01-28-2019: Electronic Vote Surveillance and Fraud

Posted: January 28, 2019 in Connect The Dots
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Self-governance via a Constitutional Representative Republic is unsustainable sans a free press and more importantly, if Main Street voter integrity cannot be established, maintained and transparently verified.  Hard stop!  Anything less is a bad joke.  Sadly, the United States is working diligently to earn Numero Uno status as preeminent laughing stock of the voting world.  The criminalized City-State of Washington D.C. is not the root of the problem.  D.C. fraud is the end result of a growing Cultural Marxist disease infecting our arrogantly apathetic U.S. Main Streets.  I insultingly employ the term arrogantly because apparently many of us, including myself, for the most part, are to busy or self-involved to realize the lawless banana republic we inhabit is not the blessed country our Founders founded… the one we’ve become too distracted to understand is gone.  Our experiment in self-government is failing miserably and we refuse to admit it.

Voter fraud, criminal activity as old as voting itself is rampant across our very expensive U.S. banana republic and is brought about in various ways.  Voter registration itself can be a source of fraud as dead person’s or non-existent persons can be found on active registration lists.  Illegals or others can be found voting under these names; and in some cases a person may vote more than once in different precincts under different names, thereby dis-enfranchising legitimate tax paying citizens.  As I write these words, more than 140 voter fraud cases have already been filed relative to the 2018 mid-terms, suggesting a tiny tip of the voter fraud iceberg.  Anyway, given the lack of judicious voter I.D. laws and regulation, this crime against the people becomes difficult to identify in districts refusing to update voter registration lists and personal identification accurately.  Another form of voter fraud growing in popularity is electronic voter fraud, which conveniently leaves no paper trail.  With no chads for morally challenged lawyers to debate, this fraud can only be uncovered by techies sophisticated enough to track its electronic crumbs; and of course, limited financial resources routinely discourage such tracking, so the fraud stands uncontested.

We know from the courageous work of Ms. Bev Harris, author of 2004’s Black Box Voting: Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century, and from other researchers, much of the electronic voting machine software used across U.S. precincts doesn’t need to be hacked.  Much of this voting software is designed from the ground-up to be manipulated; or if you prefer a nicer term, adjusted Ms. Harris is said by some to be biased toward the Left.  If true, this probably impacts her personal opinions regarding D or R fault but doesn’t negate facts she uncovered.  Facts are facts, regardless who’s guilty and regardless which side of the aisle has bought and paid for a particular candidate’s corrupted pandering for this or that issue.  Secondly, such bias ignores the fact that despite pandering rhetorical differences, the RNC and DNC are owned and operated by the global syndicate and share the same long term goal, i.e. world-wide slavery for Main Street.  Yes, there are factions within the global syndicate at short term variance with each other as seen in the Trump versus Clinton camps, but ultimately white hat elites and black hat elites matriculate to the same Ivy League conditioning centers, believe in slavery and believe in their Darwinian Evolved entitlement as privileged slave owners; so Elite long term goals are generally compatible regardless hat color.

Most of us have probably seen astonishing video footage of people pressing electronic voter machine buttons for one candidate, then being startled when the opposing candidate’s name lights up.  I can’t imagine a techie dumb enough to fraudulently program a voting machine in such an obvious, in-your-face way, so have no idea if these social media videos are real or contrived, but common sense suggests contrived?  None-the-less, the point is at least cautionary as effective fraud is usually invisible to the voter’s astute eye, justifying legitimate voter skepticism.

There are different ways to program a machine so data can be manipulated this way or that.  How it’s done isn’t important.  That it’s done is.  One way is to fractionalize some or all of the votes cast.  For instance, Candidate A could be programed negatively in the machine, so each vote or some percentage of votes cast are counted as 90%, 75%, 50% or even just 10% of a vote.  In the worse case, 10%; every ten votes cast for Candidate A would total one vote counted.

Conversely, Candidate B could be programed to be additive in the machine, so each vote or some percentage of votes cast is counted as 110%, 125%, 150% or even 200%.  Again in the worse case, 200%, a vote cast for Candidate B would total two votes counted.

The trick in effectively programming this sort of nonsense, is when voting ends and weeks later, the precinct finally closes, at which time, the total number of adjusted votes illegally counted must equal the number of votes cast by voters and should also compare favorably, i.e. equal to or less than the number of registered voters in that precinct.  Now, I’m admittedly no longer certain if voting precincts really close as early voting, late voting, vehicle trunk voting, pick-up truck voting, lost-and-found voting, recounting – which should be called percentage re-voting and other forms of hopeful opportunity for fraud increase.  This, may however, be a moot point as it appears many precincts have little interest in comparing numbers of votes cast with numbers of registered voters.

You have likely sensed I’m not a fan of electronic voting.  You’re correct.  My personal opinion is: electronic voting is to clean elections as cancer is to good health.  Electronic voting is a certifiably bad idea if we care about self-governance as voting is one important way the vigilant governed can govern the governors.

Much of our electronic voting software is provably designed to be fraudulent-on-demand.  Sophisticated methods must be employed to trace the fraud.  I know nothing of these electronic tracking methods, but imagine them to be expensive, therefore prohibitive – and why would I believe the tracer’s re-count when I already don’t believe the original count?  As a voter I have no way to know who’s lying; but I do know lying is probably going on; and those lies have consequences for my life and the lives of those I care about.  Why would I ever accept this non-transparent, readily fraudulent, difficult-to-verify electronic circumstance?

In Venezuela, one of the newly dystopian Neo-Con/Leftist dream state horror stories, electronic voting tracks voters by electronic finger-print.  Don’t be surprised when this new deception is proposed in our own banana republic; probably in concert with the health devastating 5G rollout.  How easy is it for our finger-print to be electronically tied directly to our votes?  Of course, we’re promised our fingerprint is for I.D. confirmation only; for protection of sacred voting booth sanctity.  Our vote is confidential.  Right! Now the Phoenix Program pacification goons can show up at 3:00 in the morning; kick-in our front door; rape our wife or daughter, otherwise threaten us; or disappear our sorry butt into the darkness for voting the wrong way.  Point well-made to the neighbors.  An exaggeration today, but what about America’s tomorrow?

Finger-print I.D. is fine with me; BUT only if it’s verifiably separate from our vote… an impossibility to verify via electronic voting.  Electronic voting can easily be made to operate every bit as as effectively as whistle-blower laws.  Whistle-blower laws serve only for corrupt officials to identify whistle-blowers so they can be promptly and roughly dealt with.  Try to find a Federal whistle-blower whose life hasn’t been turned upside down by D.C. corruption?  These courageous patriots are routinely persecuted.

Electronic voting is stupid voting.  It’s too easily corrupted by those holding power and influence.  There is a better way and we deserve a better way.  For now, the better way is the old way.  Paper ballots cast in private, within a secure voting booth, on election day.  Let’s also demand abandonment of silly practices like early voting, late voting, vehicle trunk voting, pick-up truck voting, lost-and-found voting and other easily corruptible voting formats.  A person who cannot figure out how to vote a paper ballot in a properly monitored, secure voting booth on election day doesn’t need to vote.  We as citizens are not obligated to protect corruption and means are available for the physically impaired to honestly cast their votes; as are the military; and as are travelers.

Just sayin’.


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