How do our dismally limited choices for national elected office, such as, House of Representatives, U.S. Senate or President originate?  Where do these useless people who cannot solve one single problem come from?  Before we look at that, though, let’s consider the following:  the first a quote from the Father of Propaganda and the second a logical concept.

“Political campaigns today are all sideshows, all honors, all bombast, glitter, and speeches. These are for the most part unrelated to the main business of studying the public scientifically, of supplying the public with party, candidate, platformand selling the public these ideas and products.”  {Edward Bernays from his book Propaganda – as taken from Joseph Plummer’s TRAGEDY and HOPE 101}

I’ll add here that most of us prefer to support politically what we believe to be OUR OWN IDEA(s), which brings us to…

…Simplified, the Hegelian Dialectic can basically be broken into a three part logical construct: THESIS – ANTI-THESIS — SYNTHESIS, or in other words;  PROBLEM – REACTION — SOLUTION.  The underlying logical premise of the above suggests humans are more able to comprehend issues and concepts when broken into polar opposites for comparison.  This comparison of opposites idea can also be effectively employed to influence   human thought and behavior.  An example might be:  PROBLEM = 9/11; REACTION = chaos of fear and retribution – something must be done;  SOLUTION = The Patriot Act with loss of American freedoms and WAR raining down on folks having nothing to do with 9/11.  Go figure?

A basic grasp of the above quote and mention of Hegelian/Marxist thought processes are helpful in understanding how our political opinions can easily be manipulated and why independent, creative imagination along with avoidance of mass media conditioning are critical to the maintenance of individual freedom.  If we can’t think, we cannot win or maintain Main Street freedom against the Oligarchy’s networked plan for worldwide serfdom.  It is imperative we discern our own thoughts from media conditioned ploys.

A grass roots political candidate may be able to raise money and garner local support, but will likely never receive national media support and positive press coverage unless anointed by the Establishment.  Mr. Joe Plummer summarizes the program succinctly in his short version of Carroll Quigley’s TRAGEDY and HOPE where he characterizes the Elite Matrix as the NETWORK:

“In short: without the Network’s backing, a candidate will remain a relative nobody in the election. They will be relegated to begging door to door for enough money to run an (almost meaningless) advertising campaign. However, with Network backing, the candidate can count on millions of dollars in campaign donations, a long list of credible endorsements, and a nearly priceless amount of exposure through the Network’s propaganda instruments. (In the unlikely event that a truly independent candidate emerges, with enough money or a large-enough following to gain some ground, the Network will simply use its instruments to smear and ostracize the candidate and the candidate’s supporters.)

To be clear, this isn’t to suggest that the Network-backed candidates are necessarily involved in the election deception. “President of the United States” is a job title that fewer than forty-five men have held. The desire to join the ranks of such an exclusive club, with all of its attendant perks, is undoubtedly very real. The candidates might even genuinely disagree with a few positions held by their opponents. In fact, it’s even better if they do. (The meaningless bickering between them, and the partisan hysteria it incites among the public, only adds to the overall illusion of voter choice.) But on the issues that matter most to the Network, each sponsored candidate is virtually identical in value.

The beauty of this system is its simplicity. The Network scouts potential talent, performs the necessary background checks, and, after conveying its expectations, offers its vital assistance to a handful of candidates. After some “bombast, glitter, and speeches,” the public chooses from the products (party, candidate, and platform) that were put before them.”  {Joseph Plummer, TRAGEDY and HOPE 101}

Simple but effective business plan and system outlined by Mr. Plummer above.  I believe this to be political reality.   Elite families own the banks; interlock with all major multinational conglomerate monopolies; create the foundations and institutes; which feed publishing, education and media; which influence Main Street thinking to conform to the Elite Agenda;  and voila – Main Street votes for its own impoverishment by corrupt government psychopaths owned and operated by an even more corrupt, psychopathic criminal Elite, often lauded as philanthropists.  Small wonder Washington D.C. benefits no one on Main Street.

I see our 2016 November Presidential election as follows…

For the Democrats, Bernie Sanders is a place holder for Hillary Clinton (a product created by the Bush Crime Family) providing the allusion of socialist Democrat choice.  Hillary in turn is a place holder for Mitt Romney.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Mitt Romney, the 2012 quitter who threw his own election to Obama’s 2nd term in return for what?  I don’t know, I don’t go to the meetings, but we can guess a carrot and a stick are likely involved on poor old Mitt’s end.

For the Republicans, John Kasich apparently got a motel carrot and stick meeting and is dutifully splitting the Trump/Cruz vote as best he can, insuring a brokered Republican convention, which is being set up for absolute Cleveland Chaos and the certain election of treasonous political hack, greedy Hillary – UNLESS – an Establishment/Tea Party compromise candidate can be raised from the ashes of propagandized nonsense to battle the shrieking Democrat war monger, Ms. Clinton.  My guess is Mr. Mitt Romney will be that last man standing.  I can’t read Trump.  I don’t know if he’s a true independent, non-ideologue, rogue headed for an accident or just an Establishment shill.  Time will tell, but I doubt he will be President.

I believe Hillary has outlived her usefulness to the Oligarchy and is now taking what crumbs she can still get, which is hundreds of millions so pretty good treason pay, but not honorary membership among the dynastic bloodlines she envies so much.  If this is the case, Mitt will rise and be anointed President on January 20, 2017.  I think this is the business plan, but it doesn’t mean I’m right and doesn’t mean the Oligarchy can pull it off.  It’s possible Trump is an honest to God wild card.  I have no idea, but if he is real, I’d like to see him throw a giant wrench into the sick D.C. status quo…at least until his accident is orchestrated.

It matters not one whit, whether my guess is on point or not, because the final two choices are in any case,  always limited to Oligarchy Approved, World Order Globalists, guaranteed to do what they’re told by their crime bosses.  I hope you weren’t thinking the Secret Service is there to protect the President?  I suppose they are secondarily, but don’t you think their real job is to make sure the White House Pawn stays on task?  I sure do.  Not so easy to be a Presidential Pawn in the real world.  These lunatics play for keeps…ask JFK, his brother Bobby or his son JFK Junior.


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