03-17-2016: Go Go Go Bernie! 3 Cheers for the Free Machine!

Posted: March 17, 2016 in Connect The Dots
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Our own beloved, windmill challenging socialist Senator from Vermont (where universal health care was tried and couldn’t be made to work), Everything is Free Bernie Sanders takes a base annual salary of $174k plus amazing benefits for life.  He even happily accepts his annual $10,000 subsidy (about 65% paid for by working Americans) for his Bentley GT level health insurance coverage (that most working Americans can’t afford). Bernie’s not free, so not sure why Bernie is convinced everything and everybody else is.  Bernie has spent more than $100 million on his campaign for President so far.  All of that came from his adoring supporters, so again it may be free for Bernie, but the money came from somebody somewhere and I imagine they probably worked for it – or they didn’t work for it, but got it from the gov’ment who got it from somebody who worked for it.  Not free for somebody somewhere.

Anyway, in spite of Bernie’s Bentley GT level health insurance, which Main Street is happy to pay 2/3’s the cost of, Bernie claims the best health insurance for you and I on Main Street is the Yugo (Zastava Koral {Fiat 144}) level policy, that is, the cheapest possible and that as President, he will make sure Main Street citizens and non-citizens (about 65 million as we read this) are the direct recipients of Yugo level coverage universally – no other choices, of course.  Hillary and Obama  both agree with Bernie and in fact preceded Bernie in making the same claim that cheapest is best, Yugo rules Main Street so surely it must be true?  However, in the interest of serious voter cynicism and in light of occasional political vagaries, let’s examine this cheap Yugo claim via comparison to a few other Main Street pricing realities to see if we find cheapest is usually best?

If you’re a serious guitarist and touring band member, say of a heavy metal band for instance; I imagine  you wouldn’t wish to be caught onstage with say a Bogner Uberschall and a Gibson Les Paul from the Gibson custom shop (there’s that exotic wood issue you may recall).  Surely for maximum drive, punch and devastating distortion you’d prefer a used Fender Squire II and a punchy $40 Rogue amp to lift the roof off with.  Yea Baby!  This would be about as low a cost rig as you could set up and should therefore according to Bernie be the absolute best value for show casing your talent.

Or if you’re a touring rock drummer, you certainly wouldn’t want to get ripped off by crashing on pricey Zildjian metal would you?  Of course not.  The cheapest, tinniest crap you can find at Walmart or Target (pronounced Targe’) would be the ticket to impress.  That’s a no brainer according to Bernie, Hillary, Barack and other expensively educated Harvard and Yale folks.  For that power sound, bang away on those cracked cymbals Baby!

Maybe you’re a photography bug.  I can’t imagine you’d wish to be seen lugging a Nikon D750, D810A or some other expensive equivalent?  Why waste money and expertise on such contrived nonsense when you could just as well shoot with a dependable, cost effective, highly regarded Canon PowerShot ELPH 350 HS? I mean come on, the name is longer.  Bernie says cheapest is best.  Get the Yugo level camera on which to build your career, fame and fortune as well as to maximize your fun and enjoyment.

Maybe you’re a car person.  Certainly you recognize the incredible value, safety and practicality of the venerable Yugo as compared to say a shitty Bentley GT?  It’s just another no brainer for Democrat policy makers and Republican enablers in D.C.  Buy the political hype; it’s the best option for you according to highly educated D.C. mavens and by the way – if you don’t want it – tough – your gov’ment made it illegal not to buy it, so there…enjoy what they tell you is best for you.

I can prattle on with more comparisons as you may imagine, but I suspect we might all come reasonably close to agreeing that with most things on earth, sans obvious ripoffs, you tend to get what you pay for and cheapest is rarely best for anything except maybe polio, cancer or tooth aches.  I will in all honesty, give you the one example I can think of where cheaper seems better.  That would be Uber versus the venerable taxi-cab, though it appears Uber is less expensive because it’s run more cost effectively, which is actually good common sense and not just cheaper and crappier.

P.T. Barnum once said “there’s a sucker born every minute”, but at least Main Street circus goers got entertainment for their hard earned dollar just as P.T. promised.  Bernie, Barack, the Bush Crime Family, the Clinton Crime Family and other D.C. notables understand that Mr. Barnum was incorrect.  They know at least half a dozen suckers are born every minute and empty promises on 24-hour statist media rule the day in popular elections.

Anyway, maybe you can do A BETTER JOB THAN I HAVE IN IDENTIFYING INSTANCES WHERE THE CHEAPEST, SHITTIEST PRODUCT IS THE BEST PRODUCT?  I hope so and if you can then maybe Bernie’s cheapest is best idea holds merit for Main Street health services – but somehow,  I doubt it.


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