10-05-2012: Romney/Ryan Can Go Shallow and Win

Posted: October 4, 2012 in Conservative Policy Neighborhood

The Romney campaign certainly doesn’t require any input from 1600 Watch to set its foreign policy course.  None-the-less 1600 Watch offers the following.

1600 Watch believes voters on the Left and Right are locked in for November 6th.  Obama or Romney – it isn’t going to change for any of these folks.  This 2012 Presidential election will be won by the votes of those who have managed to be undecided.  Of these undecided voters, many are anti-war and are upset with Obama in that we are still in Afghanistan and though we have formally withdrawn our military;  understand that we still have more than 20,000 so-called “contractors” messing around in Iraq.

Romney / Ryan can win these voters over and do a good and moral thing for America and the world by arguing from the Left Side of Foreign Affairs and National Security.  This argument should be shallow and stay on the surface;  kitchen table talk, nothing complicated.

The argument goes as follows:  Aside from whether or not the U.S. should have invaded Afghanistan – we did invade Afghanistan.  Aside from whether or not the U.S.  and its allies could ever win in Afghanistan;  The Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton policies over the past four years have rendered winning anything at all absolutely impossible.  Victory in any sense of the word is now strategically off the table.  Whether we agree or disagree with Bush or Obama foreign policies in the Middle East;  diplomatic reality is that Afghanistan (actually not part of the Middle East) is lost beyond any possible recovery.  No amount of continued blood shed can fix it.  Why should our American children continue to be squandered on the rocky mountainsides of Afghanistan for even one more day?  To what purpose?

Iraq is, of course, diplomatically lost to us as well.  The only way our withdrawal from Iraq could have been successful was to take a strong leadership position with Iran and basically isolate Iran from Iraq.  The Obama Administration policy of engagement through weakness has left Iraq with no choice but to partner up with a strong ally to defend itself within a politically dangerous region.  That new ally is unfortunately an Iran led by Islamic Extremists emboldened by perceived American weakness and hungrier than ever for the destruction of the Israeli and American people.

Romney and Ryan should aggressively advocate the U.S. pull all troops out of Afghanistan immediately.  Not one more American soldier or contractor should die for nothing.  Furthermore, the United States should immediately close down and abandon all diplomatic embassies within any country in which the United States is not welcome.

The above policy also includes cancellation of all existing visas and denial of new visas for any foreign nationals resident in any of those countries in which the United States closes its embassies.  No foreign national from these countries may legally enter the United States.  This will allow the elimination of, or at least a significant reduction in TSA staffing, wasted expense and unconstitutional (per the 10th Amendment) intrusion into the lives of American citizens.  All U.S. foreign aid and all sanctioned trade with these countries ceases immediately.  American businesses choosing to do business with these countries do so at their own risk and expense.

No conservative will vote for Obama.  No liberal will vote for Romney.  The undecided voters are not impressed with the pandering, status quo arguments they hear every election cycle from both Left and Right.  If folks are undecided, it means they are at least somewhat dis-satisfied with the incumbent;  therefore they are open to the challenger, which history demonstrates generally to be the case.  Romney and Ryan should take advantage of this –  be bold, creative and courageously propose a totally new Middle East foreign policy that actually makes sense.

There is no reason on earth for the United States to be doing business with countries that don’t want to do business with us.  There is even less reason for pushing our military presence on these countries and then unsuccessfully deal with the predictable aftermath. This makes no sense and gets a lot of people killed.  How would we like it if China decided to station troops in Washington D.C. or Indianapolis?  Other countries have a right not to do business with us if they prefer not to.  If we are too foolish to develop our own energy resources, then maybe it’s time to wake up.

The United States should withdraw from all Islamic countries where we are not welcome;  vigorously protect and defend Israel, any other genuine allies and ourselves;  and in doing so, save lives and save tons of money.  This is a winning strategy and is also the right thing to do.

Just a thought.


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