know you’re uncomfortable with my even mentioning this anti-independent thinking, viral infection because we’ve all been and are being conditioned through the media every single day, all day, 24/7.  It’s just a matter of degree and our personal ability to resist.  The proof is in the pudding as they say and near as I can tell there is no effective anti-viral medication once infected.  You simply cannot reason with a liberal – you have to defeat them if you want to be free or remain free.  This includes defeating both the Marxist Left and the even more insidious Establishment Right.

Every one of us is challenged or would be challenged by coping with the trials and responsibility of local or national leadership and must carefully and thoughtfully discipline ourselves against any potential abuse of power, particularly when that power is exercised in a less than transparent environment;  say Washington D.C.  This is even more poignant when these elected representatives spend most of the year in their wood paneled D.C. offices and are easily and conveniently surrounded by financial bundlers and lobbyists working for special interests, many of whom, maybe most of whom represent international conglomerate monopolies in banking, energy, arms, chemicals, insurance, farming, etc.  It really is not possible to imagine this scenario having a positive outcome for you and I.

Given that the majority of our elected representatives have unconditionally demonstrated their childlike tendency to selfishly pursue their own self aggrandizement and their own little power fiefdoms;  and given that “term limits” are not a likely scenario;  1600 Watch has come to firmly believe that the inability to self discipline must be offset by a more limited legislative session for both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.  Something along the lines of a single 90-day session running from say, February through April, each year is more than enough time for these otherwise decent people to perform their constitutionally limited legislative tasks and will help them avoid morphing into ravenous jackals feeding on the carcass of our unalienable right to live the way we choose.

Similar to Texas, emergency 30-day limited sessions can be called when needed, to say, name a new bridge after one of themselves or some other equally important business.  This will provide the flexibility to deal effectively with a changing world.

There are no cons to this limited legislative session concept.  The pros are almost unlimited.  The single biggest pro is that our 100 U.S. Senate members and 435 House members will spread out across the nation for nine months of the year.  This makes it much more expensive, much more logistically complicated and simply more difficult for special interest lobbyists and financial bundlers to run these folks down and bribe them.  This alone could save our Republic and our freedom.

The second really huge pro is that a more limited proximity to Washington D.C. makes the logistics and expense of attending readily available, anti-freedom oriented, Globalist sponsored strategy meetings, think tank sessions, study groups, etc.  less likely to be attended by our elected Representatives or their staffs.  This is a huge plus and is why I digressed in the explanation above as you were wondering, “what the hell is he talking about – what is Tavistock – why should I care about Pavlovian conditioning – what does it have to do with legislation, etc.”?  If we are to restore freedom in America we must learn not to be ashamed of wondering why we think what we think.  It’s OK to notice that we are being conditioned and to wonder what we might do about it.

The third really, really big plus is that the restricted time in legislative session will necessitate our elected Representatives actually spending their time on Constitutionally mandated responsibilities.  They would no longer have sufficient time available to stumble around their very nice offices dreaming up legislative crap that is none of their business, just to honor some financial bundler’s quid pro quo request to trample our Constitution so some Elite Globalist Insider can steal more money from uninformed tax payers; or better yet, use government to crush their free market competition through some new piece of preferential regulatory abuse to be buried in some 2,500 page pile of unconstitutional legislative garbage and then be added to the more than 225,000 pages of discriminatory tax code and regulatory nonsense we the people have already bought and paid for.

Anyway, I’m just saying, maybe it’s time we seriously considered governing our governors as they clearly have no human ability to govern themselves.  A legislative time limit is simple;  will save hundreds of tons of U.S. dollars;  and more importantly will go a very long way toward protecting our Constitutionally recognized liberties while we still can.