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Barack Hussein Obama and his delusional comrades populating the West Wing of our White House along with at least half of our U.S. Senate, House of Representatives and Supreme Circus are for the most part, either fully conditioned Fabian Socialists or ignorant Fascists.  Their despicable task as Globalist government pawns and its certain outcome as motivated by the unidentified imperial handlers who bundle campaign money, garner the press and maintain the pawns in office,  elected or appointed, must be comprehended to understand the historic failure of socialism/fascism across the world as well as to grasp the looming failure of gradualized socialism/fascism coming to us in America…and more importantly, the reason why it is happening in spite of our votes.

The full intent, whether or not it is understood by voters or our elected political pawns, is to bring the autonomous American middle class to its bruised and battered economic knees.  Only then, will the United States be able to fulfill its Elite intended role to assist in establishing a One World Socialist Dictatorship ruled by the Elite families of the world.  The brazen irony of United States citizens being manipulated and used in this manner by the Elite is breath taking in its grandiose scope as well as sobering in its evil end.  As you read this, your own skepticism as to what I’m saying here is testament to the success of the Globalist long range penetration conditioning program in place since 1947.

We can all see that our healthy financial future as industrious employees or entrepreneurial employers is being decimated.  We can see that the United States has been gradually de-industrialized since World War II through ridiculous trade agreements the likes of the 1947 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)  or 1994’s North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).  We see through these treasonous agreements, the replacement of sensible tariffs on foreign goods as espoused by Founders such as George Washington (to protect American industry) as they are replaced by the insidious progressive income tax (unconstitutional 16th Amendment and 2nd Plank of the Communist Manifesto).  We can see the intentional destruction of our U.S. currency by our own unconstitutional central bank, the Federal Reserve (5th Plank of the Communist Manifesto).

We see all this and it appears to be happenstance;  but of course, it’s not.  It is a formulated, very effective business strategy that nearly all of us fail to comprehend.  It is vitally important that we as citizens begin questioning “WHY” these things, that we don’t want are occurring and more importantly, we must demand that our elected representatives begin representing us and not their special interest feeders.  There is an explanation as to why our so-called elected Representatives discuss problems, but never solve them or in many cases, make the problems worse.  As an example, the simple fact is, that our country is going bankrupt because our elected representatives vote to bankrupt it.  The question is, why are they doing that?  Who benefits from this?  I would suggest that we follow the money.

Socialism is full ownership and control of the means of employment and production by government.

Fascism is private ownership of the means of employment and production controlled by government.

In the United States today, as well as across most of the world, we have a system of reverse fascism or corporatism or statism – call it what you will, where enormous, international conglomerate monopolies managed by the Elite families of the world, own the means of employment and production and also control the government(s).  Government has become an insidious tool whereby monopolistic legislation is used by the Elite to inhibit or destroy competition as well as to manipulate behavior;  discriminatory taxation is employed to steal as well as to prohibit the accumulation of capital and wealth by non-insiders;  and regulation is used to enforce wealth confiscation through taxation and to force compliance with conditioned modes of behavior.  All of this is supported by an Elite owned, Globalist compliant media and hordes of government bureaucrats.  News as such no longer exists.  Virtually all news is agenda focused propaganda of one sort or another used to condition mass modes of behavior and belief.

The constant, horrifying bombardment of political and economic chaos, drug use, natural disasters, war, famine, rape, murder, serial killings, etc. has resulted in a maladaptive response of most American citizens.  That response is a general torpor and apathy;  an inability to digest any more information or to make proper decisions.  This is a known response studied in depth at places like the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and its sibling think tanks.  The stimuli intended to produce this result of a compliant population is intended – it is not happenstance.  It is an effective Globalist strategy and to remain free we must begin to resist  the non-stop media conditioning.

Our educational system has been incrementally reduced, since Tavistock declared war on the American voter in 1947, to a mental gulag of conditioning centers coercing our young into acceptance of servitude to their government handlers as well as acceptance of the Divine Right of the world’s Elite to nudge them into servitude.  Divine Providence is scorned.  Freedom is a dirty word.  Truth is the new hate speech.  Political correctness is a self imposed set of thought handcuffs.  The Elite consider non-elite humans to be surplus population or useless eaters wasting valuable resources, which they believe rightfully belong to themselves.  {Take a careful read through the three volume, nearly 1,300 pages of The Global 2000 Report to the President (Jimmy Carter) as commissioned by The Club of Rome and as printed by the Government Printing Office in 1980 to begin to see what I’m talking about.}

Genesis 1: 28  “Be fertile and multiply;  fill the earth and subdue it.”

The Elite hate the above Biblical passage and have spent centuries attempting to abolish spirituality and religion of every kind, particularly Judaism and its spin off covenant, Christianity.  The Judeo-Christian peoples believe in free will.  This is unacceptable to all Elite Families as well as to the conditioned clones who function as their dutiful pawns in government and corporate bureaucracy.  For an Elite, Feudal Serfdom of old is the only acceptable opportunity for surplus population’s useless eaters and One World Totalitarian Dictatorship along with population control are their long sought Elitist dream for returning all useless eaters to that condition. The Federal government of the United States, aided by a compliant, conditioned citizenry has become their primary tool in the 21st Century.

As a side note, if you read or re-read Marx and Engel’s The Communist Manifesto, it becomes clear that Marx was an aberrant psychopath obsessed with the eclipsing of the world’s agrarian economy by industrial factories and the subsequent emigration of rural populations to what he believed to be unhealthy cities.  Right or wrong, Marx blamed the burgers and guilds for this tragedy and his singular proposed solution was to wipe them out.  The burgers and guilds-man, as you likely know were the shop keepers, farriers, shoe makers, tailors, silver workers, harness makers, etc.  In other words, society’s MIDDLE CLASS, the entrepreneurs, building on the incredible advent of machines, quickly developed systems for division of labor, decreasing the required skill level for any particular industrial task (and of course, the economic value of the worker), thereby increasing productive efficiency many thousands of percent.  These entrepreneurs, today’s middle class, accumulated wealth in many cases exceeding that of the nobles and royals.  Marx hated these people.  He wanted them eliminated, returning society to an agrarian feudal system as of old, which he believed to be the proper way for workers to live.  Many believe Marx hated the nobility.  No such thing.  He hated the middle class and wanted it destroyed as he saw these business folk as destroying society.  I refer to him as a psychopath because any person who believes mass murder to be a practical solution to a problem is in fact psychopathic and dangerous.

Capitalism and free markets enshrined within a Representative Republic form of government guarantee equal opportunity through self government – nothing more.  Outcome is up to each individual and yes there are those who would take unfair advantage of others.  For that, our Republic has (or had) an established Rule of Law.  Imperfections aside, capitalism and free markets have historically and unarguably produced more wealth, education and freedom for every economic strata than any other system.  Capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than any economic system in history.  Period.  This is not arguable.

Centrally planned economies on the other hand, trapped within a Socialist/Fascist form of dictatorship eliminate all individual opportunity and guarantee equal outcome, euphemistically referred to as fairness.  This results in zero wealth accumulation for useless eaters, zero upward mobility and equalized poverty for all non-elite within a world of perpetual mediocrity, spiritual depravity and lost hope – all encapsulated within an environment of drugged consciousness, propaganda and mind numbing entertainment.

When a Globalist pawn the likes of Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, George W. Bush or Barack Obama state that the government should impose social justice, redistribute wealth, create public debt or provide a more compassionate conservatism, thereby giving everyone an even chance – what is the outcome?

The outcome is a nation stripped of opportunity, denuded of anything resembling an independent middle class with all created wealth promised to the less fortunate – actually siphoned off and delivered into the bank accounts of the world’s Elite.  Equal crumbs for bare survival to the useless eaters.  Vast mountains of wealth and power to the Elite.  The uninformed voter is mis-educationally conditioned and used to promulgate this program through ignorant choice rather than by military force as in the past.  Our 2012 national election demonstrates that the productive, working, entrepreneurial, middle class of America – which by the way pays the bills with its productive labor and wealth creation – has been fully disenfranchised by the more than 51% of uninformed, gullible voters hopelessly believing that their government will take care of them.  This ignorant patronage vote is now used by the Elite to control the political future of the United States – unless we the people stand up and say no;  stand up and vote for folks having the courage to say no.

Can any of us name a socialist country in which the masses of useless eaters have become wealthy through government re-distribution?  Of course not – there aren’t any to be named.  The socialist/fascist government is simply the means by which the Elite siphon off the created wealth for themselves in thousands of ways.  The useless eater was once disenfranchised by force.  Now we vote for our own imprisonment within the feudal gulag, where the only bars necessary are our own uninformed ignorance and apathy.

Capitalism allows anyone to pursue excellence and abundance to the best of their ability and desire.  Socialism cannot make two humans equal, but it can and does force two humans to be limited to the same de-humanizing restrictions and calls that social justice.  Social justice is no justice at all for anyone.  Socialism is nothing more than equalized lack of opportunity for all useless eaters.  It is a mandated system of control.

The United States is used by the Elite, under the guise of spreading democracy, to assist in ignorantly establishing world wide dominance of the ruling Elite across the globe (read all of Europe, including Yugoslavia of old, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria and whatever is to come).  The U.S. military has now become the  private police force and enforcement agency of the Elite as their inbred bloodlines re-arrange national boundaries, remove and replace world leaders and conduct their incessant resource wars.  The irony of the poorly informed United States citizen being manipulated and used in this insidious way is simply breath taking.  It provides powerful testament to the efficacy of the Tavistock Institute, Aspen Institute and other global conditioning think tanks in manipulating and conditioning human thought and behavior that we passively accept such nonsense.  As uninformed citizens we have quite frankly, not the slightest idea what’s going on in the world, nor what our role in it actually is.  Ignorance is never bliss and as citizens, we are each responsible for D.C.’s misuse of American resources and power.

Please never accept my lengthy words or those of others at face value.  PLEASE, do stand up and educate yourself.  Research original sources on your own.  Do it for your children and your grandchildren, that they may enjoy the freedom established by our Founders.  I assure you; we have not lost this war.  This war has just begun and we need to understand that we are in it.  We simply must learn when to say NO and then we must insist on it.