Bruce; Superstition Wilderness Area

Bruce; Superstition Wilderness Area

Hi!  My name is Bruce J. Kolinski.  A person choosing to explore elaborate wildernesses of the mind seeking spiritual truth; and good, bad or otherwise, am writer / editor of 1600 Watch blog, published when I feel like it, in historic Coolidge, Arizona – deep within the Sonoran Desert.  I am by nature both hopelessly analytic and philosophical – therefore choosing to reside on a perpetual road of esoteric, spiritual/socio/economic and political B.S. at least some of which I sincerely hope leads to a smidgen of the truth so many of us are interested in.  I’m prone to bouts of pondering with a Bloody Mary (Tito’s or Ketel One) and good cigar in hand.  (My current go-to cigar is a nice La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero.)  The views on this site are my own.  I am by profession a licensed Professional Civil Engineer (retired); a licensed General Contractor (retired);  and have held  a Class A CDL (Commercial Drivers License) with endorsements for doubles/triples, tankers and hazardous materials (also retired).   I currently do custom leather work and leather carving for Grit Company Unlimited, LLC in Coolidge, AZ.  My leather website is http://gritwest.com/.  I am also a working, unsold, writer / screenwriter and I hike a lot in quiet places.

Educationally, I have earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Wisconsin – Madison (1980).  Prior to engineering I worked on two additional majors in Biology and English at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point.  I have spent  several years working as a farm laborer in central Wisconsin potato and bean fields, clearing land, planting and harvesting; 2 seasons trimming Christmas trees; 4 years in grocery;   2 years in potato industry warehouses; 4 1/2 years for United Parcel Service and have spent a good amount of time as an 18-wheel truck driver during the mid-seventies and more recently (2009 – 2010) since our economic downturn in 2008.  As a side note, the once highly independent/entrepreneurial trucking business is being ruined by fascist monopolies married to myopic government regulators (FMCSA) who’ve never seen the inside of a Class 8 tractor.  Yesterday’s notoriously independent drivers are being replaced by micro-managed yes-men and women, so it’s no longer interesting – just another cog in a delusional dream for a centrally controlled, Elite wheel of feudal serfdom – so yes – as you suspected, I terminated my unprofitable involvement with that now retarded industry; but retain respect for the independent souls still surviving the regulatory, BIG-BROTHER onslaught against our great American trucking tradition of entrepreneurial freedom.  Keep the shiny side up guys and gals – God Speed.

I retired from civil engineering and am a space-time wanderer searching out steep, narrow mountain paths leading to rocky trails of thought, whose precious tracks our once esteemed education system has intentionally dusted over for reasons I cannot agree with; but about which I am curious.  I fear I have become a bit political in the irrational face of our apathetic citizenry and a Federal government that has lost its way and now blindly and inhumanely tramples our unalienable rights as once recognized beneath its own crumbling Constitutional skeleton; our now deceased, once free Republic that so many have bled, suffered and died for.  I study why we believe silly propaganda and vote to give our freedom away to inbred globalist morons?

I am a sixty-five year old Dad, father of two and a husband of 40 happily married years; fed up with the ignorant, self serving nonsense perpetrated by our criminally negligent Federal Representatives, including Establishment Right Republicans, Marxist Left Democrats and supposed Independents, who are just Marxist Left Democrats lacking testicular fortitude.  Freedom isn’t just for Americans.  Freedom is for all people everywhere.  I’m not a fan of political parties, but as an impractical matter am a registered Libertarian.   Both the Establishment Right Republican Party and the Marxist Left Democrat Party have long since ceased to stand for anything that I hold dear or believe in.

America is different than most other nations simply because Her Founders made a Covenant with Divine Providence to work with Divine Providence for the betterment and freedom of all.  That precious Covenant, which extends in kind, back to the Old Testament Jewish Covenant; forward to the New Covenant with Gentiles initiated by Christ; forward to the founding of the United States of America MUST be renewed by each one of us on a personal basis, just as George Washington and our Founders each entered into it – and we need to do it soon or we are going to lose the blessings of freedom to a steadily encroaching, Neo-feudal system of economic slavery the Global Elite are attempting to impose and uninformed RNC/DNC pawns are ignorantly supporting.

I’m sorry most of us don’t know about The Covenant entered into by our Founders as our history is now a Progressively redacted fairy tale, but that’s the fact and it’s the reason why America became the most powerful, most wealthy, most generously blessed nation on earth in such a very short time.  It is the reason you and I are born free.  Our abandonment of This Covenant is the abandonment of our own freedom.  “Stupid is as stupid does.”  When our political leaders (corrupt Elite pawns) are stumbling blindly over the cliff – is it in our best interest to follow them – or might it make sense to elect real leaders and search for a more Common Sense direction?

I am for and 1600 Watch is for COMMON SENSE!  A little Common Sense and a little HONESTY, a wee bit of TRUTH will launch the United States out of the rusted trash bin of banana republic NONSENSE it has Progressively become.  I am for Constitutionally limited government and free markets – real ones – not the monopolistic play ground sponsored and protected by corrupt regulatory agencies functioning as central planning centers for myopic insiders, too dumb to understand they are destroying their own playground.  Note:  I got this Common Sense idea from poser Glenn Beck, who brings it up occasionally on The Blaze and wrote a great book about it entitled, yup, you guessed it;  Common Sense.  Glenn’s book is based of course, on the original 1776 published work of Thomas Paine entitled with the same name.  Unfortunately, I no longer trust Mr. Beck.

Lightening Over Grand Canyon

I am for individual freedom.  I am not anti-government.  I am anti-tyranny.  I am anti- sweet sounding collectivist gibberish masquerading as the promise of security and protection.  The government is to serve our needs.  We are not here to serve the needs of government.  Socialism and freedom are not compatible anymore than gangrene and good health are compatible.  Socialism is the systemic rot spawned by the Globalist greed for power, used to undermine free market capitalism and our individual right to protect our property.  Access to free markets and property have been the foundation of individual freedom since Greek and Roman times before Christ and  remain so today.  Our acceptance of the lie, that it is otherwise is the end of our individual freedom and the beginning of our economic subjugation.  There is no rational compromise here.  We are free or not.  I choose freedom and I accept the consequences of that choice.  My liberty is not negotiable!

For what it’s worth, I am a registered Libertarian, though I have adopted the view of John Adams, our second President, who felt that political parties were anathema to good government.  As the late Aaron Russo so aptly noted:  “It’s time to stop being good Republicans.  It’s time to stop being good Democrats.  It’s time to start being good Americans.”

Why don’t I run for office, you might legitimately ask?  I have been asked to run for public office, but refuse to lie and am therefore unelectable (my opinion).  More than half our tragic voting population today is desperate for promises, regardless how unrealistic, false or dangerous.  The average American citizen has fallen for the government will take care of you trap and is no longer willing to accept responsibility for their their own lives and actions.  I won’t waste my time or yours trying to compromise truth in exchange for votes cast for useless promises.  Truth has no agenda.  It just is.  It appears America is not yet ready to accept truth, but She eventually will as all Americans, deceived or not are hard wired for freedom.  Freedom will win in the end.  Good is more powerful than evil.  Anyone who suspects otherwise has not read unredacted American history and has reduced themselves to uneducated fools.  I am proud to be an American and insofar as I’m able to discern truth, I contribute what little I can.    That said, we should all note – good doesn’t happen by itself.  Good must be chosen.  Good must be acted on or it is useless.

As Edmund Burke is often credited, but never to my knowledge actually wrote, “All that is required for evil to prevail, is for good men to do nothing”.  This statement  is truth regardless who said it.

If you spend any time on my site you’ll quickly notice that I have little, if any respect remaining for our elected President, House Members, U.S. Senate Members or the political hacks now appointed to the Supreme Court.  This small group (1+100+435+9 = 545 people) of politically entitled, self aggrandizing  nematodes is destroying our Republic and annihilating freedom for 313,000,000 once free citizens, not to mention destroying the HOPE for freedom in the rest of the world.  My near total lack of respect borders on the immature, even childish, though given what I’m disgusted with, in my own defense, it appears warranted and appropriate.  95% of our legislators are nothing more than self serving lemmings; timid, dishonest and cowardly; funded by and serving insider special interests – primarily government sponsored, regulation protected, tax preferred, international conglomerate monopolies.

There are those few  in Congress – none in the White House – who are against this obvious subjugation of the people’s power to self govern, but they whisper quietly in the dark and cower in fear of the press and the Globalist financial bundlers who dominate their long term political careers and jaded self interest.  This diseased political culture is wrong, is unhealthy and must be brought to an end if our children are to have any chance at the freedom we are presently giving away with callous disregard for the consequences.

Our Republic is nearly dead.  Our checks and balances are entirely gone.  Our President is irrelevant.  Congress is irrelevant.  The Supreme Court is irrelevant.  This means that you and I are also irrelevant.  We The People no longer have a voice.  We The People no longer govern the governors as our Constitution and Rule of Law so wisely required.  We the people are nothing more than a source of funds and labor for the parasitical practice of larceny, extortion, theft and subjugation as instituted throughout our elected and appointed Federal government.  Our government is no longer responsive to we the people.  According to written policy statements made by Janet Napolitano, our one time political hack Secretary of the unconstitutional Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the previous statements and my belief in Divine Providence and our Constitutionally recognized unalienable rights qualifies me as a potential “Domestic Terrorist”.  Go figure.  You are no doubt deemed by Janet, just as guilty simply for visiting this site and reading this.  Go figure again.  Non-Collectivist political views are now criminalized.

Citizen apathy and media propaganda have reduced the American Constitutional Republic to a pathetic Fascist State littered with political dishonesty, decayed integrity and a degenerative self loathing, imprisoning ourselves within the conditioned walls of our own minds, responsive only to the beckoning call of the Elite as their political pied piper pawns lead us further and further into the Marxist gulag of human stagnation, poverty and hopelessness.  It is time we stand up, declare NO and return to the pursuit of human excellence.

So who does have a voice in U.S. government?  I would suggest that the gruff, demanding grunts now heard exclusively in the pathetic halls and meeting rooms of Washington D.C.  emanate from the paneled council of world central banking and its interlocking directorates and ownership of international conglomerate monopolies that now control and manage nearly all wealth, all commerce and all people on planet earth.  The Federal Reserve Bank owners do anything they want, whenever they want, utterly without oversight.   The so-called Governing Board is a meaningless sham.  The Fed Charter issued in 1913 illegally granted the Fed immunity to government audit and it stands above “Generally Accepted Accounting Practices” (GAAP).  Denial does not change nor effect this obscene reality.  It is not a conspiracy on anyone’s part.  It is a simple business strategy and a very effective one.  It has no power over us other than its ability to cajole citizens into voting yes in ignorant support of its own selfish agenda.  An agenda which serves only those families properly classified as Global Elite and no one else – ever, though their Ruling Class pawns do quite well.

Financial survival seriously restricts my available discretionary blogging time, but I will try to maintain this blog (until our increasingly dictatorial Federal government shuts it down) and will share such rudimentary knowledge as I have been able to acquire over the past 45-years or so, since I began to study this oligarchic phenomenon we refer to as One World, Globalism or as George Soros prefers, Open Society.  The Open Society concept is, of course, open only in the way a locked barn is open to the livestock within it.  George’s Open Society has NO EXIT.

If you care about freedom?  If you are interested in restoring our seriously damaged Republic?  If you are Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent or have no political affiliation what-so ever;  but are interested in being or becoming a responsible U.S. citizen and a citizen of the world (non-One World Globalist, of course) this site may be of interest to you.  As you already noticed, I don’t do sound bites.  I do ideas – rightly, leftly or wrongly – as well as I’m able.

It’s so important, I’m going to repeat it – as the late Aaron Russo said not long before his passing:  “It’s time to stop being good Republicans.  It’s time to stop being good Democrats.  It’s time to start being good Americans.”  If we the people do not lay down our petty left/right squabbles and stand together against the devouring hunger of One World Globalism and its collectivist, top down, totalitarian control structure we will not remain free.

If we the people do not rescind or revise the Federal Reserve Bank Charter, which has been made permanent without review;  and if we do not take away the “CREATION OF OUR MONEY SUPPLY” from the FED and its sister central banks (2nd Plank of the Communist Manifesto, by the way);  WE CANNOT BE FREE.  Period.  We will do this or we won’t.  The choice is entirely ours and “not to choose” is to choose.  This is the sole reason I put my time into this blog.  Freedom and debt are 100% incompatible and I am personally under no illusion about that salient fact.  I hope that together, none of us will continue to fall victim to the delusion and false promise of One World Government at the evil behest of power starved world central banking families.





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