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Look to the Left!  Look to the Right!  But don’t ever look ahead at what’s staring us straight in the face!

Look at Ukraine.  Look at Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.  Look at Russia.  Look at North Korea and China, but don’t look at what’s going on in Washington D.C. or Wall Street.  This is the constant CIA constrained media / D.C. drill.  Classic Hegelian Dialectic delivered with perfect diction in repetitive staccato drumbeats of eloquent sound bite perfection without an original thought in sight… in fact no thoughts at all, fully blinded within a contextual box framed by political order-followers, TV, radio and print media.

Edward Bernays told us in in his 1928 book entitled Propaganda, “all news is propaganda and all propaganda is lies[1].  Nothing much changed over the ensuing nine decades excepting techniques for propaganda, conditioning and entrainment becoming more sophisticated and applied over a significantly vaster scale.  There are many reasons for this, which we discuss over coffee and about which dozens of scholars have written dozens of books.  I’d like today to address just one reason.  Missing Money.  Lot’s of it.

According to U.S. Inspector General Reports and Federal Agency accounting records, such as they are, we the people of Main Street USA are since 1998, missing more than $30 trillion dollars our erstwhile Representatives in Washington D.C. chose not to account for.  1600 Watch obtained links to these reports through Catherine Austin Fitts’ Solari Report[2] as provided to Solari by Dr. Mark Skidmore and a group of his graduate students who have published a list of supporting documentation for “undocumentable adjustments” identified at DOD and HUD from fiscal year 1998 through 2015.  Dr. Skidmore, among other positions is a Professor of Economics and Director of the North Central Center for Rural Development at Michigan State University.  Thank you Ms. Fitts and Dr. Skidmore.

1998:                DOD;                                      $1.7 trillion unaccounted for.[3]
1999:                DOD:                                      $2.3 trillion unaccounted for.[4]
1999:                HUD;                                       $0.0597 billion unaccounted for.[5]
2000:                DOD;                                      $3.8 trillion unaccounted for.[6]
2001:                 DOD;                                     $2.3 trillion unaccounted for.[7]
2008 – Present: TARP Bank Bailouts:                  $16.8 trillion unaccounted for.[8]  (Supposedly under-reported)
2015:                 DOD;                                       $6.5 trillion unaccounted for.[9]
2015:                HUD;                                       $0.119 trillion unaccounted for.[10]

The above numbers total $33.5 trillion US dollars missing in Washington D.C. per cited U.S. Government audit reports.  This is not by any stretch a full accounting.  Some financial researchers estimate a more realistic total of unaccounted for dollars between $40 and $50 trillion since the mid-nineties.

We the people of Main Street are liable for these dollars and have a Constitutional right to know from whence this money came; and to whom it went.  Apparently, our Federal representatives, elected and appointed, in conjunction with private parties, most likely transnational in nature, are openly accumulating grotesque amounts of debt on our U.S. sovereign balance sheet, while private entities accumulate enormous assets on private balance sheets.  We don’t know what these assets consist of, but may suppose new technologies, a burgeoning space program (since 1963) and other covert investments are likely being made.  After all, $33 trillion dollars is real money even in D.C.  Entire countries are operated for decades on far less.

As Main Street citizens, we have choices to make and these choices loom large in our kid’s futures, probably even in ours.  For example, D.C. tells us we don’t have enough money for Main Street health care, pensions, retirement plans, etc.  Yet DOD, just in fiscal year 2015 misplaced $6.5 trillion dollars against an entire Federal budget allocation of $4.1 trillion.  How exactly does DOD lose 1.5 times more money than all Federal Agencies combined spent in just one year?  Obviously, these vast amounts of missing dollars are not incompetence or negligence.  This is FRAUD on an unimaginable scale hidden in plain sight.  Incompetence is an error of say 0.1%… or even 1%…what the heck, let’s say 10%; but certainly not 150% of the entire Federal budget.  The 2015 military budget was approximately $600 billion of which $6.5 trillion comprises more than 1,000% of the military budget unaccounted for.  We can’t make this up with a straight face.

The folks who apparently took this money, some would say Deep State; I just say Elites, are now making think tank and media noise about a Constitutional Convention.  The answer to this nonsense is NO.  Given that Main Street has zero representation in D.C., while transnational monopolies have 100%; there is no possibility of Main Street surviving such a convention intact.  Please realize that Elites believe in slavery.  They also believe Main Street to be their slave farm and their estates the slave owners’ homes.  Main Street cannot win this battle.

It is my humble opinion that Main Street’s only appropriate course of action is demanding ENFORCEMENT of the Constitution we already have.  Nothing more.  As Ms. Fitts tells us; we as tax paying citizens have the Constitutional right to either have our stolen monies returned to us – or we have the right to hold an equity position in the assets being developed with our stolen funds.  In either case, we the people of Main Street USA are no longer bankrupt as D.C. would have us believe.  We can choose to do this or not; stand up for ourselves or not.

Again, as Ms. Fitts so eloquently reminds us, should we choose allowing these Oligarchs and their order-followers to tear up our Constitution, with or without our permission, we will end up penniless without recourse and our children’s only possible future, is slavery.

We must as American citizens demand the return of our money.  Just sayin’.


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