Aerosol Nano-Toxins, 5G and Ionized Sky

This page provides some general information, links and documents ongoing aerosol spraying in central Arizona from a location approximately 60 miles southeast of Phoenix.  See photos below, which will be periodically updated.

The links below provide quantitative and qualitative information on what is steadily developing into a psychopathic global threat to life on earth as we have known it.  Our global atmosphere and life-sustaining biosphere are being saturated on an ongoing basis with nano-particles containing aluminum, barium, strontium; lithium and sulfur compounds; polymer carrier filaments of Mylar and other materials; fungi, desiccated blood cells, DNA material, cross-domain bacteria, more than 200 new lab-produced protein molecules and other biologicals; nano sensors and nano-micro processors (look for the red, blue and black heads visible in unfortunate victims  of Morgellon’s Disease exhibiting open skin lesions) and other nano-devices we know nothing of.  It is safe to say at this point, the idea of uncontaminated organic foods is obsolete.  Pure organic food sources can no longer be said to exist outside a clean room.

Earth is now facing OMNICIDE at the hands of rogue military science and Silicon Valley psychopaths with zero transparency and zero oversight by functional adults.

This MILITARIZED atmospheric saturation and climate/weather weaponization are aspects of  non-transparently depraved neurosis psychopathically infecting Silicon Valley order-followers at the behest of international Elite dynastic family members who have gone completely off the sanity rails.  In addition to the chemical/metallic/nano-tranceiver poisons, Earth’s atmosphere is being ionized to function as an electro-magnetic plasma, where it conductively behaves as both a charged battery and antenna better enabling full spectrum dominant weaponization of modified HAARP technologies (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), ionospheric heating, weather weaponization, scalar wave technology, 5G and IoT (Internet of Things) surveillance and control technologies beneath the Space FenceThis is the source of CLIMATE CHANGE now blamed on cow farts.

If life on earth is to survive within a habitable biosphere capable of supporting various ecosystems, the Left Brain unbalanced children of OUR MILITARY FORCES, CHEMICAL MONOPOLIES, CORPORATIZED UNIVERSITIES and SILICON VALLEY CAN NO LONGER BE ALLOWED TO OPERATE WITHOUT VIGILANT SUPERVISION BY MATURE THINKING ADULTS.  A few examples of weaponized weather and disaster capitalism are:  Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami devastating Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant, March 2011: Hurricane Sandy, Oct. 2012; Hurricane Patricia, Oct. 2015; Cyclone Winston, Feb. 2016; Cyclone Fantala, April 2016;  Hurricane Harvey, Aug. 2017; and the strange 2017 Northern California fires near Santa Rosa apparently driving out residents, making way for cost-effective Silicon Valley expansion.  We can add the improbable 2018 California fires to this list as well; interestingly aligning perfectly with the proposed high-speed rail system to nowhere.  As an aside, most school shootings and other false flag events by the way, apart from propaganda value, also appear to play a role in profitable disaster capitalism by engaging enormous Federal expenditures for lucrative insider contracts replacing public facilities scheduled for replacement anyway.  Bankrupt California with its Communist legislature has become expert at cleverly siphoning these disaster funds from America’s uninformed tax payers.

For purposes of MILITARIZED, TRANS-HUMANIST FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE, human bodies are being transformed without our knowledge or permission via inhaling, ingesting and absorbing through our skin, above listed nano-materials in the form of smart dust and neural dust to function as biological transceivers within the 5G-Space Fence matrix resulting in the so-called hive mind by infiltrating human brains and cellular DNA (genotoxicity) with nano-size brain-machine interfaces (BMI’s) on a massive world-wide scale.  As 5G rolls out all life within its coverage provided by millions of closely spaced antennas will be bombarded with microwave radiation in the 24 GHz to 100 GHz frequency range.  Vaccines and even needles are being infected with what are in some cases self-replicating, self-correcting nano-transceiver/machines. Without our permission and near zero transparency our treasonous government(s) are, in plain sight, enabling the conversion of Main Street citizens into robo-humans, cyborgs or whatever we’ll be called by the psychopaths gaming this program.  This nano-technology program has been ongoing for more than two decades, being added onto the program kicked off in the late seventies/early eighties called Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), aka Star Wars.  On top of all this, weaponized weather is now the primary digital cash register for DISASTER CAPITALISM, which of course isn’t capitalism at all, but more an aspect of Fascist Global Syndicate control where transnational monopolies controlled by dynastic families own and operate big international banks, including central banks, most Fortune 500 companies, university research facilities, all of the so-called military/industrial/surveillance complex, global media and of course, our governments.

Below are three informative websites maintained by courageous citizens willing to risk whatever accidents or potential harm ignorant Deep State order-followers may envision.  There are many more informational websites, but these three will get us started on the knowledge we need to defend ourselves on Main Street from a Silicon Valley psychopathy gone completely mad.  Life on earth has been and is being put at increasing risk for unknown long-term implications of biologically interfacing nano-technologies with organic life forms.  An enormous debt of gratitude is owed these three individuals, Mr. Clifford Carnicom, Ms. Elana Freeland, Mr. Dane Wigington and many others willing to take on the challenge of educating Main Street regarding the immanent threat posed by socially deviant, psychopathic entities now implementing their sick, trans-humanist enslavement agenda.  The above listed nano-particles are now found in every life form on earth.  The EPA has been thoroughly compromised for more than two decades and must be considered a preeminent supporter of the global syndicate’s weaponizing of earth’s entire atmosphere for purposes of full spectrum dominance by the few over the many.  This is an immanent global threat and MUST BE STOPPED.

Soil samples tested in central Arizona not far from where posted 1600 Watch aerosol spraying photos are taken show aluminum concentrations in soil up to 6,400 times the EPA toxic limit.  Phoenix Air Quality Tests_06-14-2008

Three informative websites are:

Mr. Clifford Carnicom’s site.

Ms. Elana Freeland’s site.

Mr. Dane Wigington’s site.
Geoengineering Watch

A few government programs listed by Ms. Elana Freeland in Chapter 3 of her book, Under an Ionized Sky we should all be aware of are:

1996, Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025.
Weather as a Force Multiplier, USAF 1996

1997 National Ambient Air Quality Standard
(This compromised program deals inadequately (and probably falsely)with PM2.5 atmospheric particulate matter.)
1997 National Air Quality Standard

2001, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) SENSORNET PROGRAM
SENSORNETS 2019; 8th International Conference

2003 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act
Public Law 108-153

2011 National Nanotechnology Initiative Strategic Plan
2011 National Nanotechnology Initiative Strategic Plan
(Interestingly, this 2011 plan mandates each of twelve Federal agencies to do their specific part converging society with nano-based integrated technology. {Taken from Under and Ionized Sky, Page 108-109.})

Photos logged below are taken from the following south central Arizona coordinates:
Latitude:  32.97459939 North
Longitude:  -111.55466060 West
Ground Elevation: 427m (1,400′)


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