11-02-2012: What Might Romney Do?

Posted: November 4, 2012 in Constitution Watch

We know now what Obama does and doesn’t do.  He doesn’t do real work.  He accepts responsibility for nothing.  He is a non-stop litany of blame on every issue we have.   He can, as every other socialist is conditioned;  criticize, ridicule, demonize and tear down.  He cannot build or improve.  He loves Airforce One and the perks.  He will not make a decision even when the people who work for him have their own lives on the line.  He is a cowardly, selfish, small man without heart and a backwards looking view dating from the days of feudal serfdom as brought back to life under the new names of socialism, social justice and fairness.  Obama prevaricates incessantly and between lies, golfs and has taken 17 unearned vacations over the past four years.  His primary Executive activity has been giving pointless, repetitive speeches and raising money for his re-election so he can do more damage.  Over the past year and half or so, he has spent approximately 80% of his time campaigning and raising DNC money;  roughly 144 days of every 180.  Add in vacation time and what’s left for Executive execution of his office?

We now have President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, all brazenly lying and covering up their probable covert violations of the War Powers Act in running guns into Libya and Syria – to enemies who have sworn to destroy both Israel and the United States;  enemies such as Al-Qaeda, The Muslim Brotherhood an Ansar al Sharia.  The main stream press is disgracefully complicit in this horrific cover up, in which American foreign service personnel were left unprotected, abandoned and were finally and brutally murdered while Obama and his staff comfortably watched the attack on closed circuit TV in real time, while doing nothing more than cowardly issuing an order to stand down.  A very small Obama characteristically and as always, consistently voted present in time of people’s need.

Obama is characteristically again voting present regarding hurricane Sandy, excepting his Chris Christie photo op, which Democrats can be counted upon to deceitfully drag out every election cycle  for at least the next few decades.

I could go on, but listing Obama’s abject socialist failure, personal delusions and defensive lies along with our subsequent pain as citizen victims is getting increasingly pointless.  America is currently without leadership and may actually have a treasonous Administration in the West Wing of our White House aiding and abetting sworn enemies of the people of the United States.

Obama’s closing campaign pitch as leader of the free world is a pathetic, “voting is the best revenge”.

Romney’s closing campaign pitch is, “vote for love of country”.

What might Romney do?  He spells it out pretty clearly in his 87 page economic plan entitled, BELIEVE IN AMERICA.

An important early agenda item for Romney will be to revise our putrescently discriminatory tax code.  Romney proposes to eliminate the current U.S. Worldwide Tax System and replace it with a Territorial System as recommended by the Bowles-Simpson Commission.  The United States currently enjoys the highest corporate tax rate (35% for annual income above $335,000) in the world.  Our archaic Worldwide Tax System means the U.S. is the only country left in the world to double tax (worldwide) its international corporations.  This means that profit earned by U.S. firms overseas is first taxed by the country in which the business is conducted and is then taxed by the IRS a second time on any monies repatriated back into the U.S.  The end result is that the money does not come back into the United States, but is instead reinvested overseas.  Why would any company reinvest 65 cents on the dollar in the U.S. when they can stay overseas and reinvest 100 cents, post foreign tax, on the dollar? Romney’s plan to replace the worldwide tax system with a territorial system will make American businesses more competitive in global markets and will boost job growth significantly.

According to Bloomberg in March 2012, approximately $1.2 trillion dollars is currently being held and/or being reinvested outside the United States  as a result of this double taxation policy.  Eliminating the double taxation would likely bring 100’s of billions of dollars back into the U.S. to be invested here at home – ALL FOR FREE – THAT IS, AT NO COST TO THE TAX PAYING MIDDLE CLASS.  The ripple effects of this money coming back into the U.S., amplified by the rate of turnover will spur business growth, produce millions of jobs and will result in more tax revenue for our obscenely bloated Federal government.  As citizens we are foolish not to demand this double taxation be dropped.

A second important Romney agenda item;  assuming the Republicans can take control of the U.S. Senate from career criminal Harry Reed is to get rid of Obamacare along with its 15 member, unelected rationing panel (as included in Obama’s 2009 Stimulus Slush Fund Bill and since renamed at least three times to hide it from voters), more than 150 new government agencies to be inserted between our doctors and patients, more than 15,000 new IRS Agents having illegally legislated, direct access to our private bank accounts and the $716 billion raid on Medicare…and on and on and on.

A third Romney agenda item is to dial back the insane regulatory fiasco currently raging in the United States.  Under Obama, a new Federal regulation is enacted every 2 minutes;  24 hours per day; 365 days per year.  Many of these, if not most of them are anti-small business in nature.  Many of them are contrived by giant business monopolies who are able to stifle competition through preferential government regulatory intervention.  A prime example is Dodd-Frank, which is bankrupting independent community banks and setting them up for purchase by the Big Five Banking Monopoly for pennies on the dollar.  Dodd-Frank is a disgrace to free markets and our Constitution.  The added cost to business and consumers today, of Federal regulatory compliance is nearing $2 trillion annually.  This is like a 13% hidden tax on every product an American citizen buys.

Federal government regulation under Barrack Obama’s Administration is the living embodiment of failed Mussolini style Fascism.  It does not work and must be brought to an end.  Obama believes as Benito Mussolini did, that we the people must have every aspect of our lives controlled by an enormously powerful government married to powerful, government sanctioned business monopolies.  It’s just a more sophisticated form of serfdom.  Dependency and freedom do not co-exist.

U.S. Regulatory costs plus corporate taxation costs put U.S. exporting businesses at a (35%-20%) + 13% = 28% disadvantage in global markets before they even produce anything.  {I have subtracted the approximate 20% corporate rate that most countries today are using.  Russia is currently at a maximum possible Federal & Regional 20% rate.  Russian 2012 Tax Code }  Our current 75,000 page tax code is literally insane and astonishingly abusive in a discriminatory sense;  by which I mean that government enabled, insider conglomerate monopolies such as General Electric pay virtually no tax at all.  These government sponsored monopolies corruptly use the U.S. tax code and regulatory agencies as their own control mechanisms for holding down competition, limiting free markets and manipulating prices – all of which are illegally protected by our own self aggrandizing Federal Representatives.

The fourth and final Romney item we’ll quickly summarize regards trade agreements.  Since the last U.S. trade agreement signed by George W. Bush in 2007 – that’s five years ago;  the European Union has negotiated 16 trade agreements of which 9 were executed.  China has negotiated  15 trade agreements and signed 4 over the same period.  Obama has negotiated zero and signed zero.  As I mentioned earlier;  Obama never actually works.  He talks…and talks….and talks.

I don’t know if Mitt Romney will be our generation’s George Washington and Paul Ryan his John Adams, but I hope and pray it will be so.

1600 Watch asks that you strongly consider casting your vote for the American people and Mitt Romney;  not for Obama and revenge.


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