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Collectivist Anarchists such as Mikhail Bakunin (Statism and Anarchy, 1873), along with Communists Karl Marx, Frederich Engels  (Communist Manifesto-1848; Capital, Volume 1-1867, Volume 2-1885, Volume 3-1894) and others were justly disturbed by the cruel, sometimes vicious exploitation of working people they believed to be the direct, inevitable result of capitalism at the hands of the bourgeoisie.  Without getting into  complex socioeconomic theories debated among pioneers of Socialism, Anarchism, Syndicalism, etc., let’s agree that generally speaking, the prevailing discourse at the time (19th Century) was wage earner (proletariat) versus wage provider (capitalist/bourgeoisie) and the ensuing class struggle.

Marx didn’t so much promote Communism as predict it.  Some of Marx’s predictions came to pass, but much of his perceived future came down through history very differently.  For example;  Marx correctly foresaw the inevitable rise of monopoly capitalism, but the destruction of small business and wage earner wealth did not wholly diminish as he thought it would.  While corrupt monopolies did flourish, small and medium businesses also flourished and worker earnings grew significantly.  It turns out, all boats tend to rise under free market capitalism in spite of corruption and unfair advantage.  The revolution never materialized, but the despicable evolution is alive and well, though of a very different nature than Marx thought.

Marx and others opined that the proletariat would violently revolt or as Bernstein, Gramsci and others opined, non-violently evolve with the workers taking control of the State; destroying private property ownership; ending inequality; finally ending the need for a State entirely; the result being a prosperous paradise.  Marx and Engels realized that the State as an intermediate step would for some period of time have to be frighteningly powerful, but then would magically go away as it realized it was no longer necessary.  What Karl Marx envisioned happening, up to the powerful State part, in my humble opinion, did in fact happen, is happening – just not at all the way he imagined.

It never occurred to Marx that the bourgeoisie, or as I call them today, the Elite, the world’s dynastic families, the Oligarchy, the Plutocracy – would identify Communism or more generally Collectivism as the ideal mechanism for obtaining total monopoly control of all governments, resources, people and wealth on earth.  Marx never saw that coming.  His students and academic adherents still don’t see it; but the Elite see it and use it perfectly to their greedy advantage.  Marx’s important work provided the Elite, the world’s largest, most corrupt transnational monopoly owners a road map, a business plan by which they could hope to rule the world.  And as we can all see, they are trying their inbred best to make that happen.

Main Street citizens, for the most part are busy raising families, earning a living, recreating and so forth.  They don’t pay much attention to political ideology nor its impact on legislation, regulation, taxation or their lives.  The inbred Elite on the other hand, may have more money than brains or honor, but they do pay attention.  The Elite realized in about a minute that Marx’s vision could be a wonderful thing for them – if they could manage history as a self-fulfilling prophesy with themselves as controllers of the State rather than workers.  Nothing makes control of populations easier than top-down, centrally controlled government.

The Bolshevik Revolution, Mao’s Revolution and the spread of international communism, now more digestibly called socialism have been and still are entirely funded by the world’s wealthiest Elite; are supported by the Elite through their Foundations, Institutes, think tanks, study groups, associations and of course, as Lenin so aptly exclaimed, the useful idiots of academia.  Good intentions are oft used against us.

MONOPOLY CANNOT SURVIVE FREE MARKET CAPITALISM.  Monopoly requires assistance and protection, usually provided through the wheel chair of corrupt government regulation and taxation, in order to destroy potential competition and provide free reign for price fixing, government policy manipulation, etc.  Marx inadvertently handed the keys for world domination off to the same Elite he so despised;  then we the people gave them the car…the train….the boat….the plane…and everything else to go with all that – and we don’t even realize it.  We think we’re fighting it.

The so-called New World Order (NWO) isn’t a conspiracy.  It’s an effective BANKING/OIL/WAR BUSINESS PLAN operating in plain sight every day of every week.  A plan whose evil strength lies in its ability to go unnoticed; to masquerade as something it’s not, while cloaking it’s impoverishing, enslaving nature in a media cloak of propaganda, entrainment and conditioning.

Capitalism allows for monopoly, but discourages it.  Collectivism not only allows monopoly; but protects and nourishes it.  It’s time as voters we recognize we’re being had.  R’s and D’s are all wholly owned subsidiaries of the Elite Oligarchy.   Main Street has zero representation in D.C.  Transnational monopolies have 500% of the ears in D.C.  That means our elected and appointed officials are usually bribed more than once, hence more than 100% corruption.

I’m not sure how we’re going to fix this, but I do know we Main Street folk better start discussing it and we best exercise a bit of individual, free thinking before casting our 2106 votes in November.  As the late, Aaron Russo said and I’m paraphrasing; Quit being good R’s and D’s.  Start being good Americans.  We owe this to ourselves and the generations to come.  Let’s take back self-governance together as the good, decent people we are.

Hillary Clinton dutifully serves the world’s Elite dynastic families and of course, her bank accounts.  Until and unless she outlives her Plutocratic usefulness, she stands protected, far above the U.S. Rule of Law.  None-the-less, you may wonder why the FBI and Director Comey pretended to investigate Hillary Rodham Clinton for alleged violations of what we refer to as  The Espionage Act?  Judge for yourself from original sources.  Here’s a copy of the pertinent code sections for your own perusal.  It isn’t complicated.
A quick read of the code subsections f and g below show this is not just about Hillary.  Every person who knew about Hillary’s illegal private email system (as Secretary of State) is, under subsection g, also potentially guilty; subject to fines and imprisonment.  We’re talking a cast of hundreds here, including Barack Hussein Obama, as can be seen within the publically disclosed emails themselves.  Hundreds – With an H!!!  Very big deal here!  Makes Watergate look like a kindergarten prank.
U.S. Code, Title 18, Chapter 37, Section 793, subsections (f) and (g) are copied below as taken from:
Please refer to the entire Code Section 793 available at the above Cornell University Law School online library link so you can see the full context.


Whoever, being entrusted with or having lawful possession or control of any document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blueprint, plan, map, model, instrument, appliance, note, or information, relating to the national defense, (1) through gross negligence permits the same to be removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of his trust, or to be lost, stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, or (2) having knowledge that the same has been illegally removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of its trust, or lost, or stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, and fails to make prompt report of such loss, theft, abstraction, or destruction to his superior officer—
Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.


If two or more persons conspire to violate any of the foregoing provisions of this section, and one or more of such persons do any act to effect the object of the conspiracy, each of the parties to such conspiracy shall be subject to the punishment provided for the offense which is the object of such conspiracy.
Note how clearly and concisely the above code subsections are written.  Much of U.S. Code, as we know, is drafted by D.C. connected third parties to serve whatever agenda a particular group of insiders has paid our legislators to service.  Occasionally a piece of honest code is written to serve we the people, but normally that’s just pandering or an accidental side effect, not by intent on the part of our corrupt legislators in the House and Senate good-old-boy/girl clubs.
It appears this legislation was actually written to seriously dissuade responsible parties from being casual or happenstance regarding matters such as correspondence, plans, drawings, schedules, etc. related to American national defense.  It’s quite clear.  If you do any of these wrong things; you are subject to this, that or both consequences.  There isn’t a word about intent, Acts-of-God, accidental whatever, stupidity, etc. contained in this code.  If you do this; here’s what happens.
But not for Hillary Clinton.  WHY?
If we take away anything of value from the 2016 election cycle, let’s at least begin to realize one inconvenient truth (thanks Big Al); because if we can’t admit this one truth to ourselves, we cannot fix it and our kids cannot be free.
In year 2016, our three branches of United States’ government; Executive (President and Agencies), Legislative (House of Representatives and U.S. Senate) and Judicial (Supreme Court) DO NOT represent or work for we the people.  These three branches of government have degenerated into a money/power laundering center of organized crime serving the exclusive needs of the world’s Elite dynastic families, through their interlocking network of private clubs, international banks, NGO’s and transnational corporate monopolies, TOGETHER OWNING AND OPERATING ALL (yes I said all) OUR ELECTED AND APPOINTED FEDERAL OFFICIALS.  I hope there are exceptions to this systemic D.C. corruption, but I don’t know of any.
Hillary Clinton and her husband have passionately served exclusive needs of these Elite dynastic families at least since William Jefferson Clinton collaborated as a prominent Iran-Contra, CIA Darling via his elected gubernatorial office in Arkansas (’79-’81 & ’83-’92).  Neither Clinton has ever looked back and both have been hungrily feeding at the gullible public trough, whining about dedicated public service for nearly four decades now.  When you live your corrupt life as a degenerate, privileged servant of the Oligarchy, you and your family are protected.
That’s why Hillary hasn’t really been investigated and will never be indicted or tried – in spite of obvious violations of our Espionage Act.  Some of her emails have now been made public.  You can read the code language above for yourself.  If these public emails are in fact hers, you don’t need an attorney to explain she violated subsection (f) and people who knew about it violated subsection (g).  The only possibility of a legal trial for Hillary will be if the Plutocracy decides they’re finished using her.  That circumstance, fortunate for us on Main Street, would place her – and her complicit partners in jeopardy.  Short of such misfortune; forget about it as they say in New Jersey.
Under the Act, it isn’t only Hillary who’s in deep doo doo.  Obama himself and quite a list of prominent others are now known to be complicit and knowledgeable within the context of these now-public emails.  Not all, but many of these emails are directly or indirectly related to matters of national defense and are relevant evidence under the Act.  Heads significant to financially rewarding Plutocracy corruption will have to roll if this matter is actually pursued.
The good news, however, is we the people are now armed with this new tidbit of knowledge.  If we’re smart, we’ll put this knowledge to good use and cast more knowledgeable votes in November.  The bad news is, if you already voted for Trump through early voting; your vote has already been democratically adjusted and now counts for Hillary, but that’s how the banana republic cookie crumbles – UNTIL AND UNLESS WE DECIDE TO CHANGE IT.  Just kidding.  We all know there’s no stinking voter fraud in Amerika.  Have a great election!

I’ve never written specifically about abortion that I recall.  For what it’s worth, here’s my take on the subject.

We’ve been told ad infinitum abortion is good, even necessary. We’re told a woman’s health depends on it; and anyway she has the right to kill her child, at least per the Supreme Court deemed WOMEN’S RIGHT TO CHOOSE.  I’m not arguing any of that; legal, moral or otherwise.  Killing my kid is wrong for me personally, but the courts declared unborn child murder legal, so if that’s your prerogative, it isn’t mine to judge.  I am however, at 65-years young, a bit cynical and when something is stridently presented to me over and over again – I wonder  – am I being indoctrinated?  If so, why is someone conditioning my thinking?  Cui bono?  For whose benefit?

Skepticism and I admit personal bias, compel me to share a couple of  factoids appearing to me contextually related not only to abortion, but to other life debilitating ideological concepts as well.   Ideologies Fox News, CNN, NPR, MSNBC and the rest of Oligarchy owned media (that would be all of it) will never honestly share with us; and in fact, will adroitly sweep under the rug.  You may disagree whether these factoids are related to what we’re being told regarding abortion or not, but knowledge can be useful if we’re open to it, as we don’t know what we don’t know, do we?  Does it hurt to wonder WHY?  About anything?

Before we get into to it, please make a note to self; the world’s Elite, that is the 1% or so of the wealthiest, most powerful 1%, consider the unwashed people of Main Street to be useless eaters; excess population to use two terms coined by Bertrand Russell, a popular, psychopathic Elite intellectual.  Not all, but many, perhaps most of the world’s Elite, do not wish for earth’s natural resources, which they consider theirs by birthright, be wasted by useless eaters.  The Elite want earth’s population of 7 billion or so reduced at least to 1 billion and preferably to around 500 million.  They want a few impoverished serfs around to build and wash their Rolls Royces, build and drive their yachts, build and clean their estates, cook,  clean toilets, etc.  Nothing more.  For that Plutocratic dream to come true, many of us on Main Street must be eliminated.  The question is HOW?  BY WHAT MEANS DO THE ELITE REDUCE EARTH’S POPULATION BY 93% without endangering themselves?

Sidebar:  Don’t accept my assertions on this… or any other subject for that matter.  Always do your own research using original source documents whenever possible.  As a beginning, if you’re willing to read a bit, obtain a copy of the 3 Volume, 800 page Global 2000 Report published by the Carter Administration State Department.  This document only recommends depopulating earth by 3 billion, but hey it’s a start isn’t it?  This is just one published document lying around out there in plain sight.  One additional task.  Please research who and what NGO’s fund Planned Parenthood.  Nearly all significant funding sources are directly or indirectly related to the world’s Elite families and their foundations.  Why do they care so much?  Now back to my assertions.

Number One on that list of Elite dream alternatives is for we useless eaters to kill ourselves.  EUGENICS.  All members of historically dynastic families, whether of the new white hat faction or status quo black hat faction are committed ideological eugenicists when protecting their own perceived interest.  The Elite do not care to share.  Simple solution, huh?  INDOCTRINATE, CONDITION, PROPAGANDIZE and BRAINWASH Main Street to voluntarily murder their babies; murder their old people; murder their sick; murder their disadvantaged.  Who needs wars anymore – other than for blood money profit, an established Elite tradition?

The world’s Elite saw the advantages of abandoning force as an effective means of coercion after their experiment with Hitler blew up and they were forced to put him down.  Very messy.  Difficult to mange psychopaths even when they’re trying to cooperate; though also extremely profitable, so a bit of a wash, but  unseemly, not to mention smelly, no?  Must be a better way… a better idea…

… and along came Sigmund Freud, Theodore Adorno, Bertrand Russell, H.G. Wells, Aldous Huxley, Colonel John Rawlings Rees, Kurt Lewin and dozens of other Elite lap dogs, working though Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, Frankfurt School, Esalen Institute, Aspen Institute; Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie and Russell Sage Foundations; Universities such as Stanford, MIT, Yale, Wharton School of Business, etc.; and literally thousands of similarly brainwashed foundations, institutes, study groups, think tanks, associations and universities – to offer that better idea.

Instead of wars, cattle cars, armed guards, prisons and forced slave labor – let’s just have folks vote for their own impoverishment and free roaming imprisonment within their own minds, where through propaganda and drugs they’ll be completely happy as feudal serfs and will actually prefer serfdom to freedom.  Uninformed, dumbed-down, drugged folks will predictably elect so-called Representatives who actually represent Elite Agendas exclusively and who will appoint unelected bureaucrat thugs to run the Plutocracy’s Administrative Dictatorship.  Sweet.

We are willingly depopulating ourselves with abortion, euthanasia, war, fake vaccines, unhealthy diets, unnatural GMO’s, chemical poisons, stress and more ways than I have patience to list or you have to read through.  You get the picture.  Abortion is just one part of a much larger program.

We the people are being carefully programed via TV, radio, movies, publishing, dis-education, match-book covers and whatever else, not only to accept, but to firmly believe strange things detrimental to our health and well being.  It’s not just abortion and euthanasia.  It extends to massive divide and conquer strategies like: Republican/Democrat, liberal/conservative, black/white, male/female, hetero/homo, rich/poor, Jew/Christian/Muslim and on and on and on.  Let’s despise one another, even hate each other and kill each other at every opportunity.  WHY?

Please ask yourself WHY?  Why do we accept and/or believe certain things constantly put in front of us?  Who is putting those ideas there?  Who benefits?  It is imperative we start thinking for ourselves again;  dust off and exercise our deductive reasoning powers.  Disregard TV, radio and propaganda proliferated on so-called news programs.  Ignore manipulated polls.  Use our own imaginations.  Utilize our own uniquely human creativity to build a better world WE OURSELVES, THE PEOPLE OF MAIN STREET ENVISION.  Heck with the Elite drones.

Stop listening to nonsense.  Let the Elite choke on their own poison psychopathy – and allow members of the Elite to become part of the loving human equation again, should they choose to do so.  A happy ending is possible, but I’m not at all sure how a Mother, murdering her own child in the womb gets us there?

It doesn’t matter what Political Party you identify with.  There is only One Oligarchy; One Congress;  and One Play-Book.  Both Parties and all of Congress play under the same, centuries old, pay-to-play rules.  If, as voters, we don’t know the play-book rules, we cannot win.  Yes, the Oligarchy has factions as on display with the Trump-Clinton media circus, but those factions are all bad for Main Street abundance and health.  As voters we must understand the rules and HOW TO WIN WITHIN THOSE RULES – at least until we take back self-governance from the Banksters who confiscated it…just because we didn’t know the rules.  Here’s how the play-book works…

…and I hope American voters realize they are not reliant on Congressional Organized Crime or treasonous, elected lap dogs, potty trained to exclusively service transnational monopolies (535 of these puppys sitting in Congress) to enact TERM LIMITS for them; thereby cutting off greased Congressional access to INSIDER TRADING and obscenely lucrative, post-elected-office employment within those same monopolies.  This play is not in the play-book and will never happen.



We can still vote in 2016.  Lies, voter fraud and information challenges aside, we ought consider setting aside disparate political views, joining our individual votes together and effectively eliminating incumbent criminals from holding power in both the R & D Parties.  We the people must learn to work-around the infamous, Elite wielded carrot and stickCareer politicians have been and are strangling our Constitutionally recognized unalienable rights.  The Carrot and Stick TURNS good people into bad people.  No one is immune from this disgrace… BUT voters can stop this.

It’s important to realize what happens to someone, the trusted candidate we assumed and probably was a good person running for national office, who won an election, then became comfortably ensconced within their protected D.C. office.  This good person was first compromised obtaining campaign funds, then positive media coverage and finally support from notable individuals.  None of this just happens.  It’s all made to happen.  The importance of the carrot is firmly established.

Upon getting off the plane in D.C., our good person is immediately made aware of their considerable power, importance and responsibility for issues they don’t understand, but on which, they will receive generous, unsolicited, expert assistance.  Not to worry.  Our person is then tastefully appraised of the enormous, no-risk earnings potential of connected insider trading deals (illegal for Main Street citizens, but not for Members of Congress), they now have privileged access to and deserve in return for their thankless, under compensated public service.  “Everybody in Congress does it.  Go along to get along.  That’s how you get things done in Washington.  That’s how you work for your loyal constituents.”

Some time after de-planing, usually following an expensive 5-Star dinner complete with cognac, cigars and influential personages, our person is tactfully made aware of lucrative future positions now available to him or her and perhaps even for friends and family members – assuming Congressional time is profitably spent dealing smarter, not working harder.  There’s the carrot.

The stick, an unseemly though effective convention, is never mentioned.  Down the road, however, should our good person fail to grasp what dealing smarter means and what real responsibility encompasses, they will steadily be introduced to the stick.  Credit can be damaged.  Press coverage suddenly turns ugly.  Tawdry compromising circumstances can crawl out from under rocks surprisingly quickly.  Money can dry up.  Credit is easily ruined.  Family members can have accidents.  There’s the stick.

Andrew Jackson beat the stick; an amazing feat of personal faith, courage and fortitude though the stick wasn’t well established in America at the time.  Lincoln lost.  John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy lost.  Nixon lost.  Reagan lost.  Scalia lost.  The others – all the House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, White House and Supreme Court members choose the carrot, avoid the unspoken stick and treasonously sell the people of the United States and the world straight down the Oligarchy, resource raping, life destroying, greedy toilet.  That’s just how it is, but not how it has to be.

We should be circumspect in judging these corrupt politicians and appointed bureaucrats for their lack of honor and enabling of unspeakable crimes against humanity.  How many of us will do the right thing when our family is threatened by people 200% capable of carrying out their threats?  When our son, daughter, wife, husband, dog or cats are on the line?  Our friends can be hurt as well?  Yea.  It’s a small number of heroes when we think about it.  Not a lot of JFK’s and Scalia’s around.  Our Profiles in Courage are pretty much vaporized.  YET – WE CAN WIN.  WE CAN BEAT THE PLAY-BOOK.

DON’T VOTE FOR INCUMBENTS.  By forcing the world’s transnational monopolies to buy and/or intimidate new recruits every election cycle – their corrupt stranglehold on D.C. pawns is largely broken by the simple logistics of having to coordinate new plebes over and over again – then losing that new blood, expensive blood to new blood again…and again…and again.  The Elite system will be broken without firing a single shot.

We the people still have the power if we choose to use it.  Don’t vote for incumbents.  Don’t purchase monopoly products and services whenever possible.  Watch less TV, thereby avoiding social conditioning.  Think for ourselves.  Use our imaginations.  Employ creative solutions. Live our lives fully and completely as humans, not trans-humanist drones herded like Elite cattle to and from the group-think barn.  Just sayin’.

Put down our Republican vitriol.  Put down our Democrat vitriol.  Walk away from DIVIDE AND CONQUER victimhood.  As the late Aaron Russo suggested, “It’s time to be good Americans”.  It’s a choice we will all make.

Presidents don’t run the United States.  They are Pawns-in-Chief, bully-pulpit cheerleaders for Elite Agendas; nothing more.  The United States is run by ten banks, controlling interest in which is held by eight families (four American and four European) and their associated criminal network holding controlling interest in every significant Fortune 500 company.  100 members of the U.S. Senate along with 435 members of the House of Representatives, that would be all of them, are controlled by this same banking Plutocracy.  It is Congress allied with our uninformed Main Street votes that are erasing our once Constitutionally recognized unalienable rights – now nearly gone via the Administrative Dictatorship we live under.  An unelected dictatorship governed by appointed Secretaries (usually Skull & Bones members or indirectly related to Bonesmen) of obscenely corrupt, wantonly powerful Federal Agencies, which have since 2001, somehow lost track of more than $50 trillion U.S. dollars.  That’s right – with a capital “T”.  Perhaps we have a Congressional oversight problem?


We basically don’t know who Trump is; whether he’s lying, pandering, can or will do what he claims, etc.  He has no openly visible ties to Yale’s Skull and Bones (obviously), Harvard’s Porcellian Club or other Elite vetting organizations, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, Milner Round Table Groups, etc.  Can an American citizen accumulate a net worth totaling several billions and remain an Elite outsider?  I don’t know.  Trump is a casino mogul.  Obviously he works with organized crime families in that business.  Does this mean he’s involved in organized crime himself?  I don’t know, but haven’t seen visible evidence of it.  Trump appears to work with Wall Street as opposed to being owned by Wall Street.  A vote for Trump appears to be a vote for the unknown, based on hope that he may be a genuine rogue fully intent on cleaning up the deeply embedded corruption and treasonous criminal negligence of D.C. on behalf on Main Street citizens, who happen to be his business’s customers.  The better Main Street does; the better Trump does.  He has a vested interest in American Main Street success, if nothing else.

Hillary on the other hand, we have known publically for thirty years as a self-entitled Elite Wanna-be;  proven liar, cowardly, mean-beyond-the-pale bully; willing to do or say anything, including treason and the sacrifice of her own American foreign service employees for the fattening of Clinton Foundation bank accounts, through which more than $100 billion has flowed, unaudited as Federal Law requires, since 1997.  Hillary and her husband are openly and flagrantly owned by Wall Street.  A vote for Hillary appears to be a vote for known, flaunted criminality, financial self-debasement and the blue-light sale of anything Main Street American to this weeks’ highest Clinton Foundation bidder.  She has no visible interest tied to anything good for America’s Main Street; only to her own self-interest.  If she can do for the entire country what she and Obama have done to blacks, our crash and burn into the toilet of economic history will pick up significant speed.

A few 1600 Watch comparison observations.

Trump’s wealth is on display all day every day.  Forget his tax returns.  They’re probably more than 400 pages of stuff few of us could even begin to understand.
Hillary’s wealth is under the table through the Clinton Foundation, which has never been audited as Federal law requires and has laundered more than $100 billion to date.

Trump is a proven negotiator.  He may take us to war, but I suspect not.  It isn’t his style.  He wins by being smarter than his competitors and creating win-win scenarios.
Hillary is a proven Neo-Con Democrat, fully committed to the Oligarchy’s BANKING/OIL/WAR BUSINESS MODEL, who will without question take us into war.

Trump has interesting ideas regarding debt-equity swaps, which could go a long way toward repairing the unproductive U.S. economy and joblessness through better financial policy management, less discriminatory taxation and less regulatory corruption.
Hillary has two solutions for every problem, RAISE TAXES and INCREASE REGULATORY CORRUPTION.  She has no practical ideas, other than war, for fixing the U.S. economy.

Trump is 100% against anti-U.S. trade treaties such as GATT, NAFTA or the newest Elite craze – the fully unconstitutional Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which by the way transfers American sovereignty and law from we the people directly to greedy trans-national conglomerate monopolies under Elite control.
Hillary and her husband support all Elite, Main Street impoverishing strategies 100%.

Trump claims he will fight PPACA (Obamacare) control over our behavior and lives.
Hillary promises to put the  Obamacare freedom-eating, wealth transfer machine on steroids for the feasting of Big Insurance, Big Pharma and Big Medicine.

Trump appears to be a supporter of our military personnel and their well-being and doesn’t appear focused on using U.S. military power as a private police force for Elite resource rape across the globe.  Trump seems to believe in business, not slavery.
Hillary and her husband (Somalia/Yugoslavia/Haiti/Libya/Syria/Ukraine as six examples) have proven themselves supporters of Elite resource rape agendas and spilling U.S. military blood in a bullying enforcement role masquerading as foreign aid.

Trump offers the possibility of U.S. middle-class wealth creation enabling more discretionary dollars available for alternative energy, environmental research and Eco-development.
Hillary promises quicker, deeper U.S. financial insolvency rendering environmental research and development implausible, at least outside the corrupt green give-aways to connected insiders we see with the Obama Administration.

Trump has raised incredibly smart, poised, productive children with no visible ties to Elite or criminal families, excepting his daughter’s marriage into a convicted felon’s, fraudulent New Jersey Real estate family.
Hillary’s daughter shows herself to be a spoiled, entitled political drone married into a convicted felon’s Ponzi Scheme family.

Trump runs real Main Street businesses providing goods (real estate) and services (golf, entertainment, gaming, etc.); taking financial risk, creating jobs and wealth for himself and those around him, including his employees.
Hillary has never produced anything in her life; has fed at the uninformed tax payer trough for decades; and earns more than $250,000 per hour peddling government access to those connected insiders who can afford Clinton pay to play.

Trump appears to be an independent American rogue.  I don’t know if he actually is.
Integrity challenged Hillary is a known Elite pawn proving daily she will say or do anything for more money and more power.  Abetting the sale (along with other treasonous Federal Agency Secretaries) 20% of all known U.S. uranium resources to Russian controlled companies is one example.

I can’t advise you who to vote for, but my gut says Trump – might be OK.  Hillary – swipe left.

This is one of my unsolicited, gray-haired, Dad-Talks for my Millennial friends regarding their future in context of this 2016 election.  For the White House:  as usual, not two choices, but two limited options selected for us by Elite pawns.  Option One, behind The Right Door;  unknown Casino Mogul Trump, who may or may not be good for Main Street and the world, but whom the Corrupt Left/Right Establishment are terrified may attempt, if elected, to derail D.C. fraud and criminality on behalf of Main Street citizens.  Option Two, behind the The Left Door; known integrity challenged Hillary, whose thirty-year track record proves pandering talk changes nothing outside the Clinton bank account, whose political access sales continue to grow at an impressive treasonous rate.  Likely reality is, the systemic D.C. corruption infection runs so deep, no President, regardless of Party or intentions can measurably cure it.  The U.S. is going to experience a serious economic downturn in the not too distant future.  There’s no stopping it at this point.  Propagandized D.C. nonsense of unemployment under 5%, no inflation and so forth is absurd.  The question is, where do we go; where do Millennials go from the downturn?  Your choice entirely and as always in economics, not to choose is to choose.  Why should you allow others to make your choices for you?

Journalism is dead.  Objective news reporting is dead.  Who, What, When, Where and Why are no longer objectively reported, but are instead used and packaged to sell Main Street whatever impoverishing agenda the owners of the six remaining media monopolies wish sold by the conditioned drones staffing their networks and  cable news outlets.  You get supposed conservative B.S. on one side and liberal B.S. on the other, but both are owned and operated by the same Oligarchy families and differ only in meaningless, distracting, pandering rhetoric.  If you want facts, truth or honest analysis, you must wade through alternative media to find it.  There is no other way.  If you don’t care about your future it doesn’t matter.  If you do care about truth and your future, you’ll have to do the work.  As Edward Bernays once wrote, “All news is propaganda and all propaganda is lies”.

Doing the work means THINKING FOR YOURSELF; USING YOUR IMAGINATION; INVESTIGATING ORIGINAL SOURCES.  The Plutocracy understands unimaginative, non-thinking people will accept Oligarchic Control indefinitely and can actually be drugged into being pleased with it.  (Bertrand Russell wrote extensively on this idea.)  Educated, thinking, imaginative individuals on the other hand, never accept Oligarchic Control for very long.  It is critical to your health, well-being and future that as a Millennial you grasp this simple concept and how television, radio and other media are used to condition and entrain us with WHAT TO THINK while simultaneously enabling us NOT TO THINK AT ALL.

Understand that you’re being had, systematically harvested actually, to borrow a Catherine Austin Fitts’ term, ( ) just as my Baby Boomer generation was and is being had.  American citizens have been and are being conditioned / entrained since 1948, primarily through The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations to incrementally accept Oligarchic control of their lives; the ultimate Plutocracy Goal being reduction of the general Main Street population to a state of free-roaming, neo-feudal serfdom.  Through drugs, propaganda and mis-education we are taught that snow is black, not white.  As we accept this entrainment; unseemly coercion, guns, cattle cars and expensive re-education centers are no longer necessary.  This is not theory.  This is an actual action plan and below is a partial list of people to study, all of whom have publically written and spoken of the need for and nature of this plan.  If you care about your future, do your own research.  Take a few moments and at least investigate the following people’s activities and plans for your life as a beginning shot at having a real life instead of a matrix driven psy-op.

Cecil J. Rhodes
Alfred Milner
John Rawlings Rees
Kurt Lewin
Theodor W. Adorno
Bertrand Russell
Edward Bernays

The short list above will get you going on a path toward getting your arms around what’s actually going on in the world –  cause it ain’t related to anything FOX NEWS, MSNBC, NPR, CNN, TALK RADIO or any of the lame stream, statist media are distracting us with, while the media owners, the Elite Oligarchy wander across the planet ruining millions of lives and busying themselves with resource rape.

If KNOWLEDGE IS POWER as Eustace Mullins told us – I sincerely hope my Millennial friends wake up from our mutually shared, Tavistock induced coma and do a better job of self-government than my naive Baby Boomer generation has?  When I speak of things to get your arms around; here’s a D.C. financial fraud example.  Department of Defense (DoD) misplaced $2.3 trillion dollars in 2001.  The DoD Inspector General reports that for fiscal year 2015, DoD misplaced $6.5 trillion dollars.  From 2008 to 2016 the unaudited, Federal Reserve has given away $27 trillion in bank bailouts. (For comparison, realize in 2008, $8 trillion would have paid off every mortgage in the continental United States.)  Analysts are estimating other Federal Agencies like HUD, Dept. of Energy, etc. have approximately another $15 trillion unaccounted for.  This is a total of $50 trillion missing and unaccounted for in Washington D.C. since 2001.

The proposed 2017 annual budget is only $4.15 trillion. .  The United States hasn’t had a Constitutionally mandated, Congressionally approved fiscal budget since 2009, when Obama took office.  Can we say PLAUSIBLE DENIAL for both fully corrupt, complicit parties?  Can we even imagine the level of fraud and corruption necessary to lose $50 trillion dollars and never have one D.C. politician pawn question it or the lame stream press mention it?  Congressional oversight?  None at all.  Under the table deals?  500%.

WTF?  Maybe we should be asking about this sort of thing during our infantile, so-called Presidential debates, instead of what a billionaire Casino Mogul does in his free time?  I mean a billionaire Casino Guy gets some gorgeous pussy on the side.  Wow!   Never saw that coming, huh?  Are we this vacuous?  I hope not… and don’t misunderstand.  I’m not defending pussy on the side, it’s a foregone conclusion in the world of big money, but frankly we have more important things to be wondering about and I hope our Millennials are up to the heavy lifting because obviously myself and my baby Boomer generation haven’t got it handled.


If you are a Millennial or aging Baby Boomer you are literally being harvested.

Before I explain my thoughts, a quick digression.

While we distract and  irritate each other with what The Donald does with his free time, ignore Bill Clinton’s actual rapes, Hillary’s treason and never ending lies to uneducated black people, gays, etc.; our Federal government has admitted to missing more than $35 trillion dollars.  An interesting feat given Obama’s latest budget reconciliation of $4 ridiculous trillion and change.  D. C hasn’t gotten a budget approved since 2009, but these pathetic political mutants had time for more than $35 trillion to go unaccounted for – AND WE THE DISTRACTED PEOPLE DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE.  How wide do we think Kim’s butt is?  We know that.

The $35 or so trillion consists of Bush’s $2.3 trillion missing from Dept of Defense (DoD) in 2001; Obama’s $6.5 trillion missing from DoD in 2015; and the $27 trillion in Bush/Obama bailouts to the big banks from 2008 through 2016 via the unaudited, privately owned Federal Reserve.  Financial analysts claim there is another $15 trillion or so unaccounted for in other Federal Agencies; so a total of $50 trillion missing.  For what it’s worth $8 trillion would have paid off every mortgage in America in 2008 – so in who’s pockets did $27 trillion disappear – cause I don’t know anyone on Main Street who had their mortgage paid off by Uncle Sam’s banker thugs.  End of digression.

Skilled financial analysts such as Catherine Austin Fitts are looking at this astonishing circumstance, wondering if Elite insiders are conducting a CUT-AND RUN before the predicted economic crash, whether it’ll be a slow burn or crash and burn.  I happen to agree with their musings and questions, though what follows are my own heavily biased opinions.

I believe the continuing decision by the Federal Reserve not to raise interest rates suggests a decision has been made as to what direction the Elite intend to try guiding our economy.  The Fed has to raise rates to save the pension funds, which are completely upside down and will eventually begin defaulting on commitments.  However, raising interest rates will kill our already floundering, production challenged economy.

The Fed isn’t raising rates and if they do, it will be a tiny pandering band-aid, not a real fix.  This suggests to me, they have decided to rape the pension funds.  The Obama Administration’s Dodd-Frank legalized the taking of our pension funds, along with other bank accounts, but doing so openly could instigate difficult-to-manage civil unrest, even among apathetic Americans.  Easier just to steal it from the unwashed because they don’t pay attention anyway.  I’m guessing the Oligarchy decided there is no way they’re going to waste trillions of saved Main Street retirement dollars on nursing homes, meds and assistance for useless eater Baby Boomers.  No how – no way!

At least some of the big transnational monopolies are openly re-organizing and divesting themselves of liabilities.  They are off-loading red ink, retaining black ink and preparing to cut-and-run leaving Main Street to sort out the insolvent mess.  According to Ms. Fitts, Lockheed Martin is one such example.  When Main Street retirees realize their pensions have been cleaned out… it will be too late to fix.  It looks to me like Main Street citizens are literally being harvested by the Oligarchy families and it’s being done with the help of the corrupt goof-balls we elect to supposedly represent us in D.C.

I believe this harvesting decision was reached some time ago, as the Reagan Administration was already concerned about retirement fund unsustainablity for Baby Boomers back in the eighties.  There’s nothing here that hasn’t been known for several decades and unlike Main Streeters, the inbred Elite do pay attention.


We still have a Constitutionally recognized right to demand an explanation from D.C. as to where this money went and under what terms it will be paid back to the American people.  We must exercise this right before Main Street is convinced  to foolishly go the Constitutional Convention route, which will allow the Elite to deceitfully play around and ultimately deprive us legally, of every unalienable right our Founders sacrificed to provide us.  Ms. Fitts is a very smart woman and maintains the American people are not prepared to go up against the well organized Oligarchy’s legal team in a Constitutional debate.  She also asks: “Why should we risk changing our Constitution when we don’t enforce the one we have?  Just enforce what we already have.  It’s safer.”  I agree with her.  A Constitutional Convention held on a tilted playing field is not a contest we the people can win.

This 2016 election is not about Trump’s love life or Hillary’s vacuous lies.  It’s about the future of our world’s Main Street citizens.  Are we a herd of cattle as Bertrand Russell claims?  Or will we stand up for ourselves and our children?

Wake up folks – WE ARE BEING HAD – and we better demand accountability while we still can cause the crash and burn clock is ticking.  Will it be 2017?  2018?  2019?  I don’t pretend to know, but that clock is ticking, so act accordingly.

If I suggest our Constitutional Republic and its three malfeasant branches of government are no longer functional; that we the people are becoming neo-feudal, indebted serfs, because hard working Democrats and Republicans vote for politician pawns appropriating funds for a growing U.S. Administrative Dictatorship; an unelected dictatorship operated by dynastic families with controlling interest in the world’s  largest, most criminally fraudulent banks profitably funding said debt prison; families also holding controlling interest in every significant Fortune 500 company, many of which are despicable monopolies; monopolies staffing and operating all major Federal Regulatory Agencies for their own protection while taxing and regulating Main Street competition out of business; and who own and operate elected and appointed officials via juicy insider trading deals and lucrative post-political career postings with these same monopolies, all paid for and voted for by naive Main Street citizens in the service of various dehumanizing Elite Agendas – would you believe me?

Of course not!  We’ve all been taught (conditioned actually) by TV, radio and so-called newspapers that the obvious circumstances stated above are not the case… and unfortunately many of us irrationally accept this to be true, though our intuitive guts tell us otherwise.

The world’s dynastic families declared psychological war on the individuality, creativity and freedom of unwashed United States citizens shortly after WW II through London’s  The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, finally launching their first visible attack in 1959 via the CIA/MI6 Psychedelic Poisoning Escapades birthing 60’s counter-culture and finally, the full on 70’s CIA drug running program flooding the streets of America with marijuana, heroin, cocaine and crack cocaine.  Please note that every step of this insidious, dehumanizing pogrom was enabled and funded by our elected Representatives in Washington D.C. – big government in action.  Even conservative hero, Ronald Reagan was deeply embedded in this covert op along with George Herbert Walker Bush, William Jefferson Clinton as Governor of Arkansas, Ollie North and too many others to name.  You may recall Iran-Contra and eliminated journalist Gary Webb, who supposedly shot himself not once, but twice in the head, trying to tell Main Street what was going on.

Most 1960’s hippies, particularly the Haight-Ashbury wanna-be’s after ’67 or so, naively believed they were breaking free of the Establishment, flipping off The Man, making smart choices, learning to love and of course, nurturing the earth in a more profound way.  60’s reality was stepping neck deep without waders, straight into The Man’s covertly contrived river of shit, via Bertrand Russell’s CIA operated vision of medicating American citizens into complacent acceptance of Elite servitude through drug induced infantilism and propaganda, all aided by Frankfurt School, Theodore Adorno’s theories regarding musically induced psychosis.  More cost effective and less messy Tavistock realized, allowing unsuspecting people to chose  imprisonment within their own minds rather than martialling expensive jack boots and re-education camps.  The Plutocracy’s experiment in forced Fascism through dictatorship in Nazi Germany had utterly, though profitably failed as did the Bolshevik Experiment.  When Mr. Hitler raged out of Oligarchy control, the surprised Elite had to put their lap dog down.  The millions of lives destroyed through the horror of bank-family-funded war didn’t bother the Oligarchy one whit.  They made boku bucks instigating war, drinking blood money champagne and then financing the rebuilding of dozens of cities their policies, over good cigars, destroyed.  Useless eater lives are worthless anyway Bertrand Russell opined and the Elite chant over caviar and cognac.

America’s 21st Century began as a fully operational, criminally insane, sociopathic, Tavistockian contrived psyop orchestrated by intellectually challenged, inbred blue bloods with more money than brains, but able to hire privileged, pathological technocrats to work for their foundations, institutes, think tanks and universities.  Tavistock learned that humans joining a group tend to abandon individual responsibility, adopting behaviors encouraged or coerced by the group.  Early mass drug experiments were staged through the CIA’s early 60’s manipulation of Ken Kesey and The Merry Pranksters’ Acid Tests and later the legendary bus ride (you’re on the bus or off the bus); 1967’s Monterey International Pop Music Festival, 69’s Woodstock (Kesey’s Merry Pranksters again as Hog Farm) and so on.  By the end of 1969 the Elite had through their trusty CIA operatives created more than half a million young drug enthusiasts to carry the chaotic message of drug induced delusion up and down the streets of America.  Today Tavistock propagandizes participation in distracting, emotionally charged, reason challenged mini-groups as the diseased limbs of the sickened cultural tree for every divisive concept imaginable; liberals against conservatives, men against women, gays against heteros, white against black, haves against have-nots, and so on.  Collectivism at its spiritually annihilating, drug induced best.

Sidebar:  Mr. Kesey purportedly first popped LSD in 1959 as a Stanford University (Tavistock school) creative writing, grad student volunteer for government funded drug research carried out at Palo Alto’s  Menlo Park Veterans Hospital.  An insidious military program testing effects of psychoactive drugs like Amphetamine IT-290, LSD, Mescaline and Psilocybin. The rest as they say is history, though in Mr. Kesey’s defense, he did speak out against the use of LSD in 1966.  I wasn’t there, unfortunately never met Mr. Kesey, a writer whose work I enjoy and have no idea whether his denouncement of acid was coerced to stay out of prison or believed, but either way, the damage was done; the Elite had their counter culture battering ram to set about bringing the independent American middle class to its drug soaked, bloody economic knees, where finally the Oligarchy hopes, we will beg for the Elites’ planned Hegelian solution, or managed synthesis as Hegel himself would have said.  The final synthesis is of course, a free roaming state of impoverished feudalism.  I don’t know whether Mr. Kesey garnered anything worthwhile from his experience, but I am personally saddened that so many of my Baby Boomer peers have never come to grips with the realization we’ve been had – and brutally so by cowardly, corrupt government Representatives we foolishly elect.

If we were smart, we’d turn off our TV sets and never turn them back on.  We won’t of course, so the next best thing is at least do ourselves the favor of watching fewer than 6-hours per day, which studies show, make us stupid.  We need to think for ourselves or as Thomas Jefferson predicted so long ago; we will be nothing more than serfs on the same land our Founders bled and died for.