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Here’s one way the scam works regarding U.S. Foreign Aid.

A small sovereign nation, with little or no political, monetary or military power, but having rich natural resources of one sort or another, one of which could even be cheap labor is destabilized by whatever means.  Our CIA, frequently in conjunction with MI6, Mossad and other intelligence community friends, sometimes through NATO’s paramilitary arm, Gladio, regularly provide destructive assistance, assassinations and coercion bringing the target country to its bloody financial knees.  At this desperate point, it’s easy for conscienceless thugs at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank and other notorious financial institutions of the international banking cartel like Bank of America, Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, etc.  to push their ever so helpful loans.  Supposedly, if the victim country foolishly takes the money, they will magically have a stable, growing  economy, jobs, wealth creation and of course, better quality of life, peace and security.  None of these promises ever come to fruition.  The dismal future consistently holds debt default, more loans piled on, more debt default, more loans, etc.  The country’s people are devastated while the Ruling Puppets, greedy banking community and demented contractors stroll away with billions in blood soaked loot – every time.

Anywhere in the world we find an economic horror story, we’ll also find, like feeding cockroaches, a string of esteemed Yale Grads, our American CIA, Britain’s MI 6 and probably Mossad and/or The Vatican busily paving a catastrophic road for the BIG WAR MACHINE followed by the inevitable corrupt AID PROGRAM and a change in leadership, all setting up the voracious  BIG BANKING / BIG OIL / BIG CONTRACTOR WEALTH RAPE and of course, the ever present flow of NARCO DOLLARS… all paid for by the unsuspecting American tax payer… and we wonder why people across the globe are uncomfortable with Americans?

The first beauty of this money play is none of the banking community involved are at any risk of the loans not being paid back.  The U.S. tax payer bears 100% of that risk and cost.  Thank you IMF and Washington D.C.!!!  In fact, the bigger and more frequent the default, the bigger and better the refinancing and the more gratuitous profit for bankers.  The more horrible the chaos, starvation and bloodshed, the greater likelihood of more lucrative future loans and more profitable contracts for banker friends… and let’s not miss the wonderful insider trading deals earning millions for our parasitic D.C. elected and appointed officials.

The second beautiful aspect of this plan (touched on above) is that insider connected, transnational monopolies are awarded lucrative contracts issued by the victim government, mandated by IMF as loan conditions or prerequisites.  In other words, U.S. tax dollars and/or debt are issued or guaranteed through IMF and associated banks;  strings are attached;  moneys are required to be paid out to monopoly friends of the bankers and the U.S. tax payer assumes 100% of the risk and default cost, which occurs 99.999% of the time.  The host country gets 100% of the horror and the U.S. tax payer ultimately covers the bill.

Examples of this insidious economic play are endless, but to name a few, take a look at Afghanistan, Albania, Argentina, Chile, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Greece, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Libya, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Rwanda, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Syria, Uganda, Ukraine, Yugoslavia (Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovina), Zimbabwe – you get the picture.  Poverty and foreign aid are huge cash cows for the Elite and the integrity challenged thugs servicing their greed; one of these thugs sometimes being the Vatican Bank – imagine that.  (Check out the Vatican’s vile role in the Yugoslavian tragedy as an example.)  The uninformed American tax payer, who feels good about all this generous aid and is more than happy to pay for it has no idea their good faith and credit are being misused to create hell on earth for the victim countries and boku profit for the banking Elite and their evil associates.

Samo-Samo Scamo on American soil.

The exact same scam works wonderfully, but the logistics are simpler with managed poverty in our new Amerikan banana republic.  You didn’t actually think that the $65 trillion (22$ trillion directly through Federal government welfare programs; the rest indirectly via NGO’s, Medicaid, etc.) of your money, thus far spent on Johnson’s War On Poverty was actually going to poor people did you?  Assuming 47 million below poverty level (2014 U.S. Census Bureau data; the number 50 years ago was much smaller), we’ve spent a largely undocumented $28,000 annually on each of all 47 million poor people for the past five decades (probably much more, but who knows?).  This is 4 x $28,000 = $112k annually for a family of four for fifty years (1965 – 2015); a total of $5,600,000 per family over five decades.  Did you earn that?  If you earned anywhere near that figure, would you be poor?

Current government statistics show the Federal welfare spending portion alone, not including state, local, church or NGO’s is more than $22 trillion since 1965, averaging more than $20,000 per person below poverty level… yet the poverty percentage of U.S. citizens never varies by more than a couple percentage points; between 13% and 15% of the overall population.  This War on Poverty is nothing more than a lucrative scam, another wealth transfer – to somebody – but not to poor people.  They’re just used and abused. Poverty is big business for connected entities raking it in.

WTF?  Where did all that money go?  Trillions and trillions?  It obviously disappears in someone’s pocket along the way and never makes it anywhere near an inner city slum or barrio.  All this right in front of us and we still vote for career criminals in the Democrat and Republican Parties.  Are we nuts?

As a side note, D.C. and the privately owned Federal Reserve has paid out more than $24 trillion in bank bail-outs to cover so-called bank losses incurred by big banks in the 2008 sub-prime mortgage debacle the banks themselves created – with help from their elected pawns in D.C.  If you check it out, you’ll find a paltry $8 trillion would have completely paid off every mortgage in the United States – in full (per astute analysts such as Ms. Catherine Austin Fitts of Solari Report).  So where the heck did $16 trillion vanish?

What working, middle class tax payers do get for their trillions of confiscated tax dollars is a new societal class system, where poverty, managed by clever organizers, in a destructive economic gulag termed social justice, is now generationally systemic, creating a trapped patronage voter class guaranteed to maintain elected poverty managers in power term after term after term.  The poor are generationally trapped in uneducated, low skilled, high crime, endemic poverty from which our government makes sure they never escape; and middle class Amerika never stops picking up the tab.

The rich don’t get rich robbing the poor – who by definition have little or nothing to steal.  Many of the rich get richer by having government propose to help the poor, thereby routing the money through various corrupt agencies, contracts, NGO’s, etc. where trillions of charitable dollars simply vanish into wealthy coffers and the poor just stay poor.