10-24-2012: Everyone Left Behind by Our White House – “Not Optimal”

Posted: October 24, 2012 in Connect The Dots

We now know, not only that that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, together took no defensive action while watching the Benghazi attack on U.S. diplomatic officials live on camera; but that Obama became so bored watching Americans being attacked, he supposedly went to bed.  It also appears that either Hillary or Obama may have actually given the order for our military to stand down, thereby condemning these American foreign service representatives to a barbarous slaughter, when they could reasonably have been rescued.

We also now know, without any question via black and white emails sent and received in real time during the Benghazi attack, that President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, political hack David Axelrod (with his sky high security clearance) and dozens of others have blatantly lied to the American people and the world for weeks.

The United States had active troops in Libya, Spain and Italy stationed within 60 minutes or so of Benghazi and the West Wing of our White House callously LEFT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE AMERICAN DIPLOMATS  BEHIND.  This is not acceptable.  I do not care whether this failure to protect and defend American citizens was amateur incompetence or criminally negligent politics.  This failure constitutes a failure of leadership, a dereliction of duty so extreme, that within our military it would require a court martial proceeding likely resulting in dishonorable discharge at the least.

Barack Hussein Obama is our President and in time of war, our Commander In Chief.  Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State is his acting State Department Diplomatic General.  Given the catastrophic failure of Obama and Clinton; where on earth is Leon Panetta, our Secretary of Defense?  Where on earth is our CIA Director, former General David Petraeus?  Where is the outrage of our House Members?  Where is the outrage of our U.S. Senate members?  Where is the outrage of our U.S. press corps?  What on earth is going on here?

Is there no semblance of honor or courage left in Washington D.C.?  Has the oath to serve and protect vanished?  Is the possibility of accountability non-existent;  and if it is, how do we survive as a free people sans any honor in leadership at all?  Whatever happened to “doing the right thing”?

If a decision is made not to defend an American embassy or consulate, then common sense and decency requires that decision automatically means that embassy or consulate will not be staffed at all.  Shockingly, our Executive Branch sent U.S. diplomats into one of the most dangerous countries in the world in full knowledge while refusing sufficient protection.  They then irresponsibly reduced that protection even further while continuing to staff the facilities – in the face of repeated requests by staff for additional protection in light of security incidents routinely taking place in Libya.

The tragic result is four murdered American diplomats who bravely maintained their post even in the face of extraordinary Executive and bureaucratic malfeasance, which clearly placed their diplomatic lives in potential jeopardy.  The United States should cherish and defend such committed people – not brutally sacrifice them to incompetence or self serving ideology.

Even if ( as I’ve read, but have not been able to confirm) Ambassador Stevens, under the direction of Barack Obama and/or Hillary Clinton, without Congressional oversight or approval, were clandestinely negotiating arms for Syrian rebels through Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood to assist in the overthrow of the Syrian government;  even if Ambassador Stevens was negotiating in Libya with rebels who overthrew the Libyan government, as to the whereabouts and status of Libya’s military arsenal;  even if our State Department was indirectly and clandestinely involved in the overthrow of the Egyptian government;  though enormously significant and critically important, these possibilities pale beneath the abject desertion of our Executive Office in its duty to protect our diplomats and our country.

It is essential to the continuing freedom of the American people, the functional balance of our Constitutional Republic and the safety of our friends in the world that our elected, co-equal legislators in the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate investigate this matter;  follow the facts where they may lead;  and if things are as they appear; to call for the dismissal of Hillary Rodham Clinton as our failed Secretary of State; and for the impeachment of Barack Obama, either before  the election or after – whether or not he is re-elected.

Outright, intentional lies directly impacting U.S. national security, possibly aiding and abetting sworn enemies of the United States such as Al-Qaeda, Ansar Al Sharia, The Muslim Brotherhood and others; issued directly from the White House of the United States, is a breach of the Presidential oath of office, constitutes high crimes and misdemeanors, is not acceptable and MUST BE ADDRESSED by our co-equal Legislative Branch of government.

This level of dishonesty by the Executive Office cannot stand – whatever the reasons.  We the People must strenuously object.


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