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How about real dangerous?  How about far more dangerous than we can reasonably imagine?  How about High Crimes and Misdemeanors?


Let’s start with something simple like our hard earned money and the Social Security Ponzi Scheme.  We work hard;  our bloated government does no work;  we have 7.65% of gross earnings confiscated for Social Security (6.2%) and Medicare (1.45%);  our employer has confiscated a matching 7.65%, which could have been hard earned profit or paid to us instead; for a grand total confiscation of 15.30% of gross earnings every working day of our lives.  Medicare is a mindlessly incompetent pay-as-you-go system.  Social Security, by law, can only invest in government securities, so our confiscated wealth is traded to the Federal government in exchange for various paper securities (I.O.U.’s).  Our stolen money has now been transferred to the General Fund where our devious elected Representatives can spend it or give it away for any patronage vote program they can unscrupulously dream up.  There is no TRUST other than the certainty that our wealth has been unconstitutionally stolen and wasted…and we the brain dead are concerned that privatization might harm us?

Any roulette table on the Vegas Strip will give you better odds at winning than Social Security provides.  The Social Security program carries a Federal government guarantee, by law,  that our money is to be confiscated and wasted – with a small percentage promised to be returned as what is now termed a benefit.  Benefit?  It’s our money!  Any House Member, U.S. Senator or President that is not outraged by this theft and is not fighting mightily to stop it is in serious violation of his or her fiduciary responsibility to the hard working tax payer, is a common thief without integrity or conscience and should be in prison where any privately held retirement fund managers would spend the rest of their sorry, corrupt days.

How about DARPA?  Bet you’ve never heard of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency have you?  Mr. Jon Rappoport of  has made us aware of this little gem whereby our Federal government is stealing tax payer dollars and spending it on genetic research figuring out how to add a 47th chromosome to our DNA, making it easier to insert foreign genetic material into our bodies.  As Mr. Rappoport points out, DARPA is run  by the Pentagon, which is under the Department of Defense, which is under our Executive Branch in the White House.  As citizens, if we don’t have a problem with this nonsense;  well, I guess we don’t deserve to be free do we?

Here’s a few more treasonous gem stones.

S.J. RES 23, Authorization For Use of Military Force (AUMF)
Signed into law by George W. Bush on September 18, 2001.

This joint Congressional Resolution authorizes the use of military force against citizens of the United States.  The language has been affirmed by the Supreme Circus of the United States and is now legal.  This law is so general, so without geographic or descriptive limitation, that any citizen can be construed to be a terrorist for any reason any President deems necessary.

S. 1447, Aviation and Transportation Security Act of 2001 (ATSA)
Signed into Law by George W. Bush on November 19, 2001.

This Act created the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), originally part of the Federal Department of Transportation, but later moved to be under the flagrantly, un-constitutional Department of Homeland Security.  As seen within its title, TSA was envisioned from the globalist get go to be expanded across the country through all transportation sectors, including railroads, buses, trucks and ferry boats.  It appears this legislation is not designed to “protect” citizens as much as it is to provide a means to “control” citizens.  This is now being done through TSA’s Visible  Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) program.

TSA, now unionized, bears close citizen scrutiny.  If TSA functions as a civilian para-military force – and it apparently is rapidly growing into one – it clearly violates The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.  TSA poses a potential threat to individual freedom, particularly in the hands of an out-of-control Congress and Executive Branch.

As a side note related to TSA and unconstitutional civilian armies, please note H.R. 3590, Section 5210 (page 496) as noted below, which describes the creation of the “Ready Reserve Corps” civilian army.  This gem is buried in Obamacare, which your treasonous Congressional Representative also failed to write, read or object to.

H.R. 6166, Military Commissions Act of 2006 (MCA)
Signed into law by George W. Bush on October 17, 2006
Section 948a Definitions, 1, unlawful enemy combatant

This law basically eliminates or at least expands the need for restriction of the writ of Habeas Corpus (U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 9,2) for “unlawful enemy combatants” as protected under Article I, Section 9, paragraph 2 of the U.S. Constitution.  Habeas Corpus is a legal procedure that keeps the government from incarcerating you indefinitely without demonstrating cause.  The definition of an unlawful enemy combatant is so general within 948a that any U.S. citizen could be so construed.  The Supreme Court struck down the language limiting habeas corpus in MCA in a decision issued on June 12, 2008, but debate ensues and some legal scholars remain concerned.

H.R. 5122, John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007
Signed into law by George W. Bush on October 17, 2007.
Section 1076 – Use of Armed Forces in Major Public Emergencies
Section 1076 of this legislation basically repeals the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 and authorizes the use of American troops for civilian law enforcement and if necessary, the use of force against citizens of the United States by Presidential decree.

H.R. 645, National Emergency Centers Establishment Act of 2009
Signed into law by Barack Hussein Obama on January 22, 2009 (2-days after his inauguration)
This law funds the so-called FEMA Camps (hundreds already funded by Congress and constructed by Haliburton), which are clearly domestic prison camps with double row concertina wire and guard towers.

D.O.D.  FM 3-39.40  Internment and Resettlement Operations
Dated February 12, 2010.
fm 3-39.40, US Army-InternmentResettlement

FM 3-39.40 is the latest U.S. Military plan instructing our own U.S. Army on how to properly inter U.S. citizens in internment camps.  This unconstitutional, illegal, treasonous plan for I/R (interment / resettlement) operations is couched in obtuse, warm and fuzzy PROTECTIVE language.  The unstated threat to freedom lies in the overly broad, basically undefined definitions of an enemy combatant or other threat, which is utterly without geographic or descriptive  specificity.  Any person so deemed can easily be classified as a domestic terror threat or enemy combatant.

H.R. 3590, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA, called Obamacare as amended and passed by the U.S. Senate)
Signed into law by Barrack Hussein Obama on March 23, 2010.

Since redundancy is taught at all Globalist conditioning think tanks and since TSA isn’t nearly enough civilian army to control this nation of hunters and outdoorsmen, your trusty out of control Federal government has passed legislation (that it never wrote or read before passing) creating Obama’s much touted “Ready Reserve Corps”, a civilian army with rather broad, generally undefined powers.  Yup, this little gem is buried in H.R. 3590, Section 5210 (page 496) of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), more generally known as Obamacare.  Your Congressman or woman didn’t bother to read it, but I did and found parts of it to be obscenely offensive with regard to freedom in America.

H.R. 1540, National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (NDAA)
Signed into law by Barack Hussein Obama on December 31, 2011.
Section 1021.  Affirmation of Authority of the Armed Forces of the United States to Detain Covered Persons Pursuant to the Authorization For Use of Military Force (AUMF)

This legislation again suspends the Constitutional writ of Habeas Corpus, further eliminates the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 and fully authorizes the use of U.S. military force against citizens of the United States.  It also reasserts powers already granted to the Executive Branch under S.J. RES 23, (see above) a joint Congressional Resolution granting such power.  These powers, already affirmed by the Supreme Circus, have made the indefinite detention and military targeting of United States citizens absolutely legal.  In other words, Barack Hussein Obama or any President can now easily have folks like myself, who believe in our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Rule of Law incarcerated indefinitely, without filing any charges what-so-ever, simply by declaring 1600 Watch or any other conservative political web sites, authors, etc., guilty of aiding and abetting right wing, so-called extremist, so-called domestic terrorism.  Freedom of Speech is now a potential crime.

Executive Order No. 13603 National Defense Resources Preparedness
Issued by Barack Hussein Obama on March 16, 2012
Part II, Section 201 of this totalitarian dictate authorizes the unelected National Security Council (NSC), Homeland Security Council (HSC) and the  Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Energy, Health & Human Services and Transportation  “to allocate materials, services and facilities as deemed necessary”…”with respect to food resources, food resource facilities, livestock resources, veterinary resources, plant health resources, and the domestic distribution of farm equipment and commercial fertilizer; all forms of energy; health resources; all forms of civil transportation; water resources; and all other materials, services and facilities, including construction materials.”
This totalitarian Executive Order authorizes Marshall Law throughout the United States at the mere whim of our President.

If we still believe that we are living as free citizens in a functioning Constitutional Republic, we are truly asleep within a Tavistock induced coma.

Please note that the Democrats and Republicans we have been trusting to represent us have signed the above totalitarian garbage into law.  They are either fools beyond imagining or are complicit in the coming dictatorship.


Short answer: of course we do…. and with vicious terminality as far as freedom and financial well being are concerned.  Pathetically weak, career politicians guarantee corruption, fraud, waste, incompetence and abuse of power because they are without integrity and are unable to recognize or honor principle.  We keep voting for these same corrupt, Elite sponsored pawns while gazing vacantly at our 24-hour conditioning tubes, wondering why circumstances fail to improve and why promises made to we the people don’t materialize.

Our so-called elected Representatives are like poisonous pit vipers, instinctively striking, even hours after death.  The average Congressperson or President desperately continues reaching for our incredible shrinking, obscenely taxed wallets, even years after retirement on our nickle.  Political parties are protected lairs for integrity challenged, egocentric personalities and are naturally, insidiously, hopelessly and easily corruptible due to their intrinsic addiction to campaign funds and supportive press coverage.  A carefully manufactured need, I might point out; created and fostered by the Elite themselves, making it nearly impossible for a truly independent candidate to finance and campaign for national or even State office.

It would be best, not to introduce another eminently corruptible third party to the septic pit, but to stop supporting political parties entirely.  Support INDIVIDUALS, just like ourselves, not corrupt, money sucking, crony factories automatically endowed with an insatiable need to be used and caressed by Elite handlers, who monopolize their money and press propaganda.

The wonderful thing about the Tea Party Movement, hated by both Marxist Left Democrats and Establishment Right, Neo-con Republicans, is that every Tea Party member is a unique leader.  Granted, some voices are louder than others, but not to the point of diminution.  Members are drawn together and united in purpose  by principles of self government as originally established by our Founders through the formation of our Constitutional Republic.  Their united purpose is abundant life and liberty for everyone on this planet (not just Americans) and the shared equal opportunity for the pursuit of happiness.

The core strength of the Tea Party Movement is that it is NOT A POLITICAL PARTY at all.  It’s a grass roots movement of we the people sharing the common motivation to remain free in the face of an out-of-control, freedom devouring, self-bloating, Federal Monster of a government.  The Tea Party has no identifiable leader(s) to attack; to divide and conquer.  It is an amorphous movement toward the return of our unalienable rights as ordained by Divine Providence and as once recognized by our elected officials.

The Establishment Right and Anti-establishment Left, both fully owned and operated concerns of the world’s Global Elite hold a visceral hatred for this movement, which has no head to decapitate.  The Elite cannot buy and own the titular head as it doesn’t exist.  They must own each and every one of us individually and they cannot because we don’t buy into their One World Totalitarian Socialist crap.  We Tea Party Members neither need nor want their Government Garbage and the slavery and impoverishment that comes with it.

The Democrat and Republican Parties are stone cold dead regarding freedom.  They offer nothing other than expensive B.S. and two slightly different forms of Global serfdom at the hands of the Elite, who own and control both Parties through bundled money and bundled press coverage.  The Democrats attempt to force my family and friends under U.N. One World control through ever more strangulating regulation.  The Republicans try to nudge us under the same One World control as the Democrats, only with a mutated form of U.S. government as the fatuous head of their carnivorous T-Rex gulag.  We the people end up dumbed down economic slaves either way.  R’s and D’s are two counterfeit sides of the same nonredeemable Globalist coin, endlessly vomiting the meaningless rhetoric of Left/Right enslavement, as though there’s any difference,  like scratched records on a juke box missing the off switch.

In the current version of the Globalist Inner Directional Conditioning System, the Left aggressively moves the largely uninformed, United States citizen  toward Global collectivism for eight years, while the Right ineffectively whines and complains.  Then the Elite machine switches sides, appearing to offer a choice of free candidates and the Establishment Right place-holds for the next eight years; but never actually moves us back one inch toward our Constitutionally recognized independence, while the Left whines and complains.  Then the masquerade repeats itself with occasional exceptions like George H. W. Bush, who was only granted four years to swindle us.

As mentioned above, I am not in favor of a third party, though that would be better than either of the diseased, money inhaling garbage pits we have stuck on the bottom of our shoes today.  I am in favor of SUPPORTING NO POLITICAL PARTIES AT ALL.   DEFUND the Democrats and the Republicans.  The only money they will receive after that,  will be from illegal imported contributions, which they both thrive on anyway.  We the people should limit our support to individual candidates who actually respect and represent we the people.  These candidates will go to Washington, represent us as best they can for a term or two; then return to real life.  It will be logistically difficult for the Elite handlers and money bundlers to get their fingers around the throats of these candidates becuase these candidates are freely chosen; not beholden to some unseen sponsor.

If any of us still believe the Democrat or Republican Parties respect or support any of we the people as their constituencies, we truly have our screws loose.  The only support is to get in our wallets 24/7 and to use our poorly informed votes to garner Elite control of U.S. resources and wealth.  While I’m on the subject of defunding, we also need to get busy with a TAX REVOLT and defund the entire monstrosity referred to as our Federal government;  but that’s another discussion isn’t it?