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Let’s consider an obvious question.  If Americans desire a product such as health insurance as much as big government Comrades parrot daily; why would our liberty loving Comrades require a Federal law forcing those Americans to buy it?   Regardless the insidious end run of our political hack judicial branch, the Supreme Circus around the Constitutional legality; this is precisely what the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), aka ACA, aka Obamacare, does.  It FORCES and FORCE isn’t freedom.

Factually, as a minimum, we know the following mandates will each contribute to higher cost in providing healthcare coverage, which in turn will increase premiums.
Mandate 1.  A child can remain on the family policy until age 26.
Mandate 2.  Elimination of pre-existing condition clauses.  Insurers must cover every person no matter what.
Mandate 3.  As of January 1, 2014, all annual limits on essential health benefits are banned.

We also know that as of today in 2013, our Federal government does not permit health insurance to be sold across state lines.  In other words, our Federal government has established intrastate health insurance monopolies within each state and those monopolies are protected by regulatory agencies at the expense of the tax paying consumer.  Granted, these are not true monopolies by a single provider within each state; but are highly regulated monopolies none-the-less, heavily restricting open competition among providers for customers within each State market.

The current system provides the allusion of open competition, while guaranteeing there is very little.  One positive note within this government restricted market is that even with these monopolies in place, we still have thousands of plan choices across the country.  There are choices within each State in spite of intrastate monopoly.

Under PPACA as best I understand it, there are only four plans to choose from.  Pick or die basically and Comrades apparently are oblivious to what it costs, not to mention that you will be insanely fined if your plan is better than any of these four.  Is your household budget oblivious to product cost?  Mine isn’t.  What does level of coverage matter, if we can’t afford the premiums anyway?  If government forced health care premiums rise to 25% or more of my household budget;  my house is in financial difficulty and part time work doesn’t fix it.

Further, according to the Centers For Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) data, a total of $2.7 trillion (17.9% of GDP) was spent on U.S. health care in 2011.  Of this $2.7 trillion, 21% or $554.3 billion went to Medicare; and 15% or $407.7 billion went to MedicaidOut-of-pocket expenses totaled $307.7 billion (11%) for 2011 and the balance of the $2.7 trillion total, the lion’s share, $1.4 trillion (53%) was picked up by the government sanctioned private health insurance monopolies.

Most, if not all of us agree with our Comrades that the above three mandates are in fact great, wonderful even – up until we notice the true cost of providing those coverages, at which point the whole discussion is moot for most of us.  We can’t get blood out of a turnip regardless how hard we squeeze.  The corrupt, government sanctioned intrastate monopolies – not so great on any level unless you’re on the corrupt receiving end of the monopoly cash flow.  Our existing system is insider corrupted and thoroughly broken – I’m certainly not saying it isn’t, though more government involvement is certainly not the solution.

Let’s work backwards.

Many say free markets have failed American health care.  Most who claim this are advocates of big government and collectivism.
1600 Watch claims the obvious fact as established by 2011 CMS data, that 36% of all U.S. health care costs are carried directly by government through Medicare and Medicaid.  The 53% private health insurance portion is under the central planning control of the Federal government established intrastate monopolies; or as some might call it – government protected PRICE FIXING – but I’m behaving this afternoon, so I don’t call it that.

In other words, 36% plus 53%, which totals 89% of all U.S. health care costs in 2011 involved Federal government control either directly or indirectly.  Only a seriously retarded victim of public school conditioning, robbed of their once bright future can call this a free market with a straight face.

THERE ARE NO FREE MARKETS IN U.S. HEALTH CARE INSURANCE IN 2013. PERIOD as Obama would say.  Having said that, we are starting to see some successful inroads in direct medical services or concierge plans being provided by Doc’s and clinics.  These are typically family medicine or primary care physicians providing basic services for a monthly fee.  The patient or subscriber then carries catastrophic coverage for the serious stuff.  These services are free markets in action and I’m sure the Obama Administration will soon attempt to make them illegal.

So much for the free market tall tale.  Facts speak otherwise or as Uncle Si might say, “That’s the facts, Jack”.

Given that 10,000 people per day are turning 60 years of age in the U.S.; and given more than 90% of all health care costs are typically  incurred in the last decade of life; there is nothing in sight suggesting average annual, U.S. health care expenditures will decline any time soon .

Working backwards  a bit more.  All three Federal Mandates identified above clearly cause provider liability to increase.  Insurance providers cover their costs through premium (and sometimes other investment) revenue, therefore the mandates obviously impact premiums upward.  There are no known PPACA mandates that work to reduce provider cost; so nothing in sight to reduce premiums.  Yet, in the face of these facts,  the Obama Administration has stridently told the American people that PPACA will lower the average family’s premiums by $2,500 per year.  I don’t consider Obama or any of the dozens of academic nincompoops in his West Wing ding bat cage to be sharp tools; but this is not a mistake.  THIS IS A LIE. PERIOD, as Obama would say.  Premiums are not going down as a result of Obamacare.

Another factoid.  We now know that Obama, his West Wing nincompoops and most Senators and Congressman knew three years ago (July, 2010), that up to 67% of existing health insurance policies would be liable to cancellation.  The only way any policy can be GRANDFATHERED is if the policy has not been modified in any way.  Therefore the ad nausea pronunciations by Obama and his parrots disingenuously stating “you can keep your insurance plan if you like it” is actually an INTENTIONAL BALD FACED DECEIT.

Marxist Muslim Obama, his Marxist Left Democrats and the Establishment Right GOP RINO’s  may all think this Obamacide debate is an academic D.C. exercise and great sport over twenty year old single malt – but it sure ain’t no freaking joke out here on Main Street.  Personally, my family hasn’t had health insurance for more than fifteen years due to preexisting conditions.  Health insurers puke at the sight of my family.  Five years ago, our civil engineering consulting business croaked, my wife got an office management job and health insurance coverage for herself.  We could not afford to add me onto the policy.  Several months ago, my several part time endeavors bumped our income sufficiently to add me to the policy.  Now we learned last week that our policy premium, with $5,000 deductibles for both my wife and  I ($10,000 together) are going up 48% on January 1st, 2014, but will likely be dropped altogether in March of 2014.  It now looks like I will have my own personal story about cancellation of the policy I liked and had for the first time in more than a decade and a half.

My parting swing here regards the potential damage of delaying any of these mandates, particularly the deferment waivers granted to employers and unions.

More than 160 million American employees receive health care coverage through employer group plans.  Obama, his Commie Democrats and the Establishment Right RINO’s are all on board with these waivers as a good thing, but they’re not a good thing at all.  First of all, any delay prolongs the uncertainty under which providers must function and small business owners must labor, survive and try to create jobs.  This alone is and will continue to have terrible economic consequences.

Secondly, Obama and his cronies never compromise.  They have no need to negotiate as the Establishment Right with crumbs like McConnell, McCain, Cornyn and others, roll over to have their bellies rubbed by the Progressive press corpse at every opportunity.  The only reason these corrupt miscreants agreed to waiving the employee mandate until 2015 is that if they pushed it now, the 16 million individuals now losing their existing coverage (84%) could grow by another 135 million Americans losing their employer provided coverage.  Eliminating these waivers would potentially lead to more than 150,000,000 Americans being kicked out of their existing health care coverage and the angst we see today would be like a preschool argument during recess compared to the social volcano that would ignite.  These profligate liars all understood that, but we the people apparently didn’t.  And then, finally, we don’t want voters to experience reality prior to the 2014 mid-term elections do we?

The astonishing extent to which both elected Representatives and appointed officials have misrepresented PPACA to the American people over the past three years constitutes the intentional abandonment of fiduciary responsibility to the American tax payer and a staggering betrayal of the public trust underlying our Republic.  I believe this deceit and financial malfeasance rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors for every elected Representative and appointed official who propagated this monstrous deceit; this abysmal failure to protect and defend our Constitution; and the intentional decision not to properly serve the best interest of the American people.

The United States has truly arrived at its pinnacle of embarrassed disgrace and is now the largest, most expensive banana republic yet seen in world history – and we the people voted for it – or at least the enormous government dependent patronage vote did.  I hope and pray we have the mental acuity and will to fix this incredible mess we have voted ourselves into.

I haven’t bothered to mention it, but the rationing committee, since renamed and passed as part of the Stimulus Bill preceding Obamacare passage is real and is in fact the only cost containment method incorporated into PPACA under what is called by the horrific euphemism, The Complete Lives System.

Solution Recommendation footnote:
Repeal PPACA immediately.  It cannot be fixed and is a stepping stone to centrally planned, single payer, rationed, government dependency.

Pass legislation containing one sentence, stating “health care insurance coverage is INTERSTATE commerce”.  This legislation costs nothing and will destroy the obscene intrastate monopolies our corrupt legislators have constructed with the lobbyists.  The insurance carriers are guilty, but so is the elected slime enabling the insurance sewer our money is flowing into.  Enable competition for God’s sake.  Is that so hard?

Here’s my socialist solution if we must have one though I don’t care much for it:
Outside the young and/or wealthy who don’t want insurance or who are wealthy enough to buy their own, there are approximately 15,000,000 uninsured folks who would like to have health insurance and absolutely cannot get it.  Leave our health care system and Doc’s alone; create a Federal dependency fund run by each State, basically Medicaid without State matching funds, paying out $400 per month toward premiums to each of the 15 million or so qualified beneficiaries at an annual cost under $80 billion {15,000,000 x $400 x 12 = $72,000,000,000).  Simple and clean while the above recommendation kicks in and starts providing a competitive cost structure with real plans real people can really aff0rd so we can eventually get rid of the socialist fix and be real Americans again.


Collectivism in any guise is based on the general idea or MYTH that many can better take care of the few than the few can take care of themselves.  It’s warm and fuzzy; feels good;  makes for wonderfully disingenuous sound bites;  and in all of human history has not only, never worked, but ALWAYS leads directly to OVERBEARING government coercion.   In extreme cases the coercion is followed by outright abuse of power, imprisonment, torture, starvation and murder of the very same citizens the system was supposedly going to help.

I am aware of no exception to this general collectivist scenario, though admittedly there are degrees of coercion and the time to collapse is variable.  Somehow, under socialism, the Elite insiders and their obedient Ruling Class – that is to say the FEW – always end up controlling the MANY – just opposite the false promise.

Setting aside the murderous abuses found with extreme cases such as Russia, China, Cuba, Cambodia, etc.: the question becomes, WHY can’t socialist, centrally planned programs ever work – even when intentions are good?

Marxism / socialism / collectivism cannot and do not work for one very simple reason.  EVERY PERSON BORN, DIES.  It’s that simple and no ideology can change it.

All the ideology in the world;  the most complicated algorithms in the world;  the biggest hearts in the world;  cannot change the fact that every person born will die.  We are stuck with a one to one (1:1) ratio in the matter of physical life versus physical death.  On planet earth, within the construct of the physical world as we know it; each life converges on its own death.  Therefore, the many become the few over time and Nanny State ARITHMETIC simply does not work.

Regardless how the collectivist program is envisioned and structured; regardless the good or bad intentions; the population demographic ultimately converges on 1:1.  Now, since we have always, at least so far on earth, had some number of folks living – we don’t actually reach 1:1, which would be extinction.  However, as we approach 4:1; then 3:1 and finally 2:1; the wonderfully envisioned Nanny State system fails – every time.  It cannot survive itself.

All Nanny State concepts such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, etc. fall victim to this convergence and are unsustainable because of it.  There is no methodology or ideology able to overcome the physical reality of life converging on death for every person born on earth.

As an example, the link below shows the population statistics of America’s Social Security program from 1970 through 2011.  Please realize that all collectivist style programs fall victim to the ebb and flow of population growth and ultimately fail for this same reason.

SS From 1970 – 2011

You’ll notice from the chart that in 1945 there were 41.9 workers contributing to the system for each beneficiary.  By 1970, just 25 years later, the system declined to 3.6 workers contributing for each beneficiary.  In 2010 we were down to 2.9 workers per beneficiary.  In comparing rates of population growth and decline across the globe, we find variation in growth rates, but the differences are not significant.  We also find localized discontinuities resulting from war, famine, disease, etc., but these are also insignificant over time.  The fact is – every person born, dies; and neither politics nor socioeconomic theories change that.

Even leaving birth and death aside, let’s keep it simple.  Say a community has a total of 100 police and firemen employed.  They set up a retirement program whereby each worker will contribute 5.00% of their income toward the retirement and health care of 20 fellow police and firemen, now retiring.  Looks great.  Years later, the 100 police and firemen are ready to retire.  To support all 100 of them at the  same contribution rate of 5.00%, the community will need 2,000 police and firemen contributing.  When the 2,000 retire, at the 5.00% contribution rate, 40,000 working police and firemen will be needed to support those retired.  Since there will never even be 2,000 working police and firemen, the contribution rate must be upped to impossible levels.  The workers cannot support the non-workers.  Each must take steps to support him or her self.

Nanny State programs are simply not mathematically viable nor sustainable.  We can tweak them and argue about this or that improvement, but after four generations – the population gig is up, reality comes a’ knockin’ and the program fails.  This fact is not arguable;  it just is.

The sustainable alternative to inevitable Nanny State failure is, of course, free market capitalism and individual self sufficiency to the maximum extent possible.  Capitalism is basically anarchy with rules and it works.  As governments grow;  freedom, self sufficiency and personal sustainability decline.  The Constitutional Republic of the United States bolsters free markets and the individual pursuit of excellence.  This system has provided more opportunity for more people and lifted more people out of poverty and hopelessness than any socioeconomic system in world history.  Period.  That is historic fact.  There is no other country or group of countries, or any other system that has created more wealth for more people than has the United States of America with its Constitutional recognition of human unalienable rights.

The arithmetic of population clearly demonstrates that abandonment of the individual to the collective ultimately fails everyone every time.  The only sustainable solution is maximum self sufficiency, whereby, the few disabled and helpless can easily be accommodated and cared for by the spiritually healthy, freely self sustained.

Russia and its collective Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.) collapsed in less than three painful generations (Assuming a generation to be 25-years.) from 1917 to 1989; after starving and murdering more than 40 million people to force their doomed system in place.  China starved and murdered more than 60 million to establish their brutally failed system and now is turning to a limited form of state-capitalism in an effort to save itself from a second revolution and collapse.  More than 75% of the Chinese people have received zero benefit from Communism and live in abject, utterly hopeless poverty, though remain conveniently out of sight through efforts of the Globalist media, conditioned socialists all.  Europe is headed for the same demise as most European countries are already flirting with bankruptcy, but at a slightly slower rate as Europe has not gone to full on Communism, or 100% government.

It is imperative for the American middle class to realize that the current Nanny State track of the United States government leads to disaster.  It is not a question of “IF”, but “WHEN” we fail and the arithmetic shows that four generations is about the sustainable limit.  We the Baby Boomers are the third generation and we are beginning to fail.  Proceeding stubbornly and ignorantly down this same collectivist path yields our children, the fourth generation, a future of certain poverty and chaos.

Capitalism and Constitutional Republics can be tweaked and improved.  Socialism is simply doomed to arithmetic failure.

A program like the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) can never be fixed.  Delaying it cannot fix it.  Remodeling it cannot fix it.  The entire concept is simply ludicrous with 10,000 people per day turning 60 years of age and with 95% of all lifetime medical expenses typically incurred during the final decade of life.

Survival of the American Dream requires facing reality.  It requires responsible voters who will elect Representatives having the intestinal fortitude to deal with real life and not get caught up in some cowardly utopian farce masquerading as caring.  The Dream only lives for our children and grandchildren if we ourselves have the courage and forseight to live the Dream ourselves.  Collectivism is not a dream.  Collectivism is a nightmare.

The Democrat Party is dead to American freedom and prosperity. Co-opted by freedom hating, brain washed Marxists, even its purse strings are under the absolute dictatorship of Obama’s delusional Organizing For Action (formerly, Organizing For America).  Wake up real Democrats – you’ve been had.  JFK was murdered a long time ago and the real Democrat Party apparently lies silenced within his grave marked only by a flickering torch – the light from which, may in fact prove to be prophetic.

The Republican Party is fractured by irreconcilable differences.  The Constitutionally protective Tea Party Movement and the Constitution Despising Establishment Right are not only, NOT ON THE SAME PAGE; they are NOT EVEN IN THE SAME UNIVERSE.  There is no common ground to be had here.  Surrender or split are the options.  Either the Tea Party Movement will, through the ballot box, take over the GOP for the good of the country or the Establishment will retain its stranglehold and we will hang on to our one party system.  If the Tea Party Movement does not take over the GOP, then a satisfactory third party – or perhaps a no party movement –  is inevitable as the GOP is no longer viable for we the people in its present, disingenuous, Globalist guise.

We have a counterfeit one party system because the supposedly Anti-Establishment, Marxist Left and the Establishment Right Neo-cons are all on the same Globalist page; and are complicit in desiring to bring about a New World Order (NWO).  These groups are fully owned and operated subsidiaries of the Global Elite and as such,  are exclusively focused on power, control and money.  Period.  They are each desirous of and are attempting to bring about a Worldwide Totalitarian Socialist Dictatorship.  The Left would like the United Nations Lunatic Asylum to sit at the head of this noxious beast and the Establishment Right would like to see some bloated form of the U.S. government sitting at its head.  The nature of its insidious NWO head is the only difference between the two in spite of vastly different, seemingly opposing rhetoric, all of which is just elaborately stylized Kabuki Theater for we the people.

The NWO concept to the extent I understand it, kicked off in a serious way in 1773.  There is nothing conspiratorial about it.  This is simply a business strategy, openly being exercised by the 300 or so families who happen to own and control world central banking.  In turn, since these families issue money at their whim with zero oversight by any government, they have also established interlocking directorships and managerial control of all significant international conglomerate monopolies.  These monopolies control most major industries across the globe, such as banking, insurance, publishing, media, education, energy, mining, shipping, steel, arms and on and on and on.

As an example the Elite own and operate the Associated Press (AP) and Reuters from which all non-independent media outlets, also Elite owned, obtain their press feeds.  This system fully controls positive and negative press coverage and news filtering through the conditioned drones they hire through the study group vetting system.  The system conveniently controls the money bundling for political candidates, who are vetted through the study group system as well.  By providing and funding only system vetted political candidates as supposed choices in elections, the uninformed, gullible, government dependent, patronage vote is easily established over time and voila – political outcomes are close to being predictable and certain.


Oooooppppssss!  How did that happen?

Despite the Elite  lies, connivance, intellectual bullying, conditioning in place of education and whatever;  the simple fact is that Americans are hard wired for freedom.  We have been demonstrably so since at least 1774 or so and still are today, though many of us aren’t aware of it.  Here’s a great example.  Recent man on the street interviews showcase oblivious citizens who are so uninformed, they think Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are two completely different pieces of legislation.  Kind of sad.  The goods news though, is that without exception these folks were under the impression that Obamacare was being forced on them and they were uniformly against that.  Americans may be lied to, but in the end they will get it right, just as the Founders knew and predicted.

So what is the cure to all this NWO nonsense?

The cure is to do our own research, uncover our own facts from original sources, ignore the media propaganda except as tasteless entertainment;  and make campaign contributions directly to the candidates of your choice.  DEFUND the RNC (GOP) and DNC entirely.  They can swim in the illegal sewer of foreign campaign contributions, which is status quo for them anyway.  Please understand that the reason the Marxist Left Democrats, Establishment Right Republicans and the statist media uniformly HATE, DESPISE, RIDICULE, DENIGRATE and DEMONIZE good viable candidates like Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz is because these guys have never been vetted through the Globalist study group system; are not conditioned; and are NOT BEHOLDEN to pathetic, treasonous benefactors.  These folks speak for themselves and more importantly, for we the people.  They are hated for this behavior and nothing we see and hear on the 6:00 news is as it seems.

Elected Representatives like Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz may be Republicans, but more importantly they are Libertarian oriented, Constitution oriented, Rule of Law oriented folks vetted only by, financed directly by and elected by we the people and no one else.  If we fail to support courageous Americans of this caliber, then something is wrong with us.  They have Founder’s hearts and blood, with beneficent Founder’s  souls and this is what members of the Tea Party Movement are also uniformly made of.  It’s why they are hated.  The Tea Party Movement stands for freedom, human dignity and honor; while freedom, dignity and honor are laughed at and despised by the Marxist Left, Establishment Right and Globalist media, all of whom blindly and ignorantly worship power as dreamed of by their Elite Puppet Masters.

The Elite have no real power.  Their hold over we the people is limited to their ability to propagandize and nudge us into voting for their pawns, who then enable the Elite agenda on our dime.  The cure is for we the people to stand up and say NO.  We will not vote for your pathetic, misguided pawns.  We will not comply with your silly plans.  The day we do this is the day we begin to win our freedom and right to self government back.  Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz have given us that day.  They have bravely thrown down the gauntlet and launched our first step onto the path of renewed self government and a real future for our children and grandchildren.   We must each decide which side of this battle we are on.  Freedom or slavery is the choice and not to decide is to decide.

For my part; I’m going to make a cup of Tea, never give up on freedom and never comply with Globalist nonsense.

It’s nearly impossible to make rational sense of American or Global politics unless you have at least some understanding of who owns and operates who.  Follow the money as they say.  Following, is a brief synopsis of the Establishment Right / Anti-Establishment Left symbiotic relationship, which is never taught in today’s Progressively redacted version of so-called history.  There are on dusty, unredacted shelves, largely unread,  many thousands of pages of actual documented history on this subject, should the reader care to get his or her hands dirty in a search for truth.

In a nutshell, the Establishment Right, going as far blue-blood back as the British East India Company connections in the opium trade; then forward to the present day Hamptons, Wall Street, Buckingham Palace and Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Basil; created and financed the Anti-Establishment Left.  The Left is even more powerfully funded by the Establishment Right today, with much of it still emanating from the opium trade, just as in days of yore.

Ask yourself how it was that Leon Trotsky, penniless in Greenwich Village was able to get on a ship and make a transatlantic voyage to Russia with more than a hundred additional revolutionaries?  Who paid for this expensive exodus from New York?  Ask yourself how it was that Vladimir Ilyich (Ulyanov) Lenin also penniless, was able to garner the infamous sealed train, ferries, etc. and travel across Europe to Petrograd with millions in cash, unharmed, right through the middle of WW I?

Who on earth funded Pol Pot, Hitler, Mao Tse-tung, Castro and other murderous thugs across the globe?  The Establishment Right, of course did all this.  How is it, that every Establishment Right University has a predominantly Marxist faculty and Administration?  Who is the Establishment Right?

In another nutshell, there are various levels of involvement within the Establishment club.  On top of the well dressed dung heap are approximately 300 or so families, generally referred to as The Elite.  These families own all 172 or so central banks in the world (maybe 55 major ones) and through interlocking directorships also control the world’s wealthiest international conglomerate monopolies.  These corporate monopolies create an extremely wealthy second level of corporate share holders and Directors, beneath which, a third level of astonishingly corrupt CEO’s, CFO’s and attorneys, etc. labor as soulless employees of the controlling monopolists.  Please note that many of these drones are not intentionally bad people.  They are simply conditioned to not think or employ deductive reasoning and to do what they are told to do.  This is true of most Globalists below the 2nd tier.

The fourth level of globalist thugs own and/or operate the thousands of foundations, NGO’s, think tanks, institutes, study groups,  and in some cases universities all working in unison as international conditioning centers for acceptance of the Totalitarian Socialist New World Order Dictatorship, of which the Elite dream to one day establish.

Attending the think tank/study group conditioning centers all of which without exception tie back to the Mother of All Think Tanks – The Tavistock Institute of Human Behavior (formerly Wellington House) are members of the fifth level.  The fifth level is comprised of multitudes of high ranking government officials, both appointed and elected as well as upper level managers, company owners and directors in publishing, news media, education and politics.  The study group system provides the effective means for screening, vetting and advancing those who can be successfully conditioned to great jobs as publishers, news anchors, journalists, academics, state and Federal politicians and so on.

The Elite families own and operate entities such as the Associated Press (AP), Reuters and ALL major network and cable news outlets ensuring that news is properly filtered and presented by study group vetted professionals, whose every thought and opinion is well known before they are ever hired and/or advanced into the public eye.  There is absolutely no need for such tawdry behavior as suggesting to a Fox, CNN, MSNBC or NPR news anchor what they should say or not say on any given issue.  They were hired in the first place, precisely because it is known what they will say on any given issue.  That’s what the study group system is for.

Have you ever, even one time, ever heard Bill O’Reilly, Bob Beckel, Chris Matthews, Juan Williams, Bill Schiefer, William Kristol, Bill Moyers or any other news anchor or top pundit speak out of character or say anything that you did not know they would say ahead of time.  Of course not.  These people are thoroughly vetted and are 100% predictable.  That doesn’t make them bad, stupid or conspiratorial; just predictable, which can be useful in the right hands (no pun intended).  That’s what the study group system and organizations such as the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) are there for.  It’s good strategy.  CFR doesn’t stupidly tell folks what to think.  It vets what folks already think, encourages them, conditions them a bit further and then uses them effectively and makes sure they are compensated handsomely and regularly receive coveted awards.  Simple but effective system for thought control and nudging the masses.

The 6th level consists of lower level government employees, regulators, editors, professors, teachers, reporters, pundits and you name it.  This is a tier of millions, literally covering the globe with heavily conditioned drones taught “what to think”, never “how to think”.  This level is currently driving American education straight into the collectivist toilet.  Our very expensive schools today are globalist conditioning centers, not centers of learning.  The dumbing down of Americans is ongoing and thorough as evidenced by recent elections and commonly held, woefully uninformed beliefs.

The 7th level is us – we the people.  The American and world middle class and lower.  The Elite reverentially refer to we the people as useless eaters.  They resent our wasting valuable earth resources, which they territorially claim as their own rightful assets and wish to preserve for their own future enjoyment.  The 7th level is not a problem in most of the world.  Europe for example has already been socialized and gives little thought to individual freedom or any sort of dream regarding future abundance or improved conditions.  They have accepted economic slavery under the guise of fairness and social equality, which is to say uniform poverty and mediocrity.

The United States is a different story.  American’s formed that people friendly little beast called a Constitutional Republic.  Its checks and balances established between  three branches of government; Executive, Legislative and Judicial render the Republic nearly impossible to be overcome by dictatorship.  Until, that is, the study group conditioning imploded within academia and then by osmosis into every level of government; city, county, state and Federal, until today in 2013, the checks and balances are magnanimously  ignored.  The skeletal remains of our Republic lie bleached and dried on the corrupt floors of our impounded Washington D.C. capital.

In America and across the world, the Establishment Right builds the monopolies and makes the money;  the Marxist Left, using portions of that money, then establishes centrally controlled, top down governments – dictatorships whenever possible.   The top down, collectivist style government, once entrenched can simply TAKE the people’s wealth through taxation or other means and then earning money by the Right is no longer even necessary.  Socialism is therefore, the preferred Establishment Right control mechanism, because top down governments are easily controlled, leveraged, managed and robbed.  In severe cases such as the United States, where at least a few silly people, such as those within the Tea Party Movement still believe in freedom, heavy handed regulatory controls must be employed; and are imposed through Leftist conditioned drones selected via the study group system to run draconian agencies who then exert control, annihilate competition and destroy free markets – all under the guise of protecting we the people.  Congress, of course, sits idly by and does nothing to defend its legislative turf, thereby enabling the steady, persistent tyranny of big government to prosper and suffocate the folks.

The situation described above is not a conspiracy in any way.  It is a well established, global business strategy, successfully employed for many, many decades by the Elite.  The primary control lever in every country is its privately owned, central bank.  In the United States, this is the Federal Reserve Banking System.  The Fed is privately owned and guess what; controlling interest, according to Congressional Meeting minutes is held by The Bank of England through the Rothschild Banking cartel…and we thought we started a war in 1776 to be free.  So much for that.  Central banks are always privately owned and exert complete control over interest rates, up and down business cycles, commodity prices, etc.  They have direct access to the wealth of the subject peoples and use it for whatever they wish.  Central banks such as our Federal Reserve, contrary to media articles and public opinion are not subject to government oversight, audit or Generally Accepted Accounting Standards (GAAP).  Central banks constitute an absolute government sanctioned and protected monop0ly.  They are a criminal enterprise and a human cancer, used to fund all sides of every war fought since WW I.  End central banking and you end war.  Its that simple.

Personal and family foibles aside, John F. Kennedy was our last legitimate President.  All since have total recall regarding what happened to JFK and now work tirelessly for the now government sanctioned, government protected monopolies, who on behalf of the Elite, bundle their campaign monies and garner their friendly press coverage.  If you still believe Oswald shot JFK;  well then, I hope you’re not drooling on yourself and making a mess.  Eisenhower was the first to warn of these dangerous people and referred to them jointly as the military and industrial complex.  Nixon crossed these people and was brutally destroyed by the globalist press, though admittedly he assisted mightily in his descent to ignominy.  Reagan resisted the Elite.  To a lesser extent W. tried to resist, but broke down entirely in the final year of his 2nd term.  Obama is a globalist pawn on hopped up steroids; I suppose in part because his personal hatred of anything American runs deep into the blackness of his rotted, putrescent heart.  Obama is utterly without conscience and as such is the perfect Globalist tool for bringing America’s independent middle class to its bloody economic knees, ready to beg for relief, at which point the Elite will offer their One World solution and our children will become less than impoverished serfs.

All modern Presidents, most House  Members, nearly all U.S. Senate Members and at least half the Supreme Court are nothing more than pathetic Globalist hacks, violating their oaths of office daily – even to the point of high crimes and misdemeanors – fully supported and nurtured by the mindless Globalist Presscorpse  – endeavoring at all times to please their Elite handlers in exchange for protection and the obscene remuneration of their own families.  The American people have been sold out lock stock and barrel by the Republican Establishment and the Democrat Left.  Only the Libertarian Party and the Tea Party Movement still stand in defense of our unalienable rights as recognized by our Constitution.  This is why the Globalist Presscorpse along with both the Establishment Right and Marxist Left squeal shrilly with bitter hatred, like sick bloated hogs against anything Tea Party or Libertarian.

The Elite propaganda machine has now sown its seeds successfully for more than two hundred years and the American breaking point has been breached.  The Left and Right, liberals and conservatives view each other as bitter, hateful enemies, when in fact, the only enemy is the Global Elite, who own and operate both Left and Right like finely tuned violins.  As of 2012, we see the Elite now control the future of American elections through the uninformed, dumbed down patronage vote; completely disenfranchising the business owning and hard working middle class.  The so-called Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), aka Obamacare along with the amnesty of illegal aliens is as noted by Dennis Michael Lynch, “THE PERFECT STORM”, aligning as the final straws breaking the proverbial financial back of middle class America.

We can still wake up and take back self government through the voting booth, but not for much longer.  We can still recognize that Left and Right are false choices, both leading to impoverishment.  American citizens, liberal and conservative must come together and throw the Establishment Republicans and Marxist Left Democrats out of office.  Do not fund the RNC or DNC.  Fund your own chosen candidates directly.  Screw the Karl Roves and David Axelrods of the world.  These clowns have the integrity of bi-polar pit vipers with broken backs.  We need to think for ourselves and take self government seriously once again.  Freedom isn’t free – ever.

Is it not hilarious listening to Marxist Democrats and Establishment Right RINO’s, both pawns of the Elite Oligarchy, righteously declaring fidelity to The Law of the Land?  I bounce back and forth like an emotional steel ball in a 1950’s pin ball machine between the induced coma pin and the elevated heart rate pin.  You cannot make this stuff up and our Globalist Presscorpse just keeps on reiterating it.

Let’s take a quick look at this Law of the Land shall we.

First of all, U.S. Senate rules, though not particularly specific on this subject, at least imply that the Reconciliation Process cannot be implemented for the purpose of passing legislation that is not budget neutral.  In short, this results from passage of the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 and the Byrd Rule, which is frequently adopted with various pieces of legislation to insure proper debate and consideration.  Reconciliation omits the 3/5’s vote requirement and allows passage of a bill by a simple majority.  I haven’t often agreed with the late Senator Byrd of Virginia, but on this one I have.

In any event, the disingenuous Democrat charade of juxtaposing ten years of revenue against six years of ACA expense and deeming that pile of horse poop budget neutral is how the closet Commies slipped the Unaffordable Affordable Care Act through the Reconciliation process in violation (my opinion) of their own Senate Rules.  This is not legitimate.

Secondly, the Supreme Court, incorrectly in my view, but none-the-less found the PPACA to be a tax.  That finding means that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), aka Obamacare is a REVENUE BILL.  Article 1, Section 7, Paragraph 1 of the U.S. Constitution states: “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills”.

Regardless of Comrade Harry Reid’s duplicitous slight of hand attempting to make PPACA appear to have originated in the House – PPACA clearly originated in the Senate as an attachment to a non-related Bill. Since PPACA is now found by our Supreme Court to be a REVENUE BILL, it is not legitimate law as it Unconstitutionally originated in the U.S. Senate; not in the People’s House as the Founders intended.

Thirdly, the current form of PPACA as touted by Marxist Democrats to be The Law of the Land IS NOT the PPACA legislation that was illegitimately passed using the Reconciliation Process.  The Obama Administration has made Administrative modifications (some say as many as thirty modifications – I don’t know the number) at least some of which may be considered NOT in fact, Administrative – but Legislative in nature, which is an illegal usurpation of legislative authority and seriously undermines our system of checks and balances.

The Obama Administration has also unilaterally granted waivers, exemptions and subsidies to various parties, which is at a minimum, grossly unfair, discriminatory and corrupt.  This third point is simply that the version of Obamacare now proposed for enactment and funding – is not the PPACA illegally deemed passed by corrupt Harry Reid’s Senate.  This corrupted version is, in fact, not the Law of the Land as passed by elected Representatives.  The Obama Administration has in fact, Administratively modified a bill supposedly intended to promote enhanced access to health insurance coverage;  and morphed it into a government controlled health services delivery system.  This is in no rational or legal manner legitimate.

Fourth and for now last, though sadly, not a serious issue for many Americans is the fact that PPACA was signed into law by a so-called President who has so far produced at least two different birth certificates and therefore, in my opinion has not demonstrated compliance with Article 2, Section 1, Paragraph 5 of the U.S. Constitution stating: “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of  President…”.  To some this is a trivial or even non-issue; but given Barack Hussein Obama’s penchant for consistently supporting policy damaging to these United States and more specifically, his demonstrated disregard for the Constitution he has sworn to protect and defend;  I believe this to be a serious matter and would like to see just one legitimate, confirmed birth certificate for this person of dubious origin.  I doubt that any American citizen reading this post has two or more birth certificates.  How is it that Al-Barack does and no one seems to care in spite of the untold damage to America now being openly perpetrated?

It strains my credulity that Democrats claim a complete government take-over of 16% of our economy is insignificant;  but failure to fund this same suicidal albatross is catastrophic for the nation.  Which is it?  Blatant lies both ways and the Presscorpse just keeps on keepin’ on.

It is now patently obvious that PPACA is focused on data mining and control of citizens even to the extent of legalizing direct IRS access to our personal bank accounts.  PPACA is not and never has been about improving health care access for American citizens.  This is a dangerously draconian collectivist bill and should be stopped at all costs.  If we can stop it – then what?

The cure to collectivist Obamacare and government imposed rationing under the so-called Complete Lives System is as follows:

1.  Pass one sentence legislation declaring the sale of health care insurance to be interstate commerce.  At zero cost to tax payers, this immediately dumps the government sanctioned, regulation protected health insurance monopolies being perpetrated within each state.  Nay Sayers claim the free market has failed.  You have to be in a Democrat or RINO induced coma to believe that we have free markets in health insurance.  We have Federally mandated health insurance monopolies within every state, with only the barest allusion of competition.  We will all be shocked if we could actually get our corrupt, so-called elected Representatives to aid us in obtaining an actual free, competitive market.  Just take a look at some of the VIP, concierge and direct medical services programs already being offered out there.   OMG!  The service and savings are incredible, though our Statist Presscorpse doesn’t like to talk about it.

2.  Promote medical savings accounts.

3.  Pass TORT REFORM.  Get the lawyers out of our doctor’s offices, clinics and hospitals.

4.  Get employers out of the health care business.  Employer provided health coverage is an archaic system that is no longer relevant or needed.  Leave employers alone to do what they do best.  In this modern day and age, each individual and/or family should be able to independently signup for health care insurance on any program offered anywhere by any company offering such coverage.

5.  Enroll your family in a direct services medical program – if you can find one and before your corrupt, monopoly prone government makes them illegal.  These programs along with a simple catastrophic  insurance coverage plan are working wonderfully in cities where Doc’s have creatively been offering them.  The savings and service are great.  Just imagine – you and your Doctor with no one in between.  Obamacare places 175 new government agencies, more than 20,000 pages of new regulation so far and 17,000 IRS thieves between you and your Doctor – and the devoted Statist Presscorpse calls this insanity better and cheaper.  Really?