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This Vlog discusses how elected Representatives give our tax dollars away to various insiders and monopolies; get a percentage of that money back into 527C’s, etc., along with sweet insider trading deals and favorable press coverage; and just keep that cash flow merry-go-round spinning at 90 miles an hour on our tax payer dime.



This Vlog discusses how the Global Elite divide us from each other and turn us against each other by manufacturing false choices.

This Vlog discusses the legalization of Bail-Ins by Title II of the 2010 Dodd-Frank legislation.  As depositors, our deposits are now legally subject to confiscation by monopolistic banks deemed “Too Big To Fail” – compliments of our corrupt elected Representatives in Washington D.C.

This Vlog offers in less than 900 words, a free market, cost effective,  U.S. Health Care solution without fascist government waste, that takes care of the uninsured without Federal control of our lives and without destroying U.S. Healthcare.  Obamacare is currently in the process of destroying our entire actuarial system, insurance provider system and health care services as we have known it.  A little common sense might go a long way.


Allegation considering whether our Supreme Court enabled health insurance fraud by not considering more than 2,000 pages of toxic, unconstitutional PPACA legislation and then labeling the remainder a tax?


1600 Watch allegation that our Federal government is perpetrating health insurance fraud.

Discussion showing how simple arithmetic demonstrates and predicts 100% consistent failure of any and all mathematically unsustainable, utopian Nanny State systems such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.  A fifth grader can easily see the inevitable failure of collectivist systems.

SS From 1970 – 2011

The hyperlink above will take you to U.S. Social Security demographic info compiled by 1600 Watch.  This data is referenced in the following video presentation.

This Video Blog (VLOG) discusses my hope that the Tea Party Movement will take control of the GOP from the sticky fingers of the Establishment Right Republican Party.

This video blog discusses the Communist medical coup, Obamacare and offers a five point, free market prescription to replace it with after REPEAL;  an actual American solution rather than a European style con job dumping our freedom into the Federal toilet.