10-12-2012: Barack and Benito

Posted: October 11, 2012 in Weekly Constitution Watch
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Barack Hussein Obamacare Obama fervently believes as did Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini (1883 – 1945) that a powerful, centrally planned government must partner with large corporate monopolies and together control every aspect of life.  Mussolini’s fascism failed Italy and has failed everywhere else it’s been tried, as has its twisted sister, socialism.

It has taken less than four years for the Obama Administration to demonstrate its own hybrid, socialist/fascist failure in America; yet the Establishment Right and Marxist Left, both stubbornly and disingenuously persist in their rhetorically differing and uniformly dishonest pose, thereby luring the unsuspecting U.S. citizen into the sticky, utopian One World Dictatorship they so blindly envision.  Whether we give up our freedom via our uninformed votes to pure socialism or to some form of reverse fascism doesn’t matter.  We as citizens will become captive serfs either way and most likely, irreversibly so.

Our only safety net as citizens is to vote for Representatives of any party, who openly and bravely support our Constitutional Republic – not just with words, but putting it on the line with action.  It is time to become American, not Democrat, Republican, Green, Independent or Libertarian.

Barack Obama and his Left Sided Globalist cronies have picked up and are aggressively carrying the Globalist Gauntlet dropped into their anxious hands by the equally anxious, Right Sided Globalist Bush regime.  Liberals see Bush and the Right as the enemy of freedom.  Conservatives see Obama and the Left as the enemies of freedom.  Neither seem to recognize that the Establishment Right and Marxist Left both work along rhetorically independent tracks to slowly, but steadily nudge the uninformed U.S. citizenry toward a dead end, totalitarian Globalist serfdom.

The only difference between the two is that the Marxist Left envisions the U.N. as slave master of their plantation and the Neo-con Right envision the U.S. government as slave master.  Both viewpoints are anathema to freedom, spiritually devastating, destructive to civilization and are deranged with respect to human nature.  They each believe they can win in the end and the dishonest, sometimes brutal means are justified and morally immaterial…to them.

World nations are today, being effectively influenced and cleverly manipulated into involuntary participation in what is intended to be a nuclear World War III.  This Globalist planned war will, if successful, reduce world population to what the Globalist Elite believe to be more manageable levels, say 500 million to 1 billion or so;  down from today’s unruly 6 billion.  This war will also provide the desperate means for re-aligning the countries of the world into their various unions such as the existing European Union and the future North American Union.

The Jewish faith, Christianity and Islam are all being manipulated alongside the irritated blister of haves and have nots, within a stirred pot of antagonistic hegemony, imperialism and nationalism; all fueled by racial and religious enmity.  To stop this catastrophe, all we must do as citizens is stand up and vote no – then hold our elected Representative’s feet to the fire of freedom – but will we do that?

The re-election of quintessential Chicago Thug, Barrack Hussein Obama and his corrupt Marxist cohorts are an assurance that some form of fascist, socialist, or reverse fascist oligarchy will be firmly established in the United States by 2016.  The Obama Administration will work furiously to drive the final nails into our coffin of free markets and individual liberty – all beneath the false, but supposedly comforting guise of protecting us from ourselves and capitalist greed.

Fixing this enormous voter miscalculation, if it can ever be fixed, will require fifty or more years of intense effort and sacrifice.  Today’s young will see their economic future slip further and further away in spite of any effort they make.  Our children will come to understand first hand that social justice and equal outcomes translate directly to “forced outcomes”, that is, slavery.

As a historical fact of human history, we know that it is not possible to be dependent and remain free simultaneously.  Individual freedom and choice is inversely proportional to the level of dependency.  Capitalism as an imperfect economic system nurtures freedom;  requires freedom to exist as a workable system.  Socialism and its sick sister fascism have no mechanism with which to foster the pursuit of individual excellence and can only enforce, through State central planning, an arbitrary mediocrity as the standard for forced equal outcomes and the uniform poverty known as social justice.  Socialism is slavery by a different name and nothing more.

As a people we have slowly, but surely been lowered into the delusional totalitarian pot beginning with Woodrow Wilson, finally culminating with the George W. Bush Administration and today with Barack Obama.  We have incrementally given up our own freedom in far too many unacceptable ways.  For example:

Placing our Federal government in charge of Social Security or any other aspect of our retirement with its herd of self serving, chronically short sighted  politicians was like hiring 535 Kleptomaniacs to work in a gift shop.   The inventory has vanished and our gift shop is bankrupt.  All that’s left is the finger of blame, but in fact, there is no one to blame but ourselves.  We the voters hired the Klepto’s.

Allowing our elected and appointed Federal government bureaucrats to confiscate our hard earned wealth by raising taxes in order to supposedly create private sector jobs is like starving an Olympic athlete to improve decathlon performance.  Failure is certain;  there are no jobs and our athlete will finish an exhausted, but predictable last place.  America’s wealth, financial health and well being is built on small business.  Starving those small businesses as the path to wealth creation goes beyond self defeating;  it’s blatantly stupid and constitutes complete denial of economic history.

Managing an economic empire by political ideology as both the Establishment Right and Marxist Left do, is like playing baseball on a basketball court.  We the people cannot win.  The single beneficiary, as a group, of unconstitutional tax regulation and all other monopoly favorable regulations are the Global Elite, world central banking and their insider preferred monopoly partners in publishing, media, insurance, energy, arms, etc.  There is almost no end to the corruption we see bleeding out of Washington D.C.

Is it even possible anymore for the average citizen to obtain sufficient representation in Washington D.C. so as to at least be able to ask, “Since I the tax payer am paying you to represent me, can you please attempt to manage our economy by discussing and applying economic principles as opposed to brow beating each other and the voters with political sound bites while promising that something good will eventually, though accidentally happen”?

I don’t know if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan can stop or even slow the American descent into dereliction, poverty, serfdom and the world wide irrelevance we are guilty of voting for.  I do know that Barack Obama and Joe Biden are working and will work mightily, if allowed, to accelerate our American demise into a poverty stricken, powerless, corpse of a country complying with their warped view of world fairness.  Unfortunately, they never notice that when American leadership is absent in the world;  the world has no leadership at all.  Societal and world chaos is always much less safe for everyone than rational order, even when mistakes are made.  Unfortunately, Obama’s narrow, mean vision constitutes an unobstructed path to World War III and the horrible devastation it will bring.

We’ll have to vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to find out what their vision is.  Did I just somehow manage to mimic brain dead Nancy Pelosi?  OMG!


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