07-31-2013: The FED Owns Obamacare Interest

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Constitution Watch
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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, more notoriously identified as Obamacare attacks patients, reams every tax payer’s wallet and creates an information control dossier on every living American.  Its single cost reduction tool is rationing per the hilariously named COMPLETE LIVES SYSTEM popularized by Obama adviser Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel.  The Complete Lives curve, shown below clearly demonstrates how brutally incomplete the Complete Lives System actually is.



As you can see, your health care life takes a toilet bowl dive at about age 53 or so and becomes practically non-existent after around 60 years of age.  The Globalist Zeke man calls this allocation of services.  Real folks call it rationing.  After about 65 years of age, you will be able to get a generic aspirin, but that’s about it.  Even under Australian socialized medicine, you can obtain services until age 72.  After 72, your Doc sends you home to die.  Apparently, Obamacare is going to kick the crap out of the Aussie system for cost savings;  I mean allocation.

You may recall Democrats bragging how there were no DEATH PANELS in Obamacare.  They were correct.  The Death Panel was already created and funded under the so-called Stimulus Bill, months before Obamacare was rammed down our throats for Christmas.  No legislators read either bill, so I guess that’s a moot point.  I mean it’s not like we the people have representation in Congress.  That old school stuff ended decades ago.  The Elites own and operate the Washington D.C. circus tent now…which brings us to our main conversational point doesn’t it?

As it stands today, about half our health care services and dollars are allocated (there’s that word again) in a direct loop between the patient, insurance company and the Docs.  The other half involves the government and borrowed dollars for Medicare and Medicaid.  The families who own the world central banks, or more particularly in this case the Federal Reserve Criminal Enterprise DO NOT LIKE THIS.  The FED FAMILIES are not getting a cut from non-Medicare/Medicaid dollars spent.  Granted they own the big insurance companies anyway, but that isn’t near good enough.  These greedy central banking families want it all.  Hence Obamacare and the very important, massively toxic debt and interest payments, attached directly to it.

The swindle can work for the Global Elite in two different ways.  The first is through Obamacare itself, but personally I believe this is just a throw away to borrow a phrase from negotiation lingo.  Ultimately, Obamacare was planned to be so unworkable, that it will ultimately be done away with in favor of:  you guessed it – the government run single payer system.  Either option requires theft of tax payer dollars and enormous Federal debt, every penny of which earns interest for families who own the Federal Reserve Banks, so the Elite are fine either way;  we don’t have to worry about their well being.

The beauty of the government run single payer system is that it will likely come about through eventual Congressional rejection of The Patient UN- Protection and UN-Affordable Care Act, after which, we the uninformed people will basically clamor for Congress to vote in the single payer catastrophe – as though we ever had an actual choice.  There will, of course,  be no other choice as health insurance as we have known it is to be completely destroyed.

This is a great Globalist plan as most of their plans are.  We the people are being conditioned, and will continue to foolishly be conditioned to accept (because we no longer think) that we will have reached the best possible outcome given the dire circumstances – circumstances manufactured, of course, by our willing elected Representative pawns, who in fact represent the Elite, never we the people.  Because we’re foolish and uninformed enough as voters to actually believe we ourselves made a choice;  the Elite don’t have to worry about any sort of civil unrest or citizen unhappiness.  Everybody wins except we the patient.  We get rationing;  our wealth is stolen to pay for the rationing; our corrupt Representatives get taken care of (that means bought off);  the Elite get richer and more powerful;  and the earth keeps on spinning and showing off our graves as U.S. life expectancy takes a nose dive;  while the Elite profitably get an automatic helping of population control that we the people happily and gullibly voted for.

Honest to God – you can’t make this stupidity up and this is exactly what we the people are ignorantly  in the process of bringing about.  I feel sorry for our kids and grand kids.  They are so screwed and will be the laughing stock of the entire world; at least until age sixty or so when their health care services are denied.

You can take the following statement to the bank – actually the Fed Families will be taking it to the bank – you and I will soon be dying at home per the Zeke Man’s Curve.  The primary beneficiary of Obamacare and/or government run single payer, are the families who own the Federal Reserve Banks.  They will add to their cash flow, the interest earned on every government dollar spent on health care.   We are talking here about untold hundreds of billions of dollars – all taken from you and I.  I suppose the secondary beneficiary would have to be morticians, though in their honorable defense, I am not aware of morticians lobbying for this.  Funeral business is pretty much guaranteed; it doesn’t require dishonest gutter politics and bribes for survival.

Obamacare is primarily about the Fed families’ cash flow.  It has nothing what-so-ever to do with health care, other than rationing and population control.  Any elected Congressman or woman who does not obstreperously oppose Obamacare and demand it’s DE-FUNDING is either a corrupt, heartless, Elite lackey or a fool.  We the people lose in either case.  Why on earth do we imagine Congress is in the process of exempting itself from this legislation?  Our corrupt, integrity challenged Representatives know how to take care of themselves and their staffers while they screw baby boomers and their offspring into the ground, broke and destitute.

I  suggest contacting your integrity challenged Congressional Representatives and make sure they understand; DE-FUND OBAMACARE OR WE WILL DE-FUND YOU in the next election.  Unfortunately, not even I can take this last sentence seriously as we’ve apparently become a nation of fools.


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