08-12-2013: Does America Have Two-Party Cancer?

Posted: August 11, 2013 in Conservative Policy Neighborhood

Short answer: of course we do…. and with vicious terminality as far as freedom and financial well being are concerned.  Pathetically weak, career politicians guarantee corruption, fraud, waste, incompetence and abuse of power because they are without integrity and are unable to recognize or honor principle.  We keep voting for these same corrupt, Elite sponsored pawns while gazing vacantly at our 24-hour conditioning tubes, wondering why circumstances fail to improve and why promises made to we the people don’t materialize.

Our so-called elected Representatives are like poisonous pit vipers, instinctively striking, even hours after death.  The average Congressperson or President desperately continues reaching for our incredible shrinking, obscenely taxed wallets, even years after retirement on our nickle.  Political parties are protected lairs for integrity challenged, egocentric personalities and are naturally, insidiously, hopelessly and easily corruptible due to their intrinsic addiction to campaign funds and supportive press coverage.  A carefully manufactured need, I might point out; created and fostered by the Elite themselves, making it nearly impossible for a truly independent candidate to finance and campaign for national or even State office.

It would be best, not to introduce another eminently corruptible third party to the septic pit, but to stop supporting political parties entirely.  Support INDIVIDUALS, just like ourselves, not corrupt, money sucking, crony factories automatically endowed with an insatiable need to be used and caressed by Elite handlers, who monopolize their money and press propaganda.

The wonderful thing about the Tea Party Movement, hated by both Marxist Left Democrats and Establishment Right, Neo-con Republicans, is that every Tea Party member is a unique leader.  Granted, some voices are louder than others, but not to the point of diminution.  Members are drawn together and united in purpose  by principles of self government as originally established by our Founders through the formation of our Constitutional Republic.  Their united purpose is abundant life and liberty for everyone on this planet (not just Americans) and the shared equal opportunity for the pursuit of happiness.

The core strength of the Tea Party Movement is that it is NOT A POLITICAL PARTY at all.  It’s a grass roots movement of we the people sharing the common motivation to remain free in the face of an out-of-control, freedom devouring, self-bloating, Federal Monster of a government.  The Tea Party has no identifiable leader(s) to attack; to divide and conquer.  It is an amorphous movement toward the return of our unalienable rights as ordained by Divine Providence and as once recognized by our elected officials.

The Establishment Right and Anti-establishment Left, both fully owned and operated concerns of the world’s Global Elite hold a visceral hatred for this movement, which has no head to decapitate.  The Elite cannot buy and own the titular head as it doesn’t exist.  They must own each and every one of us individually and they cannot because we don’t buy into their One World Totalitarian Socialist crap.  We Tea Party Members neither need nor want their Government Garbage and the slavery and impoverishment that comes with it.

The Democrat and Republican Parties are stone cold dead regarding freedom.  They offer nothing other than expensive B.S. and two slightly different forms of Global serfdom at the hands of the Elite, who own and control both Parties through bundled money and bundled press coverage.  The Democrats attempt to force my family and friends under U.N. One World control through ever more strangulating regulation.  The Republicans try to nudge us under the same One World control as the Democrats, only with a mutated form of U.S. government as the fatuous head of their carnivorous T-Rex gulag.  We the people end up dumbed down economic slaves either way.  R’s and D’s are two counterfeit sides of the same nonredeemable Globalist coin, endlessly vomiting the meaningless rhetoric of Left/Right enslavement, as though there’s any difference,  like scratched records on a juke box missing the off switch.

In the current version of the Globalist Inner Directional Conditioning System, the Left aggressively moves the largely uninformed, United States citizen  toward Global collectivism for eight years, while the Right ineffectively whines and complains.  Then the Elite machine switches sides, appearing to offer a choice of free candidates and the Establishment Right place-holds for the next eight years; but never actually moves us back one inch toward our Constitutionally recognized independence, while the Left whines and complains.  Then the masquerade repeats itself with occasional exceptions like George H. W. Bush, who was only granted four years to swindle us.

As mentioned above, I am not in favor of a third party, though that would be better than either of the diseased, money inhaling garbage pits we have stuck on the bottom of our shoes today.  I am in favor of SUPPORTING NO POLITICAL PARTIES AT ALL.   DEFUND the Democrats and the Republicans.  The only money they will receive after that,  will be from illegal imported contributions, which they both thrive on anyway.  We the people should limit our support to individual candidates who actually respect and represent we the people.  These candidates will go to Washington, represent us as best they can for a term or two; then return to real life.  It will be logistically difficult for the Elite handlers and money bundlers to get their fingers around the throats of these candidates becuase these candidates are freely chosen; not beholden to some unseen sponsor.

If any of us still believe the Democrat or Republican Parties respect or support any of we the people as their constituencies, we truly have our screws loose.  The only support is to get in our wallets 24/7 and to use our poorly informed votes to garner Elite control of U.S. resources and wealth.  While I’m on the subject of defunding, we also need to get busy with a TAX REVOLT and defund the entire monstrosity referred to as our Federal government;  but that’s another discussion isn’t it?


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