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Following are fifteen (15) questions and/or issues citizens probably ought be DEMANDING ANSWERS TO from the corrupt, bloated parasites we have foolishly elected to supposedly represent us in Washington D.C.  It appears our elected representatives in the House and Senate are paid $175k per year plus benefits plus all the  insider trading bribes they can carry to perform zero oversight on anything at all.  Only when some scandal exposing the rampant corruption within the 10 square miles of the new Washington D.C. Versailles rears its ugly head, do these elected reprobates hold useless hearings and pander to the voters pretending to give a shit about citizens of this great country.  It’s time we the people demanded better service from those we pay to openly violate their oaths of office on every single one of the few days per year they are in session.

1.  If we are at war with Islamic Jihadists why is the Obama Administration (OA) funding and arming Jihadists in Egypt, Saudi Arabia,  Libya, Syria and who knows where else?

2.  If we are at war with Islamic Jihadists why did the Bush Administration overthrow Saddam Hussein, a tyrannical secular leader and thereby de-stabilize the country of Iraq and it appears  – the entire Middle East?  Why has the Obama Administration (OA), which criticized this action, continued this action and why does the OA appear to be turning over the country of Iraq to ISIS, a tiny extremist group of only about 12,000 members?  Why is the U.S. Embassy the largest U.S. embassy in the world?  What’s going on in Iraq?  Why has the Obama Administration (OA) foreign policy allied itself with Islamic Extremists 100% of the time?  The Obama Administration (OA) refused to stand with secular young people in Iran and instead remained silent, thereby supporting the extremist Mullahs.  Egypt’s Mubarak was a brutal secular dictator and the OA supports the even more brutal Muslim Brotherhood, who are not friends of the Infidel West or Israel.  Qaddafi in Libya was a vicious nutcase, but also secular.  The OA sided with even worse Islamic Extremists in Libya helping overthrow Qaddafi.  Why?  Assad in Syria is another brutal dictator, but secular as well.  The OA again sides with and is arming even worse Islamic insurgents in Syria;  and has armed and funded them to the degree that now we have tiny ISIS invading Iraq with weapons provided by the OA.  Isn’t this aiding and abetting the enemy?

3.  Why do we have troops in Afghanistan after more than a decade?  Why is Afghan opium poppy cultivation up from 6,500 hectares in 2001 to more than 165,000 hectares in 2014?  How is it, that the per-hectare yield of Afghan opium poppies is up 500% since 2001?  Afghanistan produces approximately 90% of all opium poppies on earth.  Who benefits from this astronomical increase  in narco trade?  The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has stated in reports that the world’s biggest banks take in more than $1 trillion annually in off-book, under-the-table money laundering business, about 75% of which stems from narcotics.

4. Why is the Obama Administration importing illegal alien young people from all over South America without Congressional approval?  Homeland Security’s  Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)  advertised for contractors to transport these poor kids as far back as January 29, 2014.  The link below takes you to the advertisement.  This appears to be grotesque child abuse on a grand scale for some apparent political agenda.  What is that agenda?

5.  Why is the Obama Administration working with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to devise a legal strategy for the taking of retirement accounts and maybe other types of accounts from American citizens?  See link below.


6.  Why has the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank distributed more than $18 trillion (US) to other world central banks?  What was this money for?  Who is liable for this debt?  Why has our cowardly, parasitic House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate done absolutely nothing regarding the Fed since Ron Paul’s partial audit disclosing these vast expenditures?

7.  Why has our Elite owned and operated House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate done absolutely nothing except hold comical hearings about Benghazi Hillary’s role in the brutal slaying of U.S. foreign service folks in Libya?  We already know that the Obama Administration was and is funding and arming Syrian Jihadists with surplus arms distributed to Libyan Jihadists and then to Syrian Jihadists through the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  We know Ambassador Stevens and three others were murdered in retaliation for a gun running distribution agreement gone bad – yet absolutely nothing has been done except talk, talk, talk?  How many treaties has the Obama Administration violated with this obscene under the table nonsense?  Is this not outright treason against the American people?  If not – why  not?  If so – why is Congress standing still for it?  Where on earth is my representation as a tax paying citizen?

8.  Why is the U.S. Treasury monetizing our own debt?  (If you’re a victim of progressive, liberal education; monetizing means our central bank, The Federal Reserve is purchasing American debt because no one else will.)  The Obama Administration is borrowing about $0.43 of every dollar it spends?  Why does the House of Representatives refuse to stop appropriating funds we don’t have and that our children are liable for?  Why is there no Congressional oversight?  What are we the people paying these negligent, if not corrupt elected representatives for…to mindlessly, corruptly and ignorantly bankrupt our entire nation?

9.  Why is Congress allowing the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank to literally destroy our currency?  Obviously, the United States is going to implode in a vicious deflationary spiral at some point.  Some economists and serious investors believe this economic death spiral will begin in earnest sometime in the fall of 2015.  The Obama Administration is voraciously considering myriad ways to suck up enormous amounts of private investment capital to cover its insane over spending, which any fool can see will kill investment, kill job creation, kill any possible economic growth and force us into a severe depression.  Washington D.C. is blindly and apparently ignorantly destroying the economic engine that feeds its own spending addiction.  Why is Congress doing absolutely nothing to address this?

10.  Why has neither the House nor the Senate done anything to indict felonious IRS employees the criminally reprehensible likes of Lois Lerner and others for conspiring and acting out to restrict the free speech and assembly of American citizens? Talk, talk, talk – no action?

11.  Why is Congress allowing federal agencies to make law?  Why is Congress allowing the Executive Branch to make law?  Why is Congress standing still for Federal District Courts and the Supreme Circus to continually legislate from the bench?  Where is our balance of power that is to stem from the Constitutionally mandated separation of powers?

12.  Why is Congress allowing Eric Holder’s Department of Injustice to arbitrarily pick and choose the laws it will or won’t enforce?  Eric Holder is a criminal thug and ought be fully prosecuted.

13.  Why is Congress allowing the OA, it’s rogue Interior Department, EPA and Department of Energy to destroy the energy independence of the United States?  Why is the OA simultaneously continuing and expanding the Bush era de-stabilization of the Middle East, while forcing increasing U.S. energy dependence on the Middle East they are de-stabilizing?

14.  Why is Congress allowing Homeland Security to classify returning military service patriots as potential domestic terrorists?

15.  Why is INSIDER TRADING legal for members of Congress, but illegal for Main Street citizens? Just how much insider trading are members of Congress involving themselves in?  What effect is this insider trading largess distributed through K Street leeches having on U.S. domestic and foreign policy decisions?

As a minimum we the people must demand answers and solutions to the above fifteen (15) questions.  Our failure to do so will and is leading us to the destitute end of American self government.


Our children today, are being conditioned not HOW to think, but WHAT to think, by ignorant drones, themselves heavily conditioned pawns we still mistakenly refer to as teachers – that individualism, responsibility, liberty, corporations, free market economies, the pursuit of excellence and capitalism are bad.  Government is good our children are taught.  No distinction is ever made between actual free market corporations and the immense wealth they freely generate for all participants in any economy;  and the greedy, corrupt, power hungry, international conglomerate monopolies that coerce all wealth within reach to themselves through control of collectivist governments – which in turn enable the continuing monopoly.

All monopolies despise free markets or any kind of competition.  For reasons I don’t get, not even so-called conservative pundits make any distinction between legitimate corporate business and centrally controlled monopoly; or the perverted form of reverse fascism monopoly breeds.  Typically, for the Marxist Left, all corporations are bad;  for the Establishment Right, all corporations are good.  The truth is far removed from either position.  The truth requires discernment and discernment is no longer encouraged or taught.

This distinction from free markets should be made because monopoly is liberty’s terminal, lymphatic cancer.  Monopoly promotes top down, centrally controlled governments, dictatorships where possible, because these socialist style governments are easily manipulated, managed and used to whatever end is desired by the monopolies currently holding sway.  The people are conditioned to become hard working wealth creation tools, easily convinced that the promise of security is better than actual wealth earned.

Most of us rarely realize that true security lies within our own minds, hands and abilities as ordained by Divine Providence.  Once collectivist tax rates exceed 25% or 30%, the possibility of amassing wealth and/or security is eliminated sans a precious few exceptions, which are usually and quickly absorbed into the Elite.  Microsoft is a prime example as it loudly promotes insane Agenda 21 enslavement vehicles such as Common Core realizing that conditioned thought is an inescapable prison requiring no walls, fences or bars – a collectivist dream.

Amazingly, many wealthy American people living beyond anything Royalty ever dreamed of, successful via opportunities offered by our American capitalist system, hypocritically praise Russia, China, Cuba and other human disaster zones, while demonizing the very free market system that gave them their own public voice.  How many movie millionaires originated in China, Cuba or Venezuela over the past 75 years?  How many writers?  Poets?  Producers?  Internet moguls?  Computer moguls?  Automobile manufacturers?  Missionaries?  Spiritual healers?  Restaurateurs?  Journalists?  Store owners?  Clearly collectivist conditioning inhibits the ability to think clearly, if at all.

Collectivist history stomps deeply repetitive, bloody, hobnailed, foot prints of subjugation, starvation, impoverishment, imprisonment, torture, fear and murder into the backs of working men and women.  Simultaneously, collectivist Elite Masters and the ignorant government thugs doing their hellaciously treasonous work redistribute the wealth of hard working decent people to themselves, their pawns and insider friends.  The promised security of the proletariat never manages to materialize.  Spiritual devastation, hopelessness and mediocrity run rampant through the population – until it collapses on itself – usually three to four generations at most.  Collectivism is not sustainable.  It’s astonishing to see so many so-called environmentalists, foolishly promoting collectivist agendas as solutions to problems.  History shows collectivist thought to be the central core of most societal and environmental  problems – never the solution.  Tavistockian Conditioning is a powerful tool indeed.

Capitalism and free markets promote equal opportunity, personal responsibility, generosity and provide an environment in which healthy spiritual growth can thrive and flourish.  Freedom cannot exist without personal responsibility, love and generosity.  Capitalism creates an environment where each of us can choose to become captain of our choices, opportunities and outcomes;  and accept responsibility for those choices.  This is spiritual nirvana on earth.  It’s as good as it gets in this physical life we share together.

Collectivism on the other hand, blindly, inhumanely and destructively dictates outcomes and by doing so, eliminates personal responsibility and choice.  Since no two people are equal in ability in any one particular area as we each have unique gifts; outcomes can never be raised to a higher or optimum level of quality.  Outcomes can only be forced to the lowest common denominator.  Mediocrity becomes not only the norm, but the only possibility.  The brilliant are dumbed down.  The strong are made weak.  Personal excellence in any field of endeavor is banished, even punished as success is deemed unfair under the obscene decrees of social justice and political correctness.

Capitalism is the pursuit of excellence and personal responsibility unleashed within the joyful symphony of life.  History proves this and we can live this history should we choose to.

Collectivism is the muzzle of mediocrity and the iron anchor of spiritual growth weighing down and finally drowning the amazing possibilities of life until nothing of value can be heard or felt.

Which do we choose for ourselves and our children?  Which do we stand for?

Most American citizens support our U.S. Military personnel, though perhaps for different reasons and sometimes for different agendas.  Myself as an example, fully and completely support and thank the many brave patriots who comprise our military forces; especially when their mission involves defending liberty – ours or someone else’s; even when they make mistakes.  War is hell!  All people on earth were born having the unalienable right to be free and if it’s good enough for Divine Providence, it’s good enough for me – and defense of that freedom by our military is more than courageous and honorable – but that’s a different story isn’t it?

Today, I’m  simply pointing out three ongoing issues that make me go hhhmmm?  I ask you to consider in the context of fact finding or Tavistockian conditioning, how and why these three, seemingly obvious puzzle pieces don’t fit into the 6:00 media shuffle we’re sold every night, even though each on its own is an enormous puzzle piece.

Item 1 regards the assemblage of such things as September 11, 2001; Afghanistan;  opium poppies; and the open U.S. southern border.

September 11, 2001 happened.  I have no idea who did what or knew what when.  I don’t go to the meetings.  As a licensed professional civil engineer, I certainly have no explanation for why Tower 7 collapsed or how it possibly could crater at near free-fall velocity.  I guess the dust must have knocked it down.  At any rate, the Bush Administration did know exactly what to do with this event and the Obama Administration knows precisely how to follow it up.  We invaded Afghanistan thereby forcing the Taliban to move to Pakistan, further de-stabilizing that already unstable, nuclear armed, Islamic nation;  then we invaded Iraq, thereby de-stabilizing the  Middle East.  We can all debate the so-called good war, bad war, right or wrong and so on forever and we probably will, but for today, let’s focus on a bit of collateral aftermath.

According to International Monetary Fund (IMF) reports, the Taliban had reduced poppy cultivation in Afghanistan to a historic low of around 6,500 hectares by 2001.  Afghanistan typically produces more than 90% of the world’s opium poppies, so if you’re in or related to the narcotics trade this is no small thing.  By 2010, after nearly a decade of costly U.S. occupation, quite a lot of blood and many lives ruined and/or lost, not to mention monumental, coordinated efforts by our Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) – opium poppy cultivation rose to an all time high of more than 165,000 hectares and the per hectare yield increased nearly 500%.  In other words, during the decade of U.S. military intervention and supposed drug interdiction and destruction, opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan flourished; growing steadily at more than 250% annually;  now totaling a 2,500% increase in overall poppy cultivation since 2001.

IMF reports also state that world central banks take in more than $1 trillion (US) dollars annually via off-book money laundering, about 75% of which stems from global narcotics trade.  We know from un-redacted history that the owners of the old British East India Company (BEIC, 1600 – 1873) and the Blue-Blood American families working with BEIC garnered most of their cash flow – not from tea, indigo, salt and spices as we were taught – but from the inhuman opium trade.   Saltpeter or potassium nitrate, an ingredient used in making gun powder was also a substantial income source for BEIC.   Since honest journalism and investigative reporting passed away, most of us are unaware that the opium trade is just as significant today as it was in days of yore.  The only difference being that the narco numbers are larger, BEIC is dissolved and we refer to the heirs of this now unseen BEIC cabal as The Elite – and we honor them rather than despise their callous disregard for human life;  or their undisguised contempt for “useless eaters” as they refer to us lowly folk on Main Street.

Global narcotics markets abound, but one seriously sweet Elite cherry to be plucked is always the U.S. narcotics market and secondarily of course, the dumbing down of America is enhanced and facilitated through heavy narcotics use.  Connecting the dots, you now understand one huge motivating force behind why government pawns, elected and appointed, were conditioned to push for the invasion of Afghanistan and why the U.S. southern border will never be closed.  There are political reasons for the open border as well, but money always supersedes politics as money feeds the belly of the geo-political beast.  The incredibly stupid press corpse then pliantly takes care of selling the obscene justification package to the uninformed and I guess everybody’s happy except maybe the dead addicts and they don’t care anymore.

 The second item I find interesting is arming and provisioning our military, not to mention militaries around the world.

War may be hell, but war is also big money and The Elite love money, though they don’t really have to earn it anymore – they just print it for themselves through central banks such as their privately owned Federal Reserve System.  None-the-less, business is fun and everybody, even The Elite need something to do.  The world’s Elite own the world’s central banks, maybe 173 in total, but of which maybe 55 or so are significant.  These central banks fund both, or all, sides of every major war such as WW I, WW II, Korea, Vietnam, etc.  This is why starting with Vietnam, the U.S. no longer declares war.  It’s why we have the undefined, so-called War on Terror.  By not declaring war, The Elite central bank owners, who profit from all sides of every modern war cannot technically be accused of treason.  It’s an entertaining, population reducing, profitable gig; if you habituate expensive, insider yachts in the Hamptons or South of France.

Anyway, my point here is that the typical Marxist Democrat spending reductions for our military (Carter, Clinton, Obama) followed by the predictable military buildup by Establishment Right Republicans (Reagan, Bush 2),  is not an accidental cycle.  It’s simple business strategy insuring substantial arms profits even during times of relative peace.  Our stupid politicians, all of whom attend the Elite sponsored STUDY GROUP meetings and seminars are thoroughly opinion conditioned and vetted – or they don’t get insider trading deals along with favorable media coverage.  This arms strategy is not worth hundreds of billions of dollars, but trillions of dollars over time.  As Communist President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR),  once mentioned, “In history, nothing happens by accident.  If it happened, you can bet someone planned it.”  Marxist Democrats are conditioned to deplore American  military power.  Establishment Right Republicans are conditioned to support it at all cost and without question.  Both positions are delusionally  incorrect and dangerous.

The third item I find interesting is the amalgamation of U.S. oil dependency, the Middle East and  Islamic hatred?

Is it accidental;  is it happenstance that the conditioned drones we foolishly elect to represent The Elite agenda instead of we the people have absolutely strangled American energy independence in spite of the fact that the U.S. and Canada together possess energy reserves many times that of the Middle East?  Is it happenstance that simultaneously, U.S. politicians fabricate reasons for establishing and maintaining military presence in sovereign Islamic nations and facilitate policies guaranteed to reap Islamic hatred?  To what extent are the Jewish people used as the spoon stirring Islamic fanatacism…not that it takes much to stir the religion of peace into homicidal fury?

I’m not a fan of Islam, which appears not much more than a shallow justification by cowards for misogyny, pedophilia, lying, theft and murder.  That said, what folks do within their own countries is their own business.  I simply ask why we (the U.S.)  maintain an unnecessary military presence there and why the blood of our fathers, mothers and children should be spilled there?  We don’t need Middle East oil!  Why have our corrupt elected officials made us dependent on oil provided by the same nations our corrupt officials have caused to hate us?

I respectfully request that each of us consider as citizens, why these three situations persist and why the blood of our military is being spent for them?  Our precious military personnel ought only be deployed when necessary for the defense of freedom;  and then with overwhelming force.  Our military should always be deployed and managed under the same honor and integrity with which it serves – or is that simply asking too much from the Muslim Marxist in our White House;  expecting too much from the corrupt, elected parasites we pay more than $175,000 annually – apparently to regularly violate their oath of office and to dishonor the integrity of our military?