Most American citizens support our U.S. Military personnel, though perhaps for different reasons and sometimes for different agendas.  Myself as an example, fully and completely support and thank the many brave patriots who comprise our military forces; especially when their mission involves defending liberty – ours or someone else’s; even when they make mistakes.  War is hell!  All people on earth were born having the unalienable right to be free and if it’s good enough for Divine Providence, it’s good enough for me – and defense of that freedom by our military is more than courageous and honorable – but that’s a different story isn’t it?

Today, I’m  simply pointing out three ongoing issues that make me go hhhmmm?  I ask you to consider in the context of fact finding or Tavistockian conditioning, how and why these three, seemingly obvious puzzle pieces don’t fit into the 6:00 media shuffle we’re sold every night, even though each on its own is an enormous puzzle piece.

Item 1 regards the assemblage of such things as September 11, 2001; Afghanistan;  opium poppies; and the open U.S. southern border.

September 11, 2001 happened.  I have no idea who did what or knew what when.  I don’t go to the meetings.  As a licensed professional civil engineer, I certainly have no explanation for why Tower 7 collapsed or how it possibly could crater at near free-fall velocity.  I guess the dust must have knocked it down.  At any rate, the Bush Administration did know exactly what to do with this event and the Obama Administration knows precisely how to follow it up.  We invaded Afghanistan thereby forcing the Taliban to move to Pakistan, further de-stabilizing that already unstable, nuclear armed, Islamic nation;  then we invaded Iraq, thereby de-stabilizing the  Middle East.  We can all debate the so-called good war, bad war, right or wrong and so on forever and we probably will, but for today, let’s focus on a bit of collateral aftermath.

According to International Monetary Fund (IMF) reports, the Taliban had reduced poppy cultivation in Afghanistan to a historic low of around 6,500 hectares by 2001.  Afghanistan typically produces more than 90% of the world’s opium poppies, so if you’re in or related to the narcotics trade this is no small thing.  By 2010, after nearly a decade of costly U.S. occupation, quite a lot of blood and many lives ruined and/or lost, not to mention monumental, coordinated efforts by our Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) – opium poppy cultivation rose to an all time high of more than 165,000 hectares and the per hectare yield increased nearly 500%.  In other words, during the decade of U.S. military intervention and supposed drug interdiction and destruction, opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan flourished; growing steadily at more than 250% annually;  now totaling a 2,500% increase in overall poppy cultivation since 2001.

IMF reports also state that world central banks take in more than $1 trillion (US) dollars annually via off-book money laundering, about 75% of which stems from global narcotics trade.  We know from un-redacted history that the owners of the old British East India Company (BEIC, 1600 – 1873) and the Blue-Blood American families working with BEIC garnered most of their cash flow – not from tea, indigo, salt and spices as we were taught – but from the inhuman opium trade.   Saltpeter or potassium nitrate, an ingredient used in making gun powder was also a substantial income source for BEIC.   Since honest journalism and investigative reporting passed away, most of us are unaware that the opium trade is just as significant today as it was in days of yore.  The only difference being that the narco numbers are larger, BEIC is dissolved and we refer to the heirs of this now unseen BEIC cabal as The Elite – and we honor them rather than despise their callous disregard for human life;  or their undisguised contempt for “useless eaters” as they refer to us lowly folk on Main Street.

Global narcotics markets abound, but one seriously sweet Elite cherry to be plucked is always the U.S. narcotics market and secondarily of course, the dumbing down of America is enhanced and facilitated through heavy narcotics use.  Connecting the dots, you now understand one huge motivating force behind why government pawns, elected and appointed, were conditioned to push for the invasion of Afghanistan and why the U.S. southern border will never be closed.  There are political reasons for the open border as well, but money always supersedes politics as money feeds the belly of the geo-political beast.  The incredibly stupid press corpse then pliantly takes care of selling the obscene justification package to the uninformed and I guess everybody’s happy except maybe the dead addicts and they don’t care anymore.

 The second item I find interesting is arming and provisioning our military, not to mention militaries around the world.

War may be hell, but war is also big money and The Elite love money, though they don’t really have to earn it anymore – they just print it for themselves through central banks such as their privately owned Federal Reserve System.  None-the-less, business is fun and everybody, even The Elite need something to do.  The world’s Elite own the world’s central banks, maybe 173 in total, but of which maybe 55 or so are significant.  These central banks fund both, or all, sides of every major war such as WW I, WW II, Korea, Vietnam, etc.  This is why starting with Vietnam, the U.S. no longer declares war.  It’s why we have the undefined, so-called War on Terror.  By not declaring war, The Elite central bank owners, who profit from all sides of every modern war cannot technically be accused of treason.  It’s an entertaining, population reducing, profitable gig; if you habituate expensive, insider yachts in the Hamptons or South of France.

Anyway, my point here is that the typical Marxist Democrat spending reductions for our military (Carter, Clinton, Obama) followed by the predictable military buildup by Establishment Right Republicans (Reagan, Bush 2),  is not an accidental cycle.  It’s simple business strategy insuring substantial arms profits even during times of relative peace.  Our stupid politicians, all of whom attend the Elite sponsored STUDY GROUP meetings and seminars are thoroughly opinion conditioned and vetted – or they don’t get insider trading deals along with favorable media coverage.  This arms strategy is not worth hundreds of billions of dollars, but trillions of dollars over time.  As Communist President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR),  once mentioned, “In history, nothing happens by accident.  If it happened, you can bet someone planned it.”  Marxist Democrats are conditioned to deplore American  military power.  Establishment Right Republicans are conditioned to support it at all cost and without question.  Both positions are delusionally  incorrect and dangerous.

The third item I find interesting is the amalgamation of U.S. oil dependency, the Middle East and  Islamic hatred?

Is it accidental;  is it happenstance that the conditioned drones we foolishly elect to represent The Elite agenda instead of we the people have absolutely strangled American energy independence in spite of the fact that the U.S. and Canada together possess energy reserves many times that of the Middle East?  Is it happenstance that simultaneously, U.S. politicians fabricate reasons for establishing and maintaining military presence in sovereign Islamic nations and facilitate policies guaranteed to reap Islamic hatred?  To what extent are the Jewish people used as the spoon stirring Islamic fanatacism…not that it takes much to stir the religion of peace into homicidal fury?

I’m not a fan of Islam, which appears not much more than a shallow justification by cowards for misogyny, pedophilia, lying, theft and murder.  That said, what folks do within their own countries is their own business.  I simply ask why we (the U.S.)  maintain an unnecessary military presence there and why the blood of our fathers, mothers and children should be spilled there?  We don’t need Middle East oil!  Why have our corrupt elected officials made us dependent on oil provided by the same nations our corrupt officials have caused to hate us?

I respectfully request that each of us consider as citizens, why these three situations persist and why the blood of our military is being spent for them?  Our precious military personnel ought only be deployed when necessary for the defense of freedom;  and then with overwhelming force.  Our military should always be deployed and managed under the same honor and integrity with which it serves – or is that simply asking too much from the Muslim Marxist in our White House;  expecting too much from the corrupt, elected parasites we pay more than $175,000 annually – apparently to regularly violate their oath of office and to dishonor the integrity of our military?



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