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Health care insurance is private industry, not politics.  We The People may be disinterested enough to accept gross misrepresentation of fact by our elected politicians on a daily basis with zero accountability; legally or politically – but we do not accept lying in conducting our daily commerce.  It is illegal; it is fraudulent to intentionally misrepresent a product or service in the consumer marketplace.  The United States has established consumer protection standards and statutes.

Our elected, so-called Representatives in Washington D.C. as well as many appointed Federal bureaucrats have freely chosen to intervene in private commerce, specifically health insurance coverage and health care services.

These apparently corrupt officials, for whatever reason, are intentionally, aggressively and openly misrepresenting several critically important aspects of the Patient Protection and Unaffordable Care Act (PPACA), aka Obamacare.

A few of these misrepresented facts, The Seven Broken Seals follow:
1.  There will be no government controlled rationing board to allocate health care services and/or prices.
2.  PPACA will cost less than $1 trillion dollars and will therefore be budget neutral.
3.  If you like your existing insurance plan you can keep it.
4.  If you like your Doctor you can keep him or her.
5.  Affordable health insurance will be made more accessible and easier to afford than it has been in the past and consumers will have more choices.
6.  The typical family premium for health care insurance will be reduced by an average of $2,500 per year.
7.  The new PPACA mandated plans will be better and less expensive than your old crummy plans.

All seven seals are now broken.  All seven of the above promises are outright lies stated repeatedly by our officials over the past four years and as I write this piece – the obvious lies and misrepresentation are ongoing.

The health care industry is not politics.  Health care is real life.  The Federal government of the United States has no Constitutional Authority under which it can legally intervene (my layman’s opinion) in the personal health care and daily lives of individual citizens.  It has no Constitutional Authority (my layman’s opinion) under which We The People can be forced to purchase government controlled services.  The Federal government of these United States certainly has no Constitutional Authority under which it can freely, wantonly and openly lie to American citizens about products and services it is forcing upon We The People.

Health care insurance and health care services are daily commerce critically intertwined with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Health care insurance as well as health care services are not the purvey or prerogative of the Federal government.  None-the-less, many of our Federal Officials have chosen to forcibly intervene in the operations of the health care industry – – and as such — those same Federal Officials have made themselves subject to the consumer protections and laws already in place.

Lying to consumers about health care insurance products is fraud.  Every single Federal Official, elected or appointed, who has knowingly and intentionally lied to the American people regarding implementation and stipulations effectively instituted by PPACA are guilty of INSURANCE FRAUD and ought be indicted and tried in court for this alleged fraud.  If found guilty, they ought be punished accordingly and appropriately.  Neither elected nor appointed position grants license to lie in carrying out our daily commerce.


I am not an attorney.  My opinion regarding the fraudulent behavior of individuals within our own government is my layman’s opinion.  The actual legal implications of this apparent fraud are enormous, complex and far reaching in terms of our Republic, our Constitutionally recognized freedoms and our individual relationship to Federal and State governments.

Make no mistake!  OBAMACARE IS COMMUNISM.  PERIOD.  Obamacare is Lenin, Stalin and Comrades assailing American liberty under the dangerous guise of so-called altruistic government; which in fact, is hell-bent on domination and control over all of us.  We need to wake up and deal with this at the voting booth — while we still can.