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Beginning to understand the Elite (maybe 300 or so families around the world) Business Plan and their inveterate compulsion for organization(s) through which to control others,  take resources for themselves and when necessary, eliminate possible threats to their elaborately constructed agenda; or as Jon Rappoport refers to it, The Matrix;  we must dig deep and forage long with determination through distractingly frustrating mountains of intentional dis-information, utter nonsense and unfortunate personal delusion to maybe, finally discover tender morsels of truth, each of which helps just a tiny bit, to peel back the disgusting layers of disguised reality so wonderfully masquerading as bright and shining equality and justice for all.

At the end of this wordy tome is a partial listing of sources I’ve run across, that have played a role in determining some of my personal views regarding the reality that may be transpiring on the political streets of America and the world, in this case the questionable circumstances surrounding the deaths of influential musicians, such as John Lennon, Tupac or Kurt Cobain.  Please feel free to skip my rambling background explanation,  go straight to the reading list and have fun, though even this short list requires some serious reading.  I don’t agree with all of what the attached list of books claim or provide and neither will you.  AGREEMENT IS NOT THE POINT.  THINKING IS THE POINT.  These books raise questions that responsible American citizens should be demanding answers to.  Rarely do I agree in full with anyone or anything – probably much like yourselves.  This short list as well as the longer list on my 1600 Watch Reading List page is intended for thought provocation and provides a start for truth seeking apart from Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, Main Street education, publishing, etc.  Answers to some of life’s significant mysteries are not easily found – they must be searched out and I assure you are rarely to be found on network or cable news.  Shills like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Jon Stewart, Bill O’Reilly, Glen Beck, Ann Coulter and others are protected and become wealthy as long as they NEVER veer from the shallow, entirely useless Democrat-Republican, liberal-conservative debate floor – NEVER, EVER touching on the Elite family ownership and control of our BANKING/WAR BUSINESS MODEL and the Psy-Op, pseudo-reality engendered for our Main Street entertainment and ineffectual debate.  Republicans and Democrats are not a problem.  The Elite who own and operate both are the problem and the lucrative job of the shills is to insure we never realize that.

Any search, however feeble,  down this dark, filthy rabbit hole requires navigating, then sorting through the far reaching fog and the muck generated by highly paid,  brilliant scientists, analysts and propagandists employed and manipulated by such non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) as The Tavistock Institute of Human Behavior, Aspen Institute (Tavistock’s North American branch), Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller, Heritage and other Foundations, and literally hundreds (more than 3,000 in the U.S. alone) of think tanks, study groups, etc., all engaged together in collaboratively (and for most employees, unknowingly) creating the complex allusion of what we tend to believe is our Main Street reality.

Historically, there have been those used as pawns in service of this vast agenda referred to openly by Henry Kissinger or George H.W. Bush as the New World Order; or as George Soros refers to it, his Open Society.  This agenda has been around since Cain killed Able I suppose, but in modern form, was reborn in 1773 by Adam Weishaupt and friends, one of whom, Mayer Amshel Bauer (Rothschild) famously created our international criminal system of central banking.  Occasionally, these hapless pawns Lenin referred to as useful idiots, usually politicians or political activists, but not infrequently, popular celebrities of one sort or another; today mostly musicians, writers, producers, directors, actors and entertainment or media people – wake up to realize they’ve been had.  In some cases these well intentioned pawns rebel…for a short while if they actually have influence;  for a long while if they have little influence, which enables the allusion of choice and difference of opinion on Main Street, always so helpful in sustaining the Elite BANKING/WAR BUSINESS MODEL of the U.S. and much of the rest of planet Earth.

Today, across the globe, we foolishly mis-manage our economies, moral value systems, opinions and daily lives via popular political agendas espoused – by whom – and for what divide and conquer purpose?  We look to our religion, science, music, books, movies, sports and other entertainment for clues, most deceptively politicized, for how to live, what to believe and what to do.  Who to believe in?  Who to trust?  Who to hate?  What to like…or dislike?  We generally believe our thoughts to be our own and defend our bias diligently, rarely asking from where did this thought emanate?  We tend not to ask, WHY do I detest Democrats?  Republicans?  Liberals?  Conservatives?  Blacks?  Whites?  Hispanics?  Asians?  Christians?  Muslims?  Jews?  Heteros?  Gays?  Rich?  Poor?  Americans?  Russians?  Chinese?  Whatever?  We’re all just people,  brought to life through Intelligent Creation, connected to each other in one spirit, yet we choose to employ our free will as though we each pose some separate threat to one another.  Why do we except this?  The answer is CONDITIONING.  Humans are not very instinctual creatures and are easily conditioned to believe and do certain things.

The pawns mentioned above are useful tools and perhaps the single most influential tool in today’s Elite conditioning arsenal is music.  Therefore, musicians can be used to condition listeners emotionally, intellectually, unwittingly and very pleasantly.  I suppose movies run a close second as effective conditioning apparati.  Anyway, to the major point of this article.  What happens to a pawn when he or she awakes and realizes they’ve been used for some agenda?  More importantly, what happens when such a pawn rebels and begins speaking out against the unseen agenda?  ANSWER:  They are eliminated!

If lucky, pawns are eliminated as a laughing stock or through popular ridicule.  Richard Nixon and Charlie Sheen may be good examples.  I say MAY because we will never know the truth for certain.  The Matrix insures that.  All evidence will be circumstantial, hence the ease with which the very existence of The Matrix is not easily seen or recognized.  Other pawns, the rarer pawns daring to turn, are much less fortunate; I suppose due to potentially far reaching influence as well as Elite inability to silence them via enticements or threats.  These pawns who turn on their malevolent benefactors are crudely and openly dispatched via alleged accidental death, alleged suicide and in extreme cases, obvious murder, either unsolved or via useful patsy – there’s that Matrix again.  Mr. Gary Webb, for example, courageous investigative reporter on Iran-Contra-cocaine-money laundering, etc.; author of Dark Alliance, died we are to believe by shooting himself, not once, but twice in the head.  No stretch of imagination here?  We can easily imagine the where-with-all to shoot ourselves in the head twice…can’t we?

I’m not interested in convincing anyone that the CIA, tool of our Eastern Establishment Oligarchy targeted and likely murdered members of SDS, Black Panthers, Martin Luther King, John and Robert Kennedy, Gary Webb, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Tupac or other activists or pawns who turned.  Believe what you will as we each must, but I do ask that you spend at least some little time seeking truth.  You’ll get dirty doing it and you will be laughed at, but once found, no one can take it from you and you’re free to share it, if you will.

None of us are very informed as to the reality of our socioeconomic lives on Main Street, nor regarding the dark powers that so heavily influence our thinking and behavior.  I have studied the web of international influence and power off and on for more than four decades now and I know almost nothing – other than I am still uninformed.  The best I can do is suspect a great deal and share this suspicion in the hope that our beliefs and votes may be at least questioned, if not informed;  and through this process of questioning and sharing, perhaps we can leave this world a slightly better place than when we came into it.

Following is a short list of adventurers who have dared to scavenge the fog and muck for scraps of truth.  This list can constitute a beginning for better understanding the complexities of the manipulated reality we all live and try to survive in.  We may or may not like society, but we do have to live in it and a little truth is a valuable resource – if you can find it.  Happy searching – and please remember, our strength as a people and as a nation does not emanate from our agreement.  The balance of power so necessary to political health and well being is born in our ability and willingness to respectfully disagree – and within the honest discussion of our differences.  Any two fools can agree;  but to resolve a difference requires honest thought, mutual respect and a great deal of effort.  Freedom is never free.  Containment is always freely promised, but the cost is our lives.

John L. Potash  —  Drugs as Weapons Against Us
This heavily documented book will get you started in investigating how some of our more influential musicians, once steeped in the drug and/or counter culture, as they grew in maturity and understanding were suddenly taken from us.

Gary Webb  —  Dark Alliance
Drugs as Weapons Against Us (above) claims the CIA to be involved in the deaths of some of our pawns who turned.  Dark Alliance will educate you as to the astounding malicious extent to which it has been proven the CIA has and does actively import thousands of tons of narcotics and cocaine into our cities and then uses the money for various black budget purposes.  You’ll have to crawl much, much deeper down the rabbit hole to learn how U.S. East Coast Establishment families (Astor, Bush, Cabot, Carnegie, Coolidge, Forbes, Harriman, Higginson, Lodge, Lowell, Morgan, Perkins, Rockefeller, Russell, etc., to name a few) are tightly tied to the now defunct British East India Company and the world opium trade, more profitable today than 200 years ago – wherein we can see why our kids are dying in Vietnam, Afghanistan and other rich resource locations.

Russ Baker  —  Family of Secrets
This heavily documented book demonstrates how the intelligence community, our CIA, British MI-6, Mossad, KGB, etc. are all linked and work together using our gullible tax dollars benefiting Elite owned and controlled mega monopolies to fund research and black budget projects through just one crime family – the Bush Crime Family – the third candidate from which is running for President in the 2016 election.  You’ll have to dig deeper to discover how this intelligence community relationship benefits all the world’s Elite families and how it is literally impossible for any member of these bloodlines to lose money in any economic endeavor, no matter how corrupt, irresponsible, stupid or inbred and retarded.

Dr. John Coleman  —  The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations {Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic Decline of the United States of America}
Tavistock (originally London’s Wellington House) is the world’s premier Elite think tank, beginning as a propaganda creation and dissemination outlet leading up to and propagandizing WWI.  Today, Tavistock is the leading Elite authority and power house on thought conditioning and behavior altering techniques (brainwashing) as applies to entire populations and mass movements across the globe.  To have never heard of Tavistock is to understand very little of what drives mass media, publishing, education, etc. in our world today.  This book is our first step in recognizing how the Elite study group system works and winds its tentacles through systemically poison NGO’s such as Bilderberg, Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA, also known as Chatham House), Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Tri-Lateral Commission, Rhodes-Milner Round Table and Other Round Table Groups,: and university culling organizations such as Yale’s Skull and Bones or Harvard’s Porcellian Club.

Eustace Mullins  —  Secrets of the Federal Reserve
This book explains the practical logistics of how the world’s Elite banking families successfully carried out a coup-de-tat on the wealth, resources, labor and blood of America’s Main Street.  You will begin to understand how and why Washington D.C. no longer represents we the people, but is 100% beholden to the world’s Elite families, who amass the campaign contributions, good or bad press coverage and ultimately the popularity of candidates selected by the Elite for our unsuspecting voting pleasure.