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On Transparent Monday, May 20th, 2013, Absentee Comrade Obama caustically remarked in reference to our abandoned, murdered State Department officials, “There’s no there there,”“The fact that this keeps on getting churned up, frankly, has a whole lot to do with political motivations.”

Yup, sure does.  That’s precisely why Libyan Foreign Service officials representing the United States were abandoned to their violent deaths via bloody outreach by the Religion of Peace.  Our cowardly White House and its useless cabinet members deserted these good people to their unfortunate deaths.  Never again can the now disgraced U.S. military make the claim “never to leave anyone behind”.

On another note, I would imagine that lizard like, Lois Lerner,  head of the IRS’s tax-exempt organizations division, invoked the 5th at her House Oversight Committee hearing Wednesday morning regarding IRS suppression of conservative speech because once again;  there is no there, there.  Interestingly, she issued a defensive statement prior to taking the 5th, which likely constitutes the voluntary waiving of her 5th Amendment Rights.  We’ll have to wait and see where this newest display of open transparency leads.  Given the penchant for Republican cowardice, probably no where.

Patriotic Democrat, respecter of our Constitution, Elijah Cummings, representing the 7th Congressional District of Maryland, actually managed to gag out the word “incompetence” during his opening remarks as Ranking Member at Wednesday’s IRS suppression of free speech hearing, where he bravely defended Ms. Lizard Lerner’s right to non-transparently invoke the 5th.  Maybe Cumming’s sad example is to become the new Rule of Man obscuring what used to be obstruction of justice?

Incompetence?  Negligence?  Is this what reasonable American citizens call the planned, orchestrated attack on organizations having words like Tea Party or patriotism in their titles?  Are average Americans so dumbed down, that a term such as incompetence is acceptable in describing the intentional suppression of free speech by a Federal Agency?  Is this how the wholesale annihilation of our 1st Amendment rights ought be characterized?  Was Joseph Stalin referred to as incompetent while he silenced,  imprisoned, starved, terrorized and murdered more than 40 million of his constituents ?  How about Mao, who eventually silenced more than 60 million via forced famine and murder?  Castro?  Pol Pot?  Are you kidding me?

With all due respect, suppression of free speech by our government in any form is TYRANNY.  There is no other word for it.  I am astonished by Democrat people of color, such as Mr. Cummings, with their pretend outrage and barely constrained joy at the brutal crushing of conservative political voices.  How about Chairman emeritus, Julian Bond of the NAACP, who openly defends these reprehensible IRS actions on his assertion that the tea party is “admittedly racist”.  What short memories these deluded, voluntary plantation folk have.  These are the same conservatives who started the civil rights movement; the movement which Democrats generally opposed.  The same conservatives who created the NRA – staunch defender of the 2nd Amendment right for people of color to arm themselves for their own protection and the security of their families and friends.  What on earth is wrong with people like Julian Bond?  Are they blinded by a time warp or just stupid?  Do people of color actually accept this backward nonsense, this defense of Chicago thuggery as leadership?

Was the hanging of black men, who wished to be free an act of incompetence?  Were the fire hoses turned on black protestors decades ago, acts of incompetence?  Was the rape of black women, simply negligence?  Was the banning of black children from good schools simple negligence…an oversight by otherwise responsible people?  NO – these were evil acts intentionally carried out by a few to effectively suppress the many.  Do liberals not get that on the day I as a Libertarian Conservative lose my right to free speech;  their right to free speech dies as well.  Do liberals believe the FEMA Camps being constructed by our government are for recreational purposes, perhaps to reward good citizens with vacation spots?

The IRS is flagrantly carrying out The Rule of Man;  not The Rule of Law and if you think it is a lone rogue agency acting out on its own – I’m sorry, but you’re much too dense to remain free.  Under the Rule of Man, he who has the money, press and guns wins.  No one else has anything to say about anything.  Every day in 2013 is another day closer to the death of United States’ Rule of Law.  As a once free people, we must stand up together and stop this.  We must re-assert our Constitutional Freedoms now – today –  or our children and grandchildren will live as feudal serfs, stripped of opportunity with nothing but collective mediocrity as their shackled future.

Today, in 2013 we still have the skeletal structure of our Constitutional Republic, but as a practical matter, it is no longer functional.  Our Supreme Circus is nothing but a club for political hacks, whether Left or Right.  As a court, the nine justices couldn’t identify the Constitution of the United States if they tripped over it.  They consistently employ “case precedent” as their systematic means of incrementally eroding our Constitutional freedoms.  Our House of Representatives and U.S. Senate no longer protect their legislative turf against unconstitutional encroachment by the Executive Branch.  Without such defense, the checks and balances built into our Republic form of government are gone.  There are no checks and balances remaining and there are no profiles in courage left alive in Washington D.C.

The House of Representatives and U.S. Senate now consist of 535 members elected by uninformed, ignorant, citizen apathy.  They represent only the special interests who bundle their campaign money and wonderful press notices for the maintenance of their long term political careers – at citizen expense.  Today’s American citizen has zero representation in Congress and less than zero in the People’s White House.  We are a nation of dupes, branded as suckers for the proliferation of government sponsored monopolies carried out by international, Globalist conglomerates, who exist above the laws of every country in the world.

Free market capitalism in America is nearly dead.  Government sponsored, conglomerate controlled monopoly thrives in the well funded Globalist Elite, reverse fascist world in which we now try to live and breathe.  Fascist monopolists freely propagandize the uninformed citizenry through a Globalist conditioned press corps with endless lies about the failure of capitalism, whose only failure is to roll over for government encroachment and monopolized manipulation of our so-called tax code and other insider regulatory abuses.

If we as American citizens continue to allow these abusive Administrations to carry out the Globalist fulfillment of their delusional One World Dream and the final imposition of their Rule of Man, our Republic and our freedom will likely be gone forever.  Our Republic can still be repaired, but we must come awake as responsible citizens and as a nation.  We can no longer sanction Left and Right;  Liberal or Conservative.  We must join as Americans First and demand freedom for Left and Right.  We’re going to have to re-enter the real world and deal with it in a real way.  This is not a dress rehearsal.  This is our life and it’s crashing and burning in front of our eyes.  We have been voting for this.  Stop it!

We must realize the IRS cannot be fixed.  Most, if not all Federal government agencies can no longer be fixed.  Many decades of de-constructive Globalist conditioning through our once educational schools and the world wide study group system has rendered our typical government bureaucrat a collectivist zombie.  Our Federal government is invasively occupied by countless thousands of heavily conditioned, hopelessly like minded, collectivist drones having no deductive reasoning ability, devoid of creative or effective thought processes, who mindlessly accept instruction from above, even through adroit media suggestion as Barack Obama and his Pravda style media fawns employ daily.  Changing the helmet cannot cure the infected, putrescent body.  Amputation can no longer fix it.  The fix is removal.  Throw the rotted trash out.  In the case of the IRS;  eliminate it and go to a Fair Tax or Flat Tax – if you are addicted to the ignorant concept of the unconstitutional tax on labor, which by the way – your Founders believed to be reprehensible and immoral.

If our Republic is to re-invigorate itself and survive, most of our Federal Agencies must be terminated and term limits must be imposed on elected representatives to rid ourselves of the self-serving, political termites currently infecting our tree of liberty.  Our choice is to stand up as a free people or lie down as slaves to a mindless, out of control government behemoth.  Not to choose is to choose.  Choose wisely.