11-11-2012: Aftermath

Posted: November 11, 2012 in Conservative Policy Neighborhood

Obviously and unequivocally, the cause of social fascist dictatorship has won the November 2012 electoral battle for dependency in America.  This very human war, characterized by a desire for freedom, personal responsibility and initiative on the one hand;  serfdom, personal irresponsibility and forced mediocrity on the other – constitutes a significant defeat for personal liberty, abundance and opportunity in 2012.  This should, however, come as no surprise to freedom fighters anywhere as this is the typical, if not expected outcome of early battles as borne out by a reading of history.

We saw in every single battle fought by Washington and his freedom fighters in the first year of our Revolutionary War with Britain the very same outcome.  Utter defeat and ignominy in every single battle;  until through prayer and a sincere request for Divine Intervention;  Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware on December 25th, 1776 and defeated the Hessian troops of Johan Rall at Trenton, then later on January 3rd again crossed the Delaware River, defeating Cornwallis at Trenton; followed quickly by the defeat of Cornwallis’ rear guard at Princeton.  These battles were the turning point in America’s war for freedom and led eventually to success in overcoming British tyranny on the North American continent.

We have since, to an increasing degree, incrementally capitulated this freedom to a different idea.  Freedom has historically been lost to the superior forces of a conquering tyrant.  Today, it is typically lost through ignorance and apathy.  It is lost either way and Americans have been forewarned by Khrushchev, Paul Warburg, David Rockefeller and others as to the efficacy of the latter method.

The ignoble lessons of history, when ignored, or worse when not even taught, tend to repeat themselves.  History has borne witness to the brutality of socialism and fascism in the brutal genocide of more than forty million by the Soviet Union;  more than 60 million in Mao’s China;  more than 12 million under Hitler’s National Socialism;  and more than 3 million under Pol Pot in Cambodia. God only knows how many more have been decimated throughout South and Latin America for the same destructive ideology.

The pathetic failure of socialist ideology, its resultant poverty, dependency, endemic hopelessness and spiritual devastation is further witnessed today throughout all the geographic areas previously mentioned and is further demonstrated throughout a declining Europe and with growing clarity across the cities of America.  Socialism, once imposed by force is now brought about through deception, uninformed ignorance and the alluring false promise of either obtaining much through doing nothing or through the immoral legislation of confiscation.

The illiterate, uneducated and lazy are attracted to such socialist schemes and are easily victimized by false promises cleverly packaged so as to sound enlightening, fair and beneficent.  There is, of course, nothing enlightening about using downtrodden ignorance to build political power so as to steal from the productive among us, distribute that abundance to the elite and leave the poor with nothing but their empty promises about which they can then do nothing, having abdicated freedom for serfdom through the voting booth.

Battles can be lost, but freedom can only be killed when we kill it within our own hearts.  Socialism is and will continue to fail in America as it has everywhere it is tried.  We will pay the price for our historic ignorance and our near future will not be easy or pleasant.  None-the-less, as the American experiment with socialism destroys itself, we will continue through the unfortunate spiritual and economic decimation of millions of our friends and neighbors to struggle forward in our quest for regaining the freedom we once won and will now have to take back.

I’m preaching here from an ideological pulpit, which I’m prone to, but as a practical matter – politically speaking – the time for ideological battle is lost.  Politically conservative victory, that is, the regaining of individual freedom in America must be fought on the battle ground of economics, not socio polemics.  If we insist on being right, we will lose.  If we want to win, we must DEFUND the bloated growth of dictatorial government through its pocketbook, which conveniently is us.

We must start small and through informative, educational field work at the grass roots level, explain to busy people, struggling to survive, that many useless and/or destructive things our government is doing are silly, wasteful and unnecessarily expensive.  It is critical that we as conservatives articulate conservative principles to people in a way they can easily grasp.  To be successful we must package inappropriate government spending in bite size chunks they can get their busy arms around.  Knowledge is power. We can learn from liberals that education (or in their case, mis-education) can be more powerful than guns.

As a tiny example; our First Lady often flies around on a very expensive jet with an incredibly expensive entourage.  For what?  This is ridiculous and such extraneous expenses having no national benefit should be defunded immediately.  Today, even the British Prime Minister flies commercial.  Certainly our First Lady can do the same.  This is not a haves/have-nots argument.  Wealthy people fly their own jets and stay at first class hotels on their own nickel.  Our First Lady flies and dines on our nickel.  They are not the same.  It doesn’t matter what folks do with their own money.  It does matter a great deal how Washington D.C. wastes OUR MONEY.

A second, somewhat larger example is our Department of Energy (DOE).  The DOE was created in 1977 to promote United States ENERGY INDEPENDENCE. The Department of Energy (DOE) is comprised of three Offices of Under Secretaries (Nuclear Security, Energy, and Science), the Energy Information Administration, the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, the Loans Program Office, 4 Power Marketing Administrations, 13 staff and support offices, 22 operations and area offices, and 24 research laboratories and facilities all of which together cost U.S. taxpayers about $44 billion in fiscal year 2011 and for which energy independence has not been achieved but is curtailed by ignorant ideological regulation.

Here we are, 35 wasteful years later, spending 44 billion dollars annually on DOE and the United States is more ENERGY DEPENDENT than at any previous time in our history.  DOE is an utterly  failed concept and must be defunded immediately.

A third expensive debacle is the Department of Education, originally started in 1867 to assist local school districts.  In 1979, it was put on Globalist steroids and today we have seen decades of declining educational performance and the near strangulation of American education by government sanctioned, teacher union monopolies.  We are currently wasting more than $77 billion annually on a Department of Education that is enabling the failure of American education, not assisting its success.  This useless department must be defunded immediately.  The education of our children is a critical  local concern, not a Federal playground for Globalist conditioning experiments or a license to steal tax payer dollars for special interest benefit.

In order for conservative freedom lovers to win, we must begin fighting our battles on the field of economics.  We must follow the money and win.  Busy people can understand common sense and can plainly see that wasteful spending is stupid and unproductive.  Take it to the money and forget D’s and R’s.  Conservatives will never win the popularity contest for votes, but they can promote common sense and fiscal sanity.  In doing so we will win the hearts and minds of decent voters across our country and will halt the disenfranchisement of hard working people and entrepreneurial business owners.


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